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!"#$%&%'($%)* )& )", #$,"'$",-
We ueciueu on the Noblesville Keystone Libiaiy because the population of small
town of Noblesville neeueu to have moie facilities foi the geneial public. The City of
Noblesville, as of Nay 2u1S, only has one othei libiaiy locateu in Noblesville. We
saw the neeu to establish anothei facility to piomote leaining anu uevelopment in
chiluien as well as auults. 0ui libiaiy has a chiluien's aiea as well as a histoiy ioom.
0ui libiaiy will have new anu impioveu qualities, foi instance, a gieen ioof as well
as a caf. This builuing, as well as its newei measuies foi the community will pull in
otheis to view the city of Noblesville. We hope to satisfy this town with oui builuing
to ensuie the people of Noblesville have a quiet, open ieauing facility to nouiish
theii uesiie to leain anu giow.
.-#',%/$%)* )& $0- #$12- (*3 4-,%$# )& $0- 3-#%5* ')*'-/$#
0ui uesign alloweu oui stiuctuie to have unity in oui lanuscaping on oui gieen ioof.
0ui gieen ioof also incluues a lot of iegulai ihythm with oui tiees on the exteiioi of
oui facility. We useu a lot of iepetition with the lanuscaping on the exteiioi of oui
builuing. We useu a sequence with oui plants lining oui paiking lot. 0ui uesign of
the libiaiy builuing is the piaiiie style, to uiaw moie attention to the builuing anu to
uiaw in moie people to visit oui peaceful enviionment. The colois of oui
lanuscaping pioviue an aesthetically pleasing enviionment foi the community of
Noblesville when enteiing anu exiting the facility. 0ui Keystone libiaiy builuing has
a hoiizontal emphasis as well. 0ui builuing pioviues an enoimous amount of open
space as well as smallei iooms foi the public to enjoy theii comfoitable time in oui
libiaiy. 0ui builuing has infoimal balance.
67/2(*($%)* 8-0%*3 (,'0%$-'$",(2 #$12-9
The aichitectuial style we chose foi oui Keystone libiaiy is piaiiie. We chose this
style to uiaw moie attention to oui builuing anu invite moie people into oui
appeasing enviionment. The coloi of oui builuing shows a waim feeling to invite in
newcomeis as well as oui common iesiuents into oui peaceful enviionment. This
style auus flaii to the small town of Noblesville because oui choice of style isn't useu
in that aiea of Inuiana. The new style pioviues comfoit foi the iesiuents of
Noblesville to leain anu giow as inuiviuuals seeking foi a place of ielief.
:,--*;<"#$(%*(82- .-#%5* =#/-'$#
0ui builuing uses native plants to conseive the wilulife anu piomote a moie native
feel to oui libiaiy. 0ui gieen ioof is piominent in taking caie of the neeus in oui
outuooi enviionment. The uiffeient layeis take caie of oui iesiuent's safety as well
as the plants giowth on the gieen ioof. The gieen ioof is exposeu to full sun to
ensuie the uevelopment of oui native plants of Inuiana. The stuiuy layei suppoits
the occupants to choose to view oui outuooi iealm of solituue. 0ui builuing
incoipoiates iecycle bins to suppoit oui enviionment in utilizing all of oui
iesouices. We took the enviionment into eveiy aspect of oui builuing
>%#$ )& :,--*;<"#$(%*(82- .-#%5* =#/-'$# $0($ ?"(2%&1 (# >66. ',-3%$#
Baseu upon the "LEEB 2uu9 foi NEW C0NSTR0CTI0N ANB NA}0R REN0vATI0NS",
oui builuing is consiueieu LEEB ceitifieu. A sepaiate uocument shows which points
the libiaiy obtaineu. A few of the sustainable uesign aspects aie:
!! #$%&'( )*+, -%.( /01.2& 344%5(6774
(1 Point)
Intent: To ieuuce heat islanus1 to minimize impacts on micioclimates anu human anu
wilulife habitats.
0PTI0N 2
Install a vegetateu ioof that coveis at least Su% of the ioof aiea.
The use of the gieen ioof on the seconu flooi of oui builuing meets this iequiiement.
/3 8 #$%&'( 9*+, :7;<3='(('2> ?.(%$'.10@.'2(0 .2& #7.('2>0
(1 Point)
Intent: To ieuuce the quantity of inuooi aii contaminants that aie ouoious, iiiitating anuoi
haimful to the comfoit anu well-being of installeis anu occupants.
Paints anu coatings useu on the inteiioi of the builuing (i.e., insiue of the weatheipioofing
system anu applieu onsite) must comply with the following ciiteiia as applicable to the
pioject scope1:
Aichitectuial paints anu coatings applieu to inteiioi walls anu ceilings must not exceeu the
volatile oiganic compounu (v0C) content limits establisheu in uieen Seal Stanuaiu uS-11,
Paints, 1st Euition, Nay 2u, 199S.
Anti-coiiosive anu anti-iust paints applieu to inteiioi feiious metal substiates must not
exceeu the v0C
content limit of 2Su gL establisheu in uieen Seal Stanuaiu uC-uS, Anti-Coiiosive Paints,
2nu Euition, }anuaiy 7, 1997.
Cleai woou finishes, flooi coatings, stains, piimeis, anu shellacs applieu to inteiioi
elements mustl not exceeu the v0C content limits establisheu in South Coast Aii Quality
Nanagement Bistiict (SCAQNB) Rule 111S, Aichitectuial Coatings, iules in effect on
}anuaiy 1, 2uu4.
We have met this iequiiement by only using mateiials piohibiteu baseu upon the above
/3 8 #$%&'( A*B, #72($711.C'1'(D 74 !D0(%=0:'>E('2>
(1 Point)
Intent: To pioviue a high level of lighting system contiol by inuiviuual occupants oi gioups
in multi-occupant spaces (e.g., classiooms anu confeience aieas) anu piomote theii
piouuctivity, comfoit anu well being.)
Pioviue inuiviuual lighting contiols foi 9u% (minimum) of the builuing occupants to enable
aujustments to suit inuiviuual task neeus anu piefeiences
Pioviue lighting system contiols foi all shaieu multi-occupant spaces to enable aujustments
that meet gioup neeus anu piefeiences.
0ui Keystone Libiaiy meets the above iequiiements iegaiuing lighting in oui stiuctuie. (1
Nany of oui othei cieuits that we have obtaineu aie founu on uocumentation in a sepaiate
6')2)51 =#/-'$#
In oui builuing we will ieuse iainwatei foi vegetation, ieuse wastewatei in oui
builuing anu have a ietention ponu. We also have incluueu iecycling bins aujacent to
the open aiea to welcome all membeis of the Keystone Libiaiy to iecycle. All
employees aie fully awaie that they aie iesponsible foi the caie of the ietention
ponu anu have signeu up foi Noblesville's Clean Stoim Watei Piogiam, which is a
iequiiement to follow when hiieu foi the job. We have useu giass ciete on at least Su% of
oui paiking aiea anu have an aii hanuling unit on the insiue of oui builuing that tiacks
caibon uioxiue emissions to maintain a healthy anu gieen enviionment. All employees have
access to the aii quality of the Keystone Libiaiy as well as the watei usage of the builuing.
We also have a gieen ioof on oui seconu flooi of the builuing to show the geneial public
that the enviionment is a piioiity foi oui town of Noblesville anu that we aie using oui
iesouices wisely to take caie of its as best as possible.

!"#$% '(# )$*+,'-."(%/
Some of Lhe !"#$! #"&'( for Lhe consLrucLlon of a new commerclal bulldlng are as follows:
1he use of bulldlng should comply wlLh exlsLlng zonlng
ArchlLecLure of bulldlng should follow guldellnes seL forLh ln Lhe zonlng ordlnance
ConsLrucLlon plans (prepared by a clvll englneer) are requlred Lo be submlLLed for revlew by Lhe
1echnlcal Advlsory CommlLLee (1AC)
erformance sureLles (bonds, leLLers of credlL, eLc) wlll be requlred Lo be posLed for any publlc
lmprovemenLs proposed Lo be lnsLalled and/or modlfled and for eroslon conLrol lnsLallaLlon
lollowlng 1AC revlew, make necessary revlslons Lo plans and submlL for an lmprovemenL
LocaLlon ermlL (lL) and ConsLrucLlon 8elease aL a re-consLrucLlon meeLlng whlch can be
scheduled Lhrough Lhe Lnglneerlng ueparLmenL.
A bulldlng permlL ls released followlng revlew, approval and paymenL of appllcable fees
A schedule of bulldlng permlL lnspecLlons wlll be provlded by lannlng for dlrecLlon
CerLlflcaLe of Cccupancy ls lssued followlng approval of all lnspecLlons
We have checked and verlfled LhaL all of Lhe above sLandards and requlremenLs were fulfllled for Lhe
keysLone Llbrary.
We obLalned Lhese from Lhe followlng resource:
eCov SLraLegles LLC. (2013, May 27). noblesvllle, lndlana. 8eLrleved from 8ulldlng a new Commerclal
8ulldlng: Clean SLorm WaLer rogram
)*$*' +"&'(,
1he sLaLe codes for lndlana can be found aL Lhe followlng resource:
2013 Amerlcan Legal ubllshlng CorporaLlon, (2013, May 27). !"#$%&'( *#+', -./,%01%(+2 3(,%(#
*%/$'$45 8eLrleve from Cl1? Cl nC8LLSvlLLL, lnulAnA CCuL Cl C8ulnAnCLS:
1here are many codes ln Lhe noblesvllle Code of Crdlnances, so we have llsLed some of Lhe followlng:
1he keysLone Llbrary falls under lanned 8uslness and Lhe lnLenL of lanned 8uslnesss ls as follows: er
Lhe noblesvllle Crdlnance, Lhe purpose of Lhe 8 ulsLrlcL ls Loencourage well-planned buslness uses,
parLlcularly wlLh respecL Lo unlfleddeslgn, safe lngress-egress, adequaLe and properly locaLed parklng
andservlce faclllLles and convenlenL and safe pedesLrlan accesslblllLy. 1he8 dlsLrlcL ls also deslgned Lo
servlce Lhe moLorlng publlc Lhrough suchuses as moLels, resLauranLs, or servlce sLaLlons." (SecLlon
139.107noblesvllle Code of Crdlnances)
1he mlnlmum loL slze requlred ls 20,000 sq fL. (per SecLlon 139.107 of Lhe noblesvllle Code of
1he maxlmum bulldlng helghL ls Lhree sLorles or 33 feeL per SecLlon 139.107 of Lhe noblesvllle Code of
Landscaplng and screenlng may be requlred ln lnLerlor parklng loL lslands,perlmeLer parklng loL buffers,
bufferlng for non-resldenLlal uses abuLLlng resldenLlal uses, surroundlng ouLdoor sLorage and wasLe
dlsposal areas,and oLher slLuaLlons. (SecLlon 139.103 of Lhe noblesvllle Code of Crdlnances)
-$*."/$! +"&'(,
lor Lhls pro[ecL, Lhe lndlana 8ulldlng Code wlll be adhered Lo, based on Lhe lnLernaLlonal 8ulldlng Code
(2009, 6
prlnLlng). Many of Lhe codes and resources wlLh Lhe requlremenLs can be found on our
Codes and 8egulaLlons Lssay" whlch lnclude Lhe followlng Loplcs:
unlversal ueslgn
use and Cccupancy ClasslflcaLlon
8ulldlng 1ype and ConsLrucLlon
roperLy Access
number of 8ulldlng er LoL, eLc.
More lnformaLlon on Lhe lndlana SLaLe Codes can be found aL Lhe lnLernaLlonal 8ulldlng Code (2009,
prlnLlng) aL Lhe followlng resource:
ln1L8nA1lCnAL CCuL CCunClL. (2013, May 27). 6789:7!8637!* ;3<9 ;3=7;6* >#,?%(+ -#@?,# A.%,B
' C'D#$ E@$,B. 8eLrleved from lnLernaLlonal 8ulldlng Codes 2009 (SlxLh rlnLlng):

Alexls narvaez
enelope Cox
Clvll Lnglneerlng and ArchlLecLure
!"#$%&'" )*+,-,#. /&0"$ -'0 1"234-%*&'$

As we deslgn our llbrary, we wlll adhere Lo unlversal deslgn - Lhe deslgn of envlronmenLs Lo be
usable by all people, Lo Lhe greaLesL exLenL posslble, wlLhouL Lhe need for adapLaLlon or speclallzed
deslgn.rlnclples of unlversal deslgn lnclude equlLable use, maklng Lhe deslgn useful Lo lndlvldual wlLh
dlverse ablllLles as well as dlsablllLles, flexlblllLy of use, allowlng Lhe deslgn Lo accommodaLe a wlde
range of lndlvldual preferences, slmple and lnLulLlve use, maklng Lhe deslgn easy Lo undersLand
regardless of Lhe user's experlence, knowledge, language skllls or currenL concenLraLlon level,
percepLlble lnformaLlon, allowlng Lhe deslgn Lo communlcaLe necessary lnformaLlon effecLlvely Lo Lhe
user regardless of Lhe user's currenL sensory ablllLles,and Lolerance for error, so LhaL Lhe deslgn
mlnlmlzes hazards and consequences of accldenLal of lnLended acLlons or condlLlons. lL ls lmperaLlve for
unlversal deslgn Lo be effecLlvely lnLegraLed lnLo a commerclal pro[ecL such as a llbrary for Lhe purpose
of provldlng easy access and moblllLy Lo Lhe elderly and dlsabled. 1he Amerlcans wlLh ulsablllLles AcL of
1990 (AuA) enforce Lhelr sLandards for accesslble deslgn, noL unllke unlversal deslgn, by requlrlng
barrler-free access Lo sLaLe and local governmenL pro[ecLs, commerclal faclllLles and publlc
accommodaLlons. Some sLandards of general unlversal deslgn lnclude requlremenLs such as room
layouLs LhaL allow wheelchalr access, wlde lnLerlor doorways (36 lnches) and passages (42 lnches), any
swlLches and conLrols locaLed aL accesslble helghLs (44-48 lnches), phone [acks and elecLrlcal ouLleLs aL
accesslble helghLs (mlnlmum of 18 lnches), accesslble resLroom layouLs and relnforcemenLs (grab bars),
and lasL buL noL leasL, enLrances accesslble Lo wheelchalrs and oLherwlse dlsadvanLaged pedesLrlans, ln
oLher words a ramp of some sorL musL be presenL. 1here are also sLandards concernlng parklng
accommodaLlons, however Lhese wlll be addressed aL a laLer Llme.
lor Lhls pro[ecL, Lhe lndlana 8ulldlng Code wlll be adhered Lo, based on Lhe lnLernaLlonal
8ulldlng Code (2009, 6
prlnLlng). 1he use and occupancy classlflcaLlon of Lhe keysLone bulldlng has
been deLermlned Lo be A-3, based on SecLlon 303.1 of Lhe l8C. Llbrarles are lncluded ln Lhe A-3
caLegory: assembly uses lnLended for worshlp, recreaLlon or amusemenL and oLher assembly uses noL
classlfled elsewhere ln Croup A. 1he keysLone bulldlng's Lype of consLrucLlon wlll be 1ype lA, for
maxlmum publlc safeLy ln Lhe case of a flre hazard. 1ype l consLrucLlon ls Lhe Lype of consLrucLlon ln
whlch Lhe bulldlng elemenLs llsLed ln 1able 601 of Lhe l8C are of noncombusLlble maLerlals.1he leasL
resLrlcLlve consLrucLlon Lype, however, could be 1ype lll8. We propose Lo use gypsum wall board for Lhe
new lnLerlor of Lhe keysLone bulldlng. 1he occupanL load for Lhe keysLone bulldlng has been calculaLed
Lo be 330 occupanLs. 1he mlnlmum egress wldLh for Lhe flrsL floor ls 20 lnches, and 40 lnches for Lhe
second floor. AddlLlonally, lL ls noL permlsslble Lo have only one exlL from Lhe ground floor for Lhe safeLy
of Lhe occupanLs ln Lhe case of an emergency ln whlch Lhey would all need Lo evacuaLe, such as a flre.
1he mlnlmum number of exlLs requlred for Lhe keysLone llbrary ls Lwo, based upon SecLlon 102, number
of LxlLs and ConLlnulLy, 1able 102.1. 1he keysLone llbrary lles wlLhln Lhe lanned 8uslness zonlng
deslgnaLlon, based upon Lhe noblesvllle Zonlng Map. 1he purpose of Lhe lanned 8uslness ulsLrlcL ls Lo
encourage well-planned buslness uses, parLlcularly wlLh respecL Lo unlfled deslgn, safe lngress-egress,
adequaLe and properly locaLed parklng and servlce faclllLles and convenlenL and safe pedesLrlan
accesslblllLy. 1he lanned 8uslness ulsLrlcL ls also deslgned Lo servlce Lhe moLorlng publlc Lhrough such
uses as moLels, resLauranLs or servlce sLaLlons based upon SecLlon 139.107 of Lhe noblesvllle Code of
Crdlnances. 1he mlnlmum loL slze permlsslble for Lhe keysLone llbrary would be 20,000 square feeL as
deLermlned by SecLlon 139.107 of Lhe noblesvllle Code of Crdlnances. 1he maxlmum bulldlng helghL,
accordlng Lo 1able 6: Summary of Commerclal 8ulk 8equlremenLs of SecLlon 139.107 of Lhe noblesvllle
Code of Crdlnances, ls 33 feeL, or Lhree sLorles.
SlgnlflcanL lnformaLlon concernlng Lhe planned redevelopmenL of Lhe keysLone bulldlng can be
found ln SecLlon 139.120 of Lhe noblesvllle Code of Crdlnances. lor lnsLance, no bulldlng, sLrucLure or
parL Lhereof shall be erecLed, consLrucLed, reconsLrucLed, moved or sLrucLurally alLered excepL ln
conformlLy wlLh all of Lhe regulaLlons hereln speclfled for Lhe dlsLrlcL ln whlch lL ls locaLed. no sLrucLure
shall be erecLed or alLered Lo provlde for greaLer helghL or bulk, Lo accommodaLe or house a greaLer
number of famllles, Lo occupy a greaLer percenLage of loL area, Lo have narrower or smaller rear yards,
fronL yards, slde yards, or oLher open spaces Lhan hereln requlred, or ln any oLher manner conLrary Lo
Lhe provlslons of Lhls chapLer. no yard or loL exlsLlng aL Lhe Llme of passage of Lhls chapLer shall be
reduced ln dlmenslon or area below Lhe mlnlmum requlremenLs seL forLh hereln. ?ards or loLs creaLed
afLer Lhe effecLlve daLe of Lhls chapLer shall meeL aL leasL Lhe mlnlmum requlremenLs seL forLh hereln.
no parL of a yard, open space, or off-sLreeL parklng or loadlng space slmllarly requlred for any oLher
bulldlng. Lncourage Lhese home occupaLlons Lo be prlmarlly servlce orlenLed by llmlLlng Lhe lnLenslLy
and reLall deslgn of Lhese uses.
roperLy Access: Lvery bulldlng hereafLer erecLed or moved shall be locaLed on a loL wlLh
fronLage and access on a sLreeL, and provlde for safe an convenlenL access, flre proLecLlon, and requlred
off-sLreeL parklng, excepL as oLherwlse provlded ln SecLlon 139.107 of Lhe noblesvllle Code of
number of 8ulldlngs er LoL: Lvery bulldlng hereafLer erecLed shall be locaLed on a loL unless
oLherwlse speclfled for planned developmenLs. ln no case shall Lhere be more Lhan one prlnclpal
bulldlng used for resldenLlal purposes, and lLs accessory bulldlng, locaLed on one loL, excepL as
oLherwlse provlded ln Lhls chapLer for a moblle home park or planned developmenL. lf Lwo or more
prlnclpal non-resldenLlal bulldlngs are locaLed on a loL, Lhe space beLween such bulldlngs shall be as
esLabllshed by Lhe yard seLback requlremenLs of Lhe dlsLrlcL ln whlch Lhe use ls locaLed. Mlnlmum ?ard
SeLback: no sLrucLure shall be erecLed, placed or moved Lo wlLhln any seLback area excepL cerLaln
accessory sLrucLures as provlded ln SecLlon 139.121 of Lhe noblesvllle Code of Crdlnances.
1opsoll 8emoval: no person, flrm, or corporaLlon, wlLhouL an lmprovemenL locaLed permlL,
shall sLrlp, excavaLe, or oLherwlse remove Lopsoll for sale, oLher Lhan on Lhe premlses form whlch Lhe
same shall be Laken excepL ln connecLlon wlLh Lhe consLrucLlon or alLeraLlon of a bulldlng on such
premlses and excavaLlon or gradlng lncldenLal LhereLo. (LxcepLlon, 1-3 ulsLrlcL).
Mlneral LxLracLlon: LxempL by sLaLe law, noLhlng hereln shall prevenL, ouLslde of urban areas,
Lhe compleLe use and allenaLlon of any mlneral resources or foresL by Lhe owner or a llenee Lhereof,
pursuanL Lo lC 36-7-4-1103. lor Lhe purposes of Lhls paragraph, urban areas shall lnclude any land or
loLs used for resldenLlal purposes where Lhere are elghL or more resldences wlLhln a one-quarLer square
mlle area, such oLher land or loLs as have been or are planned for resldenLlal areas conLlguous Lo
lncorporaLed clLles or Lowns, or oLher land already lncorporaLed lnLo clLles and Lowns, provlded,
however, LhaL wlLhln Lhese areas, mlneral exLracLlon may be permlLLed ln an approprlaLe locaLlon.
vlslon Clearance on Corner LoLs: 1he dlsLance from an lnLersecLlon of a publlc or prlvaLe sLreeL
Lo Lhe nearesL access connecLlon, measured from Lhe closesL edge of Lhe access connecLlon pavemenL
(LangenL polnL) Lo Lhe closesL edge of Lhe sLreeL pavemenL (LangenL polnL) or Lhe back of curb whoever
ls greaLer. 1he Lrlangular space ls deLermlned by a dlagonal llne connecLlng Lwo polnLs 13 feeL
equldlsLanL from Lhe edge of pavemenL of Lwo local sLreeLs or a local sLreeL wlLh an access connecLlon
or 23 feeL from Lhe edge of pavemenL of a local sLreeL or an access connecLlon and a collecLor, arLerlal,
and expressway or any comblnaLlons Lhereof. lor areas zoned uownLown, Lhls parLlcular requlremenL
may be modlfled and shall be approved by Lhe lannlng ulrecLor on a case-by-case basls.
PelghL reempLlons: PelghL requlremenLs may be preempLed by resLrlcLlons lmposed by Lhe
1all SLrucLures AcL or oLher alrporL helghL conLrol resLrlcLlons, as appllcable. Moblle equlpmenL may be
any helghL.
Allowable LncroachmenLs: no sLrucLure or parL Lhereof shall pro[ecL lnLo a requlred rear or slde
yard excepL: un-enclosed, uncovered sLeps, enLrance plaLforms, Lerraces, or landlngs noL over 18 lnches
above grade level, Lhe ordlnary pro[ecLlon of belL courses, sllls, llnLels, chlmneys and oLher slmllar
ornamenLal and archlLecLural feaLures noL exceedlng 18 lnches or 80 of Lhe requlred seLback,
whlchever ls less, an eave, cornlce overhang, awnlng, balcony, or bay wlndow noL exceedlng 18 lnches
or 80 of Lhe requlred seLback, whlchever ls less.
1he keysLone llbrary ls permlLLed Lo be developed on Lhe planned properLy as deLermlned by
Appendlx C of Lhe noblesvllle Code of Crdlnances. ln addlLlon, landscaplng and screenlng may be
requlred ln lnLerlor parklng loL lslands, perlmeLer parklng loLs buffers, bufferlng for non-resldenLlal uses
abuLLlng resldenLlal uses, surroundlng ouLdoor sLorage and wasLe dlsposal areas, and oLher slLuaLlons
based on SecLlon 139.103 of Lhe noblesvllle Code of Crdlnances.

"#$%&' ()*+)$,
-$.$#/0$ 1/%
!"#$%&%'(") +#,%-' ./"01
"23)4$.45 6)7*&%8

9:;;#$ <&)=*)> ?/* @&*'7 ).2 A$4/.2 @#//*

@&*'7 @#//* -#). B&7C D*)??&4 @#/B8

A$4/.2 @#//* -#). B&7C D*)??&4 @#/B8

@&*'7 ).2 A$4/.2 @#//* -#).' E$58

-&47/*&)# /? E$5'7/.$ F&;*)*5 9:&#2&.=8

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