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kh II l\ II Sitl· S
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The Four Phases and Kindergarten First Grade Second G radc
Third Grade
Fourth Gt·ade
Fifth Grade
L Oveniew/Re\ iew
Ckar I arg.:t Stat.:d and   9   9.2-Identit\   9.2--Identif\ 9.2--Identif:- resource
1.'\plain.:d resource people resource people resource people resource people resource people people
PriPr Kno11 kdge
9.-t-Recognize 9.-t-Recognize 9 .-t- Recognize 9 .-t- Recognize 9.-t-Recognize 9.-t-Recognize threats
.\cti' at.:d and Real
threats to personal threats to personal threats to personal threats to personal threats to personal to personal safet)
\\nrld .\ ppl ication
safe tv safetv safet) safet:- safety Voc. Respect. Refusal
- -
Voc. Respect.
Voc. Respect. Voc. Respect. Safe skills. assertiveness
• Pre-requisite skills
Boundaries. Safe
assertiveness. and Unsafe People.
People. Choices. Steps to personal aggressiveness
Consequences safetv
II. Presentation
Teacher models the Explain the reason for Explain the reason for Explain" hat a safe Play an "aggressive Explain the terms Explain and discuss
concept using
rules and home and rules and home and person is and ''hat or assertive?" body Safe Person. Family aggressiveness. refusal
school. Introduce the school. Introduce the boundaries are. language code words. skills. passiveness. and
Content presented in
term "safe people .. term "safe people" Introduce choices and identification and abduction. and steps assertiveness. Give real
logical sequence and
and ··permission". and "permission··. consequences. matching game. to personal safety. life 5'
grade examples
small steps
Explain how to Explain the terms Discuss Respect in of passive. assertive. and
F'\planations clear and
identify a stranger. assertiveness and terms of ourselves. aggressive personalities.
reacher checks for
Introduce the aggressiveness in others. and the natural
Stranger Rules. response to game world. Discuss the 4
• Teacher asks higher
results. Discuss the steps in personal
order questions
word respect and self- safety.
respect and how it
relates to personal
HOTS Questions: (K)What are some safety rules at home and school? Who makes the rules? (I) How can a safe person help you? (5) Thinking of
these personalities how do you believe respect comes into play?
IlL Guided Practice
i\ 11 students active I) Show flash cards of Show flash cards of Model choices and Complete the 3 S · s of Complete Safe and Complete the
engaged different people for different people for consequences. Write being assertive on p. Unsafe People as a assertiveness quiz as a
Minimal \eacher talk
students to determine students to determine IF THEN statements 7. Show video of group on page 5 to class on page 5 to
• T cacher monitors. gives if safe person. Show a if safe person. on whiteboard. Role aggressive· assertive determine if a person determine which
feedhack and
picture with a small Students will identify play scene on choices behaviors and is safe or not. Show situations are assertive.
re infixcement
story. Students strangers by looking and consequences. discuss. video on unsafe passive or aggressive.
determine what to do. at flashcards. Show a person. fam i I) code Students can share their
picture vvith a small words and stranger own real life examples.
story. Students identification. Show video of
determine what to do. assertive aggressive
behavior and discuss.
1\', Independent Practice
\lultipk 'e"i,,n,: Dra11 a picture and
Dra11 a picture a Ora\\ picture of a Make the   L "ords for Help Wanted acti\
hPlllell ork. ,tat ion>. label a person. picture of a safe person in ) our fam i I). fortune teller. Share Re1 ie11. Check The students \\ iII read a
I nwrning 11 prJ... c·tc.
person. \\.rite a ;,chool. and 11 ith a partner. ans11 ers \\ ith a letter about a situation i
I eacher pnn ide,;
sentence telling 11h) community. Ora\\ and partner. Highlight from a passi\ e 5'
this person is a safe write IF THEN concepts) ou lee I you and one from an
Student,; can
statements to practice need to learn more aggressi\ e 5'
concept> to di fkrent
choices and about. Begin to both seeking help. The)
de\elop a personal will write a letter back consequences.
safety plan. '' ith their advice on ho11
to deal with the situation
appropriately. Come
back together as a group
and role play reality TV
advice giving session by
having students play the
inquirer and other
students read their
responses as the "talk
show host."
• Should happen daily at
Based on \vhat we Based on what we Based on what you Based on what you Based on what you Based on what we
thc end of the learned today what do learned today what do learned today about learned today about learned about respect learned about passive.
instructional time.
you think you will do you think you will do boundaries, choices respect. how do you and steps to personal aggressive and assertive
if you are playing ifyou are playing and consequences think that concept safety. what decision behaviors what are some
outside with a friend outside with a friend how do you think relates to being will you make if ways you can think of to
and they invite you and they invite you those two concepts assertive. aggressive walking home and say no to things that are
inside for a snack? inside for a snack? relate? or passive? stranger asks for harmful and could get
you in to trouble ?