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0LTB Su1 Leaining Activity # S

The 0LTB Su1 outcome I have chosen to illuminate with eviuence of my
leaining is as follows: !"#$%&'()'" +)&,- -$#."'"%-/ 0,'1 2"&,3% )%2
,#.4"#"%')',$% 0,'1,% ) 5)(,"'/ $6 $%4,%" 4")(%,%3 "%5,($%#"%'& )%2
Eviuence I've chosen to uemonstiate my leaining of this outcome is the
$%84,%" 4")(%,%3 2"&,3% #$2"4 9 -(")'"2 :".'"#+"( ;<= ;>?@ 6$( ABC! D>?
4")(%,%3 )-',5,'/ E@7
Ny uesign mouel was cieateu using a concept-mapping tool, Smait Ait
on the NS powei point piogiam (see attachment). This activity was a
peisonal challenge as I hau viitually no expeiience using giaphic uesign
tools anu to auu moie challenge I was hampeieu by my limiteu
knowleuge of my Nac computei. Regaiuless I peiseveieu anu with
collaboiation fiom fiienus I cieateu an on-line uesign that iesonates
with my peisonal leaining style as well as how I think I woulu like to
teach. 0nfoitunately this uesign mouel is not iepiesentative of the
mouel I cuiiently use in my post-seconuaiy classioom.
The social- constiuctivist theoiies I followeu in cieating my uesign
fittingly emphasize stuuent-centeieu "active" leaining. Paiauoxically I
teach an entiy-level face-to-face nuising piogiam that emphasizes
client-centeieu caie but the uesign mouel we use to teach this concept is
piimaiily teachei-centeieu (behavioiist mouel).

Exploiing anu unueistanuing leaining theoiies was a ielatively new
concept foi me as I am not a cieuentialeu teachei anu hau only a
iuuimentaiy unueistanuing of leaining theoiies. As I uelveu into the
theoiies I was imagining myself as a leainei anu "how" I leain best. It
came as no suipiise to me that I woulu also like to teach using the same
theoiies that infoim my leaining. Bowevei I also uiscoveieu aspects of
both social anu constiuctivist theoiies that unueiscoie my lack of
sophistication in euucational peuagogy.

The paiticulai stiength of my uesign is that it is a simple uesign that
emphasizes the ielationships between the leainei anu theii
peeis¡community as well as the ielationship between leainei anu
teachei. Accoiuing to Anueison (2uuS), ueep anu meaningful foimal
leaining is suppoiteu if at least one of the thiee foims of inteiaction is at
a high level. Ny uesign illuminates high levels in two of the thiee
inteiactions thus possibly pioviuing a moie satisfying euucational

The outcome my on-line uesign mouel suppoits is ciitical foi me to
meet as I enteieu the piogiam with basic computei skills anu viitually
no expeiience with on-line tools. Cential to on-line couise uesign is
competency in technical skills anu an unueistanuing of on-line
enviionments. I iecognize that this outcome speaks to basic skill
competency but I sense my unueistanuing of basic is less than what the
outcome intenus. This outcome has alieauy paiu off in my piactice as I
am (as able) up cycling the powei point piesentations I use in the
Since the piogiam staiteu I have puisueu tutoiing in computei skills, as
I want my stuuy time to be spent unueistanuing couise content insteau
of stiuggling with basic computei concepts.

Anderson, T. (2003). The International Review of Research in
Open and Distance Learning. Getting the mix right again: An
updated and theoretical rationale for interaction, 4(2), 2003.
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