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Record of Field Experiences

Course Hours Location
Medary Elementary, Brookings, SD SDSU Preschool Laboratory, Brookings, SD Mickelson Middle School, Brookings, SD SDSU Preschool Laboratory, Brookings, SD SDSU Preschool Laboratory, Brookings, SD Peace Lutheran Daycare SDSU Fishback Center 4-5 PM

Brief Description of Experience
I spent a total of 30 hours working in a first grade classroom. I worked in small groups reading small books. I worked on crafts, reading to the students and math. I also corrected papers. I was an assistant teacher in the 3 & 4 Morning Lab. I assisted in working with the children, helping with small groups, preparing snack, and other various tasks as needed. I spent a total of 16 hours working with fifth and sixth graders on the football field. I coached them in smalls groups during stations in practice and also helped coach the defense during games. I planned and implemented Math, Science and Language Arts lessons with in a small group of fellow students with a small group of preschool children. We also created a lesson plan. This lesson plan was created for a week and covered all subject areas. I planned and implemented literacy activities with the preschool students. I also did an assessment with one student. I observed one particular child in order to come up with a provocation for that child. I also implemented the provocation and did a project on it. I did this with two other fellow students. I also did some observing of the daycare as a whole. I student taught in the SDSU Fishback Center. I worked with four other student teachers. We were all under one supervising teacher.

ECE 150

30 hours

ECE 228


EDFN 475

16 hours

ECE 361/362


ECE 365


ECE 371 ECE 488 (Preschool) ECE 470


Semester 8

Children's Care I was able to observe a classroom here. I also was able to talk with the Hospital and School, teacher, some assistants, and an audiologist. Sioux Falls, SD SDSU Fishback Center 4-5 PM I observed students in my preschool lab as I student taught. I also worked on assessing the development of these children in portfolios and a child case study.

ECE 465


ECE 478 ECE 488 (Primary Grades) ECE 495


Flandreau Elementary I observed a 1st grade class. I implemented a small spelling game and School have assisted the teacher in her lessons when needed. Flandreau, SD Flandreau Elementary School I student taught first graders in Flandreau, SD. Flandreau, SD SDSU Kindergarten Brookings, SD I observed Kindergarten and implemented some lessons. I also helped out and jumped into lessons when needed.

Semester 50

EDFN 466


SDSU Kindergarten Brookings, SD

I implemented literacy lessons to a group of Kindergarteners.