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The Curse a Character Who Touches Your Heart

The Curse a Character Who Touches Your Heart

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Published by ayuahmad74
Azreen as admirable character
Azreen as admirable character

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Published by: ayuahmad74 on Apr 09, 2014
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Based on the novel that you have read, write about one character that touches your heart. Give reasons to support your answer.

The novel that I have chosen is The Curse by Lee Su Ann. In this novel there are a few characters that are admirable. However I find that Azreen is an admirable character who touches my heart. She portrays remarkable courage and open-heartedness when she realises that her close friend Asraf has been in love with her dead sister instead of her. She returns from London for her elder sister’s funeral. However, she cannot accept that Madhuri has died of natural causes – she thinks she was murdered and wants to find the truth. We see that Azreen did not have a happy childhood but is a filial daughter. She is caned often by her father as a child but still remains obedient and loyal to him, even though she is an adult now. Described as aggressive, self-opinionated, spiteful, hot-tempered and ‘ganas’ by others, her real strength of character is revealed when she finds herself let down by both her father and Asraf. Furthermore, she goes against the other villagers to befriend the Old Lady who has been ostracized by the villagers. It is the Old Lady who advises her to forgive and forget. Azreen is determined to find the truth behind Madhuri’s death. Finally, when she finds out that it was her father who had killed her, she does not feel anger or resentment towards him. She only feels lost and betrayed. She shows that she is a kind, caring, loving and filial daughter when she forgives him. Her open-heartedness here touches my heart. She also shows open-heartedness and magnanimity when she accepts Asraf’s confession of love for her sister, though she is shocked and hurt. She finds out more truths – Madhuri was not her real sister but had been adopted when her mother had gone mad. Her father Salleh had seen Madhuri with a man (Asraf) who was not her husband and had killed her in anger. Azreen realises that Saleh was the killer after he saves her from Madhuri’s vengeful mother and she sees the latex on his parang. She has to be commended for her sacrifice and readiness to forgive all those who hurt and disappoint her finally. Her capacity for love and forgiveness for her father’s and Asraf’s actions is what touches my heart in this novel.

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