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Caitlin Decter is a typical teen smart, pretty, and wired-but she's

also blind. Still, she can surf the
net with the best of them,
fol lowing its complex paths
cl early in her mind. When a


researcher develops an implant

that might help her regain her


sight, she jumps at the chance,

and the results are unexpected.

Rob ert J. S awyer is an internatio nally

recog nized , C anadian scien ce -fiction writer

Caitlin "sees," but not ju st the

with 23 sci-fi novels, in 18 different

way we do: for her, the World

languag es. He has been h ailed as jus t ab out

Wide Web is a riot of colors and

the best s cience-fiction writer o ut there b y

Denver Ro cky Mo untain News and has b een the

sh apes, its own dimension. While

recipient of the to p awards in the science

exploring i t, she fi nds an "other"

fiction field: The Nebula, and H ugo award s,

lurking there - and it finds her,

and 12 C anadian Science Fict io n and Fantasy

A wards , in to tal. His webp age has been called

seeing what she is seeing an d

the best aut hors page on the internet, so

learning as she learns. And it's

check it o ut and seek m ore infor mat io n at:

getting smarter.


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Jam es
Emm a
Jasm yne

B E C A U S E I T S T H E B E T T E R B O O K !

Where do we go from
The only pace we can go,
[...] into the future. [...]



"Extremely well written and complex making

Tron look like pre-school, this is a terrific first
tale in what looks like will be a great trilogy."

"Wake provides a refreshing intersect of
science and real life, of consciousness and
perception, of imagination and potential.
Sawyer puts the science back in science fiction
and does it with panache." Bitten by Books

"It's refreshing to read a book so deliberately
Canadian in a genre dominated by Americans,
and it's easy to see w hy Sawyer now routinely
wins not only Canadian science fiction prizes
but also international accolades. His fans
won't be disappointed, and readers picking up
his work for the first time will get a good
introduction to a writer with a remarkable
backlist." Winnipeg Free Press

Not darkness, for that implies an

understanding of light. Not silence,
for that suggests a familiarity with
sound. Not loneliness, for that
requires knowledge of others. But
still, faintly, so tenuous that if it
were any less it wouldnt exist at all:
awareness. Nothing more than that.
Just awarenessa vague, ethereal
sense of being. Being . . . but not
becoming. No marking of time, no
past or futureonly an endless,
featureless now, and, just barely
there in that boundless moment,
inchoate and raw, the dawning of

Themes Identified by
Autho r in Wake :

First Contact

Artifici al In telligence

AI or Robot Companions or
Confidan ts

The Nature of Con sciousness


Nostalgia for the Apollo


Parent/ Child Relati onships

Robert J. Sawyer -