DESCRIBE YOURSELF Physically speaking, as you can see, I’m thin, I’m not very tall, I have short

, black hair and dark eyes. It is always harder to describe ourselves psychologically, and sometimes we can sound arrogant, but I can give it a try. I’m very hard working; I search my goals with lots of determination. I’m also a very ethical, honest and reliable person. You’ll never see me lying or harming someone to take advantage from it. I can also say that I’m a little bit shy, but once you get to know me better you’ll see that I’m also very funny. DESCRIBE YOUR FAMILY I should say that right now, my family is just my girlfriend and I. e’re not officially married, but we live together in our apartment as husband and wife. e have been living together for about a year now, and since we don’t intend to have a wedding, we consider ourselves already married. !ut I also have my mother, my little "# year#old brother and my aunts living in my hometown, Piracicaba. $hey are also my family, but I only see them every three weeks. %y father is unfortunately already departed. DESCRIBE YOUR HOME I live together with my girlfriend in a &"#s'uare#meter apartment. It is very tiny, but also comfortable. I would say it fits our needs for the moment. $he living room occupies almost half of the space. $here is also a bedroom, a bathroom, a small kitchen and a laundry. (lthough there is carpet on the floor, most of the times it is very cold inside. $hat’s because we hardly have sunshine through our windows. $he walls are painted in yellow and they are decorated with butterfly paintings, because my girlfriend just loves them. DESCRIBE SOME OF YOUR INTERESTS

I would say that rock is my favorite music style. I don’t have enough time and money to travel as much as I wanted. I’m glad of my choice. (nother passion of mine is music. I love going to the movie theaters or simply watching them at home on )*)s. but lately I’m also hearing some of electronic music. DESCRIBE YOUR STUDIES I always enjoyed mathematics and physics. but I’m not sure yet which majoring should I take. I also studied several foreign languages. but that’s my favorite hobby. I studied at . because as an engineer I’m able to work in several fields of industry. eating typical food and specially traveling. 2panish and .rench.I’m very interested in other cultures.nicamp. It’s also worthy to say that I’m very interested in movies. I enjoy it because it enables me to be in contact with lots of suppliers and to learn about all the components of a vehicle. I hear it every single day. so I chose to study mechanical engineering at the university. DESCRIBE YOUR JOB I’m graduated as a mechanical engineer and I’m currently working as an assistant buyer at the purchasing department of Peugeot# +itroen. I also studied 1erman. . $hat means I enjoy learning foreign languages.rench automobile manufacturer. the famous . . !esides 0nglish. %y main duties are to search and accomplish ways to reduce the costs of our e-isting vehicles and also develop with our suppliers the materials and components of our new projects. I intend to continue my studies and do an %!( soon.niversity of +ampinas and graduated about / years ago.

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