The Moonlight Rose (age 15) The magic rose, That blooms at night.

The path it chose, Streams in the moonlight. It represents love, And if it bathes in the moon. It becomes white like a dove. And if not, it is red, as if noon. On a full moon, When the darkness surrounds. It opens like a cacoon, And grows fairy towns. The fairies awaken, Dance and sing. The rose is shaken, And glows like a ring. The fairies lie, In the moonbeams. They often sigh, And laugh as the moon gleams. They often fly up and down, and bathe in the cool streams. Then they fly back to their town, And play together in teams. As the sun begins to rise, The fairies run. You can hear their cries, The night is done. The rose begins to close, and change from white to red. Why, no one knows, It has never been said. It hides the fairies, Till the next night. When the darkness carries, It opens to full moonlight. It turns to white, And plays a melody. It dances in the light, And the fairies are ready.

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