Grab the wheel and not just a stream of incongruent nonsense but an attempt to capture all I’ve got

. Real-time review of self, to study, to see if already learning to shake the caked on mud off of that earlier in my short life excess of logic inhibition. Like at the outset of this ridiculous, will a reader what? Come on judgment is utterly contextual, scared of latent conjecture me here now this sentence struggle. Be a writer. Is this fallacious starting with idea of the end. Success is a treadmill. The goal of fame is tawdry. I’ll create a collage of triggers to jump back into the topography of my essence, bose-einstein condensate, it is love of a free breezy kind to write delicate on banana skin in biro fantasize on manufacturing capturing forcing the yellow organic cushion skin pages into pages imposing the line, force. Iran riots. Chinas monetary dieting. Ten percent of people my age doing fuck all glutting on blank hate disillusion waiting for the enlightenment and or catastrophe tick the respective box. Will we miss Woolworths. The news lacks, old Billy Hicks. ‘What matters at Ten’, a perspective clarification daily of what is actually happening. Is objectivity on that scale even possible. A summation of all the empty western mess, it’s the mess that makes itself so, so; oh… well, well what, what now. Charity actually stops development. Tim Berners Lee is doing something important. We’re not told about it. I’ll do lime mortar work. The sun. I remember to eat and realize why I felt what I felt before eating. The eternity of the flesh, reverence for the shackles of biology. The modern mind pushed exponentially by time tentatively steps out on its own pretending. Allen Ginsberg to pick one was put upon by the world and responded with gratification. I have a sense of things. The gravity of things play ping pong, neural nets, return to piracy, milkshakes, faltering mass production, a call for mycologists, pleasure, meaning, spurious culture. Everyone’s childhood in a tupperware at the picnic of time.

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