Reference Latter

It give me great pleasure to place on the record that Mr.Inam ullah S/O Kifayat Ullah was Student of Department Master of Comerce in Commerce omal University D.I.Khan.

!e has "een a regular# $unctual and hardwor%ing student and this could "e reflected from his results. !e earned good C $& in his course wor% and ot oldmedal in M.Com.

Keeping in view some of his inherited characteristics and his innovative capa"ilities# I feel no hesitation in stating that he could "e entrusted with any type of research/ academic assignment and I am sure that he could "e a"le to do the amica"ly. !is attitude towards the profession is nearly praise worthy.

If anything else is as%ed a"out him I am glad to respond. I wish him all the "est and success in his life.

Dr. Safia Bashir Chairperson chairperson'commerce(