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Wannemuehler 2014

Ancient Egypt Grades 2-3


This lesson plan will focus on comparing Ancient Egyptian Burial Rites to those of the Modern World.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to compare Ancient Egyptian Burial Rites to Modern Traditions within a classroom discussion. Students will be able to compose a paragraph identifying differences between the two cultures. Grade level: 2 ! Subject area: world history Standard:
SS 2 ! 2 2""# E"plain changes in daily life in the community o#er time using maps$ photographs$ news stories$ Web sites or #ideo images. E"ample% &hanges in architecture$ business'industry$ transportation$ community buildings$ wor( and use of leisure time SS 2 ! $ 2""# )dentify and describe community celebrations$ symbols and traditions and e"plain why they are important. E"ample% *ocal and regional festi#als$ city flags and seals$ and community mottos

Teaching Standards

%e&uired 'aterials

Boo(s and articles about funeral rites and customs of ancient and contemporary

Wannemuehler 2014

cultures &omputer with )nternet access Whiteboard


)n#ite students to share what they already (now about the funeral rites of ancient Egypt within small groups of + ,. -a#e students conduct research to find out more about ancient Egyptian funeral rites. -a#e students write down (ey words in their group and then put them on the white board. -old a class discussion so that students can hear about one another.s findings and can add findings to what they already (now. Teacher should pro#ide e"tra material if the classroom findings were not complete. /e"t$ encourage a class discussion about contemporary funeral rites and customs in places where your students ha#e li#ed. The goal is to ma(e students aware that such obser#ances are parts of all cultures e#en though the obser#ances are mar(ed by religious$ ethnic$ and national differences. As( students to relate funeral rites and customs they ha#e e"perienced or heard about. Then as( them to e"plain why they thin( a gi#en rite or custom e"ists% What is the meaning or symbolism that underlies it0 -ow is this particular rite or custom supposed to help the deceased0 -ow is it supposed to help the sur#i#ors0 )f students ha#e difficulty with these 1uestions$ gi#e them time to consult and learn from family members. -a#e each student write a paragraph comparing and contrasting ancient Egyptian funeral rites with those of contemporary groups.

Wannemuehler 2014


2ou can e#aluate students. indi#idual paragraphs using this three point rubric% Three p)ints: gi#es facts about both similarities and differences3 shows unity by stic(ing to the topic3 displays coherence by mo#ing logically from sentence to sentence and using transitional e"pressions Tw) p)ints: gi#es facts about both similarities and differences3 goes slightly off topic3 needs better coherence One p)int: does not gi#e facts about both similarities and differences3 goes off topic3 needs better coherence

Adapted +r)*: 4osie *e#ine$ middle school ES* teacher$ /ew 2or( &ity.