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am delighted to present to you Power Engineering Internationals
2012 Buyers Guide, which we hope will once again prove an
invaluable tool for making the right plant equipment and services
purchasing decisions a key objective in these economically
challenging times.
Over the last 12 months we have been working hard to compile
the most accurate and up-to-date product and services information
and company listings through our questionnaires and telephone
research. But if you spot any errors or omissions, please contact us at so that we can continue to strengthen the
information we provide.
The Buyers Guide is divided once again into three main sections: a
Products listing, a Services listing, and a company directory featuring
full contact details. The guides Index can be found at p.2225.
In the Products and Services sections, which extend from p.26
to p.47, you will fnd an extensive, although not exhaustive, list of
companies that serve the global power industry, with each company
listed under the relevant product or service heading and subheading.
Power Engineering Internationals annual Buyers Guide highlights
companies involved in all forms of electricity generation from coal
and gas fred power plants to the latest wind and solar power facilities,
and from large-scale hydroelectricity to nuclear power as well as
companies serving the T&D sector.
The alphabetical company directory from p.48 lists full mailing
addresses and contact details such as telephone numbers, email
addresses and website URLs, if supplied.
This issue also features three interesting and diverse articles.
The potential for generating clean, green electricity from the worlds
marine resources i.e. tides and waves is undoubtedly huge, but the
conversion technologies remain in their infancy and much investment
and development work is still required to bring them to market.
However, the impetus behind this sector is speeding up, particularly
in Europe and especially in the UK. Penny Hitchin, starting on p.2,
profles some of the marine energy conversion technologies that may
evolve into the ultimate market leaders, setting industry standards and
providing mainstay generation in the future.
We also chart in this issue the transformation of circulating fuidised
bed (CFB) technology from robust small-scale industrial boilers for
burning diffcult fuels into a highly competitive option for large-scale
utility applications not only are there 800 MW boiler designs
available, but CFB has also gone ultra-supercritical (p.1621).
As the momentum to smarten up our energy system picks up, a host of
experts in this feld explain why smart meter roll-outs and the creation of
Smart Grids will only ultimately be successful if utilities and governments
focus on getting the backing of consumers (p.1015).
I very much hope you fnd this years Buyers Guide useful and I wish
you a successful and prosperous 2012.
Kind regards,
Heather Johnstone, PhD
Chief Editor
Chief Editors
Buyers Guide Welcome
PEi - January 2012 1
Marine energy
January 2012 - PEi
arine energy is a vast resource of great potential, but the
technology for converting it into a usable format is in its infancy
and much investment and development work is needed to
bring it to market.
The European Ocean Energy Roadmap published in May 2010 by the
European Ocean Energy Association (EOEA) set out generation targets of
1 per cent of European Union (EU) electricity generation (3.6 GW of
installed capacity) by 2020, and 15 per cent (about 188 GW) by
2050. But meeting these targets would require rapid progress.
Since the roadmap was published, national goals have added
1.3 GW to the European target for 2020, which now totals 4.9 MW.
Laboratories and R&D centres in Europe and further afeld have now
developed many prototypes and small-scale devices. Their transition to
full-scale prototypes is underway as some of the technology gets nearer
to market. But various hurdles must still be overcome to bring any of the
range of concepts to maturity.
The challenges include installing and proving the operational
viability of the devices in sea conditions, fnding the necessary capital
investment, establishing grid connections and developing a supply chain
for manufacturing, installation, operations and maintenance, as well as
establishing a regime for authorisations and regulation.
The term marine energy is used to describe technologies at varying
stages of development including tidal stream, tidal barrage, wave and
ocean thermal energy conversion. Sites for the development of wave
and tidal energy are dictated by climate and geography. The best
European locations lie in the Atlantic arc along the west coasts of the
UK, Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal. The UK domestic tidal stream
resource represents around half of the European resource, and about
1015 per cent of the known global resource.
Tidal energy comes from movements of large volumes of water in the
sea: the entire water body from the surface to the seabed moves and
water levels near coasts rise and fall in a regular and predictable pattern.
Scotlands Pentland Firth has one of the fastest tidal races in the world,
with up to 3 million tonnes of water per second rushing to and from the
Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea between mainland Scotland and the
Orkney Islands at speeds of about 2 metres per second.
The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney, Scotland, is
Europes main centre for developing and commercialising ocean energy
technologies. The centre provides grid-connected wave and tidal sites
for testing prototypes. Public sector investment of about 15 million
($23 million) has enabled EMEC, established in 2003, to become the
world leader, and by 2011 it was self-fnancing.
Neil Kermode, managing director of EMEC, describes its role as
providing an entry point, a demonstration space which is helping
generate the investor confdence needed to build the industry. There
has been a dramatic ramp-up in the last couple of years, he says. It has
Riding a wave of potential
Penny Hitchin
A 21st century challenge for the power industry is to harness the natural power of the sea on a
suffcient scale to provide a stream of predictable and affordable low-carbon electricity.
Atlantis Resources 1 MW AR1000 tidal turbine at the EMEC in Orkney, Scotland Source: Atlantis Resources
Marine energy
PEi - January 2012 3
taken longer to come to fruition than we had hoped, but now developers
are coming from all over the world to the site.
The Wave Energy Centre in Portugal provides strategic and technical
support to companies, R&D institutions and public organisations. Smaller
test facilities are based in Ireland, Norway, Denmark, the UK, Spain
and France.
A 2011 report by energy business analysts Douglas-Westwood
identifes the UK, Canada and the US as the three biggest markets for
wave and tidal energy. Installations in 2011 are more than double those
in 2010 and the report forecasts a total of 150 MW of capacity will be
installed in 20112015, of which 110 MW will be in the UK.
Excellent wave and tidal resources, government funding, market
mechanisms and site licensing make the UK the worlds current strongest
market for wave and tidal energy. Trade association RenewableUK
reports that by April 2011 the UK had an installed capacity of 3.4 MW
of marine energy consisting of 1.31 MW of wave energy capacity
and 2.05 MW of tidal stream capacity a 50 per cent increase from
2.4 MW the previous year.
The owner of the UK seabed is the Crown Estate. In a world frst,
in March 2010 it leased ten sites in the Pentland Firth and the coast
of Orkney to developers of wave and tidal wave projects capable of
generating 1200 MW split equally between wave and tide generation
by 2020. An additional lease for a Pentland Firth site, with a potential
of 400 MW in tidal capacity, was granted in October 2010. The
Crown Estates leases for UK wave and tidal energy development now
total 30.
But wave and tidal generation will require hefty investment to become
a mainstay of Europes electricity supply. EMECs Kermode counts
political will and investor patience among the industrys key issues. This
is building a brand-new industry that we have never tried before, he
told PEi. We are talking about big engineering jobs: complex machines
operating in a harsh environment and we have to do good-quality
engineering to prove it is investable.
The last few years have defnitely brought a growing appetite for
backing marine energy devices, with utilities and power companies
increasingly looking for investment opportunities, he says. Institutional
and political support is vital, as developers go where grants, incentives
and support are forthcoming. Support has included feed-in-tariffs, a
range of support mechanisms for renewable generation, carbon price
funding, and government and EU grants.
In November 2011, the UK Crown Estate slashed the level of fnancial
guarantees required from wave and tidal customers, making it easier for
small frms to enter the UKs wave and tidal industry. Projects that have
already won rights in the Pentland Firth and Orkney waters will have their
parent company guarantees reduced from 25 million to no more than
5 million per project.
The European Commission has spent more than 55 million
($70 million) on ocean energy research over the last 20 years and ocean
energy is one of the priorities of the current Framework Programme.
The latest EU-funded scheme, the 9 million MaRINET project, led by
University College Cork, is intended to provide access to specialist marine
renewable energy testing centres across Europe for small developers.
Wave and tidal technology is evolving and rapidly maturing. This
article now profles some of the technologies. The ultimate market leaders,
which set the industry standards and provide mainstay generation in the
future, are likely to evolve from amongst them.
The thriving wave power market has three major players: Pelamis Wave
Power, Aquamarine Power, and Voith Hydro Wavegen. Pelamis, which
has been developing its wave energy converter since 1998, uses a
hydraulic system to convert the movement of waves into electricity using
electrical generators. A series of 4-metre-diameter tubes are connected
to make the 180-metre-long sea snake.
Pelamis has raised 40 million of development funding from a variety
of fnancial and industry backers and has sold devices to utilities E.ON
and ScottishPower Renewables. In October 2010, E.ONs Pelamis P2
machine began generating to the UK grid at EMEC. A year later, the
company was authorised to build a 10 MW commercial wave farm
near the Island of Bernera in the Outer Hebrides. Up to 14 Pelamis
machines will be installed within 10 km of the shore. Construction is
targeted for 2015, when planned grid upgrades will be in place.
Swedish utility Vattenfall has formed a joint venture with Pelamis and
Aegir Wave Power to develop a 10 MW wave farm in Shetland. Aegir
hopes to have authorisation for construction by 2015.
Wave energy company Aquamarine Powers Oyster technology is
designed to convert energy from near-shore waves into electricity. The frst
full-scale 315 kW Oyster 1 was installed at EMEC and grid-connected
in 2009, when the company also signed a deal with SSE Renewables
to develop up to 1 GW of wave farms. In 2010, Aquamarine and SSE
Renewables were awarded a 200 MW lease option as part of the
Pentland Firth and Orkney leasing round. In 2011, the company was
awarded a 40 MW lease option for a proposed wave energy site on
the Isle of Lewis.
The Aquamarine Power SSE Renewables joint venture is developing
a 2 MW demonstration site at EMEC that will be expanded to
10 MW in 2012 and subsequently 200 MW. Installation of the second-
generation Oyster 800 started in 2011 at EMEC. Oyster 2 will consist
of three linked 800 kW wave power devices powering one onshore
hydroelectric generator. Aquamarine plans to deploy its frst commercial
Oyster devices in 2013.
Spain (inc Canary Islands) 0.6 GW 2020
Portugal 0.3 GW 2010
France 0.8 GW 2015
Ireland 0.5 GW 2020
UK 2.0 GW 2020
Denmark 0.5 GW 2020
National targets in Europe for deploying marine power. The UK has set the regions most ambitious objective with a
goal of 2 GW by 2020 Source: EOEA
Marine energy
January 2012 - PEi
In 2000, Wavegen installed a Limpet wave energy plant on the island
of Islay that has been delivering power to the grid for 10 years. In 2005
Wavegen was bought by Voith Hydro a joint venture of Voith and
Siemens to form Voith Hydro Wavegen.
Wavegens core technology is an Oscillating Water Column (OWC).
The device has no gearbox or pitching blades, but needs to be
installed in a breakwater or similar structure. In November 2011, the
frst commercial full-life Limpet wave power plant went into operation in
northern Spain. The 1.2 million Wavegen plant was bought by Ente
Vasco de la Energa (Basque Energy Board). The 300 kW wave power
plant is built into a breakwater at the port of Mutriku and is designed to
operate for 25 years.
Marine energy technology developer AWS Ocean Energy is testing
a 1:9 scale version of its surface-foating wave power system in Loch
Ness, Scotland. AWS wants to deploy a full-size prototype in 2012
and a pre-commercial demonstrator the year after. Subject to fnancing
and planning consents, the company plans to have a 10 MW
pre-commercial demonstration farm operating in 2014.
Ocean Power Technologies (OPT) is developing PowerBuoy wave
power technology. In 2011, the US company tested the PB150
PowerBuoy off the Scottish coast. The WavePort consortium led by
OPT aims to deliver a commercial-scale demonstration project: a PB40
PowerBuoy at a mooring site at Santoa, Spain, that had previously
been developed by OPT under a contract from Iberdrola.
In September 2011, Finnish utility Fortum and Swedish developer
Seabased announced plans to build a 37.5 million full-scale
demonstration wave power park in Sotens, Sweden. Production
of buoys, generators, substations and converters is underway with
installation due to start later this year. The completed 10 MW wave
power park of 420 buoys is scheduled for completion by 2015.
Fortum is also involved in the Finnish WaveRoller project. Installation
of a 300 kW demonstration plant in Peniche, Portugal, is planned for
this year. In November 2011, Fortum and French naval frm DCNS
agreed to plan a joint feasibility study for a wave power demonstration
project in France. Finnish company AW-Energy Oy has developed
the WaveRoller for generating electricity from surge ocean energy.
EU funding is contributing towards installing the demonstration plant
in Portugal.
Finnish company Wello is developing the Penguin wave converter.
Each unit is a 30-metre-long, 1600-tonne vessel held in place by three
wires anchored to the seabed. The asymmetrically shaped hull captures
rotational energy generated by its movement. Electricity is exported via
a subsea cable. A fve-year development programme has increased the
size of the prototype. In the summer of 2011, a 500 kW Penguin built
in Riga Shipyard, Latvia, was towed to Orkney, where it is due to be
deployed early in 2012 for a year-long test programme at EMEC.
A working prototype of the Seatricity wave concept has been tested
in the Atlantic Ocean off Antigua, and will be tested at EMEC. Seatricity
plans to manufacture 50 devices to be installed in an array that will be
linked to a pipeline to feed high-pressure seawater to a land-based hydro
generating station. The 1 MW capacity plant is due to be operational
in the spring of 2012.
The Wavebob energy converter (WEC) is an oscillating point absorber
designed to convert wave energy into electricity. In 2009, Wavebob led
a consortium awarded 5.1 million under the EU FP7 R&D programme
to deploy a pre-commercial, grid-connected WEC off Portugal.
The Danish Wavestar concept has been in development for ten years,
gradually being worked up to full scale. A 600 kW machine installed
at Hanstholm in Denmark has been connected to the grid since February
2010. Wavestar says it aims to have its frst series-produced 500 kW
machine ready for sale in 2012 or 2013.
Wave Dragon is a foating, slack-moored energy converter that
can be deployed in a single unit or in arrays. The frst grid-connected
prototype is deployed in Nissum Bredning, Denmark. A pre-commercial
demonstrator is planned for Milford Haven in Wales.
Bristol-based Marine Current Turbines (MCT), founded in 2000, installed
the worlds frst offshore tidal turbine off the coast of Devon in 2003 and
completed installation and commissioning of the 1.2 MW SeaGen in
Strangford Narrows, Northern Ireland, in November 2008.
MCT has formed partnerships with RWE npower renewables
to develop the 8 MW Kyle Rhea project in Scotland and the
10 MW Anglesey Skerries project in Wales. The 70 million, 10 MW
Skerries scheme is for up to nine SeaGen turbines off Anglesey and
commissioning is targeted for 20142015. The proposed 40 million
Kyle Rhea project is for four SeaGen devices installed between the Isle
of Skye and the coast of Scotland generating 8 MW.
Norwegian company Hammerfest Strm develops tidal stream
turbines and tidal power arrays. The main shareholders are Andritz Hydro,
Statoil, Hammerfest Energi and Iberdrola. A Hammerfest Strm HS1000
European nations wave resources vary greatly according to the EUs Aqua-RET project Source: Aqua-RET
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Marine energy
January 2012 - PEi
1 MW tidal stream turbine was installed
at EMEC in December. The HS1000 is
based on a 300 kW prototype that has
been generating in a fjord in Norway for
eight years. Deployment of the HS1000 is
scheduled to start this year in the Sound
of Islay. UK subsidiary Hammerfest Strm
UK has the lease to install 95 tidal turbines
at Ness of Duncansby in the Pentland Firth
by 2020.
OpenHydro, formed in 2005, is
developing sites in France, Scotland and
the Channel Islands. It opened its 2500 m
European assembly facility at Greenore Port,
Ireland, in 2007. In January 2011, Irish
energy provider Bord Gis Energy became
a shareholder in OpenHydro and the
companies formed a joint venture focused
on developing an Irish tidal farm. Also
in January last year, OpenHydro sold an
8 per cent share to DCNS for 14 million
and the frms agreed to collaborate on
tidal energy projects. OpenHydro also
has a 40 million contract with EDF for the
Paimpol-Brhat tidal farm in Brittany, France.
Atlantis Resources Corporation started developing free stream tidal
turbine prototype designs in Australia. In mid-2007, investment bank
Morgan Stanley became a shareholder. The following year Atlantis
took over Morgan Stanleys UK-based marine power business Current
Resources Limited. During 2009, the Norwegian utility Statkraft became
an equity investor, followed in 2011 by EDBI of Singapore.
In 2010, a consortium led by Atlantis Resources was awarded
the rights to develop the 398 MW tidal site in the Inner Sound of
the Pentland Firth. In late 2010, Atlantis sold control of the project
to International Power GDF Suez (45 per cent) and Morgan Stanley
(45 per cent), retaining 10 per cent. This MeyGen joint venture will install
Atlantis turbines to generate 150 of the frst 160 MW. The remaining
10 MW is to be used as a test array for TGL turbines.
Bristol-based tidal stream turbine developer Tidal Generation Limited
(TGL) was formed in 2005 and became a wholly-owned subsidiary
of Rolls-Royce in 2009. The TGL 500 kW concept demonstrator unit
operating at EMEC has been generating since September 2010. TGL
plans to replace the 500 kW device with its pre-production 1 MW
device for 24 months of testing from mid-2012. TGL is aiming to install
a 10 MW demonstration array in 2013/14 in the Inner Sound of the
Pentland Firth as part of the 398 MW MeyGen project.
In November 2010, Hydra Tidal Energy started a two-year trial
period of testing for its 1.5 MW Morild II foating tidal power plant off
the Norwegian coast. In April 2011, Norwegian industrial company
Dyranut took an 84 per cent interest in Hydra.
Saab started developing the Swedish Deep Green tidal energy
technology in 2003 and four years later spun off new company Minesto
Deep Green to bring the technology to market. Funding from Invest
Northern Ireland and the Carbon Trust convinced Minesto to develop a
trial site on the east coast of Northern Ireland. The underwater kite tidal
generator started tests in the Irish Sea in summer 2011. The company
says its technology could unlock signifcant tidal resources as it can
operate in low-velocity tidal streams. The plan is to have the frst array of
Deep Greens installed by 2016, generating 10 MW.
Commercial viability of the 1.2 MW Deltastream tidal stream device
is being tested this year at Ramsey Sound, Pembrokeshire, in Wales.
An estimated 11 million is needed to manufacture and deploy the
demonstration device. Renewable energy company Eco 2 is the main
funder, with additional funding from Carbon Connections UK and
support from the European Regional Development Fund.
CETO Wave Energy Ireland, a subsidiary of Australias Carnegie
Wave Energy, has applied for a foreshore licence for a 5 MW
commercial CETO demonstration off the coast of County Clare, Ireland.
A 2011 project study was 50 per cent funded by the Irish governments
Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland under the Ocean Energy Prototype
Research and Development Programme.
Marine energy is at a critical and exciting stage in development.
Various concepts for wave and tidal generation have been tested but a
great leap forward is needed to get them to a scale and standard where
they can be deployed in commercially viable arrays.
Investment and application will be required to achieve this, but the
last couple of years have seen the engagement of utilities and other
investors, which signals their intention to drive the technology to maturity.
This will be essential if EU goals for future renewable generation are to
be met.
The 1.2 MW SeaGen tidal energy system in Strangford Lough in Northern Ireland Souce: MCT
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Towards a better world.
Shaping the future of energy
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Smart Grid and smart meter deployment
January 2012 - PEi
he customer is king, so the saying goes, but recent history can
show some prime examples of their being treated as pawns by
large companies.
And some of the guiltiest parties by their own admission are
energy frms, which are now in the midst of a charm offensive in
many European countries to win back confdence. Without customer
confdence and backing, many high-profle and costly initiatives are
doomed to fail, and few schemes have more riding on them than the
deployment of smart meters and Smart Grids.
The US and Canada have seen a signifcant roll-out of Smart Grid
and smart meter schemes in recent years and the bandwagon is
picking up pace by the month. Analysis by US frm Pike Research fnds
that global smart meter shipments hit 19.2 million in the third quarter
of 2011, a 5.3 per cent increase from the second quarter of the year.
Global Smart Grid deployments continue to enjoy strong growth
momentum, particularly those involving smart meter rollouts, says Pikes
senior analyst Neil Strother. Projects continue to expand in the United
States and Canada, and we are seeing the beginning stages of a
massive smart meter deployment in China.
In Europe, some countries have already initiated smart projects
and almost all the rest are planning to do so. A recent joint report by
consultancy The Future Laboratory and Oracle Utilities claims that the
successful deployment of Smart Grids could save the European Union
(EU) 52 billion ($71 billion) annually. Another, from the European
Climate Foundation, estimates that 68 billion must be spent on Smart
Grid work, including offshore wind connections, between 2020 and
2030 to bring online an extra 109 GW of capacity that it predicts will
be needed to meet EU decarbonisation targets.
Hans Martens, chief executive of the European Policy Centre, sees
implementing Smart Grid technologies as essential: It is one of the most
important measures because it can help achieve goals without changing
lifestyles, and sometimes with relatively small investments. Using ICT
[information and communications technology] also creates a win-win
situation: we reduce the use of carbon-based fuels, we reduce emissions,
we stimulate growth, jobs and innovation, and we save money.
With many European countries grids creaking under the energy
demands of the 21st century, many argue the Smart Grid is not a win-
win situation, but a must-win scenario. We occasionally encounter
assets that date back to the beginning of the last century, says Paul
Smith, operations manager of the UKs Energy Networks Association.
The roll-out of smart meters and Smart Grid technologies represents a
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to address many legacy issues.
Smith estimates some network operators are dealing with 20 000
network issues a week. There are insuffcient resources to manage this
situation in the long term, he says.
So, if traditional grids are at a tipping point and the potential savings
and supply benefts stark, what is holding back Europes Smart Grid
bandwagon? The answer, according to the study by The Future
Laboratory and Oracle, is poor investment in consumer awareness and
education, and the need to ensure end-to-end privacy and security.
Bastian Fischer, vice president of Industry Strategy at Oracle, said:
The Smart Grid is crucial for a smart energy future and to meet 2050
energy-effciency targets. Although good progress has already been
made by many countries, we still have a long way to go to make the
Smart Grid a reality.
In particular, guaranteeing privacy will be important in winning
customers confdence and essential to encouraging their participation
in smart energy, he adds.
All successful smart meter projects have the customer as one of the
key stakeholders, he told PEi. The customer has the ownership of the
data. Customers will become more and more active participants in the
energy supply chain, he says.
This sentiment is echoed by Monika Stajnarova, an economist at the
European Consumers Organisation: The consumer is not sure of the
Why all smart roads must
lead to customers
With many multi-billion smart meter and Smart Grid schemes poised to roll out across Europe,
consumer experts stress that their success depends on winning the backing of consumers.
Kelvin Ross, Deputy Editor
Customer drive: Ultimately, consumers will bear the cost of any Smart Grid or meter rollout, so it is imperative that they understand the reasons and rationale behind them, says Andy Corkhill of consultancy Convergys Source: Dreamstime
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Smart Grid and smart meter deployment
January 2012 - PEi
technology and that must be addressed before the deployment of smart
meters can be successful. Consumers must be engaged with smart
meters if their energy behaviour is to be changed. Jessica Stromback,
executive director of the Brussels-based Smart Energy Demand
Coalition, adds: Pilot projects show that customer acceptance is key.
Once they have customer involvement, these initiatives are delivering
results year after year.
Andy Corkhill, director of EMEA Utilities at relationship management
consultancy Convergys, says: Ultimately, consumers will bear the
cost of any Smart Grid or meter roll-out, so it is imperative that they
understand the reasons and rationale behind it. More importantly, they
must be aware of what it means to them in terms of available services
and, most importantly, the associated costs. He cites some notable
examples of smart schemes that failed to put the customer at their centre.
Pacifc Gas and Electric rolled out millions of smart meters in the
US without worrying too much about educating the customer. Then,
in 2010, the combination of a heatwave and new rates drove up
energy prices and the backlash on the smart meter programme cost the
utility greatly.
A rollout in the Netherlands saw a lack of consumer engagement
and understanding, resulting in a public referendum. This resulted in a
resounding no thanks from Dutch consumers and privacy organisations
who [were] worried about data privacy. As a result, the roll-out was
stopped in its tracks.
Corkhill claims that consumers are also demanding more information
than ever before. Utilities, governments and their regulators cannot
ignore this desire for engagement and information from consumers,
especially considering consumers will ultimately be paying for it,
he says.
Utilities need to empower the consumer. When effectively engaged
with, the consumer will share information and is more likely to
co-operate as they feel empowered, informed and enabled to make
smarter choices. The consumer will embrace the opportunity to take
control of their consumption, usage and ultimately their bill.
In the UK, where the governments timeline for a national smart meter
launch started at 2018 and has been steadily brought forward, the
Energy Saving Trust calculates that the rollout of smart meters from
2014 could save UK customers 7.3 billion ($11.2 billion) in fuel bills
over 20 years.
With the potential savings there for the taking, and the lessons from
previous smart initiatives writ large, how should utilities approach
educating consumers about the benefts of switching to smart meters?
It must be simple, stresses Corkhill. The benefts to the consumer
must be presented in clear and simple language including the impact
on their wallet, the reasons for the change, the direct opportunities for
them, the rationale for the utilities themselves, and the role that they
can play.
He warns that consumers in Europe and North America are becoming
increasingly sceptical about utilities and their motives, and a failure to
fully explain why the change is happening and its beneft to the utility
will only enforce the message that utilities are hiding the truth.
Key to winning the consumer battle is a joined-up approach between
utilities, regulators and governments. Governments need to address the
economic and sustainability issues, and utilities need to explain how
this will result in more fexible tariffs, incentives for the right behaviours
and improved information, says Corkhill. A holistic approach, from
the top down, that clearly sets out the policy drivers and then fows
down to the consumer will be most likely to succeed.
Again, Corkhill turns to the example of the Netherlands, where the
public debate over security of private data stalled the smart metering
programme. He says consumers were worried that their utility would
have access to near real-time consumption information. Yet, at the same
time, these same consumers are perfectly happy to use smartphones
that actively track their usage activity, he says.
He speculates that, rather than concern over data privacy, the
Netherlands may have seen a backlash at poor engagement from
the government down through utilities to the consumers. Or was the
problem that consumers baulked at paying for a smart meter roll-out
from which they neither understood nor saw benefts for them?
An example of positive public engagement held up by Corkhill is
the UKs system of feed-in-tariffs, through which customers receive a
fxed amount of money for every kWh they generate and more money
for power they put back into the grid. The real selling point is that
these rates are good for 25 years in most cases, says Corkhill. This
hits consumers where they are most sensitive, in their wallets. The
programme is enjoying phenomenal success and adoption rates.
Smart meter deployments depend on a top-down, holistic approach down to the consumer Source: Siemens
The benefts to the consumer must be
presented in clear and simple language
including the impact on their wallet, the reasons
for the change, the direct opportunities for
them, the rationale for the utilities themselves,
and the role that they can play
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Smart Grid and smart meter deployment
January 2012 - PEi
But the fnancial benefts of smart programmes are less clear-cut than for
feed-in-tariffs, so how else do you educate and incentivise customers?
What about driving conservation? suggests Corkhill. Some of the
best programmes play on a healthy 21st century habit of keeping up
with the Joneses, something rampant in the US. Many energy-effciency
programmes in the US are now providing comparative analysis to
consumers to help drive changes in behaviour.
He explains how it works. The companies OPower and Tendril
are two work with utilities to deliver household-specifc usage reports.
But they do not only report on usage, they also tell the consumer how
much energy their 100 closest neighbours are using. Consumers who
are told they are spending twice as much as the Joneses are more
than 85 per cent likely to changes their behaviour, he says.
One of the key issues consumers and consumer groups have with
smart schemes is data security. If, as Fischer suggests, the customer
has the ownership of the data, then that customer wants to know that
the data are secure. And on this count, the lessons from America are
harsh. Bob Lockhart, another senior analyst at Pike Research, describes
utility cyber security as in a state of near chaos.
After years of vendors selling point solutions, utilities investing in
compliance minimums rather than full security, and attackers having
nearly free rein, the attackers clearly have the upper hand. Many
attacks simply cannot be defended.
With cyber crime already costing the UK economy alone some
27 billion in 2010, we cannot afford to have this impact on the
energy networks, because we cannot just shutdown our energy
infrastructure, says Fischer. The protection of ICT platforms and
integrity of all active Smart Grid components is a prerequisite.
But Stromback at the Smart Energy Demand Coalition believes if the
best possible public communication plan is in place, public acceptance
of smart meter data security will come in time, as it did with online
banking. As long as the issue is given the proper respect and built into
regulatory structures, I dont think this will be a long-term barrier, she
says. David Weatherall of the UKs Energy Saving Trust agrees: If we
get the education and awareness phase right, I think people will be
willing to let their information be used in a fexible and empowering
way so that we can help them save energy.
But Convergys Corkhill rejects the comparison with internet banking.
I believe customers are much savvier and far better informed than they
were with the mass introduction and roll-out of internet banking over the
past ten or 12 years, he says
Many of the current fears are fuelled by the levels of mistrust
between consumer and utility. Fix this, and we will see a more informed
consumer base that actively begins to engage with the industry to make
smart metering and grids the success it needs to be. Dont fx this, and
we will see the programme, in many cases, fail.
Instead of internet banking, the example he would like to see followed
is the UKs roll-out of digital television. The UK government mandated a
decision that as a nation, we would switch off our old analogue-based
transmission services and that everyone would be forced to accept new
digital TV transmissions. The impact on consumers, who pay for the
Pushing all the right buttons: smart meter schemes need to empower the customer, who will then share information and is more likely to co-operate as they feel informed and enabled to make choices Source: Siemens
Smart Grid and smart meter deployment
PEi - January 2012 15
service through a national TV licence, was potentially much larger than
smart metering, as every old analogue television was either going to
have be upgraded or, much more likely, replaced with a TV that had a
digital receiver. The potential cost to the consumer was well in excess
of 1000 as many UK households have several televisions.
Corkhill says the governments approach to digital television was
very different to that taken so far with smart meters. It set out [a]
clear rationale for the need to change and ran a TV, newspaper and
magazine, and billboard campaign. This explained to the consumer the
need for change, the timescales and roll-out approach, and the benefts
that this change would bring to them. They even created a mascot
or character that appeared throughout the adverts, on TV and in print.
Consumers were told that they would have to upgrade or replace
their TVs by a set time and a regional roll-out programme was devised.
A process of information broadcasting was defned and a slick
repeatable machine was rolled in to play as each region was switched
over. Vulnerable customers, including the elderly and those with
disabilities, were identifed and support schemes, including fnancial
help, were devised, costed into the plan, and deployed.
With the digital television roll-out in the UK now largely complete,
Corkhill stresses that there was no backlash from the 30 million
households and their consumers the very same group that is being
targeted for smart metering roll-out. Unlike smart meter rollouts,
the government took control and drove the high-level messaging,
explaining to consumers the rationale for change so consumers saw it
as a government programme, he says.
With smart metering, the UK government has not had such a clear
communication policy and such a proactive campaign to consumers,
he adds. Rather, it has mandated through its policies and regulation
the move to smart metering. It has then left the communication of the
programme and its benefts to consumers to the utility companies. As
such, consumers have developed the view that the programme is being
pushed by the utilities and is therefore for the beneft of the utility, its
bank account and shareholders, and not them.
But if the power industry is going to win the smart battle on both the
consumer and security fronts, it had better get a move on. The EU wants
80 per cent of energy users to have smart meters by 2020. And that is
the deadline for a substantial increase in renewable energy online and
feeding into national grids.
For Fischer, the Smart Grid needs to be planned, rolled out and
installed by 2020. We are running a fast-paced race to meet that
deadline, he adds.
Some of the best programmes play on a
21st century habit of keeping up with
the Joneses. Many energy-effciency
programmes in the US are now providing
comparative analysis to consumers to help
drive changes in behaviour
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Improving access to your plant with rack and pinion
lifts from Alimak Hek increases labor efficiency,
reducing the labor required to complete planned
outages and routine maintenance. It also gets the
plant back online faster, so utilities can start gener-
ating additional power and revenue sooner.
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A Powerful
That Pays Off
Advances in CFB technology
January 2012 - PEi
ver the past 35 years, circulating fuidised bed (CFB) technology
has evolved from robust small-scale industrial boilers for burning
diffcult fuels to the successful installation and commercial
operation in 2009 of the worlds largest CFB boiler, rated at 460 MWe.
Thus, for the frst time in its history CFB technology can challenge pulverised
coal (PC) technology in large-scale electricity generation applications. In
addition to the 460 MWe supercritical unit, more than 80 CFB units rated
above 200 MWe operate worldwide today.
CFB technology has several established benefts such as improved
effciencies, reduced emissions, high fuel fexibility and lower costs that
combine to make this boiler technology a highly competitive option for
large-scale utility applications.
Utility-scale PC fred steam generators are designed for a narrow range
of fuels, typically coals with a heating value in the region of 6000 kcal/kg.
CFB steam generators, in contrast, afford the maximum fexibility in fuel
selection and can handle all coal types including low-rank coals, petroleum
coke, coal slurries and anthracite culm, as well as biomass and peat. This
fuel procurement fexibility for CFB steam generators provides long-term fuel
security and full access to arbitrage in the global fuel market.
Another signifcant feature of CFB technology is its ability to tightly control
nitrogen oxides (NOx) and sulphur dioxide (SO
) emissions in the boiler,
which can avoid the EPC capital costs associated with the installation
of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and fue gas desulpurisation (FGD)
equipment. For a 600 MWe plant, for example, CAPEX savings can
exceed $100 million. In addition, the operating costs for ammonia and
catalyst management for a SCR and for limestone or lime for a wet or dry
FGD system are also avoided.
CFB technology has, in recent years, passed several scale-up milestones
in regard to plant capacities for selected fuels and increased steam
data as boilers have evolved from subcritical to supercritical.
CFB boilers have undoubtedly now moved into the utility-scale
range, with many subcritical units in operation with a capacity of
CFB set to challenge PC for
utility-scale USC installations
Over the last four decades CFB has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a robust
small-scale industrial boiler technology routinely used to burn diffcult fuels. Not only do boiler
designs now extend to 800 MW, but CFB has gone ultra-supercritical (USC).
Robert Giglio, Foster Wheeler Global Power Group, USA
South Koreas Samcheok Green Power facility will feature eight 550 MWe CFB boilers Source: KOSPO
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Advances in CFB technology
January 2012 - PEi
250300 MWe. However, the most signifcant milestone to date has
been the successful commercial operation of Polands Lagisza 460 MWe
power plant, which employs supercritical once-through (OT) technology.
This 460 MWe CFB unit, which is owned by TAURON Wytwarzanie
SA (formerly Poludniowy Koncern Energetyczny SA) and located in the
Katowice area of southern Poland, represents the largest and frst-ever
supercritical CFB boiler.
The selected steam pressure and temperature (282 bar and 563 C)
for Lagisza were proven in PC supercritical units. The main fuel for the
boiler is bituminous coal sourced from ten local coal mines but with a wide
range of parameters, including an as-received heating value ranging from
4300 to 5500 kcal/kg, attesting further to the fuel fexibility of the CFB
technology. In addition, the design allows provision for the introduction of
coal slurry through lances, comprising up to 30 per cent of the total fuel
heat input.
The boilers OT vertical tube technology produces steam from a single
pass of water through the furnace tubes, eliminating the need for a steam
drum and the associated steam circulation system. The supercritical steam
properties allow high steam heat absorption, achieving net plant effciency
in excess of 43 per cent (LHV) a marked increase from the 35 per cent
effciency for Lagiszas original subcritical PC fred plant.
The initial operating experience at Lagisza has met all expectations,
with a 28 per cent reduction in carbon dioxide (CO
) emissions, as well
as nitrogen dioxide (NO
) and SO
reductions to levels less than those set
by the European Unions Large Combustion Plants Directive (LCPD).
A second supercritical CFB plant, to be located in Novocherkassk,
Russia, is currently under construction. The 330 MWe CFB plant, owned
by OAO WGC-6, is slated to enter commercial operation this year. The
CFB boiler will be designed to burn anthracite and bituminous coal,
and will have the capability to burn lower-quality fuels. CFB combustion
temperatures and other parameters do not change signifcantly with
different coals. The steam parameters at 100 per cent load were specifed
by the owners at 244 bar and 565 C.
Another signifcant milestone for CFB technology involves showcasing
100 per cent biomass fuel fring as part of an effort to substantially cut
carbon emissions.
The 125 MWe CFB boiler at the Kaukaan Voima Oy plant in Kaukas,
Finland, which entered commercial operation in 2010, is one of the
worlds largest CFB installations fring 100 per cent biomass. This unit
routinely burns peat as well. A second large-scale 100 per cent biomass
plant features an 85 MWe CFB boiler at the Soderenergi AB Igelsta plant
in Sweden, which came online in 2009. Both of these Scandinavian
plants underscore and support Europes goal of deriving 20 per cent of its
energy from renewable fuels by 2020.
Poland, for example, has now taken an aggressive position in providing
incentives for the growth of biomass fred power projects, with an emphasis
on maximising the use of diffcult-to-burn agricultural wastes. This Eastern
European nation has signifcant sources of biomass usable for direct power
generation, including 35 million tonnes per year of wood waste and
1214 million tonnes per year of agro biomass.
In March 2010, GDF Suez Energia Polska SA awarded a contract
to build what is described as the worlds largest 100 per cent biomass
fred CFB boiler. The 190 MWe CFB unit will be installed adjacent to the
existing units at the Polaniec power station.
The CFB boiler is being designed to co-fre high-alkaline agro biomass
with wood-based biomass. Similar to the 100 per cent biomass fred CFB
units in Finland and Sweden, the steam properties for the Polaniec plant
will be subcritical. The fast-track project is targeting start-up this year to take
advantage of Green Certifcates for increased use of agro biomass.
Last year, the decision by the Korean Southern Power Company
(KOSPO), a major South Korean utility, to proceed with its Samcheok
Green Power project marked a signifcant development in clean coal
power. The plant will be built in Samcheok City in Gang Won Do province
in the northeast of the country. The plant site will occupy 2.5 million m

MWe (gross) 853 550 460
Width (metres) 40.0 39.5 27.6
Depth (metres) 12.0 10.7 10.6
Height (metres) 50.0 52.0 48.0
Table 1: A comparison of supercritical (SC) and USC CFB boiler dimensions
Polands 460 MWe Lagisza unit is currently the largest commercially operating CFB boiler in the world
SWAN delivered in a record time of 12 weeks
a major order to Aksa Energy
Scope of supply:
Sampling Stations for the monitoring of 27 sample lines with 49 instruments
2 HRSG shelters
1 common line shelter
1 condenser hotwell monitoring cabinet
Special Feature:
Digital bus communication (Modbus RTU) between substations and DCS
No loss of diagnostic information
Multiple-user access to water chemistry data
Efficient and flexible signal integration allow for system extension and signal additions
All our systems are designed, manufactured and tested in Switzerland
Reference Project: Aksa Energy Production Co., Antalya, Turkey
Water & Steam Sampling & Analysis Systems
SWAN SYSTEME AG CH-8340 Hinwil Phone +41 44 943 62 00
Aksa Energy Production Co., Antalya, Turkey rely on SWAN Systems Water & Steam Sampling & Analysis Systems
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Advances in CFB technology
January 2012 - PEi
of reclaimed coastal land and employ a tiered landscape to minimise
total space requirements. The site will also contain a world-leading CO

research centre employing technical experts from around the globe.
When fully complete, the Samcheok project will feature eight
550 MWe ultra-supercritical (USC) CFB steam generators contributing a
total of 4400 MWe fring imported coals and co-fring up to 5 per cent
biomass. In addition to the CFB steam generators, the Samcheok site will
generate 600 MW from renewable sources to bring the total site capacity
to 5000 MW.
The renewables component will comprise: wind turbines mounted on the
plants seawall; solar panels/PV arrays covering the coal yard, rooftops
and slopes; wave power generation at the seawall; small hydropower
at the plant drainage canal; and fuel cells from nearby Korea Gas
Corporation. Furthermore, ash from the plants electrostatic precipitators
will be recycled and used as lightweight aggregate for construction and
land reclamation.
KOSPO chose CFB technology over PC technology for the Samcheok
project for its greater fuel fexibility, lower combustion temperature and lack
of requirement for back-end FGD equipment.
The plant will fre coals with heating values in the range of
40006000 kcal/kg. Very low sulphur dioxides (SOx) and NOx
emissions (50 ppmv) will be achieved without the need for back-end
FGD equipment. The steam data fall into the USC range (270 bar and
602 C), providing increased effciency and reduced fuel consumption
for a given output. The net plant effciency is estimated at 42.4 per
cent (LHV). CFB technology also mitigates some cost, reliability and
operational fexibility issues associated with USC suspension-fred
PC boilers.
An ageing power feet in Europe and the US along with
signifcant new plant construction in countries such as China,
India and Chile will increase demand for boilers ranging from
600 MWe up to 800 MWe. Both supercritical and USC CFB
technology are at the forefront of addressing this need.
The Lagisza plants validation of the supercritical CFB design provided
a solid base for scaling up the technology to the 550 MWe Samcheok
units. In addition, CFB boiler designs up to 800 MW for bituminous
coal have been developed with steam parameters of 300 bar and
600/620 C, enabling effciencies up to 45 per cent (LHV) and
43 per cent (HHV).
The scale-up of the dimensions and size of the plant components for
the 853 MWe (gross)/800 MWe (net) design is moderate because of
a modular approach. The fue gas side of the furnace design for the new
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Advances in CFB technology
Air and gas lters
Oil mist separators
Liquid lters
Level measurement technology
Contec GmbH Industrieausrstungen
Aegidienberger Strae 69
53604 Bad Honnef
T. +49.(0)2224.9893-0
F. +49.(0)2224.9893-20
Planning the future.
Breaking new ground.
Contec oil mist separators are used for large-scale
compressors, gas and steam turbines, generators
and other equipement with oil systems to ensure
clean, oil-free exhaust air.
99.99% of solid and liquid particles and aerosols
down to 0.1 micron are removed and high-quality
oil can be regained.
For further information please visit our website
4 product categories. 1 company. 1000 possibilities.
CFB800 boiler is based on analyses of
the imported hard coal and limestone
proposed for the unit. Data from these
have been fed into the design models to
predict the particle size distribution of the
circulating material, solids densities and
the heat transfer and gas temperatures.
The design produced a furnace with
a cross-section of 40 x 12 metres and
a height of 50 metres. These furnace
dimensions are slightly larger than
those cited for the existing Lagisza 460 MWe supercritical plant and the
Samcheok 550 MWe USC units (see Table 1).
The boiler size for CFB units is less affected than that for similarly
sized PC steam generators by the fuel choice, which varies between
the Lagisza, Samcheok and CFB800 designs. The selected design
fuels for the 800 MWe boiler are imported hard coal (main fuel) and
petroleum coke (additional fuel). Columbian coal was used to represent
the imported coal. Typical fuel analyses for the CFB800 design are given
in Table 2.
When building new plants or repowering old plants, effciency and
environmental impact are key. To achieve these, CFB designs and
supercritical steam parameters have established references in place. With
the Lagisza supercritical steam unit as the major building block, scaled-up
supercritical and USC CFB plants up to 800 MWe are now available,
with unit effciency projected at 45 per cent (LHV), cutting fuel consumption
and minimising emissions. With recent technological advances, CFB is
without doubt a serious contender for utility-scale power generation.
LHV (as received, kcal/kg) 6122 7416
Moisture (%) 12.0 7.18
Ash (dry, %) 9.15 0.82
Volatile matter (dry, %) 34.47 12.41
Sulphur (dry, %) 0.83 6.2
Table 2: Fuel analysis for the CFB800 design
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Air pollution monitors and CEMS 26
Alignment and balancing equipment 26
Ammonia storage systems 26
Analyzers 26
Annunciators and alarms 26
Ash-handling equipment and systems 26
Automatic transfer switches 26
Automatic voltage regulators 26
Baghouses/fabric filters 26
Batteries and accessories 26
Bearings 26
Blowers 26
Boilers 26
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Detection systems 30
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Ducts 30
Dust control and collection equipment 30
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Enclosures and on-site buildings 32
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Heaters 34
Hoists 34
Hose 34
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Hydraulic systems, accessories 34
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Hydro-electric generating systems 34
Hydrogen supply and on-site production 34
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A Hit Machine
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Putting the smarter heat to smarter use
Better-quality work at a lower
cost. Is it really possible?
Of course it is. And thanks to EFD Induction, its
becoming achievable for more and more compa-
nies in the electrotechnical industry.
Consider the mobile Minac Twin system shown
above. It comes with two independent power out-
puts. This lets two operators work simultaneously
with identical or different parameters and coil de-
signs. In effect, you get two induction systems in
Our electrotechnical experience goes back
decades. For example, to date weve devised thou-
sands of mobile, inline and stationary solutions
to braze components in motors, generators and
If youd like to learn how we can benet your
business, just give us a call or send us an email.
We have plants and ofces in the Americas, Asia
and Europe. So wherever you are, chances are
were not too far away.
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Brand Energy and Infrastructure Services
FAIST Anlagenbau GmbH
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CBS Arcsafe
Linde AG
Power Jacks Ltd
Precision Engine Controls Corp
SIPOS Aktorik GmbH
Tefulong Group Co Ltd
Voith Turbo GmbH & Co KG
Young & Franklin Inc
The Dow Chemical Co
Turbotect Ltd
Henkel Corp/Loctite
Slimline Manufacturing Ltd (Turbomist)
Semi-Bulk Systems Inc
TMR Turbo Misch & Ruehranlagen GmbH
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Advanced Filtration Concepts Inc
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Camfl Farr Power Systems GmbH
Donaldson Co Inc
GEA Filtri Gasparini Associates
Parker domnick hunter
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Doosan Infracore Portable Power
Petrotech Inc
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Aerofn Corp
Armstrong-Hunt Inc
KTI-Plersch Kaeltetechnik GmbH
Luvata Sderkping Ab
Nalamwar Energy Systems Pvt Ltd
Air heaters and preheaters
Aerofn Corp
Armstrong-Hunt Inc
Balcke-Drr GmbH
Gaumer Process
GEA Renzmann & Grnewald GmbH
Howden North America Inc
Kingsbury Repair & Service
Wahlco Inc
Air pollution monitors and
ETR-Unidata Ltd
Lenox Instrument Co
Thermo Scientifc
Alignment and balancing
Data Physics Corp
Fixturlaser AB
Spectrum Metrology
Ammonia storage systems
Airgas Specialty Products
Gaumer Process
Wahlco Inc
air pollution
ETR-Unidata Ltd
Lenox Instrument Co
Thermo Scientifc
Hitech Instruments
SWAN Analytical Asia Co Ltd
SWAN Analytische Instrumente AG
SWAN Systeme AG
dissolved oxygen
SWAN Systeme AG
Dr Thiedig & Co KG
flue gas
JNT Technical Services Inc
CBP Engineering Corp
M&W Asketeknik
hydrogen purity and purge
Hitech Instruments
Proton Energy System
Proton Energy System
Hitech Instruments
portable diagnostic equipment
Data Physics Corp
Elcon International AB
EUtech Scientifc Engineering GmbH
SWAN Systeme AG
United Process Controls
water chemistry
Endress+Hauser Instruments International
Dr Thiedig & Co KG
Elcon International AB
LDS (Laser Detection Systems Ltd)
Mega-Fabs Motion Systems Ltd
Thermo Scientifc
United Process Controls
Annunciators and alarms
AMETEK Power Instruments
Ash-handling equipment
and systems
AUMUND Foerdertechnik GmbH
Clyde Bergemann Power Group
Columbian TecTank
Diamond Power International Inc
FLSmidth Inc
Magaldi Power SpA
Separation Technologies LLC
Tank Connection Affliate Group
United Conveyor Corp
Vooner FloGard Corp
Weir Minerals Netherlands BV
Automatic transfer switches
Brushless SRL
Cummins Power Generation Inc
Monicon Instruments Co Ltd
Thomson Technology LLP
Woodward GmbH
Automatic voltage
Basler Electric France SAS
Brushless SRL
Mega-Fabs Motion Systems Ltd
Monicon Instruments Co Ltd
Baghouses/fabric filters
Babcock & Wilcox Co
Clyde Bergemann Power Group
GE Energy Environmental
Batteries and accessories
Monicon Instruments Co Ltd
Kingsbury Repair & Service
PAN Metallgesellschaft Baumgrtner
GmbH & CoKG
Promec SRL
Turbo Parts LLC
oil film
PAN Metallgesellschaft Baumgrtner
GmbH & CoKG
rolling element
PAN Metallgesellschaft Baumgrtner
GmbH & CoKG
Turbine Technics Inc
Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Support Inc
Calnetix Inc
Graphite Metallizing
Kingsbury Repair & Service
Mecos Traxler AG
PAN Metallgesellschaft Baumgrtner
GmbH & CoKG
Zollern BHW Gleitlager GmbH & Co KG
Clyde Bergemann Power Group
Mecos Traxler AG
The New York Blower Co
Nebraska Boiler
Rentech Boiler Systems Inc
Victory Energy Operations
EUtech Scientifc Engineering GmbH
field-erected power
Ansaldo Caldaie SpA
Babcock & Wilcox Co
McBurney Corp
Metso Power
Rentech Boiler Systems Inc
fluidized bed
AE&E Group GmbH
Babcock & Wilcox Co
Foster Wheeler Global Power Group
Magaldi Power SpA
Metso Power
heat recovery/waste heat
AE&E Group GmbH
Ansaldo Caldaie SpA
APROVIS Energy Systems GmbH
CMI Energy
Foster Wheeler Global Power Group
Hurst Boiler & Welding Co Inc
Nebraska Boiler
Nooter/Eriksen Inc
Rentech Boiler Systems Inc
Victory Energy Operations
Babcock & Wilcox Co
CCI Thermal Technologies Inc
Foster Wheeler Global Power Group
Hurst Boiler & Welding Co Inc
Indeck Power Equipment Co
International Power Machinery Co
McBurney Corp
Nationwide Boiler Inc
Nebraska Boiler
Rentech Boiler Systems Inc
Victory Energy Operations
Wabash Power Equipment Co
E N E R G I Z I N G T H E W O R L D F O R 1 2 5 Y E A R S
Sometimes the best ideas
are just that simple.




When we designed the AP1000 nuclear reactor, we asked
ourselves which would be more reliable, multiple arrays
of electro-mechanical systems or gravity. To us, the answer
is obvious, which is why the AP1000 nuclear power plant
makes use of the stable forces of nature to keep the nuclear
reactor safe afer any unforeseen event. No need for electrical
power. No need for cooling water (that is already inside the
robust containment building). No need for an operator to
touch a single button for a full 72 hours.
Check us out at
For more information, enter 14 at
Products and Services Classifed Listing
28 January 2012 - PEi
Indeck Power Equipment Co
Nationwide Boiler Inc
Victory Energy Operations
Barthel Boilertubes Kesselrohre GmbH
Plymouth Tube Co
Vallourec & Mannesmann Tubes
Zeleziarne Podbrezova
Babcock & Wilcox Co
Barthel Boilertubes Kesselrohre GmbH
Hurst Boiler & Welding Co Inc
dry sorbent injection systems
Clyde Bergemann Power Group
Nol-Tec Systems Inc
Boltight Ltd
Obo Bettermann GmbH & Co KG
Borescopes, videoscopes,
Karl Storz Industrial-America Inc
Lenox Instrument Co
Machida Inc
Bucket elevators
Jeffrey Rader Corp
Bulk material handling
Clyde Bergemann Power Group
FLSmidth Inc
FLSmidth Pfster GmbH
GE Energy Environmental
Jeffrey Rader Corp
Magaldi Power SpA
Erhard Muhr GmbH
Nol-Tec Systems Inc
Starfite Systems
Wuerth Consulting Engineers
Burners and ignition systems
Babcock & Wilcox Co
BFI Automation GmbH
Clyde Bergemann Power Group
Iris Systems Inc
Lenox Instrument Co
Maxon - a Honeywell Co
Zeeco Inc
Cable and cable equipment
Ebo Systems
Houston Wire & Cable Co
The R&M Electrical Group
SuperPower Inc
Turbine Technics Inc
Cable assessment testing
Cable life extension
Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction
Co Ltd
Fulmer Co
Ingersoll Rand
Cormetech Inc
DCL International Inc
Haldor Topsoe A/S
Haldor Topsoe Inc
Catalysts, oxidation
Blackthorn Environmental Ltd
Cathodic protection systems
AMETEK Solid State Controls
Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt Ltd
Westfalia Separator AG
Rochem Technical Services
Ashland Inc
ATCO Structures & Logistics -
Environmental Systems
Braden Manufacturing LLC
Duro Dakovic Kompenzatori dd
NEM Power-Systems
QuakeWrap Inc
TWR Lighting/Orga Aviation Lighting
Cleaning equipment
Rochem Technical Services
Specialised Overhaul Service P/L
Hilliard Corp
cleaning systems
CQ Inc
handling and preparation
AUMUND Foerdertechnik GmbH
B&W Mechanical Handling Ltd
Columbian TecTank
CQ Inc
ESI Eurosilo
Flexco Engineered Systems Group
FLSmidth Pfster GmbH
HAUK & SASKO Ingenieurgesellschaft
Huadian Measurement and Control
Jeffrey Rader Corp
M&W Asketeknik
SCHADE Lagertechnik GmbH
Coatings/lining materials
Blome International
CBP Engineering Corp
Henkel Corp/Loctite
International Paint LLC
Cogeneration systems
Combustion Energy & Steam Specialists
Dresser-Rand Co Ltd
GE Energy - Jenbacher Gas Engines
Magellan Aerospace Corp (Orenda)
MTU Onsite Energy Corp
SDMO Industries
Solar Turbines
TPS Termiska Processer AB
Combined cycles
Ansaldo Energia SpA
Combustion Energy & Steam Specialists
GE Energy
Magellan Aerospace Corp (Orenda)
NEM Power-Systems
Solar Turbines
control and optimization systems
CBP Engineering Corp
Gas Turbine Effciency
GE Intelligent Platforms
SAS Global Corp
systems and burners
Bromford Industries Ltd
Zeeco Inc
Combustion control and
optimization systems
Ansaldo Thomassen BV
Babcock & Wilcox Co
CBP Engineering Corp
Clyde Bergemann Power Group
Detroit Stoker Co
Doosan HF Controls
Emerson Process Management
EUtech Scientifc Engineering GmbH
Flexco Engineered Systems Group
Gas Turbine Effciency
GE Intelligent Platforms
Industrial Control Solutions Ltd
Lenox Instrument Co
Loesche Energy Systems Ltd
M&W Asketeknik
TPS Termiska Processer AB
United Process Controls
Zeeco Inc
Communication equipment
Encore Networks
Real Time Ops
Doosan Infracore Portable Power
Ingersoll Rand
Kobelco Compressors America Inc
Petrotech Inc
Turbocam Europe Ltd
Dresser-Rand Co Ltd
GE Energy
Ingersoll Rand
Kobelco Compressors America Inc
Minco UK Ltd
Petrotech Inc
Computer hardware
Encore Networks
Computer software
enterprise resource planning (ERP)
Honeywell Process Solutions
TechniData AG
HAUK & SASKO Ingenieurgesellschaft
Manitoba HVDC Research Centre
University of Geneva
performance, diagnostic,
ABB Pte Ltd
Doosan HF Controls
Emerson Process Management
GE Energy
General Physics Corp
Honeywell Process Solutions
Integrated Engineering Software
Process Plugins Inc
Rovsing Dynamics A/S
SimTech GmbH
supply chain/e-procurement
HAUK & SASKO Ingenieurgesellschaft
Honeywell Process Solutions
thermal analysis
HTRI Asia-Pacifc
Infolytica Corp
Integrated Engineering Software
Emerson Process Management
General Physics Corp
L-3 Communications Mapps Inc
Computer-aided design and
AVEVA Solutions Ltd
Bentley Systems Inc
CYME International T&D Inc
Global Training Solutions Inc
HTRI Asia-Pacifc
Infolytica Corp
Manitoba HVDC Research Centre
ProSim Inc
SimTech GmbH
University of Geneva
Walter Dow Associates Ltd
Condenser tubes
Vallourec & Mannesmann Tubes
Clyde Bergemann Power Group
Holtec International
Smithco Engineering Inc
SPX Heat Transfer Inc
energy management
Alstom Switzerland Ltd
CRE Technology
EMKO Elektronik AS
TechniData AG
Woodward GmbH
meters and instruments
Endress+Hauser BV
Espartec SA de CV
Huadian Measurement and Control
Sherborne Sensors
Vaisala Oyj
Yokogawa Europe BV
Zat as
temperature monitoring
ACR Systems Inc
AEG Power Solutions
BFI Automation GmbH
CIB Solar Ltd
For more information, enter 15 at
Products and Services Classifed Listing
30 January 2012 - PEi
EMKO Elektronik AS
Espartec SA de CV
SAT Infrared Technology Co Ltd
United Process Controls
Control panels and consoles
Basler Electric
CRE Technology
EMKO Elektronik AS
Espartec SA de CV
eyevis GmbH
Gas Turbine Controls Corp
Genmac USA Inc
Gorman-Rupp Co
Industrial Control Solutions Ltd
Monicon Instruments Co Ltd
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Inc
Testo AG
Control systems
GE Intelligent Platforms
Voith Hydro Holding GmbH & Co KG
Espartec SA de CV
Gas Turbine Controls Corp
Trihedral Engineering Ltd
ABB Pte Ltd
ABB Switzerland Ltd
Basler Electric
Basler Electric France SAS
Diamond Power International Inc
Doosan HF Controls
Emerson Process Management
Espartec SA de CV
Gas Turbine Controls Corp
Honeywell Process Solutions
L-3 Communications Mapps Inc
Mega-Fabs Motion Systems Ltd
Monicon Instruments Co Ltd
Petrotech Inc
Precision Engine Controls Corp
Thomson Technology LLP
Trihedral Engineering Ltd
Voith Turbo GmbH & Co KG
Woodward GmbH
Basler Electric
CRE Technology
EMKO Elektronik AS
ABB Switzerland Ltd
Converteam GmbH
ELIN Motoren GmbH
Majorpower Corp
Mecos Traxler AG
Rongxin Power Electric Co Ltd
Conveyors and conveyor
Erhard Muhr GmbH
Nol-Tec Systems Inc
Ringfeder Corp
Superior Industries
Cooling towers
GEA 2H Water Technologies GmbH
Lufkin Industries Inc
Paharpur USA
SPX Cooling Technologies GmbH
Kirloskar Brothers LLC
Niagara Blower Heat Transfer Solutions
Paharpur USA
SPX Cooling Technologies GmbH
Corrosion prevention
Ashland Inc
ATI Nuclear Energy
ATI Wah Chang
Blome International
The Dow Chemical Co
GEA Energy System (India) Ltd
Plastocor-international SA
Roctest Ltd
Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt Ltd
Lufkin Industries Inc
Ringfeder Corp
Ritepro Inc
Voith Turbo BHS Getriebe GmbH
Voith Turbo GmbH & Co KG
Babcock & Wilcox Co
Camfl Farr Power Systems GmbH
Clyde Bergemann Power Group
Lisega SE
Process Equipment - Barron Industries
Welland & Tuxhorn AG
Data acquisition systems
ACR Systems Inc
Doosan HF Controls
Emerson Process Management
Endress+Hauser BV
Geokon Inc
Real Time Ops
Testo AG
Trihedral Engineering Ltd
Balcke-Drr GmbH
Geokon Inc
Hurst Boiler & Welding Co Inc
Kansas City Deaerator
Balcke-Drr GmbH
Holter Regelarmaturen GmbH & Co KG
Leslie Controls Inc
Niagara Blower Heat Transfer Solutions
Wahlco Inc
Welland & Tuxhorn AG
Detection systems
Chemetron Fire Systems
Thermo Scientifc
BFI Automation GmbH
Chemetron Fire Systems
Iris Systems Inc
Turbine Technics Inc
Chemetron Fire Systems
Rongxin Power Electric Co Ltd
Thermo Scientifc
Argon Security Technologies Inc
Thermo Scientifc
Zolo Technologies Inc
TechniData AG
Diagnostic systems
Burgmann Industries GmbH & Co KG
Clyde Bergemann Power Group
Diamond Power International Inc
epro GmbH
Rovsing Dynamics A/S
Sohre Turbomachinery Inc
VibroSystM Inc
Distributed generation
equipment and systems
ASCO Power Technologies
Basler Electric
eyevis GmbH
GE Energy - Jenbacher Gas Engines
Mid America Engine Inc
MTU Onsite Energy Corp
Solar Turbines
SRF Europe Ltd
Thomson Technology LLP
NEM Power-Systems
SIPOS Aktorik GmbH
Calnetix Inc
Mega-Fabs Motion Systems Ltd
Howden North America Inc
Voith Turbo GmbH & Co KG
ATCO Structures & Logistics -
Environmental Systems
Power Jacks Ltd
Ringfeder Corp
Voith Turbo BHS Getriebe GmbH
Power Jacks Ltd
variable speed
ABB Pte Ltd
ABB Switzerland Ltd
Converteam GmbH
ELIN Motoren GmbH
Howden North America Inc
SIPOS Aktorik GmbH
Voith Turbo GmbH & Co KG
GEA Barr-Rosin Inc
Linn High Therm GmbH
Dry sorbent injection
FLSmidth Inc
Kuttner LLC (also Kuttner North America)
Nol-Tec Systems Inc
United Conveyor Corp
Fabricated Plastics Ltd
Dust control and collection
BWF America Inc
GE Energy Environmental
Industrial Accessories Co-IAC
Industrial Mechanical Specialties Ltd
Kuttner LLC (also Kuttner North America)
Babcock & Wilcox Co
Clyde Bergemann Power Group
Metso Power
Nationwide Boiler Inc
Electrical hardware
Fulmer Co
Graphite Metallizing
circuit breakers
Belyea Co Inc
Genmac USA Inc
AMETEK HCC Industries
Daniels Manufacturing Corp
Houston Wire & Cable Co
Multi-Contact AG
The R&M Electrical Group
AMETEK HCC Industries
Daniels Manufacturing Corp
Daniels Manufacturing Corp
Houston Wire & Cable Co
Multi-Contact AG
The R&M Electrical Group
Aksa Jenerator Sanayi AS
Cutsforth Inc
Fulmer Co
Multi-Contact AG
Electrical test equipment
Aksa Jenerator Sanayi AS
ComRent International LLC
Doble Engineering Co
Elcon International AB
Global Training Solutions Inc
Kingsine Electric Automation Co Ltd
The R&M Electrical Group
Sohre Turbomachinery Inc
Electrostatic precipitators
Babcock & Wilcox Co
Clyde Bergemann Power Group
Alimak Hek AB
Alimak Hek Inc
AUMUND Foerdertechnik GmbH
For more information, enter 16 at
Products and Services Classifed Listing
32 January 2012 - PEi
Enclosures and on-site
ABB Pte Ltd
CCI Thermal Technologies Inc
Point Eight Power Inc
Precision Quincy Corp
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Inc
Starfite Systems
Surround Technologies Inc
ATCO Noise Management Inc
Camfl Farr Power Systems GmbH
FAIST Anlagenbau GmbH
Precision Quincy Corp
Starfite Systems
Surround Technologies Inc
FAIST Anlagenbau GmbH
Precision Quincy Corp
Starfite Systems
Surround Technologies Inc
Energy management
systems and analyzers
Emerson Process Management
Energy storage
Hitec Power Protection
Mecos Traxler AG
SuperPower Inc
pumped storage
Voith Hydro Holding GmbH & Co KG
Rongxin Power Electric Co Ltd
cooling systems
E Beaudrey et Cie (Beaudrey)
KTI-Plersch Kaeltetechnik GmbH
SPX Cooling Technologies GmbH
SRF Europe Ltd
Sutton Stromart Ltd
ABZ Aggregate-Bau GmbH & Co KG
Aksa Power Eneration (China) Co Ltd
Belyea Co Inc
Capstone Turbine Corp
Caterpillar Inc
Combustion Energy & Steam Specialists
Cummins Power Generation Inc
International Energy Systems (1983) Ltd
John Deere Power Systems
MAN Diesel & Turbo
Mid America Engine Inc
Millenium Power Manufacturing
MTU Onsite Energy Corp
Power Developments International FZCO
Power Link Machine (Shanghai) Co Ltd
Ring Power Corp
Visa SpA
Zollern BHW Gleitlager GmbH & Co KG
Aksa Power Eneration (China) Co Ltd
Capstone Turbine Corp
Caterpillar Inc
Cummins Power Generation Inc
GE Energy
GE Energy - Jenbacher Gas Engines
International Power Machinery Co
Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe GmbH
MAN Diesel & Turbo
Mid America Engine Inc
MTU Onsite Energy Corp
Power Developments International FZCO
Zollern BHW Gleitlager GmbH & Co KG
emissions control
Airgas Specialty Products
DCL International Inc
Global Emissions Systems Inc
John Deere Power Systems
MTU Onsite Energy Corp
load banks
ComRent International LLC
Basler Electric
Fulmer Co
John Deere Power Systems
Visa SpA
Luvata Sderkping Ab
Slimline Manufacturing Ltd (Turbomist)
ABB Switzerland Ltd
Basler Electric
Basler Electric France SAS
Brushless SRL
Expansion joints/breechings
Belman Production A/S
Braden Manufacturing LLC
Burgmann Industries GmbH & Co KG
Duro Dakovic Kompenzatori dd
Frenzelit North America Inc
John Cardwell Ltd
KE-Burgmann A/S
McGuffy Industries Inc
Process Equipment - Barron Industries
Fabric filter systems
Babcock & Wilcox Co
Balcke-Drr GmbH
Clyde Bergemann Power Group
Boldrocchi SRL
Canadian Buffalo
Howden North America Inc
The New York Blower Co
Process Equipment - Barron Industries
Smithco Engineering Inc
Boldrocchi SRL
Canadian Buffalo
Process Equipment - Barron Industries
Boldrocchi SRL
Canadian Buffalo
Howden North America Inc
The New York Blower Co
Process Equipment - Barron Industries
Smithco Engineering Inc
Boldrocchi SRL
Canadian Buffalo
The New York Blower Co
The New York Blower Co
Boltight Ltd
Daniels Manufacturing Corp
Nord-Lock Inc
Obo Bettermann GmbH & Co KG
Turbo Parts LLC
AUMUND Foerdertechnik GmbH
B&W Mechanical Handling Ltd
Pennsylvania Crusher Corp
Feedwater heaters
Balcke-Drr GmbH
Gaumer Process
Holtec International
Kansas City Deaerator
SPX Heat Transfer Inc
Filters and filtration systems
AAF International (American Air Filter)
Advanced Filtration Concepts Inc
BWF America Inc
Camfl Farr Power Systems GmbH
Contec GmbH
Dollinger Power Systems
Donaldson Co Inc
Envipure Pte Ltd
FAIST Anlagenbau GmbH
GEA Filtri Gasparini Associates
Turbine Technics Inc
Advanced Filtration Concepts Inc
BWF America Inc
GEA Filtri Gasparini Associates
CCI Thermal Technologies Inc
Dollinger Power Systems
Hilliard Corp
Indufl BV
Bollflter Corp
Contec GmbH
Dollinger Power Systems
Gaumer Process
GEA Filtri Gasparini Associates
Indufl BV
Plenty Process Filtration
Beaudrey American Services
BWF America Inc
Contec GmbH
The Dow Chemical Co
Eimco Water Technologies
Indufl BV
Nidecon Technologies Oy
Orival Water Filters
Plenty Process Filtration
Bollflter Corp
Dollinger Power Systems
Indufl BV
Plenty Process Filtration
Hilliard Corp
Advanced Filtration Concepts Inc
Blackthorn Environmental Ltd
Bollflter Corp
BWF America Inc
Notox Ceramic Filters A/S
Orival Water Filters
Fire detection
AP Sensing GmbH
Chemetron Fire Systems
The R&M Electrical Group
Fire protection equipment
Chemetron Fire Systems
Columbian TecTank
Marioff Corp Oy
Tank Connection Affliate Group
Thermal Ceramics
Transformer Protector Ltda
Thermal Ceramics
Racine Flow Meter Group
Swagelok Co
Flue gas conditioning
Babcock Power Environmental Inc
Blackthorn Environmental Ltd
Clark-Reliance Corp
The Dow Chemical Co
FLSmidth Inc
Steuler Anlagenbau GmbH & Co KG
Wahlco Inc
Flue gas desulfurization
AE&E Group GmbH
Ashland Inc
Babcock & Wilcox Co
Babcock Power Environmental Inc
NEM Power-Systems
Nol-Tec Systems Inc
Nooter/Eriksen Inc
SOLVAir Solutions/Solvay Chemicals Inc
AE&E Group GmbH
Ashland Inc
Babcock & Wilcox Co
Babcock Power Environmental Inc
ESI Eurosilo
Industrial Mechanical Specialties Ltd
International Paint LLC
Steuler Anlagenbau GmbH & Co KG
ZCL Composites Inc
Ashland Inc
ESI Eurosilo
Hitachi Power Europe
Semi-Bulk Systems Inc
Fluid drives
Semi-Bulk Systems Inc
Fluidized-bed combustion
Babcock & Wilcox Co
TPS Termiska Processer AB
Fuel cells
Nalamwar Energy Systems Pvt Ltd
handling equipment
AUMUND Foerdertechnik GmbH
B&W Mechanical Handling Ltd
Clyde Bergemann Power Group
Continental Controls Corp
Detroit Stoker Co
FLSmidth Pfster GmbH
Joined up
A plant is made up of a million decisions, big and small.
Its a complex ow of people, resources, designs and
schedules. Success requires collaboration, and a complete
understanding of strategic activities and events.
With AVEVA information integrity, all project data can be exploited
and shared at every stage of the assets life, joining up the details
to show the big picture. The result is accurate and efcient project
performance and asset operations that are always under control,
reducing risk, time and cost.
With a global sales and service network in more than 40 countries,
AVEVA is a leader in engineering design and information management
solutions for the process and power plant industries.
Choosing AVEVA will be one of the best decisions you ever make.
Be part of the breakthrough
in engineering and design
efciency with the
latest release of
available now
For more information, enter 17 at
Products and Services Classifed Listing
34 January 2012 - PEi
Gorman-Rupp Co
Roper Pump Co
SAS Global Corp
SCHADE Lagertechnik GmbH
treatment systems
Alfa Laval AB
APROVIS Energy Systems GmbH
Indufl BV
Turbotect Ltd
Westfalia Separator AG
gauge glasses
Clark-Reliance Corp
Huadian Measurement and Control
Orion Instruments
liquid level
Clark-Reliance Corp
Diamond Power International Inc
Huadian Measurement and Control
MTS Sensors
Orion Instruments
Geokon Inc
Swagelok Co
Gas turbines
Ansaldo Energia SpA
Applied Gas Turbines
Belyea Co Inc
Capstone Turbine Corp
Centrax Ltd (Gas Turbine Division)
Clyde Bergemann Bachmann Inc
Combustion Energy & Steam Specialists
Dresser-Rand Co Ltd
Euroturbine BV
GE Energy
Global Training Solutions Inc
Hitachi Power Europe
International Energy Systems (1983) Ltd
International Power Machinery Co
Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe GmbH
LM Alternatives Inc
Magellan Aerospace Corp (Orenda)
Mid America Engine Inc
Minco UK Ltd
OPRA Turbines
Pratt & Whitney Power Systems
Siemens AG Energy Sector
Solar Turbines
Wabash Power Equipment Co
Woodward Kempen GmbH
Gas turbine parts,
components and accessories
Allied Power Group LLC
Ansaldo Thomassen BV
Armstrong-Hunt Inc
Braden Manufacturing LLC
Bromford Industries Ltd
Doncasters Group Ltd
Euroturbine BV
Frenzelit North America Inc
Gaumer Process
GEA Filtri Gasparini Associates
GEA Renzmann & Grnewald GmbH
GE Energy
HARCO Laboratories Inc
Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe GmbH
KE-Burgmann A/S
Kingsbury Repair & Service
LM Alternatives Inc
Nord-Lock Inc
Power Developments International FZCO
Pratt & Whitney Power Systems
Precision Engine Controls Corp
Process Plugins Inc
PSM - an Alstom Co
Thermamax Inc
Thermo Electric Co
Turbine Technics Inc
Turbocam Europe Ltd
Gas turbine inlet cooling
air-cooled refrigeration systems
AAF International (American Air Filter)
Dectron Internationale Inc
Donaldson Co Inc
Turbine Air Systems Ltd
cooling coil assemblies
Aerofn Corp
Donaldson Co Inc
cooling towers
SPX Cooling Technologies GmbH
AxEnergy Ltd
Camfl Farr Power Systems GmbH
CAT PUMPS-High Pressure Pumps &
Dectron Internationale Inc
Everest Sciences Inc
FP Turbomachinery BV
Gas Turbine Effciency
inlet heating systems
Donaldson Co Inc
Everest Sciences Inc
thermal energy storage
Turbine Air Systems Ltd
turnkey systems
Advanced Filtration Concepts Inc
FP Turbomachinery BV
Hitachi Power Europe
McGuffy Industries Inc
Turbine Air Systems Ltd
water-cooled refrigeration systems
Everest Sciences Inc
Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt Ltd
Turbine Air Systems Ltd
wet compression
AxEnergy Ltd
Gasification systems
Boson Energy SA
Burgmann Industries GmbH & Co KG
KE-Burgmann A/S
Allen Gears
Lufkin Industries Inc
Philadelphia Gear
Power Jacks Ltd
Voith Turbo BHS Getriebe GmbH
Zollern BHW Gleitlager GmbH & Co KG
Aksa Power Eneration (China) Co Ltd
Ansaldo Energia SpA
Applied Gas Turbines
Belyea Co Inc
DFME Sp zoo
Doosan Infracore Portable Power
GE Energy
Genmac USA Inc
GUGLER Water Turbines GmbH
Hitachi Power Europe
Indeck Power Equipment Co
International Energy Systems (1983) Ltd
Kato Engineering Inc
Marelli Motori SpA
Mid America Engine Inc
SDMO Industries
Siemens AG Energy Sector
SuperPower Inc
Wabash Power Equipment Co
Wasserkraft Volk AG
Geothermal power systems
Nalamwar Energy Systems Pvt Ltd
Grinding equipment
Loesche Energy Systems Ltd
Loesche GmbH
Gundlach Equipment Corp
Jeffrey Rader Corp
Pennsylvania Crusher Corp
United Conveyor Corp
Babcock & Wilcox Co
Loesche Energy Systems Ltd
SAS Global Corp
Gundlach Equipment Corp
Loesche GmbH
Triangle Engineering
Heat detection
AP Sensing GmbH
Bandweaver Ltd
Heat exchangers
Alfa Laval AB
AMETEK Fluoropolyer Products
APROVIS Energy Systems GmbH
Armstrong-Hunt Inc
Balcke-Drr GmbH
GEA Renzmann & Grnewald GmbH
Holtec International
LHE Co Ltd
Luvata Sderkping Ab
Smithco Engineering Inc
SRF Europe Ltd
Sutton Stromart Ltd
Vahterus Oy
Heat recovery systems/
APROVIS Energy Systems GmbH
Belyea Co Inc
Clyde Bergemann Power Group
GEA Barr-Rosin Inc
Nebraska Boiler
Rentech Boiler Systems Inc
Sutton Stromart Ltd
Heat/steam tracing
Bandweaver Ltd
Armstrong-Hunt Inc
Balcke-Drr GmbH
CCI Thermal Technologies Inc
CIB Solar Ltd
Gaumer Process
Loesche GmbH
Alimak Hek Inc
Buckley Industrial
SRF Europe Ltd
Hydraulic fluids
The Dow Chemical Co
ExxonMobil Lubricants & Petroleum
Lubrication Engineers Inc
Hydraulic systems,
Boltight Ltd
Hydratight Ltd
JASC: Jansens Aircraft Systems Controls
Voith Hydro Holding GmbH & Co KG
Hydro generators
DFME Sp zoo
Voith Hydro Holding GmbH & Co KG
Wasserkraft Volk AG
Hydro turbines
Voith Hydro Holding GmbH & Co KG
Wasserkraft Volk AG
Hydro-electric generating
Brushless SRL
DFME Sp zoo
Franco Tosi Meccanica SpA
Wasserkraft Volk AG
Hydrogen supply and on-
site production
Proton Energy System
Sko-Die Inc
Endress+Hauser Instruments International
Magnetrol International Inc
Piezo Technologies
Racine Flow Meter Group
Clark-Reliance Corp
Endress+Hauser Instruments International
Fozmula Ltd
Huadian Measurement and Control
Magnetrol International Inc
MTS Sensors
Orion Instruments
Piezo Technologies
Endress+Hauser Instruments International
Racine Flow Meter Group
Endress+Hauser Instruments International
HARCO Laboratories Inc
Racine Flow Meter Group
SAT Infrared Technology Co Ltd
Zolo Technologies Inc
Metrix Instrument Co
Perpetuum Ltd
EFD Induction Group
Trench Ltd
Inspection equipment
FSI Technologies Inc
Machida Inc
SAT Infrared Technology Co Ltd
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Products and Services Classifed Listing
36 January 2012 - PEi
Instruments, measuring
Bandweaver Ltd
EMKO Elektronik AS
Endress+Hauser BV
Euroturbine BV
HART Communication Foundation
MTS Sensors
Orion Instruments
Racine Flow Meter Group
RST Instruments Ltd
SAT Infrared Technology Co Ltd
Sherborne Sensors
Sohre Turbomachinery Inc
Testo AG
Vaisala Oyj
Weston Aerospace
Zolo Technologies Inc
Firwin Corp
Frenzelit North America Inc
Thermal Ceramics
Thermamax Inc
AMETEK Solid State Controls
Majorpower Corp
Sputnik Engineering AG
Ladders, handrails and
Surround Technologies Inc
Leak detection
Bandweaver Ltd
Pure Technologies Ltd
Level control and
Clark-Reliance Corp
Fozmula Ltd
Markland Specialty Engineering Ltd
MTS Sensors
Orion Instruments
Doosan Infracore Portable Power
Power Link Machine (Shanghai) Co Ltd
TEMTO Technology Co Ltd
TWR Lighting/Orga Aviation Lighting
Vaisala Oyj
Liners and linings
International Paint LLC
Lube-oil systems
GEA Renzmann & Grnewald GmbH
Lincoln GmbH
Roper Pump Co
Westfalia Separator AG
The Dow Chemical Co
ExxonMobil Lubricants & Petroleum
Henkel Corp/Loctite
Lincoln GmbH
Lubrication Engineers Inc
Shell Lubricants
Machinery equipment
Lincoln GmbH
Power Jacks Ltd
Maintenance equipment
and supplies
Hydratight Ltd
Lincoln GmbH
Machida Inc
Rochem Technical Services
Mercury control equipment
and supplies
Babcock & Wilcox Co
Babcock Power Environmental Inc
FLSmidth Inc
Aerodyne Alloys LLC
Doncasters Group Ltd
Outokumpu Stainless
Rathbone Precision Metals Inc
SAS Global Corp
Doncasters Group Ltd
Zollern BHW Gleitlager GmbH & Co KG
Aerodyne Alloys LLC
Hoesch Schwerter Profle GmbH
Outokumpu Stainless
PAS Technologies Inc
Plymouth Tube Co
Rathbone Precision Metals Inc
Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt Ltd
Aerodyne Alloys LLC
Doncasters Group Ltd
Hoesch Schwerter Profle GmbH
Outokumpu Stainless
stainless steel
Aerodyne Alloys LLC
Doncasters Group Ltd
Hoesch Schwerter Profle GmbH
Outokumpu Stainless
Plymouth Tube Co
Capstone Turbine Corp
Mecos Traxler AG
Turbec SpA
Turbocam Europe Ltd
Mist eliminators
Hilliard Corp
Rathbone Precision Metals Inc
Monitoring equipment
combustion control
BFI Automation GmbH
Emerson Process Management
Iris Systems Inc
M&W Asketeknik
Zolo Technologies Inc
continuous emission monitoring
AMETEK Power Instruments
ETR-Unidata Ltd
Industrial Accessories Co-IAC
TechniData AG
Thermo Scientifc
Thermo Scientifc
ACR Systems Inc
AP Sensing GmbH
Diamond Power International Inc
Fozmula Ltd
Littelfuse Startco
Roctest Ltd
SAT Infrared Technology Co Ltd
Thermo Electric Co
VibroSystM Inc
Weston Aerospace
ACR Systems Inc
AP Sensing GmbH
ETR-Unidata Ltd
Littelfuse Startco
Tyco Thermal Controls
Motor control centers
Motor starters
Belyea Co Inc
ELIN Motoren GmbH
Rongxin Power Electric Co Ltd
Motors and accessories
DFME Sp zoo
ELIN Motoren GmbH
Marelli Motori SpA
Multipollutant emissions
Babcock & Wilcox Co
Babcock Power Environmental Inc
Callidus Technologies by Honeywell
DCL International Inc
SOLVAir Solutions/Solvay Chemicals Inc
Zolo Technologies Inc
Nitrogen oxide control
catalytic combustion systems
Callidus Technologies by Honeywell
Cormetech Inc
SOLVAir Solutions/Solvay Chemicals Inc
ATCO Structures & Logistics -
Environmental Systems
Babcock & Wilcox Co
Babcock Power Environmental Inc
Callidus Technologies by Honeywell
Cormetech Inc
DCL International Inc
Haldor Topsoe A/S
Haldor Topsoe Inc
Nationwide Boiler Inc
NEM Power-Systems
Rentech Boiler Systems Inc
Steuler Anlagenbau GmbH & Co KG
Wahlco Inc
Babcock & Wilcox Co
Airgas Specialty Products
Callidus Technologies by Honeywell
Noise measurement and
Blackthorn Environmental Ltd
FAIST Anlagenbau GmbH
Firwin Corp
Technicon Acoustics
Non-destructive evaluation
and testing
condition monitoring
Data Physics Corp
Endress+Hauser BV
epro GmbH
Perpetuum Ltd
Rovsing Dynamics A/S
Tyco Thermal Controls
eddy current
epro GmbH
oil analysis
Doble Engineering Co
Piezo Technologies
Karl Storz Industrial-America Inc
Machida Inc
containment filtration
AAF International (American Air Filter)
fuel supply and handling
Westinghouse Electric Co
instruments, monitoring
Geokon Inc
Kingsine Electric Automation Co Ltd
Mirion Technologies (RADOS) GmbH
NUKEM Technologies GmbH
Roctest Ltd
Sherborne Sensors
TechniData AG
radwaste processing
Linn High Therm GmbH
NUKEM Technologies GmbH
reactor monitoring and
sampling systems
Markland Specialty Engineering Ltd
Dr Thiedig & Co KG
secondary containment
International Paint LLC
steam-supply systems
Babcock & Wilcox Co
Welland & Tuxhorn AG
waste processing and handling
Linn High Therm GmbH
cleaning systems
Minco UK Ltd
conditioning equipment
Shell Lubricants
Gaumer Process
oil/water separators
Alfa Laval AB
Balcke-Drr GmbH
Hilliard Corp
Imbibitive Technologies
Westfalia Separator AG
ZCL Composites Inc
The new easYgen-2000
gen-set control knows how to improve the energy e -
ciency of your gen-set application. This is managed by the integrated load manage-
ment system. It takes care that your gen-set runs at the ideal operating point and
therefore makes sure to save you fuel and costs. Or you decide to operate your gen-
set at the ideal electrical availability and so increase the reliability of your application.
Through the exible programming of the easYgen-2000
you have the choice.
The easYgen-2000
oers essential protection, control and monitoring features
for parallel and loadshare applications all covered by one compact, cost-eective
control unit.
Your gen-set can do better
With the new easYgen-2000
gen-set control
Europe & Africa:
ASEAN & Oceania:
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Products and Services Classifed Listing
38 January 2012 - PEi
Opacity monitors
Burgmann Industries GmbH & Co KG
Ashland Inc
CBP Engineering Corp
cleaning equipment
Mole Master Services Corp
Specialised Overhaul Service P/L
Vallourec & Mannesmann Tubes
Fabricated Plastics Ltd
Federal Steel Supply
Tioga Pipe Supply Co Inc
Firwin Corp
Thermamax Inc
Clyde Bergemann Bachmann Inc
Frenzelit North America Inc
KE-Burgmann A/S
JNT Technical Services Inc
preparation equipment
Lisega SE
supports, hangers
Lisega SE
CIB Solar Ltd
QuakeWrap Inc
Tioga Pipe Supply Co Inc
Triangle Engineering
Paints and protective
Blome International
International Paint LLC
Ashland Inc
ATI Wah Chang
Bristol Piping
Fabricated Plastics Ltd
Federal Steel Supply
SRF Europe Ltd
Thompson Pump
Tioga Pipe Supply Co Inc
United Conveyor Corp
Vallourec & Mannesmann Tubes
ZCL Composites Inc
Zeleziarne Podbrezova
Power conditioning/power
Rongxin Power Electric Co Ltd
Power supplies
AMETEK Solid State Controls
The Electricity Regulation Authority of the
Cayman Islands
Majorpower Corp
SDMO Industries
Power transmission
Allen Gears
Ringfeder Corp
Siemens AG Energy Sector
Pressure monitoring,
AMETEK Power Instruments
Roctest Ltd
RST Instruments Ltd
Pressure vessels
Gaumer Process
Programmable controllers
GE Intelligent Platforms
Genmac USA Inc
HART Communication Foundation
Mega-Fabs Motion Systems Ltd
Micont-Valves BV
Protective equipment
floor protection
Blome International
SERGI France
Andritz AG
Bran & Luebbe
CAT PUMPS-High Pressure Pumps &
FELUWA Pumpen GmbH
Flowserve Corp
Gorman-Rupp Co
Hayward Tyler Ltd
ITT Goulds Pumps
Johnson Pump
KSB Aktiengesellschaft
Micont-Valves BV
Process Plugins Inc
Roper Pump Co
Thompson Pump
Weir Power & Industrial
Rail car handling systems
B&W Mechanical Handling Ltd
Erhard Muhr GmbH
SCHADE Lagertechnik GmbH
AMETEK Power Instruments
AEG Power Solutions
Cumberland Electrochemical
Thermal Ceramics
Basler Electric
Micont-Valves BV
Swagelok Co
Balcke-Drr GmbH
Competitive Energy Insight Inc
Gaumer Process
Basler Electric
Basler Electric France SAS
Global Training Solutions Inc
Littelfuse Startco
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Inc
Woodward GmbH
Remote monitoring
Encore Networks
GE Energy
ITT Goulds Pumps
Micont-Valves BV
Perpetuum Ltd
RST Instruments Ltd
Sohre Turbomachinery Inc
VibroSystM Inc
APROVIS Energy Systems GmbH
Babcock & Wilcox Co
Boson Energy SA
Competitive Energy Insight Inc
CQ Inc
Foster Wheeler Global Power Group
GEA Barr-Rosin Inc
Green Circle Bio Energy Inc
Linde AG
S & B Engineers and Constructors
Solar India Inc
fuel cells
Holtec International
Vooner FloGard Corp
Converteam GmbH
GUGLER Water Turbines GmbH
Ingeteam Energy
Mavel Americas
Erhard Muhr GmbH
Wasserkraft Volk AG
Ingeteam Energy
GUGLER Water Turbines GmbH
Ingeteam Energy
Luvata Sderkping Ab
Multi-Contact AG
PV Powered
Skyreach Systems
SMA Solar Technology AG
Solar India Inc
Alpha Energy
CIB Solar Ltd
Holtec International
Neo Solar Power Corp
PV Powered
S & B Engineers and Constructors
Siemens AG Energy Sector
SMA Solar Technology AG
Solar India Inc
solar thermal
CIB Solar Ltd
Ingeteam Energy
Linde AG
Skyreach Systems
AE&E Group GmbH
Babcock & Wilcox Co
Boson Energy SA
Calnetix Inc
Capstone Turbine Corp
CQ Inc
Electra-Therm Inc
Magellan Aerospace Corp (Orenda)
SOLVAir Solutions/Solvay Chemicals Inc
American Wind Energy Association
Industrial Control Solutions Ltd
Ingeteam Energy
Linz Electric SRL
Luvata Sderkping Ab
Nordex SE
Siemens AG Energy Sector
Siemens Wind Power A/S
Solar India Inc
TWR Lighting/Orga Aviation Lighting
Vestas Wind Systems A/S
wind resource analysis
American Wind Energy Association
ExxonMobil Lubricants & Petroleum
Vestas Wind Systems A/S
WindLogics Inc
Rental equipment
Applied Gas Turbines
ComRent International LLC
Doosan Infracore Portable Power
ESI Inc of Tennessee
Gaumer Process
Karl Storz Industrial-America Inc
Nationwide Boiler Inc
Reverse osmosis systems
CAT PUMPS-High Pressure Pumps &
Energy Guard Water Technologies
Multi-Contact AG
Safety equipment
Firwin Corp
Marioff Corp Oy
Nord-Lock Inc
Snap-on Industrial
TEMTO Technology Co Ltd
Sampling hardware
Markland Specialty Engineering Ltd
M&W Asketeknik
Scaffolding and shoring
Alimak Hek Inc
Brand Energy and Infrastructure Services
eyevis GmbH
Ashland Inc
Babcock & Wilcox Co
Babcock Power Environmental Inc
Envipure Pte Ltd
Fabricated Plastics Ltd
Gaumer Process
Industrial Mechanical Specialties Ltd
Steuler Anlagenbau GmbH & Co KG
Flexitallic Ltd
Henkel Corp/Loctite
Burgmann Industries GmbH & Co KG
Flexitallic Ltd
Flowserve Corp
Frenzelit North America Inc
Turbo Parts LLC
Security systems
Argon Security Technologies Inc
Fozmula Ltd
FSI Technologies Inc
HARCO Laboratories Inc
Sherborne Sensors
MTU Maintenance Berlin-Brandenburg is committed to the highest quality and reliability
standards. As MTUs center of excellence for industrial gas turbines located near Berlin in
Germany we take pride in our customized maintenance concepts, advanced repair tech-
niques, outstanding reliability, quality work and smoothly organized logistics. Our highly
mobile service team is available wherever and whenever you need it.
hours per year service for our customers operating
GE LM2500

, LM2500+

, LM5000

and LM6000

gas turbines
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40 January 2012 - PEi
Products and Services Classifed Listing
Thermo Electric Co
United Process Controls
Alfa Laval AB
Balcke-Drr GmbH
Gundlach Equipment Corp
Gundlach Equipment Corp
Signal conditioners
Sherborne Sensors
ATCO Structures & Logistics -
Environmental Systems
CU Services LLC
DCL International Inc
McGuffy Industries Inc
Rheinmetall Defence Electronics
University of Geneva
Simulators, engineering
CYME International T&D Inc
Manitoba HVDC Research Centre
Simulators, training
Global Training Solutions Inc
Manitoba HVDC Research Centre
Sludge removal and
Markland Specialty Engineering Ltd
Weir Minerals Netherlands BV
Solar power equipment
Nalamwar Energy Systems Pvt Ltd
Power Technology Components Ltd
SENER Grupo de Ingeniera SA
Skyreach Systems
SMA Solar Technology AG
Solid waste fuel handling
B&W Mechanical Handling Ltd
FLSmidth Pfster GmbH
SCHADE Lagertechnik GmbH
Clyde Bergemann Power Group
Diamond Power International Inc
Spray nozzles
AxEnergy Ltd
FP Turbomachinery BV
Industrial Mechanical Specialties Ltd
Kansas City Deaerator
Rochem Technical Services
SCHADE Lagertechnik GmbH
Standby power systems
and UPS
AEG Power Solutions
Alpha Energy
AMETEK Solid State Controls
Applied Gas Turbines
Caterpillar Inc
Cummins Power Generation Inc
Hitec Power Protection
International Energy Systems (1983) Ltd
MTU Onsite Energy Corp
Thomson Technology LLP
Steam generators
Babcock & Wilcox Co
Hurst Boiler & Welding Co Inc
Indeck Power Equipment Co
Nebraska Boiler
Wabash Power Equipment Co
Steam separators and traps
CU Services LLC
Steam turbine parts,
components and
Ansaldo ESG AG
Franco Tosi Meccanica SpA
GEA Renzmann & Grnewald GmbH
GE Energy
Process Plugins Inc
Promec SRL
Rathbone Precision Metals Inc
Turbocam Europe Ltd
Turbo Parts LLC
Steam turbines
Ansaldo Energia SpA
Belyea Co Inc
Combustion Energy & Steam Specialists
Dresser-Rand Co Ltd
Franco Tosi Meccanica SpA
GE Energy
Hitachi Power Europe
International Energy Systems (1983) Ltd
International Power Machinery Co
Petrotech Inc
Siemens AG Energy Sector
Wabash Power Equipment Co
Woodward Kempen GmbH
Aerodyne Alloys LLC
Hoesch Schwerter Profle GmbH
Tioga Pipe Supply Co Inc
Babcock & Wilcox Co
McBurney Corp
Storage systems
Mole Master Services Corp
Semi-Bulk Systems Inc
Columbian TecTank
ESI Eurosilo
Industrial Accessories Co-IAC
Jeffrey Rader Corp
Mole Master Services Corp
QuakeWrap Inc
Tank Connection Affliate Group
Wuerth Consulting Engineers
Ashland Inc
Columbian TecTank
Fabricated Plastics Ltd
KTI-Plersch Kaeltetechnik GmbH
Mole Master Services Corp
QuakeWrap Inc
Superior Industries
Tank Connection Affliate Group
Wuerth Consulting Engineers
ZCL Composites Inc
Strain gauges
Geokon Inc
Roctest Ltd
CCI Thermal Technologies Inc
Orival Water Filters
Plenty Process Filtration
Belyea Co Inc

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Products and Services Classifed Listing
January 2012 - PEi 41
Surround Technologies Inc
Trench Ltd
Babcock & Wilcox Co
Balcke-Drr GmbH
Metso Power
Supervisory control systems
ASCO Power Technologies
Emerson Process Management
HAUK & SASKO Ingenieurgesellschaft
Trihedral Engineering Ltd
Surge suppressors
Raycap Inc
ASCO Power Technologies
CBS Arcsafe
ASCO Power Technologies
Caterpillar Inc
Cummins Power Generation Inc
Point Eight Power Inc
Thomson Technology LLP
FSI Technologies Inc
Telemetering devices
Encore Networks
Temperature monitoring
and measuring equipment
ACR Systems Inc
Bandweaver Ltd
Fozmula Ltd
HARCO Laboratories Inc
JNT Technical Services Inc
Littelfuse Startco
Thermo Electric Co
Temporary buildings
Precision Quincy Corp
Starfite Systems
Boltight Ltd
Test equipment
Data Physics Corp
Doble Engineering Co
Thermo Electric Co
Daniels Manufacturing Corp
Snap-on Industrial
Boltight Ltd
Climax Portable Machine Tools GmbH
Climax Portable Machine Tools Inc
Snap-on Industrial
Torque conversion
Hydratight Ltd
Snap-on Industrial
FSI Technologies Inc
Metrix Instrument Co
Piezo Technologies
Sensor Developments Inc
Woodward GmbH
AMETEK Solid State Controls
Basler Electric
ComRent International LLC
Cumberland Electrochemical
International Power Machinery Co
SuperPower Inc
Trench Ltd
Basler Electric
Belyea Co Inc
Densit ApS
Imbibitive Technologies
Littelfuse Startco
Power Machines
Precision Quincy Corp
AMETEK Power Instruments
Metrix Instrument Co
Yokogawa Europe BV
Trash screens
Erhard Muhr GmbH
Tube equipment
AMETEK Fluoropolyer Products
Plymouth Tube Co
Swagelok Co
Tioga Pipe Supply Co Inc
Vallourec & Mannesmann Tubes
Zeleziarne Podbrezova
Vacuum pumps
Vooner FloGard Corp
Vacuum systems
Vooner FloGard Corp
Valve actuators
AUMA Riester GmbH & Co KG
Flowserve Corp
Holter Regelarmaturen GmbH & Co KG
Leslie Controls Inc
Apollo Valves
SK Valve
Swagelok Co
Apollo Valves
Clyde Bergemann Bachmann Inc
ITT Goulds Pumps
Kirloskar Brothers LLC
KSB Aktiengesellschaft
Maxon - a Honeywell Co
Weir Power & Industrial
Apollo Valves
JASC: Jansens Aircraft Systems Controls
KSB Aktiengesellschaft
Ritepro Inc
Apollo Valves
Continental Controls Corp
Dresser Inc
Holter Regelarmaturen GmbH & Co KG
Leslie Controls Inc
Maxon - a Honeywell Co
Micont-Valves BV
Precision Engine Controls Corp
Welland & Tuxhorn AG
Young & Franklin Inc
ITT Goulds Pumps
fuel metering
Continental Controls Corp
JASC: Jansens Aircraft Systems Controls
Maxon - a Honeywell Co
Precision Engine Controls Corp
Clyde Bergemann Bachmann Inc
KSB Aktiengesellschaft
Maxon - a Honeywell Co
SK Valve
United Conveyor Corp
globe angle
Holter Regelarmaturen GmbH & Co KG
Young & Franklin Inc
Dr Thiedig & Co KG
nuclear qualified
Flowserve Corp
Dr Thiedig & Co KG
Welland & Tuxhorn AG
Imbibitive Technologies
Turbo Parts LLC
SIPOS Aktorik GmbH
Young & Franklin Inc
relief safety
Apollo Valves
Dresser Inc
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42 January 2012 - PEi
Products and Services Classifed Listing
rubber ceramic-lined
SK Valve
Leslie Controls Inc
CU Services LLC
Dresser Inc
SK Valve
Tefulong Group Co Ltd
Data Physics Corp
Flowserve Corp
GE Energy
HTRI Asia-Pacifc
Metrix Instrument Co
PCH Engineering A/S
Rovsing Dynamics A/S
PCH Engineering A/S
Ringfeder Corp
Technicon Acoustics
epro GmbH
Flowserve Corp
GE Energy
Industrial Control Solutions Ltd
Metrix Instrument Co
PCH Engineering A/S
Perpetuum Ltd
Rovsing Dynamics A/S
Tyco Thermal Controls
VibroSystM Inc
Voltage regulators
Brushless SRL
Majorpower Corp
Solar Turbines
Wastewater treatment
Industrial Mechanical Specialties Ltd
Kirloskar Brothers LLC
Linn High Therm GmbH
Markland Specialty Engineering Ltd
SWAN Systeme AG
ZCL Composites Inc
Water intake systems
Beaudrey American Services
E Beaudrey et Cie (Beaudrey)
Water treatment systems
Ashland Inc
Cumberland Electrochemical
Energy Guard Water Technologies
GE Power & Water
Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt Ltd
clarifiers, filters
Eco-Tec Inc
Dectron Internationale Inc
The Dow Chemical Co
Eco-Tec Inc
Energy Guard Water Technologies
Envipure Pte Ltd
Nationwide Boiler Inc
Alfa Laval AB
CAT PUMPS-High Pressure Pumps &
The Dow Chemical Co
Eimco Water Technologies
Energy Guard Water Technologies
Flowserve Corp
GE Power & Water
GE Power & Water
ion exchange
Dectron Internationale Inc
The Dow Chemical Co
Eco-Tec Inc
Cumberland Electrochemical
GEA 2H Water Technologies GmbH
GE Power & Water
reverse osmosis
The Dow Chemical Co
Eco-Tec Inc
Eimco Water Technologies
Energy Guard Water Technologies
Envipure Pte Ltd
GE Power & Water
Nationwide Boiler Inc
Eco-Tec Inc
Nationwide Boiler Inc
Cumberland Electrochemical
GEA 2H Water Technologies GmbH
Slimline Manufacturing Ltd (Turbomist)
Wear resistant coatings and
Blome International
Henkel Corp/Loctite
Nord-Lock Inc
Plastocor-international SA
Weighing systems
FLSmidth Pfster GmbH
Airgas Specialty Products
Alimak Hek AB
Climax Portable Machine Tools GmbH
Climax Portable Machine Tools Inc
Linz Electric SRL
Snap-on Industrial
Zeleziarne Podbrezova
Airgas Specialty Products
Hobart Brothers Co
Wind power
Climax Portable Machine Tools GmbH
Climax Portable Machine Tools Inc
DFME Sp zoo
GE Energy
Linz Electric SRL
NRG Systems Inc
Siemens Wind Power A/S
Vestas Wind Systems A/S
The BORSIG boiler and power
plant program:
Fired Boilers
(up to 420t/h)
Waste Heat
Recovery Boilers
Power Plant
Power Plant
We offer a complete range of
products and services related to
boiler equipment generating
steam and hot water, as well as
the required engineering. With
our power plant services we
offer repair, maintenance and
modification work, ongoing
maintenance, installation, dis-
manteling and a lot more.
BORSIG Boiler Systems
Schellerdamm 16
D- 21079 Berlin / Germany
Phone: +49 (0)40/303726-0
Fax: +49 (0)40/303726-4050
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Flagship Media Sponsors Flagship Media Sponsors Supporting
vent Organisers vent Or


POWER-GEN GEN I entral Asia and co- ed ndia & Cen o-located Renewaable Energyy
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Delhi from 19-21 Ap April- 2012 at PPragati Maidan ra Exhbition Centre. xhbition Centre.
This premier event dedicat conventional, r wable an hydro cated to the c renew nd h
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Kelvin Marlow | Exhib | Exhibit Sales Manager
T: +44 1992 656 610 TT
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Amy Nash | Conference Manager
T: +44 1992 656 621 TT
+44 1992 656 700 F: +44 19
E ell com :
Products and Services Classifed Listing
44 January 2012 - PEi
Services Classifed
Accident investigation
ODonnell Consulting Engineers
Topomaster Ltd
Aftermarket parts and
Aviation Power & Marine (AP&M)
Balcke-Drr GmbH
Braden Manufacturing LLC
Consolidated Turbine Services
Detroit Stoker Co
Flowserve Corp
Foster Wheeler Global Power Group
GE Energy Environmental
Hitec Power Protection
Indeck Power Equipment Co
JASC: Jansens Aircraft Systems Controls
Linde AG
Loesche Energy Systems Ltd
Pratt & Whitney Power Systems
PT Sulzer Turbo Services Indonesia
SPX Cooling Technologies GmbH
Sulzer Turbo Services
Sulzer Turbo Services Houston Inc
Sulzer Turbo Services Rotterdam BV
Sulzer Turbo Services Venlo BV
Weston Aerospace
Young & Franklin Inc
Zeeco Inc
Air compressors, overhaul
and repair
Stork Turbo-Service GmbH
Air pollution control
Babcock & Wilcox Co
Babcock Power Environmental Inc
Blackthorn Environmental Ltd
Envipure Pte Ltd
GE Energy Environmental
Universal Accoustic & Emission
Fixturlaser AB
Voith Turbo BHS Getriebe GmbH
Analytical testing
ATI Wah Chang
Texas OilTech Laboratories Inc
Asbestos removal
Brand Energy and Infrastructure Services
Baghouse/fabric filter
rebuilding and repair
Balcke-Drr GmbH
Industrial Accessories Co-IAC
Battery testing,
maintenance, monitoring
Alpha Energy
Kingsbury Repair & Service
Boiler/pressure vessel
Babcock & Wilcox Co
Balcke-Drr GmbH
CMI Energy
George H Bodman Inc
Metso Power
Ansaldo Caldaie SpA
Babcock & Wilcox Co
Balcke-Drr GmbH
CMI Energy
HSB Global Standards
Kansas City Deaerator
TV Hessen
Ansaldo Caldaie SpA
Aquilex Welding Services BV
Babcock & Wilcox Co
Balcke-Drr GmbH
CMI Energy
FMT Group
McBurney Corp
Ansaldo Caldaie SpA
Babcock & Wilcox Co
Balcke-Drr GmbH
Rentech Boiler Systems Inc
Bulk handling systems,
service and repair
Magaldi Power SpA
Kingsine Electric Automation Co Ltd
Carbon dioxide removal
Circuit breaker repair
Belyea Co Inc
Cleaning services
Balcke-Drr GmbH
George H Bodman Inc
Coating application
Aquilex Welding Services BV
Brand Energy and Infrastructure Services
Hardwear Pty Ltd
Ansaldo ESG AG
Dynamic Systems Inc
GE Energy - Jenbacher Gas Engines
Harris Group Inc
Topomaster Ltd
Combustion byproducts
Competitive Energy Insight Inc
General Physics Corp
Combustion diagnostics and
PSM - an Alstom Co
Zeeco Inc
Computer-aided drafting
ProSim Inc
Topomaster Ltd
Walter Dow Associates Ltd
Computer software
Balcke-Drr GmbH
Beaudrey American Services
E Beaudrey et Cie (Beaudrey)
Eimco Water Technologies
Specialised Overhaul Service P/L
Balcke-Drr GmbH
Plastocor-international SA
RetubeCo Inc
Balcke-Drr GmbH
Niagara Blower Heat Transfer Solutions
RetubeCo Inc
SPX Heat Transfer Inc
Construction and
installation services
Alstom Switzerland Ltd
Babcock & Wilcox Co
Balcke-Drr GmbH
Iris Systems Inc
Strabag AG
Structural Preservation Systems
TIC - The Industrial Co
Visser & Smit Hanab
Construction management
Balcke-Drr GmbH
Burns and Roe Enterprises Inc
FMT Group
The Shaw Group Inc
Strabag AG
TRM Technical Resource Management Inc
Walter Dow Associates Ltd
Balcke-Drr GmbH
BWD Turbines Ltd
E4tech UK Ltd
Energy Capital
Frako Capacitors
George H Bodman Inc
Harris Group Inc
Sargent & Lundy LLC
The Shaw Group Inc
SMA Solar Technology AG
TV Hessen
Control system design and
Doosan HF Controls
Emerson Process Management
GE Intelligent Platforms
Cooling tower services
Paharpur USA
Plastocor-international SA
SPX Cooling Technologies GmbH
Structural Preservation Systems
Corrosion control and
Aquilex Welding Services BV
ATI Nuclear Energy
ATI Wah Chang
Plastocor-international SA
Structural Integrity Associates Inc
Structural Preservation Systems
Diesel engines
MTU Onsite Energy Corp
Electrical testing services
CITI - North America Corona Inspection
Training Institute
Doble Engineering Co
Point Eight Power Inc
Powertech Labs Inc
Electrostatic precipitators
Balcke-Drr GmbH
Balcke-Drr GmbH
Ironworker Management Progressive
Action Cooperative Trust
Engineering and design
BHI Energy
Burns & McDonnell
Citec Engineering Oy AB
CYME International T&D Inc
Daetwyler Custom Fabrication &
Products and Services Classifed Listing
January 2012 - PEi 45
Doble Engineering Co
E4tech UK Ltd
ENERCON Services Inc
Energoprojekt-Katowice SA
Fichtner GmbH & Co KG
Flexco Engineered Systems Group
Galletta Engineering Corp
Graphite Metallizing
HAUK & SASKO Ingenieurgesellschaft
Hitec Power Protection
Infolytica Corp
InterEnergy Srl
Manitoba HVDC Research Centre
Micro Waterjet LLC
ODonnell Consulting Engineers
Paul C Rizzo Associates Inc
Power Developments International FZCO
Pure Technologies Ltd
S & B Engineers and Constructors
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Inc
SENER Grupo de Ingeniera SA
Stanley Consultants
Structural Integrity Associates Inc
SuperPower Inc
Teshmont Consultants LP
Thermamax Inc
WindLogics Inc
flow modeling
Babcock Power Environmental Inc
Detroit Stoker Co
EUtech Scientifc Engineering GmbH
Flexco Engineered Systems Group
Gas Turbine Effciency
HTRI Asia-Pacifc
Paul C Rizzo Associates Inc
ProSim Inc
Teshmont Consultants LP
Burns and Roe Enterprises Inc
Burns & McDonnell
CRE Technology
Energoprojekt-Katowice SA
ESI Inc of Tennessee
Flexco Engineered Systems Group
Galletta Engineering Corp
Hitec Power Protection
InterEnergy Srl
McBurney Corp
ODonnell Consulting Engineers
Paul C Rizzo Associates Inc
S & B Engineers and Constructors
SENER Grupo de Ingeniera SA
Serdula Systems Ltd
Stanley Consultants
STEAG Energy Services GmbH
Teshmont Consultants LP
Walter Dow Associates Ltd
Westinghouse Electric Co
modification and retrofit projects
ABB Switzerland Ltd
Basler Electric France SAS
Beaudrey American Services
E Beaudrey et Cie (Beaudrey)
BHI Energy
Burns and Roe Enterprises Inc
Burns & McDonnell
Consolidated Turbine Services
Cutsforth Inc
Detroit Stoker Co
ENERCON Services Inc
Energoprojekt-Katowice SA
Galletta Engineering Corp
GEA Barr-Rosin Inc
Imbibitive Technologies
Loesche Energy Systems Ltd
Loesche GmbH
Metso Power
Paul C Rizzo Associates Inc
SAS Global Corp
S & B Engineers and Constructors
The Shaw Group Inc
Stanley Consultants
STEAG Energy Services GmbH
Thermamax Inc
Universal Accoustic & Emission
Zachry Engineering Corp
owners engineering
Black & Veatch Corp
Burns and Roe Enterprises Inc
Burns & McDonnell
CQ Inc
ENERCON Services Inc
ESI Inc of Tennessee
Fichtner GmbH & Co KG
Galletta Engineering Corp
Harris Group Inc
Power Developments International FZCO
SENER Grupo de Ingeniera SA
Stanley Consultants
STEAG Energy Services GmbH
Teshmont Consultants LP
Zachry Engineering Corp
plant design
Applied Gas Turbines
Black & Veatch Corp
Burns and Roe Enterprises Inc
Burns & McDonnell
Caterpillar Inc
Citec Engineering Oy AB
ENERCON Services Inc
Energoprojekt-Katowice SA
ESI Inc of Tennessee
Fichtner GmbH & Co KG
Harris Group Inc
InterEnergy Srl
Linde AG
Loesche GmbH
ODonnell Consulting Engineers
Sargent & Lundy LLC
SENER Grupo de Ingeniera SA
The Shaw Group Inc
Stanley Consultants
STEAG Energy Services GmbH
Zachry Engineering Corp
reliability analysis
CYME International T&D Inc
Teshmont Consultants LP
risk assessment
Harris Group Inc
Paul C Rizzo Associates Inc
Pure Technologies Ltd
Serdula Systems Ltd
Environmental services
ATCO Noise Management Inc
Babcock Power Environmental Inc
BHI Energy
E4tech UK Ltd
ENERCON Services Inc
Fichtner GmbH & Co KG
GE Optimization & Control
Sargent & Lundy LLC
Veolia Environnement
monitoring, air quality
ENERCON Services Inc
GE Energy
monitoring, water quality
ENERCON Services Inc
ENERCON Services Inc
Fichtner GmbH & Co KG
BHI Energy
Clean Harbors
ENERCON Services Inc
Slimline Manufacturing Ltd (Turbomist)
SOLVAir Solutions/Solvay Chemicals Inc
site surveys
BHI Energy
ENERCON Services Inc
GE Optimization & Control
Texas OilTech Laboratories Inc
Equipment rental
ComRent International LLC
Dynamic Systems Inc
ESI Inc of Tennessee
Gorman-Rupp Co
Hydratight Ltd
Ring Power Corp
Erection services
Balcke-Drr GmbH
Expert testimony
E4tech UK Ltd
Powertech Labs Inc
Structural Integrity Associates Inc
SPX Cooling Technologies GmbH
Boldrocchi SRL
Canadian Buffalo
SPX Cooling Technologies GmbH
SPX Cooling Technologies GmbH
Feedwater heaters
maintenance and inspection
Balcke-Drr GmbH
Kansas City Deaerator
Balcke-Drr GmbH
JNT Technical Services Inc
Balcke-Drr GmbH
RetubeCo Inc
Filter services and
Balcke-Drr GmbH
Consolidated Turbine Services
Flue gas conditioning
Babcock Power Environmental Inc
Gas turbines
blade repair
Allied Power Group LLC
Ansaldo Thomassen Gulf LLC
BWD Turbines Ltd
Consolidated Turbine Services
Mitsubishi Power Systems Americas Inc
MTU Maintenance Berlin-Brandenburg
PAS Technologies Inc
Power Machines
Pratt & Whitney Power Systems
PSM - an Alstom Co
Turbotect Ltd
Aviation Power & Marine (AP&M)
FMT Group
Mitsubishi Power Systems Americas Inc
Power Developments International FZCO
Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Support Inc
Allied Power Group LLC
Ansaldo Thomassen BV
Aviation Power & Marine (AP&M)
Dectron Internationale Inc
Fixturlaser AB
FP Turbomachinery BV
LM Alternatives Inc
Mitsubishi Power Systems Americas Inc
MTU Maintenance Berlin-Brandenburg
PT Sulzer Turbo Services Indonesia
Rochem Technical Services
Sulzer Turbo Services
Sulzer Turbo Services Houston Inc
Sulzer Turbo Services Rotterdam BV
Sulzer Turbo Services Venlo BV
Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Support Inc
Everest Sciences Inc
LM Alternatives Inc
Mitsubishi Power Systems Americas Inc
MTU Maintenance Berlin-Brandenburg
PAS Technologies Inc
Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Support Inc
Mitsubishi Power Systems Americas Inc
Allied Power Group LLC
Ansaldo Thomassen BV
Aviation Power & Marine (AP&M)
ExxonMobil Lubricants & Petroleum
FMT Group
GE Energy
LM Alternatives Inc
MTU Maintenance Berlin-Brandenburg
Pratt & Whitney Power Systems
Stork Turbo-Service GmbH
Gas turbine inlet cooling
AAF International (American Air Filter)
AxEnergy Ltd
Products and Services Classifed Listing
46 January 2012 - PEi
Everest Sciences Inc
FP Turbomachinery BV
AAF International (American Air Filter)
AxEnergy Ltd
GE Optimization & Control
McGuffy Industries Inc
Power Developments International FZCO
Gear repair
Allen Gears
Energy Capital
Flender-Graffenstaden SAS
Hardwear Pty Ltd
Lufkin Industries Inc
Voith Turbo BHS Getriebe GmbH
Aksa Jenerator Sanayi AS
Calnetix Inc
Electrotyazhmash State Enterprise Plant
JEUMONT Electric
Kato Engineering Inc
National Electric Coil
Power Machines
Aksa Jenerator Sanayi AS
Electrotyazhmash State Enterprise Plant
Generator Removal
Kato Engineering Inc
Marelli Motori SpA
National Electric Coil
Power Machines
Powertech Labs Inc
Ring Power Corp
Sheldon Andrews Inc
Stork Turbo-Service GmbH
Electrotyazhmash State Enterprise Plant
JEUMONT Electric
Kato Engineering Inc
National Electric Coil
Power Developments International FZCO
Ring Power Corp
Sheldon Andrews Inc
Sko-Die Inc
Electrotyazhmash State Enterprise Plant
GE Energy
JEUMONT Electric
Kato Engineering Inc
Marelli Motori SpA
National Electric Coil
Ring Power Corp
Sheldon Andrews Inc
Electrotyazhmash State Enterprise Plant
JEUMONT Electric
Marelli Motori SpA
National Electric Coil
Powertech Labs Inc
PT Sulzer Turbo Services Indonesia
Sulzer Turbo Services
Sulzer Turbo Services Houston Inc
Sulzer Turbo Services Rotterdam BV
Sulzer Turbo Services Venlo BV
Heat exchangers
coil upgrading
Aerofn Corp
Balcke-Drr GmbH
Balcke-Drr GmbH
HSB Global Standards
Aerofn Corp
Balcke-Drr GmbH
RetubeCo Inc
Balcke-Drr GmbH
RetubeCo Inc
Smithco Engineering Inc
Zeleziarne Podbrezova
tube cleaning
Balcke-Drr GmbH
Beaudrey American Services
E Beaudrey et Cie (Beaudrey)
Eimco Water Technologies
Specialised Overhaul Service P/L
tube plugging
Balcke-Drr GmbH
JEUMONT Electric
JNT Technical Services Inc
Heat recovery/HRSGs
GEA Barr-Rosin Inc
Kuttner LLC (also Kuttner North America)
Nalamwar Energy Systems Pvt Ltd
Nooter/Eriksen Inc
Heat treating
Balcke-Drr GmbH
Hydratight Ltd
Inspection services
Ansaldo ESG AG
Balcke-Drr GmbH
Buckley Industrial
GE Energy
HSB Global Standards
Topomaster Ltd
Instrumentation and control
Gas Turbine Effciency
Kingsine Electric Automation Co Ltd
Sensor Developments Inc
Gas Turbine Controls Corp
HART Communication Foundation
Honeywell Process Solutions
SWAN Systeme AG
Gas Turbine Controls Corp
Insulation contracting
Brand Energy and Infrastructure Services
Visser & Smit Hanab
Laboratory services
ATI Wah Chang
BWD Turbines Ltd
ExxonMobil Lubricants & Petroleum
Texas OilTech Laboratories Inc
Life extension services
ABB Pte Ltd
BWD Turbines Ltd
ExxonMobil Lubricants & Petroleum
GE Energy
Shell Lubricants
Lube oil
ExxonMobil Lubricants & Petroleum
Shell Lubricants
Bromford Industries Ltd
Daetwyler Custom Fabrication &
Fulmer Co
Hydratight Ltd
Micro Waterjet LLC
Maintenance services
Ansaldo Energia SpA
Ansaldo ESG AG
Endress+Hauser BV
Energy Capital
ExxonMobil Lubricants & Petroleum
GE Energy
Industrial Accessories Co-IAC
Kingsine Electric Automation Co Ltd
Metso Power
TIC - The Industrial Co
Topomaster Ltd
Torresol Energy
Management consulting
E4tech UK Ltd
InterEnergy Srl
Pathfnder GS Corp
Power Developments International FZCO
Mechanical failure analysis
ExxonMobil Lubricants & Petroleum
Metal fabricating and
Daetwyler Custom Fabrication &
Dynamic Systems Inc
Metso Power
Sko-Die Inc
TIC - The Industrial Co
CITI - North America Corona Inspection
Training Institute
Elcon International AB
Encore Networks
epro GmbH
EUtech Scientifc Engineering GmbH
Iris Systems Inc
Proton Energy System
PSM - an Alstom Co
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Inc
Tyco Thermal Controls
VibroSystM Inc
Weston Aerospace
Motor testing, analysis,
ELIN Motoren GmbH
Sensor Developments Inc
Noise monitoring and
ATCO Noise Management Inc
Red Acoustics Ltd
Technicon Acoustics
Universal Accoustic & Emission
Nondestructive evaluation
and testing
acoustic emission
ATCO Noise Management Inc
Universal Accoustic & Emission
cable assessment testing
eddy current
Pure Technologies Ltd
oil analysis
Lubrication Engineers Inc
Texas OilTech Laboratories Inc
Structural Integrity Associates Inc
ATI Nuclear Energy
Buckley Industrial
Nord-Lock Inc
Pure Technologies Ltd
Sensor Developments Inc
Turbotect Ltd
Universal Accoustic & Emission
BHI Energy
ENERCON Services Inc
NUKEM Technologies GmbH
Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction
Co Ltd
ENERCON Services Inc
BHI Energy
Bromford Industries Ltd
Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction
Co Ltd
ENERCON Services Inc
Sargent & Lundy LLC
Structural Integrity Associates Inc
in-service inspection
Babcock & Wilcox Co
HSB Global Standards
plant decommissioning studies
ENERCON Services Inc
radiation protection
BHI Energy
ENERCON Services Inc
NUKEM Technologies GmbH
services, general
ENERCON Services Inc
GE Energy
General Physics Corp
Graphite Metallizing
Products and Services Classifed Listing
January 2012 - PEi 47
The Shaw Group Inc
TV Hessen
Westinghouse Electric Co
waste handling and disposal
ENERCON Services Inc
NUKEM Technologies GmbH
Operating services
Dynamic Systems Inc
GE Energy
Serdula Systems Ltd
Outage services
BHI Energy
Climax Portable Machine Tools GmbH
Climax Portable Machine Tools Inc
Flowserve Corp
GE Energy
Hydratight Ltd
Metso Power
SIPOS Aktorik GmbH
Westinghouse Electric Co
BHI Energy
ENERCON Services Inc
Mole Master Services Corp
Galletta Engineering Corp
HSB Global Standards
Aquilex Welding Services BV
Climax Portable Machine Tools GmbH
Climax Portable Machine Tools Inc
QuakeWrap Inc
Power project development
Black & Veatch Corp
Competitive Energy Insight Inc
Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction
Co Ltd
Energoprojekt-Katowice SA
Federal Steel Supply
Process control
Emerson Process Management
HART Communication Foundation
Trihedral Engineering Ltd
Project management
Black & Veatch Corp
Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction
Co Ltd
Dynamic Systems Inc
GE Energy
TRM Technical Resource Management Inc
TV Hessen
Walter Dow Associates Ltd
Weir Power & Industrial
Zachry Engineering Corp
Pumps and compressors
Andritz AG
Fixturlaser AB
Flowserve Corp
Thompson Pump
Weir Minerals Netherlands BV
Andritz AG
Flowserve Corp
Thompson Pump
Weir Minerals Netherlands BV
Andritz AG
Flowserve Corp
Roper Pump Co
Thompson Pump
Weir Minerals Netherlands BV
Quality assurance
Flowserve Corp
Kirloskar Brothers LLC
Repair services, general
Ansaldo ESG AG
Ansaldo Thomassen BV
Flexitallic Ltd
Flowserve Corp
Graphite Metallizing
Hardwear Pty Ltd
Hydratight Ltd
ITT Goulds Pumps
PT Sulzer Turbo Services Indonesia
Stork Turbo-Service GmbH
Structural Preservation Systems
Sulzer Turbo Services
Sulzer Turbo Services Houston Inc
Sulzer Turbo Services Rotterdam BV
Sulzer Turbo Services Venlo BV
Research and development
Kirloskar Brothers LLC
University of Geneva
WindLogics Inc
Serdula Systems Ltd
Babcock & Wilcox Co
Babcock Power Environmental Inc
Steuler Anlagenbau GmbH & Co KG
Argon Security Technologies Inc
Sootblower maintenance
Clyde Bergemann Power Group
Diamond Power International Inc
Spare parts
Babcock & Wilcox Co
Consolidated Turbine Services
GE Energy - Jenbacher Gas Engines
Metso Power
design and engineering
ATCO Structures & Logistics -
Environmental Systems
Clyde Bergemann Bachmann Inc
Structural Preservation Systems
TransGlobal Energy Inc
Start-up and commissioning
Black & Veatch Corp
Metso Power
Serdula Systems Ltd
Shell Lubricants
TIC - The Industrial Co
Zachry Engineering Corp
Steam generators,
maintenance and repair
Babcock & Wilcox Co
Hydratight Ltd
Powertech Labs Inc
TransGlobal Energy Inc
Steam generators, nuclear
Babcock & Wilcox Co
TransGlobal Energy Inc
Westinghouse Electric Co
Steam turbines
Fixturlaser AB
blade repair
Hardwear Pty Ltd
Power Machines
Wiromet SA Zaklady Mechaniczne
FMT Group
Dresser-Rand Co Ltd
Franco Tosi Meccanica SpA
GE Energy
GE Optimization & Control
Helmut Mauell GmbH
PT Sulzer Turbo Services Indonesia
Stork Turbo-Service GmbH
Sulzer Turbo Services
Sulzer Turbo Services Houston Inc
Sulzer Turbo Services Rotterdam BV
Sulzer Turbo Services Venlo BV
Franco Tosi Meccanica SpA
McGuffy Industries Inc
Promec SRL
Support services, on-site
ExxonMobil Lubricants & Petroleum
Flexitallic Ltd
General Physics Corp
GE Optimization & Control
Helmut Mauell GmbH
Hydratight Ltd
Siemens AG Energy Sector
STEAG Energy Services GmbH
Buckley Industrial
Helmut Mauell GmbH
Sensor Developments Inc
Testo AG
Training and education
BWD Turbines Ltd
CITI - North America Corona Inspection
Training Institute
CYME International T&D Inc
Flexitallic Ltd
KOAMI-Korea Association of Machinery
MTU Maintenance Berlin-Brandenburg
Power Developments International FZCO
Power Engineering Training Systems
Rheinmetall Defence Electronics
Straylight Multimedia
BigLift Shipping BV
STS Truck & Equipment Sales LLC
Transportation heavy haul,
heavy lift
Helmut Mauell GmbH
Strabag AG
STS Truck & Equipment Sales LLC
Belyea Co Inc
Transformer Protector Ltda
Weir Power & Industrial
Vibration control
Flowserve Corp
GE Energy
Industrial Control Solutions Ltd
PCH Engineering A/S
Tyco Thermal Controls
Holter Regelarmaturen GmbH & Co KG
Promec SRL
Climax Portable Machine Tools GmbH
Climax Portable Machine Tools Inc
Continental Controls Corp
Hardwear Pty Ltd
JASC: Jansens Aircraft Systems Controls
Leslie Controls Inc
Promec SRL
Wastewater treatment and
Weld testing
ODonnell Consulting Engineers
Triangle Engineering
Aquilex Welding Services BV
Wind power
Competitive Energy Insight Inc
NRG Systems Inc
TV Hessen
Weir Power & Industrial
WindLogics Inc
Wind resource analysis
WindLogics Inc
Company Classifed Listing
48 January 2012 - PEi
AAF International (American Air
10300 Ormsby Park Pl, Suite 600,
Louisville, KY 40232-5690, USA,
Contact: Proj Admin, Lee Coleman
Offers a line of air pollution control equipment,
including dust collectors, scrubbers, pulse-jet
baghouses, gas turbine air fltration, lube oil
fltration, acoustic solutions, packaged inlet air
chillers, and services.
Bassington Industrial Estate, Cramlington,
Northumberland NE23 8AF, UK,
Since 1921, one of the market leaders
in the design, manufacture and service of
air fltration and noise control products for
gas turbine, diesel engine and compressor
applications worldwide.
Aalborg Energie Technik A/S
Alfred Nobelsvej 21F, Aalborg East Vej 21
F Denmark, +45-96-328-600,,
An engineering and contracting company
which supplies and provides service on
complete biomass fred boilers, combined
heat and power (CHP) and power plants in
the size 25170 MWth.
Aarding Thermal Acoustics BV
Industrieweg 59, CS Nunspeet NL-8071
The Netherlands, +31-341-252-635,,
Offers products and services for sound
absorbing and muffing, sound insulation and
thermal insulation.
(div of Analytical Products), 843 N
Jefferson St, Lewisburg, WV
24901, USA, +1-304-647-4358,,
Contact: Mktg/Comms Mgr, Sandra
Provides solutions that combine analyzers,
advanced process control, process, and
application knowledge to create value for
customers. These include laboratory and
online delite analyzers and more.
Power Electronics Div, 10300 Henri
Bourassa Blvd W, St Laurent,
QC H4S 1N6, Canada,
Contact: Dir Sls/Svc NAM, Derek Monk
ABB is a leader in power and automation
technologies that enable utility and industry
customers to improve performance while
lowering environmental impact.
1206 Hatton Rd, Wichita Falls, TX
76302, USA, +1-940-397-7000,,
Contact: Mktg Comms, Steven Jones
Offers a variety of high quailty OEM and
industrial controls, automation controls,
electrical products, systems and services
to meet your electrical and equipment
Power Systems Power Generation Div,
29801 Euclid Ave, Wickliffe, OH
44092, USA, +1-440-585-8484,,
Contact: Mktg Mgr, Andy Gavrilos
Provides advanced control and enterprise
solutions for the power industry.
ABB Pte Ltd
Power Systems Div, 2 Ayer Rajah Crescent
139935 Singapore, +65-6776-5711,,
Contact: Mktg Comms Mgr, Gloria Eng
Offers power and automation technologies
that enable utility and industry customers
to improve performance while lowering
environmental impact. View our offerings for
power generation at our website.
ABB Switzerland Ltd
Dept ATPE, Austrasse, Turgi 05300
Switzerland, +41-58-589-2486,,
Offers state-of-the-art UNITROL static excitation
systems and automatic voltage regulators
for all types and sizes of power plants.
Provides solutions for new installations and
ABB Turbo Systems Ltd
Bruggerstrasse 71a, Baden CH-5401
Switzerland, +41-58-585-7777,,
Provides turbocharging for large diesel and
gas engines.
ABZ Aggregate-Bau GmbH & Co
Gutenbergstrasse 11, Henstedt-Ulzburg
D-24558 Germany, +49-4193-90360,,
Manufactures diesel generator sets applicable
for a wide range of stationary and mobile
power solutions.
ACCESS Industrial Maintenance
PO Box 33573, Denver, CO
80233-0573, USA, +1-866-776-2474,,
Contact: COO, James White
ACCESS Industrial Maintenance is a
specialized maintenance frm with skilled
profciency in high temperature repair. We
perform inspection, repair, and maintenance
in confned spaces, extreme temperatures and
noxious fumes.
Acciaierie Valbruna SpA
Viale della Scienza ZI, Vicenza 36100
Italy, +39-0444-968211,,
Valbruna is a leading manufacturer and
distributor of stainless and specialty steels
that offer corrosion-resistance, strength and
toughness in elevated temperatures.
PO Box 205, Leusden 3830 AE The
Netherlands, +31-207-084-784,,
AcousticEye has developed a breakthrough
acoustic-based inspection technology that
enables inspection of every tube.
ACR Systems Inc
12960 84th Ave, Bldg 210, Surrey, BC
V3W 1K7, Canada, +1-604-591-1128,,
Contact: US Distribution Mgr, Nigel Clare
ACR Systems is one of the worlds leading
manufacturers of compact, portable data
loggers, which measure and record various
parameters including temperature, relative
humidity, current, voltage, pressure, process
signals, pulse frequency and more.
AD Tubi Inossidabili SpA
Via Adige 2, Casnate con Bernate (CO)
22070 Italy, +39-031396341,,
Manufactures austenitic/superaustenitic,
superferritic, duplex/superduplex, nickel
alloys and titanium welded tubes. Power heat
transfer is our specialty including condensers,
feedwater heaters and heat exchangers.
Advanced Filtration Concepts Inc
7111 Telegraph Rd, Los Angeles, CA
90640, USA, +1-323-832-8316,,
Contact: Gen Mgr, Teri Moyer
As a distributor and manufacturers
representative of gas turbine inlet air flters,
Advanced Filtration Concepts (AFC) is here to
meet your most urgent GT inlet fltration needs.
Turnkey installations available.
Advanced Wind Technologies
PO Box 569, Kuranda 4881 Australia,
Customer-oriented, renewable energy system
design business with very wide product access
offering personal service and training and
cost-effcient designs.
Advance Tank and Construction
PO Box 219, 3700 E County Rd,
Wellington, CO 80549-0219,
USA, +1-970-568-3444,
A fully integrated industrial construction
company that specializes in the design,
fabrication and erection of carbon and
stainless steel above ground storage tanks and
other plate structures.
AE&E Group GmbH
Brnner Strae 52, Vienna 1210 Austria,
Contact: Group Sls Coord, Josef Ploder
Provides solutions for energy producers. AE&E
Group GmbH is an international power
plant design and construction company. The
plant constructor also supplies components
and systems for power generation and
environmental technologies.
AEG Power Solutions
PO Box 82, Weerenweg 29, Zwanenburg
1160 AB The Netherlands,
AEG Power Solutions helps customers
worldwide to meet their power challenges
with rugged, highly reliable, innovative, world
class power solutions. The company offers a
full range of AC and DC power systems for
all industries.
Aeroderivative Gas Turbine
Support Inc
1141 S Rogers Cir, Suite 11, Boca Raton,
FL 33487, USA, +1-561-994-0000,,
Contact: Pres, Alan Mibab
Distribution of gas turbine parts and
component repair for GE LM2500, LM5000,
and LM6000; PWPS GG4/FT4 and GG8/
FT8, as well as other OEM engines.
Aerodyne Alloys LLC
350 Pleasant Valley Rd, South Windsor,
CT 06074, USA, +1-860-289-6011,
Aerofn Corp
(sub of AMPCO Pittsburgh Corp), 4621
Murray Pl, Lynchburg, VA 24502, USA,
Contact: VP Engr/Ch Eng, Gary Carroll
Aerofn is a leading manufacturer of heat
exchanger coils and related heat transfer
equipment. Qualifcations include ASME
section VIII-U stamp, ASME section III-N or
NPT stamp and more.
Agency for Rational Energy Use
and Ecology - ARENA-ECO
PO Box 36, Kyiv 02140 Ukraine,
Contact: Exec Dir, Sergey Surnin
Involved in activities aimed at energy
effciency and environmental protection.
Airgas Specialty Products
Gas Operations Div, (div of Airgas Inc),
6340 Sugarloaf Pkwy, Suite 300, Duluth,
GA 30097, USA, +1-770-717-2200,,
Contact: Mktg, Kelli Williams
Supplier of anhydrous ammonia and
reagent grade aqua ammonia for DeNOx
applications in addition to EPA protocol gases,
welding supplies, refrigerants, and more.
Company Classifed Listing
Company Classifed
Company Classifed Listing
January 2012 - PEi 49
Air Liquide Industrial US LP
2700 Post Oak Blvd, Suite 1800,
Houston, TX 77056, USA,
Aksa Jenerator Sanayi AS
Glbahar Caddesi, 1 Sokak,
Gnesli-Istanbul 34212 Turkey,
For more than 15 years, Aksa has been the
market leader in generating sets for Turkey and
one of the leading manufacturers in the world.
Aksa Power Eneration (China)
Co Ltd
Export Processing Zone, Xinzhu Rd, Plant
A1-A2, Changzhou China,
Aksa Generators manufactures gasoline,
diesel, natural gas and marine generating
sets, lighting towers and generator hardware
in the manufacturing facilities in Istanbul and
Changzou (20,000 square meters of indoor
space in each), and has become a leader
and pioneer within the sector.
Albemarle Corp
451 Florida St, Baton Rouge, LA 70801,
USA, +1-225-388-7402,,
3103 N Andres Ave Ext, Pompano
Beach, FL 33064, USA,
Contact: Sls Mgr, Mark Scachetti
Alber offers a full line of
stationary battery monitors and
test equipment, battery diagnostic
systems, capacity test systems,
resistance testers, hydrometers,
and load banks, plus seminars on
battery maintenance and testing.
Alfa Laval AB
Market Unit Power Div, (div of Process
Technology), Rudeboksvgen 1,
PO Box 74, Lund SE-221 00 Sweden,
Contact: Power Tech Mgr, Lars Jeraeus
Worldwide manufacturer and supplier
of compact heat exchangers (plate heat
exchangers), dry air coolers, high speed
centrifugal separators, automatic backfush
strainers and thermal desalination units for the
power generating industry.
Alignment Supplies Inc
1681 Lance Pointe Rd, Suite 2, Maumee,
OH 43537, USA, +1-419-887-5890,,
Contact: Bus Dev Mgr, Brian Walsh
Exclusive national distributor for the Eas-
Laser laser shaft alignment and geometric
measurement tools. We specialize in shaft
alignment, bore alignment, turbine alignment,
and more.
Alimak Hek AB
PO Box 720, Skelleftea SE-931 27
Sweden, +46-910-87000,,
Contact: BA Mgr Industrial Elevators, Mats
Develops, manufactures, markets, and services
permanently installed rack and pinion driven
access and goods/passenger lifts for industrial
environments. Typical installations are in
derricks, hull columns and fare towers of
offshore platforms.
Alimak Hek Inc
8400 Villa Dr, Houston, TX 77061, USA,
Contact: VP Mktg, Joseph Gullion
Supplies rack and pinion vertical access
equipment, including industrial elevators,
material and construction hoists, and work and
transport platforms. Local service and support.
Allen Gears
Atlas Works, Station Rd, Pershore,
Worcestershire WR10 2BZ, UK,
Contact: Mktg Mgr, Samantha Paul
Allen Gears designs, manufactures, and
provides aftermarket services for epicyclic and
parallel shaft gearboxes in the range of 1 to
50 MW for generator, pump, and compressor
Allied Industrial Marketing
W62 N248 Washington Ave, Suite 208,
Cedarburg, WI 53012, USA,
Contact: Pres, John Houdek
Allied Power Group LLC
10131 Mills Rd, Houston, TX 77070,
USA, +1-281-444-3535,,
Contact: Sls Mgr, Dan Bartlett
Specializes in the repair and supply of IGT
components for large GE and Westinghouse
turbines. Offerings include exchanges, JIT
inventory, supply, poolings, and long-
term inventory management and repair
Improving SAFETY
Improving SERVICE
Hydratights expertise in the complex and
changing world of nuclear power generation
means we provide safe, fast, accurate and reliable
solutions to all your critical assembly needs.
World leader in maintaining plant productivity
Nuclear-trained on-site technicians
State-of-the-art equipment including Biach,
BOREMaster and DL Ricci
On-site bolting and machining services
Tools available for sale or rental
Find out more at
For more information, enter 24 at
Company Classifed Listing
50 January 2012 - PEi
Alpha Energy
(div of Alpha Technologies Services Inc),
1628 W Williams Dr, Phoenix, AZ
85027, USA, +1-623-251-3000,,
Contact: Strategic Bus Dev, Larry Madsen
Alpha Energy is a full-service engineering
and project development company for the
renewable energy power industry and a
leading developer of turnkey photovoltaic
systems for commercial, residential, and
remote applications.
Alstom Canada
1010 Sherbrooke Quest, Suite 2320,
Montreal, QC H3A 2R7, Canada,
Global leader in the world of power
generation and rail infrastructure and sets
benchmarks for innovative and environmentally
friendly technologies.
Alstom Switzerland Ltd
Brown Boveri Strasse 7, Baden 5401
Switzerland, +41-56-205-7733,,
World leader in integrated power plants for
the production of electricity and air quality
control systems.
660 Steele St, El Cajon, CA 92020,
USA, +1-614-440-5531,,
Contact: Pres, Frank Verbeke
Offers custom assembly of power equipment,
including pumps, generators, and compressors
using diesel, gas, or gas turbine engines to
5000 hp. Experts in acoustics, emissions, and
thermodynamics for engines.
Burenkamp 4, Dorsten-Wulfen D-46286
Germany, +49-2369-90-9130,,
ALZ GmbH acts as a successful and reliable
partner in heat transfer since 1989. Our
engineering and manufacturing comprise the
complete project planning, thermal design,
construction, fabrication, and more.
Zona Industrial de Cantanhede Lote 37,
Cantanhede 3060-197 Portugal,
Develops and designs boilers and energy
recovery systems.
2020 Winston Park Dr, Suite 700,
Oakville, ON L6H 6X7, Canada,
Contact: Dir Bus Dev, Nancy Brenner
AMEC plc is a focused supplier of high-
value consultancy, engineering and project
management services to the worlds natural
resources, nuclear, clean energy, water and
environmental sectors.
American Society of Mechanical
Engineers - ASME
3 Park Ave, New York, NY 10016, USA,
Contact: Mgr, Annette Missouri
Serves 125,000 members worldwide. Offers
a broad range of products and services
including codes and standards, mechanical
engineering magazine, public short courses,
and on-site training.
American Wind Energy
1501 M St NW, Suite 1000,
Washington, DC 20005, USA,
Contact: Admin Asst, Christian Nester
The American Wind Energy Association
(AWEA) is the national trade association of
the US wind energy industry. Membership
includes turbine manufacturers, wind project
developers, utilities, insurers, fnanciers,
researchers, and academics.
Test & Calibration Instruments Div, 8600
Somerset Dr, Largo, FL 33773, USA,
Contact: Prod Mgr, Scott Crone
Products include mechanical gauges, digital
gauges, mechanical stands, pneumatic
actuated universal testers, digital stands, load
cells, grips and fxtures, software, and material
testers to 300 kN.
Drexelbrook Div, 205 Keith Valley Rd,
Horsham, PA 19044, USA,
Contact: Dir Sls/Mktg, Bev Raisner
Offers level measurement sensors and systems
for liquids and solids in a wide variety of
applications. Technologies used include
radar, ultrasonic, RF, TDR, magnetostrictive,
hydrostatic, and wireless.
Hunter Spring Div, 820 Penna Blvd,
Feasterville, PA 19053, USA,
Contact: Mktg Mgr, Mike Holloway
The worlds leading specialist in the design
and manufacture of monitors and analyzers
for industrial IR temperature measurements,
combustion effciency, and environmental
pollutant emissions.
AMETEK Fluoropolyer Products
455 Corporate Blvd, Newark, DE 19702,
USA, +1-302-456-4431,,
Contact: Inside Sls/Bus Support Svcs,
Frank Vito
Specializes in high-purity and highly
corrosion resistant products to serve chemical
processing, metalworking, semiconductor,
power generation, aerospace, and other
industrial applications.
AMETEK HCC Industries
4232 Temple City Blvd, Rosemead, CA
91770, USA, +1-626-443-8931,
Contact: Div Mgr Strategic Mktg, Rob
HCC is a leading designer and manufacturer
of highly engineered hermetic connectors,
terminals, headers, and microelectronic
packages for sophisticated electronic
applications exposed to harsh environments.
AMETEK Power Instruments
255 N Union St, Rochester, NY 14605,
USA, +1-585-263-7700,,
Contact: Prod Mgr, Steve Bleier
Offers revenue/panel meters, power quality
monitors, annunciators, fault recorders,
substation monitors, pressure transducers,
communication fber optic/access
multiplexers, narrowband power-line carrier for
power measurement, power recording, power
quality and alarm monitoring.
AMETEK Process Instruments
150 Freeport Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15238,
USA, +1-412-828-9040,,
Contact: Comms Spec, Kim Montani
Manufactures process analyzers and
instrumentation servicing worldwide markets.
Experience in designing new analyzers
that help customers achieve higher levels of
productivity and quality.
AMETEK Solid State Controls
Solidstate Controls Div, 875 Dearborn Dr,
Columbus, OH 43085, USA,
Contact: Prod Mgr Battery Monitoring Sys,
Britt Hafner
Offers solutions to power protection problems
for power generation and other industrial
process control applications. Products
include families of UPS systems, inverters,
battery chargers, and other related electrical
distribution equipment.
(sub of Data Acquisition),
Otto-Blumenthal-Str 25, Aachen 52074
Germany, +49-241-8867-128,,
Contact: Sls/Mktg Dir, Martin Hessing
Serves worldwide energy providers, circuit
breaker manufacturers and high power R&D
labs. Manual/automatic circuit breaker,
transformer tests according to STL/IEC with
fber coupled data.
Ampirical Solutions LLC
661 River Highlands Blvd, Covington, LA
70433, USA, +1-985-809-5240,,
Contact: Natl Sls Mgr, Dave Mitchell
AMWEI Thermistor
11-502 Songpingshan, Langshan Rd
Nanshan, Shenzhen, Guangdong
518057 China, +86-755-2657-0111,,
Contact: Sls Mgr, Rosa Yu
Manufactures PTC and NTC thermistors
(thermally sensitive resistors) and thermistor
temperature sensors probe, thermistors for
overcurrent overload protection, temperature
sensing measurement protection, inrush
current suppressing limiting, heating, and soft
Andritz AG
Pumps Div, Stattegger Strasse 18, Graz
8045 Austria, +43-316-6902-2133,,
Contact: Gnter Haiden
Develops and manufactures customized and
standard centrifugal pumps for the energy
sector for processes including cooling water,
fue gas desulphurisation and auxillary pumps
as well as reactor coolant pumps.
AneCom AeroTest GmbH
Freiheitstrae 122, Wildau 15745
Germany, +49-3375-922-610,,
ACAT offers high quality services in the feld
of gas turbine development with a focus on
aerodynamic and acoustic testing of gas
turbine components. ACAT can offer the
complete package.
Ansaldo Caldaie SpA
Largo Buffoni 3, Gallarate (VA) 21013
Italy, +39-0331-738111,,
Contact: Comm Dir, Steve Whyley
Providing utility boilers (subcritical through
to ultra-supercritical), HRSGs behind GTs to
260 MWe, biomass and waste-to-energy
boilers, in-furnance NOx emission reduction,
rehabilitation, fuel conversion, and retrofts of
existing boilers.
Ansaldo Energia SpA
Via N Lorenzi 8, Genova 16152 Italy,
Contact: VP Bus Dev, Paolo Arrighetti
Provides plant engineering for turnkey power
plants, including process, mechanical, civil,
installation and start-up engineering, helping
customers defne the features of new power
Ansaldo ESG AG
(div of Ansaldo Energia Group), Althau 1,
Wurenlingen CH-5303 Switzerland,
Contact: Sls Mgr, Mark Kooister
Ansaldo Thomassen BV
(div of Ansaldo Energia Group),
Havelandeseweg 8D, PO Box 95, Rheden
6990 AB The Netherlands,
Contact: Sls Mgr, Mark Kooister
Innovative solutions for industrial gas turbines
worldwide which include feld maintenance,
repairs, remanufacturing, training, fexible
service agreements, upgrade packages,
own-designed control, and monitoring systems
and spare parts.
Ansaldo Thomassen Gulf LLC
Gas Turbine Industrial Workshop Div,
(div of Ansaldo Energia Group), ICA D III,
Abu Dhabi United Arab
Emirates, +971-26-270-954,
Contact: Sls Mgr, Mark Kooister
APL Apparatebau GmbH
Gewerbestrasse 14, Hopfgarten A-6361
Switzerland, +43-0-5335-2256-0,,
APL Apparatebau is a supplier of innovative
solutions in the feld of heat exchangers.
Apollo Valves
PO Box 247, Matthews, NC 28106,
USA, +1-704-841-6000,,
Contact: Indl Prods Mgr, Mike Green
Apollo Valves manufactures ball valves,
pressure reducing valves, backfow preventers,
safety relief valves, actuators, and other fow
control devices in ISO 9001:2000 registered
APPA Consult GmbH
Clemens-Holzmeister Strasse 4, Vienna
A-1100 Austria, +43-1-236-9060,,
New investment in new or existing power
plants need a reliable partner. APPA can take
over parts of or entire development works.
Applied Gas Turbines
(sub of Mid-America Engine Inc), 2500
State Hwy 160, Warrior, AL 35180,
USA, +1-205-647-4312,,
Contact: Dir, Wesley Tuggle
Company Classifed Listing
January 2012 - PEi 51
Applied Plasma Physics As
Bedriftsveien 25, Sandnes N 4305
Norway, +47-51-60-22-00,,
Offers an air pollution control system based
upon cold plasma.
APROVIS Energy Systems GmbH
Ornbauer Strasse 10, Weidenbach
D-91746 Germany, +49-9826-6583-0,,
Contact: Prod Mgr, Michael Kalb
Supplier of exhaust heat recovery solutions in
CHP plants and of gas treatment solutions.
AP Sensing GmbH
Herrenbergerstrasse 130, Boeblingen
71034 Germany, +49-7031-435-5910,,
AP Sensing is your solution provider in the
distributed temperature measurement (DTS)
market. The DTS products address different
markets like fre detection, power cable
monitoring and oil and gas production.
One Four Coins Dr, Canonsburg, PA
15317, USA, +1-724-746-5300,,
Contact: Sls Dir Indl Solutions Americas,
Patrick Randall
Aquatech is global leader in water technology
for industrial and infrastructure markets with
a focus on solving water scarcity challenges
through desalination, water reuse, and zero
liquid discharge.
Aquilex Welding Services BV
(div of Welding Services Inc), (sub of
Aquilex), Marconiweg 16,
Hellevoetsluis 3225 LV The
Netherlands, +31-88-278-4539,,
Contact: Dir Sls Europe, Petter Ekhem
Offers speciality overlay welding. Quality
repairs and permanent corrosion and erosion
protection, within tight turnaround schedules,
that can add years of life with a reduction in
maintenance and inspection expense.
ARCA Regler GmbH
Kempener Strasse 18, Toenisvorst 47918
Germany, +49-2156-7709-0,,
Contact: Sr Eng, Harald Seidler
Manufactures control valves and steam
reformers. The product range consists of
globe, butterfy, hygienic and sterile valves in
various sizes.
33 rue La Fayette, Paris Cedex 09
France, +33-134-960-101,,
AREVA supplies solutions for power generation
with less carbon. Its expertise and unwavering
insistence on safety, security, transparency and
ethics are setting the standard.
4800 Hampden Ln, Suite 1100,
Bethesda, MD 20814, USA,
Contact: Mgr Bus Mktg NA, Donna
AREVA provides its customers with solutions
for carbon-free power generation in North
America and worldwide as a leader in
nuclear energy and a signifcant, growing
player in renewable energies.
Argon Security Technologies Inc
2922A Spring St, Port Moody, BC
V3H 1Z7, Canada, +1-604-461-0905,,
Contact: Sls Dir, Mike Smith
Argon PROXY is a rugged, rapidly
deployable, portable, and wireless video
surveillance system. It provides cost-effective,
secure video surveillance where you need it,
when you need it.
Armstrong-Hunt Inc
Heat Transfer Group Div, (sub of Armstrong
International Inc), 648 Moeller St, Granby,
QC J2G 8N1, Canada,
Contact: NA Sls Mgr, Michel Poulin
Offers combustion air preheat steam/
fuid coils, heavy duty upgrades and new
installations, heavy duty unit/door heaters
for building heating systems, tank heaters
for heavy oil heating and custom heat
Artec SpA
Via Mistrali 5, Rubbiano/Soligniano
43040 Italy, +39-0525-305817,
Artes Ingegneria SpA
Via Resistenza, 12, Peschiera Borromeo
(MI) 20068 Italy, +39-02-55302848,,
Bono Artes designs/manufactures water
treatment packages specifcally for the
power generation market: demineralisation
plants (reverse osmosis/ion exchange/EDI),
deaerators and condensate polishing.
Arthur Loibl GmbH
Arberstr 40, Straubing 94315 Germany,
For more than 50 years Loibl is working
in the feld of bulk material technology for
the engineering design, manufacture and
assembly of transporting equipment.
ASCO Power Technologies
50 Hanover Rd, Florham Park, NJ 07932,
USA, +1-800-800-2726,,
Contact: VP Mktg, Don Blackman
Offers automatic transfer switches and
power systems designed to safeguard data
and telecommunications networks, industrial
processes, and critical installations, such as
healthcare facilities and fnancial transaction
Ashland Inc
Ashland Performance Materials Div, 5200
Blazer Pkwy, Dublin, OH 43017, USA,
Contact: Corrosion Resin Prod Mgr, Thom
Ashland is the largest global supplier of
specialty corrosion resins. From tanks, pipes,
ducting and custom components, Ashland
ensures the right processing and performance
charateristics for corrosion resistant
ATCO Noise Management Inc
(sub of ATCO Structures & Logistics Inc),
1243 McKnight Blvd NE, Calgary, AB
T2E 5T1, Canada, +1-403-292-7804,,
Contact: Dir Sls/Mktg, Denise LeClaire
Provides full-service industrial noise control,
including acoustical consulting and a complete
range of acoustical products including
enclosures, buildings, barriers, exhaust
silencers, doors, ventilation, and flter houses.
ATCO Structures & Logistics -
Environmental Systems
(sub of ATCO Structures & Logistics Inc),
260 Holiday Inn Dr, Unit 1,
Cambridge, ON N3C 4E8, Canada,
Contact: Dir Sls/Mktg, Mike Buetow
Supplies turbine intake and exhaust silencers,
bypass diverters and stacks, expansion
joints, diffusers, simple-cycle catalyst systems,
acoustical cabins/enclosures, related systems
and equipment such as flter houses and
proprietary anti-icing systems.
ATI Nuclear Energy
(sub of Allegheny Technologies Inc),
1600 Old Salem Rd NE, PO Box 460,
Albany, OR 97321-0460,
USA, +1-541 967 6959,,
Contact: Mktg Spec, Ellaina Davis
Manufactures zirconium, hafnium, niobium,
titanium and nickel-based alloys, stainless,
tungsten heavy alloys and other essential
metallics. ATI collaborates with major
companies in nuclear power construction,
management and supply markets.
ATI Wah Chang
(div of Allegheny Technologies Inc (ATI)),
1600 Old Salem Rd NE, PO Box 460,
Albany, OR 97321, USA,
Contact: Mktg Spec, Ellaina Davis
Atlas Copco Gas and Process
Schlehenweg 15, Cologne 50999
Germany, +49-223-696-500,,
Gas and Process develops, manufactures and
markets large, customized gas and process
compressors, turbo expanders and cryogenic
submerged motor pumps. Products are used
primarily by the oil and gas industry.
Oldenburger Allee 24, Hannover 30659
Germany, +49-511-6103-0,,
AUCOTEC develops engineering software
for the entire life cycle of machines, plants
and mobile systems. AUCOTEC solutions
include fow diagrams via process control and
electrical engineering and more.
AUMA Riester GmbH & Co KG
Aumastrasse 1, Mllheim,
Baden-Wuerttemberg 79379 Germany,
Manufactures electric actuators, valve
gearboxes and master stations for valve
automation. Dense network of subsidaries
worldwide, customer support for selecting
and commisioning the devices and after sales
(div of AUMUND Group), 1825 Barrett
Lakes Blvd, Barrett Lakes Center
II Suite 520, Kennesaw, GA
30144, USA, +1-770-226-9578,,
Contact: Man Dir, Geoff Conroy
Has extensive conveyor equipment range,
including apron feeders, plate and chain
conveyors, bucket elevators, wagon tipplers,
as well as LOUISE products for reclaim and
handling of coal and lime.
AUMUND Foerdertechnik GmbH
(div of AUMUND Group), Saalhoffer Str
17, Rheinberg 47495 Germany,
Contact: Sls/Proj Eng, Felix Jaekel
Supplies conveyor equipment, including apron
feeders, plate and chain conveyors, bucket
elevators, LOUISE products for reclaim and
handling of coal, lime, FGD-gypsum ash and
flter dust.
Austrian Energy & Environment
AG & Co KG
Waagner-Biro-Platz 1, Raaba/Graz
A-8074 Austria, +43-316-501-0,,
Supplies thermal energy generation and
environmental protection technology systems.
AVEVA Solutions Ltd
High Cross, Madingley Rd, Cambridge
CB3 0HB, UK, +44-1223-556655,,
AVEVA a leader in engineering design and
information management solutions for the
plant, power and marine industries.
Aviation Power & Marine (AP&M)
3030 SW 13th Pl, Boynton Beach, FL
33426, USA, +1-561-732-6000,,
Contact: Gen Oper Mgr, Robert Enslein
AP&M is a worldwide distributor of parts and
repair/feld services for aeroderivative gas
turbines. On shelf inventory available.
AW Chesterton Co
860 Salem St, Groveland, MA 01834,
USA, +1-978-469-6446,,
Contact: Scott Boyson
Chesterton is a leading international provider
of customized programs and solutions that
combine expert hands-on service and support
with a comprehensive line of industrial fuid
sealing systems, high performance protective
coatings, and specialty industrial maintenance
AWS Schfer Technologie GmbH
Oberhausener Strae 8, Wilnsdorf 57234
Germany, +49-27-39-87-00-30,,
Your specialist for pipe-forming and
manufacturing machines. Most of our
machines are delivered to customers in the
feld of energy, oil and gas and power plant
AxEnergy Ltd
(member of Walter Meier Group),
Talstrasse 35-37, Pfaeffikon, Schwyz
CH-8808 Switzerland, +41-55-416-6670,,
Contact: Pres, Philippe Schuermann
Designs evaporative, fogging, wet
compression, high fogging and upstream
cooling systems for the power generation
market. Suitable for all types and sizes of the
gas turbine.
Company Classifed Listing
52 January 2012 - PEi
Babcock & Wilcox Co
20 S Van Buren Ave, Barberton, OH
44203, USA, +1-330-753-4511,,
Contact: Mktg Mgr, Steve Bryk
Supplies fossil-fueled, steam-generating
equipment and environmental systems to
reduce emissions. Also provides retroft
services, replacement parts, and feld
engineering services to keep power plants
operating effciently.
The Babcock & Wilcox Co
13024 Ballantyne Corporate Pl, Charlotte,
NC 28277, USA, +1-800-222-2625,,
The Babcock & Wilcox Co (B&W) is a
leading international provider of advanced
clean energy technology solutions and service.
Babcock International Group
33 Wigmore St, London W1U 1QX, UK,
A leading UK engineering support services
company, Babcock is trusted to deliver cirtical
support to goverments and key industry
organizations across the globe.
Babcock Power Environmental Inc
(sub of Babcock Power Inc), 5 Neponset
St, Worcester, MA 01606, USA,
Contact: VP Bus Dev, Tony Licata
Offers fue gas desulfurization scrubbers
and mercury removal solutions, as well as
SCRs through its affliate Riley Power Inc, that
enhance the environmental performance of
electric utility and industrial facilities.
Babcock Power Inc
55 Ferncroft Rd, Suite 210, Danvers, MA
01923, USA, +1-978-646-3300,,
Through its various subsidiaries, is a leading
worldwide supplier of technology, equipment,
and aftermarket services for heat exchangers,
HRSGs, steam generators, and environmental
BAE Batterien GmbH
Wilhelminenhofstr. 69/70, Berlin 12459
Germany, +49-30-53001-661,,
BAE Batterien GmbH is a traditional
manufacturer of high quality industrial batteries
located in Berlin, Germany. The product
range comprises batteries for stationary,
solar photovoltaic, traction and railway
Balcke-Drr GmbH
Ernst-Dietrich-Platz 2, Ratingen 40822
Germany, +49-2102-1669-0,,
Offers comprehensive competence in boiler
services, heat exchangers, air preheaters,
flters, and dedusting systems. Our innovative
international teams of experts and constant
research and development are the basis of our
global power strategy.
4799 Dahlia St, Denver, CO 80216,
USA, +1-303-320-4555,,
BAND-IT IDEX, a global manufacturer of
stainless steel clamping systems, has a new
patent pending boiler tube shield clamp
system that allows quick and easy installation
of new sacrifcial shields.
Bandweaver Ltd
(sub of Bandweaver Technologies
Shanghai Ltd), Langford Locks,
Kidlington, Oxford, Oxfordshire
OX5 1FP, UK, +44-207-144-0326,,
Contact: Intl Sls Dir, Chris Conway
Bandweaver provides long range DTS
technology and dynamic cable rating software
for monitoring temperature on high voltage
power cables. Bandweaver also provides
FBG based optical monitoring systems for
substations and more.
Barlage GmbH
Zum Dunenberg 20/AM Gleis 5,
Haselunne-Flechum 49740 Germany,
Barthel Boilertubes Kesselrohre
Xantener Strasse 6, Neuss 41460
Germany, +49-2131-6655-0,,
Reliable partner for boiler tubes according to
DIN 17175/2448, EN 102162 and ASTM
A 335 for power plants, pipelines, apparatus
engineering and shipbuilding, the chemical
and petrochemical industry and environmental
Basler Electric
12570 State Rt 143, Highland, IL 62249,
USA, +1-618-654-2341,,
Contact: Dir Mktg, Larry Perez
Offers digital excitation control systems for
synchronous generators requiring excitation
levels to 1000 VDC at 10,000 ADC
continuously, utilizing the companys new high
voltage power drawers.
Basler Electric France SAS
PAE Les Pins, Wasselonne F-67319
France, +33-3-88871010,,
Contact: Dir Sls, Philippe Nock
Specialist in generator/motor excitation
control solutions: digital excitation systems,
voltage regulators (AVR), digital protection
systems, protective relays, automatic
synchronizers, genset control devices,
generator control renovation, and technical
Bassi Luigi & Co
Via Buttirone N 1, San Rocco Al Porto (LO)
26865 Italy, +39-03-775-6023,,
We produce fttings and, special pieces and
prefabrication, as well as engineering for oil
and gas plants, petrochemical, nuclear plants,
critical and super critical piping.
Beaudrey American Services
343 W Drake Rd, Ft Collins, CO 80526,
Contact: Prog Dev Leader, Chandra Roam
Beaudrey AS is an engineering services and
sales offce for water intake screening and
condenser protection equipment manufactured
by E Beaudrey et Cie (Beaudrey).
E Beaudrey et Cie (Beaudrey)
14 Blvd Ornano, Paris 75018 France,
+33-1-42-57-14-35, beaudrey@,
Beaudrey specializes in the design,
manufacture, installation and service of
fully customizable intake water screening
equipment, fsh protection screens and
condenser protection equipment.
Bechtel Power Div, 5275 Westview Dr,
Frederick, MD 21703, USA,
Contact: Mgr Mktg, Carol Ritz
Bechtel is the worlds number one choice
for engineering, construction, and project
management. Our diverse portfolio
encompasses energy, transportation,
communications, mining, oil and gas, and
government services.
ZI Val de IIndre, Buzancais 36500
France, +33-254-38-48-07,,
Contact: Export Coord, Stphanie Matheis
BEIRENS designs, manufactures, installs
and maintains: welded industrial chimneys,
generator and CHP Exhausts, acoustic and
vibratory loading treatment, standard and
made-to-measure accessories.
Belman Production A/S
Oddesundvej 18, Esbjerg N 6715
Denmark, +45-7515-5999,,
Contact: Sls/Projects Dept Coord, Michael
Manufactures expansion joints and bellows.
Installs, repairs, replaces and supervises
expansion joints. Supplies metallic fexbile
hoses and rubber expansion joints.
Via San Pio X, 104, Galliera Veneta
35015 Italy, +39-049-596-5127,,
Provides systems and apparatus for the control
and managing of energy designed for hydro
and thermal power plants, diesel power
plants, biomass power plants, alternative and
renewable energies.
Beluga Shipping (America) Corp
2700 N Crescent Ridge Dr, The
Woodlands, TX 77381, USA,
Contact: Chartering Dir NA, George
Project and heavy lift carrier Beluga
Shipping is a leading specialist for tailored
transportation solutions. On-site in ten
locations, Beluga offers a direct customers
approach and complex service package.
Belyea Co Inc
2200 Northwood Ave, Easton, PA
18045-2239, USA, +1-610-515-8775,,
Contact: VP Sls/Mktg, Michael Edwards
Since 1908, Belyea has provided surplus
electrical power equipment including
transformers, circuit breakers, switchgear,
generators, turbines, boilers, and complete
power plants along with investment recovery
Bentley Systems Inc
685 Stockton Dr, Exton, PA 19341, USA,
Contact: VP, Arthur Sawall
Bentley is the global leader dedicated to
providing architects, engineers, constructors,
and owner-operators with comprehensive
software solutions for sustaining infrastructure.
Beran Instruments Ltd
(div of Condition Monitoring Group (CMG)
Ltd), Hatchmoor Industrial Estate,
Torrington, Devon EX38 7HP, UK,
Contact: Sls Eng, D Affleck
Offers online condition monitoring and
automated vibration transducer calibration
BERTSCHenergy Josef Bertsch
Gesellschaft mbH & Co KG
Herrengasse 23, Postfach 61, Bludenz
Austria, +43-555-261-350,,
Starting from our basic business, steam
generating boilers and process equipment
construction in our own manufacturing facility,
BERTSCHenergy offers a wide range of
energy generating solutions.
191 Chambers Brook Rd, Branchburg, NJ
08876, USA, +1-732-560-8222,,
Designs and supplies overland conveyor
systems (pipe/curved troughed belt conveyors)
to protect and transport raw materials and
byproducts (limestone, coal, ash, etc) cleanly,
effciently, and adaptively.
BEUMER Group GmbH & Co KG
Oelder St 40, Beckum 59269 Germany,
The BEUMER Group is an international
leader in the manufacture of intralogistics for
conveying, loading, palletising, packaging,
sortation and distribution technology.
BFI Automation GmbH
Eggerscheidter Str 57, Ratingen, NRW
40883 Germany, +49-2102-9682-0,,
Contact: Dir Sls/Svc, Michael Thomas
Offers a wide range of fame monitoring
systems and bus compatible compact
fame controllers for multiburner and fuel
applications. Special fame scanners for gas
turbines and sulpher recovery systems.
BHI Energy
60 Industrial Park Rd, Plymouth, MA
02360, USA, +1-508-591-1149,,
Contact: VP Eng, Chris Messier
BHI Energy is a leading provider of project
management and staffng solutions to the
power generation industry and has over 30
years providing engineering, professional,
technical and maintenance services.
BigLift Shipping BV
PO Box 2599, Amsterdam 1000 CN
The Netherlands, +31-2-4488300,,
Contact: Gen Mgr Mktg/Sls, Robert op
ten Noort
Worldwide ocean transportation of heavy lifts
and project cargos.
Bilfnger Berger Power Service
Duisburger Strase 375, Oberhausen
D-46049 Germany,
The Bilfnger Berger Power Services Group
(BBPS) is a leader in the felds of steam
generators, piping technology, energy and
environmental technology, and mechanical
apparatus and plant engineering.
Information exchange
POWER-GEN Europe, along with Renewable Energy World Europe and Nuclear
Power Europe is the place for the cross-pollination of ideas and best practice
among the worlds leading power industry professionals from each end of the
power generation spectrum.
Flexible solutions
Technology development is being geared toward providing fexible solutions
that enable integration of variable renewables and conventional power and
these solutions are now being brought to market
Seeing the big picture
POWER-GEN Europe, Renewable Energy World Europe and Nuclear Power Europe
are events where power industry professionals can appreciate the big picture and
truly engage with the direction that the industry is heading. No other conference
and exhibition brings together these now essential partners in the harmonization
of Europes energy future.
For the latest information please visit these websites:
UK, Italy, France, Greece, Turkey and Benelux:
Gilbert Weir Jnr.
T: +44 1992 656 617

North America:
Bridgett Morgan
T: +1 918-549-0473

Asia, Middle East, Southern Germany, Austria
and Switzerland:
Kelvin Marlow
T: +44 1992 656 610

Russia and CIS
Natalia Gaisenok
T: +7 499 271 93 39
F: +7 499 271 93 39
Owned and Produced by:
Conference & Exhibition
12 14 June 2012
KoelnMesse, Cologne, Germany
Presented by: Supported by:
Now in its 20th year, PPOWER-GEN Europe, along with Renewable Energy World Europe and Nuclear Power Europe,
ofers the largest and most comprehensive conference and exhibition for the European electricity and power
technology sector.
Company Classifed Listing
54 January 2012 - PEi
BIS Gerber GmbH
Revierstr 3, Dortmund D-44379 Germany,
BIS Gerber offers high-quality products and
solutions for technical noise control and
fltration including systems for industrial plants
and a wide variety of gas turbines.
Blackthorn Environmental Ltd
Forum House, Stirling Rd, Chichester, West
Sussex PO19 7DN, UK,
Contact: Julian Hammond
Blackthorn specializes in reducing the
environmental impact of exhaust emissions
from internal combustion engines. We design
and supply a range of products including
catalytic converters, diesel particulate flters
and more.
Black & Veatch Corp
B&V Energy Div, 11401 Lamar Ave,
Overland Park, KS 66211, USA,
Contact: Mktg Mgr, John Felski
Provides engineering, technology, consulting,
and construction solutions for power
generation, power delivery, and hydrocarbon
process industries. Services encompass
planning, design, procurement, construction,
startup, operation, and maintenance.
Blome International
1450 Hoff Industrial Dr, OFallon, MO
63366, USA, +1-636-379-9119,,
Contact: Lining Spec, Andy Bernard
BMT Group Ltd
Goodrich House, 1 Waldegrave Rd,
Teddington TW11 8LZ, UK,
Provides a multidisciplinary consultancy
operating globally, serving clients in energy
and more.
Boecker Maschinenwerke GmbH
Lippestrasse 69-73, Werne 59368
Germany, +49-2389-7989-0,,
Boecker is a German based company
with experience in manufacturing of lifting
equipment for over 50 years. The elevators
are tailor-made and designed for the
challenges of various market categories.
Boldrocchi SRL
Via Trento e Trieste 93, Biassono 20046
Italy, +39-039-2202-1,,
Contact: NA Rep, Bruce Gallagher
International manufacturer of custom, built-to-
specifcation fans with a capability to 9000
hp, serving the power, petroleum, and cement
industries since 1909. Manufacturing to North
American and international standards.
Bollflter Corp
Siemensstr 10-14, Kerpen 50170
Germany, +49-2273-562-514,,
Bollflters protect important parts such
as valves, pumps and bearings from
contamination and accumulation of mud. They
are installed into the pressure line or suction
Boltight Ltd
Unit 2, Junction 10 Business Pk, Bentley
Mill Way, Walsall, West Midlands
WS2 0LE, UK, +44-845-500-5556,,
Contact: Sls, Chris Howell
Manufactures hydraulic bolt tensioners,
expecially for wind energy. Provides gas
turbine casing and compressor through bolt
tightening, steam turbine casing, hydro and
nuclear bolt tightening. Offers quick delivery,
quality, customized, safe and reliable tooling.
Bonhag Associates
314 Poverty Ln, Lebanon, NH
03766-2705, USA, +1-603-448-5180,,
Provides engineering, analysis, design,
commissioning and troubleshooting.
Bono Energia SpA
Via Resistenza 12, Peschiera Borromeo
I-20068 Italy, +39-02-553-028-48,,
Bono Energia specializes in the design and
manufacturing of industrial boilers, waste
heat recovery boilers, thermal oil heaters, hot
water heaters, and boilers for biomasses and
alternative fuels.
Egellsstr 21, Berlin D-13507 Germany,
The BORSIG Group offers customised solutions
for a wide range of applications including
pressure vessels, heat exchangers, industrial
boilers, compressors, membrane technology,
power plant engineering, power plant service
and more.
Boson Energy SA
29 Blvd du Prince Felix, Luxembourg
LU-1513 Luxembourg, +352-20-40-40-20,,
Provides sustainable distributed energy
solutions and small-scale CHP to energy
entrepreneurs and various industries utilising
local biomass with technology, complete
systems and methods supported by education
and training.
Braddock Metallurgical Aerospace
507 Industrial Way, Boynton Beach, FL
33426, USA, +1-561-622-2200,
Provides customers with an ongoing
exceptional level of heat treating quality and
Braden Manufacturing LLC
(sub of Global Power Equipment Group),
5199 N Mingo Rd, Tulsa, OK
74117, USA, +1-918-272-5371,,
Contact: VP Sls, Jeff Trost
Braden designs and manufactures gas turbine
inlet ducts and silencers, flter houses and flter
elements, exhaust ducts, exhaust stacks and
silencers, enclosures, and diverter dampers
with retroft and installation capabilities.
Brand Energy and Infrastructure
1325 Cobb International Dr, Suite A-1,
Kennesaw, GA 30152, USA,
Contact: Mktg Dir, Faran Latafat
Brand Energy is the leading provider of
specialty multi-craft services in the North
American downstream-energy market.
Committed to delivering the highest level
of quality and safety, our extensive service
portfolio includes scaffolding, coating,
blasting, insulation and refractory. In addition,
now offering increased performance effciency
with service synergies: hydraulic-bolting,
feld-machining, line-isolation, weld-testing, hot-
tapping, line-stopping and leak-sealing.
Brand Industries Ltd
Graf-Adolf-Platz 12, Dusseldorf D - 40213
Germany, +49-211-3023-4827,,
Brands expertise is in the manufacturing
of large scale projects for the energy,
construction and infrastructures industries,
particularly in the feld of power plant projects.
Bran & Luebbe
(div of SPX), 611 Sugar Creed Rd,
Delavan, WI 53115, USA,
Contact: Dir Indl Sls, Allen Daniszewski
Bran & Luebbe, an SPX brand, has been a
worldwide leader in metering, analyzing
and processing liquids. Is one of the worlds
foremost manufacturers of metering pump
Brentwood Europe sro
V Celnici 1031/4, Prague 110 00
Czech Republic, +420-233-324-253,,
Brentwood Europe sro is the European
part of Brentwood Industries Inc, a leading
manufacturer of cooling tower high
performance flm flls, low fouling flls, and
high effciency drift eliminators.
Bridgestone Associates Ltd
6 Independence Way, Suite 100, Chadds
Ford, PA 19317, USA,
Contact: Pres/CEO, Martin Anderson
Brinkmann & Niemeijer Motoren
Engelenburgstraat 26, AM Twello 7391
The Netherlands, +31-571-276-900,,
Manufactures gensets, pump sets, hydraulic
units, soundproof canopies and containers.
Bristol Piping
390 Bristol Metals Rd, Bristol, TN 37620,
USA, +1-423-989-4700,,
Bristol Metals, our pipe manufacturing group,
is dedicated to being a world-class producer
of welded stainless steel pipe.
Bromford Industries Alcester
Unit 9 Kinwarton Farm Rd, Arden Forest
Industrial Estate, Alcester, Warwickshire
B49 6EH, UK, +44-1789-400-340,,
Provides complex sheet metal, industrial
gas turbine components, fabrications and
assemblies including combustion cans,
transition pieces, seals, baffes, core plugs, air
tubes, impingement plates and pressings.
Bromford Industries Ltd
Pegasus House, Bromford Gate,
Birmingham B24 8DW, UK,
Contact: Engr/Bus Dev Mgr, Wes Allen
Produces a range of complex sheet metal
components and assemblies in a range of
exotic materials for performance critical gas
turbine combustion and cooling applications.
Bronswerk Heat Transfer BV
Stationsweg 22, Nijlkerk 3862 CG The
Netherlands, +31-33-2472500,
info@ bronswerk.nt,
Falcon Works, Loughborough,
Leicestershire LE11 1EX, UK,
BRUSH is the largest independent
manufacturer of turbogenerators in the world.
We design and manufacture turbogenerators,
transformers, PRISMIC power management
and excitation systems and services with
excellent aftermarket solutions.
PO Box 3007, Ridderkerk 2980 DA The
Netherlands, +31-180445500,
BRUSH HMA BV is part of the international
engineering group FKI plc, is a manufacturer
of high voltage generators from 10 to 65
Brushless SRL
Av Colon 3580, Mar del Plata Argentina,,
Contact: Mgr, Sergio Rabin
Designs and manufactures digital voltage
regulators for any electric generator.
Edvarde Benese 39/564, Plzen 30100
Czech Republic, +420-3782-10747,
BRUSH SEM sro, part of the international
engineering group FKI Plc, is a manufacturer
of high voltage generators from 10 to
1100 MVA, synchronous motors and power
management systems.
Buckley Industrial
Unit 1 Catheralls Estate, Buckley, Flintshire
CH7 3PS, UK, +44-1244-544080,,
Contact: Gen Mgr, Steve Dransfield
Manufactures, supplies, and tests all types
of industrial fexible hose. Our speciality
is pressure testing and internal inspection
of stainless-steel fexible hose to prevent
unscheduled turbine outages.
Buffalo Pumps
874 Oliver St, North Tonawanda, NY
14120, USA, +1-716-693-1850,,
Buffalo Pumps is a manufacturer of
centrifugal pumps for demanding and critical
applications. We are the leader supplying
heavy duty, cost competitive lube oil pumps to
the power generation industry.
Company Classifed Listing
January 2012 - PEi 55
Burgmann Industries GmbH &
(sub of Freudenberg & Co Weinheim/
Germany), Aeussere Sauerlacher
Str 6-10, Wolfratshausen D-82515
Germany, +49-8171-23-0,,
Contact: Press Officer, Ellen Klier
Manufactures mechanical seals, gas
lubricated mechanical seals, agitator seals,
stuffng box packings, static seals, magnetic
couplings, seal supply systems, rotary kiln
sealing systems, expansion joints, and
automotive seals.
Burmeister & Wain Energy A/S
Lundtoftegrdsvej 93A, Kgs Lyngby
DK-2800 Denmark, +45-39-45-20-00,,
Contact: Secy Sls Div, Camilla Ortmann
Designs, supplies, installs and commissions
HRSGs, industrial boilers and more.
Burns and Roe Enterprises Inc
(div of Burns and Roe Group Inc), 800
Kinderkamack Rd, Oradell, NJ 07649,
USA, +1-201-265-2000,,
Contact: Mktg Dir, Donald Flood
Burns and Roe is a leading provider of
engineering, procurement, and construction
services. Our experience includes more than
175 power plants totaling more than 75,000
Burns & McDonnell
Energy Div, 9400 Ward Pkwy, Kansas
City, MO 64114, USA,
Contact: VP Mktg, Doug Riedel
Burns & McDonnell is an internationally
recognized, 100 percent employee-owned
design/build, architectural/engineering,
consulting frm specializing in power
generation, transmission and distribution, and
air pollution control facilities.
Buschjost GmbH
Detmolder Strasse 256, Bad Oeynhausen
D-32545 Germany, +49-57-317-910,,
A leading company in the feld of process
and all-media valves, Buschjost offers
uncompromising quality in every area of work
and a partnership-based relationship with
every customer.
BWD Turbines Ltd
1-601 Tradewind Dr, Ancaster, ON
L9G 4V5, Canada, +1-905-648-9262,,
Contact: VP, Joe Daleo
BWD Turbines provides independent
component repair engineering, remaining
life assessment, metallurgical analysis, failure
analysis, and quality assurance services. The
popular course Superalloys for Gas Turbines
is presented twice each year.
BWF America Inc
7543 Empire Dr, #340, Florence, KY
41042, USA, +1-859-282-4550,,
Contact: Sls Mgr, Jeff Bernstein
B&W Mechanical Handling Ltd
(div of AUMUND Group), Cambridgeshire
Business Pk, 1 Bartholomews Walk,
Ely, Cambridgeshire CB7 4EA, UK,
Contact: Man Dir, Andy Blythe
Supplier of mobile stackers, shiploaders,
ecological hoppers and Samson surface
feeders for bulk materials reception and
bulk cargo handling in ports and terminals
requiring a high degree of fexibility.
Caldwell Tanks Inc
(sub of Caldwell Inc), 4000 Tower Rd,
Louisville, KY 40219, USA,
Contact: VP, John Kraft
Callidus Technologies by
7130 S Lewis, Suite 335, Tulsa, OK
74136-5488, USA, +1-918-496-7599,,
Contact: SCR Mgr, Chris Ferguson
Callidus Technologies designs and
manufactures selective catalytic reduction
and catalytic oxidation systems for the power
and process industries. We also provide
installation services, start-up, operator training,
aftermarket services, and fow modeling.
Calnetix Inc
23695 Via Del Rio, Yorba Linda, CA
92887, USA, +1-562-293-1660,,
Contact: VP Bus Dev Mktg/Adv, Herman
Calnetix is the global leader in high effciency,
high speed rotor/stator sets, motors,
generators, and power electronics. Capable
of speeds ranging from 4000 to 400,000
rpm, and powers to 2 MW.
Calnetix Power Solutions
2901 SE Monroe St, Stuart, FL 34997,
USA, +1-772-219-9449,,
Contact: Mktg Mgr, Wendy Holt
Manufactures microturbine power generation
and waste heat recovery electric generation
9732 Pflumm Rd, Lenexa, KS 66215,
USA, +1-913-831-0740,,
Contact: VP Air Pollution Control, Tracy
CAMCORP Inc is a leading provider of
dust collection, air pollution control, product
recovery and pneumatic conveying systems
and equipment.
Camfl Farr Power Systems AB
PO Box 155, Boras Sweden,
Contact: Area Sls Mgr North America,
Dave Flake
Auxiliary equipment for rotating machinery
with focus on systems for air inlet, acoustic
enclosures and ventilation, diverter dampers
and exhaust. Also retrofts, upgrades and flter
changes. Part of the Camfl Farr group.
Camfl Farr Power Systems GmbH
Mary-Somerville-Strasse 2, PO Box
330220, Bremen 28359 Germany,
We offer complete air solutions for protecting
turbomachinery, inlet, acoustic and exhaust
systems, enclosures, diverters, dampers and
aftermarket service. Our offces are located in
Germany, Sweden and Canada.
Canadian Buffalo
465 Laird Rd, Guelph, ON N1G 4WI,
Canada, +1-519-837-1293,,
Contact: Gen Mgr, Mark Glover
Canadian Buffalo provides custom designed
centrifugal fans and blowers to the power
generation industry. We specialize in new
fan applications, engineered rotor retrofts,
rebuilds, and performance and reliability
Canbar Inc
250 Woolwich St S, Unit 5, PO Box 267,
Breslau, ON N0B 1M0, Canada,
Contact: Sls/Eng Mgr, Andy Rath
Water and corrosive materials tank and
pipeline manufacturer.
Capstone Turbine Corp
21211 Nordhoff St, Chatsworth, CA
91311, USA, +1-818-734-5300,,
Contact: Reg Sls Dir, Americas, Justin
California based, Capstone Turbine Corp is
the worlds leading producer of low-emission
and low-maintenance microturbine systems,
and was frst to market with commercially
viable microturbine energy products.
Caterpillar Inc
Caterpillar Electric Power Div, Bldg AC,
Mossville, IL 61552, USA,
Contact: Sls Mgr Americas, Rich Robertson
Caterpillar and the worldwide Cat Dealer
Network are committed to being the single
source provider for all your electric power
needs, including generator sets, UPS, ATS,
and switchgears.
CAT PUMPS-High Pressure Pumps
& Systems
1681 94th Ln NE, Minneapolis, MN
55449, USA, +1-763-780-5440,,
Contact: Mktg Mgr, Darla Jean Thompson
Premier supplier of triplex high-pressure
positive displacement liquid pumps and
systems up to 240 gpm, 10,000 psi pumping
, DI water misting, seawater, chemicals
and oils.
CBP Engineering Corp
(div of The Greenbank Group), 185
Plumpton Ave, Washington, PA 15301,
USA, +1-724-229-1180,,
Contact: Sls Dir, Don Halulko
CBP Engineering is a world leader in the
design and application of abrasion resistant
materials for ash and materials handling.
Products include cast basalt, alumina ceramic
and silicone cabinets.
CBS Arcsafe
Shenley Brook End, 27 Cressey Ave,
Milton Keynes, Bucks MK57EL, UK,
Offers remote circuit breaker racking systems.
CCI, an IMI Severe Service Co
26, Via Leopardi, Milano 20123 Italy,
CCI is a global leader in the design and
manufacture of severe service control
and isolation valves for the severe service
applications of power, oil and gas and
nuclear industries.
CCI Thermal Technologies Inc
5918 Roper Rd, Edmonton, AB T6B 3E1,
Canada, +1-780-466-3178,,
CCI Thermal Technologies Inc is a leader
in the development and manufacturing of
industrial heating and fltration solutions,
featuring the Cata-Dyne, Ruffneck, Caloritech,
Norseman, DriQuik and 3L flters brands.
CEATI International Inc
1010 Sherbrooke St W, Suite 2500,
Montreal, QC H3A 2R7, Canada,
Contact: Dir Bus Dev, Chris Hayes
casella postale 220, Via Risorgimento, 9,
Mandello Del Lario (LC) 23826 Italy,
Contact: Comms Dir, Enrico Coti Zelati
Manufactures portable equipment for vibration
analysis, balancing, and laser alignment.
Monitoring and supervisory measurement
of mechanical vibration for the protection of
rotation machines. Offers vibration consulting,
training, and more.
Centrax Ltd (Gas Turbine Division)
Gas Turbine Div, Newton Abbot, Devon
TQ12 4SQ, UK, +44-162-635-8000,,
Manufactures and markets a range of gas
turbine powered electrical generator sets
from 2.5 to 64 MWe. Using aero derivative
turbines manufactured by Rolls-Royce, Centrax
has customers worldwide.
Century Corp/IBT EUROPE GmbH
Dr. Franz Palla Gasse, 21-2, Klagenfurt
Austria, +43-463-500-045,,
Century Corp is a South-Korean company
specialized, since 1968, in the production of
high-tech refrigeration machines for the nuclear
and industrial sectors, and is currently world
leader in HVAC equipment.
Chemetron Fire Systems
(sub of UTC Fire & Security), 4801
Southwick Dr, 3rd Fl, Matteson, IL
60443, USA, +1-708-748-1503,
Contact: Dir Sls, Fred Hildebrandt
Chemetron Fire Systems is your single source
solution for custom designed multiple hazard
fre protection. Every system we design, install,
and maintain is supported by our worldwide
Chongqing Vision Industry Co Ltd
No 8, Juye Rd, Jiulong Industrial Pk,
Jiulongpo District, Chongqing
401329 China, +86-23-68151003,,
Company Classifed Listing
56 January 2012 - PEi
330 Blaisdell Rd, Orangeburg, NY
10962, USA, +1-845-359-4700,,
Contact: VP Mktg/Corp Comms, Andrew
Chromalloy is a total provider to owners and
operators of industrial gas turbines worldwide,
offering an employee skill base in excess of
2000 years of OEM experience in turbine
maintenance solutions.
CIB Solar Ltd
Development Div, Ousen Industry Park No
10, Yanchang Rd, Yanjiao, Sanhe
065201 China, +86-10-6159-2294,,
Contact: Mgr, Jie Wang
ISO and Keymark certifed manufacturer of
U-pipe, heat pipe, glass-metal heat pipe
collectors, vacuum tubes, photovoltaic lights,
controllers and separate solar water systems.
Citec Engineering Oy AB
Silmukkatie 4, PO Box 109, Vaasa
FI-65101 Finland, +358-63240-700,
Contact: Sls/Mktg Dir, Conny Eklund
Provides multi-discipline engineering and
consulting for the power and energy industry.
CITI - North America Corona
Inspection Training Institute
16 Einsteing St, PO Box 4016, Nes Ziona
74000 Israel, +888-950-5557 (US),,
Contact: CITI Coord, Hannah Barzilay
Corona Inspection Training Institute - where
all subjects involved with corona inspection,
predictive maintenance and reliability are
Clark-Reliance Corp
16633 Foltz Parkway, Strongsville, OH
44149, USA, +1-440-572-1500,,
Contact: Prod Mgr, James Kolbus
Manufacturers and global suppliers of
Reliance boiler-trim instrumentation, Jerguson
level gages and controllers, Jacoby-Tarbox
sight-fow indicators, Magne-Sonics, Anderson
Separators, National Filtration Systems and
HYCOA-air, gas and liquid fltration products/
Class Instrumentation Ltd
837 Garratt Ln, London SW17 0PG, UK,
Contact: Tech Dir, Ken Hawes
Claudius Peters Projects
Schanzenstrasse 40, Buxtehude 21614
Germany, +49-4161-7060,,
In the feld of materials handling and
processing, from stockyard, pneumatic
conveying, silo and grinding Claudius Peters
are experts in the coal, ash, limestone and
bulk handling industries.
Clean Harbors
42 Longwater Dr, Norwell, MA
02061-9149, USA, +1-781-792-5000,,
Climax Portable Machine Tools
Am Langen Graben 8, Duren 52353
Germany, +49-2421-9177-0,,
Climax provides on-site machining solutions,
specialized engineering consulting, and
customized training. We offer standardized
portable machine tools and innovative custom
solutions based on extensive experience within
the power generation sector.
Climax Portable Machine Tools Inc
2712 E Second St, Newberg, OR
97132, USA, +1-503-538-2185,,
Contact: NA Sls Leader, Gary Corso
Clipper Windpower Inc
6305 Carpinteria Ave, Suite 300,
Carpinteria, CA 93013, USA,
Contact: Leader, Mary Grady
Offers wind power plant developers,
operators, consultants, engineering and
Clyde Bergemann Bachmann Inc
416 Lewiston Junction Rd, PO Box 2150,
Auburn, ME 04210-2150, USA,
Contact: VP, Mike Sellinger
Offers innovative technologies high-
performance air-gas handling systems,
including custom designed and fabricated
dampers, diverters, expansion joints, stacks,
and exhaust components. ISO 9001-2008.
Clyde Bergemann Power Group
Schillwiese 20, Wesel 46485
Germany, +49-281-815-101,,
Contact: Pres/CEO, Franz Bartels
Leading global provider
supplying systems and solutions
for the energy services market
including boiler effciency,
on-load boiler cleaning, materials
handling, air pollution control,
air-gas handling, energy
recovery, and fring solutions.
Clyde Materials Handling - CMH
Shaw Ln, Industrial Estate, Wheatley,
Doncaster DM2 4SE, UK,
Contact: Mktg Dev Mgr, Pete Mackie
Offers pneumatic conveying of dry solids,
dome valves, and bulk material handling.
149 Newlands Rd, Glasgow G44 4EX,
UK, +44-141-637-7141,
Contact: Water/Indl Bus Unit Man Dir,
John Fleming
Designs and manufactures innovative pumping
solutions for water and industrial, nuclear
and conventional power, upstream and
downstream oil industries. Incorporates 300
years of engineering expertise. Operates in
over 40 countries.
CMI Energy
1 Ave Greiner, Seraing Belgium,
Contact: Comms Mgr, Laurence Petit
Specializing in the design, supply and
installation of vertical and horizontal heat
recovery steam generators behind gas turbines
for combined cycle electrical power stations.
12777 Jones Rd, Suite 480, Houston, TX
77070, USA, +1-281-890-4566,,
Contact: Sls, Ken Migas
COADE develops plant design and
engineering solutions. COADEs tools are
easy-to-use, scalable, accurate, and reliable,
enabling users to secure new and repeat
business to grow and sustain proftability.
Coanda Intakes LLC
401 Barnstaple Dr, Daniels, WV 25832,
USA, +1-304-767-5055,,
Contact: Pres, Kevin Toler
We offer complete design assistance
and fabrication of Coanda intakes for
hydroelectric, irrigation and municipal water
diversions ranging in size from micro hydro to
25 M
/sec fows. Fully customizable.
Coen Co Inc/Hamworthy
951 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 410, San
Mateo, CA 94404, USA,
Specializing in the design, manufacture,
servicing and maintenance of combustion
systems. Offers COEN, TODD and
Hamworthy combustion brand products for
power and marine applications.
Columbian TecTank
(div of CST Industries), 9701 Renner Blvd,
Suite 150, Lenexa, KS 66219, USA,
Contact: VP Sls, Sam Skobel
Columbian TecTank offers a wide variety of
liquid and dry storage solutions, including
demineralized water, raw water, fre protection
water and wastewater, fy ash, lime, and coal.
Combustion Energy & Steam
Specialists Ltd
77-79 John St, Stromness, Orkney Islands,
KW16 3JQ, UK, +44-1856-851-177,,
Contact: Man Dir, Mike Craigie
Combustion, Energy & Steam Specialists Ltd
(CESS), has developed into one of the worlds
leading supply, valuation, marketing, and
sourcing agents of surplus and advanced-order
power plant and related equipment.
Competitive Energy Insight Inc
12025 Blue Diamond Ct, San Diego, CA
92131, USA,,
Contact: Pres, Steve Provol
CEI provides world-class economic analysis
software and consulting services for
investments in energy projects, providing
analysis from the perspective on any
stakeholder in any project or transaction.
ComRent International LLC
7640 Investment Ct, Unit A, Owings, MD
20736, USA, +1-410-257-3000,,
Contact: Pres, Clay Taylor
Offers rentals, sales, and services of load
banks for testing generators, turbines, UPS
systems, PDUs, batteries, and fuel cells.
Also provides electronic loads, transformers,
switchgear, test equipment and more.
ComRent West
250 Clark Ave, Pomona, CA 91767,
USA, +1-909-622-2137,,
Contact: COO, Raul Martinez
Consolidated Turbine Services
Street 323, Bld 37 Al-Quoze Industrial
Area, Dubai United Arab Emirates,
Contact: Dir, Karim Noseir
CTS was established 1985 to service the
needs of gas turbines industry throughout the
Middle East and North Africa, covering the
after sales needs of power generation and
petrochemical Industries.
Contec GmbH
Aegidienberger Strasse 69, Bad Honnef
53604 Germany, +49-222-498-930,,
Contec is your reliable partner for innovative
and individual solutions in the felds of
fltration, separation and level measurement
Continental Controls Corp
8845 Rehco Rd, San Diego, CA 92121,
USA, +1-858-453-9880,
Contact: Sls, Daniel Lemire
Manufactures a full-line of gas turbine fuel
valves and gas engine air fuel ratio controllers.
Provides fuel control for gas engines and gas
Continental Fan Canada Inc
12-205 Matheson Blvd E, Mississauga,
ON L4Z 3E3, Canada,
Contact: Natl Sls Mgr, Bruce Gover
With many years of experience providing
rugged and dependable fans, we simplify our
customers design process by working with
them to develop custom fan models for their
wind turbine applications.
Converteam GmbH
(sub of Converteam Group), Culemeyerstr
1, Berlin 12277 Germany,
Contact: Bus Dev Power Generation,
Michael Linek
Providing customized solutions. In the sector
of power generation we offer variable
speed drives and systems, start-up frequency
converters, excitation systems, generators and
(div of SPX), 5620 West Rd, McKean, PA
16426, USA, +1-814-476-5800,,
Contact: Dir Sls/Mktg, Dale Wodarski
Copes-Vulcan, an SPX brand, has been
providing valves to the power industry since
1903. Copes-Vulcan is recognized worldwide
as a leader in valves and desuperheaters for
critical service applications.
Cormetech Inc
5000 International Dr, Durham, NC
27712, USA, +1-919-620-3000,,
Contact: Acct Mgr, Scott Rutherford
Cormetech is recognized as the worlds
leading developer, manufacturer, and supplier
of catalysts for SCR systems. Cormetechs
homogeneous honeycomb, titania-based
ceramic catalysts are integral to the high
performing SCR.
Company Classifed Listing
January 2012 - PEi 57
684 Belmont Ave W, Suite 302,
Kitchener, ON N2M 1N6,
Canada, +1-519-884-7788,,
Contact: VP Sls/Mktg, Danny McKinnon
COVENT designs fans from 10011,000 hp
for the utility market including ID, FD, PA, SA,
booster, GR and fuidizing air fans. Designs
include airfoil and backward curved rotors.
CPF Dualam
11750 JJ Joubert, Montreal, QC
H1E 7E7, Canada, +1-765-516-3538,
Designs, manufactures, constructs and
maintains FRP composite and dual laminate,
corrosion and erosion resistant equipment,
processes and systems. AQCS based products
and services are available.
CQ Inc
414 Innovation Dr, Blairsville, PA 15717,
USA, +1-724-459-8500,
Contact: Pres/CEO, Clark Harrison
A holding company of diverse businesses that
provide cost-effective outsourced services to
process industries throughout North America.
We build, own, and operate facilities to
reduce fuel-related production costs and
Craigie Engineering Sales &
Services Ltd
45 Hamnavoe, Stromness, Orkney Islands
KW16 3JQ, UK, +44-7802-916577,,
Contact: Man Dir, Mike Craigie
Specialists in the appraisal/valuation,
sourcing, marketing and relocation of surplus
power plant and ancillary equipment.
Cranfeld University
Environmental Science and Technology
Dept, Cranfield, Bedford MK43 0AL, UK,
Contact: Short Course Office, Lesley Roff
Addresses issues affecting the national climate
change and energy agendas. Offers research,
education, training and consultancy in energy
security, renewable energy, power generating
capacity, and resource effciency.
CRE Technology
130, Alle Charles Victor Naudin,
Sophia Antipolis, Biot 06410 France,
Contact: Sls Mgr, Richard Hamon
CRE Technology provides the engine and
genset industry with standard products
and dedicated solutions in power control,
protection, and paralleling.
Critical Power Exchange LLC
3808 N Sullivan Rd, Bldg 29A, Spokane,
WA 992616, USA, +1-877-315-4176,,
Contact: Dir Mktg, Steve Luedtke
Specializing in the asset recovery and supply
of power and cooling system equipment since
1993, including generators, UPS units, PDUs,
A/Cs, transformers, raised access fooring,
and fre suppression gas.
Cumberland Electrochemical
33A-34A Murdock Rd, Launton Rd
Industrial Estate, Bicester, Oxfordshire
OX26 4PP, UK, +44-1869-357722,,
Contact: Global Sls Dir, T. Huane
Designers and manufacturers of hypochlorite
generators (electrochlorination) for the
disinfection and prevention of organic growth
in seawater and potable water systems.
Has a range of PANCLOR, ELCHLOR, and
NATCLOR units.
Cummins Power Generation Inc
1400 73rd Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN
55432, USA, +1-763-574-5000,
Contact: Mktg Comms, Madeline Foss
We provide complete systems and
components for several power applications.
Our power systems are pre-integratedall
of the components are designed and built to
work together. Thats the power of one.
CU Services LLC
725 Parkview Cir, Elk Grove, IL 60007,
USA, +1-847-439-2303,,
Contact: Gen Mgr, Ramsey Cronfel
Manufactures plug resistant orifces for steam
line drains, recirculation systems for boiler feed
pumps, and silencers for steam vents.
Cutsforth Inc
37837 Rock Haven Rd, Cohasset, MN
55721, USA, +1-800-290-6458,,
Contact: Sls/Mktg Mktg Dir, Steve
Cutsforth Inc provides innovative products/
services to power generation plants. Our
feature products are EASYchange removable
brush holders and collector rings. Services
include online truing of collector rings and
CYME International T&D Inc
1485 Roberval, Suite 104, Saint-Bruno,
QC J3V 3P8, Canada,
CYME provides power engineering software
and solutions for transmission, distribution, and
industrial power systems, featuring advanced
applications for engineering analysis, cable
ampacity, transients, harmonics, and more.
Daetwyler Custom Fabrication &
13420 Reese Blvd W, Huntersville, NC
28078, USA, +1-704-948-1250,,
Daetwyler Custom Fabrication & Machining
provides custom fabrication and machining,
precision CNC milling, micro waterjet,
welding and fabrication, surface grinding,
prototyping, engineering, CAD design, reverse
engineering from concept to completion.
Ga-1-5, Gangneung Science & Industrial
Complex, Gangneung, Gangwon
Korea, +82-33-650-9014,,
DAEYOUNG C&E specializes in the
manufacturing of De-NOx catalysts for SCR
systems used in stationary applications such as
power plants, industrial boilers, incinerators,
refneries, and more.
Dahlman Filter Technology
(div of Dahlman Industrial Group),
Nordzee 8, 3144 DB, Maassluis 3140
AK The Netherlands, +31-10-599-1111,
Contact: Dir Sls, Erik van der Kuij
Dahlman is a designer and manufacturer of
fltration equipment for oil and gas industry,
(petro) chemical industry and other industries.
Dale Power Solutions Plc
Salter Rd, Eastfield Industrial Estate,
Scarbough, North Yorkshire YO11 3DU,
UK, +44-1723-514141,,
Offers upgrades, refurbishments and more for
generating sets and more.
Danfoss A/S
Lundenvej 1, Nordborg DK 6430
Denmark, +45-7488-4517,,
Provides research, development and
production, sales and service of mechanical
and electronic components for several
Daniels Manufacturing Corp
526 Thorpe Rd, Orlando, FL 32824,
USA, +1-407-855-6161,,
Contact: Sls Mgr, Gary Moore
DMC is the leading manufacturer of mil-
qualifed crimp tools, wiring maintenance
kits, and insertion/removal tools. DMC also
supplies backshell assembly tools, crimp pull
testers, and SAFE-T-CABLE, the time-saving
Lockwire substitute.
Darchem Engineering
Ironmasters Way, Stillington,
Stockton-on-tees TS21 1LB, UK,
Yukari Dudullu Mah Kutup Sokak, 28
Umraniye, Istanbul 34775 Turkey,
Contact: Export Mgr, Deniz Hekimoglu
Datakom is specialized in the design/
manufacture of generator control systems.
AMF, remote/manual start, transfer switch,
engine protection, parallel to mains, multi
genset paralleling, AVR, battery chargers and
panel meters.
Data Physics Corp
1741 Technology Dr, Suite 260, San Jose,
CA 95110, USA, +1-408-437-0100,,
Contact: VP Sls/Mktg, Per Lindberg
Offers advanced vibration analysis solutions
for rotating machinery diagnostics. SignalCalc
Turbo is a highly portable solution for
troubleshooting turbomachinery vibration in the
power generation, oil and gas, and industrial
101 W Main St, Allen, TX 75013, USA,
Contact: VP Sls/Mktg, Denna Sandoval
Utilities trust our innovative, easy-to-
use browser-based solutions for outage
management, work force management and
VoIP IVR to deliver the best effciency, reliability
and customer satisfaction.
DCL International Inc
241 Bradwick Dr, Concord, ON L4K
1B2, Canada, +1-905-660-6450,,
Contact: Acct Mgr, Tawnya Van Groningen
DCL International Inc develops and
manufactures advanced emissions-control
products for industrial engines, including
three-way and oxidation catalytic converters,
catalytic silencers, particulate traps, and SCR
Dectron Internationale Inc
3999 Cote-Vertu, Montreal, QC H4R 1R2,
Canada, +1-514-336-3330,,
Contact: Prod Mgr, Adel Homsy
Manufacturer of patent-pending on-line
compressor blade cleaning systems for gas
turbines. Dectron Internationale produces
hyper-pure deionized water from moisture in
air for daily on-line wash to maintain blade
profles at peak effciency.
Filtration Div, 16 Rue Michel Verbeck,
Waterloo B-1410 Belgium,
Contact: Dir, Benoit Deffense
DEFITEC offers replacement air flters for gas
turbines and processes metallic flter elements
for oil and gas systems.
Frisenborgvej 33, Skive 7800 Denmark,
Contact: PR Coord, Maos Peter Madsen
Focuses on solutions for distributed power
generation and marine applications. Active
worlwide within genset controls, switchboard
instrumentation, marine bridge instrumentation,
and renewable energy control systems.
8 Acorn Business Pk, Heaton Ln, Stockport,
Cheshire SK4 1AS, UK,
Manufactures and supplies protection relays
and associated equipment including G59/sw
bd instruments/transducers/generator controls
and power management systems.
De Jong Combustion BV
Gravelandseweg 390, Schiedam
NL-3125 BK The Netherlands,
Contact: Man Dir, Sven Reichrath
De Jong Combustion is specialized in the
design, engineering, manufacturing and
supply of combustion equipment for a broad
range of applications. Our products meet the
highest standards for industrial installations.
Dekomte de Temple
Kompensator-Technik GmbH
Walinusstrasse 13, Seligenstadt D-63500
Germany, +49-618-221-014,,
Dekomte manufactures, installs and maintains
all types of metal and fabric expansion joints,
especially high-tech joints for the power
Densit ApS
Gasvrksvej 46, PO Box 220, Aalborg
DK-9220 Denmark, +45-9816-7011,,
Densit fulflls the needs of specifc market
segments for reinforcement of areas exposed
to severe demands which are critical to the
end users activities.
Company Classifed Listing
58 January 2012 - PEi
Detroit Stoker Co
1510 E First St, Monroe, MI 48161,
USA, +1-734-241-9500,
Contact: Dir Contract Sls, Tim Loviska
Designs and manufactures solid fuel
combustion systems, repair parts, and service.
DFME Sp zoo
Fabryczna 10, Wroclaw 53609 Poland,
Contact: Sls/Tech Dir, Maciej Wawrzyniak
Independent manufacturer of high output
generators and motors from Poland. In-house
design shop, manufacturing facility and test
station. Over 60 years of history under the
Dolmel and DFME brands.
Diamond Power International Inc
2600 E Main St, Lancaster, OH
43130-0415, USA, +1-740-687-6500,,
Contact: General Manager, Sales, Louis
Diamond Power International Inc develops
new technologies that advance boiler
cleaning and ash-handling systems. Diamond
Power delivers integrated solutions to the utility,
pulp and paper, and industrial markets.
Doble Engineering Co
85 Walnut St, Watertown, MA 02472,
USA, +1-617-926-4900,,
Contact: Dir of Sls, Americas, Chris
Doble provides diagnostic instruments,
knowledge, consulting and testing services
to the electric power industry, partnering with
our clients to improve the performance of their
power systems and operations.
Dollinger Power Systems
(div of SPX), 4647 SW 40th Ave, Ocala,
FL 34474, USA, +1-800-344-2611,,
Contact: Global Bus Dev Dir, Paul Sennett
With over 80 years of combined knowledge,
Dollinger Power Systems brings together a full
package of flters for air, oil and gas, for use
in gas turbine power plants.
Fabryczna 10, Wroclaw 53609 Poland,,
Contact: Sls Dev Mgr, Mateusz Zeleznik
Manufacturer of components for electrical
machines, in particular high output generators
and motors stator, rotor and pole laminations
and stacked cores, and all types of tooling
and welded structures.
Donaldson Co Inc
Gas Turbine Systems Div, 1400 W 94th
St, PO Box 1299, Minneapolis, MN
55440, USA, +1-952-887-3131,,
Contact: Aftermarket Sls Mgr, Barry Link
Provides advanced air fltration for gas
turbines, compressors, and other rotating
equipment. Offers full systems and aftermarket
replacement flters of all types, inlet retrofts/
updates, and feld services.
Doncasters Group Ltd
Millennium Ct, First Ave, Centrum 100,
Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire DE14 2WH,
UK, +44-1332-864-900,,
Contact: Group Sls/Mktg Dir, Malcolm
Doncasters Group Ltd is a leading
international engineering group that
manufactures precision components and
assemblies for the aerospace, industrial gas
turbine, specialist automotive, petrochemical,
construction, industrial, transportation, and
recreation markets.
Doosan Power Systems Americas
5 Paragon Dr, Montvale, NJ 07645, USA,
Contact: VP Sls/Mktg, Paul Armstrong
Doosan Portable Power is a leading global
manufacturer of construction equipment.
Products offered include generators, air
compressors, lighting systems, security, light
construction equipment, and truck-mounted
Doosan Heavy Industries &
Construction Co Ltd
838 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul
135-982 Korea, +82-2-513-6229,,
Doosan HF Controls
(sub of Doosan Heavy Industries), 1624
W Crosby Rd, Suite 124, Carrollton,
TX 75006, USA, +1-469-568-6500,,
Contact: Dir Mktg, Gary Persichini
A global leader in providing complete
process control and automation solutions.
We specialize in the design and construction
of high-quality digital control systems for the
power, industrial, and nuclear applications.
Doosan Infracore Portable Power
1293 Glenway Dr, Statesville, NC
28625, USA, +1-704-883-3586,,
Contact: Generator Prod Mktg Mgr, Todd
The Dow Chemical Co
Liquid Separations Div, 2030 Dow Center,
PO Box 1206, Midland, MI 48642, USA,
Offers Filmtec membranes and Dowex ion-
exchange resins for water treatment.
DP CleanTech
Vestkraftgade 1, 3. sal, Esbjerg DK-6700
Denmark, +45-73-644-850,,
Established in 2004, DP CleanTech designs,
engineers, manufactures and commissions
biomass and waste-to-energy power plants,
providing complete solutions for turning waste
materials into clean energy.
Industriestrae 1, Wenden 57482
Germany, +49-2762-612-311,,
Contact: Mktg/Svc Mgr, Kai Ewald
DREHMO offers conventional and compact
actuators with integral control and smart
type, microprocessor-based integral control
Dresser Inc
16240 Port NW Dr, Houston, TX 77041,
USA, +1-832-590-2303,
Contact: Dir Mktg, Karen Minyard
Dresser Consolidated is a worldwide leader
and full service provider of dependable
pressure relief valve solutions. We design,
engineer, manufacture, market, and service
the critical equipment.
10205 Westheimer Rd, West 8 Tower,
Suite 1000, Houston, TX 77042, USA,
A leading provider of rotating equipment
solutions, Dresser-Rand designs, manufactures
and services a wide range of technologically
advanced equipment that includes
compressors, steam and gas turbines
Dresser-Rand Co Ltd
(formerly Peter Brotherhood Ltd), (div of
Dresser-Rand Group), 85 Papyrus Rd,
Peterborough, Cambridgeshire PE4
5HG, UK, +44-1-733-292-200,,
Contact: Mgr Proposal Development Team,
Tony Murphy
Dresser-Rand designs, manufactures, sells and
services a range of technologically advanced
centrifugal and reciprocating compressors,
steam and gas turbines, expanders, rotating
separator, portable ventilators, CHP systems
and control systems.
Kollaustrasse 105, Hamburg 20146
Germany, +49-40-554218-0,,
A global developer and provider of
combustion technology equipment, igniters,
combustion chamber video and thermography,
environmental monitoring systems, and tunnel
sensors within the DURAG Group.
Duro Dakovic Kompenzatori dd
dr Mile Budaka br 1, Slavonski Brod
35000 Croatia,
Contact: Proj Engr, Robert Mec
Produces cyclindrical and rectangular
expansion joints from stainless and carbon
steels up to 1000 mm.
Duro Felguera
Parque Cientfico Tecnolgico, C/ Ada
Byron, 90, Gijn - Asturias 33203
Spain, +34-985-199-352,,
With 50 gas-fred power generation facilities
constructed worldwide, Duro Felguera is one
of the leading Spanish specialists in executing
turnkey power plants on a main contractor
basis or in collaboration.
Dutch Gas Turbine Association
PO Box 261, De Meern NL-3454 ZM The
Netherlands, +31-30-669-1966,,
Contact: Man Dir, Anne-Marie Hey
The Dutch Gas Turbine Association VGT is a
trade association with the goal to strengthen
the technological and commercial position of
the gas turbine industry in The Netherlands.
Dynamic Systems Inc
15331 NE 90th St, Redmond, WA
98052, USA, +1-425-216-1204,,
Contact: VP Bus Dev, Rob Freeman
Our barcode tracking applications include
equipment and tool, inventory, ID badge
systems, job tracking, time and attendance,
document/fle tracking, capital assets, WIP-
work in progress, labels and tags.
DZ Atlantic
5426 Robin Hood Rd, Norfolk, VA
23513, USA, +1-757-857-6400,,
DZ Atlantic (formerly The Atlantic Group), a
Day & Zimmermann company, is the worlds
premier full-scope, turnkey condenser retubing
Ave Juste-Olivier 2, Lausanne 1006
Switzerland, +41-21-331-1579,,
Contact: Principal Cons, Hermen
An independent technologically-informed
business consultancy in sustainable energy.
We provide services relating to technology,
policy and business across a wide range of
energy areas.
E4tech UK Ltd
83 Victoria St, London SW1H 0HW, UK,
Contact: Dir, Adam Chase
Ebo Systems
(div of NIEDAX Group), Ave Jean Monnet,
Industrial Estate, Villers la Montagne
54920 France, +33-382-445773,,
Contact: Sls Mgr, Michel Schneider
Expert manufacturer of fberglass (GRP/FRP)
cable trays and cable ladders.
e-con Systems India Pvt Ltd
Rishabh Infopark, RR Tower - IV, 7th Fl
Super A-16 & A-17, Thiru-Vi-Ka
Industrial Estate, Chennai, Tamilnadu
600032 India, +91-44-42033600,,
Contact: Bus Dev Mgr, Lakshmi Narsimhan
Eco-Tec Inc
1145 Squires Beach Rd, Pickering, ON
L1W 3T9, Canada, +1-905-427-0077,,
Offers high purity, simple package, and
proven reliability. Eco-Tec Inc is an award-
winning, recognized global supplier of
water treatment systems for industrial power
generation operations, using its Recofo
advanced ion exchange process.
EFD Induction Group
Bleveien 10, PO Box 363 Sentrum, Skien
NO-3701 Norway, +47-3550-6000,,
EFD Induction designs, makes and maintains
induction heating equipment and systems for
industrial applications.
Ege Endustriyel Kontrol Ltd Sti
Ege Plaza, Barbaros Cad Kutup Sok, No
8TR-34775 Y Dudullu, Instanbul
Turkey, +90-216-527-9615,,
Conference & Exhibition
12 14 June 2012
KoelnMesse, Cologne, Germany
Owned and
Produced by: Presented by:
For information on exhibition and sponsorship
opportunities please contact:
Gilbert Weir Jnr.
T: +44 1992 656 617
Now in its third year, Nuclear Power Europe ofers a comprehensive conference
and exhibition for the European nuclear power industry.
Over three days, Nuclear Power Europe will include an insightful and thought-
provoking conference covering strategic and technical topics chosen and
presented by industry practitioners themselves.
Co-located with POWER-GEN Europe, the continents largest event for the
electricity and power technology sector, and Renewable Energy World Europe,
Nuclear Power Europe also ofers a dedicated trade show foor, with numerous
exhibiting companies displaying state-of-the-art technology, services, software
and hardware.
Join us in Cologne for Europes largest power industry networking event
Co-located with: Supported by:
Company Classifed Listing
60 January 2012 - PEi
Eimco Water Technologies
M17, Executive Business Ctr, Bin Arar
Tower, Najda St, Abu Dhabi United
Arab Emirates, +971-2-495-2779,,
Eimco Water Technologies, operating
globally, specializes in the design,
manufacture, and installation of equipment
for cooling water intakes, water fltration,
condenser protection, desalination, and
wastewater treatment.
Elcon International AB
High Voltage Circuit Breaker Testing Div,
Hyttrisvgen 27, Nyhammar SE-770
14 Sweden, +0046-410-24654,,
Contact: Man Dir, Harald Sapieha
Elcon develops and manufactures analyzers
and test instruments SA10 and SA5 and OLM
on-line monitoring equipment for high and
medium voltage circuit breakers.
Electra-Therm Inc
3208 Goni Rd, Suite 182, Carson City,
NV 89706, USA, +1-775-882-6680,,
Contact: Founder/CEO, Richard Langson
Electra-Therm Incs mobile and modular
systems convert waste heat, gas pressure,
and geothermal to electricity or additional
horsepower. System sizes available now 50
kW to 1 MW.
The Electricity Regulation
Authority of the Cayman Islands
Grand Pavilion, Suite 2, W Bay Rd,
Grand Cayman Cayman
Islands, +345-949-8372,,
The Electricity Regulatory Authority-ERA was
formed by the passing of the Electricity
Regulatory Authority Law, 2005 in the
Legislative Assembly on the 2nd day of
March, 2005.
Electrotyazhmash State Enterprise
299 Moskovsky Ave, Kharkov 61089
Ukraine, +38-572-93-51-44,,
Design and manufacture of turbogenerators
rated 4500 MW for thermal and nuclear
power plants, hydrogenerators rated 5421
MW, electrical machines rated 10012,000
kW, and complete traction equipment for
electrical transportation.
ELIN Motoren GmbH
Elin-Motoren-Strasse 1, Preding/Weiz
8160 Austria, +43-3172-90606-0,,
Contact: Bus Unit Mgmt Power Plants,
Markus Schabler
ELIN Motoren specializes in the design and
production of electrical motors and generators
for large thermal power stations, biomass and
hydro power plants as well as wind power
Elkem Asa
Elkem Solar, Hoffsveien 65 B, PO Box
5211, Majorstua, Oslo N-0303
Norway, +47-22-45-0100,,
Contact: Proj Mgr, Cyrus Zahedi
Produces and supplies high quality silicon to
the electronics industry. Develops PV solar
silicon substrates.
Elliott Co
901 N Fourth St, Jeannette, PA 15644,
USA, +1-724-600-8684,
Manufactures air and gas compressors, steam
turbines and power generation equpiment.
1729 Louisville Dr, Knoxville, TN 37921,
USA, +1-865-246-3000,,
Contact: VP/Gen Mgr, James Whitehorn
Advanced oxidation catalysts manufacturer
for reduction of PM, NOx, CO, VOC (HCs),
and SOx.
Emerson Process Management
Power & Water Solutions Div, 200 Beta
Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15238, USA,
Contact: Dir Comms, Susan Comiskey
Emerson Power & Water Solutions is a global
supplier of advanced process control and
information systems and a recognized leader
in developing plant-wide control solutions for
the power generation industry.
EMKO Elektronik AS
Dosab, Karanfil Sokak, No 6, Bursa
16369 Turkey, +90-224-2611-900,,
Contact: Mktg/Sls, Duygu Ispalar
EMKO has 24 years of experience in design,
development, and production of genset
control, monitoring, and protection equipment.
Our customers beneft from exceptional before-
and after-sales support and superior customer
EMW Filtertechnik GmbH
Werner-von-Siemens St 9, Diez Germany,
Manufactures air intake flters and systems for
gas turbine power stations.
Encore Networks
1500 Concorde Pkwy, Suite 1500,
Chantilly, VA 20151, USA,
Contact: Dir Mktg Svcs, Tony Crane
Encore Networks manufactures rugged
routers for SCADA and other harsh network
environments. Utilities rely on Encore to ensure
secure, high-throughput data connections
directly to cellular, VSAT or terrestrial networks.
Endress+Hauser BV
Nikkelstraat 6-12, 1410 AC Naarden The
Netherlands, +31-35-695-87-70,,
Contact: Sls Eng Power/Energy, Raymon
Endress+Hauser is recognized as a leading
supplier of industrial measurement and
automation equipment, providing services
and solutions for industrial processes all over
the world.
Endress+Hauser Instruments
International AG
Kaegenstrasse 2, Reinach CH-4153
Switzerland, +41-61-715-81-00,,
Contact: Power Indl Mgr, Ravi Jethra
Supplies industrial measurement and
automation equipment, providing services and
solutions for industrial processes the world
over. Offers comprehensive process solutions
for fow, level, pressure, analysis, temperature,
recording and digital communications.
Eneftech Innovation SA
Rue Champ-Colin, Nyon 2C-CH-1260
Switzerland, +41-22-994-0420,,
Offers 10 and 30 kW low temperature
ORCs. Waste heat recovery from 100 kW
to 10 MW heat and micro-cogeneration
applications. ORCs can be operated with
renwable or fossil energy.
ENERCON Services Inc
500 Town Park Ln, Kennesaw, GA
30144, USA, +1-770-919-1930,
Contact: VP Bus Dev, Mike Manski
ENERCON is a diversifed
energy consulting company
offering engineering, licensing,
environmental and management
services. ENERCON is an
employee owned company of
over 1200 people located in
17 offces nationwide serving
commercial power generation
and power delivery clients
including nuclear, fossil, and
renewable energy power
plants, the Department of
Energy and many fortune
500 companies. ENERCON
provides comprehensive design,
engineering, procurement and
construction management
related to plant retrofts, plant
life extension, power uprates,
operations support, effciency
management and full life-cycle
maintenance services. ENERCON
is currently focused on developing
new nuclear plant applications
and operating nuclear
plant safety and reliability
improvements, renewable energy
plant development and power
delivery solutions.
Enerfn Inc
5125 JA Bombardier, St Hubert, QC
J3Z 1G4, Canada, +1-800-724-2919,,
Specializing in the design and manufacture
of heat transfer products related to energy
producing and transforming equipment as well
as pulp and paper industry, petrochemical
industry, marine and industrial applications.
Energomash (Belgorod) - BZEM
111 B Khmelnitskogo Ave, Belgorod
308002 Russian Federation,
Manufacturing and complex supplies of HRSG
downstream gas turbines from 6 to 340 MW,
waste heat-to-recovery boilers for metallurgy,
oil-and-gas, steam and hot-water boilers,
fnned tubes, pipelines, and more.
Energomontaz-Poludnie SA
Mickiewicza 15, Katowice Poland,
Since 1952, Energomontaz-Poludnie has
worked within the Polish and global power
engineering and industrial construction
market. The main business of the company
includes erection, modernization, equipment
repair services, and power engineering and
industrial installations.
Energoprojekt-Katowice SA
15 Jesionowa St, PO Box 315, Katowice,
Silesia 40-159 Poland,
Contact: Mktg/Sls Dir, Jan Antonczyk
Energoprojekt-Katowice SA is one of the
largest design engineering companies in
Poland with 60 years experience. Offers
design and consulting services, engineering,
procurement, and construction for the power
Energy Capital
48 Toh Guan Rd E, #03-114 Enterprise
Hub 608586 Singapore,
Energy Capital is engaged in the business
of power generation and similarly aligned
engineering activities. We manage
processes from consultancy, development to
Energy Guard Water Technologies
PO Box 3331, Regina, SK S4P 3H1,
Canada, +1-306-536-3497,
Distributor for GE Water and Process
Technologies. We supply water treatment
equipment and chemicals for boilers, cooling
towers, process water, and reverse osmosis
systems. Consultation and troubleshooting
services are available.
Envi Con & Plant Engineering
Platenstr 46, Nrnberg D-90441
Germany, +49-911-480-890,,
Envi Con is an independent engineering
company for power plants and waste-to-
energy projects. Our core competences
include overall design and engineering of
large-scale projects and project management.
Envipure Pte Ltd
2 Woodlands Sector 1, #03-16,
Woodlands Spectrum 1 738068
Singapore, +65-68803000,,
Contact: Asst VP, McCann Lee
A global leader in the design, equipment
supply and construction of odor-control
systems for sewage treatment and sludge
treatment plants. Also design and builds
plants to produce de-mineralised water for
E.ON Anlagenservice
Bergmannsglckst. 41-43, Gelsenkirchen
45896 Germany, +49-209-601-5289,,
E.ON Anlagenservice is one of the largest
producer-independent service providers for
plant technology in Western Europe. We
supply state-of-the-art services for various types
of power plants and industrial energy facilities.
epro GmbH
Machine Monitoring Systems Div,
Jbkesweg 3, Gronau 48599 Germany,
Contact: Man Dir, Bjoern Salomon
Offers sensors and condition monitoring
systems together with software tools for
measuring vibrations, speeds, mechanical
quantities, and process values. Certifed
according: ISO 9001:2000, ATEX, KTA
1401, TUV SIL3, and SCC.
Epston Group Ltd
Podyemnaya St, 10, Moscow 109052
Russian Federation, +7-495-648-62-09,
Company Classifed Listing
January 2012 - PEi 61
Eralp Makina kazan Kimya Ve
Ekipmanlari San Tic Ltd Sti
Organize Sanayi Bolgesi, 3 Cadde No
11, Mustafakemalpasa, Bursa
16500 Turkey, +90-224-632-60-70,,
Eralp is the only manufacturer of HF welded
fntubes in Turkey. Manufactures pressure and
non-pressure equipment for power plants,
heat recovery systems, steam boilers, and
ERC Emissions-Reduzierungs-
Concepte GmbH
Bckerstrae 13, Buchholz idN D-21244
Germany, +49-4181-216-141,,
ERC GmbH is one of the market and
technology leaders with a complete range and
all-in-one solution of combustion optimization
and emission reduction.
(div of ESCO Technologies Inc), 75
October Hill Rd, Suite A, Holliston, MA
01746, USA, +1-508-429-4441,,
Contact: Sls Eng, Jeff Marble
For over 50 years, ESCO Tool has worked
closely with end-users on the toughest tube
and pipe cutting and end prep applications
in the power generation and metalworking
ESI Eurosilo
Newtonstraat 26-28, PO Box 1047,
Purmerend 1440 BA The Netherlands,
Contact: Sls Mgr, R Spaargaren
ESI Eurosilo is an independent Dutch company
specialized in the turnkey delivery of silo
systems for nonfree-fowing bulk solids such as
coal, FGD-gypsum, and limestone.
ESI Inc of Tennessee
1250 Roberts Blvd, Kennesaw, GA
30144, USA, +1-770-427-6200,,
Contact: Bus Dev, Jay Garrett
Design, engineering and EPC construction frm
specializing in the production of steam and
power fring biomass and other renewable
fuels. Capabilities include feasibility studies
through complete EPC projects using
3D-design technology.
Non-Grid Electrification, PO Box 1091,
Johannesburg 2001 South Africa,
Contact: Mgr, Rodney Buttle
Electricity utility undertaking non-grid
electrifcation of remote rural schools and
Espartec SA de CV
(sub of FW Murphy), Blvd Antonio Rocha
Cordero 300, San Luis Potos 78384
Mexico, +52-444-820-6264,,
Contact: Dir Sls, Victor Herrera Cruz
Provides instrumentation equipment and
automation and control systems.
Esscano Power A/S
Tempovej 42, Ballerup DK-2750 Denmark,
Esscano Power offer complete damper system
solutions for bespoke industrial dampers, with
more than 30 years of experience. Steam
turbine and rotating equipment specialists with
a proven track record.
ETR-Unidata Ltd
6 Riverside Park, Sheffield S2 4BB, UK,
Contact: Sls Dir, Cameron Stathers
Our new ground-breaking Epsilon technology
offers gas turbine operation managers exciting
cost-effective opportunities to improve the
management of air inlet systems and thereby
improve plant effciency.
ETS Power Group
3321 SE Gran Park Way, Stuart, FL
34997, USA, +1-772-781-3883,
ETS Power Group is an ISO 9001 certifed
comprehensive provider of OEM equivalent
industrial gas turbine spares, repairs,
technical expertise and maintenance. We
are the preferred option for fully compatible,
interchangeable and upgraded gas turbine
Eugen Arnold Gmbh
Carl Zeiss Str 14, Filderstadt 70794
Germany, +49-7158-90-14-0,,
Global supplier of insulation products and
European Power Plant Suppliers
Association (EPPSA)
Ave Adolphe Lacombl 59, Brussels
B-1030 Belgium, +32-2743-29-86,,
The European Power Plant Suppliers
Association (EPPSA) is the voice, at
a European level, of companies both
manufacturing components for and
constructing turnkey power plants.
European Wind Energy
Association - EWEA
Renewable Energy House, Rue dArlon
63-65, Brussels B-1040 Belgium,
Promotes the use of wind energy through
lobbying for the wind industry at the European
and international level.
Euroturbine BV
van Cleefstraat 2, Venlo 6006 CZ The
Netherlands, +31-77-320-2640,,
Contact: Jan Hermans
Euroturbine is an independent company
rendering engineering, consultancy, and
supply services to the gas turbine and steam
turbine industries worldwide.
EUtech Scientifc Engineering
Dennewartstrae 25 - 27, Aachen 52068
Germany, +49-241-963-2380,,
Contact: Prod Mgr, Francesco Turoni
EUtech provides solutions to optimize
operation, improve availability, increase
effciency and reduce emissions of fossil-fred
steam generators. The solutions are suitable for
brand-new plants as well as for older units.
Everest Sciences Inc
7737 E 42nd Pl, Suite H, Tulsa, OK
74145, USA, +1-918-270-9965,,
Contact: Dir Sls/Mktg, Marcus Bastianen
Everest Sciences patented INDIRECT-
evaporative hybrid turbine inlet cooling
technology allows gas turbines to produce
more NET power at lower NET heat rates than
traditional refrigeration, direct evaporation or
fogging-based methods.
Am Weinhaus 6, Ratingen D-40882
Germany, +49-210-295-940,,
been the service provider for engineering,
construction, commissioning, operation, after
sales service for power plants, incinerating
plants and industrial plants.
Exlar Corp
1470 Lake Dr W, Chanhassen, MN
55317, USA, +1-952-368-3434,,
Contact: Ind Mktg Mgr, Tim Mcgee
ExxonMobil Lubricants &
Petroleum Specialties
Mobil Industrial Lubricants Div, 3225
Gallows Rd, Room 6C0631, Fairfax,
VA 22037, USA, +1-703-846-1998,,
Contact: Mktg Mgr, Mike Zinngrabe
ExxonMobil offers a wide range of high
performance conventional and synthetic
lubricants that are endorsed for use in nearly
6000 applications by more than 1100 major
equipment builders worldwide.
ExxonMobil Petroleum &
Chemicals BVBA
Polderdijkweg, Antwerp 2030 Belgium,
Supplies lubricants for industry with in-depth
industry expertise to help.
eyevis GmbH
Hundsschleestrasse 23, Reutlingen 72766
Germany, +49-7121-4330-30,,
Contact: Dir Intl Sls, Eric Hnique
eyevis is one of the leading manufacturers of
large screen display systems consisting of DLP
cubes, LCD monitors, graphics controllers, and
management software for control rooms.
Fabricated Plastics Ltd
2175 Teston Rd, Maple, ON L6A 1T3,
Canada, +1-905-832-8161,,
Contact: VP Sls, G. Landry
Designs, engineers, and custom fabricates
chemical and pollution control equipment
in reinforced plastics (FRP), thermoplastics,
and dual laminate armored thermoplastics.
Provides pipes, tanks, scrubbers, columns,
launders, ducts, and cooling towers.
Via SS Trinit 16/a, Varallo Pombia
28040 Italy, +39-0321-968211,,
Supplies heat exchangers that have a very
high and varied technical content, from the
simplest water-based batteries earmarked for
the comfort industry to complex, cleanable
type twin-tube refrigerators for the electro-
mechanical industry.
Fagioli SpA
Via Ferraris 13, S Ilario Denza (RE)
42049 Italy, +39-02-57690-466,,
FAIST Anlagenbau GmbH
Am Mhlberg 5, Krumbach, Deutschland
86381 Germany, +49-8282-8880-162,,
Specializes in sound enclosures and air
intake/exhaust systems for gas/steam
turbines, generators, compact packages,
block heat, and power stations and
compressors. International projects and
FAMET Process Equipment and
Machinery Inc
15a Szkolna Str, Kedzierzyn-Kozle 47-225
Poland, +48-774-052-000,,
FAMET Group offers modern equipment,
apparatus and subassemblies for key branches
of industry, especially for power plants (also
nuclear), wind farms and heat engineering.
Power Div, (div of FATA SpA), Str Statale N
24 Km 12, Pianezza, Torino 10044 Italy,
Contact: Dir, Catello Bonifacio
FATA EPC, a Finmeccanica company, is
active in the feld of turnkey realization of
power plants (open and combined cycles) in
association with Ansaldo Energia.
Federal Steel Supply
747 Goddard Ave, PO Box 840,
Chesterfield, MO 63005, USA,
Contact: VP Sls, Vern Smith
Distributor of carbon and chrome pipe fttings.
FELUWA Pumpen GmbH
Beulertweg, Muerlenbach D-54570
Germany, +49-6594-100,,
FELUWA has at its base more than 100 years
of company history and is successfully focusing
on the development and fabrication of
MULTISAFE double hose-diaphragm pumps for
solids-carrying, abrasive, aggressive products.
Ferncroft Management LLC
9 Twig Rush Ln, West Newbury, MA
01985, USA, +1-978-815-6185,,
Ferncroft Management buys surplus industrial
inventories worldwide. No inventory is too
small or too large. Our specialties include
valves, instrumentation, electrical control
equipment, and process equipment.
Ferrostaal Industrial Project
Hohenzollernstr 24, Essen D-45128
Germany, +49-2018-1801,,
Ferrostaal is an international EPC contractor
of CCPP, co-generation based on NG,HFO,
BFG in the range of 100 to 1200 MW,
greenfeld and brownfeld.
Via Archimede 45, Agrate Brianza, (MI)
20041 Italy, +39-039-3310-411,,
Contact: Sls Dept, Annamaria Carabellese
The Italian company FIAV MAZZACHERA
SpA, founded in 1913, and specializing in
the production of special drawn steel profles,
is a frm reference for all constructors in the
energy sector.
FIBRAC Insulating SpA
Strada Piozzo 4/A, Carr (CN) 12061
Italy, +39-02-901-118-50,,
Manufacturer of high temperature insulating
basaltwool fber products. Main products
include stitched mattresses, basaltic needle
mat, preformed pillows for silencers, loose
Company Classifed Listing
62 January 2012 - PEi
Fichtner GmbH & Co KG
Sarweystrasse 3, Stuttgart 70191
Germany, +49-711-8995-0,,
Contact: Man Dir, Hans Kalb
With over 1800 employees, Fitchner offers
engineering and consultancy services in the
feld of thermal power plants, renewable
energies, energy transmission and distribution,
energy economy, climate protection and
environmental technologies.
PO Box 950, Kenwood, CA 95452,
USA, +1-707-833-6288,,
Contact: Pres, Bill Myers
FinePoint hosts the annual circuit breaker test
and maintenance training conference. The
conference provides training for people who
are responsible for operating, maintaining,
and or managing substations/switchgear
Firwin Corp
1685 Flint Rd, North York, ON
M3J 2W8, Canada, +1-416-745-9389,,
Contact: Pres, Paul Herman
Manufacturer of removable insulation blankets
and permanent insulation solutions for
manifolds, turbos, exhaust piping, silencers,
and purifers/SCRs. Protect personnel, shield
heat sensitive components, lower ambient heat
and improve catalyst/SCR performance.
Fixturlaser AB
(sub of Elos AB), PO Box 7, Mlndal
SE-431 21 Sweden, +46-31-706-28-00,,
Contact: Mktg Mgr, Hans Svensson
Supplier of laser based measurement
instruments for shaft alignment of rotating
machinery. Our systems are user friendly tools
minimizing the number of operations during
alignment, thus speeding up the process.
1701 Terminal Rd, Suite B, Niles, MI
49120, USA, +1-716-845-0500,,
Contact: Dir Mkt Dev/App Engr, Jim
Specializes in new centrifugal and axial
fans, retrofts, repairs, and service for main
service fans and other process fans for utility
Flender-Graffenstaden SAS
1 rue du Vieux Moulin, Illkirch
Graffenstaden, Cedex F67402
France, +33-3-88-67-6000,,
Contact: Bus Dev Mgr, Samuel Aubry
With over 60 years experience, serving
demanding markets such as power generation
and oil and gas, Flender-Graffenstaden is
one of the leading companies for high speed
gearboxes for turbomachinery applications.
Flexco Engineered Systems Group
(div of Flexco), 401 Remington Blvd,
Suite A, Bolingbrook, IL 60440, USA,
Contact: Mktg/Comms Mgr, Jayne Dore
Flexco Engineered Systems Group has been
solving transfer point challenges with the most
powerful controlled-fow technology on the
market for customers in the power generation,
coal preparation, and heavy bulk material
handling industries.
Flexenergy Inc
9400 Toledo Way, Irvine, CA 92618,
USA, +1-949-616-3300,,
Flexican Bellows & Hoses Pvt Ltd
283 GIDC Estate, Makarpura, Vadodara,
Gujarat 390 010 India,
Contact: NA Rep, Ramesh Amin
Flexitallic Ltd
Scandinavia Mill, Hunsworth Ln,
Cleckheaton BD19 4LN, UK,
Contact: Mktg Mgr, Kathryn Payne
Flexitallic is the international market leader in
the manufacture and supply of high quality,
high value industrial static sealing products,
delivering industrial gaskets on a global scale.
Flowserve Corp
5215 N OConnor Blvd, Suite 2300,
Irving, TX 75039, USA,
Contact: Pres/CEO, Lewis Kling
Flowserve is one the worlds leading providers
of fuid motion and control products and
services. Operating in 56 countries, the
company produces engineered and industrial
fow solutions.
Flowserve Corp
Pump Div, 18305 Frontier Pl, Eden Prarie,
MN 55347, USA, +1-952-975-2844,
Contact: Power Ind Sls Dir, Jim Cook
Flowserve Corp Pump Division is the driving
force in the nuclear pump industry. We
provide new pumps, upgrades, repairs,
on-site technical services, turnkey services,
engineering support, mechanical seals, and
Flowserve Corp FCD
1900 A Saunders St, Raleigh, NC
27603, USA, +1-919-832-0525,
Flowserve Gestra
Munchener Strasse 77, Bremen 28215
Germany, +49-421-3503,,
Karl-Koch-Strasse 1, Wadgassen 66787
Germany, +49-6834-4700,,
FLSmidth is your one source for equipment,
systems and services for the power, cement,
and minerals industries.
FLSmidth Inc
Pneumatic Transport Dept, 2040 Ave C,
Bethlehem, PA 18017, USA,
Contact: Mkt Mgr Power, Dave Escott
Designs and supplies pneumatic conveying
systems for power, cement, and minerals
markets. Services include system design
and engineering, FLSmidth manufactured
components, R&D research and testing, feld
service and more.
FLSmidth Pfster GmbH
Staetzlinger Str 70, Augsburg D-86165
Germany, +49-821-7949-280,,
Contact: Sls/Proj Mgr Power Ind, Arnd
Pfster is an expert in industrial weighing
technology. More than 2000 of the patented
Rotor Weighfeeders are in operation
worldwide for metering crushed and
pulverized coal, waste fuels, and limestone.
Fluor Centre, 140 Pinehurst Rd,
Farnborough GU14 7BF, UK,
Fluors Power Group is an industry leader in
providing state-of-the-art fossil, nuclear and
renewable power generation facilities. Fluor
has a highly successful track record in all
phases of power generation.
FMT Group
Linzer Strasse 275, Wels 4600 Austria,
The FMT Group has set new standards in the
feld of installation and servicing of industrial
plants. FMT is your partner along the entire
life-cycle of power and boiler
Foster Wheeler Global Power
(div of Foster Wheeler North America
Corp), Perryville Corporate Park,
Clinton, NJ 08809-4000, USA,
Global engineering and construction
contractor and power equipment supplier
with a reputation for delivering high quality,
technically-advanced, and reliable facilities
and equipment on time, on budget, and with
a world-class safety record.
Fozmula Ltd
Berrington Rd, Leamington Spa,
Warwickshire CV31 1NB, UK,
Contact: Sls Dir, Paul Holtby
Fozmula is a leading manufacturer and
supplier of many different types of high quality
liquid level switches, sensors, gauges, and
bespoke liquid level control systems.
FP Turbomachinery BV
Heliumstraat 148, Zoetermeer 2718 RS
The Netherlands, +31-79-3434455,,
Contact: Mgr, Michail Tsomos
Offers TCCS gas turbine compressor off-line/
on-line water wash skids and spray nozzles,
Turbo-K GT compressor cleaner, and PACT GT
inlet fog cooling systems.
FP Turbomachinery Consultants
Wiesenstrasse 57, Emmendingen 79312
Germany, +49-7641-55346,,
Contact: Mgr, Oliver Platz
Frako Capacitors
(sub of Frako Kondensatoren GmbH),
W62 N248 Washington Ave, Suite 208,
Cedarburg, WI 53012, USA,
Contact: Pres, John Houdek
Consultant specializing in electrical power
quality components, application technical
services and solutions for power quality
Franco Tosi Meccanica SpA
Piazza Monumento 12, Legnano 20025
Italy, +39-0331-522-656,,
Contact: Mktg/Sls Mgr, Luigi Oldrini
Franco Tosi Meccanica SpA has always
been the reference standard in the power
generation industry and is here to serve your
thermal and hydropower generation needs.
Franke Industrie AG
Franke Strasse 2, Aarburg CH 4663
Switzerland, +41-62-787-313-1,,
The supplier of hot gas path parts,
components and sub-assemblies in stainless
steel, high-grade alloys, heat resistant
materials in partnership with market leaders.
Frenzelit North America Inc
4165 Old Salisbury Rd, Lexington, NC
27295, USA, +1-336-956-3956,,
Contact: VP Sls, Thomas Brown
Frenzelit-Werke GmbH & Co KG
PO Box 11 40, Bad Berneck D-95456
Germany, +49-9273-720,,
Manufactures technical textiles, gaskets and
expansion joints.
Freudenberg Filtration
Technologies KG
Hoehnerweg 2-4, Weinheim 69465
Germany, +49-6201-80-6264,,
Contact: Mktg Mgr/Contamination
Control, Antje Klink
Freudenbergs range of products for
turbomachinery include intake air fltration,
compact pocket flters, cassette flters,
MaxiPleat modular flter systems, depth and
surface-loading flter cartridges, and complete
turnkey air intake systems.
Organize Deri San Blgesi 18 Yol Tuzla,
Istanbul 34957 Turkey,
FRITERM is a manufacturer of custom fnned-
type heat exchangers, heat recovery systems,
dry coolers, LT-HT radiator coolers and air
cooled condensers for industrial, marine and
other special applications.
FSI Technologies Inc
668 Western Ave, Lombard, IL 60148,
USA, +1-630-932-9380,,
Contact: Cust Svc, Kim Jackson
FSI Technologies Inc specializes in machine
vision systems, engineering and consulting,
smart cameras, lighting, sensors, counters,
and rotary encoders. FSI has been a trusted
manufacturer of factory automation since
Fuel Tech Srl
Via Marsala 34/A, Gallarate 21013
Italy, +39-03-317-011-10,,
Fuel Tech Inc is a leading technology
company engaged in the worldwide
development, commercialization and
application of state-of-the-art proprietary
technologies for freside treatment and more.
Fugesco Inc
80 Leacock, Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 1H1,
Canada, +1-514-631-3246,,
Contact: Pres, Richard Viens
Designs, develops and manufactures high
performance mechanical seals for all types
and sizes of hydroelectric turbines and pumps.
Supplies complete packages, fltration systems,
control panels, monitoring devices and more.
Company Classifed Listing
January 2012 - PEi 63
Fujikin (Deutschland) GmbH
Leopoldstr 9, Dsseldorf D-40211
Germany, +49-211-350-458,,
Fujikin ceramic ball valves are designed
for safety, durability, reliability and high
performance in the power-gen industry.
Fujikins unique technology and design
provides high life.
Fulmer Co
3004 Venture Ct, Westmoreland Industrial
Park #3, Export, PA 15632, USA,
Contact: VP, Michael Makrevski
Manufactures and refurbishes carbon brush
holders for DC motors and turbo/alternators.
Offers custom-specialized machining services
using CNC capability. Supplies nonferrous
Gaia Converter Inc
4038 le Corbusier Blvd, Laval, QC
H7L 5R2, Canada, +1-514-333-3169,,
Contact: Gen Mgr, Michel Grenon
Includes more than 3500 references of DC/
DC converters, AC/DC converters and front-
end modules. Two grades are offered, hi-rel
and industrial. Complete architecture for 28
and 300 VDC.
Galletta Engineering Corp
1300 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222,
USA, +1-412-261-3357,,
Contact: VP/Mgr Projs, Malcolm Milligan
A multi-discipline consulting engineering frm
providing civil, mechanical, electrical/controls
engineering, inspections and also project
and construction management services to the
renewable energy, power generation and
industrial sectors.
Gas Turbine Controls Corp
466 Saw Hill River Rd, Ardsley, NY
10502, USA, +1-914-693-0830,,
Contact: Sls Rep, Samuel Leyton
GTC specializes in the provision of spare
parts and repair services for GE Speedtronic,
Rolls Entronic and Westinghouse WDPF/
Ovation series controls. We stock of over
20,000 cards and parts.
Gas Turbine Effciency
Datavagen 9A, Box 633, 175 27, Jarfalla
Sweden, +46-8-546-10-500,,
Contact: Man Dir, Par Krossling
Makes power generation greener and more
proftable by delivering solutions that improve
effciency and productivity, reduce costs, and
create signifcant long-term value globally.
Gas Turbine Effciency
300 Sunport Ln, Orlando, FL 32809,
USA, +1-407-304-5200,,
Contact: CMO, Marcus Turner
GTE a global innovation company. We make
power generation greener and more proftable
by designing and delivering forward thinking
clean solutions that improve effciency and
Gaumer Process
13616 Hempstead Rd, Houston, TX
77040, USA, +1-713-460-5200,,
Contact: VP Sls, Mark Crosby
Gauma is a major supplier of electric industrial
heaters, heating systems, controls, and fuel
gas conditioning equipment to the process
industries. Thousands of customers worldwide
rely on Gaumers heating design.
GEA 2H Water Technologies
(sub of GEA Group), Dieselweg 5,
Wettringen, Nordrhein-Westfalen
48493 Germany, +49-2557-9390-19,,
Contact: Sls Eng, Ernst-Josef Mayer
GEA 2H Water Technologies has gradually
acquired an established position in the market
through its agility and its uncompromising
approach to quality.
GEA Barr-Rosin Inc
92 Prevost, Boisbriand, QC J7G 2S2,
Canada, +1-630-659-3980,,
Contact: VP Sls/Mktg, Colin Crankshaw
Specialists in the supply of custom engineered
thermal processing systems with more than
40 years of experience and more than 2000
installed industrial drying systems.
GEA Energietechnik GmbH
Dorstener St 18-29, Bochum D-44809
Germany, +49-234-980-2615,,
One of the leading players in the dry, wet and
hybrid cooling business for power plants.
GEA Energy System (India) Ltd
Energy Div, (sub of GEA India), 443, Anna
Salai, Teynampet, Chennai TamilNadu
600018 India, +91-44-24335958,,
Contact: Pres, PVN Sanjay
Pioneers in India in onload tube cleaning
systems, debris flters and cleaning balls for
power and desalination plants. Esteemed
customers in 33 countries in the world,
including US.
GEA Filtri Gasparini Associates
Via Degli Artigiani 14, Brugherio, (MB)
20047 Italy, +39-039-2876145,,
Contact: Export Sls Mgr, Michael Rummelin
Manufacturer of flter elements (cartridges,
cells, bags, panels, and pockets) for many
different industrial dedusting applications, such
as gas turbine air intakes, gas stations, silo
vents, and more.
GEA Renzmann & Grnewald
GEA Heat Exchangers Div, (sub of GEA
Group AG), Industriestrasse 6, Monzingen
55569 Germany, +49-6751-9303-0,,
Contact: Sls Dir, Wolfgang Siffring
Manufacturer of heat exchangers for power
generation and other industries, auxiliaries
for generators, double tube safety heat
exchangers for fuel gas preheating, and
transformer oil coolers and pumps.
GE Energy
4200 Wildwood Pkwy, Atlanta, GA
30339, USA, +1-678-844-6000,,
Contact: Mktg/Comms Program Leader,
Michael Barker
GE Energy, a leading supplier of power
generation equipment and energy delivery
technologies, as well as those driven by
renewable resources, maintains an installed
base in more than 120 countries.
GE Energy
3 Omega Park, Alton Hants GU34 2QE,
UK, +44-1420-541-188,,
Contact: Comms, Michelle Navedo
Provides air inlet fltration systems and
replacement flters for gas turbines. Serving
oil and gas, power generation and marine
GE Energy
Holsterfeld 16, Salzbergen 48499
Germany, +49-5971-980-1756,,
Provides combined cycle technology and
cycle installations worldwide.
GE Energy
Optimization and Control Div, 1631 Bently
Pkwy S, Minden, NV 89423, USA,
Contact: Renewables Prod Leader, Raegan
GE Energy serves the condition monitoring
needs of many industries through our
comprehensive portfolio of Bently Nevada
permanent and portable vibration monitoring
instrumentation, System 1 software linking
on-line and off-line condition monitoring
technologies and extensive services, covering
product repair and installation, machinery
diagnostics, and consulting services for
reliability improvement.
GE Energy Environmental
8800 E 63rd St, Kansas City, MO
64133, USA, +1-816-356-8400,,
Helping to improve the long-term performance
of gas turbines through fltration systems,
services and parts.
GE Energy - Jenbacher Gas
(div of GE Energy), Achenseestrasse 1-3,
Jenbach 6200 Austria, +43-5244-600-0,,
Contact: Prod Mgr, Thomas Elsenbruch
GE Energys Jenbacher manufactures gas
engines for power generation. Power range is
0.25 to 9.5 MW. Engines run on natural gas,
biogas, and special gases.
GE Intelligent Platforms
Intelligent Platforms Div, 2500 Austin Dr,
Charlottesville, VA 22911, USA,
Contact: Industry Mgr Power/Energy,
William Pezalla
GE Intelligent Platforms is a global provider
of next-generation DCS steam cycle solutions
for boiler operations. Our advanced process
control solution enables optimized, effcient,
and safe energy production.
Geldof Metaalconstructie
Broelstraat 20, Harelbeke B-8530
Belgium, +32-56-73-21-21,,
Serves oil and gas, petrochemical and
LNG sectors as well as coal, gas fred and
nuclear power plants and renewable energy
projects with focus on offshore wind farms and
General Physics Corp
GP Power Div, 6095 Marshalee Dr, Suite
300, Elkridge, MD 21075,
USA, +1-800-727-6677,,
Contact: Dir Bus Dev, Sid Sutherland
General Physics Corp provides innovative
solutions that improve power plant availability,
capacity, and effciency. GPs strategies
for real-time asset monitoring (EtaPRO) and
workforce development (GPiLEARN) maximize
plant performance and proftability.
Generator Removal
81 Spinney Hill, Melbourne, Derbyshire,
Derby, UK, +0845-055-8455,,
Provides removal service of generators,
whether they are 20 kVA or a 1.5m VA,
including all associated pipework, AMF
panels and fuel tanks. Also provides complete
generator servicing and maintenance
GenerPro AB
Terminalvagen 24, Vasteras Sweden,
Manufactures complete generator units or
parts thereof together with a spectrum of
service and retroft of electrical machines
within the power generating industry.
Genmac USA Inc
(div of Genmac Srl (Italy)), 7060 NW
52nd St, Miami, FL 33166,
USA, +1-305-599-8099,,
Contact: Pres, Ioleo Beltrami
Italian design and quality gensets for
whispering back-up power.
Geokon Inc
48 Spencer St, Lebanon, NH 03766,
USA, +1-603-448-1562,,
Contact: Sls Mgr, Geoff Sellers
Geokon Inc, an ISO 9001:2000 registered
company, manufactures a full range of high-
quality geotechnical instrumentation suitable
for monitoring the safety and stability of a
variety of civil and mining structures.
GE Optimization & Control
301 Yamata Rd, Suite 4100, Boca Raton,
FL 33431, USA, +1-561-999-3103,
GE Energy, a leading supplier of power
generation equipment and energy delivery
technologies, as well as those driven by
renewable resources, maintains an installed
base in more than 120 countries.
George H Bodman Inc
PO Box 5758, Kingwood, TX
77325-5758, USA,
Contact: Pres/Tech Cons, George
Offers chemical cleaning technical advisory
services for boilers and balance of plant
Company Classifed Listing
64 January 2012 - PEi
Georg Fischer Piping Systems Ltd
Ebnatstrasse 111, Schaffhausen
Switzerland, +41-52-631-1111,,
Contact: Mark Van Den Bosch
GF Piping Systems meets this worldwide
demand by providing safe, corrosion-free
plastic piping systems for the transport of
liquids and gases for many applications.
GE Power & Water
Water & Process Technologies Div, 4636
Somerton Rd, Trevose, PA 19053, USA,
Supplies water, wastewater, desalination
and process systems solutions to optimize
performance, safeguard assets, and protect
the environment.
(div of Rexel), 2 Corporate Dr, Shelton, CT
06484, USA, +1-203-944-3100,
Contact: Mktg/Comms Mgr, Susan
Gexpro is a full-line international distributor
of electrical, power generation, and fastener
products. Gexpro has integrated logistics-
management and aftermarket parts businesses,
2500 professionals and serves customers from
150 locations worldwide.
GFM Srl (Socio Unico) a Gandini
Holding SpA Co
Via Lega Lombarda 59, Bonate Sopra (Bg)
24040 Italy, +39-03-549-954-01,,
The ideal partner for OEMs, we are a
reference point for the management and
production of mechanical components to
be installed on steam turbines, gas turbines,
generators and special machines.
Via Scossicci, 51, Porto Recanati (MC)
I-62017 Italy, +39-07-197-491,,
GI&E is a reference point in research and the
application of new and alternative solutions
for energy production and environmental
Global Emissions Systems Inc
1650 McEwen Dr, Whitby, ON
L1N 0A2, Canada, +1-905-433-9640,,
Contact: VP, Gary Jarosz
Global Emissions Systems Inc designs and
manufactures market leading emissions
control technologies that reduce up to 90% of
greenhouse gas emissions (CO, HC, NOx,
PM) from commercial fuel burning engines.
Global Hydro Energy GmbH
Niederranna 41, Niederranna A-4085
Austria, +43-7-2855-14,,
Contact: Secty, Michaela Strasser
Global Training Solutions Inc
3163 Winston Churchill Blvd, PO Box
26067, Mississauga, ON L5L 5W7,
Canada, +1-416-806-5777,,
Provider of e-learning, CBT and classroom
training programs. Topics include: NERC
compliance, NERC CIP, health, safety and
environment, T&D, electrical, coal handling,
heat rate, gas turbines, metering, security,
substations, steam.
Gorman-Rupp Co
600 S Airport Rd, Mansfield, OH 44903,
USA, +1-419-755-1011,,
Contact: Natl Sls Mgr, Kevin Willis
Gorman-Rupp manufactures a complete line of
industrial pumps for the power industry. Pumps
include positive displacement rotary gear,
submersibles, straight self-priming centrifugals,
and portable engine-driven centrifugals.
Complete packaged lift stations.
Graphite Metallizing
1050 Nepperhan Ave, Yonkers, NY
10703, USA, +1-914-968-8400,,
Contact: Gen Mgr, Eben Walker
Offers a unique self-lubricating bearing
material that offers superior performance in
hundreds of applications, graphalloy products
provide cost saving and operating advantages
over conventional bushings and bearings.
2 Mid America Plaza, Suite 400,
Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181, USA,
Since 1921, the Graycor Cos have provided
a wide variety of industrial and commercial
contracting services, in addition to industrial
maintenance services, throughout the US,
Canada, Mexico and beyond.
The Greenbank Group UK Ltd
Hartshorne Rd, Woodville, Derbyshire
DE11 7GT, UK, +44-870-607-8880,,
The Greenbank Group focuses on research
and engineering excellence applying
innovation alongside proven technology. Our
technologies improve effciency and contribute
added value in emission reduction.
Green Circle Bio Energy Inc
2500 Green Circle Pkwy, Cottondale, FL
32431, USA, +1-404-630-7777,,
As the renewable energy sector is becoming
a large scale industry, Green Circle has been
established with the purpose of becoming a
major player in the international market.
GUGLER Water Turbines GmbH
Gewerbeweg 3, Goldworth A-4100
Austria, +43-7234-83902,,
Contact: Tech Dir, Gerhard Gugler
Provides Kaplan, Francis, Pelton turbines,
hydroturbines, water turbines, small
hydropower plants, bulb turbines, pit turbines,
generators, and portable micro hydroelectric
The Gund Co
2121 Walton Rd, St Louis, MO 63114,
USA, +1-314-423-5200,,
Contact: Rotating Equip Mgr, Marc
Fabricates insulating components for
generators, motors, transformers and
switchgear. Seven North American facilities
and thermoset material understanding provide
for unparalled capacity and capabilities.
Gundlach Equipment Corp
One Freedom Dr, PO Box 385, Belleville,
IL 62226, USA, +1-618-233-7208,,
Contact: VP Sls/Svc, M. G. Hamby
Provides crushing solutions and equipment for
the coal industry and thermal power plants.
Crushers include low horsepower roll crushers
and Cage-Paktors, plus the NANOSIZ-R for
FBB limestone.
Gntner AG & Co KG
Hans-Gntner-Strae 2 - 6, Frstenfeldbruck
82256 Germany, +49-8141-242-0,,
Contact: Sls Mgr Indus/Power Appl, Volker
Gntner AG & Co is a global leader in the
design and manufacturing of heat exchangers
for various applications and industries. Our
experience and technologies ensure high
Hackforth Holding GmbH & Co Kg
Heerstr 66, Herne 44653 Germany,
Haldor Topsoe A/S
Nymollevej 55, Lyngby Denmark,
Contact: Gen Mgr, Peter Lindenhoff
Supplies catalyst and basic process
engineering for optimising catalyst
performance for NOx abatement in gas,
oil, and coal fred boilers, gas and diesel
engines, gas turbines, incinerators, and
chemical plants.
Haldor Topsoe Inc
17629 El Camino Real, Suite 300,
Houston, TX 77058, USA,
Topsoe offers SCR catalysts for all applications
ranging from coal-fred boilers to diesel-
gensets. Catalysts are produced in Europe
and the US.
rue Emile Francqui, 2, Mont St Guibert
1435 Belgium, +321-039-0500,,
Contact: Mktg Mgr, Dominique Fastre
Offers engineering and contracting in cooling
systems, process heat exchangers, air pollution
control (dust collection and fue gas treatment)
and industrial chimneys.
Hansen International
130 Zenker Rd, Lexington, SC 29072,
USA, +1-803-695-1500,,
Contact: Sls Coord, Lisa Beebe
Hansung HF Co Ltd
4BA 401-2 Shihwa Industrial Complex,
Sunggok-Dong, Danwan-Ku,
Ansan-Si, Gyeonggi-Do, Seoul Korea,
Hans von Mangoldt Reactors
W62 N248 Washington Ave, Suite 208,
Cedarburg, WI 53012, USA,
Contact: Sls Eng, John Houdek
HanzaPrecision AB
Industrigatan 8, Box 34, Arjng 67221
Sweden, +46-573-395-02,,
Manufactures gas and steam turbine parts for
OEM customers.
HARCO Laboratories Inc
186 Cedar St, Branford, CT
06405-6011, USA, +1-203-483-3700,,
Contact: Mktg Mgr, Richard Hoyt
Designs and manufactures thermocouples,
on-engine cables, off-engine cables, RTDs
and speed sensors for industrial and marine
applications, including hardware for GE LM
and Pratt & Whitney FT8 and FT4 engines.
Hardwear Pty Ltd
175 Wellington Rd, North Clayton,
Victoria 3168 Australia, +61-3-95619555,,
Contact: Metallurgist - Bus Dev Mgr, Mehdi
Australian owned and operated, Hardwear
P/L is a pioneer in on-site surface engineering
technologies and refurbishment of high value
metal components using laser cladding
Harris Group Inc
Energy Business Unit, 1999 Broadway,
Suite 1500, Denver, CO 80202,
USA, +1-303-291-0355,,
Contact: Sr VP, Edward Portaro
A multidiscipline engineering/design frm.
The Power Generation Group focuses on
power generating facility upgrades and
new construction of natural gas, coal, and
cogeneration power producing facilities.
Harrison Castings Ltd
Gough Rd, Leicester LE5 4AP, UK,
Contact: Sls Dir, Mike Cole
Sand cast aluminum foundry producing
medium to large castings up to 500 kg.
Primarily for power generation, such as gas
turbines, and diesel engines.
HART Communication Foundation
9390 Research Blvd, Suite I-350, Austin,
TX 78759, USA, +1-512-794-0369,
Hauff-Technik GmbH & Co KG
In den Stegwiesen 18, Herbrechtingen
89542 Germany, +49-732-496-000,,
Hauff-Technik is a leading manufacturer of
water- and gas-tight cable and pipe sealing
systems including rubber press-seals, custom
designs and accessories like earthing points
and cable ducting systems.
Ingenieurgesellschaft GmbH
Zettachring 2, Stuttgart,
Baden-Wuerttemberg 706788 Germany,
Contact: MA, David Sasko
HAUK & SASKO is a German software
specialist for the energy and utilities industry.
The company is the European market
leader in the felds of material fow and fuel
Haynes International
Hohlstrasse 534, Zurich CH 8048
Switzerland, +41-44-434-7080,,
Haynes International Inc, headquartered
in Kokomo, Indiana, USA, is a leading
developer, manufacturer and marketer of
high-performance nickel- and cobalt-based
alloys used in corrosion and high-temperature
5-7 MARCH 2012
Now in its tenth successive year and supported by the Russian Energy Ministry,
Russia Power is highly regarded as the premier platform to gather and exchange
information about strategy and technology for the electric power industry.
The 2011 event attracted an audience of 5,876 high calibre attendees including
Russian and international government energy departments, OGKs & TGKs,
original equipment manufacturers, EPCs and industry consultants.
The Exhibition: Russia Powers world class exhibition foor features the
major players in the Russian and international power industry displaying and
demonstrating the latest services and technologies; representing unrivalled
networking and business opportunities for attendees and exhibitors alike.
The Conference: Russia Powers high-level twin-track conference programme
covers the key business issues and latest technologies in the power generation
and T & D sectors. Developed by professionals from within the Russian and
International power arenas, the conference addresses practical solutions to
meet the challenges facing the industry now and in the future.
For further information on exhibiting and sponsorship at Russia Power 2012
please visit or contact:
Owned and produced by: Offcial Supporter:
Supported by:
Gil Weir Jnr
Sales Manager
T: +44 (0)1992 656 617
F: +44 (0)1992 656 700
Russia and CIS:
Natalia Gaisenok
T: +7 499 271 93 39
F: +7 499 271 93 39
Co-located with:
Presented by:
System Operator of Russia
Scan here to download
the Pre-show guide.
Company Classifed Listing
66 January 2012 - PEi
Hayward Tyler Ltd
1 Kimpton Rd, Luton LU1 3LD, UK,
Offers a comprehensive range of fuid flled
electric motors and pumps that are designed
to meet the most demanding of applications
and environments for energy markets.
Engine & Turbine Management Div, Am
Haselbach 1, D-79677 Schoenau
Germany, +49-7673-8208-0,,
Contact: Man Dir, Markus Gromer
HEINZMANN products include engine and
turbine controls, hydraulic and electronic
governors, EFI systems, AFR systems,
knock controls, dual fuel systems, power
management systems, and engine emission
control systems.
(sub of HEINZMANN GmbH & Co KG),
Durham Tees Valley Airport, Darlington,
Durham DL2 1PD, UK,
Contact: Gen Mgr, Peter Walsh
Manufacture and sales of speed governing
and generator management equipment for
industrial diesel and gas engines. Markets
include genset, locomotive, marine, and off-
highway. Service and repair.
Helmut Mauell GmbH
AM Rosenhuegel 1-7, Velbert D-42553
Germany, +49-020-53-1-30,,
Offers control and instrumentation systems,
power distribution, station and remote control
systems and control room technology for
power generating plants.
Henkel Corp/Loctite
Industrial Maintenance & Repair Products
Div, One Henkel Way, Rocky Hill, CT
06067, USA, +1-860-571-5316,
Henkel provides Loctite brand products and
training seminars to maintenance engineers
in all industries. In-plant seminars teach
maintenance technicians how to solve
common maintenance problems and prevent
unscheduled downtime.
(sub of ATCO Structures & Logistics -
Environmental Systems), 260 Holiday Inn
Dr, Unit 1, Cambridge, ON N3C 4E8,
Canada, +1-519-220-0600,,
Specializes in turbine inlet and exhaust
silencers, by-pass diverters and stacks,
expansion joints, diffusers, simple cycle
catalyst systems, acoustical cabins and
enclosures, and related systems and
Hilliard Corp
100 W 4th St, Elmira, NY, 14902-1504,
USA, +1-607-733-7121,,
Contact: Mktg Mgr, Rob Doud
The Hilliard Corp offers broad lines of motion
control products, oil fltration and reclaiming
equipment, industrial gas starters, diesel
engines and gas turbines.
Hitachi Power Europe
Schiffer Strasse 80, Duisburg 47059
Germany, +49-203-8038-0,,
Contact: Head PR/Mktg, Helge Schulz
Hitachi Power Europe GmbH both plans
and builds key components for fossil fuel-
fred power plants, such as pulverizers,
environments engineering systems, utility steam
generators, and turbines.
Hitech Instruments
(div of Cooper Crouse-Hinds), Great
Marlings, Butterfield, Luton LU2 8DL,
UK, +44-1582-435600,,
Contact: Prod Sls Spec, Richard Newberry
Manufacturer of process gas analyser systems
for applications including hydrogen purity,
purge gas monitoring and inert gas blanketing
in power stations.
Hitec Power Protection
Bedrijvenpark Twente 40, PO Box 65,
Almelo, Overijssel NL-7600 AB The
Netherlands, +31-546-589-589,,
Contact: Mktg Mgr, Jasper Kerkwijk
Hitec Power Protection develops, manufactures
and delivers turnkey power solutions to ensure
uninterruptible, continuous and conditioned
power supplies to mission critical processes.
Core of this solution are rotary UPS systems
using fywheel energy storage.
Hitec Power Protection Beijing
Co Ltd
D-1016B, Bldg Top Box, 69 Bei Chen W
St, Beijing China, +86-10-58-77-20-36,,
Hitec Power Protection BV
Blk 3 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A,
02-06 AMK Tech I 568050
Singapore, +65-673-768-69,,
Hitec Power Protection Ibrica SL
Pol Ind Moli den Serra, C/Alt Penedes
nave 4, Santa Oliva (Tarragona)
43710 Spain, +34-977-668-902,,
Hitec Power Protection Ltd
Unit B21a, Holly Farm Business Park,
Honiley, Kenilworth, Warwickshire
CV8 1NP, UK, +44-1926-484-535,,
Hitec Power Protection (Malaysia)
Unit L2-3A, SME3, Persiaran APEC, Cyber
8, Cyberjaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan
63000 Malaysia, +60-3-8318-2346,,
Hobart Brothers Co
(div of Illinois Tool Works), 100 Trade
Square E, Troy, OH 45373, USA,
Contact: VP/GM, Grant Harvey
Hobart Brothers Co is a leading manufacturer
of welding fller metals (tubular wires, stick
electrodes and solid wires) marketed under
the brand names Hobart, Tri-Mark, McKay
and Corex.
HOERBIGER Ventilwerke GmbH
& Co Kg
Braunhubergasse 23, Vienna 1110
Austria, +43-1-740-04-0,,
HOERBIGER is active throughout the world as
a leading player in the felds of compression
technology, automation technology and drive
Hoesch Schwerter Profle GmbH
Eisenindustriestrasse 1, Schwerte D-58239
Germany, +49-2304-106-273,,
Contact: Prod Mgr, Christine Amft
Hoesch Schwerter Profle is a manufacturer
of special steel profles and special tube
Holtec International
555 Lincoln Dr W, Marlton, NJ 08053,
USA, +1-856-797-0900,,
Contact: Mktg Spec, Jennifer Devlin
Supplies equipment and systems for the
nuclear, renewable (solar, geothermal, and
wind) and fossil power generation sectors of
the energy industry.
Holter Regelarmaturen GmbH &
Power Technology Div, Helleforthstrasse
58-60, Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock
33758 Germany, +49-5207-89030,,
Contact: Sls Dir, Matthias Dirbach
One of Germanys leading manufacturers
of control valves with more than 40 years
experience. The independent company
specializes in the design and manufacture of
severe service valves.
Honeywell Process Solutions
2500 W Union Hills Dr, Phoenix, AZ
85027, USA, +1-800-223-8947,
Contact: Mike Abraham
Delivers leading-edge automation and control
solutions, equipment, and services designed to
improve customers business performance.
PO Box 11245, Spokane, WA
99211-0245, USA, +1-509-534-6171,,
Contact: Mkt Mgr Gen Set, Greg Walters
Designs and manufactures engine pre-heaters
that improve the reliability of generators and
other industrial engines. Heaters provide easy
starts, immediate full power, reduced emissions
and reduced fuel consumption.
Houston Wire & Cable Co
10201 N Loop E, Houston, TX 77029,
USA, +1-713-609-2100,
Contact: Mktg Mgr, Lance Howland
Howden North America Inc
7909 Parklane Rd, Columbia, SC 29223,
USA, +1-803-741-2700,,
Contact: Mktg Mgr, Dan Bryan
Manufactures and services fans, rotary heat
exchangers, replacement elements, as well
as Gyrol Fluid Drive hydraulic couplings
for variable speed control of fans, pumps,
compressors, and conveyors.
HSB Global Standards
1 State St, Hartford, CT 06141, USA,
Contact: Prod Mktg Mgr, Richard
Provider of inspection, certifcation, auditing
and engineering consulting services for a
range of local/international codes and
standards, including ASME nuclear/non-
nuclear, third-party, international codes, PED
notifed body, and ISO registration.
HTRI Asia-Pacifc
World Business Garden Marive E 14F,
Nakase 2-6, Mihamaku, Chiba
261-7114 Japan, +81-43-297-0353,,
Heat Transfer Research Inc provides
engineering software for design and
simulation of process heat transfer equipment.
Our industrial research and development
consortium serves over 1000 corporate
The Surrey Technology Centre, 40 Occam
Rd, Guildford, Surrey GU2 7YG, UK,
Heat Transfer Research, Inc. provides
engineering software for design and
simulation of process heat transfer equipment.
Our industrial research and development
consortium serves over 1000 corporate
Huadian Measurement and
No 108, Beihuan Rd, Haigang District,
Qinhuangdao, Hebei 066000
China, +86-15033542890,,
One of the leading suppliers for power plant
equipment. With sales networks covering
all provinces of China, we are checking the
possibility of importing some marketplace
products from the US.
Huggenberger AG
Toedistrasse 68, Horgen 8810
Switzerland, +41-44-72777-00,,
Contact: Mktg, Edith Meier
Hurst Boiler & Welding Co Inc
21971 US Hwy 319 N, PO Box 530,
Coolidge, GA 31738-0530, USA,
Contact: Dir Mktg, Jeff Hurst
Manufactures steam and hot water boilers,
vertical tubeless, vertical tubed, frebox, scotch
marine fretube, waste/solid fuel fred boilers,
feedwater/dearator systems, and blowdown
Hutchinson Transmission
Rue des martyrs, Joue-les-Tours 373404
France, +33-247-483999,,
Contact: Mktg Mgr, Sophie Esteve
Develops and manufactures complete drive
systems incorporating ribbed belts, linear
tensioners, thermo set pulleys, idlers, and
decoupling pulleys. As a market leader,
Hutchinson is working with the largest OEMs.
Company Classifed Listing
January 2012 - PEi 67
5001 Moundview Dr, Red Wing, MN
55066, USA, +1-651-388-8661,,
Contact: VP Sls, Brian Ahrens
Patented technology and trained technicians
offering portable bolting and machining
solutions. Hydraulic torque and tension tools
plus cold-cutting, beveling, fange-facing, line-
boring, milling, and heat treating.
Hydratight Ltd
Axcess 10, Bentley Rd S, Darlaston,
West Midlands WS10 8LQ, UK,
Contact: Sls Mgr, Roy Sheldon
Patented technology and trained technicians
offering portable bolting and machining
solutions, hydraulic torque and tension tools
plus cold-cutting, beveling, fange-facing, line-
boring, milling, and heat treating.
301 Plantation Rd, Harahan, LA 70123,
USA, +1-866-586-2825,,
Contact: Team Leader, Tim Woodrow
5 cours Ferdinand-de-Lesseps,
Rueil-Malmaison, Cedex 92851 France,
Contact: Reg Mgr, Ugo Spinazzola
Developed the Fusegate system, and ideal
application that offers highly fexible and
versatile solutions for both existing and new
dams. Implemented in 14 countries since
Hyosung Co
254-8 Gongdeok-Dong, Seoul 121-710
Korea, +82-23-279-215,,
Hyosung Power & Industrial Systems
Performance Group, a comprehensive energy
solution provider, has secured a competitive
capability on par with that of top competitors
in transformers, switchgear and more.
(div of UNEX Corp), 333 Rt 17 N,
Mahwah, NJ 07430, USA,
Contact: Sr Tech Dir, Joe Paul
Increase productivity and effciency with
HYTORC. Get even and accurate bolt load/
joint closure with 24/7 global support and a
100 percent money-back guarantee.
Iberdrola Ingenieria y
Ribera de Axpe, 5, Erandio, Vizcaya
48950 Spain, +34-9-46019026,,
Contact: Bus Dev, Borja Gotxikoa
ICTC Pvt Ltd
St Hattisar, PO Box 660, Kathmandu 660
Nepal, +977-1-4434895,,
Contact: Man Dir, Prabin Shrestha
IHI Corp
Toyosu IHI Bldg 1-1, Toyosu 3-chome,
Koto-ku, Tokyo Japan, +81-3-620-474-19,,
With over 500 boilers installed worldwide
since 1950, IHI leads power industries by
producing high performance plants and high
steam conditioned plants with advanced
technology, including tower type boilers.
Imbibitive Technologies
8 Hiscott St, Suite 1, St Catharines, ON
L2R 1C6, Canada, +1-905-641-2323,,
Contact: Corp Prod Mgr, J. Chris Polis
Imbiber Beads, the engineered true absorbent
(ASTM F716), selectively removes organic
liquids from water-discussed in REA Bulletin
655-3 and EPAs fnal rule for SPCC
100 Mansell Ct E, Suite 300, Roswell,
GA 30076, USA, +1-770-645-3705,,
Contact: Mktg Mgr, Karla Smith
IMERYS is a leading producer of industrial
minerals uniquely engineered for the power
and energy industries. Particularly valuable is
our newest product, Aurora, a deposit and
corrosion inhibitor.
Imtech Deutschland GmbH
& Co KG Kraftwerks- und
Behringstrasse 7, Planegg 82152
Germany, +49-89-856-900,,
Imtech has 150 years of excellence in power
engineering and co-generation. Independent
of product ties Imtech offers sustainable and
optimized industrial energy solutions for public
and private customers.
Poligono Industrial Txara S/N, Beasain/
Guipuzcoa 48170 Spain,
Indar Electric designs and manufactures
synchronous generators and asynchronous
and synchronous motors with powers ranging
from 1 to 25 MW and voltages of 690V to
15 kV .
Indeck Power Equipment Co
1111 S Willis Ave, Wheeling, IL 60090,
USA, +1-847-541-8300,,
Contact: Sls Mgr, David Smith
Indeck is the most diverse boiler manufacturer
in the world. Indeck provides customized
equipment specifc to client needs including
watertube boilers, hot water boilers, waste
heat systems, and rental equipment.
Independent Forgings & Alloys
Victoria Forge, Livesey St, Sheffield, South
Yorks S6 2BL, UK, +44-1142-343-000,,
IFA is a specialist manufacturer of open die
forging and ring and precision bar products,
producing forgings up to 10 tons in a wide
range of metallic materials.
Independent Power Producers
13-15 Hong Shing St, 7th Fl Block E,
Quarry Bay, Hong Kong China,
The Independent Power Producers Forum (IPPF)
is a global organization consisting of senior
executives and decision-makers from power
generation, energy and related frms that
support the industry across Asia.
Indufl BV
PO Box 442, Zevenaar 6900 AK The
Netherlands, +31-26-3190-800,,
Contact: Sls Mgr, Erik van Regteren
As part of John Crane Filtration & Systems,
Indufl offers fltration solutions for the rotating
equipment industry. Designing, developing,
and manufacturing custom made flters and
valves meeting every international standard.
Industrial Accessories Co-IAC
4800 Lamar Ave, Mission, KS 66202,
USA, +1-913-384-5511,,
Contact: Pres, Glenn Smith Jr.
Industrial Accessories Co designs, builds, and
installs dust collection, bulk material storage,
and pneumatic conveying systems. Specialty
services include mercury control, baghouse
inspections, and all systems replacement parts.
Industrial Control Solutions Ltd
Enterprise House, Carlton Rd, Worksop,
Nottinghamshire S81 7QF, UK,
Contact: Sls Dir, Steven McDermott
Offers refurbished control systems and
subsystems for rotating machinery and process
plants. Siemens, Rockwell, and Mitsubishi
approved and EPRO vibration agents. Custom
built with emphasis on gathering plant data for
Industrial Info Resources, Europe
2a Ballybrit Business Park, Galway Ireland,
Industrial Info Resources (IIR) is the leading
provider of global industrial market
intelligence. We specialize in database
solutions for the power industry, as well as
other industrial markets.
Industrial Mechanical Specialties
33 Glencameron Rd, Unit 8, Thornhill,
ON L3T IN9, Canada,
Contact: Mgr Spray Solutions Div, John
Manufactures industrial spray nozzles, FGD
Quench/Scrub mist eliminator, dust control,
wastewater foam control evaporative cooling
steam coils, unit heaters, heat exchangers and
high pressure water cleaning systems.
Infolytica Corp
Place du Parc 300 Lo-Pariseau, Suite
2222, Montreal, QC H2X 4B3, Canada,
Contact: VP, Behzad Forghani
Infolytica offers electromagnetic and thermal
FEA software for the design and analysis of
actuators, supercapacitors, transformers, and
any electromagnetic and electrical devices or
Ingersoll Rand
800-B Beaty St, Davidson, NC 28036,
USA, +1-704-655-4000,
Ingeteam Energy
Avda Ciudad de la Innovacion, 13,
Sarriguren 31621 Spain,
Ingeteam offers complete electrical equipment
(electric generators, power converters) and
services for renewable energies since 1990.
Now with production facilities in the US,
China and Europe.
Innovative Steam Technologies
549 Conestoga Blvd, Cambridge, ON
N1R 7P4, Canada, +1-519-740-0757,,
IST designs and manufactures steam
generators for power generation, enhanced
oil recovery/SAGD and industrial boiler
applications. IST is the worlds leader of once
through steam generators (OTSGs).
Stigsborgvej 36, St, Noerresundby
Denmark, +45-9632-3828,,
Is focused on the development of control
systems for energy production and energy
distribution, based on decentralized energy
INP Deutschland GmbH
Werkstrasse 5, Roemerberg D-67354
Germany, +49-623-268-690,,
INP is an international and independent
engineering company offering its customers
a wide range of services within the area of
construction of power plants and other large
industrial plants.
Intech FA Co Ltd
New Business Div, 413-5 Maetan-Dong,
Yeong-Gu, Suwon-Si, Gyeonggi-do
443-803 Korea, +82-31-218-4812,
Integrated Engineering Software
220-1821 Wellington Ave, Winnipeg,
MB R3H 0G4, Canada,
Leading developer of hybrid simulation tools
for electromagnetic, thermal and structural
design analysis. Easy to use, accurate CAE
tools. Experiment models in 2-D/RS and 3-D
through our powerful parametric solvers.
InterEnergy Srl
Via A Boito 102, Cerveteri (Roma) 00052
Italy, +39-06-9920-6927,,
Contact: Dir, Alex Sorokin
Engineering company specialized in
sustainable energy, renewables, distributed
generation, CHP and trigeneration, rural
electrifcation, effciency, rational use
of energy, energy storage, smart grids,
hydrogen, electrical vehicles, investment
evaluation, auditing and consulting.
International Energy Systems
(1983) Ltd
1387 Haywood Ave, West Vancouver, BC
V7T 1V4, Canada, +1-604-913-6618,,
Contact: Pres, K. Douglas Cullen
OEM packager of standby and baseload
gas turbine generator sets, steam turbines
and diesel power plants. Twenty-eight models
offered from 200 kW to 18 MW unit sizes.
International Paint LLC
Ceilcote Products Div, 640 N Rocky River
Dr, Berea, OH 44017, USA,
Contact: Tech Sls Support, Dave Brysacz
Ceilcote coating, lining, fooring and precision
grout systems offer cost-effective corrosion
control protection for industrial plants, and
processes subjected to chemical environments
ranging from moderate to the most aggressive.
International Power Machinery Co
50 Public Sq, Terminal Tower, Suite 834,
Cleveland, OH 44113, USA,
Contact: Pres, Alan Kern
Since 1918, buys and sells 50 and 60 cycle
new/used pre-owned electrical, gas, steam,
power plant equipment, gas/steam turbine
generator units, diesel/gas engine generator
units, boilers, transformers, and more.
Company Classifed Listing
68 January 2012 - PEi
Friedensstrasse 41, Altlussheim Germany,
Contact: Mktg Mgr, Suzana Vidakovic
Established in 1972, INTERNORMEN stands
for a group of globally active companies
in more than 80 countries. Offers flter
technology, fuid management, electronics,
system technology, contamination monitoring,
software and more.
Unit 5 Enterprise Centre, Skipton Rd,
Crosshills, West Yorkshire BD20
7BX, UK, +44-1535-633828,
IPWLs innovative technology is specifcally
designed to provide solutions for orbital
pipeline welding applications within the oil,
gas, water and petrochemical industries.
Iris Systems Inc
19138 26th Ave, Unit 205, Surrey, BC
V3S 3V7, Canada, +1-604-584-4747,,
Iris Systems Inc is a world leader in industrial
fame monitoring equipment.
Iron Ring Communications Ltd
431 Brookmill Rd, Oakville, ON L6J 5K6,
Canada, +1-905-849-5922,,
Contact: Pres, Dennis Towell
Offers video and multimedia-based training for
electrical distribution utilities.
Ironworker Management
Progressive Action Cooperative
1750 New York Ave NW, West Lobby,
Washington, DC 20006, USA,
IMPACT is a labor management partnership
designed to provide a forum for union
Ironworkers and signatory contractors to
address mutual concerns and encourage
reasonable balanced solutions.
IRT Integrated Rectifer
Technologies Inc
15360 116th Ave, Edmonton, AB
T5M 3Z6, Canada, +1-780-447-1114,,
Contact: Pres, Ken Roth
Lunkad Towers, 2nd Fl, Viman Nagar, Pune
411 014 India, +91-20-6602-4901
Leading manufacturer of seamless tubes, tube-
based products and specialty steels for various
applications across industries like powergen,
OCTG, automotive, bearings, hydraulic,
drilling and mining, construction and general
ITT Goulds Pumps
(formerly known as Goulds Pumps), (sub of
ITT Corp), 240 Fall St, Seneca Falls,
NY 13148, USA, +1-315-568-2811,,
Contact: Mktg Mgr, John Manna
Provides pumps for power generation,
replacement parts, and service for all power
plant rotating equipment. Offers enhanced life
cycle solutions, such as predictive monitoring
and pump controllers.
Ivara Corp
5046 Mainway, Burlington, ON L7L 5Z1,
Canada, +1-905-632-8000,
Contact: Dir Mktg, Sandra DiMatteo
Leader in asset performance management
software and consulting services. Instills a
proactive process for maintenance and operations
to care for their production equipment.
Jaquet North America
32 W Monroe St, Bedford, OH 44146,
USA, +1-440-439-2638,,
Contact: Gen Mgr, John Taylor
Offers products to measure and control speed
for turbines and other applications.
JASC: Jansens Aircraft Systems
Controls Inc
2303 W Almeda Dr, Tempe, AZ 85282,
USA, +1-602-438-4400,,
Contact: Oper Mgr, Kevin Deutscher
Solutions provider, designs and manufactures
valves that control the fow of liquids. Used in
aerospace, military, aviation, chemical, food
and beverage, marine, water, oil and gas,
mining and gas turbine.
Jeffrey Rader AB
Domnarvsgatan 11, Spnga, Stockholm
163 53 Sweden, +46-856-475-747,,
Jeffrey Rader is a leading manufacturer of size
reduction and material handling systems for
the biomass industry and specializes in fuel
receiving, preparation, storage and more.
Jeffrey Rader Corp
398 Willis Rd, Woodruff, SC 29388,
USA, +1-864-476-7523,,
Contact: Sls/Mktg Mgr, Ted Gentile
Jeffrey Rader Corp is a leader in material
handling with equipment for pneumatic
conveying, screening and processing, size
reduction, storage and reclaim, and vibratory
Jeremias GmbH
Opfenrieder Strae 11-14,
Wassertrdingen 91717 Germany,
The Jeremias Group has more than 40 years
experience in the fue industry and is one of
the worlds leading manufacturers of fue and
chimney systems.
JEUMONT Electric
367 rue de lIndustrie, Jeumont 59572
France, +33-3619-996-00,,
Contact: Mktg Dir, Gerard Lescot
A leader in electrical power generation and
conversion equipment, services and solutions,
Jeumont Electric designs, manufactures, and
services large electrical generators and motors
for a wide range of applications.
JNT Technical Services Inc
85 Industrial Ave, Little Ferry, NJ 07643,
USA, +1-201-641-2130,,
Contact: Gen Mgr, G. Jorgensen
JNT products can be found at,,,,
John Cardwell Ltd
(div of Belman Production A/S), Buildbase
Way, Bird Hall Ln, Cheadle Health,
Stockport, Cheshire SK3 0SB, UK,
Contact: Eng Dir, Steve Cawley
Designs and manufactures expansion joints
and bellows. Also installs, repairs, replaces
and supervises services for expansion joints.
John Crane
31 Nash Rd, Trafford Park, Manchester,
UK, +44-161-872-2484,,
Contact: Mktg/Comms Mgr, Louise Palmer
A global leader in the design, development
and manufacture of products and services for
the power industry including mechanical seals
and systems, power transmission couplings,
fltration systems and more.
John Deere Power Systems
(div of Deere & Co), 3801 W Ridgeway
Ave, PO Box 5100, Waterloo, IA
50704, USA, +1-800-533-6446,,
Contact: Mktg Comms Spec, Christine
The clean, reliable choice for generator
power, John Deere Power, Systems
manufactures engines for use in a variety
of off-highway applications. JDPS offers
2.413.5 L diesel engines.
Johnson Controls Inc
Building Efficiency Unit, 507 E Michigan
St, Milwaukee, WI 53201, USA,
Contact: Mgr Energy/Sustainability
Comms, Steve Thomas
Johnson Controls handles the design,
engineering, installation, commissioning,
operation and maintenance of your renewable
energy technology. Also guarantees the
energy production, reducing your risk and
increasing your energy security.
Johnson Matthey Catalysts
(Germany) GmbH
Bahnhofstrasse 43, Redwitz D-96257
Germany, +49-957-481-879,,
Johnson Matthey develops, manufactures
and supplies catalyst and flter technologies
and systems for the control of gaseous and
particulate emissions from a wide range of
stationary and marine engines
Johnson Pump
(div of SPX), 611 Sugar Creed Rd,
Delavan, WI 53115, USA,
Contact: Dir Indl Sls, Allen Daniszewski
Johnson Pump, an SPX brand, offers a wide
range of gear, lobe and centrifugal pumps
for a wide range of fuid transfer duties in the
power and industrial industries.
KAEFER Isoliertechnik GmbH &
Getreidetrae 3, Bremen 28217
Germany, +49-421-610-9231,,
KAEFER is the worlds largest provider of heat,
cold and sound insulation, fre protection,
interior solutions, and related technologies.
Kansas City Deaerator
6731 W 121st St, Overland Park, KS
66209, USA, +1-913-338-2111,,
Contact: Pres, Mike Koontz
Karl Storz Industrial-America Inc
2151 Grand Ave, El Segundo, CA
90245, USA, +1-800-329-9618,,
Contact: Off Mgr, Lauren Schumann
For over 50 years, Karl Storz has built a
reputation and name synonymous with quality,
innovation and technology. KSIA is dedicated
exclusively to the remote visual inspection
Kato Engineering Inc
(sub of Emerson), 2075 Howard Dr, PO
Box 8447, North Mankato, MN
56003, USA, +1-507-625-4011,,
Provides generators for prime, standby,
and peak-shaving power. Engine or turbine
driven 200 kW to 15 MW, used in oil and
gas, mining and manufacturing, military,
transportation, cogeneration, computers, and
Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe
Nehringstrasse 15, Bad Homburg
Germany, +49-617-273-630,,
Contact: Sls/Mktg Dir, Lutz Fricke
Manufacturer of gas turbine generator sets for
power or process solutions. Heavy duty gas
turbines available from 600 to 18,000 kWe.
Offers custom energy solutions.
K C Engineering
Hownsgill Dr, Delves Ln Industrial Estate,
Durham DH8 9HU, UK,
Manufactures and reapairs whitemetal
bearings and precision seals.
KE-Burgmann A/S
Expansion Joints Div, (sub of Burgmann
Industries), Park All 34, Vejen
DK-6600 Denmark, +45-75-36-18-11,,
Contact: Sls Mgr, Hans Hansen
Manufactures fabric, metal, and rubber
expansion joints for pipe and duct systems in
power generation and gas turbine systems.
Engineered solutions for low and high
temperature applications.
Utrechtseweg 310, PO Box 9035,
Arnhem The Netherlands,
KEMA is a knowledge leader specializing in
high-quality services to the energy value chain.
Offers business and technical consulting,
operational support, measurement and
inspection, and testing and certifcation.
257, Yonggudaero, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si,
Gyeonggi-do 446713 Korea,
Contact: Prod Eng, Jaehyung Kim
KEPCO E&C works for designing power
plants and doing EPC projects.
9401 Renner Blvd, Lenexa, KS 66219,
USA, +1-913-928-7000,
Contact: Sr VP Bus Dev, John Kruse
Kiewit Power is a competitive power team
that partners Kiewits premier constructors and
engineers to offer clients a one-stop shop
for all integrated engineering, procurement,
constructive, and startup service needs.
800 Kipling Ave, Unit 2, Toronto, ON
M8Z 6C4, Canada, +1-416-207-6000,,
Contact: Mktg Mgr, Cheryl Tasker-Shaw
Kinectrics industry experts deliver practical
life cycle management solutions to help
utilities optimize system performance. We
offer advanced services and unique, testing
facilities for generation and transmission and
Conference & Exhibition
6 - 8 November 2012
Sandton Convention Centre
Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa
Owned and Produced by: Co-Located with:
Presented by:
About POWER-GEN Africa
The inaugural POWER-GEN Africa event will provide
comprehensive coverage of the power needs, resources, and
issues facing the electricity industries across Sub-Saharan
Global attention is being paid to Africas power requirements
as the continent continues to experience rapid growth and
development, driving the need for more widespread and
reliable electricity.
With POWER-GEN Africas conference and exhibition
focusing on all aspects of the power industry and bringing
together the worlds leading power equipment suppliers
with those developing power infrastructure in this dynamic
region of the world, this is a new event you cannot afford to
Invitation to Exhibit
If your company supplies products or services to the
power generation and transmission and distribution
industries in Africa, then POWER-GEN Africa is
essential to reaching the key industry professionals and
decision makers.
A three day event, POWER-GEN Africa serves the industrys
information and networking needs with a dedicated trade
show foor featuring the prime movers in the power industry.
For further information on exhibiting and
sponsorship, please contact:
Leon Stone
T: +44 (0) 1992 656 671
Company Classifed Listing
70 January 2012 - PEi
Kinetics Noise Control
3570 Nashua Dr, Mississauga, ON
L4V 1L2, Canada, +1-905-670-4922,,
Kingsbury Inc
10385 Drummond Rd, Philadelphia, PA
19154, USA, +1-215-824-4961,,
Contact: Intl Sls Mgr, Mark Kuhn
Kingsbury is the world leader in the design
and manufacture of tilting pad and fxed
profle babbitted thrust and journal bearings
for rotating machinery such as turbines,
generators, compressors, pumps and
Kingsbury Repair & Service
1402 Fairway Dr, Erie, PA 16505, USA,
Contact: Sls Eng, Doug Tuley
Kingsbury provides the latest technology in
bearing repairs, retrofts and upgrades. We
have become the pre-eminent provider of
engineering solutions for all types and makes
of fuid bearings.
Kingsine Electric Automation Co
F4.8-6C TianAn Cyber Park, Futian,
Shenzhen, Guangdong 518048
China, +86-755-83418941,,
Contact: Mgr, Roger Xia
One of the leading Chinese manufacturers
of relay testers and standard source and
power calibrators with more than 1800 users
and backed by ISO 9001:2000 and CE
Kirloskar Brothers LLC
(div of Kirloskar Brothers Ltd), Udyog
Bhavan Tilak Rd, Pune, Maharashtra
411002 India, +91-20-244-401-56,,
We offer customized products and services
to meet our customers requirements including
pumps, valves, Hydel turbines, and turnkey
Kissling AG
Weieracherstrasse 3, Bachenblach CH
8184 Switzerland, +41-44-308-9797,,
Kissling AG has been developing, designing
and producing reduction gears for the most
varied applications since 1925 and is known
for high-speed planetary and spur gear units
and relaible service.
KITA Logistics
Kita Ulastirma Hizmetleri Tic as, Kocman
Caddesi No 33, Gunesli, Istanbul
Turkey, +90-212-410-0040,,
KITA offers global air, ocean freight
forwarding, LCL consolidation, groupage
and full trucking, exhibition logistics, customs
clearance, distribution and other value added
global logistics services.
KOAMI-Korea Association of
Machinery Industry
Koami Bldg #13-31, Yeouido-dong,
Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul 150-729 Korea,
KOAMI is the leading industrial organization
for the Korean machinery sector. KOAMI
provides practical help for industrial member
companies and actively promotes the sector
in general.
Kobelco Compressors America Inc
(div of Kobe Steel Ltd), 1415 Louisiana St,
Suite 4111, Houston, TX 77002, USA,
Contact: Sls Mgr, Masa Nakamine
Kobelco screw gas compressors can create
tremendous power savings during gas turbine
operation. Kobelcos highly engineered screw
compressors can operate to suction and
discharge pressure of 1500 psig.
Kohl AG
17 AM Scheerleck, Wecker L-6868
Luxembourg, +352-719971-5000,,
Kontrol Sistemleri Ltd Sti
Ege Plaza, Barbaros Cad Kutup Sok, No
8TR-34775 Y Dudullu, Instanbul Turkey,
Korecentric Ltd
26 Kings Hill Ave, Kings Hill, West
Malling, Kent ME19 4AE, UK,
Contact: Dir, Mike Gordon
Kraftanlagen Mnchen GmbH
Ridlerstrasse 31c, Mnchen 80339
Germany, +49-896-2370,,
Kraftanlagen Mnchen GmbH is one of the
leading European companies in the piping
systems and plant construction sector with
decades of experience and over 2300
Bildgasse 40, Industrie Nord, Lustenau
6890 Austria, +43-5577-866-440,,
KRAL AG is an international manufacturer
of high quality displacement pumps and
fowmeters for liquids. Many power stations
are built and modernized using our know-how
and our high quality products.
KSB Aktiengesellschaft
Johann Klein St 9, Frankenthal 67227
Germany, +49-6233-860,,
KSB is one of the worlds leading producers of
pumps, valves and systems. Our high pressure
products give reliable service in primary and
secondary circuits of power plants all over
the world.
K-Sun Corp
370 SMC Dr, PO Box 309, Somerset, WI
54025, USA, +1-715-247-4440,
Contact: Dir Admin, Linda Law
K-Sun Corp offers a line of exclusive stand-
alone and PC-compatible electronic label
printers, software and supplies used in
laboratory, hospital, industrial, manufacturing,
research, safety, law enforcement/EMS,
wire/cabling, and others.
KTI-Plersch Kaeltetechnik GmbH
Carl-Otto-Weg 14/2, Balzheim 88481
Germany, +49-7347-9572-0,,
Contact: Export Mgr, Peter Kulczycki
KTI-Plersch is a dynamic and innovative
German refrigeration contractor.
KTR Kupplungstechnik GmbH
Rodder Damm 170, Rheine 48432
Germany, +49-5971-798,,
With more than 50 years of experience
in power transmission, KTR is a leading
supplier of couplings, clamping sets, torque
limiters, torque measuring systems, hydraulic
components and brake systems.
Kuttner LLC (also Kuttner North
PO Box 343, Port Washington, WI
53074, USA, +1-262-284-4483,
Contact: Pres, Robert Fechner
As a single-source engineering company for
process equipment and air emission systems,
Kuttner North Amercia provides our customers
with the strength of our global technical
L-3 Communications Mapps Inc
Power Systems and Simulation Div, 8565
Cote-de-Liesse, St Laurent, QC H4T 1G5,
Canada, +1-514-787-4999,,
Contact: Mktg Coord, Isabelle Derry
Leading supplier of power plant simulation
technology, L-3 Mapps has been developing
full scale simulators and simulator upgrades for
more than three decades.
Labcraft Ltd
Thunderley Barns, Thaxted Rd, Wimbish,
Saffron Walden, Essex CB10 2UT, UK,
Contact: Lizzy Rybicki
Manufactures low-voltage LED and fuorescent
high-effciency DC lighting.
Lahmeyer International GmbH
Friedberger Str 173, Bad Vilbel 61118
Germany, +49-6101-55-1290,,
Contact: Bus Dev Dir, Bernd Metzger
Lasertec Inc
99 YangLi Village Gushan, Town Jin An,
Fuzhou, Fujian 350014 China,
Contact: Dir, Lee Gary
Supplies optical components such as mirrors,
windows, prisms and lenses made of BK7,
UVFS, and other IR material.
Lazaro Ituarte Internacional SA
Polgono Kalzadako (Saratxo), Amurrio,
Alava 01468 Spain, +34-945-891-561,,
Lazaro Ituarte, founded in 1928 and
incorporated into Valvospain Group in 2006,
is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of
high pressure valves for the power generation
LDS (Laser Detection Systems Ltd)
(div of ITL - International Technologies
Lasers), 11 Granit St, PO Box 10168,
Petach-Tikva 49514 Israel,
Contact: Bus Dev Dir, Itamar Riftin
LDS utilizes its expertise in advanced laser-
based spectrographic techniques to bring
remote, automatic real-time detection of
minerals, chemicals, and other substances for
multiple markets.
135 Quality Dr, Richmond, KY 40475,
USA, +1-859-624-2091,,
Manufacturers of gas dryers and generator
auxiliaries for hydrogen cooled generators
since 1932. Products include hydrogen
dryers, gas optimization systems and more.
Lenox Instrument Co
Boiler, Cameras & Borescopes Div, 265
Andrews Rd, Trevose, PA 19053, USA,
Contact: VP, Bill Lang
Lenox Instrument Co is a manufacturer of
highly reliable fxed and portable furnace/
boiler cameras and boiler fame monitoring
systems. Lenox also manufactures precision,
rigid, and fexible borescopes and
Leon Heimer S/A
BR 101 Norte, Km 53 - Dist Industrial,
Paulista, Pernambuco Brazil,
Electric Power Generation Div, (div of
Emerson), Sillac, Angouleme 16015
France, +33-545-64-45-64,
Contact: Mktg Mgr, Serge Plat
Manufactures AC generators from 1 to
25,000 kVA, 2 to 18 pole, low, medium and
high voltage up to 15 kV.
Leslie Controls Inc
12501 Telecom Dr, Tampa, FL 33637,
USA, +1-800-439-4485,,
Contact: Mktg Coord, Char Brown
Leslie Controls offers zero leakage, high-
performance, severe service control valves up
to 12 ANSI 4500 class. Applications include
steam conditioning, turbine bypass, solenoid
fuel shut off and more.
LHE Co Ltd
Plant Div, 1089, Jangbang-ri,
Hallim-Myeun, Gimhae-si, Gyeongnam
621-814 Korea, +82-55-3400-642,,
Liburdi Turbine Services Inc
400 Hwy 6 N, Dundas, ON L9H 7K4,
Canada, +1-905-689-0734,,
Contact: Opers Dir, Lloyd A Cooke
Offers analysis and refurbishment of aero and
industrial gas turbine components.
(div of SPX), 135 Mt Read Blvd, Rochester,
NY, USA, +1-585-436-5550,,
Lightnin has over 80 years of unsurpassed
experience in mixing technology, process
knowledge, and technological innovation.
Enjoys a global reputation for durable,
long-lasting mixers, agitators, aerators, and
Lincoln GmbH
Heinrich Hertz Strasse 2-8, Walldorf
69190 Germany, +49-622-733-0,,
Contact: Mktg Comm, Diana
Manufactures centralized lubrication systems
and components, lubrication tools and
Company Classifed Listing
January 2012 - PEi 71
Linde AG
Engineering Div, Dr Carl-von-Linde-Str 6-14,
Pullach, Bavaria 82049 Germany,
Contact: Man Press/Media, Doreen
Focuses on promising market segments such
as plants for the production of hydrogen and
synthesis gas, oxygen and olefn as well as
plants for natural gas treatment.
Lindner Group KG
Bahnhofstrasse 29, Armstorf 94424
Germany, +49-8723-20-0,,
Provides interior ft-out, facade construction
and insulation engineering with more than 45
years experience in building new solutions,
the development and implementation of of
individual, high-quality project solutions.
Linn High Therm GmbH
Heinrich-Hertz-Platz 1, Eschenfelden
92275 Germany, +49-9665-9140-0,,
Contact: Pres, Horst Linn
Manufacturer of electrically-heated industrial
and laboratory furnaces/kilns, rotary tube
furnaces, sample preparation units for
spectroscopy, precision fne casting machines,
microwave, induction heating units, and
microwave dryers.
Linz Electric SRL
Viale Del Lavoro 30, Arcole, (VR) 37040
Italy, +39-045-7639-201,,
Manufacturer of synchronous alternators,
welders, and vertical axis wind turbines.
Lisega SE
Hochkamp 5, Zeven 27404 Germany,
Contact: Dir Intl Sls, Harald Lange
Manufactures and sells pipe supports for the
international power, process, and oil and gas
industry. Provides deliveries from stock for
competitive prices thanks to serial production;
full standardized and 3-D design.
Littelfuse Startco
3714 Kinnear Pl, Saskatoon, SK S7P 0A6,
Canada, +1-306-373-5505,,
Contact: Sls Eng, Jeff Glenney
Littelfuse Startco Engineering is a manufacturer
of protective relays, including motor
protection, ground fault monitors, ground
check monitors, neutral grounding resistor
monitors, and feeder protection.
Lloyd Dynamowerke GmbH &
Hastedter Osterdeich 250, Bremen
28207 Germany, +49-421-45890,,
Contact: Mktg Mgr, Holger Barth
LDW manufactures electrical motors and
generators for various applications. We
do not manufacture standard machinery,
instead we develop specifc solutions for your
individual needs.
Lloyds Register EMEA
(sub of Lloyds Register), 25 Union Ter,
Denburn House, Aberdeen AB10 1NN,
UK, +44-1224-267400,,
Contact: Bus Mgr, Daryl Attwood
Provides compliance, integrity and engineering
services to the oil and gas industry. Services
include verifcation, certifcation, classifcation,
engineering services also includes structures
and pipelines, electrical equipment, health,
safety, environmental, and more.
LM Alternatives Inc
15042 Whittram Ave, Fontana, CA
92335, USA, +1-909-350-7161,,
Contact: Exec VP, Donald Titus
LMF Leobersdorfer
Mashinenfabrik AG
Sudbahnstr 28, Leobersdorf 2544 Austria,
A leading manufacturer of high-pressure piston
compressor systems for air and natural gas as
well as technical and industrial gases.
Loesche Energy Systems Ltd
2 Horsham Gates, North St, Horsham,
West Sussex RH13 5PJ, UK,
Contact: Sls Dir, David Slater
Our product portfolio covers the design and
supply of cutting-edge solid fuel grinding
solutions for the power industry. Loesches
vertical roller mills and high effciency dynamic
classifers are the key to improved plant
Loesche GmbH
Hansaallee 243, Dsseldorf 40549
Germany, +49-211-5353-0,,
Contact: Dir Sls, Carsten Schoessow
Loesche supplies dry-grinding plants, mainly
for the cement, power, and mineral industry,
either as mills (Loesche vertical roller mills) or
as complete grinding plants.
Lotus Energy Pvt Ltd
PO Box 9219, Kathmandu Nepal, +977
1- 4418203,,
Manufacturer, integrator, distributor and
installer of solar PV home systems kits and
components and designing and implementing
custom PV solutions for rural off-grid or grid-tied
LPP Combustion LLC
8940 Old Annapolis Rd, Suite K,
Columbia, MD 21045, USA,
Contact: CEO/Man Member, Richard
LPP Combustion has developed a solution to
produce clean energy from liquid fuels, such
as #2 fuel oil, while generating the same
low emissions as natural gas-fred combustion
Lubrication Engineers Inc
300 Bailey Ave, Ft Worth, TX 76107,
USA, +1-800-537-7683,
Contact: Gen Sls Mgr, Paul Llewellyn
Lufkin Industries Inc
Power Transmission Div, 407 Kiln St, PO
Box 849, Lufkin, TX 75902-0849, USA,
Contact: Dir Sls/Mktg, George Adda
Lufkin Industries Inc is a global leader in the
design and manufacture of high performance
precision gearing for the power generation
industry. Service and support are available
LumaSense Technologies Inc
3301 Leonard Ct, Santa Clara, CA
95054, USA, +1-408-727-1600,,
Contact: Dir Mktg, Kristi Ashton
Luvata Sderkping Ab
Heat Trasfer Solutions Div, Luvata Group,
Godsmottagningen - Industrigatan 2,
Sderkping 61481 Sweden,
Contact: Comms Mgr HTS EMEA, Gloria
Luvatas Heat Transfer Solutions division is the
leading global manufacturer of fnned pack
heat exchangers and coolers for commercial
and industrial applications in the HVAC&R
M2M Data Corp
8668 Concord Center Dr, Englewood,
CO 80112, USA, +1-303-952-3911,,
Provider of remote asset management services.
M2Ms iServices Suite enables organizations
to monitor assets, perform remote diagnostics
and streamline operations. Our services help
our customers achieve operational excellence.
(div of Sofinter Spa), Largo Buffoni 3,
Gallarate (VA) 21013 Italy,
Contact: Mktg/Sls Mgr, Luca Masetti
Offers industrial watertube boilers, heat
recovery boilers (downstream GT to 260
MWe and for industrial process heat
recovery), marine boilers, turnkey steam plants
for platform and FPSO, low-NOx burners,
after-sales service.
Machida Inc
(sub of Vision-Sciences Inc), 40 Ramland
Rd S, Orangeburg, NY 10962, USA,
Contact: VP Indl Div, Jitu Patel
Manufactures fexible borescopes and engine
inspection kits for various engine models.
Magaldi Power SpA
Via Irno, 219, Salerno 84135 Italy,
Contact: Mktg Dept, Patricia Gavarretti
The Magaldi Group, founded in 1929, is the
worlds leading specialist in dependable and
environmental friendly bulk materials handling,
pioneering solutions for demanding problems
in power plants and more.
Magellan Aerospace Corp
3160 Derry Rd E, Mississauga, ON
L4T 1A9, Canada, +1-905-673-4060,,
Contact: Sls/Bus Dev Mgr, Ron Tingle
Magellan Aerospace Corp packages 2.525
MW power generation packages for use
on standard and biofuels from our facility in
Ontario, Canada.
1295 Bluegrass Lakes Pkwy, Alpharetta,
GA 30004, USA, +1-770-619-9440,,
Magnetrol International Inc
5300 Belmont Rd, Downers Grove, IL
60515-4499, USA, +1-630-969-4000,,
Contact: Mktg/Comms Mgr, Kathleen
Offers level and fow instrumentation.
Technologies include buoyancy, RF
capacitance, ultrasonic products, thermal
dispersion, magnetic level indicators, eclipse
and horizon guided wave radar, and pulsar
burst radar transmitters.
Main-Metall International AG
Birkenstr 47, Rotkreuz CH 6343
Switzerland, +41-417-406-400,,
Main-Metall manufactures a wide range
of high-quality plain bearings and guiding
elements for the mechanical engineering and
plant manufacturing industries. Offers expert
advice, customized solutions and unique
Majorpower Corp
7011 Industrial Dr, Mebane, NC 27302,
USA, +1-919-563-6610,,
Contact: Sls/Mktg, Ray Kramarcy
Manufactures DC/AC inverters, DC/DC
converters and AC/DC rectifer systems for
telecom, utility, and cable industries.
Focused on high-reliability, feature-rich power
conversion products that meet a variety of
critical power applications.
Major Tool & Machine Inc
1458 E 19th St, Indianapolis, IN 46218,
USA, +1-317-917-2621,,
Major Tool & Machine Inc provides turnkey
fabrication and precision machining services
in the power generation and nuclear
MAN Diesel & Turbo SE
Stadtbachstr 1, Augsburg 86153
Germany, +49-208-6920,,
Contact: VP Sls, Eike Liekweg
MAN Diesel & Turbo SE is the worlds leading
provider of large-bore diesel engines and
turbomachinery. It designs two-stroke and four-
stroke engines, gas and steam turbines and
compressors. The product range is completed
by turbochargers, CP propellers and gas
MAN Diesel & Turbo
Teglholmsgade 41, Copenhagen 2450
Denmark, +45-33-85-11-00,,
Contact: Sr Mgr, Jan Hellmann
Design and engineering of low speed HFO
and dual fuel diesels in the range of 580
Manitoba HVDC Research Centre
(div of Manitoba Hydro International), 211
Commerce Dr, Winnipeg, MB R3P 1A3,
Canada, +1-204-989-1240,,
Contact: Mktg/Sls Mgr, Roberta Desserre
The Centre has developed and provides an
array of products and services to the power
industry (utilities, consultants, educational
institutions, etc.) worldwide including the
power system simulation software PSCAD
231 Mirdamad Blvd, Tehran 19189
5365 Iran, +98-21-8198-2070,,
MAPNA Group is a conglomeration of a
parent enterprise and its 33 subsidiaries
engaged in power, oil and gas, railway and
other industrial projects.
Company Classifed Listing
72 January 2012 - PEi
Marelli Motori SpA
Via Sabbionara, 1, Arzignano, (VI) 36071
Italy, +39-0444-479711,,
Contact: Prod Mktg Mgr, Marco Ciscato
Designs and manufactures synchronous and
asynchcronous generators and motors in low,
medium and high voltage from 10 to 9000
kVA for generators and from 0.12 to 6400
kW for motors.
Marioff Corp Oy
(div of UTC Fire & Security), PO Box 86,
Virnatie 3, Vantaa FI-01301 Finland,
+358-9-870 851,,
Contact: Bus Mgr Industry/Energy, Markku
Marioff is the provider of HI-FOG water mist
systems with a mission to protect people,
property and business from fre. HI-FOG
is safe for equipment, people, and the
Markland Specialty Engineering
305 Armstrong Ave, Unit 9, Georgetown,
ON L7G 4X6, Canada,
Contact: Gen Mgr, Scott Langstaff
Markland manufactures automatic sludge
blanket level detectors, portable sludge level
detectors, suspended solids and sludge density
meters, and water and wastewater samplers.
Free testing of samples is available.
845 Berlinguet St, PO 33008,
Trois-Rivieres, QC G8T 9T8, Canada,
Contact: Eric Bellemare
High precision machining, fabrication and
mechanical assembly of parts of all sizes
Mavel Americas
121 Mount Vernon St, Boston, MA
02108, USA, +1-617-242-2204,,
Contact: Dir Dev, Jeanne Hilsinger
Czech-American owned manufacturing and
engineering company focusing on providing
turbines (Pelton, Francis, Kaplan and Micro)
for hydroelectric power plants with power from
25 kW to 25 MW.
Maxiforce Inc
10900 NW 30th St, Miami, FL 33172,
USA, +1-305-592-7027,,
Maximum Turbine Support Inc
705 S Lugo Ave, San Bernardino, CA
92408, USA, +1-909-383-1626,,
Specialises in the supply of parts for GE
aeroderivative gas turbines.
Maxon - a Honeywell Co
201 E 18th St, PO Box 2068, Muncie, IN
47302, USA, +1-765-284-3304,,
Contact: Gen Sls Mgr, Tim Lee
Manufactures industrial combustion equipment,
including burners, valves, digital burner control
products for high effciency and complete
combustion systems, located in 53 countries
McBurney Corp
1650 International Ct, Suite 100,
Norcross, GA 30093, USA,
Contact: Bus Dev, John McBurney
Systems integrator providing engineering,
construction, and maintenance of boiler and
cogeneration systems, including package and
feld erected boilers. Fuels include gas, oil,
and biomass.
McGuffy Industries Inc
18635 Telge Rd, Cypress, TX 77429,
USA, +1-281-255-6955,,
Contact: Vice President, Scott Horstman
M-CTI Mumme-Cooling Tower
International GmbH
Rudolf-Diesel-Strae 17-25, Wesel D-
46485 Germany, +49-281-3374-7400,,
M-CTI is an independent, privately
owned company, specialized in design,
manufacturing and erection of wet cooling
towers, revamping, upgrading and repairs.
Mech-well Industries Ltd
7-A, Old Anjirwadi, Mazgaon, Mumbai,
Maharashtra 400010 India,
Contact: Dir, Shreyas Shah
Mech-well Industries Ltd, an Indian company,
was established with an aim to provide a
wide range of engineering services to power
industries and allied industries.
Mecos Traxler AG
Industriestrasse 26, Winterthur CH-8404
Switzerland, +41-52-235-14-14,,
Contact: Dir Sls/Mktg, Bernhard Mandel
Mecos develops and produces contactless,
magnetic bearing systems for fast rotating,
medium-sized machines. We solve your
individual technical problems by covering
every phase, from concept to serial
Mee Industries Inc
16021 Adelante St, Irwindale, CA
91702, USA, +1-626-359-4550,,
Mee Industries Inc pioneered the gas turbine
inlet fogging concept with its frst MeeFog
installation in 1989. Now with over 700
installations MeeFog is the GT inlet cooling
Ovre Kraknes 17, Bones, Bergen
NO-5152 Norway, +47-5511-7510,,
Contact: Sls/Mktg Dir, Tony Robinson
Manufactures loss of mains and all generator
protection relays.
Mega-Fabs Motion Systems Ltd
Bldg 13 Industrial Pk, PO Box 540,
Yokneam 20692 Israel,
Contact: CTO, Max Sakhartov
Develops and markets software-intensive,
programmable, DSP-based motion control
products including DSP motion control
modules, multiaxis motion controllers, motion
systems, drives, motion analyzer, and motion
development tools.
(div of Megger Group), Archcliffe Rd,
Dover Kent CT17 9EN, UK,
Megger manufactures and sells electrical test
and measurement equipment. Range includes
test equipment for insulation, relay, battery,
circuit breaker, cable fault, transformer, power
factor and residential wiring.
Meggitt Control Systems
12838 Saticoy St, North Hollywood, CA
91605, USA, +1-818-765-8160,,
Provides a full range of capabilities, from
custom design through development to full
qualifcation. Has pioneered state-of-the-art
technologies for power generation and
mechanical drive applications.
Meggitt Sensing Systems
Sensing Systems Div, (sub of Meggitt PLC),
Rt de Moncor 4, PO Box 1616,
Fribourg 1701 Switzerland,
Contact: Mktg Mgr, Pascal Maeder
13800 S Lakes Dr, Charlotte, NC 28273,
USA, +1-704-587-8888,,
Contact: Sls Coord, Donna Provalenko
Remove dissolved gases from liquids in fows
of <10 ml/min to hundreds of m
/h. They
tolerate high pressures/temperatures and
remove O
to 1 ppb and CO
to 1 ppm.
2-3, place des Vosges, La Dfense 92400
France, +33-1-46-91-54-00,
Mersen is an expert in power and signal
transmission, working with leading
manufacturers and users of rotating electrical
Metal Improvement Co LLC
Otto-Hahn-Strasse3, Unna 59423
Germany, +49-2303-91880,,
Metalock Engineering Germany
Gutenbergring 64, Norderstedt 22848
Germany, +49-40-528-45-0,,
(div of MYTILINEOS Holdings SA), 11 Mar
Antypa Str, Attiki GR-14121 Greece,,
Contact: Head Sls, Paul Smith
METKA is a leading EPC contractor and
industrial manufacturing company, with
particular strength in power generation.
Experience includes combined cycle,
cogeneration, lignite power plants,
environmental and hydro projects.
Metrix Instrument Co
(sub of Roper Industries), 8824 Fallbrook
Dr, Houston, TX 77064, USA,
Contact: App Engr, Minhu Tu
Metrix Instrument Co features a complete line
of vibration instrumentation. Products include
condition monitoring systems, proximity
systems, transducers, switches, transmitters,
signal conditioners, and portable meters.
Metso Automation
Vanha Porvoontie 229, PO Box 304,
Vantaa FI-11301 Finland,
Metso Power
Power Business Line Div, (div of Metso
Corp), 3430 Toringdon Way,
Suite 201, Charlotte, NC 28277,
USA, +1-704-541-1453,,
Contact: Natl Sls Mgr-Svc, Eric Tanguay
Capabilities include EPC, coal and biomass-
fred CFB and BFB boilers and power plants,
lifetime support, including chemical cleanings,
manufacturing, 3-D laser, parts, plant
maintenance, outage, and related services.
Michell Bearings
Scotswood Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne
NE15 6LL, UK, +44-191-273-0291,,
Michell Bearings is a leading designer and
manufacturer of whitemetal (or Babbitt) and
PTFE faced bearings for a wide range of
marine and industrial applications.
Micont-Valves BV
Schoolstr 12, Putte 4645DA The
Netherlands, +31-164-854-546,,
Contact: Man Dir, Gerd Breuninger
Offers valves including new generation of
automatic control valves, medium actuated
intelligent valve sets, valves able to
communicate, and minimum fow valves for
centrifugal pumps.
Microfusione Stellite SpA
Via G Di Vittorio 24, Pieve Emanuele,
Milan 20090 Italy, +39-029-078-7271,,
Microfusione Stellite is a manufacturing
services company specialized in components
for gas turbines, aerospace, defense and
other severe and demanding markets.
Micro Waterjet LLC
13420 Reese Blvd W, Huntersville, NC
28078, USA, +1-704-948-1223,,
Contact: Prod Mgr, Steve Parette
Micro Waterjet LLC offers contract
manufacturing services for fast prototyping, no
heat affected zones, and virtually no deburring
with 3 m positioning accuracy and 0.01
mm cutting accuracy.
130 McCormick Ave, Suite 111, Costa
Mesa, CA 92626, USA,
Contact: VP, Carole Auth
MIDAC manufactures extractive and
open path FTIR spectrometers for industrial
applications. Systems range from compact,
single-line analyzers to NEMA enclosed, fully
automated systems with up to 36 sample lines.
Mid America Engine Inc
2500 State Hwy 160, Warrior, AL
35180, USA, +1-205-590-3505,,
Contact: Sls Mgr, Art Sigler
Buys and sells all brands of new and used
diesel, natural gas and turbine generator sets
(15 kW to 15 MW). We specialize in fast
track total power solutions worldwide.
Millenium Power Manufacturing
No 111 Luda Rd, Luyuan Industry Zone,
Pudong Area, Shanghai 201322
Millennium Power specializes in
manufacturing, assembling and selling
alternators and diesel generator sets.
Company Classifed Listing
January 2012 - PEi 73
Minco UK Ltd
The White House, Mill Rd, Goring on
Thames, Berks RG8 9DD, UK,
+44-20-8133- 3916,,
Global supplier of gas turbine compressor
cleaning chemicals. Minco has a range
of powerful and effective OEM approved
cleaning fuids, for both off-line and on-line
Minimax GmbH & Co KG
Industriesstrasse 10/12, Bad Oldesloe
23840 Germany, +49-4531-803,,
Mirion Technologies (RADOS)
Mirion Health Physics Div, Ruhrstrasse 49,
Hamburg 22761 Germany,
Contact: Mktg Mgr C&C, Harald Struwe
Health Physics Division is the leading
manufacturer of systems and equipment to
protect people, property and the environment
from the hazards of ionizing radiation.
Mistras Group Inc
195 Clarkesville Rd, Princeton Junction, NJ
08550, USA, +1-609-716-4000,,
Contact: VP Sls/Mktg, Nick Sowa
Provides complete NDT inspection and testing
services for partners in academic, government,
and industries, including oil and gas,
petrochemical, nuclear, fossil fuel, aerospace,
and civil infrastructure applications.
Mitsubishi Power Systems
Americas Inc
100 Colonial Center Pkwy, Lake Mary, FL
32746, USA, +1-407-688-6100,,
Mitsubishi is the diamond edge in wind/
geothermal/photovoltiac/gas, and steam
turbines/boilers and SCR technologies with
dedicated power generation services and
parts manufacturing for the Americas.
Mitsubishi Power Systems Europe
20 N Audley St, London W1K 6WL, UK,
Mitsubishi Power Systems Europe Ltd (MPSE)
can provide a full range of service menus in
the power generation feld.
MJB International
PO Box 11931, Oil Supply Centre, Jebel
Ali Freezone, Dubai 11931 United
Arab Emirates, +048836319,,
MJB International (MJBI) are total providers to
owners and operators of industrial gas turbines
throughout the world.
MM Turbinen-Technik GmbH
Milser Strasse 37, Bielefeld D-33729
Germany, +49-521-977-9960,,
MM Turbinen-Technik designs and
manufactures steam turbines and packaged
steam turbine generator sets up to 15 MW.
Our company has made its reputation by
providing our clients with effcient turbines.
Mole Master Services Corp
27815 State Rt 7, Marietta, OH 45750,
USA, +1-740-374-6726,,
Contact: Proj Mgr/Eng, Luke Berg
Offers silo, bin, bunker, tank, process and
transportation vessel cleaning, clearing,
cleanout services and equipment.
Monicon Instruments Co Ltd
19F-1 No 631, Sec 1, Chung Der Rd,
Taichung 404 Taiwan,
Contact: CEO, Gene Wang
Monicon provides innovative solutions through
real-time network connectivity with the electric
system-control units. GTR series is an omnibus
design that can satisfy all specifcations.
Moog Holding GmbH & Co Kg
Hanns-Klemm-Strasse 28, Boblingen
D-71034 Germany, +49-7031-622-198,,
Designs and manufacturers high performance
motion control solutions combining electric,
hydraulic and hybrid technologies.
Morgan Schaffer Inc
8300 Saint-Patrick, Suite 150, Lasalle,
QC H8N 2H1, Canada,
Leaders in DGA monitors, Morgan Schaffer
manufactures and supports the worlds most
precise and accurate transformer monitoring
Mott MacDonald
Victory House, Trafalgar Pl, Brighton
BN1 4FY, UK, +44-1273-365000,
Contact: Principal Hydropower Eng,
Eliomar Delgado, PhD
MTS Sensors
3001 Sheldon Dr, Cary, NC 27513,
USA, +1-919-677-0100,,
Contact: Prod Mktg Mgr, Lee Aiken
World leading manufacturer of
magnetostrictive liquid level transmitters for
automatic tank gauging.
MTU Maintenance Berlin-
(sub of MTU Aero Engines), Dr
Ernst-Zimmermann-Str 2, Ludwigsfelde
14974 Germany, +49-3378-824-213,,
Contact: Dir Sls/Mktg, Uwe Kaltwasser
MTU is an OEM approved depot for
maintenance, repair, and overhaul of GE
LM2500, LM2500+, LM5000, and LM6000
gas turbines. A dedicated feld service team
is available worldwide.
MTU Onsite Energy Corp
(a Tognum Group Co), 100 Power Dr,
Mankato, MN 56001, USA,
Contact: Dir Sls/Appl Engr, Al Prosser
Provides diesel-powered generator sets from
30 to 3250 kW, natural gas gensets from 30
to 400 kW, and complete standby and prime
power systems.
MTU Onsite Energy Corp
Maybachstrae 1, Friedrichshafen
D-88040 Germany, +49-7541-90-7006,,
MTU Friedrichshafen is one of the leading
suppliers of drive systems of the highest
quality for land vehicles, ships and boats, rail
applications, and diesel and gas engines and
gas turbines.
8212 Dixie Hwy, Florence, KY 41042,
USA, +1-859-538-1073,,
Contact: Sls Rep, Laurell Sizemore
Mueller Systems
(sub of Mueller Water Products), 10210
Statesville Blvd, Cleveland, NC
27013, USA, +1-704-278-2221,,
Contact: Sr Prod Mgr, Darryl Casper
Provides smart metering solutions, including
advanced AMI/AMR, to optimize the delivery
and use of water and energy.
Erhard Muhr GmbH
Grafenstr 27, Brannenburg 83098
Germany, +49-8034-9072-0,,
Contact: Man Dir, Roland Muhr
Designs, manufactures and installs high quality
trash-rack cleaning systems, screening systems,
faps, gates, stop logs, bulk loading systems
for dust-free loading, mixing systems, rail car
dumping systems and more.
Multi-Contact AG
Stockbrunnenrain 8, Postfach, Allschwil
CH-4123 Switzerland, +41-61-306-55-55,,
Swiss-based Multi-Contact provides
high-quality standard connectors and
customized solutions for various industries,
automation, medical technology, and test and
measurement, renewable energies, and is
leading in photovoltaic connector systems.
Multi-Wing America
PO Box 425, Burton, OH 44021, USA,
Contact: Sls Eng, Jeff Phillips
Multi-Wing is North Americas leading
supplier of high-performance axial fow fan
blades, producing 500,000 axial fans
annually, specializing in custom engine
cooling solutions for Tier 4 compliance.
M&W Asketeknik
(div of M&W Group), Oldenvej 5,
Kvistgaard 3490 Denmark,
M&W manufactures sampling equipment for
pulverized carbon and fy ash, on-line carbon
in ash analyzers, and complete representative
sampling systems for raw coal. Fuel pipe
balancing. Brands M&W and JAWO.
(sub of Caterpillar Inc), Carl-Benz-Strasse
1, Mannheim 68167 Germany,
Contact: Head of Comms/PR, Frank
MWM, a Caterpillar company, is one of the
worlds leading providers of highly effcient
and eco-friendly energy generation plants.
Focused on ecologically advanced solutions
for generating clean energy.
8311 Bier Creek Pkwy, Suite 105-257,
Raleigh, NC 27617, USA,
Contact: USA Sls Mgr, Nelson Agudelo
Distributes valves and level gauges,
including globe, gate, ball, piston, bellows,
anticavitation for blowdown, pressure seal
types for highest pressure and temperatures.
Full range of level gauges, glass and
Nalamwar Energy Systems Pvt
Air Water Heater Div, Samyak Arcade,
C-1-2, Cannaught Pl, Cidco,
Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431003 India,
Contact: Dir, Anup Nalamwar
Offers hot water generation by using ambient
air as fuel, and air water heater for water
heating and energy savings to 80%. Can be
used for residential, commercial, and industrial
1601 W Diehl Rd, Naperville, IL
60563-1198, USA, +1-630-305-1000,
Contact: Global Mktg Mgr, Greg Tranor
Provides programs for the treatment of
incoming waste, boilers, and cooling
water to help with safety and environmental
compliance, availability, capacity, cost of
generation, and asset presentation.
Nalco Mobotec
Winnington Ave, Winnington, Northwich,
Cheshire CW8 4DX, UK,
Nalco Mobotec helps energy producers and
industry meet tightening air emissions limits
for NOx, SOx and PM. We optimize the
combustion process and help to mitigate CO2
(div of Cleaver-Brooks Inc), 8515 Lafrenaie
Blvd, St Leonard, QC H1P 2B3,
Canada, +1-514-326-2571,,
Contact: Pres, Robert St-Denis
Provides industrial burners with capacity
ranges from 20 to 400 MMBtu/h burning
fuels, such as conventional natural gas to
waste stream gases, hydrogen gas, digester
gas, and crude to waste oils.
National Electric Coil
800 King Ave, Columbus, OH 43212,
USA, +1-614-488-1151,,
Contact: VP Sls/Mktg, Stephen Jeney
Repairs, upgrades, and retrofts high-voltage
generators and rotating exciters. Manufactures
high-voltage coils/bars, all types and sizes,
turbogenerator rotor windings, engineering
design, and replacement components. ISO
9001 certifed quality management systems.
Nationwide Boiler Inc
42400 Christy St, Fremont, CA 94538,
USA, +1-510-490-7100,,
Contact: VP Mktg/Sls, Larry Day
Nationwide Boiler Inc offers a complete line
of low NOx package watertube/fretube
boilers for rental or sale, deaerator systems,
EconoStak economizers, and CataStak SCR
systems for 2.5 ppm NOx compliance.
Nebraska Boiler
(div of Cleaver-Brooks Inc), 6940
Cornhusker Hwy, Lincoln, NE
68507, USA, +1-402-434-2000,,
Contact: VP Sls/Mktg, Rocky Bahramzad
Manufactures watertube steam generators,
specializing in packaged D, A, and O type
boilers. Offers shop assembled units with
capacities to 500,000 pph, 1500 psig
design. Larger modular units also available.
Company Classifed Listing
74 January 2012 - PEi
Kanaalpark 159, PO Box 162,
AD Leiden 2300 The Netherlands,
A leading engineering company in the feld
of steam generating equipment. Supplies
custom made solutions for industrial, utility
and heat recovery steam generators in power
generation and industrial applications.
NEM Power-Systems
(sub of NEM BV), Sibylla-Merian-Strasse 3,
Recklinghausen 45665 Germany,
Contact: VP Sls, David Clay
NEM Power-Systems designs and
manufactures all types of dampers necessary
for the power industry, FGD, and SCR plants
where tight shut-off and good control is
Neo Solar Power Corp
7, Li-Hsin 3rd Rd, Hsinchu Science Park,
Hsinchu 300 Taiwan, +886-3-578-0011,,
Contact: Sls Mgr, Olivia Hsu
NSP specializes in research, development,
and manufacturing of high effciency solar
New Componit Srl
Viale Rimembranze, 5, Cirimido (COMO)
22070 Italy, +39-031-895-580,,
Manufactures textile expansion joints, thermal
acoustic insulation, and safety shields used in
energy production. We offer turnkey solutions
and on-site service all over the world.
PO Box 725, Kiryat-Ono 55000 Israel,
Contact: CEO, Stanislav Sinatov
Provides innovative, energy effcient solutions
and services for the power producers,
communities, and industries, and performs
R&D of advanced (co/tri)generation,
multipollutant control, energy saving, and
biofuel production technologies.
The New York Blower Co
7660 Quincy St, Willowbrook, IL 60527,
USA, +1-630-794-5700,,
Contact: Mktg Asst, Margaret Norris
New York Blower is an industry leader in
manufacturing premium-quality, engineered
fans and blowers to the power generation
industry. NYB carries the most complete
product portfolio in the business and our
products are distributed through an extensive
worldwide network of over 300 experienced
and knowledgeable representatives.
Niagara Blower Heat Transfer
Wet Surface Air Coolers Div, 673 Ontario
St, Buffalo, NY 14207, USA,
Contact: WSAC Prod Mgr, Mark Vogel
Niagara engineers and manufactures the
closed-loop evaporative wet surface air cooler
for fuid cooling and steam condensing at
simple and combined cycle plants.
Nidecon Technologies Oy
Koivupuispontie 10B, Vantaa 01510
Finland, +358-10-281-0400,,
Designs and manufactures power quality
fltering solutions. Our forte is applications for
renewable energy and motor drives.
Nieing Anlagenbau GmbH
Marbecker Str 74, Borken D-46325
Germany, +49-2861-945-0,,
Nieing is active in exhaust air and gas
systems with a number of complementary
product segments including system
construction, complete exhaust gas fues,
soundproofng, silencer systems and more.
Nol-Tec Europe Srl
Via Milano 14/N, Gorgonzola, (MI)
20064 Italy, +39-02-951-6875,,
Nol-Tec Europe is an international leading
company in pneumatic conveying of
granular and friable products. Nol-Tec has
also developed knowledge in mechanical
conveying, weighing, dosing and automation.
Nol-Tec Systems Inc
KC Green Holdings Div, 425 Apollo Dr,
Lino Lakes, MN 55014, USA,
Contact: Natl Sls Mgr, Sorb-N-Ject
Technology, Jerry VanDerWerff
A leading global supplier of custom-
engineered pneumatic conveying, bulk
materials handling, and integrated process
control systems, specializing in dry sorbent
injection systems for SOx and Hg mitigration.
Nooter/Eriksen Inc
1509 Ocello Dr, Fenton, MO 63026,
USA, +1-636-651-1000,,
Contact: VP Sls/Mktg, Mike Filla
Nooter/Eriksen is the worlds leading supplier
of heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs) for
use with gas turbines that range from 30 to
250 MWs. N/E is ISO 9001 certifed.
Nooter/Eriksen Srl
Via Alessandro Volta, 50, Cardano Al
Campo (VA) 21010 Italy,
A wholly-owned subsidiary of Nooter/
Eriksen Inc and worldwide leader in the
supply of heat recovery systems. Specializes
in the design, fabrication and supply of heat
recovery steam generators.
Nordex SE
Langenhorner Chaussee 600, Hamburg
D-22419 Germany, +49-40-300-30-1000,,
Under the brand name Nordex, we offer
powerful wind turbines for almost all
geographic regions across the globe.
Nordic Air Filtration A/S
Bergenvej 1, Nakskov 4900 Denmark,
Specialized in industrial and gas turbine air
inlet fltration since 1990.
Nord-Lock Inc
(sub of Nord-Lock International), 1051
Cambridge Dr, Elk Grove Village, IL
60007, USA, +1-224-875-3333,,
Contact: App Eng, Chris Tatak
The NORD-LOCK bolt securing system uses
geometry to safely lock bolted joints in the
most critical applications. This wedge-locking
system will prevent bolt loosening caused by
vibration, offering maximum safety.
Northern Blower
901 Regent Ave W, Winnipeg, MB
R2C 2Z8, Canada, +1-204-222-4216,,
Custom manufacturer of heavy-duty industrial
Northern Technical LLC
The Blyth Community Enterprise Centre,
Ridley St, Quayside, Blyth, Northumberland
NE24 3AG, UK, +44-167-054-2871,,
Supplies and maintains components necessary
to deliver clean air solutions including air
fltration, air inlet cooling, silencing and
exhaust systems for gas turbines.
North Star Ice Equipment Corp
8151 Occidental Ave S, PO Box 80227,
Seattle, WA 98108, USA,
Contact: VP Sls/Mktg, Tom Crawford
Notox Ceramic Filters A/S
Brovangen 2, Aakirkeby DK-3720
Denmark, +45-82-30-30-02,,
Contact: COO, Lars Tinggaard
Manufacturer of extremely durable and high
performance silicon carbide diesel particulate
flters for OEM and retroft purposes for the
entire range, from light-duty to heavy-duty
NRG Systems Inc
110 Riggs Rd, Hinesburg, VT
05461-0509, USA, +1-802-482-2255,,
Contact: Sls Mgr, Paul Dawson
NSK Corp
4200 Goss Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48105,
USA, +1-800-675-9930,,
NSK Corp is an industry leader in the design
and manufacture of ball and roller bearings
for motion and control products designed to
maximize uptime.
NUKEM Technologies GmbH
Industriestr 13, Alzenau 63755 Germany,
Contact: Dir Sls, Wolfgang Diepenbruck
NUKEM Technologies GmbH is a leading
service provider for the nuclear industry
worldwide. Main business activities include
the management of radioactive waste and
spent fuel, decommissioning, and engineering.
NV Energy
PO Box 10100, Reno, NV 89520, USA,
Obo Bettermann GmbH & Co KG
Huingser Ring 52, Menden 58710
Germany, +49-2373-8971613,,
Provides junction boxes, cavity wall boxes
with terminals and glands, through plastic and
metal fastenings, rails and clamp clips, up
to fastening and mounting materials such as
nails, bolts, anchors and bolt ties.
ODonnell Consulting Engineers
2940 S Park Rd, Bethel Park, PA 15102,
USA, +1-412-835-5007,,
Contact: Pres, Bill ODonnell
Offers design and thermal, stress, vibration
and fatigue analysis of turbines, heat
exchangers, pressure vessels, and other power
plant equipment. Expertise in materials,
welding and high temperature applications.
Olympus Industrial
Stock Rd, Southend-on-Sea, Essex
SS2 5QH, UK, +44-1702-616-333,,
Provides endoscopy systems for remote visual
inspection to a range of industries.
Ontario Ministry Of Economic
900 Bay St, 8th Fl, Hearst Block, Toronto,
ON M74 2E1, Canada,
Opal Software
Unit 2, 22 Strangways St, Curtin ACT
2605 Australia, +61-405-493-060,,
OPRA Turbines
Opaalstraat 60, Hengelo 7554 TS The
Netherlands, +31-74-245-2121,,
Contact: Mgr Sls Supp/Svc, Frank
Offers gas turbines providing 210 MW
power-solutions. Most effcient low-emissions
simple-cycle in its range. Exceptionally robust,
compact and reliable. Multi-fuel. Clean,
sustainable power for remote, standby,
mobile, cogeneration, district heating/
Orben Wasseraufbereitung GmbH
& Co KG
Industriepark Kalle-Albert, Gebaeude
C583, Kasteler Strasse 45,
Wiesbaden D-65203 Germany,
Poligono Industrial S/N, Anoeta 20270
Spain, +34-943-698-030,,
ORBINOX, present in more than 70 countries,
has over 40 years of experience designing,
manufacturing and distributing knife gate
valves, dampers, penstocks and valves for
hydraulic works.
Orion Instruments
(a Magnetrol Co), 6646 Complex Dr,
Baton Rouge, LA 70809,
USA, +1-225-906-2343,
Contact: Gen Mgr, Don Sanders
Orion Instruments has created new standards
in quality and operability for magnetic level
indicators (MLI). Our products combine
market-tested MLI design principles with
advanced level sensing technology.
Orival Water Filters
213 S Van Brunt St, Englewood, NJ
07631, USA, +1-201-568-3311,,
Contact: Mktg, R Schwartz
Orivals pressure powered water flters protect
heat exchangers and prevent clogging of
nozzles, tubes, and other narrow passages
by removing particles down to micron size, of
any specifc gravity.
Oschatz GmbH
Westendhof 10-12, Essen 45143
Germany, +49-201-1802284,,
Oschatz is a market leader in the product
areas of iron and steel metallurgy, non-ferrous
metallurgy, environmental and chemical
Company Classifed Listing
January 2012 - PEi 75
PO Box 15249, Fermandina, FL 32035,
USA, +1-206-260-5858,
Contact: Mgr, Xavier Dhubert
Offers technical sales consulting with a focus
on the European market for combustion,
burners, recovery boilers, alternative fuels, air
pollution control, air heaters, vacuum systems,
cyclones and fans.
Outokumpu Stainless
500 Park Blvd, Suite 40, Itasca, IL
60143, USA, +1-847-517-4050,
Contact: VP Mkt Dev, Poul-Erik Arnvig
Outokumpu is an international stainless-steel
company. Customers in a wide range of
industries use our specialty stainless-steels and
services worldwide.
Paharpur USA
(div of Paharpur Cooling Towers Ltd), 165
S Union Blvd, Suite 750, Lakewood,
CO 80228, USA, +1-303-989-7200,,
Contact: Pres, Dattatray Mahajan
Manufactures water cooling towers, air cooled
heat exchangers (fn fan coolers), and air
cooled steam condensers, as well as provides
parts for said products.
PanGlobal Training Systems
Power Engineering Training Systems Div,
Senator Burns L400, 1301-16 Ave NW,
Calgary, AB T2M 0L4, Canada,
Contact: Dir Bus Dev, Brent Dous
PAN Metallgesellschaft
Baumgrtner GmbH & CoKG
Am Oberen Luisenpark 3, Mannheim
68165 Germany, +49-621-42-303-0,,
Parker domnick hunter
(div of Parker Hannifin Corp), 4087
Walden Ave, Lancaster, NY 14086, USA,
Contact: Mktg Svc Mgr, Jane Sexton
Manufactures compressed air treatment
products and industrial process water chillers.
Parker Hannifn
Precision Cooling Systems Div, 10801
Rose Ave, New Haven, IN 46774, USA,
Contact: Global Bus Dev Mgr, Joe
Parker Hannifn Europe Srl
Luxembourg/Switzerland Branch, Etoy, La
Tuilliere 6, Etoy CH-1163 Switzerland,
A world leader in motion and control
technologies offering components and
complete system builds. Parkers key
technologies include hydraulics, pneumatics,
fuid and gas handling and more.
Parsons Brinckerhoff
Amber Ct, William Armstrong Dr,
Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE4 7YQ, UK,
Contact: Bus Dev Dir, Colin Gallantine
Offers global project management and
engineering services.
PAS Technologies Inc
IDA Business & Technology Park,
Carrigtwohill, County Cork Ireland,
Contact: VP Global Indl Gas Turbines,
Denis McGrath
PAS Technologies is a specialized service
provider to the light/heavy industrial gas
turbine (IGT) component industries. Services
include hot section airfoil repair, advanced
coating technologies, and turbine component
manufacturing capabilities.
Pathfnder GS Corp
10905 Joy Ln, Minnetonka, MN, USA,
Offers 35 years of global experience in
power, alternative energy, process plant and
equipment, global sourcing, procurement and
contracts management, project management
and technical leadership to code.
Bruchstuecker 11-13, Philippsburg
D-76661 Germany, +49-725-693-470,,
Since 1991, PATIG GmbH offers system
solutions for corrosion and abrasion protection
in the whole power plant sector. We use
and apply ceramic composite materials and
thermal coatings.
Paul C Rizzo Associates Inc
500 Penn Center Blvd, Suite 100,
Pittsburgh, PA 15235, USA,
Contact: Bus Dev/Mktg Mgr, Jill Reed
Facilitates hydro, nuclear and fossil projects.
Rizzo has extensive experience in performing
site characterization for a nuclear power plant
(NPP) in accordance with international and
USNRC regulations and guidance.
PCH Engineering A/S
Ved Klaedebo 4, Hoersholm DK-2970
Denmark, +45-45-76-87-76,,
Contact: Dir, Leif Schaap
Specializes in vibration, offering permanent
sound and vibration monitoring.
Peerless Europe Ltd
Cardinals Ct Bradford St, Essex, Braintree
CM7 9AT, UK, +44-137-655-6030,,
Peerless is a global leader in the supply of
DeNOx systems with more than 800 units
installed worldwide.
P Energy Spa
Via Caduti sul lavoro, 15, Fontaniva,
Padova IT-35014 Italy,
Supplies raw material for PV module
PennEnergy Equipment
(div of PennWell Corp), 1700 W Loop S,
Suite 1000, Houston, TX 77027, USA,
We are the frst and largest exchange of
used and surplus equipment providing timely
sourcing and logistics solutions to buyers and
sellers of surplus and used capital equipment.
Pennsylvania Crusher Corp
PO Box 100, Broomall, PA 19008, USA,
Contact: VP Sls/Mktg, Lee Doyer
Pennsylvania Crusher manufactures crushers for
fuel (coal, lignite, petroleum coke) and sorbent
(limestone) for use with all boiler types and the
unique low maintenance posimetric feeder for
feeding coal pulverizers.
PennWell Books
Professional Education Products Div, (div of
PennWell Corp), 1421 S Sheridan Rd,
PO Box 21288, Tulsa, OK 74112, USA,
Offers technical & training books for the
petroleum, electric power, water and fre
Pensotti FCL SpA
Via XX Settembre, 30, Legnano (MI)
20025 Italy, +39-0331-446-548,,
Pensotti FCL SpA supplies industrial steam
boilers, offering design, manufacturing and
Pentol GmbH
Degussaweg 1, Grenzach-Whylen
Germany, +49-76-243-000,,
Contact: Olivier Blauenstein
Pentol produces fuel oil additives and fue gas
conditioning systems for the power industry
to reduce emission and increase effciency of
power plants.
Perkins Engines Co Ltd
Frank Perkins Way, Peterborough
PE1 5NA, UK, +44-1733-583000,
Supplies off-highway diesel and gas engines
in the 42000 kW market. The power
solutions are trusted by more than 1000
leading manufacturers throughout the world.
Perpetuum Ltd
Epsilon House, Enterprise Rd, Southampton
Science Pk, Hampshire SO16 7NS, UK,
Contact: Dir Bus Dev, Kevin Marzano
Perpetuum Ltd manufactures vibration energy
harvesters for powering wireless remote
monitoring equipment. Vibration harvesters
will scavenge wasted mechanical energy and
convert it to useful stored electrical energy.
Petro Canada
385 Southdown Rd, Mississauga, ON
L5J 2Y3, Canada, +1-888-284-4572,,
In addition to fuel delivery, our facilities offer
a wide range of services and technologically
advanced products including both packaged
and bulk lubricants.
Petroproducts as
Vassbotnen 19, Stavanger 4033 Norway,
Since 2007, Petroproducts has sourced
and delivered a wide range of high-quality
products to the oil industry. From wrenches to
drill cleaning solutions, we can provide the
best value.
Petrotech Inc
141 James Dr W, St Rose, LA 70087,
USA, +1-504-620-6600,,
Contact: VP Mktg, David Iavie
Supplier of rotating machinery control systems.
Utilizes integrated solutions on an open
hardware platform. Provides experience and
knowledge, which resides in the software
control algorithms.
Philadelphia Gear
901 E 8th Ave, Suite 100, King of Prussia,
PA 19406, USA, +1-610-337-5678,
Contact: VP, Gerald Matteson
Philadelphia Gear has a global reputation
for the design, manufacture, and overhaul
of critical gearbox applications, and for
combining engineering know-how with
innovative approaches to solving power
transmission problems.
Phoenix Contact SpA
Via Bellini, 39/41, 20095 Cusano
Milanino (MI) Italy, +39-02-66-05-91,,
Phoenix Contact is a worldwide leader in the
electronics and automation industries. Phoenix
Contact GmbH and its subsidiaries operate in
several market sectors.
Physics of Semiconductors and
Solar Energy (PSES) Laboratory
(sub of Ecole Normale Suprieure de
Rabat), Rue Mohamed Belhassan El
Ouazzani, Rabat 10000 Morocco,
Contact: Prof/Rsch, Abdelfattah Barhdadi
7958 16th Ave, Montreal, QC H1Z 3P5,
Canada, +1-514-251-8169,,
Contact: Pres, Christian Fabry
Flame detection specialist. Founded in 1984,
PIA develops, manufactures and supplies
fame scanners for industrial burners fring
coal, gas, oil and non-standard fuels. UV, IR
and UV/IR fame monitoring.
Piezo Technologies
8421 Georgetown Rd, Suite 300,
Indianapolis, IN 46268, USA,
Contact: Dir Apps Engr, John Helgland
Piezo Technologies develops and
manufactures purpose-built, leading-edge
ultrasonic transducers, sensors, and devices,
as well as piezoelectric ceramics and
Plastocor-international SA
Ave de la Gare 3, Sierre 3960
Switzerland, +41-27-456-49-55,,
Contact: Pres, Richard Kreiselmaier
Comprised of 35 years of experience of
successfully supplying corrosion/erosion
protection and repair solutions for the entire
cooling water cycle. The use of 100% solids
and non-VOC epoxies guarenteed.
Plenty Process Filtration
(div of SPX), 19191 Hempstead Hwy,
Houston, TX 77065, USA,
Contact: Natl Sls Mgr, Steven King
Plenty Process Filtration, an SPX brand, offers a
large range of liquid and gas flters, automatic
backfush flters, simplex and duplex strainers,
coalescers, and cartridge flters serving the
power industry.
Company Classifed Listing
76 January 2012 - PEi
Plymouth Tube Co
29 W150 Warrenville Rd, Warrenville, IL
60555, USA, +1-630-393-3550,,
Plymouth is the premier tube manufacturer for
the power generation and water processing
industries making austenitic, ferritic and
superferritic stainless steels from to 2
Point Eight Power Inc
1510 Engineers Rd, Bella Chase, LA
70037, USA, +1-504-394-6100,,
Contact: Comm Dir, Wes Lockwood
For more than 50 years, Point Eight Power Inc
has been custom designing, manufacturing,
and servicing electrical control and distribution
Power Developments
International FZCO
Jebel Ali Free Zone, PO Box 17204,
Dubai United Arab Emirates,
Provider of reliable, effcient power generation
solutions and services. PDI provide tailored,
client specifc, turnkey solutions up to 150
MW in open cycle, combined-cycle, or
cogeneration confgurations.
Power Engineering Training
(sub of PanGlobal Training Systems Ltd),
Senator Burns L400, 1301 16 Ave NW,
Calgary, AB T2M 0L4, Canada,
Contact: Dir Bus Dev, Brent Dous
PETS learning materials deliver theory and
operating knowledge to all levels of the power
engineering profession. Approved by US and
Canadian licensing examination bodies, our
materials are the industry standard.
Power Jacks Ltd
Balmacassie Commercial Pk, Ellon,
Aberdeenshire AB41 8BX, UK,
Contact: Mktg, Zaozao Li
Power Jacks is a manufacturer of screw jacks,
electric linear actuators, roller screws, and
bevel gearboxes. The company also provides
winches, couplings, motors, gearboxes, and
other PT equipment for customer systems.
Power Link Machine (Shanghai)
Co Ltd
No 576 Guanghua Rd, Songjiang
Science & Technology Park, Shanghai
201614 China, +86-21-5785-8485,,
Specialized manufacturer of diesel generators
(72200 kVA) and mobile lighting towers.
Power Machines
3a Vatutina str, St Petersburg 195009
Russian Federation, +7-812-346-7037,,
Contact: Deputy Gen Dir/Sls Dir, Alexey
Power Machines is Russias leading
manufacturer and provider of power
generation solutions including engineering,
production, supply, assembling, service and
modernization of equipment for thermal,
nuclear, hydro and gas turbine plants.
Powertech Labs Inc
12388 88th Ave, Surrey, BC V3W 7R7,
Canada, +1-604-590-6641,,
Contact: Principal Eng, Hugh Zhu
Powertech specializes in testing, condition
assessment, and failure investigation of
generator and motor insulation. Our
electrical, mechanical, material and chemistry
labs provide one-stop tests and analysis for
generator failure investigation.
Power Technology Components
Power Systems Div, 295 Lincoln Rd,
PO Box 104009, Auckland 0654
New Zealand, +64-9-836-6744,,
Contact: Power Sys Mgr, Hamish Littin
Assists in building a cleaner world through
cleaner energy systems.
Poyry Energy Ltd
Hardturmstrasse 161, PO Box 8037,
Zurich 8037 Switzerland,
Contact: Pres Bus Area Hydropower, Vilho
Pratt & Whitney Power Systems
400 Main St, MS 191-13, East Hartford,
CT 06108, USA, +1-860-565-3051,,
Contact: Mktg Mgr, Lucia Maffucci
Offers 2560 MW gas turbines for quick
installation, high-effciency mobile power,
mechanical drive, simple and combined cycle,
and cogeneration. Advanced technology
parts, coatings and repairs for heavy-duty gas
turbines and more.
Precision Engine Controls Corp
(div of Hamilton Sundstrand), 11661
Sorrento Valley Rd, San Diego, CA
92121-1083, USA, +1-858-792-3217,,
Contact: Dir Sls/Mktg, Steve Dingsdale
Manufactures control systems, fuel metering
valves, and actuators for industrial and marine
gas turbine engines in offshore, pipeline,
marine, and power applications.
Precision Quincy Corp
1625 W Lake Shore Dr, Woodstock, IL
60098, USA, +1-815-338-2675,,
Contact: VP Sls/Shelters Div, Steve Switzer
Precision Quincy Corp is a privately-owned
manufacturing company whose products
include equipment shelters for the utility,
telecommunications, power generation, public
safety and railroad industries.
PR Consultants
Printerweg 18, Amersfoort 3821 AD The
Netherlands, +31-33-455-5022,,
Contact: LCA Spec, Michiel Oele
Process Equipment - Barron
2770 Welborn St, PO Box 1607, Pelham,
AL 35124, USA, +1-205-663-5330,
Contact: Pres, Ken Nolen
Designs, manufactures, and installs new
fans, dampers, dust collectors, ducts, stacks
and expansion joints. Offers fan repair/
rebuild, predictive/preventive maintenance,
balancing, vibration analysis, drag chain
conveyors, screw conveyors, and heat
Process Plugins Inc
2519 S Shields St, Suite 166, Ft Collins,
CO 80526, USA, +1-970-266-8551,,
Contact: Pres, Joe Devine
Process Plugins provides power plant
performance monitoring, modeling,
diagnostics, and forecasting tools. Built totally
within the OSIsoft platform, the Process Plugins
package eliminates the need for third-party
Process Technology
7010 Lindsay Dr, Mentor, OH 44060,
USA, +1-440-974-1300,,
Contact: VP Opers, Ray Lokar
Procon Engineering
Vestry Est, Sevenoaks, Kent TN14 5EL, UK,
Procon Engineering provides fully integrated
process control solutions from the primary
measurement level through modern interfaces
to complete PLC, HMI, PC and SCADA
ProEnergy Services
2001 ProEnergy Blvd, Sedalia, MO
65301, USA, +1-660-829-5100,,
ProEnergy Services is an integrated service
provider to the global energy industry.
ProEnergy provides innovative solutions for all
phases of a project.
Promec SRL
Via Marconi 35/G, Ponte San Pietro
24036 Italy, +39-0354376383,,
Contact: Gen Mgr, Luca Gandini
Specialized in servicing OEMs and power
plants. Spare parts for steam turbines,
generators, overhauling of single and/or
assembled components, reverse engineering,
equipment, and other mechanical components
for power plants.
ProSim Inc
(sub of ProSim SA), Science Center, 3711
Market St, 8th Fl, Philadelphia, PA 19104,
USA, +1-215-600-3760,,
Contact: Mktg/Sls Mgr, Isabelle Girard
Provides software for utilities management,
power plant optimization and more.
Proto Manufacturing Ltd
2175 Solar Crescent, Old Castle, ON
N0R 1L0, Canada, +1-519-737-6330,,
Provides automated nondestructive residual
stress analysis and more.
Proton Energy System
10 Technology Dr, Wallingford, CT
06492, USA, +1-203-949-8697,,
Contact: VP Hydrogen Prod Sls/Mktg,
John Speranza
HOGEN hydrogen generators 99.99%+
pure, pressurized hydrogen combined with
Proton Energy Systems patented StableFlow
control system provide cost-effective cooling
and maximum output from hydrogen-cooled
generators in power plants.
Proventia GmbH
Kronaustrasse 12, Winterthur CH-8404
Switzerland, +40-5544-226,
Proventia is an international environmental
technology group working for clean air by
developing and supplying solutions to reduce
emissions from machines, vehicles, power
plants and ships OEM and retroftting markets.
PRFTECHNIK Alignment Systems
Freisinger St 34, Ismaning 85737
Germany, +49-89-996-160,,
PRFTECHNIK is an international company
active in the measuring and control
systems industry. As the inventor of laser
shaft alignment, we provide a range of
measurement instruments, solutions and
PSM - an Alstom Co
1440 W Indiantown Rd, Jupiter, FL
33458, USA, +1-561-354-1100,,
Contact: VP Strategy/Bus Dev, Jeff Benoit
Delivers a full scope of turbine services
including high technology gas turbine
parts with all critical F-Class components,
comprehensive reconditioning services, expert
feld services, and fexible LTAs.
P&S Vorspannsysteme AG
Rietwiesstrasse 2, St Gallenkappel
Switzerland, +41-55-284-64-64,,
Offers engineering, manufacturing and
distribution of multi jackbolt tensioners for large
diameter bolting. Superior bolting technology
allows you to tighten any stud size with a
hand torque wrench.
PT Sulzer Turbo Services Indonesia
Kawasan Industri Kota Bukit Indah, Blok A
11, Kav 1C-1D, Purwakarta 41181
Indonesia, +62-264-351-920,,
Contact: Gen Mgr Sls, Irfan Zen
Sulzer Turbo Services is the leading,
independent, technically-advanced and
innovative service provider for all brands of
mechanical and electro-mechanical rotating
equipment such as gas turbines, steam
turbines, compressors, motors, generators.
Pure Technologies Ltd
300, 705 - 11 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2R
0E3, Canada, +1-403-266-6794,,
Contact: Dir Asset Mgmt, Anis Somani
Pure Technologies is a world leader in the
development and application of innovative
technologies for inspection, monitoring and
management of physical infrastructure for
power plant owners
PV-Engineering GmbH
Augustastr 24, Iserlohn DE-58644
Germany, +49-2371-1595347,,
Contact: Man Dir, Klaus Schulte
Offers PV i-v-curve tracers, peak power
measurement and test systems.
4256 N Ravenswood, #201, Chicago, IL
60613, USA, +1-866-274-0642,,
Contact: Pres, Tim Carroll
Provides a range of solar related products,
including solar panels, kits and components
including inverters, controllers, batteries,
racking and BOS items. also
provides information, planning tools and
community features.
PV Powered
20720 Brinson Blvd, Bend, OR 97701,
USA, +1-541-312-3832,

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3,451 attendees 44 countries 311 exhibitors
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Based on HydroVision International 2011
Company Classifed Listing
78 January 2012 - PEi
Energy Div, Cody Technology Park, Ively
Rd, Farnborough, Hampshire GU14 0LX,
UK, +44-1252-393645,,
QinetiQ Power, with more than 200 specialist
gas turbine engineers, supports operators,
OEMs, and repair and maintenance
organizations to improve their products and
support cost of ownership initiatives.
QuakeWrap Inc
2055 E 17th St, Tucson, AZ 85719, USA,
Contact: Pres, Mo Ehsani
Turnkey solutions (design, materials,
installation) for repair and retroft of structures
(pipes and tanks) with carbon fber reinforced
products at a fraction of the time and cost of
conventional methods.
Qualifed Prospecting Services
3 Alameda Cir, Middletown, OH 45044,
USA, +1-513-318-4551,,
Quanta Services
2800 Post Oak Blvd, Suite 2600,
Houston, TX 77056, USA,
Contact: Sr VP Bus Dev, Ben Bosco
Racine Flow Meter Group
8635 Washington Ave, PO Box 081580,
Racine, WA 53406, USA,
Contact: NA Sls Dir, Tracy Lagona
Manufactures precision fow meters for a
variety of industries with a wide array of
technologies, including turbine, variable area,
hydraulic testing, differential pressure, vortex
shedding, and ultrasonic fow measurement
Lakowa 33, Raciborz Poland,
Contact: Sls Off Dir Env Protection Plants,
Jacek Cielecki
Rafako SA specializes in thermal power
plants, power generation and environment
protection equipment on turnkey basis
including PC, CFB, waste, biomass, HRSG
and FGD plants with full service.
Rathbone Precision Metals Inc
1241 Park St, Palmer, MA 01069, USA,
Contact: Dir Sls, Glenn Eberly
Rathbone produces cold rolled and drawn
metal profles. Our profles are used in
a diverse range of power generation
applications including turbine buckets, turbine
seal strips and generator coil wedges.
Raycap Inc
806 S Clearwater Loop, Post Falls, ID
83854, USA, +1-208-777-1166,,
Contact: VP Mktg, Lisa Duckett
Raycap designs and manufactures surge
protection devices for AC, DC, RF, telco/
data, and backhaul applications, as well as
integrated electrical cabinets. surge protection
product lines include Strikesorb, Rayvoss, and
Real Time Ops
PO Box 2087, Chapel Hill, NC
27515-2087, USA, +1-919-923-3679,,
Contact: Channel Partner Mgr, Tonia Poe
Distributes wireless data hardware and
services. In addition to cellular modems
and accessories from Sierra Wireless, Digi
and Blue Tree, we offer activations and
Red Acoustics Ltd
Acoustic Consultancy Div, Suite 3, Cottam
Ln Business Centre, Cottam Ln, Preston,
Lancashire PR2 1JR, UK,
Red Acoustics is an independent consultancy
providing professional and cost-effective
services and solutions in all aspects of
acoustics, noise control and vibration.
Ceskobrodska 36/816, Prague
9 190 00 Czech Republic,
REKO PRAHA is a construction and design
company specilaizing in the construction,
repair and service of cooling towers.
REMAZEL Engineering SpA
Via Nazioni Unit 10, Costa di Mezzate
(BG) Italy, +39-02-660-124-07,
A leader in the design and fabrication of
dampers and complete exhaust systems
including multi-louver, biplane (tandem),
guillotines, diverters, stack dampers,
expansion joints, and silencers.
Goegginger Str 73, Augsburg 86159
Germany, +49-821-5700-662,,
Contact: Weiss
RENK provides reliable, innovative, leading
edge drive technology solutions for the power
generating industry including high-speed gears
for generator drives, compressors, blowers,
planetary gears, epicyclic gears, fexible disk
and more.
Rentech Boiler Systems Inc
5025 E Business 20, Abilene, TX 79601,
USA, +1-325-672-3400,,
Contact: Pres, Jack Rentz
Rentech Boiler Systems offers HRSGs up to
40 MW, SCR systems, industrial boilers to
750,000 pph and all types of waste heat
recovery boilers. Also upgrades existing
REpower Systems AG
berseering 10, Hamburg D-22297
Germany, +49-4055-55090,,
Develops, constructs, produces, assembles
and services onshore wind turbines.
RetubeCo Inc
6024 Ooltewah-Georgetown Rd,
Ooltewah, TN 37363, USA,
Contact: Pres, Ed Overmyer
RetubeCo provides specialized high
production retubing tooling packages,
technical assistance, specifcations, planning,
and turnkey services to the level necessary
to support your particular condenser or heat
exchanger retubing/repair project.
Rheinmetall Defence Electronics
Simulation and Training Div, Brueggeweg
54, Bremen D-28309 Germany,
RDE specializes in the manufacture and supply
of electronics equipment and systems. The
experience is based on numerous projects,
including full scope replica simulators for
nuclear and fossil power plants.
Ringfeder Corp
(sub of VBG Group), 165 Carver Ave,
Westwood, NJ 07675, USA,
Contact: Pres, Carl Fenstermacher
Offers maintenance-free couplings, keyless
locking devices, and engineering services
relating to power transmission products.
Ring Power Corp
Power Systems Div, 500 World Commerce
Pkwy, St Augustine, FL 32092, USA,
Contact: Assist VP/Used Equipment Sls
Mgr, Lyndon Schultz
Ring Power is a world leader in quality
engines and generator sets. In addition to
new CAT products, Ring Power has the largest
inventory of reconditioned, rebuilt, and new
Ritepro Inc
(sub of BRAY International Inc), 12200
Albert Hudon Blvd, Montreal, QC
H1G 3KY, Canada, +1-514-324-8900,,
Contact: Sls Mgr, Serge Trudel
Fluid handling equipment product range
includes cam and groove couplings, loading
arms, and wafer style swing check valves.
Industries using products include power
generation, nuclear, petroleum, chemical, and
water treatment.
The R&M Electrical Group
362 Spring Rd, Unit 2, Sholing,
Southampton SO19 2PB, UK,
Provides a range of products to a worldwide
group of clients. The Group consists of a
number of specialist branches and divisions,
including projects, experts, lighting, cables,
fxings and more.
Rochem Technical Services
11 Sun Valley Business Park, Winnall
Close, Winchester S023 0LB, UK,
Contact: Reg Dir, Bob Auguston
World leader in the design, manufacture, and
marketing of compressor cleaning systems for
gas turbine and process compressors. Includes
nozzle/manifold assemblies, pneumatic and
automated delivery skids, chemicals, and
performance enhancing systems.
Roctest Ltd
665 Pine Ave, St Lambert, QC J4P 2P4,
Canada, +1-450-465-1113,,
Contact: VP Sls/Mktg, Francois Cordeau
Roctest designs, manufactures, and markets
sensors and high-precision measuring
instruments for the civil engineering market and
applications in the energy, healthcare, and
process control industries.
Rolled Alloys
125 W Sterns Rd, Temperance, MI
48182, USA, +1-734-847-0561,,
Contact: Mktg Svcs Mgr, Jessica Kutzke
Rolled Alloys is a global supplier of heat and
corrosion resistant, aerospace and titanium
alloys. We carry an extensive inventory in
plate, sheet, bar, pipe, fttings and welding
consumables, and offer extensive processing
Rolls-Royce plc
65 Buckingham Gate, London SW1E 6AT,
UK, +44-207-227-9135,,
Rolls-Royce is a leading supplier of low-
emission, highly-effcient aeroderivative gas
turbine power generation packages from
5.564 MW, and Bergen reciprocating gas
engines up to 8.5 MW.
Rongxin Power Electric Co Ltd
Bldg 8, Guiguliangcheng, No 1,
Nongdanan Rd, Haidian District, Beijing
100084 China, +86-28-8505-7399,,
High-tech enterprise in manufacturing power
quality and automation electronic equipments
like SVC, STATCOM, and VFD. Serving
for metallurgy, electrical railway, power
transmission and distribution, industries and
Roper Pump Co
(div of Roper Industries), 3475 Old
Maysville Rd, PO Box 269, Commerce,
GA 30529, USA, +1-706-336-3368,,
Contact: Bus Dev Mgr, Lane Peeler
High pressure fuel pumps and liquid fuel fow
dividers for industrial frame type gas turbines.
Roper also manufactures seal oil pumps
and lube oil pumps for rotating equipment,
including generators.
Rotork plc
Brasmill Ln, Bath, Somerset BA1 3JQ, UK,
Contact: Tony Scott
Provides valve, sluice gate and damper
actuation products.
Rovsing Dynamics A/S
Marielundvej 41, 2730 Herlev Denmark,
Contact: Sls Mgr, Lennart Neistgaard
Rovsing Dynamics is a global supplier of
OPENpredictor for on-line monitoring of
the condition, performance, and reliability
of rotating and reciprocating machinery
in the maritime, power generation, and
petrochemical industries.
RST Instruments Ltd
200-2050 Hartley Ave, Coquitlam, BC
V3K 6W5, Canada, +1-604-540-1100,,
Contact: VP Sls, Pierre Choquet
Provides custom engineered solutions to
site-specifc problems, either on a design-build
basis, or in co-operation with the client.
Rubber Design BV
Industrieweg 21, Heerjansdam 2995 BE
The Netherlands, +31-78-677-8778,,
Rubber Design has become one of the
international leading specialists when it comes
to offering solutions for vibration, noise and
shock related problems.
Company Classifed Listing
January 2012 - PEi 79
RUD Ketten - Rieger & Dietz
GmbH u Co KG
Friedensinsel, Aalen 73432 Germany,
RUD is a world-class manufacturer of sling-
and lashing systems with more than 135
years experience in the branch. The sling and
lashing systems guarantee safety when lifting
and moving loads.
Opernplatz 1, Essen D-45128 Germany,
RWE is among Europes fve largest utilities.
We are active in generation and transmission
as well as the sale and trading of electricity
and gas.
12 rue Sadi Carnot, Bagnolet 93170
France, +33-01-49-93-19-18,,
Contact: Comms Mgr, Nicole Haslip
Idex FLuid & Metering Technologies Div,
(div of Liquid Controls Group),
Via Amerigo Vespucci 1, Lucca
I-55011 Italy, +39-058-324751,,
Contact: ES Sls Mgr, Giorgio Magni
SAMPI is the Italian operation unit of Liquid
Controls Group (IDEX) active in EMEA
countries for oil and gas, power generation,
petrochemical and industrial markets for
pumping and metering solutions.
Sarens NV
Autoweg 10, Wolvertem 1861 Belgium,
The Sarens Group can be described as a
specialist of the extraordinary. Our activities
include the transport and handling of heavy
goods, rental and operation of cranes and
SAR Environmental Technology
Gobener Weg 31, Dingolfing 84130
Germany, +49-8731-7040,,
SAR is an independent system supplier with
400 employees at a number of different
national and international locations. Since
1985, SAR has implemented projects in
power plant and energy technology.
Sargent & Lundy LLC
55 E Monroe St, Chicago, IL 60603,
USA, +1-312-269-2000,,
Contact: Power Gen Mgr, Jeff Woolley
Comprehensive engineering and design,
project services, and energy business
consulting for new generation (fossil, nuclear,
renewable energy), transmission/substation
projects, environmental compliance, existing
facility modifcations, and system-wide
technical and economic assessment.
SAS Global Corp
21601 Mullin Ave, Warren, MI 48089,
USA, +1-248-414-4470,,
Contact: Mktg Mgr, Justin Bennett
SAS patented pulverizer/burner technology is
the frst step in a boiler optimization program.
Balance fuel pipes, reduce NOx, lower LOI,
reduce slagging, and lower SCR costs. 100
percent guaranteed.
SAT Infrared Technology Co Ltd
No 10, Dongjiang Ave, GETDD,
Guangzhou, Guangdong 510730 China,
Contact: Mgr, Swanie Liang
One of Chinas leading civilian thermal
imaging system manufacturers, focusing
on developing, producing, and marketing
infrared cameras.
S & B Engineers and Constructors
Power Div, 7809 Park Pl Blvd, Bldg B, PO
Box 266245, Houston, TX 77087, USA,
Contact: VP Bus Dev Power Div, Rodney
A professionally staffed organization providing
EPC services for the power, oil and gas,
pipeline, petrochemical, refning, bio-fuels,
pulp/paper, and infrastructure industries
throughout the continental US.
SCHADE Lagertechnik GmbH
(div of AUMUND Group), Dorstener Str
360, Herne 44653 Germany,
Contact: Gen Mgr Sls, Michael Wieland
SCHADE specializes in bulk material
stockyards and blending technology,
supplying longitudinal and circular stockyards
and blending bed systems, cantilever, bridge-
type, portal or semi-portal reclaimers, stackers,
and combined stacker/reclaimers.
Schaeffer Technologies GmbH &
Wind Energy Div, Georg-Schfer-Str 30,
Schweinfurt 97421 Germany,
Manufactures rolling bearings. With the INA/
FAG brands, it has been developing and
producing bearing supports for wind turbines
for over 30 years.
Schenck Process GmbH
Pallaswiesenstrae 100, Darmstadt
64293 Germany, +49-6151-1531-2987,
Schmidt Clemens GmbH Co KG
Kaiserau 2, Lindlar 51789 Germany,
Schmidt Clemens is a leading producer of
special steel components. Primary areas
of sales for the group include energy
engineering, petrochemicals, the separating
technology sector, and extrusion rolling
Schneider Electric
Renewable Energies Div, 8999 Nelson
Way, Burnaby, BC V5A 4B5, Canada,
Contact: Mktg Mgr, Lin DeBeaulieu
The Schneider Electric Renewable Energies
business is a world leader in the development,
manufacturing and marketing of advanced
power electronic products and systems for the
renewable markets.
Schneider Electric
35 Rue Joseph Monier, Ruell Malmaison,
Cedex 92506 France, +33-476-398-369,
Specializes in energy management, offering
integrated solutions, making energy safe and
Schwarze - Robitec GmbH
Rohr- Und Profil-Kaltbiegeautomaten,
Olpener Str 460-474, Koln 51109
Germany, +49-89-00-8-0,,
As one of the world leaders in the production
and development of CNC controlled tube
bending machines, we have more than
80 years experience in manufacturing and
Schweitzer Engineering
Laboratories Inc
2350 NE Hopkins Ct, Pullman, WA
99163, USA, +1-509-332-1890,,
Serves power utilities and industrial sites
worldwide through the design, manufacture,
and support of digital protective relays,
automation products, services for power
system protection, control, monitoring,
integration, and automation.
Score Energy Gas Turbine Services
Glen Testing Facility, Upperton Industrial
Estate, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire
AB42 3GL, UK, +44-1779-482300,,
Provides overhaul, feld service, supply,
service treatment and component repair.
SDMO Industries
12 bis rue de la Villeneuve, CS92848,
Brest 29228 France, +33-2-9841-4141,,
Contact: Export Mgr, Patrick Le Guen
SDMO is one of the leading manufacturers
in the generators market, thanks to a wide
standard range (from 1 to 3000 kVA) and an
effcient engineering department.
SEIM Srl Italy
Via A Volta 17, Cusago (MI) I-20090 Italy,
Manufactures lubrication, cooling and fltering
products worldwide. The leading three-screw
pump manufacturer in Italy. ATEX approved.
Chemin de La Julienne, Le Coudray
Montceaux 91830 France,
With 30 years experience, SEIRIS
manufactures, supplies and installs expansion
joints in power stations all around the world.
More than a product, SEIRIS offers a global
solution according to its clients particular
Semi-Bulk Systems Inc
159 Cassens Ct, Fenton, MO 63026,
USA, +1-636-343-4500,,
Contact: VP Sls, Ron Bentley
Provides limestone slurry processes for feed
to fue gas desulfurization scrubbers, in coal
fred power plants. We offer three process
options to meet any capacity of plant logistics
SENER Grupo de Ingeniera SA
Environment and Energy Area Div, c/
Severo Ochoa 4, Parque Tecnologico
de Madrid, Tres Cantos 28760 Spain,
Offers clients cutting-edge technological
solutions in the specifc activities of
engineering, in energy and environment, as
well as aerospace.
Gewerbestr 6, Hohentengen aH,
Baden-Wrttemberg 79801 Germany,
Contact: VP Sls/Projects, Thorsten
SENSOPLAN is one of the leading providers
of services and advanced solutions for large
turbo generators in Europe, with offces and
facilities in Germany, Spain and the UK.
Sensor Developments Inc
1050 W Silver Bell Rd, PO Box 290, Lake
Orion, MI 48359, USA,
Contact: Sls Mgr, Ken Winczner
Designs and manufactures strain gauged
based force and torque sensors, instruments
and complete test systems. ISO 17025
certifed calibrations for any force and torque
Separation Technologies LLC
1616 Roanoke Rd, PO Box 549,
Daleville, VA 24083, USA,
Contact: VP Bus Dev, Tom Cerullo
Separation Technologies offers a 100 percent
fy ash management solution, producing no
emissions, requiring no additional chemicals,
replacing coal and cement and reducing CO

Serdula Systems Ltd
236 Thomas St, Deep River, ON K0J 1P0,
Canada, +1-613-584-2238,
Contact: Pres, Kenneth Serdula
Provides consulting services from R&D,
engineering, operations, and assessments
to bid evaluation and feasibility studies to
national and international organizations in the
nuclear power industry.
SERGI France
(div of SERGI Holding), 186 Ave du
General de Gaulle, PO Box 90, Achores
78260 France, +33-1-39-224840,,
SERGI was created in 1955 for the design
and manufacture of oil-flled transformers for
extinguishing systems. SERGI is specialized
and worldwide leader in the transformer
explosion and fre prevention business.
426,Udyog Vihar Phase-IV, Gurgaon,
Haryana 122016 India,
SES as Tlmace
Tovrensk 210, Tlmace 935 28 Slovak
Republic, +421-366-382-493,
We design, manufacture and supply boilers
(pulverized coal, CFB, HRSG, biomass and
waste fring) for thermal power plants and
heating power plants.
The Shaw Group Inc
Power Group, 128 S Tyron St, Suite 600,
Charlotte, NC 28202, USA,
Contact: VP Bus Dev/Mktg, Mike Wooton
Shaw has been providing engineering
services, as well as full turnkey power plants,
since 1889. Capabilities include engineering,
procurement, and construction on coal, gas,
nuclear, and geothermal plants.
Company Classifed Listing
80 January 2012 - PEi
Shaw Group UK Ltd
Stores Rd, Derby, Derbyshire DE21 4BG,
UK, +44-1332-291122,,
Contact: Bus Dev Mgr, Roger Hollerton
Provides engineering, design, fabrication and
installation of pressure vessels.
Sheldon Andrews Inc
331 Elmwood Dr, Suite 4-251,
Moncton, NB E1A 1X6, Canada,
Contact: Pres, Sheldon Andrews
Our company provides service and service
contracts on emergency generator systems
to hospitals, government, and various other
businesses. We also sell related parts and
service ASCO transfer switches.
Shell Deutschland Schmierstoff
Suhrenkamp 71 - 77, Hamburg Germany,
Shell offers a comprehensive range of
specialist and general lubricants, designed
to offer excellent performance in tough
Shell Lubricants
700 Milam, Houston, TX 77002, USA,
Contact: Power Sector Mgr, Sandy
Shell offers a comprehensive range of
products for the power industry. Shells
approach to lubrication can play a major role
in helping increase equipment availability and
reduce your maintenance costs.
Sherborne Sensors
Unit 1, Ringway Centre, Edison Rd,
Basingstoke, Hampshire RG21 6YH, UK,
Contact: Dir Sls/Mktg, Robin Butler
Sherborne Sensors is a global manufacturer of
high-precision inclinometers, accelerometers,
force transducers and load cells, rotary
encoders, instrumentation and accessories for
industrial, military, power-gen and aerospace
Via V Moratello, 2, Legnago (VR)
37045 Italy, +39-0442-274-55,,
Contact: Foreign Dept Mgr,
Romina Giglioli
SICA SpA is the leading Italy-
based custom steel burner
component manufacturer. With
nearly 50 years expertise,
we serve the most important
companies in the combustion and
engineering industry worldwide.
Siderval SpA
Via Chini Battista, 60, Talamona, (SO)
23018 Italy, +39-0342-674111,,
Specializing in steel bars produced by hot
extrusion. Able to transform different types
of steel such as carbon, alloy, high alloy,
stainless steel and alloys and titanium.
Siemens AG Energy Sector
Freyeslebenstrasse 1, Erlangen 91058
Germany, +49-9131-18-0,,
Contact: Corp Comms, Monika Wood
The worlds leading supplier of a complete
spectrum of products, services/solutions for the
generation, transmission, and distribution of
power, and for the extraction, conversion, and
transport of oil and gas.
Siemens Energy
Power Transmission and Distribution Div,
4400 Alafaya Trail, Orlando, FL
32826-2399, USA, +1-919-365-2405,,
Siemens Wind Power A/S
Borupvej 16, Brande DK-7330 Denmark,
Contact: Mgr Intl Rltns/Key Accts,
Henning Kruse
Offers on and offshore wind turbines with
2.3 MW and 3.6 MW generator capacities.
Siempelkamp Maschinen- und
Anlagenbau GmbH & Co KG
Siempelkampstrasse 75, Krefeld D-47803
Germany, +49-2151-9230,,
Offers large-diameter pipes and half shells,
straightening presses, side-member presses,
heat exchanger plate presses, hydroforming
presses, rear axle housing presses and more.
SimTech GmbH
Riesstr 120, Graz 8010 Austria,
Contact: Man Dir, Erhard Perz
SimTech provides the heat balance and
process modeling package IPSEpro and
services for the power and process industries.
2607 Woodruff Rd, Suite E-310,
Simpsonville, SC 29681, USA,
Contact: Mgr, Oliver Fritz
Sincro is a leading European manufacturer of
alternators and welders. Our machines are
manufactured to the highest engineering and
quality standards. Our new alternator range is
from 2 to 1920 kVA.
SIPOS Aktorik GmbH
(sub of AUMA), Im Erlet 2, Altdorf 90518
Germany, +49-9187-9227-0,,
Contact: Intl Sls Mgr, Steffen Koehler
SIPOS manufactures electric actuators
for industrial valve applications: rotary,
linear, part-turn, and double-motor/nuclear
applications. With roots as part of Siemens,
SIPOS has a legacy dating back over 100
via dellArtigianato 1, Ponte dellOlio
Piacenza 29028 Italy,
Contact: Gen Mgr, Bruno Sbalbi
Manufacturer of sound-attenuated containers
for gensets and insulated, air-conditioned
shelters for electrical equipment. Containers
with fltration systems against sand and
dust. Offshore and A60 containers are also
SKF Sealing Solutions
Gabelhoferstr 25, Judenburg, Styria 8750
Austria, +43-3572-82555-0,,
Contact: Head of Engr Support, Heimo
SKF is amongst the leading players in the
global industrial seals market, providing
system solutions with moulded, machined
and large diameter seals in many different
materials to meet customer requirements.
111 Independence Dr, Menlo Park, CA
94025, USA, +1-650-289-2600,
Contact: Dir Power/Utilities, Garrett Lyions
Offers practical industry experience managing
large-scale construction projects.
(a Doosan co), Tylova 1/57, Plzen
30128 Czech Republic,
Contact: Dir New Build, Braham Bhushan
Producer and supplier of SKODA design
steam turbines even machine halls (101250
MW) and of complex services for fossil
and nuclear power plants, cogeneration,
combined cycles, incineration and solar
(div of SKODA POWER Ltd), C-164,
2nd Fl, Sector 63, Noida, UP 201 301
India, +91-120-4070501,,
Contact: Man Dir, Jaroslav Ira
Sko-Die Inc
8050 Austin Ave, Morton Grove, IL
60053, USA, +1-847-965-1130,,
Contact: Sls/Mktg Mgr, Bob Blecha
SK Valve
2381 Fillmore Ave, Buffalo, NY 14214,
USA, +1-716-795-8111,,
Contact: US Sls Mgr, John Petrik
SK is the world leader in severe service valves
for abrasion, corrosion and thermal duty.
Ceramic-on-ceramic seated valves are for the
most vicious applications and will outperform
metals 30:1.
Skyreach Systems
298-300 Charminster Rd, Bournemouth,
Dorset BH8 9RT, UK, +44-1202-525056,,
Contact: Mktg Dir, Kevin Manners
Wholesale vacuum solar thermal suppliers and
installers. Distribution agents required across
the US for SRCC approved collectors with
outstanding performance.
Slimline Manufacturing Ltd
559 Okanagan Ave E, Penticton, BC
V2A 3K4, Canada, +1-250-493-6145,,
Contact: VP Mktg, Bob McIntyre
Wastewater disposal by enhanced
evaporation in fy ash ponds eliminate cooling
tower blowdown. Economical, practical, and
environmentally friendly.
Smaltifex SpA
Via DellIndustria, 115, San Felice S/P
(MO) 41038 Italy, +39-0535-86411,,
Smaltifex is a metal enameling factory and
manufacturer of enameled and non-enameled
heating elements and baskets for rotary air
pre-heaters installed in thermal power stations.
SMA Solar Technology AG
Sonnenallee 1, Niestetal 34266
Germany, +49-561-95-22-0,,
Produces and develops grid-connected
inverters Sunny Boy and more.
Smithco Engineering Inc
(div of Hudson Products), 6312 S 39th
West Ave, Tulsa, OK 74132, USA,
Contact: Sls/Projects Coord, Jim Matthews
Manufacturer of air-cooled heat exchangers,
tube bundles, and associated spare parts.
Snap-on Industrial
Telford Way, Kettering, Northamptonshire
NN16 8UN, UK, +44-1536-413-904,,
Contact: Bus Dev Mgr, Ian Goodenough
Offers hand tools, power tools, tools storage,
workshop equipment, nuclear FME and
aerospace FOD tool control and asset
management systems, tools at height safety
system, mobile workshops and tool stores.
SNC-Lavalin Inc
1801 McGill College Ave, 12th Fl,
Montreal, QC H3A 2N4, Canada,
Contact: P Bus Dev (Hydro), John Brown
Sohre Turbomachinery Inc
128 Main St, Monson, MA 01057, USA,
Offers shaft grounding brushes, self cleaning,
run dry or in oil. Prevents damage from stray
electrical shaft currents. Used for decades to
protect turbomachinery and other shafting.
Silver/gold composite bristles.
Solar India Inc
Solar, Biomass, Biogas and
Non-conventional Energy Products Div,
1/2 Old Palasia, 105 Apollo Arcade,
Indore (MP), Madhy Pradesh 452018
India, +91-731-2560554,,
Offers a total renewable energy solution to
providers with a range that varies from biogas
to biomass, solar to wind and hot and cold
insulation solutions.
Solar Manufacturing
1983 Clearview Rd, Souderton, PA
18964, USA, +1-267-384-5040,,
Contact: VP Sls, Peter Reh
Solar Manufacturing designs and
manufactures production vacuum heat treating
and brazing furnaces for the general heat
treatment industry with a special focus on the
thermal processing of turbine blades.
Company Classifed Listing
January 2012 - PEi 81
Solar Turbines
(sub of Caterpillar Inc), 2200 Pacific Hwy,
PO Box 85376, San Diego, CA 92186,
USA, +1-619-544-5352,,
Industrial gas turbines for 150 MW power
projects. Clean, energy-effcient, and
sustainable power for cogeneration, district
heating/cooling, landfll, remote, mobile,
peaking, standby, distributed, and turnkey
power. Customer support 24/7.
Solberg International Ltd
Oil Mist Eliminators, 1151 Ardmore Ave,
Itasca, IL 60143, USA, +1-630-616-4900,,
Manufactures high effciency oil mist
eliminators, vapor extractors, and crankcase
ventilation systems. These are designed to
capture vented oil mist emissions from the lube
oil systems of turbines and more.
SOLVAir Solutions/Solvay
Chemicals Inc
3333 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77098,
USA, +1-713-525-6500,,
Contact: Bus Mgr, Mike Wood
Solvay Chemicals SOLVAir Solutions Group
effciently and cost-effectively helps remove
SOx, HCI, HF, NOx and Hg from fue gas
Via Cremona 1, Legnano, Milano Italy,
SON offers consulting, planning and
engineering for power plants within the
renewable energy sector, as well as innovative
products such as the HELIEX screw expanders.
Specialised Overhaul Service P/L
15 Randall Ct, Collaroy, NSW 2097
Australia, +61-2998-14010,,
Contact: Mgr, Steven Smith
Suppliers of tube cleaning equipment to the
power generating industry for more than 25
years. Products include plastic, phosphor
bronze, spring steel, and stainless-steel water
propelled bullet type tube cleaners.
Spectrum Metrology
Unit 8, Ireton Ave, Leicester, Leics LE4 9EU,
UK, +44-116-276-6262,,
Spectrum sells devices for alignment checks
over long distances, such as pipe straightness,
refueling system checks, turbine/generator set
alignment, and engine alignment. Technical
agent for Taylor Hobson (worldwide) and
Brunson Tooling (UK).
Piazza San Graziano 2,31, Arona NO
Italy, +39-0322-245-401,,
Contact: Mktg Mgr, Marianna Caputo
Thanks to a team of specialists, SPIG is able
to provide the study, design, engineering and
manufacture of new cooling towers and air
cooled condensers, as well as revamping,
spare parts and related after-sales services.
Spilling Energie Systeme GmbH
Werfstrasse 5, Hamburg Germany,
Contact: Sls Dir, Till Augustin
Manufactures and supplies robust modular
power units for fexible and effcient local
power generation. One of the most important
Spilling innovations is the unique Spilling
steam engine.
Sputnik Engineering AG
Hheweg 85, Biel 2502 Switzerland,
Contact: Man Dir, Christoph von Bergen
Develops, manufactures and distributes current
inverters for photovoltaic systems and more.
13515 Ballantyne Corporate Pl, Charlotte,
NC 28277, USA, +1-585-527-1658,,
SPX energizes the power and energy industry
with a wide array of customized engineered
SPX Cooling Technologies GmbH
Ernst-Dietrich-Platz 2, Ratingen 40882
Germany, +49-2102-1669-0,,
Complete solutions and services from one
single source: quick, fexible, and effcient.
Cooling towers including natural draught, wet
and dry types (including fu gas discharge),
mechanical, hybrid (wet/dry), ACC (air
cooled condensers) and cold end systems.
SPX Heat Transfer Inc
2121 N 161 East Ave, PO Box 3158,
Tulsa, OK 74116-4802, USA,
Contact: VP Sls, Sam Naifeh
SPX Heat Transfer Inc provides advanced
engineering design, fabrication, and turnkey
feld service for the power generation industry.
SRF Europe Ltd
Hyde House, The Hyde, Rush Grove Ave,
London NW9 6LH, UK,
SRF is a global supplier of heat transfer
products to off-highway OEMs, engine
manufacturers, and engine/after-market
distributors. SRF specializes in designing
complete cooling packages of radiators,
hoses, and support brackets.
SRF Manufacturing
Gungur Calisir Cad No 4, Manisa 45030
Turkey, +90-236-233-44-56,,
SSS Gears Ltd
Park Rd, Sunbury-on-Thames, Midlesex
TW16 5BL, UK, +44-1932-780644,,
SSS Gears Ltd manufactures high power gear
clutches for use in single shaft combined-
cycle power generation, CHP, synchronous
condensing, starting drives, dual drives,
turning gears and marine main drives.
Standardkessel-Baumgarte Group
Baldusstrasse 13, Duisburg D-47138
Germany, +49-203-452-111,,
Founded more than 80 years ago,
Standardkessel and Baumgarte are today
among the leaders in the feld of boiler
technologies. A success, which is based on
intensive research and development.
Stanley Consultants
225 Iowa Ave, Muscatine, IA 52761,
USA, +1-563-264-6282,,
Contact: Energy Business Leader, Steve
Stanley Consultants, a member-owned
frm, provides engineering, design, and
construction services to the electric utility
industry. Services include new generating
plants, operating facility upgrades/retrofts,
substations/switchyards, and transmission/
distribution facilities.
Starfite Systems
116 Dogwood Ln, PO Box 421,
Connoquenessing, PA 16027, USA,
Contact: Pres, Bob Daquelente
Manufacturer of custom, pre-assembled (with
HVAC and controls) rooms/buildings for
power control rooms (electrical equipment
rooms), mechanical rooms (compressor/
hydraulic rooms, pump houses), crane/
operator cabs, pulpits/operator stations, and
panelized building systems.
STEAG Energy Services GmbH
(sub of STEAG GmbH), Rttenscheider Str
1-3, Essen, NRW 45128 Germany,
Contact: Head Intl Bus Dev, Heiko
STEAG Energy Services offers consulting,
project management, design, planning,
procurement, and commissioning of power
plants, waste incineration plants, district
heating systems, high voltage switchgear, and
transmission lines.
STEJASA Agregados Industriales
C/Albasanz, 34, Madrid Spain,
Contact: Sls Dir, Franck Ligonie
A leading supplier of dampers and complete
bypass systems able to operate in the worst
working conditions including multilouvre,
tandem, guillotine, diverters, stack dampers,
expansion joints and more.
Stellba Hydro GmbH & Co KG
Eiffelstr 4, Herbrechtingen D-89542
Germany, +49-7324-96-80-0,,
Contact: Sls Mgr/CEO, Lutz Juhrig
Stellba manufactures and repairs hydro power
stations. Key activities focus on the areas
of inspection and upgrading. We design,
machine and assemble new turbines, turbine
control systems and hydraulic steelwork.
Steuler Anlagenbau GmbH & Co
George-Steuler Str, Hoehr-Grenzhausen
D-56203 Germany, +49-2624-13302,,
Provides complete solutions for the felds
relating to metal, energy, wastewater and
waste materials.
Via Robecco, 20, Magenta (MI) 20013
Italy, +39-0297209-1,
Contact: Sls Asst, Silvia Colombo
STF designs, supplies, installs and commissions
HRSGs, industrial boilers, subcritical and
USC boilers, biomass fred boilers, low Nox
burners, condensers, feedwater heaters, S&T
heat exchangers, regenerative airheaters and
Via G Pascoli, 10 a/b, Gorle 24020
Italy, +39-035-29282,
Contact: NA Rep, Bruce Gallagher
The company manufactures standard and high
capacity linear pneumatic to rotary motion
actuators, and very high Cv Hart protocol
smart positioners for high speed large volume
critical service actuators.
Stork Turbo-Service GmbH
(div of Stork), Econova-Allee 1, Essen,
NRW 45356 Germany,
Contact: Head Sls Turbomachinery,
Andreas Denner
Stork Turbo-Service GmbH, a part of
Stork Power Services Group, is a leading
manufacturer/independent service provider for
energy suppliers, power station operators, and
the industrial sector.
Storm Copper Components Co
240 Industrial Ln, PO Box 99, Decatur, TN
37322, USA, +1-423-334-4800,,
Contact: VP Sls, Charlene Miller
Storm Copper Components Co has achieved
the highest acclaim from OEMs worldwide,
fabricating custom copper connectors for the
power and alternative energy markets over
20 years.
Strabag AG
Wienerbergstrasse 11/AB, Wien Austria,
Offers a range of services which covers the
entire value-added chain in the construction
industry including building construction and
civil engineering, transportation infrastructures
and special divisions and concessions.
Straylight Multimedia
190 1027 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6E
4L2, Canada, +1-604-219-5242,,
Contact: Pres, Jay Storey
Straylight produces and markets The
Emergency Simulation Program (ESP). ESP is a
Microsoft Windows based authoring system
for the creation and presentation of multimedia
emergency response training simulations.
Structural Integrity Associates Inc
5215 Hellyer Ave, San Jose, CA
95138, USA, +1-877-474-7693,,
Contact: Mktg Mgr, Vicki Douglass
Structural Integrity Associates is
a leading engineering consulting
frm dedicated to analysis,
control, and prevention of
structural failures. We serve
nuclear power, fossil power,
pipeline services and offer legal
Structural Preservation Systems
7455 New Ridge Rd, Suite T, Hanover,
MD 21076, USA, +1-410-850-7000,
Contact: VP Energy Div, Bill Blennerhassett
Structural Preservation Systems (SPS) is
the nations largest specialty contractor,
focusing on structural repair, maintenance,
waterproofng, and geotechnical construction,
and strengthening services for the energy,
industrial, commercial, and public markets.
STS Truck & Equipment Sales LLC
726 W US 224, PO Box 97, Uniondale,
IN 46791, USA, +1-260-543-2464
Contact: Div Mgr, Mike Baum
Supplier of custom built trucks and equipment
such as pole haulers, all wheel drive, custom
frame designs, Waterbug water trucks and
emergency trucks.
Company Classifed Listing
82 January 2012 - PEi
Sulzer Turbo Services
Zurchestrasse 12, PO Box 414, Winterthur
8401 Switzerland, +41-52-262-3444,,
Contact: Bus Dev/Mktg, Mike Curran
Sulzer Turbo Services is the leading,
independent, technically-advanced and
innovative service provider for all brands of
mechanical and electro-mechanical rotating
equipment such as gas turbines, steam
turbines, compressors, motors, generators.
Sulzer Turbo Services Houston Inc
11518 Old La Porte Rd, La Porte, TX
77571, USA, +1-713-567-2700,,
Contact: VP Sls NA, Allen Thornton
Sulzer Turbo Services Rotterdam
Moezelweg 190, LS Europoort Rotterdam
3198 The Netherlands, +31-181-282-000,,
Contact: Gen Mgr, Joris Ringelberg
Sulzer Turbo Services Venlo BV
Spikweien 36, AD Lomm NL-5943 The
Netherlands, +31-77-473-8666,,
Contact: Dir Sls, Edward Nagel
Superior Industries
315 E State Hwy 28, PO Box 684,
Morris, MN 56267, USA,
Contact: Conveying Equip Sls Mgr, Jeff
Headquartered in Morris, Minnesota, Superior
Industries designs and fabricates a full line of
conveying equipment, telescoping conveyors,
feed systems, manufactures high quality idlers,
pulleys, and other conveyor components.
SuperPower Inc
450 Duane Ave, Schnectady, NY 12304,
USA, +1-518-346-1414,,
Contact: Mgr Sls Oper, Eric Lord
Develops high temperature, superconducting
wire and devices for electric power
generation, transmission, distribution
and strorage, including power cables,
transformers, fault current limiters, SMES and
Surrette Battery Co Ltd
1 Station Rd, PO Box 2020, Springhill,
NS B0M 1X0, Canada,
Surround Technologies Inc
14160-256th St, Maple Ridge, BC
V4R 1C9, Canada, +1-604-462-8223,
Contact: Gen Mgr, Greg Fraser
Manufactures electrical rooms, sound
attenuated enclosures, control rooms, cabs
and electrical substations, control consoles
and chairs.
Sutton Stromart Ltd
8 Carson Ct, Brampton, ON L6T 4P8,
Canada, +1-905-458-0470,,
Contact: Sls Mgr U.S., Rick Dezek
Designs and manufactures heavy-duty
industrial radiators for the power generation
industry. We feature high effciency, low noise
and low parasitic HP design well suited for
power plant applications.
Swagelok Co
31500 Aurora Rd, Solon, OH
44139-2764, USA, +1-440-349-5934,,
Contact: Mktg/Comms Mgr, Debi Korinek
Delivers reliable fuid system components
and services, including technical assistance,
training, and emergency response. Were
focused on helping create power plants with
more capacity, fewer outages, and higher
SWAN Analytical Asia Co Ltd
Westgate Tower Level 26 D, 7 Wing
Hong St, Kowloon Hong Kong,
SWAN Systeme AG was stemmed from the
SWAN Group in 1991. SWAN engineers
analytical systems for power and water plants,
from sample intake to computer display.
SWAN Analytische Instrumente
Studbachstrasse 13, Postfach 398, Hinwil
CH-8340 Switzerland,
Contact: Sls Dir, Lukas Staub
SWAN is one of the leading manufacturers of
on-line analytical instruments.
SWAN Systeme AG
Studbachstrasse 13, Hinwil 8340
Switzerland, +41-943-62-00,,
Contact: Dir, Manuel Sigrist
SWAN Systeme AG provides engineering
services and supplies sampling and analysis
systems for the water steam cycle. We also
supply related services to EPC contractors and
operators of power plants.
Tank Connection Affliate Group
(div of Tank Connection), 3609 N 16th St,
PO Box 579, Parsons, KS
67357, USA, +1-620-423-3010,,
Contact: Pres, Bill Neighbors
Tank Connection is the leading manufacturer
of bolted, feld-weld, shop-weld, and hybrid
storage tanks and silos for the power industry.
We specialize in ash, limestone, coal, and
liquid storage applications.
TAS Energy Inc
6110 Cullen Blvd, Houston, TX, USA,
TAS is a technology company who designs,
manufactures and provides clean economic
power solutions by focusing on the energy
effciency and renewable energy markets.
Technicon Acoustics
4412 Republic Ct, Concord, NC 28027,
USA, +1-704-788-1131,,
Contact: Sls Mgr, Mark Nye
Technicon Acoustics provides a complete line
of materials used to control noise. Products
include open and closed cell foam, nonwoven
polyester fber, mass loaded vinyl barrier, and
vibration damping material.
TechniData AG
EH&S ENVINET Div, Hans-Pinsel-Str 4,
Haar D-85540 Germany,
Contact: VP ENVINET, Claus Holzheimer
Offers turnkey environmental monitoring
networks for air, radiation, water, and software
for environmental monitoring and management
centers, sensors and data loggers.
15 bld 2 Noviy Arbat St, Moscow
119019 Russian Federation,
Constructs and reconstructs energy facilities
on a turnkey basis including thermal power,
hydroelectric and power plants using
renewable energy sources, transmission lines
and substations.
Dallaan 42, Sterrebeek 1933 Belgium,
Technilingua is specialized in translation of
technical documentation. Our collaborators
are engineers.
Tecnolog SA
Power Div, Avenida Venezuela 2005, Lima
01 01 Peru, +511-337-7271,,
Contact: Man Dir, Edgar Gerber
Offers the in-river power APIN generator,
system mounted on pontoons with river speeds
of minimum 1 mt/sec, capacities from 2070
KWe, and can generate on multiple pontoons
with unlimited power.
Tedom sro
Vycapy 195, Trebic 674-01 Czech
Republic, +420-568-837-111,,
Contact: Comms Dir, Lubos Nedvedicky
Offers CHP units, biogas and landfll gas
Tefulong Group Co Ltd
4th Section of Hi-Teck Park, Wenzhou
Economy & Technology Dev Zone,
Wenzhou, Zhejiang 325011 China,
Contact: Sls Eng, Lisa Xie
Tefulong Group Co Ltd, established in 1987,
specializes in manufacturing intelligent valve
electrical actuators (multiturn, part-turn, and
linear) and gearboxes. Our products are sold
(div of Illinois Tool Works), 2570 N Talbot
Rd, Windsor, ON N0R 1L0, Canada,
Tregaskiss is an industry leader in developing
and manufacturing MIG welding guns and
peripherals, and offers products worldwide. Its
brands include TOUGH GUN manual, robotic
MIG guns and peripherals.
Telemetrie Elektronik GmbH
Berliner Allee 42, Langenhagen D-30855
Germany, +49-511-978-3960,,
Designs, develops and manufactures turnkey
telemetry systems.
TEMTO Technology Co Ltd
2# Bldg, Yangqiao Park, No 145
Yangqiaozhong Rd, Gulou, Fuzhou, Fujian
350003 China, +86-591-8787-0640,,
Contact: Sls Mgr, Nicole Feng
TEMTO is an experienced manufacturer supply
cost effective solutions service and high quality
custom optics and coatings. We have full
experience in optical design, coating design,
prototyping and assembly capabilities.
12-14 allee du Levant, La Tour de
Salvagny 69890 France,
Contact: Mktg/Comms Mgr, Fabien
Specializes in photovoltaic solar energy since
1983. Experience covers all applications
including grid connections, professional
applications, rural electrifcation, solar
pumping, and more.
Tentec Ltd
Plymouth House, Guns Ln, West Bromwich
B70 9HS, UK, +44-121-5241990,,
Teshmont Consultants LP
1190 Waverley St, Winnipeg, MB R3T
0P4, Canada, +1-204-284-8100,,
Contact: Mktg Mgr, Robyn Page
Teshmont has over 40 years of AC and DC
high voltage transmission systems experience,
and has provided services for projects
representing over 50% of the worlds installed
capacity of HVDC.
TESI srl
Via Piave 20/11, Vermezzo (MI) I-20080
Italy, +39-02-9440501,,
OEM manufacturer for oil and gas and energy
sector ignition devices.
Testo AG
Via F lli Rosselli, 3/2, Settimo Milanese
20019 Italy, +39-02-33519-1,,
Whether temperature, humidity or fue gas,
Testo offers the newest technology. A new
thermal imager/fue gas analyzer with unique
long-life sensors are only two of the highlights.
Testo Ltd
Newman Ln, Alton, Hampshire
GU34 2QJ, UK, +44-1420-544-433,,
Contact: Prod Mgr, Peter Sullivan
Provides instrumentation for emissions
monitoring, pressure, temperature, velocity
and humidity.
Texas OilTech Laboratories Inc
10630 Fallstone Rd, Houston, TX 77099,
USA, +1-281-495-2400,,
Contact: Dir Lab Oper, Phil Sorurbakhsh
ISO 9001:2000 certifed analytical testing
laboratory offering over 400 procedures
for liquid, gaseous, and solid fuels, new or
in-service lubricants and turbine oils. Onsite
testing services also offered.
Company Classifed Listing
January 2012 - PEi 83
TFI ThorburnFlex International
173 Oneida Dr, Pointe-Claire, QC
H9R 1A9, Canada, +1-514-695-8710,,
Manufacturer of specialized engineered
fexible piping systems. Our corporate mission,
evolution and business philosophy have been
customer driven so that Thorburn can achieve
clear positions of sustainable technological
and market-share leadership.
TGM Kanis Turbinen GmbH
Am Flachmoor 6, Nuremburg 90475
Germany, +49-911-239-568-700,,
TGM Kanis Turbinen GmbH offers
(cycle-)calculation, design, construction,
manufacturing, erection, commissioning and
service of steam turbines and steam turbo sets.
Thermal Ceramics
(sub of Morgan Crucible Co plc),
PO Box 923, Augusta, GA 30903, USA,
Contact: Mgr Appl Eng, Steve Chernack
Thermal Ceramics provides high-temperature
insulation and refractory products, such as
Kaowool ceramic fber, Pyro-Bloc modules,
and K insulating frebrick for thermal
management for use in power generation
facilities worldwide.
Thermamax Inc
1005 N Commons Dr, Aurora, IL 60504,
USA, +1-630-405-0600,,
Contact: US Oper Mgr, Ronny Lasner
Thermamax is the leading European supplier
of high temperature insulation systems for
marine and stationary engine applications
with removable, rugged, stainless steel and
easy to maintain systems.
Thermo Electric Co
1193 McDermott Dr, West Chester, PA
19380, USA, +1-610-692-7990,,
Contact: CMO, Jose Alberto
Global leader in the design and manufacture
of industrial temperature sensors. 70 years
experience. In-house engineering support. Full
line of thermocouples, RTDs, and thermowells.
ATEX, CSA, and FM assembly certifcations.
Thermofow Inc
29 Hudson Rd, Sudbury, MA 1776, USA,
Contact: Pres, Maher Elmasri
Developer of a comprehensive line of software
tools for the design and simulation of gas
turbine combined cycles, cogeneration, and
conventional steam plants, including plant
engineering and cost estimation.
Thermo Scientifc
Air Quality Instruments Div, (div of Thermo
Fisher Scientific), 27 Forge Pkwy, Franklin,
MA 02038, USA, +1-508-520-0430,,
Thermo Scientifc is committed to being the
global leader in environmental monitoring
applications where our knowledge and
instrument technology helps customers succeed
in protecting people and the environment.
Dr Thiedig & Co KG
Prinzenallee 78-79, Berlin 13357
Germany, +49-30-497769-0,,
Contact: Henry Tittelwitz
Manufacturer of sampling and analyzing
systems and containers including oxygen
trace and hydrazine analysers, pH, pH value
calculation, degassed Lf, silicic acid and
Thompson Pump
4620 City Center Dr, PO Box 291370,
Port Orange, FL 32129, USA,
Contact: Inside Sls, Robert Hennessy
Thompson Pump sells and rents an entire line
of dewatering pumps, as well as bypass
systems, wellpoint systems, and a complete
line of pumping accessories.
Thomson Technology LLP
Power Generation Div, (sub of Regal-Beloit
Corp), 9087A 198th St, Vancouver,
Langley, BC V1M 3B1, Canada,
Manufacturer of power generation control
systems, paralleling switchgear for single and
multiple generator systems, automatic transfer
switches, and microprocessor-based engine/
generator controllers.
Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt Ltd
48, Noothancharyur, Madambakkam,
Selaiyur, Chennai, Tamilnadu 600
126 India, +91-44-22781148,,
TIC - The Industrial Co
2211 Elk River Rd, Steamboat Springs,
CO 80487, USA, +1-970-879-2561,,
Contact: Corp Mktg Mgr, Melinda Reed
TIC serves a wide range of markets both in
the US and abroad, from heavy industrial
(power, mining, industrial process, and
renewable energy), to environmental water
and wastewater treatment.
Tioga Pipe Supply Co Inc
2450 Wheatsheaf Ln, Philadelphia, PA
19137, USA, +1-215-831-0700,,
Contact: Mgr Sls, Jeff Shaw
Global supplier of nuclear and commercial
pipe, fttings, fanges, tubing, structurals,
forgings, castings, carbon, stainless,
chrome-moly, and exotics. QSC# 467,
ISO 9001:2000. Also 24-hour emergency
135 J-Armand Bombardier, Suite 25,
Boucherville, QC J4G 1R9, Canada,
Contact: Mktg Coord, Desiree Tremblay
TM4 designs and delivers customized
permanent magnet generators to meet the
specifc performance requirements of todays
large wind turbine and genset manufacturers.
TMR Turbo Misch & Ruehranlagen
Bergstr 6, Taufkirchen 82024 Germany,
Contact: Sls, Guido Gutmann
TMS Turbomaschinenservice
Ziegelstrasse 24, Rednitzhembach 91126
Germany, +49-9122-188-240,,
TMS has a broad range of experience in
turbine service, design and the installation
of new turbines. Our know-how ranges from
calculation, design, manufacturing, erection,
commissioning and after sales service.
Topomaster Ltd
10 Democratias Ave, Ayios Dometios ,
Serifos Bldg, 1st Fl, Nicosia 2370
Cyprus, +357-22-819370,,
Contact: Dir, Andy Yiannakas
Topomaster Ltd, an engineering frm based
in Nicosia in Cyprus, provides 3D laser
scanning and 3D intelligent modelling of plant
facilities for asset documentation purposes.
TorcUp Inc
1025 Conroy Pl, Easton, PA 18040, USA,
Contact: Pres, John Kovacs
TorcUP Inc manufacturers the most advanced
line of critical bolting application torque
wrenches in the world.
Torishima Pump Mfg Co Ltd
1-1-8 Miyata-cho, Osaka 569-8660
Japan, +81-72-690-2308,,
Torishima is a pump manufacturer supplying
centrifugal pumps to a broad range of
Torquemeters Ltd
Ravenssthorpe, Northampton NN6 8ET,
UK, +44-1604-77-02-32,,
Contact: Chris Flavell
Manufacturers of power measurement
electrical equipment.
Torresol Energy
Energy and Environment Div, SENER
Grupo de Ingeniera, Plaza de la Encina
10, Ncleo 2 3 B, Madrid, Tres Cantos
28760 Spain, +34-918-077454,,
Torresol Energy is a joint venture between the
companies SENER and MASDAR, created to
promote technological development and the
operation of large concentrated solar power
plants around the world.
Toshiba International Corp
101 Montgormery St, 2300, San
Francisco, CA 94104, USA,
Designs and manufactures motors, motor
controls and power electronics products.
TPS Termiska Processer AB
PO Box 624, Nykping 611 10 Sweden,
Contact: Mktg Mgr, Per Magnus Wicn
Develops biomass and waste-fuelled
gasifcation and combustion systems.
Transformer Protector Ltda
Rua Dr Bacelar, 368 cj, 52/54- Vila
Clementino, Sao Paulo Brazil,
Transformer Protector Corp is the US exclusive
transformer protector manufacturer. Ten years
of high-level research and test were necessary
to design the transformer protector, the sole
technique against transformer explosions.
TransGlobal Energy Inc
2450 Atlanta Hwy, Suite 501, Cumming,
GA 30040, USA, +1-678-455-0365,,
Contact: CEO/Pres, Kevin Morris
Provides engineering, procurement,
construction, startup, operations and
maintenance of power generation and
hydrocarbon facilities worldwide.
Trench Ltd
71 Maybrook Dr, Scarborough, ON
M1V 4B6, Canada, +1-416-298-8108,,
Contact: Sls/Mktg Group/RSM, Dominic
Trench Ltd provides dry type reactors,
instrument transformers, wave traps, relay
communications equipment, bushings (power
transformers), capacitor voltage transformers,
and coupling capacitors.
Triangle Engineering
6 Industrial Way, Hanover, MA 02339,
USA, +1-781-878-1500,,
Contact: Sls, Dennis Yeaton
Triangle Engineering manufactures destructive
test equipment and weld test materials for
procedure and performance qualifcation. In
addition, a full range of destructive testing
services are available.
Trihedral Engineering Ltd
1160 Bedford Hwy, Bedford, NS
B4A 1C1, Canada, +1-902-835-1575,,
Contact: Dir Mktg, Patrick Cooke
Manufactures visual tag system (VTS) software
and tools to develop HMI and SCADA
systems for PC-based industrial monitoring and
control. Supports many DCS features, such as
redundancy and application synchronization.
Triveni Engineering & Industries
Steam Turbine Business Group, Post Bag
5848, 12-A Peenya Indus Area,
Bangalore, Karnayaka 560 058 India,
Contact: Export Mgr, Deepak P Nayak
TRM Technical Resource
Management Inc
47 Bralorne Crescent SW, PO Box 1486,
Okotoks, AB T1S 1B4, Canada,
Contact: Sr Oper Mgr, Dave Forter
TRM Technical Resource Management Inc,
Established in 2000, is an ISNetworld
accredited construction and project
management frm providing clients with a
wide range of energy related professional
Tui Industries Pty Ltd
5/14 Argon St, Summer Park, Brisbane,
Queensland 4074 Australia,
Turbec SpA
44042 Corporeno di Italy, Cento (FE)
44042 Italy, +39-051-6831628,,
Contact: Sls Dept, Gilda Benazzi
Company Classifed Listing
84 January 2012 - PEi
Turbine Air Systems Ltd
4300 Dixie Dr, Houston, TX 77021, USA,
Contact: Mgr Sls Oper, Ingrid Cortes
Turbine Air Systems is the global leader in
providing modular, factory manufactured
turbine inlet chilling (TIC) systems. With
installations on fve continents and more than
1200 MW of inlet chilling power generation
capacity, TIC is used to generate peak,
intermediate, and even base load MW, in
addition to serving capacity and ancillary
service requirements on new and retroft gas
Turbine Technics Inc
4801 N Dixie Hwy, Boca Raton, FL
33431, USA, +1-561-394-5818,,
Contact: Pres/Dir Sls, David Simon
Turbine Technics is your OEM parts source for
the GE LM2500, LM5000, LM6000, and
P&W GG8/FT8 aeroderivative gas turbines.
Our extensive inventory is available for same
day shipping.
Turbocam Europe Ltd
(div of Turbocam International), 155
Highlands Rd, Fareham, Hampshire
PO15 6JR, UK, +44-1329-845-800,,
Contact: Bus Dev Mgr, Fred Kinchin
Specializes in 5-axis machining of turbine
blades and impellers for power generation
and aerospace industries. Offers batch or
prototype volumes with experience in titanium,
aluminum, stainless steel, and wax castings.
Via Don Lorenzo Perosi 4/A, Scandicci,
Florence 50018 Italy, +39-0557-595627,,
Contact: Mktg Dir, Marco Turella
TurboCare Group with 17 businesses around
the world and more than 2500 highly skilled
employees covering industrial and power
generation market in more than 100 countries,
is the worlds largest independent service
2140 Westover Rd, Chicopee, MA
01022, USA, +1-413-593-0500,,
TurboCare offers comprehensive
service solutions including
repairs, overhauls, rerates,
and replacement parts, for
rotating equipment (gas and
steam turbines, generators and
compressors) manufactured by all
major OEMs.
Turbocoating SpA and Artec SpA
Via Mistrali 7, Rubbiano Di Solignano,
Parma 43040 Italy, +39-0525-305-855,,
Turbocoating and Artec belong to
UNITEDCOATINGS Group. With more than
300 employees, UNITEDCOATINGS Group
supplies equipment, components, coatings
and advanced manufacturing services to
original equipment manufacturers.
Via Campagna 15, Riazzino, Ticino 6595
Switzerland, +41-91-851-15-11,,
Contact: Mktg/Comms Spec, Nadia
With our comprehensive product range we
provide complete solutions, from 1 MW gas
turbine packages to complete 50 MW power
plants. Extensive and international customer
service is always close to the customer.
Turbo Parts LLC
(sub of Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis
LLC), 767 Pierce Rd, Suite 2, Clifton Park,
NY 12065, USA, +1-518-885-3199,,
Contact: Sls Mgr, Chris Mancini
We provide a complete line of steam turbine
components and both conventional and
advanced design seal systems with custom
installation. We also offer reverse engineering
services and valve component repairs.
Turbotect Ltd
PO Box 1411, Baden CH-5401
Switzerland, +41-56-200-50-20,,
Contact: Sls Dept, Katrin Hufschmid
Offers to the gas turbine industry: fuel
additives, vanadium inhibitors, combustion
improvers, demulsifers, lubricity improvers,
compressor cleaners, antifreeze agents,
compressor washing systems, and consultancy
services in metallurgical aspects.
TV Hessen
TV Hessen Dept Expediting,
Hans-Boecker Str 4, Linden 35440
Germany, +49-6403-9008-89,,
For over a century, we have been the
vanguard of safer technical progress, reduced
technical and environmental risks, increased
productivity and maximum effciency.
Groe Bahnstr 31, Hamburg 22525
Germany, +49-40-8557-2262,,
TV NORD Group provides the worldwide
power generation industry with inspection,
certifcation and consultancy to optimize and
safeguard processes during all phases of the
life of a power plant.
TV Rheinland Services GmbH
AM Grauen Stein, Cologne D-51105
Germany, +49-221-806-1906,,
Westendstrasse 199, Mnchen D-80686
Germany, +49-895-7910,,
TV SD Industrie Service supplies
engineering, testing and certifcation services
to the manufacturers and owners/operators of
industrial plants, buildings, and infrastructure
TWR Lighting/Orga Aviation
4300 Windfern Rd, Suite 100, Houston,
TX 77041, USA, +1-713-973-6905,,
Contact: Wind Energy Spec, Jim Syzdek
The L350-864-G FAA LED obstruction light
is a simple and smart all in one solution with
GPS, fasher, photocell and monitoring all built
in. System requires one 110230VAC power
Tyco Thermal Controls
Capacisense Div, (div of Tyco Flow
Control), 3 Rutherford Rd, Stephenson
Industrial Estate, Washington, Tyne and
Wear NE37 3HX, UK,
Contact: Tech Mgr, Paul Seccombe
CapaciSense systems provide blade-
clearance and vibration monitoring within gas
turbines and are capable of withstanding tip
temperatures up to 2550F (1400C).
Unafex Inc
3901 NE 12th Ave, Pompano Beach, FL
33064, USA, +1-954-943-5002,,
Uniserv SA
7a Wozniaka Str, Katowice 40-337
Poland, +48-032-359-9102,,
Provides complete services in design
engineering, construction, erection, complex
execution, and repair of industrial structures
including natural and mechanical draft cooling
towers, industrial chimneys and more.
(sub of GE), 1 Bentley Wood Way,
Network 65 Business Pk, Hapton, Burnley
BB11 5 TG, UK, +44-1282-831199,,
Contact: Comm Dir, Quentin Hughes
Manufactures IGT engine components,
fabrications, hot gas path components,
ignition systems, sensing systems, tubes and
ducts, power generators and signal and
control harnesses.
United Conveyor Corp
2100 Norman Dr W, Waukegan, IL
60085, USA, +1-847-473-5900,,
Contact: Mktg Comms Spec, Beverly
Specializes in the design, supply, installation
and servicing of ash-handling systems and of
other bulk material handling systems, including
pneumatic (vacuum and pressure), hydraulic,
and mechanical equipment.
United Hydro Power Builders
57 Cypress Irisan, Baguio City 2600
Philippines, +63-74-446-2505
Contact: Pres, Rodrigo Lizardo
United Hydro Power Builders assists in the
design and construction of mini hydro power
plants. Also, provides feasibility, hydrological
and geological studies.
United Process Controls
8904 Beckett Rd, West Chester, OH
45069, USA, +1-513-772-1000,,
Contact: VP Sls Heat Treatment N America,
Pat Torok
United Process Controls is an alliance of four
companies all with a strong presence in heat
treating and combustion, whose aim is to
provide prime control solutions.
Universal Accoustic & Emission
1925 Hwy 51/138, PO Box 411,
Stoughton, WI 53589, USA,
Contact: Bus Dev Mgr, Vicki Bradford
Universal provides engineered acoustic,
emission and fltration solutions for power
generation markets. Universal has proven
expertise in recip engines, gas turbine
engines, Tier 4, CARB and RICE NESHAP
University of Geneva
Institute of the Environment, Energy Group,
Battelle Batiment D, Rt de Drize 7,
Carouge/GE CH-1227
Switzerland, +41-22-379-06-50,,
Contact: Physicist, Andre Mermoud
PVsyst is a software for the study, modelling
and simulation of PV systems (grid connected,
pumping and stand-alone systems). Suited for
engineers, researchers and education.
University of Washington
Department of Electrical
Paul Allen Ctr, Room AE100R, Campus
Box 352500, Seattle, WA 98195-2500,
USA, +1-206-221-5270
The UW Department of Electrical Engineering
is a leader in this challenging environment.
Over the last decade, the Pacifc Northwest
has developed a strong, vital technology
510 Carnegie Center, PO Box
5287, Princeton, NJ 08543-5287,
USA, +1-609-720-2000,
Contact: Group Gen Mgr/Power,
Art Lembo
URS plans, designs, engineers,
constructs, retrofts, and
maintains power plants and
the systems that transmit
and distribute electricity. Our
expertise encompasses fossil fuel,
nuclear, and hydroelectric power
generating facilities, as well
as alternative and renewable
energy sources. We develop and
install clean air technologies and
perform major nuclear component
Schaubenstrasse 4, Andelfingen CH-8450
Switzerland, +41-52-397-1199,,
Since 1969, UT99 AG is an internationally
known company in the sector of air fltering
(Oilmist) and underpressure technology.
(a Willbros Co), PO Box 97009, Kent,
WA 98064, USA, +1-253-395-0200,,
Contact: VP, Gus Derezes
Offers CableCURE cable life-extension
technology and CableWISE electrical
system condition assessment for cable system
reliability. Provides useful tools for a proactive
maintenance plan and maximum power
Vahterus Oy
Pruukintie 7, Kalanti 23600 Finland,
Advanced plate and shell heat exchanger
(PSHE) technology with an installed base of
>26,000 exchangers.
Owned & Produced by:
* Combined with Co-LocatedRussia Power.
** Combined with Co-LocatedPOWER-GEN India & Central AsiaANDRenewable Energy World India.
JULY 1720, 2012 | LOUISVILLE, KY | USA
September 25-27, 2012, Rio de Janeiro, BBrasil

Russias premier event dedicated to the

hydropower industry.

5,876* Attendees

37 Exhibitors

The largest dedicated event for the global

hydropower market.

3,451 Attendees

311 Exhibitors

Part of Indias most important power-related event.

+6,000** Attendees

190** Exhibitors

Latin Americasnewestevent focused on the

hydropower industry.

650 Attendees

85 Exhibitors
Company Classifed Listing
86 January 2012 - PEi
Vaisala Oyj
PO Box 26, Helsinki FI-00421 Finland,
Contact: Field Sls Eng, Tracy Cleland
Provides reliable measurement instruments of
moisture-in-oil, relative humidity, dew point
and barometric pressure which help to protect
high-voltage assets and extend asset lifetime.
Over 70 years of measurement experience,
with over 25 offces worldwide.
Vallourec & Mannesmann Tubes
V&M France Div, 27 Ave du Gnral
Leclerc, Boulogne, Billancourt 92660
France, +33-1-4909-3753,,
Contact: Gen Mgr Power Gen, Vincent
Provides seamless steel tube and pipe in
carbon and alloyed steels to 9% Cr content,
such as boiler tubes to 25.3 M in length and
ID-controlled piping to 1300 mm.
2 Watkins St, cnr Mimetes, Denver,
Johannesburg 2022 South Africa,
Vesconite is a self lubricating, non-metallic
brushing material.
VDMA Power Systems
Lyoner Strasse 18, Frankfurt D-60528
Germany, +49-69-6603-1731,,
VDMA Power Systems is a trade association
for a corporate tomorrow of manufacturers in
the power generation plants business.
Vegas Fastener Manufacturing
4315 W Oquendo Rd, Las Vegas, NV
89118, USA, +1-702-651-9222,,
Specialty fasteners manufacturer producing
a wide range of custom bolts, hex nuts, hex
bolts, screws, sockets, and studs to exact
7007 Cote de Liesse, Montreal, QC
H4T 1G2, Canada, +1-514-748-7743,
Contact: Dir Sls, Don Bowers
Velan, a trusted and world-leading
manufacturer of industrial valves for many
industries, has supplied valves to nuclear
power for more than 40 years, and has held
the ASME N stamp since 1971.
Veolia Eau-Compagnie des
Gnrale des Eaux
52 rue dAnjou, Paris 75384 France,
Veolia Eau is the leading water company
in France. Working in partnership with
more than 8000 local authorities, Veolia
Eau provides customers with a fexible and
local organizational structure and is able
to guarantee customers an optimal quality
Veolia Environnement
36-38, ave Klber, Paris 75116 France,
Veolia Environnement is the only global
company to provide the full gamut of
environmental services in the water,
environmental services, energy and
transportation felds under one brand name.
Vestas Wind Systems A/S
Alsvej 21, Randers SV 8940 Denmark,
Wind. It means the world to us. We are
relentlessly committed to the success of wind,
providing everything our partners need to
succeed in their wind power ambitions.
Via Expo
3 Chehov Sq, Plovdiv 4003 Bulgaria,
Contact: Exec Dir, Maya Kristeva
VibroSystM Inc
On-line Condition Monitoring Div,
2727 Jacques-Cartier Blvd E,
Longueuil, QC J4N 1L7,
Canada, +1-450-646-2157,,
Contact: Sls Mgr, Marc Bissonnette
Provides complete on-line
monitoring solutions for large
rotating machines: end-winding
vibration/temperature, stator
bar/shaft vibration, rotor pole/
stator temperature, partial
discharge and stray fux, rotor
bowing since 1986.
Prykelstraat 36, NULL, Nazareth B-9810
Belgium, +32-93-811-500,,
With solutions for utility and process
applications for coal-fred, simple and
combined gas-fred generation, cogeneration,
hydroelectric and nuclear plants, Victaulic will
help you increase productivity.
Victory Energy Operations
10701 E 126th St N, Collinsville, OK
74021, USA, +1-918-274-0023,,
Contact: Natl Sls Mgr, Gary Persichini
Victory Energy is a full service industrial
boiler supplier offering water tube boilers, fre
tube boilers, HRSGs, and steam generation
equipment, including engineering, aftermarket
support and preventative maintenance
Villares Metals International BV
Nieuwe Haven, 15, PO Box 705 -3300
AS, Dordercht 3311 AP The Netherlands,
+31-786149933, gilberto.gonzales@,
Special steel producer, commercialization
and technical support for European customers
in the power generation market segment.
Specialized in rolled bars, forged bars and
parts, heat treated and machined.
Via Oberda, 39, Brescia 25128 Italy,
Italian manufacturer of carbon and low alloy
steel bends, elbows and returns (made from
seamless and welded pipes in standard
and heavy wall thickness) and reducers,
stockholding, procurement and more.
Visa SpA
Via 1 Maggio 55, Fontanelle, (TV)
31043 Italy, +39-0422-5091,,
Contact: Gen Export Mgr, Francesco
A premier manufacturer of diesel gensets
with 45 years of experience. We are now
introducing our line of NRTL certifed, Tier III,
and standard products in North America.
Visser & Smit Hanab
Rietgorsweg 6, LJ Papendrecht The
Netherlands, +31-78-6417-222,,
Visser & Smit Hanab is leading in EPC related
projects in the feld of waste-to-energy, thermal
engineering, underground gas storage, boiler
engineering and boiler services.
Am Hollnderweg 21-23, Kthen
D-06366 Germany, +49-3496-66-0,,
VKK STANDARDKESSSEL Kthen is a medium-
sized German boiler manufacturer. Offers
design, production, erection and start-up of
custom-made industrial boiler plants for the
generation of steam, heat and power.
Voith Hydro Holding GmbH & Co
Alexanderstrasse 11, Heidenheim 89522
Germany, +49-7321-37-0,,
Voith Hydro is a leader today in hydropower
equipment and services. As an experienced
partner to power plant operators, we provide
fast, creative and cost-effective solutions. We
offer everything from individual components to
complete customized concepts, from turnkey
delivery of new plants to the modernization of
existing power stations, truly an opportunity for
one-stop shopping.
Voith Turbo BHS Getriebe GmbH
Hans-Boeckler-Strasse 7, Sonthofen 87527
Germany, +49-8321-802-502,,
Contact: Sr Mgr Strategic Sls, Tome Stanic
Supplies turbo gears, motor turning gears
and couplings for PG. References includes
gear units for gas, steam, water turbine and
pumping applications up to 170 MW or
80,000 rpm.
Voith Turbo GmbH & Co KG
Voithstr 1, Crailsheim 74564
Germany, +49-7951-32-0,,
Manufactures variable speed
drives, fuid couplings, geared
variable speed couplings,
variable speed planetary gear
Vorecon, torque converters,
gas turbine starting systems,
turbo gear units, torque-limiting
couplings, wind technology,
and actuation/control for
Vooner FloGard Corp
4729 Stockholm Ct, Charlotte, NC
28273, USA, +1-704-552-9314,,
Contact: Inside Sls/Appl Eng, Jason
Offers cast iron and SS vacuum pumps for fy
ash conveying, FGD flter gypsum dewatering
flters and condenser exhausters. Pumps are
bolt-in replacements for CL, 904 and AT
Vulcan Utility Signs
(sub of Vulcan Inc), 901 Vulcan St, PO Box
1850, Foley, AL 36536-1850, USA,
Contact: Mktg Coord, Cody Pierce
Wabash Power Equipment Co
444 Carpenter Ave, Wheeling, IL 60090,
USA, +1-847-541-5600,,
Contact: Pres, Richard Caitung
Provides a selection of power generating
equipment, including package boilers, electric
generators, diesel, and gas and steam turbine
generator units. Also offers pulverizing mills
and accessories and engineering and feld
Wahlco Inc
2722 S. Fairview St, Santa Ana, CA
92704, USA, +1-714-979-7300,,
Contact: Exec VP Sls/Mktg, Barry Southam
Manufactures and supplies SO3 and NH3
fue gas conditioning (FGC) systems, ammonia
systems for SCR plus urea-to-ammonia
U2A systems for DeNOx and industrial
29 Lexington St, Lewiston, ME
04240-3511, USA, +1-207-784-2338,,
Provides high quality isolation equipment.
Wahlcometrofex has built a reputation
as a worldwide leader in the design and
manufacture of dampers, expansion joints and
Walter Dow Associates Ltd
139 Mulock Ave, Toronto, ON
M6N 1G9, Canada, +1-416-236-8880,,
Contact: Pres, Bill Marshall
Specializes in engineering/design, CADD
drafting, procurement, and construction
management of U/G and O/H distribution
systems, street lighting design, substations to
230 kV, and cogeneration plants.
Wamar International Co
1634 Pineview Rd, Columbia, SC
29209, USA, +1-803-354-4206,,
Wamar provides an extensive lineup of
services allowing power plants to generate
power more effciently, while inventing
new ways that help them keep running and
maintenance costs to a minimum.
Wrtsil Corp
John Stenbergin Ranta 2, Helsinki 00531
Finland, +358-10-709-0000,
Contact: VP Sls/Mktg, Jaakko Eskola
Wrtsil is a leading provider of power
plants operation and lifetime care services in
decentralized power generation.
Company Classifed Listing
January 2012 - PEi 87
Wasserkraft Volk AG
Am Stollen 13, Gutach 79261 Germany,
Contact: Pres, Manfred Volk
Manufacturer of Pelton, Francis, Crossfow
and Turgo turbines <20 MW, speed and level
governors, synchronous alternators <22 MVA
(specialized on HEP and various applications
and prime movers), and more.
Waukesha Bearings
53-55 The Broadway, Joel St, Northwood
HA6 1NZ, UK, +44-192-384-5111,,
Waukesha Bearings supports the power
generation industry with the broadest range
of products and materials to optimize
performance and availability, backed by
robust product development.
Weidmller Interface GmbH &
Klingenbergstrae 16, Detmold D-32758
Germany, +49-523-1140,,
Weidmller positions itself worldwide
successfully on a sustained basis as the
leading provider of solutions for electrical
connectivity, transmission and conditioning
of power, signal and data in industrial
Weir Minerals Netherlands BV
Weir Minerals Div, Egtenrayseweg 9,
PO Box 249, PH Venlo NL-5928 The
Netherlands, +31-77-389-52-00,,
Contact: Dir Sls/Mktg, Ernst van Koert
Manufactures GEHO positive displacement
pumps for pipeline transportation of ores and
minerals, digester and autoclave feed and
high density tailings disposal, such as fy and
bottom ash.
Weir Power & Industrial
2360 Millrace Ct, Mississauga, ON
L5N 1W2, Canada, +1-905-812-7100,,
Contact: Sls Mgr, Marc Chenier
Weir Power & Industrial delivers end-to-end
whole plant solutions to nuclear, fossil-fred
and renewable power stations, as well as
industrial activities.
Weir Power & Industrial
Pegasus House, Bramah Ave, Scottish
Enterprise Technology Park, East Kilbride,
Glasgow G75 0RD, UK,
Weir Power & Industrial, a division of FTSE
100 company The Weir Group plc, delivers
excellent engineering solutions to customers
worldwide. Weir Power & Industrial designs
and manufactures engineered products.
(div of Illinois Tool Works), 2741 N
Roemer Rd, Appleton, WI 54911, USA,
Contact: Cust Svc Mgr, Kevin Kari
Weldcraft is the worlds leading manufacturer
of GTAW (TIG) welding torches and
accessories. A broad line of premium products
includes the Crafter series, WP series,
MicroTig and Quick Connect System.
Welland & Tuxhorn AG
Gtersloher Str 257, Bielefeld 33649
Germany, +49-521-941-80,,
Contact: Head Proj Dept, Manfred
W&T is a leading manufacturer of special
control valves for power stations as well as
industrial, chemical and petrochemical industry
and is specialized for steam conversion and
bypass technology.
Wentylatory Wentech Sp zoo
Rzemieslnicza 6, Imielin 41-407 Poland,
Am Bahnhof 1, Nordkirchen 59394
Germany, +49-2599-9359-0,,
Contact: Tech Dir, Bernhard Schaefers
Engineering and supply of dampers, including
diverters, guillotines, louvers, stack dampers,
dampers for special applications, high
temperature, corrosion-proof, and more.
Maintenance and repair service for all kinds
and brands of dampers.
Westfalia Separator AG
Werner-Habig-Str 1, Oelde 59302
Germany, +49-252-277-0,,
We support customers in processing/
maintaining mineral oils related derivatives.
Our centrifuges have demonstrated their
superiority in the shipping industry, power
stations, oil felds, and a wide range of other
Westinghouse Electric Co
1000 Westinghouse Dr, Cranberry
Township, PA 16066, USA,
Contact: Comms Cons, Karen Fischetti
Provides a wide range of nuclear plant
products and services to utilities throughout
the world, including fuel, service and
maintenance, instrumentation and control and
advanced nuclear plant designs.
Weston Aerospace
(sub of Esterline Sensors), 124 Victoria Rd,
Farnborough, Hampshire GU14 7PW,
UK, +44-1252-544-433,,
Contact: Sls Acct Mgr, David Lewis
Weston Aerospace is a leading supplier and
manufacturer of harnesses, RTDs, temperature
and speed sensors for LM2500, LM6000,
Avon, RB24, Olympus and Tyne gas turbines.
WIKA Instruments Canada Ltd
3103 Parsons Rd, Edmonton, AB
T6N 1C8, Canada, +1-780-463-7035,,
WIKA is a world leading manufacturer of
electronic and mechanical pressure and
temperature instrumentation, including
pressure gauges, pressure transmitters,
diaphragm seals, thermocouples, resistance
temperature detectors (RTDs), thermowells and
IR pyrometers.
WindLogics Inc
1021 Bandana Blvd E, Suite 111, St Paul,
MN 55108, USA, +1-651-556-4200,,
Contact: Mgr Bus Dev, Grant Brohm
WindLogics combines deep operating
expertise with leading scientifc analysis to
help meet the most demanding requirements
for renewable project planning, development
and operation.
Wiromet SA Zaklady Mechaniczne
Wyzwolenia 27, Mikolow 43-190
Poland, +48-32-3240-740,,
Contact: Proj Mgr, Jakub Rakoczy
Subcontracting opportunities in power
generating maintenance services. We offer
regular supplies of well developed production
skills in power generation and mining sectors.
Wood Group
12600 Deerfield Pkwy, Suite 315,
Alpharetta, GA 30004, USA,
Contact: VP Bus Dev, Sergo Picon
Wood Group GTS
Craigshaw Business Park, Craigshaw Rd,
West Tullos, Aberdeen, UK,
Contact: Mktg Dir, Mick Conway
With more than 25 year experience, Wood
Group GTS is a market leader in providing
integrated solutions for the maintenance,
repair and overhaul of industrial gas, steam,
and wind turbines.
Woodward GmbH
Handwerkstr 29, Stuttgart 70565
Germany, +49-711-78954-0,,
Contact: Sls Dir Power Gen/Dist, Clemens
Woodward is an independent designer,
manufacturer, and service provider of energy
control and optimization solutions used in
global infrastructure equipment. We serve the
aerospace, power generation/distribution,
and transportation markets.
Woodward Kempen GmbH
Krefelder Weg 47, Kempen 47906
Germany, +49-2152-1451,,
Designs, manufactures, and services energy
control systems and components for industrial
engines and turbines. Leading OEM
companies use our products and services in
the power generation, process industries and
The World Alliance for
Decentralized Energy - WADE
1513 16th St NW, Washington, DC
20036, USA, +1-202-667-5600,,
Contact: Program Dir, Jeff Bell
Provides an organization whose mission is to
accelerate decentralized energy markets.
World Logistics Services Corp
6 Hilltop Ct, Rexford, NY 12148, USA,
+1-518-952-4847 ext 301,,
WLSC is a global transportation/logistics
company specializing in over dimensional
cargo transportation, warehousing
and distribution, project management,
customs clearance and formalities, inland
transportation and more.
85-87 Todor Alexandrov, Sofia 1303
Bulgaria, +359-28-106-108,,
WorleyParsons service capability covers
the entire asset lifecycle from identifying the
opportunity to the operating phase. We focus
on safe and successful project delivery.
wpd Gmbh and Co AG
Kurfurstenallee 23a, Bremen D-28211
Germany, +49-421-168-66-10,,
WSP Industry
Heikkilntie 7, Helsinki FI-00210 Finland,
WSP is one of the worlds leading environment
consultancies. WSP comprises a broad
co-operation between different WSP business
areas and other external partners, offering
comprehensive design and management
Wuerth Consulting Engineers
Rischweg 12, Unterentfelden 5035
Switzerland, +41-62-724-16-24,,
Economic design and consulting services
for silos and storages for bulk materials and
liquids. RC and steel solutions for large
capacities. Independent from suppliers
and manufacturers, real project and system
comparison and evaluation is possible.
WULFF Energy Technologies
An Der Alten B5, Husum 25813 Germany,
Boiler and plant engineering and in-house
manufacturing company for water tube/smoke
tube boilers, waste heat boilers, grate type
fring systems and corresponding components.
Xantrex Technology Inc
(sub of Schneider Electric), 8999 Nelson
Way, Burnaby, BC V5A 4B5, Canada,
Xantrex Technology Inc is a world leader in the
development, manufacturing and marketing
of advanced power electronic products and
systems for the renewable and mobile power
Yanmar America
101 International Pkwy, Adairsville, GA
30103, USA, +1-770-877-9894,
Yanmar America is a recognized global
leader in the design and manufacturing of
advanced performance diesel engines and
diesel-powered equipment for a multitude of
market segments.
Yanmar Europe BV
Brugplein 11, Almere-de-Vaart 1332 BS
The Netherlands, +31-36-549-3200,
Provides technically advanced, lightweight,
compact and frugal diesel engines.
Yokogawa Europe BV
Euroweg 2, Amersfoort 3825 HD The
Netherlands, +31-88-464-1000,,
Yokogawa Power Centre Europe is one of
eight European competency centres providing
reliable solutions for the energy market,
employing intelligent process measurmentation
to boardroom solutions.
Young & Franklin Inc
942 Old Liverpool Rd, Liverpool, NY,
USA, +1-315-457-3110,,
Contact: Dir New Bus Dev, Eric Sohne
Young & Franklin Inc is a long-term, sole
source supplier to turbine manufacturers. Our
portfolio covers natural gas control and stop
valve assemblies, liquid stop and bypass
assemblies and more.
Company Classifed Listing
88 January 2012 - PEi
YWCT - Custom Cooling Towers
Hutzot Hayotzer 30, Ashkelon 78100
Israel, +972-8-671-8802,,
YWCT specializes in engineering
manufacturing and erection of water cooling
towers with unique capabilities of customizing
its cooling towers according to any customer
Zachry Engineering Corp
1515 Arapahoe St, Tower 1, Suite 900,
Denver, CO 80202, USA,
Contact: VP, Mike Morris
Full-service design engineering, project
management, startup, plant betterment, and
EPC projects for alternative energy facilities,
biomass and fossil fuel power plants, new and
retroft AQCS projects, and substations.
Zat as
K podles 541, Prbram VI 261 80 Czech
Republic, +420-318-652-111,,
Zat as is a worldwide supplier of automation
for industrial processes. We keep our
customers satisfed building on our knowledge
of their requirements, cultivated on a long-term
ZCL Composites Inc
1420 Parsons Rd SW, Edmonton, AB
T6X 1M5, Canada, +1-780-466-6648,
ZCL strives to be the leading global provider
of environmentally friendly liquid storage
solutions, while providing superior returns to
our shareholders.
Zeco Hydropower Srl
Via Astico 52/c, Fara Vicentino, (VI)
36030 Italy, +39-0445-873456,,
Contact: Export Sls Mgr, Alessandro
Zeeco Inc
22151 E 91st St, Broken Arrow, OK
74014, USA, +1-918-286-0140,,
Contact: Dir, Rex Isaacs
Zeeco, headquartered in Broken Arrow,
Oklahoma, was founded in 1979 by John
Smith (Jack) Zink. Zeeco provides a complete
line of combustion equipment for refning,
petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries
Zeleziarne Podbrezova
Kolkaren 35, Podbrezov 976 81 Slovak
Republic, +421-48-645-1111,,
Contact: Mktg, Marcel Adamcak
Production portfolio includes steel blooms,
seamless tubes, precision seamless and
welded tubes, large diameter welded steel
tubes, tube semi-products and fttings.
ZOK International Group Ltd
Elsted Marsh, Midhurst, West Sussex
GU29 0JT, UK, +44-173-081-1920,,
Contact: Off Mgr, Lisa Montgomery
ZOK is a British company specializing in
environmentally responsible cleaning solutions
for all gas turbine compressors. For over 30
years ZOK has been manufacturing and
distributing water based products for any type
of gas compressor.
Zollern BHW Gleitlager GmbH &
Alte Leipziger St 117 - 118, Braunschweig
38124 Germany, +49-552-231-2790,,
Zollern plain bearings are used the world
over, thanks to their perfection and reliability
in generating, converting and conveying
energy in diesel and gas engines, gearboxes,
turbines, turbo-machines and more.
Zolo Technologies Inc
4946 N 63rd St, Boulder, CO 80301,
USA, +1-303-604-5818,,
Contact: Mktg Mgr, Ron Zimmerman
Zolo Technologies offers laser-based sensor
systems for optimization use in fossil-fred
power plants. Optimize combustion and
increase effciency by measuring multiple
constituents in the combustion zone. Better
measurements for better results.
Zuccato Energia Srl
Via Della Consortia 2, Verona 37127
Italy, +39-045-8378-570,,
Zuccato Energia is an Italian frm specializing
in the development, design, production and
distribution of small-size renewable energy
production and energy recovery plants.
Zurich Financial Services
Mythenquai 2, Zrich 8002 Switzerland,
Zurich Financial Services Group is an
insurance-based fnancial services provider.
PEi Webcard
3 5 OCTOBER 2012
Abstract submittal deadline: 2nd March 2012
Celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 2012, POWER-GEN Asia has established itself as the premier conference and exhibition
dedicated to the power generation and transmission and distribution industries.
The conference has become the major annual platform for the industry to discuss topics and issues of the day and is
regularly contributed to with keynote speeches from Government Ministers and Governors of the regions utility companies.
You are invited to submit an abstract for consideration by the POWER-GEN Asia Advisory Committee for the 2012
conference programme
Call for Papers Topics:
Track 1 - Trends, Finance and Planning
Track 2 - Environmental Impact, Fuels, Smart Grid & Distributed Generation
Track 3 - Power Generation & Plant Technologies
Track 4 - Operation, Optimization & Servicing
For full track topic details, guidelines and requirements or to submit your abstract visit
We invite you to celebrate 20 years of POWER-GEN Asia with us in Bangkok, Thailand from 3-5 October 2012.
For information about participating at
the conference contact:
Mathilde Sueur
Conference Manager
T: +44 (0) 1992 656 634
F: +44 (0) 1992 656 700
For exhibition and sponsorship
opportunities contact:
Kelvin Marlow
Exhibit Sales Manager
T: +44 (0) 1992 656 610
C: +44 (0) 7808 587 764
F: +44 (0) 1992 656 700
Thinking ahead about innovation.
Which gas engine is
the right one for you?
Ask the inventors.
In 1880 Carl Benz invented the rst station-
ary gas engine, thus laying the foundation
for the company MWM. Today we are the
specialist in high-performance engines in
the gas and diesel segment. Our engineers
work every day on improving the perform-
ance values, efciency and reliability of
our engines further and further. Afer
all, each progress pays of for you in your
protability calculation. It also protects
the natural resources of course.
For more information, enter 25 at