List of Demands

As students and alumni of the University of the Arts London we feel it is our right to express our disagreement with the changes entailed in and consequent of the Efficiency Programme (issued 26th May 2009) affecting the London School of Communication. It is, therefore, our view that matters will not be solved to our satisfaction until the following demands are met. These demands must be resolved by senior management, SU Arts and the Oppose group by the 16th of November 2009.

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Total amnesty for all parties involved in opposing the management’s actions. Compensation of marks for all students on affected courses. Immediate voluntary reinstatement of staff made or due to be made redundant and communication surrounding all future replacement staff. Publish and circulate, electronically, an official public apology, to all students and staff, through all channels available and displayed prominently around the college. Retain all courses that have proven to be profitable and/or meet or exceed their recruitment target. Any changes that are made should result in same or better access to facilities and resources as judged by student representatives; there should be immediate consultation to resolve outstanding issues on courses with relation to these areas. A fair and extensive review of management competency. A return to the academic year 2008/2009’s staff to student ratio numbers; with a particular focus on dissertation supervision. All changes must be communicated clearly and quickly to the entire student body. Any significant changes to courses, the college structure, mission and staffing must only be enforced after adequate consultation and approval from elected student reps




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Oppose LCC Course Redundancies Movement in association with the SU Arts
London, 28th October 2009

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