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3856782 Patterns Poems and Stories Like Bishops Journal

3856782 Patterns Poems and Stories Like Bishops Journal


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Published by davidros111

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Published by: davidros111 on Oct 28, 2009
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My angel of the half-light
Undulating swoon of curving grace
What passes through your mind
As you sway, sway, and sway again
To the torrid rhythm of pulsing air?
Do you feel the purple song
Entering your ears and rushing on down
To course through your whole body?
Does the glowing red sphere at your core
Grow larger, hotter with every motion
Every breath making it glow
With the heat of a thousand suns?
And as your breathing speeds --
Faster, shallower, breath of fire --
Does your chest tingle and sweat
And ache for the caress
That lifts you higher, higher and higher still
To where every cell of you can come
To an explosion of light and flame
Tingle of neck, arch of back
Electric waves moving back and forth
And back again, into the darkness of penumbra
And into the light of you -- your sun,
Your wisps of arching flame
Your luminous being
Joining with mine
In an ecstasy of fusion
As hot as our first kiss.


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