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ATEC 4373 RPG CLASS D3: Original RPG System


Expectations: Put simply, you are to create your own original RPG system that can be used as either a tabletop role playing game or implemented within a computer RPG game space. This should be no shorter than 30 pages in length, but a complicated system will likely require 50 to 60 pages to fully describe in detail the mechanics and play of the system.

1) You must write an original intellectual property that is NOT related to any previous published or unpublished work in any form. (Note: there are exceptions to this, but only if you talk to me and get it OKd first!) 2) Your system must be significantly unlike any system that has come before. It may include elements of other systems or make significant changes two or more systems that have come before but at its core it must be an original idea that is all yours. 3) If your system uses dice (and it probably will) you must tell me which dice it uses, why and how those dice are used. (If it doesnt use them then come talk to me.)




4) Your system must include some way to create (or other way to determine) the following elements as discussed on Wk 3: a. Qualities - how the character looks, feels, acts, is perceived, etc. (mechanically or otherwise) b. Abilities - what the character knows how to do, accomplish, attempt, skills, traits, etc. (should affect the mechanics) c. Statistics - the characters natural abilities, stats, etc. (pure mechanics) d. Personality how the character is to be ROLEplayed. (usually non mechanical, but may or may not be addressed within the mechanics - Sorry, but this time its NOT optional)


5) Your system MUST include: a. A description of the game world(s) or similar(required) such as: i. A description of the setting or settings (if there is one) ii. A brief description of the related back story (if there is one) iii. A description of any important characters (if there are any) b. A description of the structure of play (required) c. An example of any and all mechanics (required) d. And in depth explanation of the systems QUALITIES, ABILITIES, STATISTICS, PERSONALITY (from above, required) e. A fully formatted and usable character sheet

6) Your system NEED NOT (but can) include: a. b. c. d. e. f. g. Numerous charts and graphs for every possible whatever Numerous needless items and their stats Scenarios and worlds Pre made characters An introduction to role playing A ridiculous back story that Needlessly over complicated rules for grapple, spell casting, vehicles, falling, fabrication of technology from raw materials, animal husbandry, etc. An Artha or Cool Point system for bonus die modification/rerolls, etc An underlying mechanic not covered by the above Any additional materials, descriptive elements, charts, etc that you like. Anything that would be needed to actually play the system that is not discussed above such as a character sheet generator or a cheat sheet table.


7) Your system MAY include (and if so must be described): a. b. c. d.