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8ully Survey 8esulLs 2014

SouLh PamllLon Schools

Who Look Lhe survey
8ullylng- uened
lrom Lhe sLudenL handbook:

ParassmenL and bullylng mean(s) any elecLronlc, wrluen,
verbal, or physlcal acL of conducL Loward a sLudenL whlch ls
based on any acLual or percelved LralL or characLerlsuc of Lhe
sLudenL and whlch creaLes an ob[ecuvely hosule school
envlronmenL LhaL meeLs one or more of Lhe followlng
condluons (ls repeaLed and occurs over a perlod of ume):
- laces Lhe sLudenL ln reasonable fear of harm Lo Lhe sLudenL's
person or properLy:
- Pas a subsLanually deLrlmenLal eecL on Lhe sLudenL's
physlcal or menLal healLh,
- Pas Lhe eecL of subsLanually lnLerferlng wlLh Lhe sLudenL's
academlc performance, or
- Pas Lhe eecL of subsLanually lnLerferlng wlLh Lhe sLudenL's
ablllLy Lo paruclpaLe ln or beneL from Lhe servlces, acuvlues,
or prlvlleges provlded by a school.

ParassmenL, bullylng and abuse are vlolauons of school dlsLrlcL pollcles, rules, and regulauons
and, ln some cases, may also be a vlolauon of crlmlnal or oLher laws. 1he school dlsLrlcL has Lhe
auLhorlLy Lo reporL sLudenLs vlolaung Lhls rule Lo law enforcemenL omclals.

8ullylng numbers
Pave you ever been lnvolved ln bullylng?

221 sLudenLs sald no
64 sLudenLs sald yes ln some way
7 sLudenLs sald Lhey had been an lnsugaLor (2)

1ypes of bullylng aL SouLh PamllLon
name Calllng 18
never experlenced any klnd of bullylng 13
Cosslp / 8umors 13
1eased 13
Lxcluded 12
lcked on for looks 8
LlecLronlc 7
hyslcal aggresslon and 1hreaLened 7
8ullled because of 8ace or 8ellglon 3

Where does lL occur?
-never have been bullled 19
-Pallway 18
-Lunch 13
-ln a classroom 13
-Cn Lhe lnLerneL 9
-ln Lhe locker room 8
-hone 6
-Cn Lhe way Lo school 3
-8esLroom 2
8eacung ln a bullylng slLuauon
23 sald Lhey have never had anyLhlng Lo reporL

36 1old someone

14 dld noL Lell anyone
73 sald Lhey know abouL Lhe SouLh PamllLon
8ullylng ollcy
-LaLer a follow up survey lndlcaLed abouL 98-99
Pas been re-explalned Lo 7-12 Lo make sure LhaL lL ls
An1l- 8uLL?lnC/PA8ASSMLn1 CLlC?

SLudenLs who feel LhaL Lhey have been harassed should:
- CommunlcaLe Lo Lhe harasser LhaL Lhe sLudenL expecLs Lhe behavlor Lo sLop. lf Lhe
sLudenL needs asslsLance communlcaung wlLh Lhe harasser, Lhe sLudenL should ask a
Leacher, counselor or prlnclpal Lo help.
- lf Lhe harassmenL does noL sLop, or Lhe sLudenL does noL feel comforLable confronung
Lhe harasser, Lhe sLudenL should:
- Lell a Leacher, counselor or prlnclpal, or
- wrlLe down exacLly whaL happened, keep a copy, and glve any oLher copy Lo Lhe
Leacher, counselor, or prlnclpal
-whaL, when, and where lL happened -who was lnvolved
-exacLly whaL was sald or whaL Lhe harasser dld -wlLnesses Lo Lhe harassmenL
-whaL Lhe sLudenL sald or dld, elLher aL Lhe ume and/or laLer
-how Lhe sLudenL felL -how Lhe harasser responded
Any sLudenL who vlolaLes Lhe 8ullylng or ParassmenL ollcy aL school may be suspended
for a perlod of ume seL by Lhe admlnlsLrauon. Consequences may lnclude lLems
A-C ln Lhe ulsclpllne" secuon of Lhls handbook.
8ullylng revenuon
94 of Lhe sLudenLs sald Lhe bullylng
slLuauon aL SouLh PamllLon had elLher
gouen a llule beuer or had really lmproved
over Lhe lasL year or Lwo.
SLudenL ldeas
! #$%&'# ()$%*$&
- Mlke SmlLh 2013-14
- 8ock ln revenuon 2012-13
+,&$ -).&./ /#)$ 0%#(
+,&$ 1'%(( .23,'3$0 0%#(
Sprlng lllng
Semlnar 1eambulldlng
Small groups and large groups
4%20,5 +.6 7) 0%#(
Mlx up Mondays (candy)
8lue 1uesdays eLc.
8.9 8&,/:$&;-.(/$& /#)$ )&,9&%5
SLudenL CommenLs
-Cosslp/ rumors
-8ulld 8especL
-"SouLh PamllLon ls way beuer Lhan oLher schools l
have been aL"
-"8lock all soclal medla"

Cur lan
Looklng aL whlch speaker we wlll brlng ln nexL year. 1rylng Lo work wlLh oLher
schools Lo lessen Lhe cosL.
Leader/Class meeung
Semlnar waLch and dlscuss Lhe movle 8ully"
Mlx up lunches
Sendlng a varleLy of sLudenLs Lo dlerenL leadershlp acuvlues (PClAC, Slmpson,
PamllLon CounLy)
Conunue Lo Leach CharacLer educauon ln a Pex
Several Leam bulldlng acuvlues LhroughouL Lhe year
SplrlL uays and varlous Lheme days
Sprlng lllng
Culz and dlscusslon wlLh sLa and sLudenLs whaL ls bullylng"