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MALIGRO II Descriptive Essay


Casa Bernedo
Casa Bernedo is a heritage house located on Arellano Street, Dipolog City. The house was over a hundred year old house. It is preserved by the Bernedo Family for several generations. It is said that it is the center for arts and culture of Dipolog city because of its decorative arts, paintings, etc. and it shows the Filipino family culture inside the house. The house was inspired by the colonial design. As I first saw the house, it was kind a creepy but as you neared the house you got a better look at it. The facade of the house is quite old, painted with dirty white and black stripe details. The square glass windows remain, longstanding, old-fashioned and the edges were thickly covered with dust. The right side of the house, there was a tall tree blooming with white flowers falling on the sidewalk. The concrete fence wall was very creepy because of the dark moss and molds sticking to it. There were two gates; the other one was small with the gold plated sign about the house on the side of the gate. There was a beautiful garden. There were plants, tall trees, blossoming flowers planted everywhere in the garden. The grass is trimmed and maintain by the caretakers. I can say that Bernedo family is a very religious because they dedicate a place for the grotto with a statue of our lady of Lourdes looks down upon St. Bernadette who is kneeling in prayer. The house was built of hardwood and stone type. Inside the house, we saw a lot of paintings, picture frames, religious images and figurines, wood carvings that are amazing, antique household items etc. The floor is made from molave hard wood tree. The dining room and kitchen area was filled with antique objects such as silverwares that are rusting, water jars with lid covered with dark mold, decorative tea pot and cups etc. The rooms have wooden beds with nylon but have no mattress. There were a lot of old-style lamps covered with dust everywhere that are displayed in the house. Over a hundred of years, Casa Bernedo remains intact and undamaged because of its well-preserved and cared by the Bernedo family. Casa Bernedo is a popular tourist attraction in Dipolog city and visited by many local and foreign tourists every year. Even though the house is old, the house was filled with full of memories of the Bernedo family.