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1-- Bible Study About Light

1-- Bible Study About Light

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Published by: Bible_lover_Bill on Oct 28, 2009
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Bible Study About Light

(edited and logically formatted by Bill Stevenson)
Note: Recently, I received the following in an e-mail from a wise Bible teacher:
On Thu, Aug 13, 2009 at 7:35 PM, Harold wrote:
Bill wrote, “I want to live Philippians 2:-! a lot more, b"t I #now of no people who want to do
You cannot mae th!" "tatement an#more $or #ou ha%e now met one who !" l!e&m!nded'
The A(o"tle )ohn "a!d that )e"u" *hr!"t !" the +!ght' And, (reced!ng e%er#th!ng )ohn wrote and
"aw ,!nclud!ng the -oo o$ .e%elat!on/, !n the $!r"t cha(ter o$ the -oo o$ )ohn !" wr!tten, H!" +!$e
!" the +!ght o$ men, % 0 and, aga!n !n )ohn 1:12' H!" +!$e !" the -enchmar -# wh!ch we mea"ure
e%er#th!ng & !nclud!ng other 2cr!(ture' 2ee .e%elat!on 19:10-'
A" we l!$t u( H!" +!ght !n our l!%e" -# the em-race o$ H!" +!$e we, too, w!ll "ee H!" Power on
d!"(la# & not to change the e%!l !n the world, -ut, a" He d!d -# the e3am(le o$ H!" +!$e l!%ed
-e$ore u", to heal the heart" o$ men' Our $ocu" ha" -een d!"torted -# what we ha%e -een taught
$rom the trad!t!on o$ men and the %alue" the# cl!ng to, there-# null!$#!ng and ma!ng %o!d the true
Power o$ 4loh!m !n our l!%e"'5
67e don8t under"tand the Power that re"!de" w!th!n u"' Light !" a $orce' *oncentrated !nto a
la"er, !t w!ll -urn through an# "u-"tance' Light and darne"" cannot a-!de !n the "ame "(ace at the
"ame t!me & !t !" a (h#"!cal !m(o""!-!l!t#' The $orce" o$ e%!l !n the world are go!ng to -e regardle""
o$ what we do' That !" the rea"on Ye"hua !" return!ng & to redeem and recla!m the world'
Ye"hua "a!d He d!d not (ra# $or the world -ecau"e He now" !t w!ll $a!l ,John 17:9 1!/'
The $orce" o$ darne"" w!th!n a heart can -e o%ercome when Light !" !ntroduced' 7hen #ou $l!(
on a "w!tch !n a darened room, !" there a "truggle $or that Light to -e (re&em!nent9 :o'
;arne"" doe" not $lee & !t d!""!(ate"' The de$!n!t!on o$ darne"" !" the a-"ence o$ Light' Light
actuall# ca"ses that (lace o$ darne"" to -ecome Light' 7e don8t $ull# #et com(rehend the
Power that re"!de" w!th!n u"'5
&'nd there is a nice poem titled “(he )ight of *es"s Never +rows ,im% at the end of this st"dy$-
Note: (he following definitions are from .ebster/s 020 ,ictionary with formatting improvements--
L"#$%, n' l!te' <+' lu3, light and luceo, to "h!ne' 4ng' luc, -oth !n element" and rad!cal "en"e'=
1' That ethereal agent or matter wh!ch mae" o->ect" (erce(t!-le to the "en"e o$ "ee!ng, -ut the
(art!cle" o$ wh!ch are "e(aratel# !n%!"!-le' ?t !" now generall# -el!e%ed that light !" a $lu!d, or real
matter, e3!"t!ng !nde(endent o$ other "u-"tance", w!th (ro(ert!e" (ecul!ar to !t"el$' ?t" %eloc!t# !"
a"ton!"h!ng, a" !t (a""e" through a "(ace o$ nearl# twel%e m!ll!on" o$ m!le" !n a m!nute' Light, when
decom(o"ed, !" $ound to con"!"t o$ ra#" d!$$erentl# colored@ a" red, orange, #ellow, green, -lue,
!nd!go, and %!olet' The "un !" the (r!nc!(al "ource o$ light !n the "olar "#"tem@ -ut light !" al"o
em!tted $rom -od!e" !gn!ted, or !n com-u"t!on, and !" re$lected $rom enlightened -od!e", a" the
moon' Light !" al"o em!tted $rom certa!n (utre$#!ng "u-"tance"' ?t !" u"uall# un!ted w!th heat, -ut !t
e3!"t" al"o !nde(endent o$ !t'
2' That $lood o$ lum!nou" ra#" wh!ch $low" $rom the "un and con"t!tute" da#' Aod called the light
da#, and the darne"" he called n!ght' ,Aene"!" 1/
7' ?llum!nat!on o$ m!nd@ !n"truct!on@ nowledge' 6? o(ened Ar!o"to !n ?tal!an, and the %er# $!r"t two
l!ne" ga%e me light to all ? could de"!re'5 Light, under"tand!ng and w!"dom & wa" $ound !n h!m'
,;an!el 5/
1' Mean" o$ now!ng' 6B# u"!ng "uch lights a" we ha%e, we ma# arr!%e at (ro-a-!l!t#, !$ not at
9' O(en %!ew@ a %!"!-le "tate@ a "tate o$ -e!ng "een -# the e#e, or (erce!%ed, under"tood or nown'
6Curther re"earche" w!ll dou-tle"" -r!ng to light man# !"le" #et und!"co%ered@ $urther e3(er!ment"
w!ll -r!ng to light (ro(ert!e" o$ matter #et unnown'5
11' 43(lanat!on@ !llu"trat!on@ mean" o$ under"tand!ng' 6One (art o$ 2cr!(ture throw" light on another'5
12' Po!nt o$ %!ew@ "!tuat!on to -e "een or %!ewed@ a u"e o$ the word taen $rom (a!nt!ng' 6?t !" u"e$ul to
e3h!-!t a "u->ect !n a %ar!et# o$ lights'5 6+et e%er# thought -e (re"ented !n a "trong light'5 6?n
whate%er light we %!ew th!" e%ent, !t mu"t -e con"!dered an e%!l'5
15' ?n 2cr!(ture, Aod, the "ource o$ nowledge' 6Aod !" light'5 ,1 )ohn 1/
1D' *hr!"t' 6That wa" the true light that lighteth e%er# man that cometh !nto the world'5 ,)ohn 1/
17' )o#@ com$ort@ $el!c!t#' 6Light !" "own $or the r!ghteou"'5 ,P"alm 97/
11' 2a%!ng nowledge' 6?t !" -ecau"e there !" no light !n them'5 ,?"a!ah 1/
19' Pro"(er!t#@ ha((!ne""' 6Then "hall th# light -rea $orth a" the morn!ng'5 ,?"a!ah 51/
20' 2u((ort@ com$ort@ del!%erance' ,M!cah 7/
21' The Ao"(el' ,Matthew 0/
22' The under"tand!ng or >udgment' ,Matthew D/
23' The g!$t" and grace" o$ *hr!"t!an"' ,Matthew 5/
20' A moral !n"tructor, a" )ohn the Ba(t!"t' ,)ohn 5/
25' A true *hr!"t!an, a (er"on enlightened' ,4(he"!an" 5/
27' The light o$ the countenance, $a%or@ "m!le"' ,P"alm 0/
21' To "tand !n one8" own light, to -e the mean" o$ (re%ent!ng good, or $ru"trat!ng one8" own (ur(o"e"'
29' To come to light, to -e detected@ to -e d!"co%ered or $ound'
Note: (he following is from the 1*2 Bible and has been slightly edited for teaching p"rposes$ I hope
that it will help yo" to "nderstand “light% better$ I did not "se all of the 23! verses which had the
245 appearances of the word “light%6 I chose the ones that co"ld e7plain the proclamation in the
e-mail$ 8ig"re o"t the reasons why I gro"ped and ordered and formatted the verses I "sed$
God created
Aene"!" 1:1&5 E 10&19
61 ?n the -eg!nn!ng Aod created the hea%en" and the 4arth'
2 And the 4arth wa" w!thout $orm and %o!d@
and darne"" wa" u(on the $ace o$ the dee('
And The 2(!r!t O$ Aod mo%ed u(on the $ace o$ the water"'
3 And Aod "a!d,
F+et there -e lightG@
and there wa" light'
0 And Aod "aw the light,
that !t wa" good@
and Aod d!%!ded the light $rom the darne""'
5 And Aod called the light ;a#,
and the darne"" he called :!ght'
And the e%en!ng and the morn!ng were the C!r"t ;a#'5
610 And Aod "a!d,
F+et there -e light" !n the $!rmament o$ the hea%en" to d!%!de the da# $rom the n!ght,
and let them -e $or "!gn", $or "ea"on", $or da#", and #ear"@
15 And let them -e $or lights !n the $!rmament o$ the hea%en" to g!%e light u(on the 4arth@G
and !t wa" "o'
1D And Aod made two great lights@
the greater light to rule the da#,
and the le""er light to rule the n!ght'
He made the "tar" al"o'
17 And Aod "et them !n the $!rmament o$ the hea%en"
to g!%e light u(on the 4arth,
11 And to rule o%er the da# and o%er the n!ght,
and to d!%!de the light $rom the darne""@
and Aod "aw that !t wa" good'
19 And the e%en!ng and the morn!ng were the Courth ;a#'5
)erem!ah 31:35
635 Thu" "a#" The +O.;,
7ho g!%e" the 2un $or a light -# da#,
and the ord!nance" o$ the Moon and o$ the "tar" $or a light -# n!ght,
7ho d!"tur-" the "ea when !t" wa%e" roar,
The +ord o$ ho"t" !" H!" name'5
?"a!ah 05:5&7
65 F? am The +O.;, and there !" none el"e,
there !" no Aod -e"!de Me@
? g!rded #ou [*#ru"],
though #ou ha%e not nown Me'
D That the# ma# now $rom the r!"!ng o$ the 2un, and $rom the we"t,
that there !" none -e"!de Me'
? am The +O.;, and there !" none el"e'
7 ? $orm the light, and create darne""@
? mae (eace, and create e%!l@
? The +O.; do all the"e th!ng"'G5
P"alm" 70:1D&17
61D The da# !" Your", the n!ght al"o !" Your":
You ha%e (re(ared the light and the 2un'
17 You ha%e "et all the -order" o$ the 4arth@
You ha%e made "ummer and w!nter'5
4ccle"!a"te" 11:7
67 Trul# the light !" "weet,
and !t !" a (lea"ant th!ng $or the e#e" to -ehold the 2un@5
43odu" 10:21&23
621 And The +O.; "a!d to Mo"e",
F2tretch out #ou hand toward hea%en "o that there ma# -e darne"" o%er the land o$ 4g#(t,
e%en darne"" wh!ch ma# e%en -e $elt'G
22 And Mo"e" "tretched $orth h!" hand toward hea%en,
and there wa" a th!c darne"" !n all the land o$ 4g#(t three da#"'
23 The# d!d not "ee one another,
ne!ther ro"e an# $rom h!" (lace $or three da#"@
-ut all the ch!ldren o$ ?"rael had light !n the!r dwell!ng"'5
43odu" 13:20&21
620 And the# too the!r >ourne# $rom 2uccoth, and encam(ed !n 4tham !n the edge o$ the 7!lderne""'
21 And The +ord went -e$ore them
-# da# !n a (!llar o$ a cloud to lead them the wa#@
and -# n!ght !n a (!llar o$ $!re to g!%e them light&
to go -# da# and n!ght'
22 He too not awa# the (!llar o$ the cloud -# da#, nor the (!llar o$ $!re -# n!ght,
$rom -e$ore the (eo(le'5 &'lso mentioned in Nehemiah 4:4, Psalms 90:2-5, :!:34$-
43odu" 10:19&20
619 And the Angel o$ Aod, who went -e$ore the cam( o$ ?"rael,
mo%ed and went -eh!nd them@
and the (!llar o$ the cloud went $rom -e$ore them and "tood -eh!nd them,
20 and !t came -etween the cam( o$ the 4g#(t!an" and the cam( o$ ?"rael,
and !t wa" a cloud and darne"" to them,
-ut !t ga%e light -# n!ght to the other,
"o that the one came not near the other all the n!ght'5
&'lso mentioned in Nehemiah 4::-2$-
P"alm" 111:27
627 Aod !" The +O.;,
and He ha" g!%en u" light@
-!nd the "acr!$!ce w!th cord", e%en unto the horn" o$ the altar'5
Act" 22:D&11
The A(o"tle Paul te"t!$!ed !n )eru"alem,
6D And !t came to (a"", that, a" ? made m# >ourne#,
and wa" come near to ;ama"cu" a-out noon,
"uddenl# there "hone $rom hea%en a great light round a-out me'
7 And ? $ell unto the ground and heard a %o!ce "a#!ng unto me,
F2aul, 2aul, wh# do #ou (er"ecute me9G
1 And ? an"wered, F7ho are #ou, +ord9G
And He "a!d to me, F? am )e"u" o$ :aHareth, 7hom #ou (er"ecute'G
9 And the# who were w!th me "aw !ndeed the light and were a$ra!d,
-ut the# heard not the %o!ce o$ H!m 7ho "(oe to me'
10 And ? "a!d, F7hat "hall ? do, +ord9G
And The +ord "a!d to me, FAr!"e and go !nto ;ama"cu",
and there !t "hall -e told to #ou all o$ th!ng" wh!ch are a((o!nted $or #ou to do'G
11 And when ? could not "ee $or the glor# o$ that light,
-e!ng led -# the hand o$ them who were w!th me, ? came !nto ;ama"cu"'5
&'lso referred to in 'cts 4:-0 and 'cts 2;:2-;$-
God can stop light
4He!el 32:7&1
+od the 8ather said to <gypt,
67 FAnd when ? "hall (ut out #our l!ght, ? w!ll co%er the hea%en and mae !t" "tar" dar@
? w!ll co%er the 2un w!th a cloud, and the Moon "hall not g!%e !t" light'
1 All the -r!ght l!ght" o$ hea%en w!ll ? mae dar o%er #ou
and "et darne"" u(on #our landG, declare" The +ord )eho%ah'5
)erem!ah 13:15&17
615 Hear and g!%e ear,
-e not (roud, $or The +O.; hath "(oen'
1D A!%e glor# to The +O.; #our Aod
-e$ore He cau"e" darne""
and -e$ore #our $eet "tum-le u(on the dar mounta!n",
and, wh!le #ou loo $or light, He turn" !t !nto the "hadow o$ death and mae" !t gro"" darne""'
17 But !$ #ou w!ll not hear !t,
m# "oul "hall wee( !n "ecret (lace" $or #our (r!de,
and m!ne e#e "hall wee( "ore and run down w!th tear",
-ecau"e The +O.;82 $loc !" carr!ed awa# ca(t!%e'5
Iechar!ah 10:1&2 E D&7
61 Behold, the ;a# o$ The +O.; !" com!ng,
and #our "(o!l w!ll -e d!%!ded !n #our m!d"t'
2 Cor ? w!ll gather all nat!on" aga!n"t )eru"alem to -attle,
and the c!t# "hall -e taen, and the hou"e" r!$led,
and the women ra%!"hed'
Hal$ o$ the c!t# "hall go $orth !nto ca(t!%!t#,
and the re"!due o$ the (eo(le "hall not -e cut o$$ $rom the c!t#'
D And !t "hall come to (a"" !n that ;a#, that the light "hall not -e clear, nor dar:
7 -ut !t "hall -e one da# wh!ch "hall -e nown to The +O.;, not da# nor n!ght,
-ut !t "hall come to (a"" that at e%en!ng t!me !t "hall -e light'5
?"a!ah 13:9&11
69 Behold, the ;a# o$ The +O.; come",
cruel w!th -oth wrath and $!erce anger,
to la# the land de"olate,
and He w!ll de"tro# the "!nner" $rom !t'
10 Cor the "tar" o$ hea%en and the!r con"tellat!on" w!ll not g!%e the!r light&
the 2un "hall -e darened !n !t" go!ng $orth,
and the Moon "hall not cau"e !t" light to "h!ne'
11 And ? w!ll (un!"h the world $or !t" e%!l,
and the w!ced $or the!r !n!Ju!t#@
and ? w!ll cau"e the arroganc# o$ the (roud to cea"e,
and w!ll la# low the haught!ne"" o$ the terr!-le'5
Amo" 5:11&22
611 7oe unto #ou who de"!re the ;a# o$ The +O.;K
To what end !" !t $or #ou9
The ;a# o$ The +O.; !" darne"", and not light'
19 A" !$ a man d!d $lee $rom a l!on, and a -ear met h!m@
or went !nto the hou"e and leaned h!" hand on the wall and a "er(ent -!t h!m'
20 2hall not the ;a# o$ The +O.; -e darne"", and not light9
4%en %er# dar, and no -r!ghtne"" !n !t9
21 ? hate, ? de"(!"e #our $ea"t da#", and ? w!ll not "mell !n #our "olemn a""em-l!e"'
22 Though #ou o$$er me -urnt o$$er!ng" and #our meat o$$er!ng",
? w!ll not acce(t them,
ne!ther w!ll ? regard the (eace o$$er!ng" o$ #our $atted -ea"t"'5
Matthew 20:29&31
*es"s =hrist said,
629 ?mmed!atel# a$ter the tr!-ulat!on o$ tho"e da#"
"hall the 2un -e darened, and the Moon "hall not g!%e her light,
and the "tar" "hall $all $rom hea%en,
and the (ower" o$ the hea%en" "hall -e "haen:
30 And then "hall a((ear the "!gn o$ The 2on O$ Man !n hea%en@
and then "hall all the tr!-e" o$ the 4arth mourn
and the# "hall "ee The 2on O$ Man com!ng !n the cloud" o$ hea%en
w!th (ower and great glor#'
31 And He "hall "end H!" angel" w!th a great "ound o$ a trum(et,
and the# "hall gather together H!" elect $rom the $our w!nd",
$rom one end o$ hea%en to the other'5 &'lso mentioned in >ar# 3:25-29-
Light overpowers darkness
4ccle"!a"te" 2:12&13
612 And ? turned m#"el$ to -ehold w!"dom, and madne"", and $oll#,
$or what can the man do who "ucceed" the !ng9
Onl# what he ha" alread# done'
13 Then ? "aw that w!"dom e3cel" $oll# a" $ar a" light e3cel" darne""'5
God the Father and Jesus Christ are light and righteousness
1 )ohn 1:5
65 Th!" then !" the me""age wh!ch we ha%e heard o$ H!m and declare unto #ou,
that Aod !" light and !n H!m !" no darne"" at all'5
P"alm" 100:1&2
61 Ble"" The +O.;, Oh m# "oul' Oh +O.; m# Aod,
You are %er# great@
You are clothed w!th honor and ma>e"t#,
2 7ho co%er" Your"el$ w!th light a" w!th a garment@
7ho "tretche" out the hea%en" l!e a curta!n'5
Matthew 17:1&3
61 And a$ter "!3 da#" )e"u" too Peter, )ame", and )ohn h!" -rother,
and -rought them u( !nto an h!gh mounta!n a(art,
2 and wa" tran"$!gured -e$ore them@
and H!" $ace d!d "h!ne a" the 2un,
and h!" clothe" -ecame wh!te a" the light'
3 And, -ehold, there a((eared to them Mo"e" and 4l!>ah tal!ng w!th H!m'G5
P"alm" 0:D&7
6D There -e man# who "a#, F7ho w!ll "how u" an# good95
+O.;, l!$t u( the light o$ Your countenance u(on u"'
7 You ha%e (ut gladne"" !n m# heart,
more than !n the "ea"on that the!r gra!n and w!ne !ncrea"ed'5
Ha-au 3:3&0
63 Aod came $rom Teman, and the Hol# One $rom mount Paran' 2elah'
H!" glor# co%ered the hea%en",
and the 4arth wa" $ull o$ H!" (ra!"e'
0 And H!" -r!ghtne"" wa" a" the light@
He had ra#" com!ng out o$ H!" hand@
and there H!" (ower wa" h!dden'5
;an!el 2:19&23
619 Then the "ecret wa" re%ealed to ;an!el !n a n!ght %!"!on and ;an!el -le""ed the Aod o$ Hea%en'
20 ;an!el re"(onded and "a!d,
FBle""ed -e the name o$ Aod $ore%er and e%er,
$or w!"dom and m!ght are H!"'
21 And He change" the t!me" and the "ea"on"@
He cau"e" !ng" to (a"" awa# and "et" u( !ng"@
He g!%e" w!"dom to the w!"e,
and nowledge to tho"e who now under"tand!ng'
22 He re%eal" the dee( and "ecret th!ng"@
He now" what !" !n the darne"",
and The Light dwell" w!th H!m'G5
23 ? than You and (ra!"e You, Oh Aod o$ m# $ather",
7ho ha" g!%en me w!"dom and m!ght,
and ha" made Me now what we a" o$ You'
Cor You ha%e re%ealed to u" the L!ng8" matter'G5
M!cah 7:7&9
67 There$ore ? w!ll loo to The +O.;@
? w!ll wa!t $or The Aod o$ m# "al%at!on@
m# Aod w!ll hear me'
1 .e>o!ce not aga!n"t me, m# enem#@
when ? $all, ? "hall ar!"e@
when ? "!t !n darne"", The +O.; "hall -e a light unto me'
9 ? w!ll -ear the !nd!gnat!on o$ The +O.;,
-ecau"e ? ha%e "!nned aga!n"t H!m,
unt!l He (lead" m# ca"e and e3ecute" >u"t!ce $or me'
He w!ll -r!ng me $orth to The Light
and ? "hall -ehold H!" r!ghteou"ne""'5
)ohn 1:1&9
61 ?n the -eg!nn!ng wa" The 7ord, and The 7ord wa" w!th Aod, and The 7ord wa" Aod'
2 The "ame wa" !n the -eg!nn!ng w!th Aod'
3 All th!ng" were made -# H!m, and w!thout H!m wa" not an# th!ng made that wa" made'
0 ?n H!m wa" l!$e@ and the l!$e wa" The Light o$ men'
5 And The Light "h!ned !n darne"", and the darne"" com(rehended !t not'
D There wa" a man "ent $rom Aod, who"e name wa" )ohn'
7 The "ame came $or a w!tne"", to -ear w!tne"" o$ The Light,
that all men through h!m m!ght -el!e%e'
1 He wa" not that Light -ut wa" "ent to -ear w!tne"" o$ that Light'
9 That wa" he true Light,
7ho g!%e" light to e%er#one who come" !nto the world'5
+ue 2:25&35
625 And -ehold, there wa" a man !n )eru"alem who"e name wa" 2!meon'
And th!" man wa" >u"t and de%out, wa!t!ng $or the *on"olat!on o$ ?"rael'
And The Hol# 2(!r!t wa" on h!m'
2D And !t ha((ened to h!m, -e!ng !n"tructed -# The Hol# 2(!r!t,
he wa" not to "ee death -e$ore he would "ee The *hr!"t o$ The +O.;'
27 And he came -# the 2(!r!t !nto the Tem(le'
And a" the (arent" -rought !n the ch!ld )e"u",
to do accord!ng to the cu"tom o$ the +aw concern!ng H!m,
21 e%en he rece!%ed H!m !n h!" arm", and -le""ed Aod and "a!d,
29 F+O.;, now You w!ll let Your "er%ant de(art !n (eace
accord!ng to Your word'
30 Cor m# e#e" ha%e "een Your 2al%at!on
31 wh!ch You ha%e (re(ared -e$ore the $ace o$ all the (eo(le",
32 a light to lighten the Aent!le"
and the glor# o$ Your (eo(le ?"rael'G
33 And )o"e(h and H!" mother mar%eled at tho"e th!ng" wh!ch were "(oen -# h!m'
30 And 2!meon -le""ed them and "a!d to Mar# H!" mother,
FBehold, th!" One !" "et $or the $all and r!"!ng aga!n o$ man# !n ?"rael,
and $or a "!gn "(oen aga!n"t
35 ,#ea, a "word "hall (!erce through #our own "oul al"o/,
"o that the thought" o$ man# heart" ma# -e re%ealed'G5
Matthew 0:12&17
612 :ow when )e"u" had heard that )ohn wa" ca"t !nto (r!"on, he de(arted !nto Aal!lee@
13 And lea%!ng :aHareth, he came and dwelt !n *a(ernaum,
wh!ch !" u(on the "ea coa"t, !n the -order" o$ Ia-ulon and :e(hthal!m:
10 that !t m!ght -e $ul$!lled wh!ch wa" "(oen -# ?"a!ah the (ro(het, "a#!ng,
15 FThe land o$ Ia-ulon and the land o$ :e(hthal!m, -# the wa# o$ the "ea,
-e#ond )ordan, Aal!lee o$ the Aent!le",
1D the (eo(le who "at !n darne"" "aw great light@
and to them who "at !n the reg!on and "hadow o$ death
light !" "(rung u('G &Isaiah 4:-2-
17 Crom that t!me )e"u" -egan to (reach,
and to "a#, F.e(ent: $or the L!ngdom o$ Hea%en !" at hand'G5
)ohn 3:1D&21
61D Cor Aod "o lo%ed the world that He ga%e H!" onl# -egotten 2on,
that who"oe%er -el!e%e" !n H!m "hould not (er!"h,
-ut ha%e e%erla"t!ng l!$e'
17 Cor Aod "ent not H!" 2on !nto the world to condemn the world,
-ut that the world through H!m m!ght -e "a%ed'
11 He who -el!e%e" on H!m !" not condemned,
-ut he who -el!e%e" not !" condemned alread#
-ecau"e he ha" not -el!e%ed !n the name o$ the onl# -egotten 2on O$ Aod'
19 And th!" !" the condemnat!on:
that Light ha" come !nto the world,
and men lo%ed darne"" rather than light& -ecau"e the!r deed" were e%!l'
20 Cor e%er# one who doe" e%!l hate" the light,
ne!ther come" to The Light
unle"" h!" deed" "hould -e re(ro%ed <or e3(o"ed='
21 But he who doe" truth come" to The Light,
that h!" deed" ma# -e clearl# "een that the# ha%e -een done !n Aod'5
)ohn 1:12
612 Then )e"u" "(oe aga!n to them, "a#!ng,
F? am The Light o$ the world,
he who $ollow" Me
"hall not wal !n darne"",
-ut "hall ha%e The Light o$ l!$e'G5
)ohn 9:0&5
*es"s =hrist said,
60 ? mu"t wor the wor" o$ H!m 7ho "ent Me wh!le !t !" da#@
the n!ght come" when no man can wor'
5 A" long a" ? am !n the world,
? am The Light o$ the world'5
)ohn 12:30&01
630 The (eo(le an"wered H!m, F7e ha%e heard out o$ the +aw that *hr!"t a-!de" $ore%er,
and how can #ou "a#, 6The 2on O$ Man mu"t -e l!$ted u(9 7ho !" th!" 2on O$ Man95G
35 Then )e"u" "a!d unto them, FYet a l!ttle wh!le !" The Light w!th #ou'
7al wh!le #ou ha%e The Light le"t darne"" come u(on #ou,
$or he who wal" !n darne"" now" not where he goe"'
3D 7h!le #ou ha%e Light, -el!e%e !n The Light, that #ou ma# -e the ch!ldren o$ Light'5
The"e th!ng" )e"u" "(oe, and de(arted, and d!d h!de H!m"el$ $rom them'
37 But though He had done "o man# m!racle" -e$ore them, #et the# -el!e%ed not on H!m,
31 that the "a#!ng o$ ?"a!ah the (ro(het m!ght -e $ul$!lled, wh!ch he "(oe,
F7ho ha" -el!e%ed our re(ort9
And to whom ha" the arm o$ The +O.; -een re%ealed9G &Isaiah !3:-
39 There$ore the# could not -el!e%e, -ecau"e that ?"a!ah "a!d aga!n,
00 FHe ha" -l!nded the!r e#e", and hardened the!r heart",
that the# "hould not "ee w!th the!r e#e",
nor under"tand w!th the!r heart and -e con%erted
"o that ? "hould heal them'G &Isaiah ;::-
01 The"e th!ng" "a!d ?"a!ah when he "aw H!" glor# and "(oe o$ H!m'5
?"a!ah 02:1&7
61 FBehold M# 2er%ant 7hom ? u(hold@
M# 4lect One, !n 7hom M# "oul del!ght"@
? ha%e (ut M# 2(!r!t u(on H!m@
He "hall -r!ng $orth >udgment to the Aent!le"'
2 He w!ll not cr# out, nor l!$t u(,
nor cau"e h!" %o!ce to -e heard !n the "treet'
3 A -ru!"ed reed "hall he not -rea,
and the "mo!ng $la3 "hall He not Juench@
He w!ll -r!ng $orth >udgment $or truth'
0 He w!ll not $a!l nor -e d!"couraged unt!l He ha%e "et >udgment !n the 4arth,
and the coa"tland" "hall wa!t $or H!" +aw'G
5 Thu" "a#" Aod The +O.;,
He 7ho created the hea%en" and "tretched them out@
He 7ho "(read $orth the 4arth and that wh!ch come" out o$ !t@
He 7ho g!%e" -reath to the (eo(le u(on !t, and "(!r!t to them who wal on !t@
D F? The +O.; ha%e called You !n r!ghteou"ne"",
and w!ll hold Your hand, and w!ll ee( You,
and g!%e You $or a co%enant o$ the (eo(le,
$or a light o$ the Aent!le",
7 to o(en the -l!nd e#e",
to -r!ng out the (r!"oner" $rom the (r!"on,
and them who "!t !n darne"" out o$ the (r!"on hou"e'G5
?"a!ah D0:11&22
611 M!olence "hall no more -e heard !n #our land, wa"t!ng nor de"truct!on w!th!n th# -order"@
-ut #ou "hall call #our wall" 2al%at!on, and #our gate" Pra!"e'
19 The 2un "hall -e no more #our light -# da#@
ne!ther $or -r!ghtne"" "hall the Moon g!%e light to #ou@
-ut The +O.; "hall -e to #ou an e%erla"t!ng light, and #our Aod #our glor#'
20 Your 2un "hall no more go down, ne!ther "hall #our Moon w!thdraw !t"el$,
$or The +O.; "hall -e #our e%erla"t!ng light,
and the da#" o$ #our mourn!ng "hall -e ended'
21 Your (eo(le al"o "hall -e all r!ghteou"@
the# "hall !nher!t
the land $or e%er,
the -ranch o$ M# (lant!ng,
the wor o$ m# hand",
that ? ma# -e glor!$!ed'
22 A l!ttle one "hall -ecome a thou"and,
and a "mall one a "trong nat!on'
? The +O.; w!ll ha"ten !t !n !t" t!me'5
.e%elat!on 21:9&11, E 23&20@ 22:3&5
69 And there came unto me [)ohn the A(o"tle] one o$ the "e%en angel"
who had the "e%en %!al" $ull o$ the "e%en la"t (lague",
and taled w!th me, "a#!ng, F*ome h!ther, ? w!ll "how #ou the Br!de, The +am-8" w!$e'G
10 And he carr!ed me awa# !n the "(!r!t to a great and h!gh mounta!n,
and "howed me that great c!t#, the hol# )eru"alem, de"cend!ng out o$ Hea%en $rom Aod,
11 ha%!ng the glor# o$ Aod@
and her light wa" l!e unto a "tone mo"t (rec!ou",
e%en l!e a >a"(er "tone, clear a" cr#"tal@
23 and the c!t# had no need o$ the "un, ne!ther o$ the moon, to "h!ne !n !t,
$or the glor# o$ Aod d!d lighten !t'
and the +am- !" !t" light'
20 And the nat!on" o$ them who are "a%ed "hall wal !n the light o$ !t,
and the !ng" o$ the 4arth do -r!ng the!r glor# and honor !nto !t'5
63 And there "hall -e no more cur"e@
-ut the throne o$ Aod and o$ The +am- "hall -e !n !t@
and H!" "er%ant" "hall "er%e H!m@
0 and the# "hall "ee h!" $ace,
and H!" name "hall -e !n the!r $orehead"'
5 And there "hall -e no n!ght there@
and the# need no lam(, ne!ther light o$ the 2un,
$or The +ord Aod g!%e" them light&
and the# "hall re!gn $or e%er and e%er'5
1 T!moth# D:13&1D
613 ? g!%e #ou charge
!n the "!ght o$ Aod, 7ho g!%e" l!$e to all th!ng",
and -e$ore *hr!"t )e"u", 7ho -e$ore Pont!u" P!late w!tne""ed a good con$e""!on@
10 that #ou ee( th!" commandment w!thout "(ot, -lamele"",
unt!l the a((ear!ng o$ our +ord )e"u" *hr!"t, wh!ch He "hall man!$e"t !n H!" t!me'
15 He !" the -le""ed and onl# Potentate, The L!ng o$ !ng", and +ord o$ lord"@
1D 7ho onl# ha" !mmortal!t#,
dwell!ng !n the light wh!ch no man can a((roach,
7hom no man hath "een, nor can "ee,
to 7hom -e honor and (ower e%erla"t!ng' Amen'5
)ohn 12:02&0D
602 :e%erthele"" among the ch!e$ ruler" al"o man# -el!e%ed on H!m [)e"u" *hr!"t],
-ut -ecau"e o$ the Phar!"ee" the# d!d not con$e"" H!m,
le"t the# "hould -e (ut out o$ the "#nagogue,
03 $or the# lo%ed the (ra!"e o$ men more than the (ra!"e o$ Aod'
00 )e"u" cr!ed and "a!d,
FHe who -el!e%e" on Me, -el!e%e" not on Me -ut on H!m 7ho "ent Me'
05 And he who "ee" Me "ee" H!m 7ho "ent Me'
0D ? am come a light !nto the world,
that who"oe%er -el!e%e" on Me "hould not a-!de !n darne""'5
Enemies of the daytime light, righteousness, and God’ truths
)o- 3:20&23
620 7h# !" light g!%en to h!m who !" !n m!"er#,
and l!$e to the -!tter !n "oul,
21 who long" $or death -ut !t come" not,
and "earche" $or !t more than $or h!dden trea"ure"@
22 who re>o!ce e3ceed!ngl#,
and are glad when the# can $!nd the gra%e9
23 7h# !" light g!%en to a man who"e wa# !" h!d,
and whom Aod ha" hedged !n95
)o- 20:13&17
613 The# are o$ tho"e who re-el aga!n"t the light@
the# do not now !t" wa#", nor a-!de !n !t" (ath"'
10 The murderer r!"e" w!th the light@
he !ll" the (oor and need#, and !n the n!ght he !" l!e a th!e$'
15 The e#e al"o o$ the adulterer wa!t" $or the tw!l!ght, "a#!ng, F:o e#e "hall "ee me,
and d!"gu!"e" h!" $ace'
1D ?n the dar the# -rea !nto hou"e", wh!ch the# had mared $or them"el%e" !n the da#t!me@
the# do not now the light'
17 Cor the morn!ng is to them e%en a" the "hadow o$ death,
!$ someone recogn!He" them,
they are in the terror" o$ the "hadow o$ death'5
?"a!ah 5:20
620 7oe unto them
who call e%!l good,
and good e%!l@
who (ut darne"" $or light,
and light $or darne""@
who (ut -!tter $or "weet,
and "weet $or -!tterK5
?"a!ah 1:19&22
619 And when the# "hall "a# to #ou,
62ee them who are med!um" and w!Hard", who wh!"(er and mutter'
2hould not a (eo(le "ee the!r god, $or the l!%!ng to the dead95
20 To the +aw and to the Te"t!mon#K
?$ the# "(ea not accord!ng to th!" word,
!t !" -ecau"e there !" no light !n them'
21 The# w!ll (a"" through !t, hard&(re""ed and hungr#@
and !t "hall ha((en that when the# "hall -e hungr#,
the# w!ll -e enraged and cur"e the!r !ng and the!r Aod, and loo u(ward'
22 And the# "hall loo to the 4arth, and "ee trou-le and darne"", gloom o$ angu!"h@
and the# "hall -e dr!%en to darne""'5
?"a!ah 9:2
62 The (eo(le who waled !n darne""
ha%e "een a great Light'
the# who dwell !n the land o$ the "hadow o$ death,
u(on them ha" The Light "h!ned'5 &?ee Romans :;-2!$-
M!cah 2:1&2
61 7oe to them that de%!"e !n!Ju!t# and wor e%!l u(on the!r -ed"K
7hen the morn!ng !" light, the# (ract!ce !t,
-ecau"e !t !" !n the (ower o$ the!r hand'5
2 And the# co%et $!eld", and tae them -# %!olence@
al"o hou"e", and tae them awa#@
2o the# o((re"" a man and h!" hou"e,
e%en a man and h!" her!tage'5
)ohn 3:19&20
619 And th!" !" the condemnat!on:
that Light ha" come !nto the world,
and men lo%ed darne"" rather than light -ecau"e the!r deed" were e%!l'
20 Cor e%er# one who doe" e%!l hate" the light,
ne!ther come" to The Light unle"" h!" deed" "hould -e re(ro%ed <or e3(o"ed='5
2 *or!nth!an" 11:13&15
613 Cor "uch are $al"e a(o"tle",
dece!t$ul worer", tran"$orm!ng them"el%e" !nto the a(o"tle" o$ *hr!"t'
10 And no mar%el, $or 2atan h!m"el$ !" tran"$ormed !nto an angel o$ light'
15 There$ore !t !" no great th!ng !$ h!" m!n!"ter" al"o -e tran"$ormed
a" the m!n!"ter" o$ r!ghteou"ne"",
who"e end "hall -e accord!ng to the!r wor"'5
God’s truths (including is commandments and !udgments"
)o- 12:22&25
622 He d!"co%er" dee( th!ng" out o$ darne"",
and -r!ng" the "hadow o$ death to light'
23 He mae" the nat!on" great,
and de"tro#" them@
He enlarge" the nat!on", and gu!de" them'
20 He tae" awa# the under"tand!ng o$ the ch!e$" o$ the (eo(le o$ the 4arth,
and cau"e" them to wander !n a (athle"" w!lderne""'
25 The# gro(e !n the dar w!thout light,
and He mae" them to "tagger l!e a drunen man'5
)o- 33:27&30
627 He loo" u(on men,
and if any "a#, F? ha%e "!nned, and (er%erted that which was r!ght,
and !t (ro$!ted me notG@
21 He w!ll redeem h!" "oul $rom go!ng !nto the (!t,
and H!" l!$e "hall "ee the light'
29 Behold, Aod wor" all the"e things o$tent!me" w!th a man,
30 to -r!ng -ac h!" "oul $rom the (!t,
that he ma# enlightened w!th the light o$ the l!$e'5
P"alm" 27:1
61 The +O.; !" m# light and m# "al%at!on@
whom "hall ? $ear9
The +O.; !" the "trength o$ m# l!$e@
o$ whom "hall ? -e a$ra!d95
P"alm" 3D:9&10
69 Cor w!th You !" the $ounta!n o$ l!$e@
!n Your light "hall we "ee light'
10 Oh cont!nue Your lo%!ng&!ndne"" to them 7ho now You,
and Your r!ghteou"ne"" to the u(r!ght !n heart'5
P"alm" 03:3&0
63 Oh "end out Your light and Your truth:
let them lead me@
let them -r!ng me to Your hol# h!ll and to Your ta-ernacle"'
0 Then w!ll ? go to the altar o$ Aod, to Aod m# e3ceed!ng >o#@
and u(on the har( w!ll ? (ra!"e You, Oh Aod m# Aod'5
P"alm" 19:15&1D
615 Ble""ed are the (eo(le who now the >o#$ul "ound@
the# "hall wal, Oh +O.;, !n the light o$ Your countenance'
1D ?n Your name the# "hall re>o!ce all da# long@ &?ee Philippians 5:5$-
and !n Your r!ghteou"ne"" "hall the# -e e3alted'5
P"alm" 90:7&1
67 Cor we are con"umed -# Your anger,
and -# Your wrath we are trou-led'
1 You ha%e "et our !n!Ju!t!e" -e$ore You,
our "ecret "!n" !n the light o$ Your countenance'5
P"alm" 112:1&0
61 6Pra!"e You The +O.;'
Ble""ed !" the man who $ear" The +O.;, who del!ght" greatl# !n H!" commandment"'
2 H!" de"cendant" w!ll -e m!ght# on 4arth,
the generat!on o$ the u(r!ght "hall -e -le""ed'
3 7ealth and r!che" "hall -e !n h!" hou"e@
and h!" r!ghteou"ne"" endure" $ore%er'
0 Nnto the u(r!ght there ar!"e" light !n the darne""@
he !" grac!ou" and $ull o$ com(a""!on, and r!ghteou"'
P"alm" 97:10&12
610 You who lo%e The +O.;, hate e%!l@
He (re"er%e" the "oul" o$ H!" "a!nt"@
He del!%er" them out o$ the hand o$ the w!ced'
11 Light !" "own $or the r!ghteou",
and gladne"" $or the u(r!ght !n heart'
12 .e>o!ce !n The +O.;, #ou r!ghteou",
and g!%e than" at the remem-rance o$ H!" hol!ne""'5
P"alm 119:102&10D E 130
6102 ? ha%e not de(arted $rom Your >udgment", $or You ha%e taught me'
103 How "weet are Your word" to m# ta"teK
Ye", "weeter than hone# to m# mouthK
100 Through Your (rece(t" ? get under"tand!ng@
there$ore ? hate e%er# $al"e wa#'
105 Your word !" a lam( to m# $eet,
and a light to m# (ath'
10D ? ha%e "worn, and ? w!ll (er$orm !t,
that ? w!ll ee( Your r!ghteou" >udgment"'5
6130 The entrance o$ Your word" g!%e" light@
!t g!%e" under"tand!ng to the "!m(le'5
Pro%er-" D:23&20
623 Cor the commandment !" a lam(,
and the +aw !" light@
and re(roo$" o$ !n"truct!on are the wa# o$ l!$e,
20 to ee( #ou $rom the e%!l woman,
$rom the $latter# o$ the tongue o$ a "trange woman'5
?"a!ah 51:0&5
60 F+!"ten to Me, M# (eo(le, and g!%e ear to Me, Oh M# nat!on,
$or law "hall (roceed $rom Me,
and ? w!ll mae M# >udgment to re"t a" a light o$ the (eo(le"'
5 M# r!ghteou"ne"" !" near@
M# "al%at!on ha" gone $orth,
and M# arm" "hall >udge the (eo(le@
the coa"tland" "hall wa!t u(on Me,
and on M# arm "hall the# tru"t'G5
2 Peter 1:19&21
619 7e ha%e al"o a more "ure word o$ (ro(hec#,
whereunto #ou do well that #ou tae heed,
a" a light that "h!ne" !n a dar (lace,
unt!l the da# dawn and the morn!ng "tar r!"e" !n #our heart"@
20 now!ng th!" $!r"t, that no (ro(hec# o$ the 2cr!(ture !" o$ an# (r!%ate !nter(retat!on'
21 Cor the (ro(hec# came not !n old t!me -# the w!ll o$ man,
-ut hol# men o$ Aod "(oe a" the# were mo%ed -# The Hol# Aho"t'5
Act" 2D:22&23
622 FHa%!ng there$ore o-ta!ned hel( o$ Aod, ? [A(o"tle Paul] cont!nue unto th!" da#,
w!tne""!ng -oth to "mall and great,
"a#!ng none other th!ng" than tho"e wh!ch the (ro(het" and Mo"e" d!d "a# "hould come:
23 that *hr!"t "hould "u$$er,
and that He "hould -e the $!r"t that "hould r!"e $rom the dead,
and "hould "how light to the (eo(le [the )ew"], and to the Aent!le"'G5
Act" 2D:15&11
615 And ? [A(o"tle Paul] "a!d, F7ho are #ou, +ord9G
And he "a!d, F? am )e"u" 7hom #ou are (er"ecut!ng'G
1D But r!"e and "tand u(on #our $eet, $or ? ha%e a((eared to #ou $or th!" (ur(o"e:
to mae #ou a m!n!"ter and a w!tne"" -oth
o$ the"e th!ng" wh!ch #ou ha%e "een,
and o$ tho"e th!ng" ? ha%e #et re%eal to #ou,
17 del!%er!ng #ou $rom the (eo(le [the )ew"],
and $rom the Aent!le", to whom now ? "end #ou,
11 to o(en the!r e#e" and to turn them
$rom darne"" to light,
and $rom the (ower o$ 2atan
to Aod that the# ma# rece!%e
$org!%ene"" o$ "!n"
and !nher!tance among them
who are "anct!$!ed -# $a!th that !" !n Me'G5
Act" 13:00&09
600 And the ne3t 2a--ath da# came almo"t the whole c!t# together to hear the 7ord o$ Aod'
05 But when the )ew" "aw the mult!tude", the# were $!lled w!th en%#,
and "(oe aga!n"t tho"e th!ng" wh!ch were "(oen -# Paul,
contrad!ct!ng and -la"(hem!ng'
0D Then Paul and Barna-a" grew -old and "a!d,
F?t wa" nece""ar# that the 7ord o$ Aod "hould $!r"t ha%e -een "(oen to #ou,
-ut "ee!ng that #ou (ut !t $rom #ou
and >udge #our"el%e" unworth# o$ e%erla"t!ng l!$e,
-ehold, we turn to the Aent!le"'
07 Cor "o ha" the +ord commanded u", "a#!ng,
6? ha%e "et #ou to -e a light o$ the Aent!le",
that #ou "hould -e $or "al%at!on unto the end" o$ the 4arth'5G
01 And when the Aent!le" heard th!", the# were glad,
and glor!$!ed the 7ord o$ The +ord@
and a" man# a" were orda!ned to eternal l!$e -el!e%ed'
09 And the 7ord o$ the +ord wa" -e!ng "(read throughout all the reg!on'5
1 Peter 2:9&10
69 But #ou are a cho"en generat!on, a ro#al (r!e"thood, an hol# nat!on, a (ecul!ar (eo(le,
"o that #ou "hould "how $orth the (ra!"e" o$ H!m
7ho ha" called #ou out o$ darne"" !nto H!" mar%elou" light@
610 who !n t!me (a"t were not a (eo(le, -ut are now the (eo(le o$ Aod,
who had not o-ta!ned merc#, -ut now ha%e o-ta!ned merc#'5
4(he"!an" 5:1&17
61 Cor #ou were "omet!me" darne"", -ut now are #ou light !n the +ord@
wal a" ch!ldren o$ light,
9 ,$or the $ru!t o$ The Hol# 2(!r!t !" !n all goodne"" and r!ghteou"ne"" and truth@/
10 (ro%!ng what !" acce(ta-le to The +ord'
11 And ha%e no $ellow"h!( w!th the un$ru!t$ul wor" o$ darne"",
-ut rather re(ro%e them'
12 Cor !t !" a "hame e%en to "(ea o$ tho"e th!ng" wh!ch are done o$ them !n "ecret'
13 But all th!ng" that are re(ro%ed are made man!$e"t -# the light&
$or what"oe%er mae" man!$e"t !" light'
10 There$ore He "a!d, FAwae #ou who "lee(, and ar!"e $rom the deadG,
and *hr!"t "hall g!%e #ou light'
15 2ee then that #ou wal c!rcum"(ectl#,
not a" $ool", -ut a" w!"e,
1D redeem!ng the t!me, -ecau"e the da#" are e%!l'
17 7here$ore do not -e unw!"e,
-ut under"tand what the w!ll o$ The +ord !"'5
1 )ohn 1:5&10
65 Th!" then !" the me""age wh!ch we ha%e heard o$ H!m and declare unto #ou,
that Aod !" light and !n H!m !" no darne"" at all'
D ?$ we "a# that we ha%e $ellow"h!( w!th H!m and wal !n darne"",
we l!e and do not the truth@
7 But !$ we wal !n the light a" He !" !n the light,
we ha%e $ellow"h!( one w!th another,
and the -lood o$ )e"u" *hr!"t H!" 2on clean"e" u" $rom all "!n'5
1 ?$ we "a# that we ha%e no "!n, we dece!%e our"el%e",
and the truth !" not !n u"'
9 ?$ we con$e"" our "!n", He !" $a!th$ul and >u"t
to $org!%e u" our "!n"
and to clean"e u" $rom all unr!ghteou"ne""'
10 ?$ we "a# that we ha%e not "!nned, we mae H!m a l!ar,
and H!" word !" not !n u"'5
2 *or!nth!an" 0:3&7
63 But e%en !$ our go"(el -e h!d, !t !" %e!led to them who are (er!"h!ng,
0 who"e m!nd" the god o$ th!" world ha" -l!nded,
who -el!e%e not,
le"t the light o$ the glor!ou" Ao"(el o$ *hr!"t, 7ho !" the !mage o$ Aod,
"hould "h!ne unto them'
5 Cor we (reach not our"el%e", -ut *hr!"t )e"u" The +ord
and our"el%e" #our "er%ant" $or )e"u"8 "ae'
D Cor Aod, 7ho commanded the light to "h!ne out o$ darne"",
ha" "h!ned !n our heart",
to g!%e the light o$ the nowledge o$ the glor# o$ Aod !n the $ace o$ )e"u" *hr!"t'
7 But we ha%e th!" trea"ure !n earthen %e""el",
that the e3cellenc# o$ the (ower ma# -e o$ Aod, and not o$ u"'5
1 )ohn 2:1&11
61 Aga!n, a new commandment ? wr!te unto #ou, wh!ch th!ng !" true !n H!m and !n #ou,
-ecau"e the darne"" !" (a""!ng awa# and the true light !" now "h!n!ng'
9 He who "a#" he !" !n the light and hate" h!" -rother
!" !n darne"" e%en unt!l now'
10 He who lo%e" h!" -rother
a-!de" !n the light, and there !" no cau"e o$ "tum-l!ng !n h!m'
11 But he who hate" h!" -rother !" !n darne"" and wal" !n darne"",
and now" not where he !" go!ng -ecau"e the darne"" ha" -l!nded h!" e#e"'5
2 T!moth# 1:1&11
61 There$ore do not -e a"hamed o$ the te"t!mon# o$ our +ord, nor o$ me H!" (r!"oner,
-ut -e a (artaer o$ the a$$l!ct!on" o$ the Ao"(el accord!ng to the (ower o$ Aod,
9 7ho ha" "a%ed u" and called u" w!th a hol# call!ng,
not accord!ng to our wor",
-ut accord!ng to H!" own (ur(o"e and grace,
wh!ch wa" g!%en u" !n *hr!"t )e"u" -e$ore the world -egan,
10 -ut !" now made man!$e"t -# the a((ear!ng o$ our 2a%!or )e"u" *hr!"t,
7ho ha" a-ol!"hed death
and ha" -rought l!$e and !mmortal!t# to light through the Ao"(el,
11 $or wh!ch ? am a((o!nted a (reacher, and an A(o"tle, and a teacher o$ the Aent!le"'5
#ndicating !ust and righteous individuals or people
2 L!ng" 1:1D&19
61D And !n the $!$th #ear o$ )oram the "on o$ Aha- L!ng o$ ?"rael, )eho"ha(hat being then L!ng o$ )udah,
)ehoram the "on o$ )eho"ha(hat L!ng o$ )udah -egan to re!gn'
17 Th!rt# and two #ear" old wa" he when he -egan to re!gn,
and he re!gned e!ght #ear" !n )eru"alem'
11 And he waled !n the wa# o$ the !ng" o$ ?"rael,
a" d!d the hou"e o$ Aha-: $or the daughter o$ Aha- wa" h!" w!$e,
and he d!d e%!l !n the "!ght o$ The +O.;'
19 Yet The +O.; would not de"tro# )udah $or ;a%!d H!" "er%ant8" "ae,
a" He (rom!"ed h!m to g!%e h!m alwa#" a light,
and to h!" ch!ldren'5 ,Al"o !n 2 *hron!cle" 21:0&7'/
;an!el 5:9&10
69 Then L!ng Bel"haHHar wa" greatl# trou-led,
and h!" countenance wa" changed,
and h!" no-le" were (er(le3ed'
10 The Jueen came !n to the -anJuet hou"e -ecau"e o$ the word" o$ the !ng and h!" no-le"'
The Jueen "(oe and "a!d, FOh L!ng, l!%e $ore%er,
do not let #our thought" terr!$# #ou,
and do not let #our $ace -e changed'
11 There !" a man !n #our !ngdom !n whom !" the "(!r!t o$ the hol# god"'
And !n the da#" o$ #our $ather
light and under"tand!ng and w!"dom, l!e the w!"dom o$ the god", wa" $ound !n h!m,
whom the L!ng :e-uchadneHHar #our $ather, the L!ng, ? "a#, #our $ather,
made ma"ter o$ the mag!c!an", a"trologer", *haldean", and "ooth"a#er",
12 -ecau"e an e3cellent "(!r!t, and nowledge, and under"tand!ng,
e3(la!n!ng o$ dream", and re%eal!ng o$ hard "entence",
and the unra%el!ng o$ not",
were $ound !n th!" ;an!el, whom the L!ng named Belte"haHHar'
:ow let ;an!el -e called, and he w!ll re%eal the mean!ng'G
13 Then ;an!el wa" -rought !n -e$ore the L!ng'
The L!ng "(oe and "a!d to ;an!el,
FAre #ou that ;an!el who !" o$ the "on" o$ the e3!led o$ )udah,
whom m# $ather the L!ng -rought out o$ )udah9
10 ? ha%e e%en heard o$ #ou that the "(!r!t o$ the god" !" !n #ou,
and that light and under"tand!ng and e3cellent w!"dom !" $ound !n #ou'G5
?"a!ah 2:3&5
63 And man# (eo(le "hall go and "a#,
F*ome, and let u" go u( to the mounta!n o$ The +O.;,
to the hou"e o$ The Aod o$ )aco-,
and He w!ll teach u" o$ H!" wa#",
and we w!ll wal !n H!" (ath"'5
Cor out o$ I!on "hall go $orth the +aw,
and the word o$ The +O.; $rom )eru"alem'
0 And He "hall >udge among the nat!on", and "hall re-ue man# (eo(le@
and the# "hall -eat the!r "word" !nto (low"hare", and the!r "(ear" !nto (run!ng hoo"@
nat!on "hall not l!$t u( "word aga!n"t nat!on,
ne!ther "hall the# learn war an# more'
5 Oh hou"e o$ )aco-, come let u" wal !n the light o$ The +O.;'
4"ther 1:1D
61D The )ew" had light and gladne"", >o# and honor'5
?"a!ah 51:D&12
6D ?" not th!" the $a"t that ? ha%e cho"en9
To loo"e the -and" o$ w!cedne"", to undo the hea%# -urden",
and to let the o((re""ed go $ree, and that #ou -rea e%er# #oe9
7 ?" !t not to deal #our -read to the hungr#,
and that #ou -r!ng the (oor who are ca"t out to th# hou"e9
7hen #ou "ee the naed, that #ou co%er h!m,
and that #ou h!de not #our"el$ $rom #our own $le"h9
1 Then "hall #our light -rea $orth a" the morn!ng, &“prosperity6 happiness%-
and #our health "hall "(r!ng $orth "(eed!l#,
and #our r!ghteou"ne"" "hall go -e$ore #ou@
the glor# o$ The +ord "hall -e #our rear guard'
9 Then "hall #ou call, and The +O.; "hall an"wer@
#ou "hall cr#, and He "hall "a#, FHere ? am'G
?$ #ou tae awa# #oe $rom the m!d"t, the (utt!ng $orth o$ the $!nger, and "(ea!ng %an!t#@
10 And !$ #ou e3tend #our "oul to the hungr# and "at!"$# the a$$l!cted "oul,
then "hall #our light r!"e !n o-"cur!t#, and #our darne"" -e a" the noonda#@
11 and The +O.; "hall gu!de #ou cont!nuall# and "at!"$# #our "oul !n drought,
and "trengthen #our -one"@
and #ou "hall -e l!e a watered garden,
and l!e a "(r!ng o$ water who"e water" $a!l not'
12 And tho"e $rom among #ou "hall -u!ld the old wa"te (lace"@
#ou "hall ra!"e u( the $oundat!on" o$ man# generat!on"@
and #ou "hall -e called, FThe re(a!rer o$ the -reach, The re"torer o$ (ath" to dwell !n'G5
?"a!ah D0:1&3
61 Ar!"e, "h!ne,
$or #our light !" come, and the glor# o$ The +O.; !" r!"en u(on #ou'
2 Cor, -ehold, the darne"" "hall co%er the 4arth, and gro"" darne"" the (eo(le@
-ut The +O.; "hall ar!"e u(on #ou, and H!" glor# "hall -e "een u(on #ou'
3 And the Aent!le" "hall come to #our light,
and !ng" to the -r!ghtne"" o$ #our r!"!ng'5
P"alm" 37:3&D
63 Tru"t !n The +O.;, and do good,
"o "hall #ou dwell !n the land,
and %er!l# #ou "hall -e $ed'
0 ;el!ght #our"el$ al"o !n The +O.;,
and He "hall g!%e #ou the de"!re" o$ #our heart'
5 *omm!t #our wa# to The +O.;,
tru"t al"o !n H!m,
and He "hall -r!ng !t to (a""'
D And He "hall -r!ng $orth
#our r!ghteou"ne"" a" the light&
and #our >u"t!ce a" the noonda#'5
Pro%er-" 0:11&19
611 But the (ath o$ the >u"t !" a" the "h!n!ng light,
that "h!ne" more and more unto the Per$ect ;a#'
19 The wa# o$ the w!ced !" a" darne""@
the# do not now what mae" them "tum-le'5
Pro%er-" 13:9
69 The light o$ the r!ghteou" re>o!ce",
-ut the lam( o$ the w!ced "hall -e (ut out'5
?"a!ah 50:10
610 7ho !" among #ou who $ear" The +O.;,
who o-e#" the %o!ce o$ H!" 2er%ant,
who wal" !n darne"" and ha" no light9
+et h!m
tru"t !n the name o$ The +O.;,
and rel# u(on h!" Aod'5 [2ee Pro%er-" 3:5&D']
+ue 1:D7&70 E 7D&79
6D7 And h!" $ather Iachar!a" wa" $!lled w!th the Hol# 2(!r!t, and (ro(he"!ed, "a#!ng,
D1 FBle""ed !" The +O.;, The Aod O$ ?"rael,
$or He ha" %!"!ted and redeemed H!" (eo(le
D9 and ha" ra!"ed u( a horn o$ 2al%at!on $or u" !n the hou"e o$ H!" "er%ant ;a%!d,
70 a" He "(oe -# the mouth o$ H!" hol# (ro(het" $rom etern!t#@
7D And #ou, ch!ld <)ohn=, w!ll -e called the (ro(het o$ The H!ghe"t,
$or #ou "hall go -e$ore the $ace o$ the +ord to (re(are H!" wa#",
77 to g!%e nowledge o$ 2al%at!on to H!" (eo(le -# the rem!""!on o$ the!r "!n",
71 through the tender merc# o$ our Aod,
-# w!th wh!ch The ;a#"(r!ng $rom on h!gh ha" %!"!ted u",
79 to g!%e light to them that "!t !n darne"" and !n the "hadow o$ death,
to gu!de our $eet !nto the wa# o$ (eace'G5
)ohn 5:35
)e"u" *hr!"t "a!d a-out )ohn the Ba(t!"t,
635 He wa" a -urn!ng and a "h!n!ng light&
and #ou were w!ll!ng $or a "ea"on to re>o!ce !n h!" light'5
+ue 11:30&3D
*es"s =hrist said,
630 The light o$ the -od# !" the e#e,
there$ore when #our e#e !" good,
#our whole -od# al"o !" $ull o$ light@
-ut when #our e#e !" -ad <or e%!l=,
#our -od# al"o !" $ull o$ darne""' &'lso mentioned in >atthew ;:22-23$-
35 Tae heed there$ore that the light wh!ch !" !n #ou -e not darne""'
3D ?$ #our whole -od# there$ore -e $ull o$ light, ha%!ng no (art dar,
the whole "hall -e $ull o$ light a" when the -r!ght "h!n!ng o$ a lam( g!%e" #ou light'5
Matthew 5:10&1D
610 You are the light o$ the world'
A c!t# that !" "et on an h!ll cannot -e h!d'
15 :e!ther do men light a lam( and (ut !t under a -u"hel, -ut on a lam("tand,
and !t g!%e" light unto all that are !n the hou"e'
1D +et #our light "o "h!ne -e$ore men,
that the# ma# "ee #our good wor",
and glor!$# #our Cather 7ho !" !n Hea%en'5
*olo""!an" 1:12&10
612 A!%!ng than" to The Cather,
7ho ha" made u" meet to -e (artaer" o$ the !nher!tance o$ the "a!nt" !n light,
13 7ho ha" del!%ered u" $rom the (ower o$ darne"",
and ha" tran"lated u" !nto the L!ngdom o$ H!" dear 2on,
10 !n 7hom we ha%e redem(t!on through H!" -lood,
e%en the $org!%ene"" o$ "!n",5
1 The""alon!an" 5:0&1
60 But #e, -rethren, are not !n darne"", that that ;a# "hould o%ertae #ou a" a th!e$'
5 You are all the ch!ldren o$ light, and the ch!ldren o$ the da#@
we are not o$ the n!ght, nor o$ darne""'
D There$ore let u" not "lee( a" do other", -ut let u" watch and -e "o-er'
7 Cor tho"e who "lee(, "lee( !n the n!ght,
and tho"e who get drunen are drun !n the n!ght'
1 But let u", who are o$ the da#, -e "o-er,
(utt!ng on the -rea"t(late o$ $a!th and lo%e,
and $or an helmet, the ho(e o$ "al%at!on'5
.oman" 13:11&10
611 And that, now!ng the t!me, that now !t !" h!gh t!me to awae out o$ "lee(,
$or now !" our "al%at!on nearer than when we -el!e%ed'
12 The n!ght !" $ar "(ent, the da# !" at hand@
let u" there$ore ca"t o$$ the wor" o$ darne"",
and let u" (ut on the armor o$ light'
13 +et u" wal hone"tl# a" !n the da#@
not !n r!ot!ng and drunenne"",
not !n lewdne"" and lu"t,
not !n "tr!$e and en%#!ng'
10 But (ut on The +ord )e"u" *hr!"t,
and mae not (ro%!"!on $or the $le"h, to $ul$!ll !t" lu"t"'5
%he Light of Jesus (ever #ro)s *im
(by #lenna +, Baugh& 11-./-01& Living By 2aith)
Th!" world ha" -een "o r!chl# -le""ed
O$ten we ha%e $a!led to "ee
That the l!ght o$ )e"u" !n all !t" glor#
7a" an awe"ome g!$t o$ ma>e"t#'
Toda# our world !" $ull o$ "!n and "tr!$e
2o man# are "ee!ng (eace !n the!r l!$e
The# do not "ee the l!ght o$ )e"u" "o -r!ght
4%er "h!n!ng through the darne"" o$ n!ght'
Your heart mu"t -e o(ened $or )e"u" to come !n
Onl# then w!ll #ou not!ce H!" l!ght "h!ne aga!n
Your (athwa# w!ll -e -r!ghter $or #ou to "ee
The l!ght o$ )e"u" !" a g!$t that !" $ree'
)e"u" "h!ne" H!" l!ght w!th warmth and lo%e
A" He watche" o%er u" $rom hea%en a-o%e
The l!ght o$ )e"u" ne%er grow" d!m
A" long a" #ou ha%e $a!th and $ollow H!m'
$y conclusion is what arold indicated in his e%mail a&out Christ%likeness should &e a top
priority' ( true Christian should have the following as his or her top priorities)
3hili44ians . &from the )oc#man 8o"ndation/s 'mplified Bible-
1 2o -# whate%er
"trengthen!ng OandP con"ol!ng OandP encourag!ng <#our relat!on"h!(= !n H!m
-# whate%er (er"ua"!%e !ncent!%e there !" !n lo%e,
-# whate%er (art!c!(at!on !n the <Hol#= 2(!r!t <we "hare=,
and -# whate%er de(th o$ a$$ect!on and com(a""!onate "#m(ath#,
2 $!ll u( OandP com(lete m# >o# -#
l!%!ng !n harmon#,
-e!ng o$ the "ame m!nd OandP one !n (ur(o"e,
ha%!ng the "ame lo%e,
-e!ng !n $ull accord
and o$ one harmon!ou" m!nd OandP !ntent!on'
3 ;o noth!ng $rom $act!onal mot!%e"
<through content!ou"ne"", "tr!$e, "el$!"hne"", or $or unworth# end"=
or (rom(ted -# conce!t OandP em(t# arrogance'
?n"tead, !n the true "(!r!t o$ hum!l!t# ,lowl!ne"" o$ m!nd/
let each regard the other"
a" -etter than OandP "u(er!or to h!m"el$ or her"el$
<th!n!ng more h!ghl# o$ one another than #ou do o$ #our"el%e"='
0 +et each o$ #ou
e"teem OandP
loo u(on OandP
-e concerned $or
not <merel#= h!" or her own !ntere"t",
-ut al"o each $or the !ntere"t" o$ other"'
5 +et th!" "ame att!tude OandP (ur(o"e OandP <hum-le= m!nd
-e !n #ou wh!ch wa" !n *hr!"t )e"u"'
@)et Aim be yo"r e7ample in h"mility$B
Jude &from the )oc#man/s 8o"ndation 'mplified Bible-
620 But #ou, -elo%ed,
-u!ld #our"el%e" u( <$ounded= on #our mo"t hol# $a!th
<mae (rogre"", r!"e l!e an ed!$!ce h!gher and h!gher=,
(ra#!ng !n the Hol# 2(!r!t@
21 guard OandP ee( #our"el%e" !n the lo%e o$ Aod@
e3(ect OandP (at!entl# wa!t $or the merc#
o$ our +ord )e"u" *hr!"t ,the Me""!ah/&&
<7ho w!ll -r!ng #ou= unto l!$e eternal'
22 and on "ome ha%e merc# and com(a""!on who wa%er OandP dou-t'
23 <2tr!%e to= "a%e other", "natch!ng <them= out o$ <the= $!re@
on other" ha%e (!t# <-ut= w!th $ear,
loath!ng e%en the garment "(otted -# the $le"h
OandP (olluted -# the!r "en"ual!t#'5
*uggestions along with living +rover&s ,)-%. more fre/uently)
• +lease live and share the last two 0i&le passages as often as you can'
• +ut political and church issues at a low priority' *o many people need to see true
Christianity &eing manifested &y a lot more individuals'
• #t seems that the (ge of Grace is ending, so let us use the time God allows us to have to
&e is righteous, influential and powerful lights to the world'

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