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R & J Act 1 Questions

R & J Act 1 Questions

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Published by: tinkerbellbac85 on Apr 10, 2014
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R & J Act 1


Act I, Scene 1 1. Highlight I.i.65-66. Our first intr !ucti n t "en# li c mes $hen he sa%s these $ r!s. &hat ! the% re#eal a' ut his character(

). Highlight lines I.i.6*-6+. Our first im,ressi n f -%'alt ccurs in these lines. &hat ! $e learn a' ut his character(

.. Highlight lines I.i.+/-/0. &hat is the t ne f the 1rince2s s,eech( In these lines he ma3es a ne$ !ecree. &hat is it, an! $h% is it im, rtant(

4. &e then learn that R me is suffering fr m 5nre6uite! 7 #e8He l #es s me ne $h ! es n t l #e him 'ac3. &hat suggesti n ! es "en# li ma3e t R me t hel, him get #er is unre6uite! l #e f r R saline(

Act I, Scene ) 5. In Act 1, Scene ) 7 r! 9a,ulet tal3s t 1aris a' ut marr%ing his !aughter Juliet. &hat t$ reas ns ! es he gi#e f r n t $anting Juliet t marr% at this time( a: ': 6. ;r m the ser#ant $h cann t rea! $e learn that R saline, $ith $h m R me 'elie#es he is in l #e, $ill 'e at the 9a,ulet ,art%. &h% ! es this e<cite "en# li ( &hat is his ,lan(


&h% ! es R me agree t g t the ,art%(

Act I, Scene . +. Highlight lines 66-6*. &hat is the nurse2s ne $ish f r Juliet an! $h%(

&hat is ir nic a' ut Juliet2s line 14/( .ulet as3s Juliet h $ she feels a' ut 'eing marrie!. 1ara.are t his s.are Juliet( 14.rem niti n has he ha!( 11.eech !eli#ere! $hile the s.$hat ! es he c m. nse t =ercuti 2s m n l gue: Act I.ea3er is al ne. &hat !ecisi n ! es R me ma3e in lines 11/-1)0./. &hat threat ! es -%'alt ma3e as he agrees t $ith!ra$( 1*. Highlight lines 10)-10. $hat is Juliet2s ans$er.art%( &hat !ream-li3e .art%.H $ ! es this s.assing in the character2s min!: that he is struc3 '% l #e at first sight $hen he sees Juliet at the .eech a' ut his l #e f r Juliet c m.. &h% ! es R me feel uneas% a' ut g ing t the . &hen 7a!% 9a. &e learn fr m R me 2s s lil 6u% >a s.hrase R me 2s res. &hat t$ reas ns ! es 7 r! 9a.eech >lines 51-60:. .hrase R me2s s.eech ir nic( 15.eeches a' ut 'eing in l #e $ith R saline( H $ is the s.ulet gi#e f r st . -%'alt rec gni?es R me 2s # ice an! tries t start a fight. @ramatic Ir n% is $hen the au!ience 3n $s s mething the characters ! n t.. Scene 4 10. 1ara. an! $hat is the thematic im. rtance f this !ecisi n( 1)..ing him( 16. Scene 5 1. an! $hat ! es it re#eal a' ut her character( Act I. calculate! t inf rm the au!ience f $hat is .

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