P-Dock System®

P-Dock® System
• • • • • • • • Smallest Footprint Easy Operation Accurate Adjustment Pre Lock operation Fastest setup to various Tester base Easiest Z-stack adjustment Available for all Tester configuration Compatible to all OEM docking.

The P-Dock® system is a highly precise and functional docking mechanism to be docked with wafer probers and handlers. The winning system for future benchmarks!

Turbodynamics Technology has invented the first pneumatic docking solution with height adjustment and various indexing positions of the P-Dock --- modules!

Technical data
Dimensions Weight Required media Docking travel Docking force Diameter 112mm x31,5mm 0,65 kg per module compressed air 7,5mm 200 – 2000 N per module Through its modulated design it is possible to integrate this platform to different footprint pattern of existing platforms. With the height adjustment integration it is guaranteed to get fastest setups with this docking system. The system itself guarantees best repeatability and yield performance for your integrations. T2000; T5575; T5371; T6673 Kalos; duo; Quartet; D10; D40; Sapphire S; Shapphire DPI; ASL-3000 ETS-200; ETS-300; ETS-364; ETS-600 Fusion CX; Fusion LX; Fusion MX; Magnum; Maverick J750; Catalyst; Microflex; Flex; Ultraflex; Tiger 83000 and 93000 series

Advantest Credence

The P-Dock® system gives the customer the highest flexibility to all tester to handler and/or tester to wafer prober integration. Can be mounted on tester, prober or handler side. The system can be delivered with a Z-axis adjustment of 20mm – 50 mm with an accuracy of 0,1mm (resolution of 0,01mm).

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• • • Pick and Place handlers Gravity Feed handlers Strip / Map handlers.

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