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Ask Your 5th Grader

One thing they learned about the Holocaust.

March 20, 2014 AR Points earned to date

Teacher Notes Happy first day of spring! In math, the students learned how to multiply mixed numbers and worked on solving word problems. In ELA, the students took a short answer quiz on Number the Stars and started researching the Holocaust with a partner for a research paper they will be completing after spring break. The students also completed some spelling practice activities and brain teasers this week.
In advance of the PTO Book Fair, Emmons students will be participating in an All For Books Coin-A-Day Challenge to raise money for OUR school library to buy more books!! During the week of March 31st thru April 4th, coin collection boxes will be placed in each classroom. Students will bring in different coins for each day of the week: Penny Monday, Nickel Tuesday, Dime Wednesday, Quarter Thursday, and Any Coin Friday! All money raised goes directly to the Emmons Library for purchasing new books at the Book Fair the following week! In addition to helping out our own school, Scholastic Book Fairs will MATCH our monetary collection with donations to two charities that help put books in the hands of children, families, and teachers - Kids in Distressed Situations, Inc. and Kids in Need Foundation. If you have loose coins hiding under couch cushions, floor mats, in pants pockets, or the bottom of your bag, put them to good use by giving students more access to books theyll want to read! The class with the most money raised wins a prize!! For more details, contact Kelly Nawrocki (

___% of goal completed REMINDERS

03-20: Market Day Pickup (4:30pm) 03-21: 1:30pm Dismissal 03-24 03-28: SPRING BREAK 03-31: 3-5 Choir 04-01: CSI Club Environmental Club 04-02: Lego Club Scrabble Club 04-07 04-11: Scholastic Book Fair 04-10: 4th-8th Grade Band Concert 7pm

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