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Ask Your 5th Grader

What is 5.03 + 24.1? What caused the colonists to dislike the British? What comes after a producer in a food chain?

April 3, 2014 AR Points earned to date

Teacher Notes

Our first week back from spring break has been jam packed with new learning! In math, the students started a unit on adding and subtracting decimals. They learned how to estimate and solve the answers to decimal problems. In social studies, the students started learning about the struggle between the colonists and the British, which will lead into the American Revolution. In science, the students began learning about food chains. In ELA, the students finished their final drafts of the Holocaust research paper and we have been learning about poetry in honor of National Poetry Month. THE AUCTION IS IN LESS THAN A MONTH! Thank you SO much for the unbelievable outpouring of support with the auction. I have received many of the items that were chosen by parents on the auction website. I would really appreciate it if all items were brought in by Friday, April 18. This will give me one week to put the basket together before it is due. We are going to paint the tiles for the chess board on Monday, then I will be putting it together. I cant wait to see how everything turns out! Again, THANK YOU!!!

___% of goal completed REMINDERS 04-04 All for Books Coin-A-Day Challenge (any coins Friday) 04-07 3-5 Grade Choir 04-08 CSI Club Environmental Club PTO Meeting (7:00pm) 04-09 Lego Club Scrabble Club Book Fair Family Night (6:00pm) 04-10 Scholastic Book Fair (6:00pm) 4th-8th Grade Band Concert (7:00pm)

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