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Easy Ways to Remember the Functions This poster is great. If you understand these eight images, you re ha!fway towards !earning typo!ogy. "nderstanding the cognitive functions is honest!y more comp!icated than it needs to #e. $hy read a!! those !ong descriptions when you can simp!ify them to one or two words% &ometimes thorough e'p!anation is necessary and he!pfu!, #ut in the ()TI we need more *uic+-and-dirty guides. I pic+ed up the shortcuts for Thin+ing and ,ee!ing from other sources, #ut I had to come up with descriptors for &ensing and i-tuition myse!f. (enta! e'ercises are a!so added so you +now what it s !i+e to use each function. Extraverted Thinking - Inductive Logic The reverse of deductive !ogic is inductive !ogic, which .constructs or eva!uates genera! propositions that are derived from specific e'amp!es.. $hereas Ti starts with a theory and then !oo+s for facts to support it, Te starts with facts and then formu!ates a theory from them. Inductive reasoning forms genera! princip!es from its own o#servations rather than re!ying on a set of !ogica! ru!es !i+e deductive !ogic does. 1. /!most a!! peop!e are ta!!er than 26 inches. 2. 0areth is a person. 1. Therefore.......!ogic Introverted Thinking - Deductive Logic 3eductive !ogic is defined as the .process of reasoning from one or more genera! statements 4premises5 to reach a !ogica!!y certain conc!usion. 4$i+ipedia5. / c!assic e'amp!e of deductive !ogic is .a!! men are morta!, &ocrates is a man, therefore &ocrates is morta!.. Introverted Thin+ers !i+e to come to their own conc!usion on the #asis of sound theories. They tend to reason inward!y, using deductive !ogic inherent in Ti to start with facts or genera! truths and proceed to the fina! answer.

,i!! in num#er 1: 1. /!! peop!e named &a!!y se!! sea she!!s at the sea shore. 2. (y friend s name is &a!!y. 1. %%%%% http://www.pu66!es-on-!!ogic-pu66!es.htm!7sthash.89o!Tdc:.dp#s Extraverted Feeling - Empathy ;'traverted ,ee!ers are empathetic #ecause they connect with other peop!e and understand what they re fee!ing. ;mpathy is .the capacity to recogni6e emotions that are #eing e'perienced #y another sentient or fictiona! #eing.. ,e removes assumptions of emotion and instead focuses on the apparent emotiona! state of another person. They avoid offending peop!e since they are so adept at reading their fee!ings. ,e users re!ate we!! with others #ecause they can find shared emotiona! e'periences. ;mpathy is one of their strongest attri#utes< they !itera!!y fee! the fee!ings of those around them. $hat emotion is conveyed in this picture%

Introverted Feeling - ympathy &ympathy ma+es peop!e as+ themse!ves how they wou!d fee! in a particu!ar situation. They might over!oo+ others e'pressions and assume that everyone fee!s the same way they do. )ut sympathy gives an individua! the a#i!ity to imagine themse!ves in another person s shoes. =ea!thy Introverted ,ee!ers have a great dea! of sympathy, which is defined as the .perception, understanding, and reaction to the distress or need of another human #eing.. They don t need e'terna! cues to identify someone s fee!ings< instead, they have an innate sense of why someone fee!s a certain way. $hat do you say to someone who s pet rat >ust ran away% /. &hame on you, you shou!d have #een more carefu!. ). $hat a re!ief< who wants to have a pet rat anyway% ?. I never had a pet rat, #ut I m sorry to hear that and I understand how you fee!. 3. ?hi!! out, your gir!friend is >ust going on vacation. http://grammarparty#! Extraverted ensing - !ttention &e is a!! a#out +eeping in touch with your five senses. ;'traverted &ensors pay c!ose attention to the wor!d around them through use of their five senses. &e is the #est function for paying attention to what s going on around you. &e users usua!!y have a ho!istic awareness of their environment, #ut when it s ca!!ed for they can use their great s+i!!s of attention to .se!ective!y concentrate on one aspect of the environment whi!e ignoring other things.. They have the fastest reactions, !ive in the here and now, and e'ce! at staying .in the moment..

$atch this c!ip. =ow many times do the p!ayers wearing white pass the #as+et#a!!%;rAiB0w>=)I Introverted ensing - "emory &i users have a strong connection to the past, and thus often have strong memories. Introverted &ensing is usefu! for remem#ering !ots of !itt!e detai!s and facts. $e use &i whenever we compare something in its present state with what we e'pected, or what it was !i+e in the past. The /merican education system strong!y encourages &i< you usua!!y get high grades for things !i+e remem#ering detai!s correct!y and fo!!owing the directions. Cecite pi to as many digits as you can. Extraverted i#tuition - $reativity .Thin+ outside the #o'. is phrase that was pro#a#!y coined #y an -e user. ;'traverted i-tuitors thin+ a#out the patterns and associations #etween many different ideas and can come up with origina! ideas #ecause of their active minds. If you show them a green app!e, they wi!! start thin+ing of things that are green 4!i+e !eaves5 and things that are simi!ar to app!es 4!i+e peaches5. -e a!so consists of the a#i!ity to creative!y come up with numerous possi#i!ities as outcomes for an event. ?reativity test: Thin+ of at !east seven different uses for a paper c!ip.!es/D160/test-your-creativity-E-c!assic-creative-cha!!enges Introverted i#tuition - Insight -i users often have rea!i6ations and insights come out of nowhere. Their minds are constant!y ma+ing inferences and connections. They prefer !ong-term pro#!em so!ving and en>oy having ./haF. moments. $hen faced with a comp!icated di!emma, they may wish to s!eep on it. Introverted i-tuitors often pay c!ose attention to their dreams and try to derive meaning from them. ?ompared to most peop!e, they are very in touch with their su#conscious minds. ?an you ma+e this triang!e point downwards #y moving >ust three circ!es% : :: ::: :::: /nswers Te: 0areth is a!most certain!y ta!!er than 26 inches. Ti: Therefore, &a!!y se!!s she!!s at the sea shore. ,e: &urprise ,i: ? &e: 11 &i: 1.191EB26E1EGBDB...etc. -e: 4;'amp!es5 =o!d papers together, cuff!in+s, earrings, imitation mini-trom#one, thing you use to push that emergency restart #utton on your router, +eeping headphones from getting tang!ed up, #oo+mar+. -i: Hut the two outside #ottom circ!es on the second row from the top. Then put the top circ!e on the #ottom. :::: ::: :: :