8-1: Simple point-to-point link

Fig. 8-2: Optical power-loss model

Fig. 8-3: Receiver sensitivities vs bit rate

Fig. 8-4: Example link-loss budget

Fig. 8-5: Transmission distance vs data rate

Fig. 8-6: Transmission distance vs data rate

Fig. 8-7: NRZ-L data pattern

Fig. 8-8: Baseline wander

Fig. 8-9: RZ data formats

Fig. 8-11: FEC characteristics

Fig. 8-14:Modal noise at a connection

Fig. 8-15: Dynamic spectra of a laser

Fig. 8-16: Mode-partition-noise effects

Fig. 8-17: Chirping & extinction-ratio penalties

Fig. 8-19: Multiplereflection effects

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