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Joseph Carey Merrick had a deformity in his body, he had a big head, back lent and he had many

bumps. The man was called the Elephant Man. He worked for a cruel man who showed for all circuses. One day r !rederick Tre"es saw the show and told with the circus #owner because he wanted to take him to the hospital when he worked and sa"e him for humiliation uring his stay at the hospital and thanks the r Tre"es $ Joseph disco"ered himself as a human and he knows was being treated with dignity. He was a gentle and culti"ated person that suffers and feels. He could read, write and he was "ery sensiti"e soul. %ut r Tre"es wasn&t happy' he wanted his friend talk to other people. The first time he lea"es the hospital, he went to Tre"es&s house to ha"e tea Mrs Tre"es was "ery kind to him but he was so ner"ous that he spilled half the cup on Mrs Tre"es&s dress.

(fter bring published in the newspaper the case ,Joseph is "isited by people who want to know since curious people only want to ridicule, until it takes affect people like Miss )endal, theatre actress who was the first woman that smiled and touch her . *rincess of +ales "isited her too and she e"en ga"e him a signed photo of herself he put it ne,t to his mother. He was ill and !or a time he was li"ing with Mr Tre"es&s friend in the countryside, a man who wasn&t afraid of his appearance. uring his stay at the countryside he was happy walking, watching plant and animals .ife seems to smile, he felt lo"ed and "alued