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Funny, Wacky, Goofy

Directions: Ask your partner for 14 adjectives. As they tell you the adjectives,
fill in the lines with their answers. Make sure to write the answers in the
order they say them. Dont read the story to them, until the very end!

One day I went to the zoo. First I saw a ___________________ gorilla.

Then I saw the ___________________ and ___________________ striped
tiger. I saw a ___________________ snake that had ___________________
fangs. I saw all different ___________________ birds and fish. We saw
monkeys with ___________________ arms, feet and tails. I liked the giraffe
because it had a ___________________ neck so it could eat the leaves of the
___________________ trees. Then I saw the ___________________ jaguar
run. Then we saw a ___________________ hippopotamus. We were so tired,
we took a ___________________ nap. We saw the ___________________
elephant quickly shoot out water from his ___________________ trunk. Then
we went home, that was enough for one day!