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Information questions WH question a question in English to which an appropriate answer is to give information rather than to answer ``yes'' or ``no'':

typically introduced by the word who, which, what, where, when, or how

Question Words...

...used for this information.

a person a thing / fact a location / place time / day / year / month reason method / quality

Who What Where When Why How

Questions using question words follow two basic patterns: 1. Question Word + Verb + Subject QW + V + S Who is he? ...or 2. Question Word + Verb + Subject + Verb QW + V + S + V Where do they live?

Who am I?
You're a teacher.

Where are you?

I'm in the classroom.

What does he have?

He has some strawberries.

Where is she?
She's at the beach.

Why is the cat drinking water?

It's thirsty.

When do we have class?

We have class in the morning.

You + I = We

How are they drinking their milkshake?

They're drinking it with a straw.

What do they have?

They have popsicles.