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Complete with the words in the box: Brush ge" up finish #ike sing ha%e ha%e go ha%e wake up o !ee" s"ar" p#a$

Hello! My name is Jane. I usually____________ at 7.30 but I only ________at 7: !. "hen I _________ a bath and I _________ my hair. I__________ brea#$ast at %:&0. I always _________ to s'hool on $oot. ('hool __________at %: ! and ___________at &):00. I ___________lun'h at home with my $amily. In the a$ternoon I ___________ my homewor# and _________ my $riends. *e __________ hide+ and + see# and we____________ beauti$ul son,s. I __________musi'.

Getting ready: Choose the correct word for each picture:

This is a __________

This is a __________

This is a bottle of _______. .

This is a _________

Check all that fit:

When you shower, you use Shampoo comb shower cap "erfume Soap #a$or blades blow!dryer

When you sha%e, you use brush ra$or Shampoo #a$or &lades 'ental floss (akeup Sha%ing cream When you do your hair, you use nail clipper brush "erfume blow!dryer mirror



A %er&s of fre'uen($) a#wa$s * se!pre usua##$ * i so#i"o ne%er+ !ai of"en * spesso regu#ar#$+ spesso, so%en"e so!e"i!es * 'ua#(he %o#"a se# o! * i ra o, rara!en"e rare#$+ rara!en"e o((asiona##$+ 'ua#(he %o#"a nor!a##$ + nor!a#!en"e

"he position o$ these ad-erbs is: &. .e$ore the main -erb: A %er& of fre'uen($ I 1eter 'an a#wa$s usua##$ /erb ,et up play at 0. ! $ootball on (undays.

). 2$ter a $orm o$ to be -erb 2M3 2453 I( 6*2(3 *5457

/54. (usan is

A %er& of fre'uen($ ne%er 8ate.

"he ad-erbs of"en, usua##$, so!e"i!es an o((asiona##$ 'an ,o at the be,innin, o$ a senten'e. -o!e"i!es I ,o swimmin,. Of"en we sur$ the internet. (omtimes these ad-erbs are put at the end o$ the senten'e. *e read boo#s o((asiona##$. "he ad-erbs rare#$ an se# o! 'an ,o at the end o$ the senten'e. He eats $ish -ery seldom. 5xer'ises no. &: &. My sister ,ets up late 6always7 ). (he has a bi, brea#$ast. 6usually7 3. (he ,oes to s'hool on $oot. 6ne-er7 . (he arri-es late at s'hool. 6o$ten7 !. (he has lun'h at s'hool. 6sometimes7 0. (he does her homewor# 6ne-er7 7. (he plays tri'#s on people 6o$ten7 %. (he ,oes to bed late 6always7 9. He eats bread 6-ery seldom7 &0. I ,o out and play in the play,round. 6(ometimes7