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Achievement Charts

The achievement chart provides a way to organize the knowledge and skills students need to demonstrate into four broad categories of knowledge and skills.! All categories are important to the process of instruction, learning, assessment, and evaluation. ! Students are given multiple opportunities to demonstrate knowledge of the curriculum in variety of ways which creates a balance of all

Get Involved
Parental guidance, encouragement and support have a positive a"ect on student learning.!

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Planning and Assessment

A resource for parents and guardians.!

Here are some strategies you may wish to consider when supporting your child:! # Invite your child to share what he/she is learning and what criteria will be used to assess his/her progress;! # Encourage your child to share his/her school work with you and explain how he/ she is using teacher and peer feedback to improve and set individual learning goals;! # Take advantage of opportunities to communicate and / or meet with your childs teacher(s) to learn about your childs progress, the curriculum, and become involved in the school;! # Encourage a regular homework time with limited distractions; and! # Establish appropriate times for phone calls, and leisure time on computers and electronic games.!

The Curriculum
The curriculum is written by the Ontario Ministry of Education. It outlines the overall and specic expectations that students must achieve in each grade and subject.! Using these expectations, teachers develop units and lesson plans. While planning, teachers also incorporate other important factors into their units and lessons to support all types of learners. Some examples include:! Individual Education Plans! Student or class proles! Technology(including assistive technology)! Student interests! A variety of tasks/assignments! Di"erent learning styles!

Contact Information
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Levels of Achievement
Here is a chart that explains the four levels of achievement that are used for assessment.

Assessment Basics
Assessment is the process of gathering information that reects how well a student is learning the curriculum expectations of their grade.! The primary purpose of assessment and evaluation is to improve student learning.

Learning Skills and Work Habits

During the school year teachers will work with students and their parents/guardians to help them develop the following six learning skills and work habits:! Responsibility, Organization, Independent Work, Collaboration, Initiative, and Self-Regulation! Each learning skill and work habit is evaluated on the report cards using the following scale:! E = Excellent,! G = Good! S = Satisfactory! N= Needs Improvement! Strong learning skills and positive work habits are often an indicator of future success in school, at home, and in life in general.! Learning skills and work habits will look di"erent in individuals as they grow and mature. Teachers will work together with students to develop the criteria used to assess learning skills and work habits.!

! Types of Assessment:! ! ! ! ! ! !

Diagnostic- Helps teachers discover what students already know so they can design their curriculum according to student need. (Brainstorming, conferencing with the teacher, discussions)! Formative- Daily, ongoing assessments to help students develop and move forward with their learning.( Journals, worksheets, homework)! Summative- Demonstrates the knowledge of material students have learned in class. (Final projects or tests)! For Learning-When teachers use assessment information to adjust their instruction, select appropriate resources and provide feedback that supports learning.! As Learning-When students use assessment information to monitor their own growth, set individual goals for improvement and provide feedback to their classmates.! Of Learning-When students submit their work to be judged by their teacher against the achievement chart.!