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Hannah Coe Nutrition 301 Career Opportunity Report 1.

Culinary and Nutrition Educator- Whole Foods Market The Whole Foods Market, a grocery store chain dedicated to organic ood and en!iron"entally riendly agriculture, posted a #ant ad on Career $uilder or a ull%ti"e culinary and nutrition educator in &"ery!ille, Cali ornia '1() The "ain unction o the *o+ is to +e an educational che or the co"pany,s $-$ Wellness .rogra", and #ill +oth teach classes at co""unity e!ents and #ork #ith other health specialists) /o"e o the specialists in #hich colla+oration is re0uired are Outreach and Co""unication /pecialists and 1ccount /pecialists) The *o+ re0uires nutrition and culinary kno#ledge, as #ell as co""unication skills in order to instruct and teach healthy ood cooking and preparation techni0ues at e!ents) Hea!y e"phasis is put on culinary skill and the a+ility to cook or a large audience #hich you #ould also +e teaching cooking and nutrition techni0ues) The Whole Foods Market is an organic grocery store chain dedicated to en!iron"entally riendly and sustaina+le ar"ing and +usiness) The co"pany started in 1ustin Te2as in the 1340s, and has gro#n #ith "ore than 300 stores in +oth the 5/ and 56) Their core !alues include selling high 0uality natural and organic products, supporting local co""unities and organic ar"ers, and pro"oting healthy eating education) Though the #ant ad itsel did not speci y the +ase salary, co"parison to +oth restaurant che s and other nutrition%related educators can gi!e a good esti"ated range or possi+le annual salary) The annual salary or a ine dining restaurant che is roughly 78,000 dollars, and the annual salary or a nutrition educator is roughly 94,000 dollars)

There ore, our esti"ated range or the annual salary o a Culinary and Nutrition &ducator could +e any#here ro" 78 to 94 thousand dollars) Nutrition kno#ledge on +oth ood and cooking ood is "ore i"portant than e!er, #ith the nu"+er o o!er#eight and o+ese in the nation on the rise, and health care costs rising along #ith it) Nutrition education has +een pro!en to ha!e a positi!e correlation #ith nutrition kno#ledge, changes in dietary intake, and the "anage"ent o disease states like dia+etes in :atino populations '-() .roper education through +oth !er+al and !isual learning through special e!ents and classes that #ould +e coordinated +y this position #ould help local nutrition education and could "ake an i"pact on dietary intakes in the li!es o "any people) 2. Quality Assurance Lead Technician- Adecco Medical & cience 1decco Medical ; /cience, recruiters and net#orkers or *o+s in the "edical and science ields, are looking to hire a ull%ti"e <uality 1ssurance :ead Technician in .acoi"a, Cali ornia '3() =n this *o+, the :ead Technician is to o!ersee the 0uality assurance inspectors to "ake sure H1CC. plans and /O.s or "eat processing are +eing ollo#ed, that products +e properly tested and released into the "arket in a reasona+le ti"e ra"e #hile ensuring custo"er satis action, ensure proper aculty training and keep records or inspections) The *o+ re0uires co""unication and record%keeping skills, at least an 1ssociates >egree in nutrition or a related science, as #ell as t#o or "ore years o e2perience #ith ood or "eat processing) The pay rate or this *o+ is 1? dollars an hour, and using a salary calculator, the annual inco"e o this *o+ could +e around 38,000 to 30,000 dollars a year)

/a ety guidelines in the ood processing industry, such as H1CC., are an i"portant actor in +oth actual and percei!ed ood 0uality and sa ety) 1 study on the 1ustralian "eat industry sho#s that +usiness that used the H1CC. "odel had a reduction in custo"er co"plaints, i"pro!ed hygiene o products, increased e"ployee "orale, and "ore o!erseas clients '7() =n an en!iron"ent o uneasiness and "istrust in the sa ety o ood +et#een co"panies and consu"ers, ha!ing educated 0uality technicians to o!ersee the production o ood is no# "ore i"portant than e!er)

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