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Sara Guggisberg Writing Exercise A Elang 410R 31 January 2014

So, youre a Humanities student and you want a job.

Whether you are looking for a career or internship in the liberal arts field, or you are looking for a future in something more like business, education, government, etc., the road ahead can be an intimidating one, especially for a student in the College of Humanities.

Comment [JL1]: I like the headings. You may want to keep them a little more uniform in grammatical structure to maintain consistency.

How can we help?

Brigham Young University offers its students tools to help them succeed in their future and career goals. One of these tools is eRecruiting, a network that provides students with countless ways to connect with potential employers, information on current job markets, and tools for finding the right job. Current BYU students can access eRecruiting by using theiris available to current BYU students and is accessed with a BYU Net ID and password. If you dont have an account with eRecruiting yet, follow this simple tutorial to create one and get started on your future today.
Comment [JL2]: This sentence has good information, but you might consider restructuring so its a little easier to read. Think about grammatical parallelism in lists. Comment [JL3]: In this paragraph you alternate between use of you and the generic BYU students. Try to be consistent. You could even say, BYU offers students like you tools to succeed. If youre a current BYU student, you can access eRecruiting Just some examples

Get started.
Open up your favorite web browser and go to, which will take you to the. This is the University Career Services website. Because Career Services has a lot to offer, wWe are going to spend the next couple steps on this website rather thanbefore proceeding directly to eRecruiting. because Career Services has a lot to offer.
Comment [JL4]: No www. It brings up an error page.

Explore the website.

First, get familiar with the Career Services website and what resources it can provide you.

Scroll through the six rotating banners at the top of the websitethese are features that Career Services has chosen to highlight. Among them, youll notice information many helpful items including how to build about building a rsum and, how to make yourself stand out to potential employers, and many other helpful items. .

Get specific.
Now tailor the Career Services website to fit your needs and get you closer to accessing eRecruiting. Locate the toolbar across the top of the webpage and hover your mouse over the Colleges & Schools tab. Click on Humanities, the sixth item down. This will take you to the College of Humanities page of the Career Services website. This page will have, with even more tools and resources that are specific to your needs as a student in the College of Humanities. Take a minute to notice explore a few of these tools and resources, including such as the Common Career Paths for Humanities Students & Alumni link on the right-hand side of the page. You can also scroll down and read, and the section in the middle of the page titled What is Research Saying About the Ideal Job Candidate and Liberal Arts Graduates?

Now that youve spent some time getting familiar with what Career Services has to offer you, you can move on to eRecruiting. At the bottom section of this College of Humanities webpage under the subheading Humanities+ Experience Resources, find and follow the link titled Internship, Job & Other Resume-building Resources. This will open up a new tab on your browser. This page has been tailored Now you are on the Internship, Job & Other Resumebuilding Resources page that is specifically for Humanities students. Under the subheading Job Resources, click on the fourth link down called eRecruiting., which This will open another new tab where you can complete your eRecruiting profile. As the top of this new webpage explains, eRecruiting is a network that houses career and internship opportunities for students.
Comment [JL5]: It might be good to mention that here is where students will need to log in with their net ID and password.

Complete your profile.

Follow the instructions and work your way down the page, filling in your personal information, academic information, and career preferences as instructed. Note: When selecting your Major/Concentration, you are welcome to select more than one option at a time by holding down the control button (For PC) while you click. Once you have completed everything all the required fields and have reached the bottom of
Comment [JL6]: I would either make this a normal bullet by taking out Note, or doing something to differentiate that this is a special note instead of just another bullet.

the page, check the box next to Yes I accept the Terms of Service. Click the Next box found just below. This will take you to the second and final page of the profile. Fill in your information on this final page as instructed. When you are finished, click the green submit button at the bottom of the page to finalize your eRecruiting profile. The next page will allow you connect your eRecruiting profile with your LinkedIn account. You are welcome to follow this helpful suggestion, but for the purposes of this tutorial, the next step is to click on Skip this step and continue.

All done!
Congratulations, you now have a profile on eRecruiting, and through itwhich will give you, access to more resources than ever before! Look around the page youre on now. Here to explore how you can search and apply for jobs and internship in the network, search average salaries for jobs that interest you, and even upload rsums and cover letters. When youre finished, click on Sign Out at the top right-hand corner of the page. You can get back to your eRecruiting profile anytime by going to and logging in with your BYU Net ID and password. Thanks for joining us, and enjoy the road to your future!
Comment [JL7]: Im not sure if its just Word or what, but the link didnt open automatically. It did when I typed in the address though. You can probably take out the www.