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Might-TEA Protein Infused Green Tea Beverage Nutrition 405, Kelly Lane December 12, 2013 Hannah Coe

e Maari Vicker !iancarlo "ica ata

Product Description and Use Mi#ht$%&' i a health (or)ar* com+any that i create* o(( o( Nutrition tu*ent Hannah Coe, +a ion (or bre)in# tea- Current tu*ie ho) that tea i the mo t )i*ely con ume* be.era#e in the )orl* ne/t to )ater, an* can be (oun* in almo t 001 o( all 2-3- hou ehol* 415- %o incor+orate thi +o+ular be.era#e into a +ro*uct, Hannah +aire* u+ )ith tu*ent !iancalo "ica ata an* Maari Vicker to *e.elo+ a marketable +ro*uct #reen tea an* )hey +rotein- 6u in# the com+onent o( antio/i*ant an* +rotein into a ta ty *rink i a ne) conce+t that ha not yet been *e.elo+e* in the be.era#e market%he +ro*uct )e are creatin# combine the be.era#e #reen tea )ith a )hey i olate- 7t +ractical u e in.ol.e con umer the choice to recei.e bene(it o( #reen tea an* )hey in a in#le *rink a a 8uick nutrient ource an* at a lo) co t- 9ur enhance* .er ion o( #reen tea )ill be a.ailable in the be.era#e ai le o( .ariou u+ermarket %he be.era#e )ill ha.e the combine* health bene(it o( #reen tea an* )hey +rotein!reen tea ha many health u e , inclu*in# the +re.ention o( ome cancer an* car*io.a cular *i ea e, *ecrea e in hy+erten ion, antibacterial an* anti.iral +ro+ertie , increa e* oral an* bone health, an* many other health bene(it 425- :hey +rotein al o ha many health u e , uch a antio/i*ant u e , antihy+erten i.e antibacterial, anti.iral an* antitumor +ro+ertie an* ha been u e* (or thera+eutic +ur+o e in uch *i ea e tate a cancer , H7V, car*io.a cular *i ea e, o teo+oro i , an* more 435- %he bene(it o( #reen tea an* )hey +rotein o.erla+ in many a +ect , o in combinin# the t)o, our ne) +ro*uct )ill aim to enhance the health bene(it o( both9ur #oal (or the Mi#ht$%&' be.era#e i to be com+arable to bottle* un )eetene* #reen tea- Ho), Mi#ht$%&' take the tra*itional #reen tea to the ne/t le.el by bein# in(u e* )ith )hey +rotein- %hi )ill make our +ro*uct be a (orerunner in the health be.era#e *emo#ra+hicProduct Formu ation and Ingredients !reen tea contain many im+ortant yet ubtle chemical that are kno)n to +re.ent certain cancer , *i ea e , increa e immune (unction, an* hel+ +eo+le lo e )ei#ht- %he lea(, com+onent ha.e hi#h concentration o( &C!C, )hich are re +on ible (or the bene(it a ociate* in *rinkin# tea- 3+eci(ically, &C!C in #reen tea i a +o)er(ul me*icine that (i#ht a#ain t 3e+ i - 3e+ i i an abnormal immune y tem re +on e to bacterial in(ection- 3cienti t )orl*)i*e ha.e been tum+e* by 3e+ i - Haichao :an#, ;hD, o( the 6ein tein 7n titute (or Me*ical "e earch in 200< )orke* )ith the &C!C (rom #reen tea on +atient )ith 3e+ i - "e ult o( the tu*y ho)e* that =um+e* (rom 53 +ercent )ho *i* not recei.e the #reen tea to 02 +ercent in tho e )ho *i* 445- "e ult (rom thi +eci(ic tu*y back u+ our team, +eci(ic +a ion (or creatin# a #reen tea be.era#e )ith the hi#hli#hte* (eature o( the +rotein:hey i a 8uick con.enient )ay to obtain e ential amino aci* uch a hi ti*ine,

i oleucine, leucine, ly ine, methionine, +henylalanine, threonine, try+to+han, an* .aline:ith a .ery lo) calorie >5kcal +er it i an a++ro+riate *rink to meet the "D' (or many in*i.i*ual 455- Ma/imi?in# the abo.e tate* bene(it o( #reen tea )ith )hey i a bene(icial conce+t (or in*i.i*ual )ho are eekin# all the nutrient o( #reen tea )ith a bonu o( +rotein:ith the combination o( the e t)o *rink con umer may #ain both +ayo(( each o( the e be.era#e o((er in*i.i*ually- 2 ually, lar#e amount o( #reen tea mu t be con ume* in or*er to obtain the bene(it , about <$10 cu+ 455- Lar#e 8uantitie o( (lui* kee+ the con umer (ull an* may not eat enou#h calorie throu#hout the *ay- @y a**in# a +rotein +o)*er into #reen tea )e can u++ly it to tho e )ho nee* e/tra e ential amino aci* in their *iet7*eally our *e ire* outcome i that Mi#ht$%&' )ill be a tan*ar*i?e*, uni(orm, *e.elo+e* +ro*uct that )ill #ain the intere t o( #reen$tea con umer an* other in*i.i*ual lookin# (or a ne) e/citin# be.era#e )ith hi#hli#hte* health com+onent - %he +ro*uct )ill become tan*ar*i?e* an* *e.elo+e* )ith rele.ant te t an* +ro*uct +er(ormance metho* Mi#ht$%&' create* the #reen tea +rotein in(u e* be.era#e u in# 3 in#re*ient - %he e in#re*ient inclu*eA %ra*itional loo e$lea( #reen tea, Bay "obb Vanilla :hey +rotein ;o)*er, an* )heat$#ra +o)*er- "e(er to '++en*i/ ' (or com+lete +ro*uct reci+e%he thir* in#re*ient, )heat$#ra +o)*er, )a a**e* (or .i ual +ur+o e only:hen makin# the Mi#ht$%&' +ro*uct Hannah ma*e the e/ecuti.e *eci ion to a** mall amount o( :heat$#ra +o)*er to #i.e our +ro*uct a tron#, +lea in# to the eye, #reen color o co tumer )oul* be .i ually *ra)n to our +ro*uct on the hel.e - 7t houl* al o be note* that althou#h )heat #ra i not one o( our ellin# +oint , a**in# the #ra +o)*er )a al o a key (actor in makin# the en ory te t .ali* ba e* on the a++earance"e(er to '++en*i/ ' (or in#re*ient an* +re+aration %he creator o( Mi#ht$%&' *eci*e* to make their +ro*uct u in# the Bay "obb Vanilla :hey +rotein +o)*er *ue to many contributin# (actor that )oul* hei#hten cu tomer intere t- %he e inclu*eA 1001 r@!H$6ree )hey +rotein 7 olate a the +rotein ource (rom #ra (e* co) , 25 #ram o( +rotein +er, Lacto e$6ree, Non$!M9 4ma*e )ith lecithin (rom Non$!M9 un(lo)er ee* 5, !luten$(ree in#re*ient )ith no (at, no chole terol, no u#ar, no a +artame, an* no arti(icial color , (la.or or )eetener %here i al o no ca ein, no M3! an* i ma*e )ith 3te.ia 4>5- 'll o( the e (actor ma*e choo in# the Bay "obb Vanilla )hey +o)*er a clear$cut in#re*ient in our +ro*uct *e.elo+ment%he Mi#ht$%&' +ro*uct )a (inali?e* by u in# (our *i((erent te t - %o te t our +ro*uct a control +ro*uct, tan*ar* #reen tea, )a u e* to be com+are* our +ro*uct (or each te t%he (our te t )ereA 3en oryC Con umer te tin#, +H com+ari on, 1 +rotein com+ari on,

an* Nutrient 'naly i - '(ter te t )ere com+lete*, the re ult an* conclu ion o( Mi#ht$ %&', +ro*uct ability )ere ma*e u in# *e cri+ti.e tati tic an* a**itional in*u try kno)le*#eProduct Performance +H %e t Methods %he Meri*ian +H Meter )a calibrate* u in# +eci(ic bu((er be(ore the te t on the +ro*uct took +lace- ' 100ml +ortion o( the Mi#ht$%&' +ro*uct )a +oure* into a beaker%he electro*e )a remo.e* (rom it +rotecti.e bottle an* rin e* o((, then immer e* in the +ro*uct an* tirre* #ently- 9nce the +H .alue )a reache* the .alue )a recor*e*, the +ro*uct am+le )a *i car*e* an* the electro*e )a rin e* o((- %hi +roce )a re+eate* t)o more time - %he ame metho* )ere re+eate* (or the control #reen tea am+leResults %he re ult o( the +H te t ho) that the a.era#e +H o( the Mi#ht$%&' +ro*uct i >->0, a -44 *i((erence bet)een the control , )hich a.era#e* at a +H o( >-24- :ith a +$.alue belo) 0-01, )e can be ure that our re ult are i#ni(icant- 3ee (i#ure 1 (or +H o( +ro*uct com+are* to +H o( control6i#ure 1A +H o( ;ro*uct com+are* to +H o( Control

+$.alueA F -004 +H o( ;ro*uct MeanA >->0 +H o( !reen %ea MeanA >-24 :ith a +H o( >->0, our +ro*uct aci*ity i near neutral, a mere -32 a)ay (rom the neutral +H o( <-0 o( *i tille* )ater- @ecau e o( thi , certain +recaution )ill nee* to be taken )hen +acka#in# an* ellin# our +ro*uct to +re.ent microbial #ro)th- "e(er to '++en*i/ @ (or +H laboratory te t re ult ;rotein %e t Methods %he "a+i* N 777 Nitro#en 'naly?er )a allo)e* to heat u+ to a tem+erature o( D>0E6, mean)hile 0-5# o( the +ro*uct )a +lace* into a ca+ ule an* air eale*- :hen the analy?er )a rea*y, the machine )a et to run the analy i on the am+le- %he ame +roce )a re+eate* three time , an* then re+eate* u in# 4 am+le o( the control #reen tea- %he re ult are ba e* on u in# a >-25 nitro#en (actorResults ;rotein +ercent o( a 500m# am+le- %he re ult o( the nitro#en analy?er ho) that the a.era#e +ercent o( +rotein in our +ro*uct i 2-3<1, )hich i -401 more than the #reen tea control, )hich a.era#e* at 1-0D1- :ith a +$.alue belo) 0-01, )e can be ure that the re ult o( our te tin# are i#ni(icant- 3ee (i#ure 2 (or +rotein +ercent6i#ure 2A ;ercent o( ;rotein in 500m# o( ;ro*uct com+are* to control-

+$.alueA -001>>5 2 in# a (actor o( >-25, li8ui* am+le ;rotein o( !reen %ea MeanA 1-0D01<51 ;rotein o( ;ro*uct MeanA 2-3<0D<51 5

%hi *ata +ro.e that Mi#ht$%&' *oe in*ee* ha.e more +rotein than re#ular tea, an* a uch can be markete* a a +rotein$in(u e* tea- 'n* a ho)n in a later table, our +ro*uct ha 201 o( the *aily recommen*ation (or +rotein on a 2000 kcal *iet, o our +ro*uct can u e the 6D' nutrient claim GHi#h in +rotein-H4<5 "e(er to '++en*i/ @ (or ;rotein ;ercent laboratory re ult Mar!et Potentia 9ne o( the rea on )hy Mi#ht$%&' )ill be o +ro(itable a a ne) +ro*uct i )hen com+arin# it to tra*itional bottle* #reen tea +ro*uct in tore it ha a lot more 8ualitie to o((er cu tomer - %here i no other #reen tea +ro*uct alrea*y on the hel.e that com+are to the Mi#ht$%&' +ro*uct- Not only ha the +ro*uct been +acka#e* in a bottle that ha an eye catchin# label, it al o ha been *e.elo+e* into a calm #reen color li8ui*%hi +eci(ic color )ill *ra) in con umer )ho are lookin# (or a health *rink an* are al o intri#ue* by the color o( the +ro*uct- 7t i Mi#ht$%&', #oal to ha.e a +ro(it o( I1-50 +er bottle- %hi .alue i ba e* o(( our +ro=ecte* #oal o( creatin# the be.era#e at a +rice o( I1-50 +er bottle an* turnin# aroun* to ell the +ro*uct (or I3-00- 'ccor*in# to @e.era#e 7n*u try Ma#a?ine +ro*uct +acka#in# an* +ro*uct .i ual are the mo t im+ortant com+onent to the ucce o( a ne) be.era#e 405"ensor#$ %onsumer Test %hrou#h con*uctin# en ory e.aluation, kno)le*#e )oul* be #aine* to )hether or not our ne) +ro*uct )oul* be a ucce (ul ba e* on cu tomer (ee*back- ' en ory e.aluation (or both the +ro*uct an* control )a con*ucte* by team member Maari Vicker on the e.enin# o( Mon*ay No.ember 25, 2013 in a ;ri.ate Dinnin# "oom o( %rue 6oo* Kitchen, at 6a hion Valley Mall, in 3an Die#o- 20 +aneli t )ere #reete* u+on enterin# the +ri.ate room an* a ke* i( they )oul* be )illin# to +artici+ate in a (oo* en ory e.aluation- %ho e )ho a#ree* )ere *irecte* to a eat )ith a en ory e.aluation 8ue tionnaire an* a mall cu+ o( )ater- 9nce all +artici+ant )ere eate*, *irection )ere announce* by Maari- ;artici+ant )ere a ke* to remain ilent- 3am+le 1a 4;ro*uct5 )a then *i tribute* labele* 1a in a +la tic 4o?- am+le cu+ an* 2b 4Control5 )a *i tribute* labele* 2b in a +la tic 4o?- cu+ a )ell- 9nce all +artici+ant com+lete* the 8ue tionnaire they )ere a ke* (li+ the +acket an* look u+ to in*icate bein# (ini he*- 9nce all +artici+ant )ere *one, en ory e.aluation then conclu*e*- "e ult o( the en ory e.aluation )ere analy?e* u in# &/cel +rea* heet;lea e ee '++en*i/ C (or a am+le en ory 8ue tionnaire-

Sensory Evaluation Results ' mentione* abo.e the 3en ory &.aluation te t )a con*ucte* at %rue 6oo* Kitchen in a +ri.ate *inin# room- 9( the 20 +artici+ant the a.era#e a#e o( the e +artici+ant )a 2>-3 year )ith 0 male an* 12 (emale in*i.i*ual - "e(er to '++en*i/ D (or en ory e.aluation re ult - 'll o( the +artici+ant )ere em+loyee at %rue 6oo* Kitchen, )ho all li.e an* +romote healthy li(e tyle - %he (i t t)o 8ue tion o( the en ory e.aluation )ere a en ory he*onic cale te t, com+arin# 1a 4;ro*uct5 to 2b 4Control5- @a e* on thi he*onic cale, our re ult (rom the 20 +artici+ant ho) that 3am+le 1a 4;ro*uct5 i +re(erre* to the am+le 2b 4Control5- %hi can be conclu*e* by a**in# u+ each +oint an* calculatin# a um (or each be.era#e- "e ult are >< +oint (or 1a an* >3 +oint (or 2b- "e(er to 6i#ure 3 to .ie) re ult o( thi in a #ra+h6i#ure 3A Com+ari on o( Likeability com+arin# control )ith +ro*uct, u in# the 3en ory He*onic 3cale-

6rom here tati tical analy i )a u e*- ' t)o$taile* t$te t )a com+ri e* to (in* a ;$ .alue- ' ;$.alue *etermine* i( the +ro*uct Mi#ht$%&' ha a i#ni(icant com+ari on to the control ba e* o(( the en ory he*onic te t- ' +$.alue o( 0-05 or 51 )oul* that our re ult are i#ni(icant to our tu*y an* +ro*uct *e.elo+ment3tati tic (or thi +eci(ic te t )ere run in e/cel an* re ulte* in a ;$.alue o( 0-051002%hi .alue bein# clo e to -05, it can be conclu*e* that =u t (rom the en ory he*onic cale that the +ro*uct Mi#ht$%&' can =u t barley be con i*ere* i#ni(icantly *i((erent in re ult (rom the control mi/ture- %he e re ult coul* become more .ali* i( )e ha* 7

cho en to )ork )ith a lar#er am+le i?e- %hat )ill be an intere tin# com+onent to look into to better our +ro*uct (urther *o)n the line o( +ro*uction%he ne/t +ortion o( the con umer te t )a the en ory e.aluation- 9( the 20 +artici+ant in the en ory e.aluation 201 *rink #reen tea, >01 *rink #reen tea once a *ay, an* 201 *rink it more than once a *ay- ;artici+ant )ere a ke* i( they take a )hey u++lement, an* i( o, )hat kin*J "e ult )ereA >51 an )ere* )hey +o)*er, 151 an )ere* +rotein bar, an* 201 an )ere* other- %hi in*icate* that mo t o( the +artici+ant are currently u in# )hey +rotein or are currently incor+oratin# ome +rotein u++lement in to their *iet- :hen +artici+ant )ere a ke* )hen they )oul* *rink +ro*uct 1a, 351 an )ere* break(a t, 151 an )ere* lunch, 201 an )ere* nack, 101 an )ere* *inner, an* 201 ai* a(ter )orkout - %he e re ult ho) that Mi#ht$%&' i a a*a+table be.era#e that can be con ume* at any time o( the *ay- ;artici+ant )ere a ke* the ame 8ue tion about 1b- "e ult areA 201 an )ere* break(a t, 351 an )ere* lunch, 151 an )ere* nack, 251 an )ere* *inner, an* 51 an )ere* a(ter )orkout - "e(er to (i#ure 4 (or re ult .ie)e* in a #ra+h6i#ure 4A Com+ari on o( )hat time o( *ay +artici+ant )oul* +re(er to *rink 1a com+are* to 2b-

%hi in(ormation i bene(icial (or the ucce o( our enhance* #reen tea +ro*uct a it *emon trate )hen the +eak ellin# time )oul* be (or our +ro*uct- %hi )ill al o be an im+ortant tu*y to re(er back to (urther *o)n the line )hen marketin# trate#ie nee* to be ma*e'nother (actor on +eci(ic ellin# +oint o( our +ro*uct i )hat tem+erature con umer

)oul* +re(er to *rink the Mi#ht$%&' at- 9n the en ory e.aluation the la t 8ue tion a ke* )ere on ho) you )oul* *rink +ro*uct 1a an* ho) you )oul* *rink 2b- "e ult )ere a (ollo)e*A >51 ai* they )oul* *rink 1a chille* an* only 351 ai* they )oul* *rink 2b chille*- 51 o( the +artici+ant ai* they )oul* *rink 1a )arm an* 101 ai* they )oul* *rink )arm- La tly, 301 o( +artici+ant ai* they )oul* *rink 1a hot, com+are* to 2b )hich )a 551 )oul* *rink it hot- "e(er to 6i#ure 5 (or re ult .ie)e* in a #ra+h6i#ure 5A ;re(erre* %em+erature to *rink 1a 4+ro*uct5 in com+ari on to 2b 4control5

"e ult o( the +aire* com+ari on o( the +re(erre* tem+erature )ere e/+ecte*- 9ur team ha )orke* har* on makin# a mi/ture o( in#re*ient that not only ha a ati (yin# ta te but al o +lea ant to *rink chille* to 8uench thir t "he f &ife Estimated Lab te t ho) that our Mi#ht$%&' +rotein enhance* #reen tea +ro*uct ha an a.era#e +H o( >->0, makin# it 0-32 le than the neutral +H o( <-00, meanin# our +ro*uct i a++ro/imately neutral on the aci*$ba e cale- %he a.era#e tea be.era#e i at a +H o( 4-0$4-5, but becau e o( the +re ence o( )hey +rotein, the aci*ity o( our +ro*uct )a re*uce*- %o com+en ate, our +ro*uct )ill be tore*, hi++e* an* ol* in a col* re(ri#erate* (orm to +re.ent microbial #ro)th- @ein# a li8ui* +ro*uct, )ater acti.ity )ill be .irtually 1-0- 3ince mo t bacteria can #ro) in an a o( -D1 or abo.e, thi )ill a((ect both hel( li(e an* +acka#in#'nother tea +ro*ucer, 'riKona tea, ha a hel( li(e o( 2 year (or their uno+ene* canne* tea +ro*uct , an* 10 month (or their +la tic bottle* +ro*uct 4D5- 'lthou#h our +ro*uct ha it o)n et o( challen#e *i((erent (rom the 'riKona tea bran*, thi hel( li(e )ill be u e* a a tartin# +oint (or (urther *e.elo+ment o( a +ro+er hel( li(e (or our o)n 9

+ro*uct- 7n a**ition, certain com+onent in #reen tea calle* #reen tea cateachin 4!%C5 become *e#ra*e* in the bre)in# +roce an* *e#ra*e (urther time, e +ecially )hen not in aci*ic en.ironment 4105- %hi )ill be another (actor to take into con i*eration )hen makin# a +ro+er hel( li(e (or our +ro*uct@a e* on the +ro*uct, +H an* )ater acti.ity, an* the hel( li(e o( imilar +ro*uct , our be t e timate on an a++ro+riate hel( li(e (or the Mi#ht$%&' +rotein tea )oul* be ome)here in the con er.ati.e ran#e o( >$12 month in an acce+tably re(ri#erate* an* +acka#e* tate, an* a(ter +urcha e houl* be con ume* bet)een 1$2 *ay i( le(t at room tem+erature, <$10 *ay i re(ri#erate*'egu ator# "tipu ations 'ccor*in# to a tu*y +ubli he* in the '9'C Bournal in 2011, #reen tea i *e(ine* a each o( it in*i.i*ual chemical con tituent intact- %he (our +rimary +oly+henol are e+i#allocatechin #allate 4&C!C5, e+i#allocatechin, e+icatechin #allate, e+icatechin- %he amount o( each in#re*ient i n,t +eci(ie*- 3ur+ri in#ly, mo t u++lemental (orm o( #reen tea a ca+ ule an* li8ui* ha.e a i#ni(icant amount o( con tituent *e#ra*e* or o/i*i?e* 4115Chemi t are able to com+are the chemical con tituent o( the am+le u in# an analytical techni8ue calle* LH;LCCM3-L %hi techni8ue can e+arate one chemical con tituent (rom another in a com+le/ matri/- %he techni8ue al o ha the ability to i*enti(y an* 8uanti(y chemical con tituent accurately- 'n* becau e )e )ill be u in# (re hly bre)e* #reen tea (or our +ro*uct there houl* be no +roblem in re#ulatory con*ition 4125:heat#ra i youn# )heat, )hich i +route* an* #ro)n (or about <$10 *ay 'ccor*in# to the nutrient analy i there houl* be Vitamin C, ', %race mineral , e ential amino aci* , chloro+hyll an* #luco e +re ent- ' (or )heat #ra +ro*uct , they mu t be certi(ie* or#anic by the 23D' National 9r#anic ;ro#ram be(ore bein# ol*- 6or our +ro*uct )e +urcha e* )heat #ra (rom a certi(ie* +ro*ucer at 3+rout marketProduct %ost %he creator o( Mi#ht$%&' ha.e a #oal to create a #reen tea *rink that ha other marketable attribute uch a the a**e* +rotein- Currently mo t #reen tea *rink are bein# ol* at a ran#e o( I2 to I4 at any u++er market- Ho) the e bottle* *rink *o not +ro.i*e cu tomer )ith any a**e* (eature like Mi#ht$%&' )ill *o%hi bein# ai*, it i in our be t intere t to ell our +ro*uct at an 2001 in(lation to the co t o( makin# it- 9ur #oal i (or manu(acture co t to be le than I1-50 +er bottle an* to ell (or I3 +er bottle- %hi #oal )a not met a each bottle co t I1-5D to +ro*uceHo) it houl* be note* that the )hey +rotein that the creator o( Mi#ht$%&' u e* )a on the hi#h$en* o( +rotein co t - ' +ro*uction an* ale become more con i tent the Mi#ht$%&' bran* )ill be lookin# to create their o)n )hey u++lement to be u e* to


cut co t an* allo) (or hi#her +ro(it - "e(er to '++en*i/ & (or ;ro*uct 'naly i Pac!age "uggestions ' )ith many rea*y$to$*rink tea an* be.era#e , Mi#ht$%&' )ill be +acka#e* in an 0 o? +la tic be.era#e container an* tore* in the re(ri#erate* be.era#e ection o( tore %he rea onin# behin* thi i *ue to a (e) (actor - 9ne, the +H o( Mi#ht$%ea i near neutral an* u ce+tible to microbial #ro)th, o re(ri#eration )ill be nece ary- %)o, +la tic container are a common+lace +acka#in# (or be.era#e , an* are both chea+ to manu(acture an* recyclable- 'n* three, )e )ill u e an 0 o? container *ue to our nutrition labelin#, )hich )ill be e/+lore* in #reater *e+th(utrition &a)e %he creation o( nutrient (act +anel inten*e* (or our ne) +ro*uct )ill be tan*ar*i?e* (or an ei#ht ounce i?e- Nutritional analy i o( 1 tea +oon )heat #ra (or color an* .i ual a++eal, M coo+ o( )hey an* 1 +acket o( #reen tea )ere obtaine* (rom their re +ecti.e label an* a**e* u+- 6or rea urance a++ro/imate .alue o( nutrient content o( each in#re*ient )a checke* on nutrition*ata- el(-com 41359ur enhance* #reen tea +ro*uct ha a lo) caloric .alue o( >5kcal +er 0 ounce an* * 12-5 #ram o( +rotein, 251 o( .itamin ', 300m# o( +ota ium an* 15m# o( chloro+hyll- @ecau e the +ro*uct no) contain i#ni(icant amount o( +rotein a label can be *e i#ne* that claim boo te* +rotein content- 'l o, to increa e cu tomer kno)le*#e o( )heat #ra an* #reen tea, an e*ucational tri+ can in*icate the health bene(it )ill be incor+orate* into the bottle labelin#- "e(er to '++en*i/ 6 (or Nutrition label-


'eferences 1- %ea ' ociation o( the 23'- Tea fact sheet- 2013. 2013- '.ailable atA htt+ACC)))-teau a-comC14>55Ctea$(act$ heet 'cce e* onA December 10, 20132- Cabrera C, 'rtacho ", !imNne? "- %he bene(icial e((ect o( #reen tea$ a J Am oll !utr. 200>O 25425A<D$DD 3- Mar hall K- %hera+eutic a++lication o( )hey +rotein- Altern Med Rev. 2004O D425A13>$15> 4- 3cience Daily- E " in #reen tea is $o%erful medicine a#ainst severe se$sis& la' study su##ests. 200<- '.ailable atA htt+ACC)))- cience*aily-comCrelea e C200<C11C0<1100115>00-htm 'cce e* onA December 12, 20135- Me*ical Nutrition %o*ay- (hat is %hey $rotein) (hat are the 'enefits of %hey $rotein) 2013- '.ailable atA htt+ACC)))-me*icalne) to*ay-comCarticle C2>33<1-+h+ 'cce e* onA December 10, 2013>- "ay Bob &nter+ri e 7nc- *anilla (hey +solate 12 o, 'a#. 2013- '.ailable atA htt+ACC)))-=ayrobb-comC+roteinC)hey$+rotein$.anilla$12$o?$ba#-a + 'cce e* onA December 12, 2013<- 6a8 -or#- -ealth claims. 2013- '.ailable atA htt+ACC)))-(a8 -or#CnutritionC6oo$ HeaCHealth$Claim -html 'cce e* onA December 12, 20130- @e.era#e 7n*u try- 2013- '.ailable atA htt+ACC)))*u try-comC 'cce e* onA December 12, 2013D- 'riKona @e.era#e Co- .A/s. '.ailable atA htt+ACC)))-*rinkari?ona-comCin*e/Pnational-htmlQ ubna.P(a8 'cce e* onA December 12, 201310- Chen KR, Khu SR, % an# D, Huan# R- De#ra*ation o( #reen tea catechin in tea *rink - J. A#ric. .ood hem. 2001 4D415A4<<$402 11- 23D'- Analy,in# #reen tea leaves and su$$lements. 2012- '.ailable atA htt+ACC)))-ar -u *a-#o.Ci C+rC2012C12042<-htm 'cce e* onA December 12, 201312- Nutra 7n#re*ient $u a-com- 0S1A analysis 2uestions #reen tea su$$lements as alternatives to tea leaves. 2011- '.ailable atA htt+ACC)))-nutrain#re*ient $ u a-comC"e earchC23D'$analy i $8ue tion $#reen$tea$ u++lement $a $ alternati.e $to$tea$lea.e 'cce e* onA December 12, 201313- 3&L6 Nutrition Data- 2013- '.ailable atA htt+ACCnutrition*ata- el(-comC 'cce e* onA December 12, 2013-


Appendi* Appendi* AA "eci+e (or Mi#ht$%&' "eci+eA 1 tea +oon$ No) 6oo*A :heat#ra +o)*er M 3coo+ 415#5$ Bay "obb Vanilla :hey ;rotein +o)*er 1$ ;acket !reen %ea Direction A 12345><0 o? o( boilin# )ater '** 1 tea +oon o( )heat#ra an* #reen tea +acket 3tir mi/ture until boilin# 9nce cool, lo)ly an* M coo+ 415#5 o( Vanilla :hey ;rotein, until (ully *i "emo.e #reen tea +acket Chill "e(ri#erate



Appendi* BA Laboratory %e t re ult o( Mi#ht$%&' "e ult o( 1 ;roteinA +ro*uct com+are* to control, u in# the "a+i* N 777 analy?er500 m# am+le ;rotein (actor o( >-25# "amp e + / Protein of Product / Protein of %ontro P-0a ue 2-23441 1-0D311 "amp e , 2-3<<>1 1-D0101 "amp e 2-51221 1-0D><1 "amp e . 2-51221 1-0>DD1 Mean / 2-3<0D<51 1-0D01<51 122+334

"e ult o( +H 'naly?erA ;ro*uct com+are* to control, u in# the Meri*ian +H meter"amp e + p5 of Product p5 of %ontro P-va ue >->3 >-20 "amp e , >->D >-31 "amp e >-<2 >-22 Mean >->0 >-24 6122.


Appendi* %A 3en ory &.aluation %e t o( Mi#ht$%&' Affective "ensor# Test 6ill in the *emo#ra+hic belo)'#eA !en*erA Circle one o( the 6ollo)in#A 3am+le 1a

3am+le 2b

+1 Ho) o(ten *o you *rink !reen %eaJ

9nce a *ay

%)ice a Day More than %)ice a Day

,1 Do you take a :hey 3u++lementJ 7( o, )hat kin*J

:hey ;o)*er





-1 :hen )oul* you *rink +ro*uct 1aJ

@reak(a t




'(ter :orkout

.1 :hen )oul* you *rink +ro*uct 2bJ


@reak(a t




'(ter :orkout

41 Do you like ;ro*uct 1aJ Re No

31 Do you like ;ro*uct 2bJ Re No

7- Ho) )oul* you *rink +ro*uct 1aJ Chille* :arm Hot

8- Ho) )oul* you *rink +ro*uct 2bJ Chille* :arm Hot


Appendi* DA "e ult o( 3en ory &.aluation o( Mi#ht$%&' '#eA 21, 22, 2<, 41, 32, 35, 1D, 22, 24, 2<, 2>, 20, 23, 25, 40, 30, 20, 32, 32, 2< Mean Age9 ,31!en*erA +, fema e 8 Ma e +a9 Product ,)9 Green Tea :contro ; Circle one o( the 6ollo)in#A 3am+le 1a

49 . peop e .9 7 peop e -9 - peop e ,9 . Peop e +9 , Peop e 3am+le 2b

49 4 peop e .9 - peop e -9 4 peop e ,9 . peop e +9 - peop e 1- Ho) o(ten *o you *rink !reen %eaJ 9nce a *ay (ever9 . <nce a da#9 +, T=ice a da#9 More than t=ice a da#9 + %)ice a Day More than %)ice a Day

2- Do you take a :hey 3u++lementJ 7( o, )hat kin*J :hey ;o)*er >he# Po=der9 +Protein )ar9 ;rotein bar 9ther PPPPPPPPPPPPPP


<ther9 . 3- :hen )oul* you *rink +ro*uct 1aJ @reak(a t Lunch Brea!fast9 7 &unch9 "nac!9 . Dinner9 , After >or!outs9 . 3nack Dinner '(ter :orkout

4- :hen )oul* you *rink +ro*uct 2bJ @reak(a t Lunch Brea!fast9 . &unch9 7 "nac!9 Dinner9 4 After >or!outs9 + 41 Do you like ;ro*uct 1aJ Re No ?es9 +(o9 7 41 Do you like ;ro*uct 2bJ Re No ?es9 +4 (o9 4 3nack Dinner '(ter :orkout

31 Ho) )oul* you *rink +ro*uct 1aJ Chille* %hi ed9 +>arm9 + 5ot9 3 71 Ho) )oul* you *rink +ro*uct 2bJ Chille* %hi ed9 7 >arm9 , 5ot9 ++ :arm Hot :arm Hot


Appendi* EA Co t 'naly i o( Mi#ht$%&'

I1-5D to +ro*uce Mi#ht$%&' I3-00 to ell Mi#ht$%&' I1-41 +ro(it to ell Mi#ht$%&'


Appendi* FA Nutrition 'naly i (or Mi#ht$%&'