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The US and the Nato organisation are planning to go to war against Russia and Mr Putin in order to get rid

of a big obstacle to western domination of the globe. In other words, they are eager for !. "uge unrests are gathering pace in eastern U#raine but nobody is eager to defuse the situation. The US, Nato and the fascists are only interested in thumping their chests and showing that they ha$e the bigger balls and the larger dic#s. %s far as the US is concerned, it has the training, the combat e&perience, and the mechanics 'e(uipment) to fight and win ! e$en if the war occurs on two separate fronts. *&tra warplanes are being sent to Russia+s borders and warships are now heading towards southern Russia in the ,lac# Sea, and US troops could be flying to -ie$ if the situation in eastern U#raine deteriorates rapidly. % bloodbath is now waiting to happen there. The west wants war and the US is determined to cut down or ta#e down Russia e$en if the people of *urope ha$e to be as#ed to pay the ultimate price. If ! brea#s out in *urope o$er U#raine, the US ./01 will ha$e to battle the Su#hoi. hich will be the better fighter. The contest will be a tight struggle but Su#hoi+s 2et will e$entually establish supremacy.