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MACH3 CNC Electronic Hand wheel For ModsMach3 Only


Figure 1

Hand wheel Key Features, on shown in Fig.1

Initial configuration
Modbus protocol used to communicate and Mach .!sing "S# # and $% connection, !S& to ta'e power.Mach modbus pro(ides a (ery friendly interface, so use ModS electronic hand wheel without ha(ing to install additional dri(ers. )he ModS serial *%+M port, and the computer serial port *%+M port, connection, and tighten the screws.!S& plug and the ModS computer connections. "un Mach .

Step 1:

Figure #

)he interface of MACH3 is displayed as Fig.#. )he fre-uently.used action buttons are listed on the interface. /e can configure MACH software at first.

Step #:


%lic' PORT & PIN of config menu. $lease refer to Fig. .

Figure 0

1s shown in Fig.0, choose 2ModBus InputOutput Suppo3 hoo' on ,application.

Step :

Figure 4

1s shown in Fig.4, %lic' Setup Serial ModBus Control of unction Cfg!s menu.

Figure 5

1s shown in Fig.5 set up, %lic' 2Appl"3, +K.

Step 0:

Figure 6

1S shown in Fig.6,%lic' PORT & PIN of config menu%hic' #ncoder$MP%!s , as shown in Fig.7 set up. %hoose M$891 #na&led is hoo' on ,Appl".

Figure 7

Step 4:
:ownload $ower Run Macro Pu'p

)he File sa(ing route: %:;Mach ;macros;Mach Mill , Ma'e sure the route is right. If your Mach is installed in : dis', then the file sa(ing route is : ::;Mach ;macros;Mach Mill

Figure <

1S shown in Fig.<,%lic' 2%eneral Config(.) of config menu.

Figure 1=

1s shown in Fig.1= set up, %hoose 2Run Macro Control) is *oo+ on, Appl".
1fter the abo(e settings, ModS electronic hand wheel can be used. >nsure that the settings ha(e been sa(ed, restart the Mach .If ModS hand wheel is also not wor'ing, please re.chec' your settings are correct, whether to sa(e the settings.

If you press TAB on the 'eyboard, a manual test panel will be displayed. 1s shown in Fig.11

Figure 11

1. ModS electronic hand wheel should be connected to the computer before opening Mach ,If you open the electronic hand wheel after Mach connection, )here may occur some time wal'ing straight a@is of motion. $ress the >.stop, and then be able to properly reset. #.ModS connected to the computer,if not from the computer,and the computer can always connect.