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Swami Samarth

Swami Samarth

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short biography
short biography

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A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth



A short biography of
Akkalkot Niwasi Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj

Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth



Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust First E itio!" August 2006 All rights reser#e $ No part o% this &ook may &e repro u'e i! a!y %orm or tra!smitte &y a!y mea!s ( ele'tro!i' or otherwise (( i!'lu i!g photo'opy) re'or i!g) or a!y i!%ormatio! storage a! retrie#al system) without the e*press permissio! i! writi!g %rom" Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust) C(2+) ,Suyash,- ,.arijat,) 2! Floor) Near Amar /i! Ma! al) 0okhale 1oa 2North3) 4a ar 25est3) Mum&ai) .i! Co e" 600 02+) Maharashtra State) 7N47A$

Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust
Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth



Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth



Anantakoti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj Ki Jai

Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust

................. $1 De+otee of A#arapur 9a+oured ............................................................................................................................................................................ $$ Departure fro# 0arsinha1adi................................................................................................................................................................................................................ 9ar#er...................................................... 1 0arasinha !aras1ati "The 2eincarnation of Lord Dattatrey........................................................................................................... 1( A#&i)a *ranted &oon &y !ripad !ri+alla&h.......................................................................................................................................... $0 At the confluence 7f 8rishna " /anch*an*a 2i+er ......................................................................... <................ 11 Birth of Lord Dattatrey................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... 8 /rotection to !aya#deo.................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... $ :o*inees of A#aresh1ar ............................................................................................................................................................... <4 7ld =ouple Blessed -ith =hildren ............................. ............................... $4 The 8in* 7f Gana*apur ........................................................................................................................... The story of a -asher"#an............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ 18 .............................................................. $................................................................................................................... Deli+erance of the Brah#in3s Ghost ................................................................................ $8 Tri+i)ra# Bharati ....................................................................... $ 9a+our !ho1n To Gan*anu......................................................... << !a+ed the 'onour of Bhas)ar ...............................A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 5 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Table of Contents Lord Dattatrey – An Introduction...............................................................................................................rased ................. $< Arri+al In Gana*apur ... $< 9ate ................................................................................................................................... 1.......................................................................... 4 5eetin* /arents ..................................................................... 1 %alla&hesh Brah#in " 'is /rotection......................... Tree !tu#p Blosso#s......................................................... 10 The disciples of Lord Dattatrey ................................. $4 Buffalo 0ot Gi+in* 5il) ........................................... ....ternal Incarnation of Lord Dattatrey............................................... $ 0arhari3s Asceticis#............................................................................................................................................. <6 Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust ...................................................................................... ................................................................................................................ < Defect in the 9ood 7ffered By Another /erson.............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. $6 8indness !ho1ered 7n a =haste and Dutiful -ife.................................... 1 The !uperior"#ost Incarnation .................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... $1 Audu#&ar Tree ............................. 6 The Brah#in3s dull son ..................................... <8 De+otee !aya#deo .............................................................................................................................................................................. 8 The Guru (preceptor) of Lord Dattatrey ......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... $8 Arro*ance of 'ypocrite Brah#in...... 1$ !ripad !ri %alla&h " A 'istorical Incarnation............................................................................. Brah#in pro#pted for co##ittin* suicide ................................................................... Ascetic 5adha+aranya ......

..................................... 1$4 5ischie+ous /eople Brou*ht @nder =ontrol ........................................................................................................................................................ 48 -ic)ed Brah#in !lau*hterin* =o1...................................................................................... 101 Du#& /erson !tarts !pea)in* ...................................... .................................................................... (4 -asher#an 2e&orn............................................... ..............................0 .......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... 4( The 5anifestation Day of !ri !1a#i !a#arth ........... 10$ Li&eration 9ro# =ala#ities................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ 44 A =hinese =ouple .......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................yesi*ht................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ 1$6 5iracles....................................................................................... (1 Leper Beco#es a /oet ........................................... 4........................ 46 Darshan 7f Lord 8rishna To The Blind !aint !oordas............................... (4 5ahaprasthan to 8adali %an (A Banana"*ro+e).......................................................................... 44 !helter to a Deer ........................................................................................................... (( !ister 2atna Li&erated......................................................................lse Is 5a*nani#ous In This -orld Than !ri !1a#i !a#arth ............. 1< I Belon* To the De+oteeA De+otee Belon*s To 5e.......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... 48 =o#passion to1ards Brah#in Lepers................................................................................................................................... (6 ......................................................................................... 114 Ta)e 7ff the %eil of Illusion ................................................................................................................ ............................................................... Boon Granted To Ti*ers........................................................... 48 The =hief of 0arayan Teerth ............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. 40 Lord Dattatrey and the different for#s of Incarnation ............................. ...A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 6 _________________________________________________________________________________________ -ea+er Gets Darshan of 5alli)ar......................................................................................un ...................................................................... ($ Acceptance of !er+ice in ..................................................i*ht Different for#s ..............arnest Desire for 7ffsprin*3s....................................................................................................................................................................................................0 A Girl Transfor#ed into a Boy A De+il at 2a#esh1ar ............................................................................................................. ( /oet 0arhari ................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ (< A 9ar#er De+otee 9a+oured ....................................................................................................... ...................................................................................................................................................................................................... (8 Gurucharitra................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... 1<4 Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .........................................................>pressin* Di+ersity and A&solute li)eness .................................... 10 Blind /eople Gets .................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. 46 !erpent Birth Due To /assion ... 110 7ne -ho Is /rotected By God ............ 46 A =rippled Ascetic 2e*ains Le*s ................................................................................................................... -ho .................... 4( 8adali %an (9orest) To A))al)ot .. 1$ 7ut1ard !ho1 ........................................ 1 1 I#proper Beha+iour ...........................1 .......................................................................... 104 ............................................................................ Ala+ani Bu+a Gets ?Darshan3 of !ri !1a#i !a#arth At /uri Arri+al in A))al)ot ...........................................................< A =rippled /erson =li#&s the 'ill ......... .........................

......................................................................... Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust ..................................................... 1(1 GodA :ou Are the !upre#e !pirit........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ 1(................................................................................. 1.. 1<4 Tutelary Deity ....................................................................4 !ad*uru3s =hoice of /ri#ary Disciples...................................................................................................................................................... 4 ....8 !ri !1a#i !a#arth And 2oyal /ersonalities........................................................................................................................ 166 Te#ple Infor#ation ......1........................................................................................................................................................( -hat Is The 5easure 7f !plendour 7f The Lord B ..................................... 164 !1aroop !a#pradaya.......................................................................................................................... 14$ 5asterA Do 0ot 9orsa)e @s and Lea+e .............................................. Glossary................. 7ne -ho Is !ho1ered -ith 8ind Grace ......................................................A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 7 _________________________________________________________________________________________ :our 'onour Is 5y 2esponsi&ility ..................... I 'a+e 0ot Gone I A# !till Li+in* ............................................................................................................................................. 1......................................................................... 1...

e 7 -ord &ahesh: . The /i! u ethi'al philosophy &elie#es the 9rahma(tat#a2 that is %ree %rom all worl ly esires lies at the origi! o% this =!i#erse$ A''or i!g to the &asi' pri!'iple o% 9rahma(tat#a) the attri&ute(less Supreme Spirit esire to &e ma!y$ 7t 'reate Maya>) with three ?ualities i$e$ @Sat#a6A$ @1ajasBA @Tamas688 A! the Supreme Spirit also 'reate this =!i#erse$ <or 9rahma) <or Vish!u a! <or MaheshC are the presi i!g eities represe!ti!g goo !ess) passio! a! ig!ora!'e$ The true k!owle ge o% Supreme spirit at the sour'e is %ormless$ This Supreme Spirit always remai!s %ormless a! #iews the Maya> with the se!time!ts o% a! eyewit!ess$ E#e! though origi!ally the eities) <or 9rahma) <or Vish!u) a! <or Mahesh are Nirgun-Nirakar+) %or the sake o% their e#otees they ma!i%est themsel#es as Sagu!(SakarD$ 5he!e#er there is E4harmagla!i:08 i! this =!i#erse) the %orm(less Supreme Spirit es'e! s o! this earth i! the %orm o% a Sagu!a(Sakar Supreme 9ei!g ma!i%este with all the three ?ualities$ The Supreme 9ei!g the! esta&lishes religio! &y prote'ti!g righteous!ess a! a!!ihilati!g the e#ilF era i'ates the su%%eri!gs o% their e#otees a! restores their happi!ess$ /e shows his e#otees the path to their wel%are as well as li&eratio! %rom this worl ly e*iste!'e$ 1 2 Bharat: India Brahma-tatva: The tr e !no"led#e of $ %reme $%irit 3 &a'a: Ill sion( 4 $atva: &ode of )oodness 5 *a+as: The mode of %assion 6 Tamas: The mode of i#noran.nother name of -ord $hiva 8 /ir# n-/ira!ar: . This <a! has wit!esse a !um&er o% 4i#i!e mira'les a! 0o 8s 'reatio!s$ This is a la! o% the sages a! sai!ts. A sa're home %or pe!a!'e o% the a''omplishe as'eti's.e Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .ttrib teless 0 1ormless( 2irt eless and formless )od 3 $a# n-$a!ar: 4ith attrib tes and form( .ll-virt o s %ersonified form of )od 15 6harma#lani: 6e.ti.line in reli#io s %ra.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 8 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Lord Dattatrey – An Introduction 8Arya#arta8) the holy la! o% the /i! us) is 'alle 9harat:.

ient *ishis "ho "rote these a. lt res( 12 :atta. meanin#s( <la.n avadh t does not identif' "ith the bod'7 mind or emotions( $ .iall' .ons.red ash sed in reli#io s "orshi% in 8ind ism7 es%e.om%lete !no"led#e of the 9niverse .alls to the #ood of riddin# oneself of selfish and base "orldl' desires that "ra% the self in &a'a @ill sionA + st as $hiva b rned the #od of desire7 .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 3 _________________________________________________________________________________________ G% the se#eral i!'ar!atio!s o% the Supreme Spirit) the i!'ar!atio! o% E<or 4attatrey8 is 'o!si ere as the most emi!e!t$ 7t is the 'om&i!atio! o% three eities) <or 9rahma) <or Vish!u a! <or Mahesh$ The tria represe!ts the 'om&i!atio! o% three ?ualities" 0oo !ess) .n avadhoot @also s%elled .e bodies are .ribed to 6attatre'a( 18 6i#ambar: .vadh t )ita7 the a thorshi% of "hi.ons.vadhoot: . "ho has risen above bod'-. insi#ht as the %rimar' %ath to $elfreali>ation( It is a reminder of one?s mortalit' sin.ribed in one teBt as one "ho is free from the . Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .hild over the fa.io sness of the e#o7 roamin# free li!e a .erns( The term is des.an have no be#innin# or end7 the an. na!ed as.h is traditionall' as. s on the 6ivine Tr th( 17 .on.h a %erson is said to be % re . damar is a small t"o-headed dr m sed b' -ord $hiva 16 2ibh ti: 2ibh ti7 a "ord of $ans!rit and several other lan# a#es of India( -iterall'7 it has several meanin# in.: -on# &atted 8air 13 &ala: *ossar' 14 .ted "ith -ord $hiva( The ash has several s'mboli.vadh t) is a m'sti.e%ted that the .e%t ne" ideas from other .l din# all %ervadin#= s %erh man %o"er= and "ealth( 2ibh ti is also the name for sa.o ld never fit in an' boo!7 so there "o ld al"a's be ne" thin#s to dis.ama7 to ashes "hen he attem%ted to brea! $hiva?s fo.t of the ..io sness in h man form( The nat re of the avadh t is the s b+e.remated bein# onl' tem%orar' vessels of the so l( It .io sness7 d alit'7 and "orldl' .overs the mar! of the s%irit al third e'e of 8ind belief that sees develo%ment of m'sti.ient boo!s in the 4orld7 and the' are the 1o ndation of 8ind ism( 2eda means !no"led#e( 2edas have no be#innin# or end( 4hile it mi#ht s r%rise %eo%le ho" a boo! .ed on the forehead of devotees7 it .e of the earth( .onne.assio! a! 7g!ora!'e$ A 'ow &ehi! <or 4attarey represe!ts the Mother Earth a! the %our 4ogs at his %eet represe!t the %our Vedas::$ <or 4attatrey is the presi i!g 4eity o% this holy Earth a! the holy Ve as$ Si!'e <or 4attatrey is the ma!i%estatio! o% the tria ) <or 9rahma) <or Vish!u a! <or Mahesh) he typi'ally appears i! the %orm o% a! as'eti' with three hea s a! si* arms$ /e has a! aura o% a risi!g su! arou! him a! has lustrous Jatta:2 tie i! a k!ot o#er his hea $ /e is resse i! a eerski! a! is a ra ia!t assuri!g %igure %or the e#otees$ /is arms are see! to &e hol i!g #arious o&je'ts su'h as Mala:>) Kamandalu:6) Damaru:B) Trishul 2Tri e!t3) Shankh 2Co!'h3) a! Chakra 2/oly 5eapo!3) ea'h o% them with a pe'uliar spiritual 'o!!otatio!$ Mala a! Kamandalu sym&oliHe the mo e o% goo !ess 2Satt#a 0u!a3F Shankh a! Chakra sym&oliHe the mo e o% passio! 21ajas 0u!a3F Trishul a! Damaru sym&oliHe the mo e o% ig!ora!'e 2Tamas 0u!a3$ Sometimes he wears a tiger ski!$ /is whole &o y is 'o#ere with EVibhuti’:62/oly ash3$ <or 4attatrey is also k!ow! as a! Avadhoot:C) a Digamber:+) a! as'eti' o% highest or er) &eyo! praise) sel%less) %ree %rom the 'o!s'ious!ess o% the ego) roami!g %ree like a 'hil o#er the %a'e o% the earth$ /e is also k!ow! to ma!i%est i! a!y %orm at his ow! %ree will$ /e is k!ow! to &e pure 'o!s'ious!ess i! huma! %orm e!joyi!g ema!'ipatio! uri!g his li%etime$ /e also asks %or alms a! is easily satis%ie with a!y little e#otio!al ser#i'e o% his e#otees$ /e always prote'ts his e#otees a! easily 'omes to their res'ue) whe!e#er they !ee him$ 11 2edas: The 2edas are the most an.over( This %hiloso%h' ma!es 8ind ism a ver' tolerant reli#on7 al"a's read' to a.ons.eti.amandal : 8ol' <ot 15 6amar : ..

e%tor of the "orld( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .rishna 6vai%a'ana 2'asadeva7 also .alled Bha#vat < rana( The "riter of this boo! is named .ribin# the histor' @itihDsaA of the #reat fall that the 2edi.s of India des.lso .alled Badara'ana( 8e is the -ord7 the bha#avan7 amon#st the %hiloso%hers7 "ho in India assembled all the hol' teBts( 8e arran#ed the 2edas7 the basi.ribin# the life and times of -ord .tin# the #lor' of -ord 2ishn 21 :a#ad# r : The %re.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 15 _________________________________________________________________________________________ The Srimad hagavatam:D) me!tio!s twe!ty(%our i!'ar!atio!s o% the Supreme 9ei!g) out o% whi'h the i!'ar!atio! o% <or 4attatrey is the si*tee!th$ The hag!at20 me!tio!s si*tee! i!'ar!atio!s o% <or 4attatreya himsel%$ They are" @Iogiraj) Atri#ara ) 4attreya) Jalag!ishama!$ Iogija!#alla&h) <eela Vishwam&har) Si haraj) 4!ya!asagar) Vishwam&har) Mayamukta) Mayayukta) A iguru) Shi#aroop) 4e#a e#) 4igam&ar) Jrish!ashyamkamal!aya!A$ These i!'ar!atio!s ha#e &ee! es'ri&e i! the /i! u Mythology$ The o!ly o!e) who has %ully e i'ate /imsel% to the e#otees is <or 4attatrey$ The Guru (preceptor) of Lord Dattatrey <or 4attatrey is ho!oure as a Jagadguru2:$ /e himsel% ha twe!ty(%our pre'eptors$ /e 'losely o&ser#e i%%ere!t ?ualities i! this worl a! a''epte o!ly those ?ualities %a#oura&le %or o!e8s a''omplishme!t$ /e reje'te u!%a#oura&le ?ualities$ :3 From Earth) <or 'alm!ess$ 4attatrey a''epte the ?ualities o% %orgi#e!ess a! 23 From Air) /e a''epte the ?ualities o% !o!(atta'hme!t a! purity$ >3 From Sky) /e a''epte 'lea!li!ess$ the ?ualities o% e?uality) aloo%!ess) o!e!ess) a! 63 From water) /e a''epte 'lea!li!ess a! u!i%ormity$ B3 From Fire) /e a''epte aloo%!ess) lustre a! &rillia!'e$ 63 From Moo!) /e lear!e that this soul remai!s u!a%%e'te e*iste!'e o% emotio!s i! huma! &o y$ C3 From the Su!) /e realiHe a&out aloo%!ess a! &e!e#ole!'e +3 From the . lt re on. .bsol te Tr th( 25 Bha#"at: . < rana de%i.rishna( It is veril' the 8ind Bible( . boo!s @s?r tiA "ith the mantras for the rit als7 the "isdom and the h'mns and "rote the &ahabharata7 the #reatest e%i.e on the .igeo!) /e lear!e amage$ that e*'ess lo#e a! atta'hme!t 'oul lea to i! spite o% the D3 From the .lassi.ytho!) /e lear!e to lie ow! ?uietly without a!y physi'al a'tio!) si!'e whate#er is mea!t to happe!) will happe! i! a!y 'ase$ :03From the Sea) /e a''epte the ?ualities o% ear!est!ess a! mo esty$ ::3/e lear!e %rom a Moth that i% o!e gets e!amoure woul &e estroye $ a! 'li!gs) their Sel% 13 $rimad Bha#avatam: Cne of the most im%ortant .e made( The Bha#avad )ita is a %art of it( 2'Dsa also "rote the rest of the ei#hteen #reat Bibles @the % ranasA of India as "ell as the Brahma-s tra7 his master%ie. %oem in the "orld des.

ralha ) the e#otee o% <or Narsi!ha22 ha the i#i!e #isio! o% the Supreme Spirit whe! he re'ei#e i!itiatio! %rom <or 4attatrey$ Ji!g Alarka) the so! o% the 'haste woma! Ma alasa) was #ery materialisti' a! a i'te to pleasures$ /owe#er) whe! <or 4attatrey i!itiate him) a mira'le o''urre a! he re!ou!'e all worl ly pleasures as well as his ki!g om$ /e the! &e'ame a great as'eti'$ <or 4attatrey 22 -ord /arsinha: -ion-8eaded &an .The 1o rth in.arnation of -ord 2ishn Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 11 _________________________________________________________________________________________ :23/e lear!e %rom the 9ee that the te! e!'y towar s e*'essi#e 'olle'tio! &ri!gs estru'tio!$ :>3/e lear!e %rom the Elepha!t that &e'ause o% its 'areless!ess) it gets e!ta!gle i! i%%i'ulties a! has to &e'ome a sla#e o% his part!er$ /e!'e o!e shoul a#oi the 'ompa!y o% a woma!$ :63/e lear!e %rom the 9la'k &ee that o!e shoul pai! o! a!y&o y else$ try to gai! without i!%li'ti!g i! musi' :B3/e lear!e %rom the 4eer that it is a!gerous to &e'ome e!grosse a! loose %o'us$ G!e shoul always remai! alert$ :63/e lear!e %rom Fish that e!#y or jealousy 'oul lea to eath$ :C3/e lear!e %rom the Courtesa! that o!e 'oul !8t &e 'ompletely happy a! get goo sleep i% they ha#e ma!y e*pe'tatio!s$ For o!e8s res'ue) o!e shoul &e sel%(supporti!g$ :+3/e lear!e %rom a 9ir (lapwi!g 2Tita#i3 that u!wa!te estru'tio! i! the e! $ :D3/e lear!e %rom a Iou!g 9oy that o!e shoul a! a!*iety$ 2:3/e lear!e 'o!ta'ts$ 223/e lear!e 9la'ksmith$ %rom a S!ake that o!e shoul sa#i!gs &ri!g isrespe't) %orsake respe't) 203/e lear!e %rom a Mai e! a! her &ra'elets that solitu e is always e*'elle!t li#e alo!e a! without a!y the importa!'e o% 'o!'e!tratio! i! o!e8s work %rom the 2>3A 9la'k 9ee is a! e!emy o% a worm a! out o% %ear) the worm 'o!templates o! the &la'k &ee to su'h a! e*te!t that the worm itsel% &e'omes a &la'k &ee$ /e!'e <or 4attatrey realiHe the importa!'e o% 'o!'e!tratio! a! 'o!templatio! %rom the worm$ 263/e lear!e %rom a Female Spi er that i! the e*pa!sio!) 'reatio! a! estru'tio!) there is EA #ait8 2The o'tri!e that i e!ti%ies u!i#erse with 0o 3$ 7! this ma!!er) &y a''epti!g %a#oura&le ?ualities a! ?ualities) <or 4attatrey &e'ame a EJaga guru8$ reje'ti!g u!%a#oura&le The disciples of Lord Dattatrey <or 4attatrey ha se#eral is'iples$ /e was #ery please with Jruta#eerya8s so!) Arju! 2Jarta#eerya) Sahasrarju!3) so he ma e him ki!g o% pla!et earth$ /e also &lesse Ji!g Arju! with thousa! ha! s a! sel%(k!owle ge$ .

hes the %ra'ers and h'mns to be addressed to %arti.haari7 the ltimate nomad "ho roams the three lo!as of $"ar#alo!a @heavenA7 &rit' lo!a @earthA and <atallo!a @nether-"orldA( 8e does this to find o t abo t the life and "elfare of %eo%le( 8e "as the first to %ra.tri &aharishi is .tri "ho sho"ed the "a' to 6anda!aran'a forest to *ama7 after sho"erin# his hos%italit' on him( .overers of sa.tri-samhita and . divine sa#e7 "ho is an end rin# .hanter of the names 8ari and /ara'ana "hi.a ses F arrels amon#st )ods @devasA7 )oddesses and %eo%le( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .red &antras of 8ind ism( In his famil' line there "ere a fe" other seers of mantras namel': $haavaashva7 .tri( 25 $a#e /arada: .reated b' + st the "ill of the .tri-smriti are t"o "or!s attrib ted to .tri?s "ife is .onsidered to be one of the #reat dis.vishtir7 and < rvaatithi( There "ere also other #reat *ishis in that line: & d#ala7 9ddaala!i7 $haa!alaa'ani7 Chaando#'a7 et.lmi#ht' and therefore desi#nated as a &aanasa-% tras @mentall' #enerated iss esA( There "ere ten of these( .tri *ishi: .( .red s.tri &aharishi?s .ien.tri maharishi is one of the ten sons of Creator Brahma7 .onsidered to be the s %reme )od b' 8ind s( 8e is re#arded the &anas% tra @son born of one?s mindA of Brahma as he "as born of his tho #hts( 8e is re#arded as the Trilo!a san. sa.e "hi.tise /at'a Eo#a( 8e is also !no"n as . lar deities .shram d rin# his fo rteen 'ears of sta' in the forest( It "as .h tea.h are other names for 2ishn 7 .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 12 _________________________________________________________________________________________ passe o! his k!owle ge gai!e %rom the twe!ty(%our pre'eptors to Ji!g Ia u a! helpe him gi#e up his e#il ?ualities to a''ept o!ly goo ?ualities$ <or 4attatrey &lesse Ji!g Aayu with a so! a! i! the e! ema!'ipate him with i#i!e k!owle ge$ <or 4attatrey &lesse a e#otee !ame Vish!u atta with EMa!trashastra2>8 %or the purpose o% &e!e#ole!'e$ <or 4attatrey is there%ore) respe'te as a ge!erously mag!a!imous i!'ar!atio!$ Birth of Lord Dattatrey A!usuya) the wi%e o% the sage Atri rishi26) was #ery 'haste a! #irtuous$ The %ame a! lustre o% A!usuya8s 'hastity a! #irtue ha alrea y sprea %ar a! wi e i! the three worl s 2hea#e!) earth a! !ether worl 3$ 0o ess Sa#itri) 0o ess <akshmi a! 0o ess .ar#ati) wi#es o% the three 0o s <or 9rahma) <or Vish!u a! <or Mahesh &e'ame jealous ue to the sple! our o% the religious merit o% A!usuya$ The great sage Nara a2B i!stigate the three i#i!e go esses who the! 'o!#i!'e their hus&a! s to test A!usuya %or her 'hastity a! #irtue$ 5ith this i!te!t) <or 9rahma) <or Vish!u a! <or Mahesh approa'he the hermitage o% sage Atri as guests i! the %orm o% 9rahmi!s$ Sage Atri was away %rom the hermitage at that time$ A!usuya prepare %oo %or the three guests$ 9ut the! the three guests ma e a stra!ge re?uest) @we will a''ept your %oo o!ly i% you %ee us without weari!g a!y garme!tA$ Em&arrasse with this stra!ge re?uest o% the guests) A!usuya was highly 'o!%use $ /er #irtue a! 'hastity were at stake o! o!e si e a! her hospitality was at stake o! the other ha! $ The! A!usuya took some water %rom the Kamandalu"# o% sage Atri a! spri!kle it o! the guests$ Mira'ulously) the guests tur!e i!to &a&ies a! starte 'ryi!g$ 4ue to their 'ryi!g) the motherly a%%e'tio! i! A!usuya was stimulate a! she &reast(%e all the three &a&ies$ 5he! the three 0o s i !ot retur! as e*pe'te ) their wi#es Sa#itri) <akshmi a! .ardama <ra+a%ati( The' had three sons: 6atta7 6 rvasa and $oma( *ama7 the son of 6asaratha7 visited .alaha%ri'a as he %la'f ll' .ar#ati &e'ame #ery a!*ious a! worrie $ They approa'he A!usuya8s hermitage) 'laimi!g their hus&a! s$ A!usuya i!%orme them @Iour hus&a! s i !ot 'ome here$ The three guests that i 'ome here are i! the 'ra le at prese!tA$ The three 0o esses %ou! it impossi&le to i e!ti%y their hus&a! s i! the %orm o% &a&ies$ The 0o esses the! surre! ere themsel#es to A!usuya a! re?ueste %or her help$ A!usuya the! o!'e 23 24 &antrashastra: .nas 'aa7 a da #hter of .

hashramee: Cne "ho observes the five sta#es of life of a Brahman Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 13 _________________________________________________________________________________________ agai! spri!kle the water %rom sage Atri8s kamandalu o! the &a&ies a! the &a&ies assume their origi!al %orms o% <or 9rahma) <or Vish!u a! <or Mahesh$ 4ue to the sple! our a! glory o% the religious merit o% A!usuya) the three 0o s i! i#i ually le%t a portio! o% their 4i#i!e esse!'e with A!usuya &e%ore retur!i!g &a'k$ The 4i#i!e esse!'e o% the three 0o s i!tegrate i! o!e %orm a! <or 4attatrey was &or! at Su!set time o! Margasheersh $oornima26 4ay$ 7! the /i! u mythology) there is a se'o! !arratio! o% this e#e!t where the three 0o s) <or 9rahma) <or Vish!u) a! <or Mahesh &lesse A!usuya a! sage Atri with three so!s$ Ea'h so! was &lesse with the 4i#i!ity o% <or 9rahma) <or Vish!u a! <or Mahesh respe'ti#ely$ Moo!) their %irst so! was the %orm o% passio!) represe!te <or 9rahmaF 4atta) the se'o! so! with the %orm o% goo !ess) represe!te <or Vish!uF a! 4ur#asa was the thir so! with the %orm o% ig!ora!'e) represe!te <or Mahesh$ A%ter a %ew ays) the two so!s Moo! a! 4ur#asa merge their i#i!ity i!to 4atta a! we!t away$ Moo! took his pla'e i! the sky a! 4ur#asa opte %or pe!a!'e$ Thus all the three 4i#i!e %orms) merge i!to 4atta) who the! &e'ame k!ow! as 4attatrey with three %a'es a! si* ha! s$ The Superior-most Incarnation Amo!gst all the i!'ar!atio!s o% the Supreme 9ei!g) the i!'ar!atio! o% <or 4attatrey is 'o!si ere to &e the most Superior$ Shree Vasu e#a!a! Saraswati alias Shree Tem&e swami) who is 'o!si ere as the i!'ar!atio! o% <or 4attatrey i! mo er! age sai @The i!'ar!atio! o% <or 4attatrey is 'o!si ere as the %irst a! %oremost o% all i!'ar!atio!s o% the Supreme(9ei!g$ The i!'ar!atio! o% <or 1ama a! <or Jrish!a a'te a''or i!g to the uties with respe't to the %our 'astes a! %our stages o% li%e$ <or 4attatrey also ha o!e!ess with <or 1ama a! <or Jrish!a) &ut was superior most i! 'lass$A /e was a! Avadhoot"%& &ut he was also a $an'hashramee2C$ /e!'e the religious i!stitutes ha#e 'o!si ere <or 4attatrey superior to e#e! the religious people o% a hermitage$ For people i! hermitage) <or 4attatrey is a ora&le a! %or 0o s) emo!s a! ma!ki! ) he is 'o!si ere #ery respe'ta&le$ No&o y ha e!mity towar s him out o% hatre si!'e he always lo#e e#eryo!e u!&iase $ 5hy woul a!yo!e hate him) whe! his i!'ar!atio! is !ot mea!t to slay a!y&o yK <or 4attatrey was a! i!'ar!atio! as a sa#iour o% e#otees$ /e!'e the 'ompassio!ate <or 4attatrey took &irth i! the hermitage o% the 'haste a! #irtuous A!asuya to upli%t the li#es o% those e! uri!g i! the three%ol misery i! this o'ea! o% worl ly a%%airs) as well as to gi#e them happi!ess a! to %ul%il their esires$ 5ithout 26 27 &ar#asheersh <oornima: 1 ll moon da' of the ninth 8ind month and the month of 6e.ember as %er Gn#lish Calendar( <an.

'.e7 the %redominant em%hasis of livin# is material s rvival7 and %o"er is mostl' in the hands of men( <eo%le?s relationshi% "ith the s%irit al is #overned %redominantl' b' s %erstition and b' a thorit'( Tem%les7 "ars7 and "ritin# are hallmar!s of 6va%ara and .dh'ana @meditationA7 Treta E #a ..al%a the "orld is annihilated( 23 $at'a ' #a: The first E #a or a#e7 the #olden a#e7 ..a se it is a %eriod free from an' !ind of nha%%iness or miser'( $at'a E #a is also .hana @"orshi%A7 .ali E #a7 most %eo%le are a"are onl' of the %h'si.8647555 'ears .ordin# to the &ahabharata7 12 months of Brahma .iated "ith %ro#ressivel' deterioration of 6harma @ri#hteo snessA manifested as de.endin# .es in the .es7 inventions are ab ndant7 %arti.ate dire.ontain thirt' s .h "ar is des.t int itive reali>ation of tr th( The veil bet"een the material and the trans.ordin# to /at'a $hastra7 there is no /at'a %erforman.e the s%irit al in terms of s btle ener#ies and rational .ali E #a .ribed in the *ama'ana( The traditional times.h 'ears( 1ift' 'ears of Brahma?s are s %%osed to have ela%sed7 and "e are no" in the shvetavaraha-!al%a of the fift'-first= at the end of a .'.4327555 'ears 9%on .rishna7 and the events des.h the "orld is in ndated= then the .line( The des.a se %eo%le .an eB%erien. its of this .al as%e. of both 6va%ara and Treta ' #as(A In 6"a%ara E #a7 s.rita E #a .ontin o s .essar' be.rita E #a be.alled the )olden .ien.endin# %hase ba.h ..iated "ith the death of ..on.! to .rita E #a .hs are: $at'a E #a or .rifi.lternativel'7 it is sometimes s %%osed that at the end of the des.essar' be.l sion of sevent'-one @or sometimes sevenA .h as.'a+na @sa.ribed in the &ahabharata( In the lo"est %hase7 .al%as7 or 123(6 billion 'ears( . !al%a is a len#th of time in 8ind .ir.e @bet"een %eo%le and bet"een thin#sA7 and %o"er is mostl' in the hands of "omen( The end of this a#e is asso.rease in len#th of h man life and F alit' of h man moral standards( The traditional virt es a.endent realms be..omes almost trans%arent( .tl' b' tho #ht= tem%les are nne.e of )od= "ars are rare b t the' do o.al%a: .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 14 _________________________________________________________________________________________ gi#i!g up the missio! o% his i!'ar!atio! he remai!e immortal) u!til the e! o% Kal(a2+$ <or 4attatrey is 'o!si ere as the most ig!i%ie i!'ar!atio! si!'e he is the ma!i%estatio! o% the three 4i#i!e powers o% <or 9rahma) <or Vish!u a! <or Mahesh$ These three i#i!e powers represe!t the 'reatio!) 'o!ti!ua!'e a! estru'tio! o% this =!i#erse respe'ti#ely$ Sage Vasishtha) the 0uru o% <or 1ama a! Jrish!a 'o!si ers <or 4attatrey as his 0uru a! ho!ours him greatly &y o%%eri!g a sta! i!g o&eisa!'e$ 7% a great soul like that o% Sage Vasishtha) who is e#er %ree %rom 'orporeal e*iste!'e) is always a&sor&e i! the 'o!templatio! o% 9rahma ha#i!g eta'he himsel% o% this worl ly e*iste!'e through worship) a ori!g a! 'ha!ti!g the !ame o% <or 4attatrey) the! or i!ary souls like us that are epe! e!t o% others %or wel%are shoul e%i!itely 'arry out similar worship a! 'ha!ti!g without %ail %or our ow! upli%tme!t$ 7! Satya )uga2D& <or 4attatrey took the %irst i!'ar!atio! as the so! o% sage Atri a! his #irtuous wi%e A!asuya$ /e is three hea e with si* ha! s a! is a 'o!sta!t wa! erer$ /e li#es o! alms) always re'olle'ts a! is #ery ki! to his e#otees$ This is the origi!al i!'ar!atio! o% <or 4attatrey as es'ri&e i! Mythology$ 28 .eA7 6va%ara E #a .ali E #a7 the "orld "ill ret rn to the $at'a E #a7 and be#in a ne" de.endin# %hase of the .ali E #a to $at'a E #a is follo"ed b' a des..hara. r= one s .le of these e%o.le from .ar.ali ' #as( In the hi#her a#es @Treta and $at'aA7 "ritin# is nne.omm ni.orded hi#hest val e in the fo r e%o. larl' those that dissolve the ill sion of distan.e s%irit alit' b' dire.#e( Treta E #a is the mental a#e7 mental %o"er is harnessed7 men are in %o"er7 and inventions dissolve the ill sion of time( @Inventions are .e flo rishes7 %eo%le eB%erien.osmolo#'( It is eF al to 47325 million 'ears7 a Hda' of BrahmaH or one tho sand E #as7 meas rin# the d ration of the "orld= a Hmonth of BrahmaH is s %%osed to .ale of the ' #as is as follo"s: $at'a E #a or .hoi.177287555 'ears Treta E #a .ali E #a7 then another as.le be#ins a#ain( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .le7 there is a %eriod eF all' lon# d rin# "hi.a se %eo%le feel the omni%resen.hs( Ga.teristi.'.ali E #a .onstit te his 'ear7 and 155 s .daana @#iftsA In the hi#hest ' #a7 the #reat ma+orit' of the %eo%le .ent from $at'a to .ali is asso.t of eBisten.'.endin# %hase and so on( .172367555 'ears 6va%ara E #a .om%risin# of one million seven h ndred t"ent'ei#ht tho sand 'ears( In 8ind tradition7 the "orld #oes thro #h a .

death anniversar' of one of the famil' members 32 Brahmin: The traditional hi#her .estors .A 35 31 ) r Charitra: The bio#ra%h' of the s%irit al %re.e%tor $hraddha: Cfferin#s in the memor' of the manes of the de.red $.ithapuram is o!e o% the %i#e (itruteerth where per%orma!'e o% a Shraddha>: i! ho!our o% the ma!es is 'o!si ere to &e parti'ularly &e!e%i'ial$ A pious 9rahmi!>2 'ouple) Aparaj a! his wi%e Sumati li#e i! this #illage$ There was a Shra ha 'eremo!y i! their house o! a! Amavasya day>>$ Aparaj a! Sumati were the e#otees o% <or 4attatrey$ =!%ortu!ately) !o!e o% their o%%spri!g8s other tha! two so!s ha sur#i#e a%ter &irth$ E#e! the two so!s that sur#i#e were u!%ortu!ate si!'e o!e o% them was &li! a! the other was 'ripple $ /e!'e Sumati was always istresse $ G! the a%ter!oo! o% that Shra ha ay) <or 4attatrey 'ame to her house isguise as a me! i'a!t$ The %oo was yet to &e ser#e to the 9rahmi!s prese!t i! the Shra ha 'eremo!y$ /owe#er) out o% hospitality Sumati %e the guest) <or 4attatrey to his %ullest satis%a'tio!$ <or 4attatrey was highly please with her e#otio! a! ma!i%este &e%ore her i! the %orm o% Tri!ity>6$ <or 4attatrey sai ) @Mother) 7 am please with your e#otio!$ Tell me your wish a! 7 shall %ul%il your wishA$ Sumati lai hersel% o! the lotus %eet o% <or 4attatrey a! washe them with her tears o% a%%e'tio!$ The! Sumati praye to <or 4attatrey @Gh <or .mavas'a da': /e" moon da' 34 Trinit': .ri%t res 33 .A !istorical Incarnation /istori'ally) Sripa SriValla&h has &ee! regar e as the %irst i!'ar!atio! o% <or 4attatrey$ The *uru Charitra>0& writte! i! Marathi is regar e as the %irst a! %oremost 'ompositio! o! the tra itio!al o'tri!e o% <or 4attatrey$ This &ook e!tails a !um&er o% mira'les 'o! u'te &y Sripa SriValla&h a! Shree Narasi!ha Saraswati) the i!'ar!atio!s o% <or 4attatrey$ The mira'les o% Sripa SriValla&h ha#e &ee! es'ri&e i! the %i%th) eighth) !i!th a! te!th 'hapters o% 0uru'haritra$ 7! the Easter! 0o a#ari 4istri't o% A! hra .eased an.a!'haleshwarF 'olle't alms i! Jolhapur) i! Maharashtra State) a! sleep at Mahur 0a $ Ne#ertheless) the 'o!sta!t wa! erer <or 4attatrey8s 4i#i!e prese!'e is all per#a i!g$ Sripad Sri Valla h .ithapuram !ear Jaki!a a$ .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 15 _________________________________________________________________________________________ 7t is sai that <or 4attatrey !ormally li#e o! 0ir!ar Mou!tai! i! 0ujarat State) &ut /e wa! ere arou! the whole ay$ /e woul &athe i! Jashi 29e!aras3F per%orm religious rituals i! . teBts in the 8ind sa.ra esh State) there is a tow! 'alle .aste "herein the %erson is an eB%ert in the !no"led#e of 2edas and other 2edi. Iou ha#e a resse me as a mother a! this itsel% has ma e me 'o!te!t$ My o%%spri!g8s o !ot sur#i#e$ G!ly two so!s sur#i#e ) out o% whi'h o!e is &li! a! the other is 'ripple $ /e!'e with your 4i#i!e gra'e) please &less me a so! e! owe with k!owle ge like you. nion of -ord Brahma7 -ord 2ishn and -ord $hiva Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

alendar Brahma.es in 9ttar <radesh $tate7 in India( 33 )o!arn &ahabalesh"er: .h the Brahmin %asses.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 16 _________________________________________________________________________________________ <or 4attatrey replie ) @Iour wish shall &e %ul%ille $ A so! will &e &or! to you as per your wishF he will upli%t your e!tire %amily$ /e will &e gi%te with the k!owle ge) &ut he woul !ot stay with you %or too lo!g$ 4o !ot stop him %rom lea#i!g your homeA$ 0ra!ti!g su'h a &lessi!g to Sumati) <or 4attatrey isappeare $ The #irtuous Sumati tol a&out this e!tire i!'i e!t i! etail to her hus&a! Aparaj whe! he arri#e at home a! aske him @/a#e 7 a''rue a!y si! &y %ee i!g the guest &e%ore %ee i!g the 9rahmi!sK A$ Aparaj was a wise 9rahmi!$ /e sai ) @Sumati) you ha#e o!e a #irtuous a'tio!$ For the satis%a'tio! o% the ma!es o% the e'ease a!'estors) the 'eremo!y is per%orme a! the o%%eri!gs are e i'ate to <or Vish!u$ To ay ue to our goo %ortu!e) <or 4attatrey himsel% 'ame a! &lesse us &y a''epti!g our o%%eri!gs$ Certai!ly the ma!es o% our e'ease a!'estors will &e #ery please with thisA$ 7! ue time) Sumati ga#e &irth to a &a&y &oy o! hadra(ada Shukla Chaturthi>B ay$ /is %eet 'arrie the holy sig!s o% Va+ra 2thu! er&olt o% 0o 7! ra3) Ankush 2a! elepha!t goa 3) Dh!a+ 2a! e!sig!3 a! a Kamal 2<otus3$ /e!'e they !ame him as Sripa $ The astrologer) a%ter ue 'al'ulatio!s pre i'te that their so! Sripa is a! i!'ar!atio! o% 0o who woul &e'ome a great as'eti' a! a Jaga guru2:$ 5ith his 'hil ish plays a! mira'les) Sripa please his pare!ts$ 5he! he was se#e!) his pare!ts per%orme his threa 'eremo!y$ A%ter stayi!g i! the Ashram o% a 0uru a! %ollowi!g the rahma'harya-ashram.rifi. hol' %la. # st-$e%tember as %er Gn#lish .har'a-ashram: The first of the fo r .ashi Benaras7 Badri!edar: 8ol' %la.ti#and7 $ !arma7 6hr ti7 $hoola7 )and7 2r ddhi7 6hr v7 2'a#hat7 8arshana7 2a+ra7 $iddhi7 2'ati%at7 2ari'an7 <ari#ha7 $hiva7 $iddhi7 $adh'a7 $h bha7 $h !la7 Brahma7 .' shman7 $o bha#'a7 $hobhan7 .anaras>+$ From there) he we!t to 9a rike ar>+ a! per%orme eep pe!a!'e$ 5hile retur!i!g %rom 9a rike ar) he we!t to *okarn Mahabalesh!er>D& staye there a! per%orme pe!a!'e$ From 0okar!) he 35 36 Bhadra%ada $h !la Chat rthi: &onth of .% yoga’s>C i! this u!i#erse$ For the a''omplishme!t o% the yoga8s) 7 woul like to tra#el to the !orth$ A$ Sumati spoke to Sripa ) @My so!) you are 4atta) the 4i#i!e Tri!ity i!'ar!ate a! you are &or! as my so! a''or i!g to your ow! promise to me$ 5e shall !ot go agai!st your wish$ /owe#er) i! this ol age who will look a%ter usK 5ho will look a%ter your &li! a! 'ripple &rothersK A$ Sripa wipe his mother8s tears a! the! 'alle his &rothers !ear him$ /e &lesse them &oth with his 4i#i!e gra'e a! mira'ulously they &oth &e'ame per%e'tly !ormal$ The! Sripa tol his mother @Mother) &oth o% these &rothers woul li#e %or o!e hu! re years a! ser#e &oth o% you throughout your li%e$ Also) 0o ess <a*mi will li#e i! this house %ore#er$ There woul &e !o pla'e %or worries$ .ial thread ntil marria#e 37 27 Eo#aIs: There are t"ent'-seven 'o#aIs= the' are 2ish!ambh7 <reeti7 .aindra7 and 2ai#hr ti( The astrolo#ers en merate t"ent'-ei#ht 'o#aIs( 38 ..lease &less me !ow a! gi#e your ki! permissio! to lea#e this house a! go %rom hereA$ Sripa Sri#alla&h %ell at the %eet o% his pare!ts a! took their &lessi!gs to lea#e the house$ The! Sripa Sri#alla&h) the i!'ar!atio! o% <or 4attatrey isappeare %rom that house a! ma!i%este himsel% at Kashi.$ Sripa #ery soo! rea the %our Vedas a! si* Shastras$ The! he starte speaki!g to people a&out the real mea!i!g o% the esta&lishe rule o% 'o! u't) &eha#iour) usage) a! ato!eme!t %or si! a! /oly S'riptures$ 5he! Sripa &e'ame si*tee! year ol ) his pare!ts starte thi!ki!g a&out his marriage$ That8s whe! Sripa remi! e them) @7 am &or! to &e a! as'eti') !ot %or marriage$ 7 wa!t to &e %ree %rom worl ly atta'hme!ts or to e!joy worl ly pleasures$ 7 am marrie to all the .e in .arnata! $tate Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .shrams or sta#es of life7 thro #h "hi.that from the investit re "ith the sa.

ret of life thro #h Brahmo%adesam @revealin# the nat re of Brahman7 the 9ltimate *ealit'A or the )a'atri mantra( 8e then be.n.ribed in the &an smriti( The $ans!rit "ord 9%ana'anam is believed to be derived from the "ord na'anam meanin# He'eH7 %refiBed "ith %a.hni.ri%t res7 s .ationK!no"led#e in a #eneral sense( The "ord is #enerall' sed as a s ffiB in the . stri% of .al ori#in in the $ans!rit "ords7 J* draI and J.h as J$hiva < ranaI7 J<adma < ranaI and J$rimad Bha#avadI mention the #reatness and "onderf l %o"ers of the * dra!sha( 1or tho sands of 'ears7 the' have adorned the bodies of sa#es and saints leadin# a fearless life in far-fl n# frontiers see!in# enli#htenment and liberation( 42 $hastras: $hastra is a $ans!rit "ord sed to denote ed .hildren be#an their formal ed .eremon'H7 is a 8ind rite-of-%assa#e rit al( Traditionall'7 the .al tales have it that the * dra!sha %lant "as born o t of -ord $hivaIs tear dro%s( .tsA from the three varnas of brahmin7 !shatri'a7 vaish'a( The 'o n#ster is ta #ht d rin# the .ro&a&ly it might &e the result o% his ee s 'ommitte i! past li%e$ 7 'a!!ot tolerate this se#ere &eati!g$ 7 am u!a&le to &ear his lou s'reams$ No&o y 'a! go agai!st o!e8s esti!y$ 7t is 0o 8s wish$ 7! 'ase you 'o!ti!ue this &eati!g) the! 7 will ieA$ Gut o% %rustratio!) the 9rahmi! stoppe tea'hi!g a! the &eati!g stoppe as a result$ A%ter this) the 9rahmi! always remai!e epresse a! a%ter a %ew ays he passe away$ 45 41 -an#oti: .!shaI( J* draI is another name for -ord $hiva7 and Ja!shaI means teardro%( &'tholo#i.stra shastra means7 !no"led#e abo t H8andlin# of "ea%onsH7 .ommonl' sed to mean a treatise or teBt "ritten in eB%lanation of some ideaKto%i.ti.har'a7 as %res.stra means "ea%ons7 and $hastra is their !no"led#e( The shastra is .h male .loth + st .eremon' is %erformed to 'o n# bo's of 7L 'ears of a#e @and #irls in some se.omes F alified for life as a st dent or Brahma.onteBt of te.( There are several t'%es of shastras in the 8ind reli#ion( 43 Thread Ceremon': J9%ana'anamI %erha%s better !no"n o tside India b' the name H$a.e( 1or eBam%le7 .eremon' the se.ation( The .overin# the %rivate %arts * dra!sha: * dra!sha has its et'molo#i.@Ha Biliar'HA7 ma!in# for the inter%retative meanin#: brin#in# @the ltimate tr th nearer in si#htA Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .red thread .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 17 _________________________________________________________________________________________ arri#e at a small isla! o! Jrish!a ri#er 'alle Juru#pur 2Juru#atti3$ This isla! lo'ate a&out si*tee! Jilometers away %rom 1ai'hur i! Jar!ataka State$ was Sripa Sri#alla&h staye i! Jura#pur guise as a! as'eti'$ /e was see! with woo e! sa! als i! his %eet) weari!g just a langoti60arou! his loi!s) his &o y 'o#ere with sa%%ro! 'oloure garme!t) Kamandalu i! his ha! ) a rudraksha6: Mala arou! his !e'k) %orehea marke with holy ash) matte a! &rai e hair o! his hea $ A%ter &athi!g he woul worship 0o ess 0ayatri$ 7! the a%ter!oo!) he woul go out to 'olle't alms$ G&ser#i!g his 4i#i!ely gra'ious %igure) people all arou! starte respe'ti!g him$ Sripa ) the i!'ar!atio! o% <or 4attatrey per%orme a !um&er o% mira'les uri!g his stay o! this isla! $ Am i"a #ranted oon y Sripad Sri$alla h A 9rahmi! well #erse i! Vedas"" a! Shastras#.ialised !no"led#e in a defined area of %ra.ient s.al or s%e.eremon' "as %erformed to mar! the %oint at "hi. staye o! this isla! $ /is wi%e Am&ika ha a #ery goo 'hara'ter &ut they ha !o 'hil re!$ /e!'e with great e#otio!) they we!t o! a pilgrimage a! #isite a !um&er o% pla'es$ /owe#er) !o!e o% their 'hil re! sur#i#e $ E#e!tually) o!e so! sur#i#e &ut ue to their mis%ortu!e he was ull a! !ot too smart si!'e &irth$ /e!'e the 9rahmi! 'ouple was #ery mu'h eje'te a! u!happy$ The 9rahmi! thought that he woul impro#e a%ter the thread 'eremony6>$ /e!'e he per%orme the sa're threa 'eremo!y o% his so!$ /e trie to tea'h him all the religious uties o% a 9rahmi!) &ut it was all i! #ai!$ The &oy !e#er remem&ere a!ythi!g taught &y his %ather$ 4ue to a!ger) his %ather &eat him se#erely$ =!a&le to &ear the pai!) the &oy woul s'ream lou ly$ /is mother Am&ika use to writhe i! pai! &y those s'reams$ E#e!tually) Am&ika lost her patie!'e a! spoke to her hus&a! ) @5hat is the use o% &eati!g himK /e is ull a! helpless &y &irth$ .

ra osh with great e#otio!$ The story of a %asher-man <or Sripa Sri#alla&h we!t to the ri#er&a!k aily %or &athi!g$ A! ol washer( ma! regularly we!t to the same ri#er&a!k to wash 'lothes$ /e salute <or Sripa Sri#alla&h e#ery ay without %ail as he passe him a! the! 'o!ti!ue with his routi!e$ G!e ay) a Muslim Ji!g who rule the other si e o% the ri#er&a!k 'ame there alo!g with his ?uee! a! e!tourage o% elepha!ts) horses) pala!?ui! a! sol iers %or sporti!g i! 44 <radosh: $hivo%asana7 an observan. Now it has &e'ome e*tremely i%%i'ult %or me a! my so! to li#e i! this worl a!ymore$ There is !o mea!s %or our 'o!ti!ua!'e$ /e!'e) we &oth ha#e e'i e to e! our li#es &y 'ommitti!g sui'i e$ 4ue to our great %ortu!e) we ha#e &ee! &lesse with your 4i#i!e sight uri!g the last mome!ts o% our li%e$ At least i! my !e*t li%e) 7 shoul !ot &e 'heate $ 7 may &e &lesse with a so! like you who is worthy a! well #erse i! 4i#i!e k!owle geA$ 9y so prayi!g Am&ika prostrate o! the %eet o% <or Sripa Sri#alla&h$ The 'ompassio!ate) Sripa Sri#alla&h spoke to her @7t is a great si! to 'ommit sui'i e$ /e!'e a&a! o! that thought a! as a 9rahmi! woma!) o&ser#e the religious #ow o% $radosh66$ The! your hearts esire will &e %ul%ille A$ Sripa Sri#alla&h) the! 'alle Am&ika8s so! a! &lesse him &y pla'i!g his &ou!ti%ul ha! o! his hea a! or ere him to re'ite Ve as$ The 9rahmi! &oy) who was 'o!si ere as a ullar u!til !ow) su e!ly starte re'iti!g the EVe as8$ .eople who wit!esse this mira'le glori%ie <or Sripa Sri#alla&h$ G!'e &lesse &y the 4i#i!e gra'e o% <or 4attatrey where woul &a lu'k &eK Am&ika8s &a lu'k isappeare altogether$ Am&ika8s so! starte getti!g respe't %rom the #illagers$ /e got marrie a! li#e happily with 'hil re!$ Am&ika 'o!ti!ue to o&ser#e the religious #ow o% .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 18 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Am&ika was stru'k with great 'alamity a%ter the eath o% her hus&a! $ Now she was le%t without a hus&a! a! a um& so!$ 5ith great i%%i'ulty) Am&ika 'o!ti!ue her &are mi!imum su&siste!'e worki!g as a mai ser#a!t$ /er so! grew up) &ut people 'o!ti!ue to 'o! em! him$ They woul tau!t him) @7! the house o% a lear!e %ather you are &or! as a ullar $ Now you are trou&li!g your mother$ Either you work as a la&ourer somewhere or ie &y row!i!g yoursel% i! the ri#er$ Iou are a stigma %or the 9rahmi! 'ommu!ityA$ 4ue to this se#ere reprima! ) the &oy &e'ame #ery misera&le$ /e wept throughout the !ight a! the! e'i e to e! his li%e &y 'ommitti!g sui'i e$ /e i!%orme his mother a&out his e'isio! a! sai @4eath is &etter tha! this li%eA$ Am&ika also thought that she shoul !ot li#e a!ymore$ There%ore) &oth Am&ika a! her so! we!t to the ri#er) 'ha!ti!g the !ame o% 0o ) to 'ommit sui'i e$ At that #ery mome!t) Sripa Sri#alla&h was taki!g a &ath i! the ri#er$ 9oth Am&ika a! her so! o%%ere their o&eisa!'e to Sripa Sri#alla&h$ Sripa Sri#alla&h) who possesse i!tuiti#e k!owle ge a! 'ompassio! stoppe them %rom 'ommitti!g sui'i e a! aske them the reaso! %or their a'tio!$ Am&ika relate him the lo!g story a&out her li%e a! sai ) @Gh. <or .e in the "orshi% of -ord $hiva on the evenin# of thirteenth l nar da' Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

ons.h the feet of their famil' elders "hile %eo%le of all a#es "ill bend to to . state of .omes still @one-%ointed or .on.hin# of the feet @%ranNm or . /ow mu'h royal pleasure 'a! 7 e!joy i! this ol age$ 7% 7 'a! get that royal pleasure i! my !e*t li%e) 7 woul &e #ery mu'h please $ 9ut espite e!joyi!g all royal pleasures) 7 woul !e#er %orget youA$ <or Sripa sai ) @As you wish$ 7! your !e*t li%e you woul take &irth i! the house o% a Muslim emperor at Vai urya !agar 29ee ar) Jar!ataka3$ There you woul e!joy all sorts o% royal pleasures$ 7! that &irth too you will get my i#i!e &lessi!gs 2Darshan6B). At that time 7 woul &e wa! eri!g i! my rei!'ar!atio! as a! as'eti' !ame Narasimha SaraswatiA$ 0ra!ti!g the &oo!) <or Sripa le%t$ The washer(ma! retur!e home si!gi!g a! praisi!g <or Sripa $ 7! ue time) the washer(ma! ie a! was &or! i! the house o% the Muslim Emperor at 9i ar as me!tio!e &y <or Sripa Sri#alla&h$ 7! Jura#pur) <or Sripa Sri#alla&h) ha a #ise a 9rahmi! woma! Am&ika to o&ser#e the religious #ow o% .h .e of seein# somethin# or somebod'A7 vision7 a%%arition7 or a #lim%se( It is most .onstr .in# s b+e.ases the Tomb is referred to as J$amadhiI( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .tion for that devotee(H In Indian .h the .ted at the %la.ed ob+e.a se this loo! is believed to .rishnaA( 46 $amadhi: $amadhi is a term that des.omes one "ith the eB%erien.ommonl' sed for visions of the divine= that is7 of a #od or a ver' hol' %erson or artifa.onta.ons.t7 and in "hi.ra osh 2Shi#opasa!a3 a! also ha gra!te a &oo! that i! her !e*t &irth she woul get a so! worthy a! well #erse i! i#i!e k!owle ge like him$ So to %ul%il &oth these promises) <or Sripa e'i e to e! this i!'ar!atio! a! u! ergo samadhi66$ 7! Jura#pur he ha a large !um&er o% e#otees$ /e e'i e to lea 45 6arshan: Darshan is a $ans!rit term meanin# si#ht @in the sense of an instan.t and it is often an inte#ral %art of darshan( Children do to .t be.io sness in "hi.h the feet of a #reat # r or a form of )od @s . tomb is normall' .tin# and re.io s( .eivin# their #ra.tion for )od7 and )od develo%s affe.ribes a non-d alisti.io sness of the eB%erien.h the mind be.o ld have a HdarshanH of the deit' in the tem%le @at the #ross levelA or have a HdarshanH in that in"ard e'e of a li#ht or a"areness @at a s btle %laneA( $ darshan means a #lim%se of the HselfH( In India %eo%le travel h ndreds of !ilometres for the darshan7 the loo!7 of a hol' man or "oman be.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 13 _________________________________________________________________________________________ water$ The washerma! was simply um&%ou! e wat'hi!g this royal reti!ue$ /e kept thi!ki!g throughout the ay) E7 ha#e to struggle har ) &ut how %ortu!ate is this Ji!g to e!joy this li%e.haraOas%arshA is a sho" of res%e.e and blessin#s( HB' doin# darshan %ro%erl' a devotee develo%s affe.t( 4e . lt re7 the to .entratedAb t the %erson remains . My li%e is a total waste 'ompare to that o% this ki!g$ 7 am !ot sure what merits this ki!g ha#e a''umulate to e!joy this ki! o% happi!ess$A$ The 'ompassio!ate <or out your li%e$ Now you are ema!'ipatio! u!til you e!joy pleasures$ So tell me whether the !e*t li%eK A$ replie ) @Iou ha#e struggle %or your e*iste!'e through seiHe with the mo e o% passio!$ Iou 'a!!ot attai! all the happi!ess$ Iou will 'ertai!ly e!joy all the royal you woul like to e!joy these pleasures i! this li%e or i! The washer(ma! sai @Gh <or .e and devotion( The term is sed s%e.all' for beholdin# hi#hl' revered %eo%le "ith the intention of in"ardl' . 5here is this type o% happi!ess i! my esti!yK8 The washer(ma! was %ully e!grosse i! his thoughts) whe! <or Sripa Sri#alla&h arri#e there$ /owe#er) the washer(ma! i !ot !oti'e his arri#al u!til <or Sripa Sri#alla&h aske him what he was thi!ki!g so eeplyK /eari!g the wor s o% <or Sripa ) the washer(ma! was simply agitate a! sai @Gh <or .ons.ifi.h as *am or .onfer blessin#s( Conversel'7 loo!s of an#er or env' are "idel' feared( H6arshanH means $eein#7 derived from the root drshM Hto seeH To see "ith reveren.e "here a $ad# r ta!es J$amadhiI( In s .

sh"inI month as %er 8ind Calendar and C.sh"in .a ukasC6 o% <or Sripa Sri#alla&h$ In Datta-Samprayada48. 47 .tober or /ovember month as %er Gn#lish . this day is celebrated as Gurudwadashi with great devotion.rishna 6"adashi: The t"elfth da' of se. Even today.ond fortni#ht of the seventh J.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 25 _________________________________________________________________________________________ them all o! the path o% true e#otio! a! the! starte prepari!g %or his eparture$ /e sele'te a pla'e %or his sama hi a! o! Ash!in Krishna D!adashi6C ay) he we!t i!to li#e sama hi$ /is is'iples &uilt a tom& i! that pla'e a! i!stalle the .alendar 48 6atta-$am%rada'a: The tradition of -ord 6attatre' and his linea#e Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . devotees experience the Divine presence and grace of Lord ripad rivallabh.

.#e(H The ' #as are said to s .'.ll the %illars of reli#ion are %resent in totalit'( 6 rin# $at'a E #a7 all %eo%le en#a#e onl' in #ood7 s blime deeds( 55 Trish l: Trident( This is the "ea%on "ielded b' 8ind )od7 -ord $hiva( The three %oints are said to re%resent $hiva?s three as%e.rta E #a and .e in this era( .ali E #a7 a time of "i.eed ea. #oodness to r le s %reme( It is sometimes referred to as the H)olden . #ence the incarnation of Lord Dattatrey is eternal and everlasting.!is 'rotection( E#e! a%ter his sama hi) <or Sripa Sri#alla&h has ma!i%este himsel% a! per%orme ma!y mira'les$ There was a 9rahmi! !ame Valla&hesh %rom Jar!ataka State$ /e tra#elle a'ross #illages %or the sake o% his &usi!ess$ 5hate#er pro%it he ma e %rom his &usi!ess) he 'o!si ere it as &lessi!gs o% his 0uru a! spe! it to o%%er %oo to the 9rahmi!s a! other !ee y people$ G!'e he #owe that i% he gets a&u! a!t pro%it that year) he woul 'ele&rate a %esti#al %or three ays at the sama hi pla'e o% <or Sripa Sri#alla&h$ That year) Valla&hesh gai!e hu! re times more pro%it i! his &usi!ess$ /e thought o% goi!g to Jura#pur %or 'ele&rati!g the %esti#al a! gi#i!g a %east to the me! i'a!ts$ The !ews sprea i! the #illage o% Jura#pur$ There were three a'oits i! that #illage that pla!!e to loot Valla&hesh o! his way to the #illage$ 5he! Valla&hesh starte %or Jura#pur with all the material re?uire %or the %esti#al) the a'oits a''ompa!ie him i! isguise o% tra#ellers$ Valla&hesh truste these tra#ellers !ot k!owi!g their true i e!tity$ G! their lo!g jour!ey) whe! they halte at a pla'e) the a'oits 'ut o%% Valla&hesh8s hea a! we!t away with the loot$ At the time o% his eath) Valla&hesh ha me!tally re'ite the !ame o% <or Sripa Sri#alla&h$ <or Sripa ) who is worthy o% remem&ra!'e) ra! out to help his e#otee with his TrishulB0 a! Swor a! kille two a'oits$ The thir a'oit was a ki! perso!$ /e!'e <or Sripa pu%%e up some sa're ash through the thir a'oit o! Valla&hesh a! &rought him &a'k to li%e &e%ore isappeari!g$ 5he! Valla&hesh 'ame to li%e) the ki! a'oit tol him the real %a'ts$ /eari!g the true i!'i e!t Valla&hesh &e'ame #ery u!happy si!'e he i !ot get 43 $at'a E #a: The $at'a E #a7 also .no"led#e7 meditation7 and %enan.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 21 _________________________________________________________________________________________ &ternal Incarnation of Lord Dattatrey <or 4attatrey i!'ar!ate i! Satya )uga6D a! mai!tai!e that %orm eter!ally$ Similarly) <or Sripa Sri#alla&h) the rei!'ar!atio! o% <or 4attatrey mai!tai!e his 4i#i!e gra'e o! earth %ul%illi!g the wishes o% his e#otees e#e! a%ter taki!g sama hi$ <ater he rei!'ar!ate himsel% as <or Narasi!ha Saraswati$ The e#otees still e*perie!'e the i#i!e ma!i%estatio! o% this later i!'ar!atio!$ !he incarnation of Lord Dattatrey never ends..t $at'a E #a7 a de.reator7 destro'er and %rote.fter the %erfe.#e or GraA of Tr thH7 "hen h man!ind is #overned b' #ods7 and ever' manifestation or "or! is .omes the final and dar! .mon#st the fo r eras7 the $at'a E #a is the first and the most si#nifi.rita E #a is the HE #a @.h other almost endlessl'( .ant one( This era eBtends % to 177287555 'ears( .lose to the % rest ideal and man!ind "ill allo" intrinsi.ts .line mar!s the Treta E #a( 1 rther de. Valla hesh Brahmin .tor( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .ial im%ortan.!edness7 "hen man !ills man( .le a 6ivine Bein# is said to ta!e birth and reestablish ri#hteo sness7 th s be#innin# a ne" $at'a E #a( . "or the welfare of the devotees #e $anifests #i$self on any occasion and in any for$ to shower his Divine presence and grace.alled $at E #a7 .line brin#s abo t the 6"a%ara E #a7 and after it .t the end of the .e hold s%e.

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 22 _________________________________________________________________________________________ the 4i#i!e sight o% <or Sripa $ Thrille with this e*perie!'e o% 4i#i!e %a#our) he rea'he Jura#pur) 'ele&rate the %esti#al with great pomp a! ga#e a %east to all$ E#e! to ay) thousa! s o% Sri#alla&h$ e#otees e*perie!'e the 4i#i!e gra'e o% <or Sripa Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

s and s %erstrin# theor'7 "hi.!ed7havin# .e @The 6estro'er of GvilA7 sin.ordin# to $haivism7 $hiva is not merel' a destro'er b t %erforms five f n. .onsidered to be the destro'er of evil and sorro"( $hiva as $han!ara is the doer of #ood( $hiva is ?tri netra? @divine visionA7 and is ?neela !antha? @bl e ne. ) ar ha r i .-8.s @&ahadevaA7 the -ord of Boons @* draA7 and also the 9niversal 6ivinit' @&ahesvaraA($haivaites7 the "orshi%%ers of $hiva . 3bserving this strange pheno$enon. Lord Dattatrey hi$self had reincarnated again in this birth as '$ba2s child$ !he child. !he astrologer predicted that this child would grow up to have a special 6 uni7ue identity.e forms( $hiva is the #reatest of reno n.e is f ndamentall' .ers as "ell as the ideal lover( 8e destro's evil and %rote.teristi. !he child was na$ed as )arhari with great enthusias$$ 51 -ord $hiva: $hiva is a form of Ishvara or )od( $hiva is the s %reme )od in $haivism7 one of the ma+or bran.ts #ood( 8e besto"s %ros%erit' on "orshi%ers altho #h he is a stere( 8e is omni%resent and resides in ever'one as % re ..sA of <ra!rti @matterA namel' $atva7 *a+as7 and Tamas( $hiva is one of the Trim rti @i(e trinit'HA( In the Trim rti7 $hiva is the destro'er7 "hile Brahma is the .io s one( $hiva as * dra is .reator and destro'er( 8e is the oldest and the 'o n#est= he is the eternal 'o th as "ell as the infant( 8e is the so r.m @also Aum7 A is the most sa.+e i nca r na ti on of Lor d Da tta tr e y 7! Jara!ja!agar) Akola 4istri't) Maharashtra State) Am&ika %rom Jura#pur took re&irth i! a 9rahmi! %amily$ She was !ame as Am&a&ha#a!i with great a%%e'tio!$ 8Am&a8 &e'ame her !i'k!ame$ Si!'e early 'hil hoo she o&ser#e the religious #ow o% .h des.ra osh with great e#otio!$ In *anuary.ailash7 his traditional abode( $hiva is referred to as the #ood one or the a s%i..onsidered to be the %rimal so nd7 and be. !o fulfil these pro$ises Lord ripad rivallabh reincarnated as )arasinha araswati.a se it is .e%t of des.tions: 1( Creator7 2( <reserver7 3( 6estro'er7 4( 8idin# the sins7 and most im%ortantl'7 5( Blessin#( $hiva also ass mes man' other roles7 in.e .rdh narishvara is both man and "oman( 8e is both stati.l din# the -ord of . year +. haniwaar1 '$ba gave birth to a beautiful child.hara.onsider as the 9ltimate *ealit'( $hiva is s all' re%resented b' the $hiva lin#a @or lin#amA7 s all' de%i. year +.alled the H9d#ithaH or H%ranava mantraH @%rimordial mantraA7 be. m: .ontino s vibrator' so nd of Cm or .tion7 $hiva is vie"ed as a %ositive for.an also be fo nd in F ant m %h'si.e of 8is nameH or the < re Cne( That is7 $hiva is naffe.on.s7 it is %ro%osed that the manifested .a se most mantras be#in "ith it( In 8ind meta%h'si.ted b' the three # nas @. the horoscope of the child was developed.ons med the %oison 8alahala to save the "orld from destr .= both . instead of crying uttered the 3$(ar45 chant.e all eBisten.di $an!ara inter%rets the name $hiva meanin# HCne "ho % rifies ever'one b' the tteran.eti.er( $hiva as .reation follo"s destr .red s'llable in 8ind ism7 s'mboli>in# the infinite Brahman and the entire 9niverse( This s'llable is sometimes .osmos @from BrahmanA has name and form @nama-r %aA7 and that the .00.ons.tionA( $hiva as /atara+a is the 6ivine Cosmi. and d'nami.ra osh66$ At :>) she got marrie to a you!g ma! !ame Ma ha#$ Ma ha# resi e i! the same tow! a! was a lear!e perso!$ /e was also a e#otee o% /ord Shiva0"$ 9oth o% them o&ser#e the religious #ow o% .ons./ausha hu(la Dwiteeya. Lord ripad rivallabh had pro$ised a &rah$in wo$an na$ed '$bi(a that he would ta(e birth as her son.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 23 _________________________________________________________________________________________ )arasinha Saras*ati -The +eincarnation of Lord Dattatrey In %uravpur.io sness and bliss( 52 Cm!ar: The .ribe the niverse in terms of vibratin# fields or strin#s(A Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .io sness( $hiva is inse%arable from <arvati @also referred to as $ha!tiA7the da #hter of 8imavaan and 8aimavati( There is no $hiva "itho t $ha!ti and no $ha!ti "itho t $hiva=the t"o are one7 the absol te state of bein# .e of fertilit' in all livin# bein#s( 8e has #entle as "ell as fier.tion( 8o"ever7 a. !his is the second reincarnation of Lord Dattatrey.reator and 2ishn is the %reserver( Gven tho #h he re%resents destr .losest a%%roBimation to the name and form of the niverse is Cm7 sin.om%osed of vibration( @This .hes of 8ind ism( .la' mo nd "ith three hori>ontal stri%es on it( In anthro%omor%hised ima#es7 he is #enerall' re%resented as immersed in dee% meditation on &o nt . 6an.ribin# realit' as vibrations7 or rh'thmi. "aves7 . #e had also pro$ised a washer$an that he would $eet hi$ in his next life.ted as a .s.

e 54 *i#veda: The holiest 8ind $.e( )oddess )a'atri is also "orshi%%ed as the 8ind Trim rti .ation of the mantra7 the #oddess )a'atri is .eople i!#ite %or the 'eremo!y gossipe a&out how this um& &oy woul 'ha!t the *ayatri MantraB>K /is %ather taught him the sa're Ve i' hym!) &ut Narahari i !ot utter a wor $ /is pare!ts lost all hopes$ G!'e all the sa'ri%i'ial rituals were o#er) Narhari i! his as'eti' gar& stoo &e%ore his mother to re'ei#e alms a''or i!g to the tra itio!s$ As soo! as he re'ei#e alms %rom his mother) Narahari i!sta!tly starte utteri!g the 1igvedaB6$ 5he! he re'ei#e 53 )a'atri &antra: The )a'atri &antra is the most revered mantra in 8ind ism @se.e all the other three 2edas .onsort of the )od Brahma and also the %ersonifi.alled S-$itr.ts? in the hands of ea.ation of the all-%ervadin# <arabrahman7 the ltimate n.e of the )a'atri &antra is seen b' man'7 to be one7 if not the most %o"erf l "a's to attain )od( Cri#inall' the %ersonifi.h the most $ %reme form of eBisten.ent ries b' oral tradition( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .h is an eBam%le of the )a'atri meterA( $in.han#in# realit' that lies behind all %henomena( )a'atri 2eda &ata is seen b' man' 8ind s to be not + st a )oddess7 b t a %ortra'al of Brahman himself7 in the feminine form( Gssentiall'7 the )oddess is seen to .e the mantra is also .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 24 _________________________________________________________________________________________ 5he! Narhari was three mo!ths ol ) Am&a took him o! her lap to &reast%ee $ 9ut she %ou! that his hu!ger was !ot 'ompletely satis%ie with her &reast milk$ There%ore) she aske her hus&a! to arra!ge %or 'ow8s milk$ /eari!g these wor s o% his mother) Narhari so%tly tou'he the &reasts o% his mother a! mira'ulously) they were soo! o#er%lowi!g with milk$ As he grew) he was !ot a&le to speak a!ythi!g e*'ept utteri!g the EGmkar8 'ha!t$ /is pare!t8s ear!estly esire to hear his stammeri!g wor s$ Very o%te! they trie to speak to him e*pe'ti!g to hear his i! isti!'t wor s i! retur!) &ut he use to smile a! remai! ?uiet$ Iears passe a! Narhari always mai!tai!e his sile!'e$ /is mother Am&a &e'ame #ery !er#ous assumi!g that her so! Narhari might a'tually &e um&$ This thought ga#e her thro&&i!g me!tal pai!$ =!a&le to &ear the thought o% the possi&ility o% her So! &ei!g um&) she starte prayi!g %er#e!tly$ She was 'ompletely heart(&roke! with sorrow$ 7! the mea!while) Narhari o&ser#e his mother8s sorrow%ul state a! liste!e to her wor s as well$ The!) o!e %i!e ay Narahari we!t !ear his mother) wipe her tears a! tou'he a metalli' ute!sil kept i! a 'or!er) with his ha! $ 7! a! i!sta!t) the metalli' ute!sil tur!e i!to 0ol $ /is pare!ts realise that this &oy is !ot a 'ommo! &ei!g) &ut i! ee a superhuma!$ Iet) as a mother8s heart) Am&a was !ot satis%ie without liste!i!g to the sweet wor s o% her so!$ There%ore) Narahari 'o!#i!'e his mother a! ma e sig!s that he woul start talki!g a%ter his threa 'eremo!y$ Am&a &e'ame #ery happy whe! she u! erstoo the mea!i!g o% these sig!s a! 'arrie out his threa 'eremo!y with great pomp$ .( The )a'atri is seen as a 6ivine a"a!enin# of the mind and so l7 and "ithin it a "a' to rea.ontain m .tion as one omni%otent for.h material rearran#ed from the *i# 2eda7 the )a'atri mantra is fo nd in all the fo r 2edas( The deva invo!ed in this mantra is $avitar7 and hen.ombined as one P2ishn 7 Brahma and $hivaQ7 and the ima#e of her %ortra's her .e7 and the "a' to 9nion "ith Brahman( 9nderstandin#7 and % rel' lovin# the essen.h )od of the Trim rti7 s'mbolisin# the 6ivine .ombine all the %henomenal attrib tes of Brahman7 in.ri%t re( There are fo r 2edas-*i#veda7 Ea+ rveda7 $amaveda and .arr'in# all the ?ob+e.onsidered the veda mata7 the mother of all 2edas and the .ond onl' to the mantra CmA( It .onsists of the %refiB :om bhūr bh !a s!aha 7 a form la ta!en from the Ea+ rveda7 and the verse 3(62(15 of the *i#veda @"hi.reation7 %reservation and destr .l din# <ast7 <resent and 1 t re PBh h B8 vah $"ahQ as "ell as the 3 realms of eBisten.tharvaveda( It is one of the "orld?s oldest reli#io s teBts( It "as %reserved over the .

i%le of a # r is .e of findin# a # r "ho .hela( Cften7 a # r lives in an ashram or in a # r ! la @the # r ?s ho seholdA to#ether "ith his dis.no"led#e to 'o ( @Bha#avad )RtN7 . lar messa#e7 is !no"n as the # r %aram%ara or dis.F ire the trans..i%le relationshi%( In the )ita itself7 .herA and sat% r sha( The dis.rishna s%ea!s of the im%ortan.endental !no"led#e @vid'NA is one of the tenets of 8ind ism( Cne of the main 8ind teBts7 the Bha#avad )ita7 is a dialo# e bet"een )od in the form of .e7 b' sin.han#eabl' "ith Hsat# r H @literall': tr e tea.ome +ivanm !ta7 the liberated so l able to a.hieve salvation in his or her lifetime thro #h )od-reali>ation( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .r+ na a nobleman( /ot onl' does their dialo# e o tlines man' of the ideals of 8ind ism7 b t the dis.arr' on that # r ?s %arti.e%tor( The im%ortan. ssion and relationshi% bet"een the t"o . s .r+ na: .i%li.i%les( The linea#e of a # r 7 s%read b' "orth' dis.i%le to be.onsidered to be an eB%ression of the ideal ) r Kdis.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 25 _________________________________________________________________________________________ alms %or the se'o! time) Narahari starte utteri!g Iajur#e a a! o! re'eipt o% the thir set o% alms) he starte re'iti!g sama#e a$ /is pare!ts were o#erjoye $ All the people prese!t i! the 'eremo!y were asto!ishe with this mira'le a! starte glori%yi!g Narhari with shouts o% #i'tory$ G!'e the threa 'eremo!y was o#er) Narahari spoke to his mother @As per religious pra'ti'e) a%ter the threa 'eremo!y o!e has to go to EJashi8 29a!aras3 %or religious stu ies$ Now 7 ha#e to re! er ser#i'e to my *uruBB a! the! &eg %or alms$ /e!'e please permit me to go to 9a!arasA$ Mother Am&a was %ully grie% stri'ke! a%ter heari!g this$ She sai ) @So!) 7 was eagerly waiti!g si!'e a lo!g time to hear you speak$ To ay 7 %elt mysel% &lesse &y heari!g the Ve as %rom you$ =! er this 'ir'umsta!'e) how 'a! you thi!k o% goi!g to 9a!arasK Iou are our o!ly so!$ 7% you go to 9a!aras) who will look a%ter us i! this ol ageKA She starte 'ryi!g$ 7!stilli!g 'o!%i e!'e i! her) Narahari sai ) @Mother) 7 am !ot &or! %or househol e!ta!gleme!t$ 7 ha#e to 'arry o! the missio! %or whi'h 7 ha#e take! &irth$ Iou shoul 'o!ti!ue to o&ser#e the religious #ow o% $radosh## a! you will &e &lesse with %our more so!s to look a%ter &oth o% youA$ The! Narahari pla'e his ha! o! his mother8s hea a! sai ) @Jeep this as a se'ret$ 4o !ot i#ulge it to a!yo!eA$ So sayi!g Narahari &lesse her with 4i#i!e 0ra'e a! soo! mother Am&a remem&ere e#erythi!g a&out her pre#ious &irth$ 5he! this remem&ra!'e o% the past &irth slowly imi!ishe ) she regai!e hersel% a! was agai! o#er'ome &y motherly a%%e'tio!$ The! she realise that Narahari is i! ee the rei!'ar!atio! o% <or Sripa Sri#alla&h a! was &e!t o! a''epti!g as'eti'ism$ So she praye to him) @5ait u!til 7 get a se'o! so! a! the! 7 shall permit you to go to 9a!arasA$ Narahari replie ) @why o!eK 7 shall wait u!til you ha#e two so!s$ Are you happy !owKA 5ithi! a year) mother Am&a ga#e &irth to twi! so!s$ A%ter three mo!ths) Narahari spoke to his pare!ts) @9oth your so!s are &lesse with lo!g li%e$ Iou woul get two more so!s a! a aughter$ So !ow permit me to go o! my missio!$ Now 7 am goi!g to 9a rika %orest a! a%ter a perio o% thirty years) 7 will 'ome &a'k here to meet youA$ So sayi!g Narahari took &lessi!gs %rom his pare!ts a! starte o! a lo!g pilgrimage$ 55 ) r : <re.4 s34A In the sense mentioned above7 # r is sed more or less inter.endental !no"led#e from a $elf-reali>ed master b' h mble reveren.i%les "ho .e of findin# a # r to .e( The "ise ones "ho have reali>ed the Tr th "ill im%art the .rishna and ..ession( The # r is the one "ho # ides his or her dis.alled a sish'a or .an im%art trans.ere inF ir'7 and b' servi.

h %rimaril' dis.ri%t res "hi.a%ila7 2amana7 Bhar#ava7 2ar na7 .on.es li!e .e the' fo. s on an.e7 and th s !no"n as 2edNnta @Hthe end of the 2edasHA( 57 < ranas: The 'uranas @$ans!rit7 % rNnS Han.e%ts li!e dharma7 !arma7 rein. or s%irit al inter%retations on the 2edas7 their % tative end and essen. ss varied to%i.hronolo#ies of histori.e of the 2edas to the .all' meant not for the s.lahabad in 9ttar <radesh Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .ommon man7 and the < ranas "ere basi. ss meditation and %hiloso%h' and are seen as reli#io s instr .ordin# to tradition the < ranas "ere "ritten b' 2'asa at the end of 6va%ara E #a( Cne of the main ob+e.arnation and man' others( The sa#e 2'asa is .hin#s b' "a' of %arables7 alle#ories7 stories7 le#ends7 life stories of !in#s and other %rominent %ersons7 and .tives of the < ranas "as to ma!e available the essen.. rrent a#e he has been identified and named .e of Indian reli#ions @8ind ism7:ainism7and B dhismA is b ilt on the stron# fo ndation of the 9%anishads( The 9%anishads are m'sti.al treatises that a%%ear "ithin 2edas( The 0panishads are %art of the 8ind $hr ti s.s li!e devotion to )od in his vario s as%e.osmolo#'7 .rishna 6vai%a'ana7 the son of the sa#e <arashara(..i%les of 8ind ism in a sim%le "a'( < ranas are named after the three main forms of Brahman: Brahma7 the Creator= 2ishn 7 the <rote.ientH7 sin.holars b t for the ordinar' man( The' brin# forth the 2edi.redited "ith ..ts7 traditional s.%art from the above mentioned ei#hteen ma+or < ranas7 there are an eF al n mber of s bsidiar' < ranas7 .tor of -ife and 8 manit'= and $hiva7 the 6estro'er( Brahma < ranas: Brahma < rana7 Brahmanda < rana7 Brahma 2aivarta < rana7 &ar!ande'a < rana7 Bhavish'a < rana7 2amana < rana( 2ishn < ranas: @8arivanshA 2ishn < rana7 Bha#avata < rana7 /arade'a < rana7 )ar da < rana7 <adma < rana7 2araha < rana( $hiva < ranas: $hiva < rana7 2a' % rana7 -in#a < rana7 $!anda < rana7 .ien.om%ilation of < ranas from a#e @' #aA to a#e7 and for the .#ni < rana7 &ats'a < rana7 . rma % rana( .' rveda7 :'otish7 .tions b' most forms of 8ind ism( The ver' edifi. !no"led#e and tea.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 26 _________________________________________________________________________________________ )arhari/s Asceticism Narhari rea'he 9a rika Forest) per%orme eep pe!a!'e a! the! 'ame to 9a!aras 2Jashi) Vara!asi3$ 5hile i! 9a!aras) he starte pra'tisi!g e#otio!) worship a! me itatio!$ /e mai!tai!e himsel% &y 'olle'ti!g alms$ 7! a itio!) Narahari gai!e so mu'h e*pertise i! Vedas) 2(anishad&B6 a! $uranasBC that e#e! the emi!e!t lear!e me! o% 9a!aras starte respe'ti!g him %or his 'ali&re$ Though he was #ery you!g the lear!e me! treate him as a se!ior most as'eti'$ 7! 9a!aras) there was a! el erly 0uru !ame Jrish!a(Saraswati$ /e i!itiate Narhari a''or i!g to rites pres'ri&e &y the s'riptures$ A%ter his i!itiatio!) you!g Narahari &e'ame the super as'eti') Sri Narasi!ha Saraswati$ /e i!itiate major a'ti#ities %or the upli%tme!t o% religio! a! the wel%are o% ma!ki! i! 9a!aras$ Sri Narasi!ha Saraswati starte %or his pilgrimage a%ter taki!g the ki! permissio! a! &lessi!gs %rom his 0uru$ A%ter stayi!g i! adrikavanB+ %or some time) he 'ame to the Sa!gama 2Cal'utta3 a! wa! eri!g arou! he rea'he $rayagBD$ There he 'ame a'ross a worthy is'iple) Ma ha#$ 9oth wa! ere together a! later) Sri Narasi!ha Saraswati Swamiji 2i$e$ Sriguru3 i!itiate Ma ha#$ /e !ame him as Ma ha# Saraswati$ Ma ha# &e'ame the %a#ourite is'iple o% Sriguru$ Sriguru the! we!t alo!g with his se#e! is'iples o! pilgrimage a! tra#elle through all the holy pla'es i! the 'ou!try) 9harat$ 7t was !eari!g thirty years si!'e he ha le%t home$ /e!'e Sriguru thought o% retur!i!g to his !ati#e pla'e a! meet his pare!ts as promise $ 56 9%anishad: 158 <hiloso%hi.alled 9%a% ranas( The' are: $anat! mara7 /arasimha7 Brihannaradi'a7 $ivarahas'a7 6 rvasa7 .ri%t res dis.ient histor' of the niverseA are %art of 8ind $mriti= these reli#io s s.al events( The < ranas nfold the %rin.ali!a7 $amba7 /andi7 $ r'a7 <arasara7 2asishtha7 6evi-Bha#avata7 )anesa and 8amsa( 58 53 Badri!avan: Badri!a 1orest <ra'a#: /e" name .

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 27 _________________________________________________________________________________________ 1eetin# 'arents G!e ay early i! the mor!i!g Sriguru60 rea'he Jora!g!agar i! Akola 4istri't) Maharashtra a! u!e*pe'te ly stoo i! the 'ourtyar o% his home$ /is pare!ts always remem&ere their so! Narhari si!'e he ha le%t home) &ut they were !ot a&le to re'og!ise the as'eti' Sriguru who 'ame a! stoo i! their 'ourtyar $ /owe#er) whe! they i re'og!ise him) e#eryo!e %rom the house 'ame %or his &lessi!gs a! worshippe him$ 5or sprea arou! a! the #illagers starte to 'ome i! %or the &lessi!gs o% Sriguru$ From withi! this 'row ) his sister 1at!a appeare a! stoo &e%ore him$ She was seei!g her &rother %or the %irst time$ Sriguru realiHe that she esire to talk to him$ 1at!a lai hersel% ow! at his %eet a! sai ) @7 woul also like to o pe!a!'e a! get mysel% eeply i!#ol#e i! e#otio!A$ Sriguru a!swere )@G%%eri!g ser#i'e to o!e8s hus&a! is the prime sa're uty %or a woma!$ That itsel% is the real path to sal#atio!A$ 1at!a aske him) @5hat are all the happe!i!gs that woul take pla'e i! my li%eKA Sriguru the! replie ) @7! your past &irth) you se#erely &eat up a 'ow a! 'reate ?uarrels i! your %amily &y sla! eri!g$ /e!'e !ow your hus&a! woul ?uarrel with you i! this li%e a! &e'ome a! as'eti'$ Iou will su%%er %rom white leprosy marks o! your &o y) whi'h woul gi#e you a lot o% pai!$ 9ut goi!g through all these su%%eri!gs will wash away all your si!s$ Iou will the! get my 4i#i!e &lessi!gs whe! you meet me i! *anaga(ur6:A$ A !um&er o% people %rom the #illage i!#ite Sriguru to their homes %or a''epti!g alms$ Sriguru i !ot wa!t to tur! a!yo!e ow! %or it might hurt their %eeli!gs$ There%ore) he a''epte e#eryo!e8s i!#itatio!$ /e the! #isite e#eryo!e8s home at the same time) as promise ) i! i%%ere!t %orms a! a''epte their worship a! alms$ 5he! people realiHe the %a't that Sriguru was prese!t i! all their houses at the same i!sta!t) they were all simply sho'ke with this mira'le$ Ascetic 1adha$aranya Ne*t ay) Sriguru &i %arewell to e#eryo!e a! le%t his home$ From Jara!ja) he we!t to Tryam&akeshwar 2Nashik 4istri't3 a! e#e!tually we!t to Nashik 2Maharashtra3$ A%ter spe! i!g a !ight i! Nashik) he we!t to Ma!jarika #illage lo'ate o! the &a!ks o% 1i#er 0o a#ari$ A! as'eti' !ame Ma ha#ara!ya staye i! Ma!jarika$ /e was a great e#otee o% Sriguru Narasi!ha Saraswati$ /e was e!tirely a&sor&e i! me itatio! a! si!gi!g hym!s praisi!g his tutelary deity62& Narasi!ha Saraswati$ <or Narasi!ha Saraswati ha &lesse him with 4i#i!e Visio! i! his me itatio!$ Very o%te! he woul see him i! the %orm o% a 4i#i!e as'eti') &ut Ma ha#ara!ya wa!te to see him ma!i%este i! the %orm o% a eity with attri&utes$ The ay whe! Sriguru rea'he Ma!jarika #illage) Ma ha#ara!ya ha the 4i#i!e sight o% <or Narasi!ha Saraswati i! his me itatio!$ Ma ha#ara!ya was 'o!%use with these two %orms$ /owe#er) his 'o!%usio! was resol#e #ery soo! whe! he saw his eity Narasi!ha Saraswati getti!g merge i!to the %orm o% the 4i#i!e as'eti'$ At that #ery mome!t) Sriguru ma!i%este himsel% i! his prese!'e a! a!!ou!'e @Sriguru 4e# attaA i! a 'o!ti!uous eep sou! i!g 'ha!t$ 65 61 $ri# r : @-ordA $ri /arasinha $aras"ati )ana#a% r: In ) lbar#a7 . tutelary s%irit is a #od7 "ho serves as the # ardian or "at.arnata! $tate( 62 T telar' 6eit': . lar site7 %erson7 or nation( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .her over a %arti.

lassifi.e%t of %atrilineal .ation of vario s families of a .er Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 28 _________________________________________________________________________________________ 5he! Ma ha#ara!ya ope!e his eyes he saw the same 4i#i!e as'eti' who ha 'ame i! his #isio! uri!g me itatio!$ /e %elt 'o!te!te $ Sriguru tol him that <or Narasi!ha Saraswati was highly please with him a! he woul soo! &e &lesse with the 4i#i!e sight o% the <or $ Brahmin prompted for committin# suicide From Ma!jarika #illage) Sriguru60 we!t ahea to a!other #illage !ame EVasar 9rahmeshwar8 also lo'ate o! the &a!ks o% ri#er 0o a#ari$ /e was a''ompa!ie with his is'iples$ Early o!e mor!i!g whe! Sriguru was &athi!g i! the ri#er) he hear some !oises i! the ri#er&a!k$ A 9rahmi! was mo#i!g restlessly) just like a %ish out o% water a! s'reami!g lou ly$ 7t seeme like he was e*perie!'i!g se#ere pai!$ 7! spite o% the pai!) he ha tie a &ig sto!e o! his &a'k a! was a&out to row! himsel% i! the ri#er$ Sriguru aske his is'iples to &ri!g the 9rahmi! to him$ The mi le(age 9rahmi! starte 'o!#ersi!g with the is'iples$ /e sai ) @5hy are you stoppi!g meK 7 am u!a&le to &ear this a'ute stoma'h pai!$ G!ly eath 'a! relie#e me %rom su'h a pai!$ 7 ha#e trie all reme ies$ 7% 7 eat ri'e) it tur!s out like poiso! i! my stoma'h$ 7 o!8t k!ow what si!s 7 ha#e 'ommitte i! my past li%e to u! ergo su'h ea ly pai!A$ 7g!ori!g e#erythi!g he sai ) the is'iples 'aught hol o% him a! &rought him to Sriguru$ The 9rahmi! the! tol Sriguru) @For the last te! years) 7 ha#e &ee! su%%eri!g %rom a'ute stoma'h pai!$ So) please permit me to 'ommit sui'i eA$ Sriguru spoke @4o you %eel that 'ommitti!g sui'i e woul 'ha!ge your esti!y a! wipe out your su%%eri!gsK G! the 'o!trary) 'ommitti!g sui'i e woul a to your si!s a! i!'rease the su%%eri!gs i! your !e*t li%e$ Take %or gra!te that you ha#e alrea y e! ure %or the si!s o% your past li%e a! you will get my &lessi!gs$ 9e assure that you will &e 'ure o% your a'ute stoma'h pai! with imme iate e%%e't$ To ay 7 will %ee you with #ery eli'ious %oo A$ At the same time a! o%%i'er o% that #illage was goi!g i! the ri#er to take &ath$ As soo! as he saw Sriguru) he o%%ere his o&eisa!'e a! e*presse his esire to o%%er some e#otio!al ser#i'e$ The o%%i'er was a 9rahmi! o% Jou i!ya *otra6> %rom Apastam&h &ra!'h$ /is !ame was Sayam eo$ /e sai ) @7 am worki!g %or a Ia#a!66 Subhedar6BA$ 7 am #ery %ortu!ate to get your &lessi!gs a! he!'e 7 pray %or your ki! gra'e to allow me to o%%er my e#otio!al ser#i'e to youA$ Sriguru poi!te at the si'k 9rahmi! a! spoke to Sayam eo @Take this 9rahmi! su%%eri!g %rom a'ute stoma'h pai! to your house a! %ee him eli'ious %oo u!til he is satis%ie A$ The! Sayam eo praye to Sriguru) @Ji! ly &less my house with your 4i#i!e prese!'e alo!g with your is'iples a! a''ept my almsA$ Sriguru gra'e%ully a''epte Sayam eo8s re?uest$ That same a%ter!oo! Sriguru Sayam eo8s house with his #isit$ Sayam eo a! his wi%e wel'ome Sriguru with gra'e 63 )otra: -inea#e( ?)otra? ma' be defined as a .aste( 64 Eavan: & slim 65 $ bedar: Cffi.ation and identifi.on.

arali Vaija!athA$ 9y the!) Sriguru8s %ame ha sprea e#erywhere$ A large !um&er o% people starte #isiti!g him to pay their o&eisa!'e$ 7t &e'ame i%%i'ult %or Sriguru to 'arry o! his worship or me itatio!$ There%ore Sriguru or ere all his is'iples to pro'ee o! pilgrimage a! he e'i e to %i! a solitary pla'e %or himsel% a! li#e i! solitu e$ So %i!ally he le%t @.onstit ents in "orshi%%in# a deit'7 the' are:.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 23 _________________________________________________________________________________________ great e#otio! a! worshippe him i! shodasho(a'har 66 way &y seati!g him o! a sil#er &e!'h$ E#eryo!e prese!t was satis%ie $ The si'k 9rahmi! was also satis%ie as he 'oul e!joy the eli'ious %oo a%ter a perio o% !early te! years$ 'rotection to Sayamdeo Sayam eo the! prostrate at the %eet o% Sriguru %or his &lessi!gs$ Se!si!g his e#otio!) Sriguru &lesse him a! sai ) @Iou are %ully e#ote to me a! he!'e you will get %ree om %rom all a!*ietiesA$ Sriguru the! retur!e &a'k to his origi!al pla'e$ Arou! su!set) Sayam eo re'ei#e a 'all %rom his )avan Subhedar$ Sayam eo &e'ame #ery !er#ous si!'e it was k!ow! that the 'ruel Su&he ar wa!te to kill a 9rahmi!$ There%ore) this 'all mea!t eath %or Sayam eo$ Cou!ti!g the last mome!ts o% his li%e) Sayam eo summo!e u!to Sriguru throughout the !ight$ 7! the mor!i!g) he approa'he Sriguru a! ga#e him all the etails$ <iste!i!g to his story) Sriguru sai ) @Iou are my e#otee$ No&o y 'a! kill my e#otee$ 0o a! u! ou&te ly meet the Su&he ar$ 7 shall wait here u!til you retur!A$ Sayam eo retur!e home a%ter getti!g this assura!'e %rom Sriguru$ Ne*t mor!i!g he we!t to meet the Su&he ar$ /e was a &it late a! there%ore the Su&he ar ha &e'ome i!sa!e out o% a!ger$ /e ha alrea y starte throwi!g a&uses at Sayam eo$ As soo! as he saw Sayam eo) he we!t ahea to kill him$ 9ut su e!ly he shra!k ue to %ear a! retur!e to his room$ /is whole &o y was u! ergoi!g a &ur!i!g se!satio!$ There was se#ere pai! i! his 'hest$ /e %elt as i% a 9rahmi! was 'utti!g his %lesh) i!'h &y i!'h$ 5he! he remem&ere Sayam eo) he 'ame out o% the room staggeri!g a! still i! pai!$ Sayam eo was sta! i!g outsi e) thi!ki!g L prayi!g to Sriguru$ The Su&he ar %ell ow! at Sayam eo8s %eet a! sai ) @7 re?uest %or your shelter$ ...lease prote't me$ 7t was a &ig mistake 'alli!g you here$ .lease %orgi#e meA$ The! the Su&he ar we!t i!si e the room a! 'ame out with a !e'kla'e o% jewels) gol 'oi!s a! ga#e them to Sayam eo as a gi%t a! re?ueste him to go home$ Sayam eo le%t %rom the Su&he ar8s pla'e a! we!t ire'tly to Sriguru$ AmaHe with the ki! gra'e o% Sriguru) he prostrate at his %eet$ Seei!g his %aith) Sriguru tol him) @Always mai!tai! this stro!g e#otio!A$ Sayam eo praye to Sriguru @7 wa!t to o%%er my ser#i'es at your %eet$ 7 pray that you take me alo!g with youA$ The! Sriguru sai ) @Stay here %or !ow$ A%ter %i%tee! years) you will &e a&le to get my 4i#i!e gra'eA$ Thus &lessi!g him) Sriguru we!t ahea to 'o!ti!ue o! his pilgrimage$ Further) he rea'he @.sana7 <ad'a7 .hamana7 $nana7 2astra7 Eadna'o%a"eet7 )andha7 < sh%a7 6hoo%7 6ee%a7 /aived'a7 6a!shina7 <rada!shina7 &antra7 < sh%a( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .arali Vaija!athA to 'o!ti!ue his worship a! me itatio!$ 66 $hodasho%a.or%orates 16 different ."ahana7 .har: 2er' Glaborate "a' of "orshi%%in# a deit'( It in.r#h'a7 .

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth



The Brahmin/s dull son
7! 9hilwa i Village 2Sa!gli) Maharashtra3) lo'ate o! ri#er Jrish!a) there is a temple o% 0o ess 9hu#a!eshwari$ Sriguru passe %our mo!ths o% Chaturmas6C u! er a! Audumber6+ tree o! the wester! &a!k o% this ri#er$ There was a! ol 9rahmi! who staye i! Jolhapur) Maharashtra a! was well #erse i! the Ve as a! the Shastras$ A so! was &or! to him at this ol age) &ut his so! was a ullar &y &irth$ 9oth the pare!ts were so istresse with the u! e#elope me!tal state o% their so! that they ie out o% sho'k$ The &oy &e'ame a! orpha! a! starte wa! eri!g %rom pla'e to pla'e$ The 9rahmi!s i! the #illage per%orme his threa 'eremo!y) so that he woul &e a&le to mai!tai! himsel% &y 'olle'ti!g alms$ They also thought this might i!%use some 'ommo! se!se a! u! ersta! i!g i! him$ =!%ortu!ately) there was !o 'ha!ge i! the &oy8s 'o! itio!$ There was !o impro#eme!t i! his ull!ess$ E#eryo!e 'e!sure a! espise him where#er he we!t$ /e was so mu'h ashame that he le%t the #illage a! wa! ere a&out u!til he %i!ally rea'he 9hilwa i #illage where the temple o% 0o ess 9hu#a!eshwari is lo'ate $ /e e!tere the temple) sat i! %ro!t o% the 0o ess a! praye 'o!ti!uously %or three ays without a!y %oo a! water$ Gut o% repe!ta!'e he 'ut his to!gue) o%%ere it to the 0o ess a! sai @Mother) i% you o !ot gi#e me your 84arsha!8 a! li&erate me %rom this pai!) 7 shall 'ut my hea as a! o%%eri!g at your %eetA$ At !ight) the 0o ess appeare i! his ream a! sai @5ake up$ G!e has to e! ure the si!s o% o!e8s past &irth$ 7 'a!!ot 'ha!ge the %ate o% a perso!$ G!ly a Sadguru6D 'a! o it$ Iou will %i! su'h a 0uru o! the other si e o% the ri#er u! er a! Au um&er tree$ .lease go to himA$ The 9rahmi! &oy we!t to the other si e o% the ri#er a! saw Sriguru seate u! er a! Au um&er tree) a&sor&e i! eep me itatio!$ /e prostrate himsel% at the %eet o% Sriguru$ Sriguru ope!e his eyes a! looke at him$ 9ut &e'ause his to!gue was se#ere ) the &oy 'oul !ot speak$ /e showe his ope! mouth to Sriguru a! the! starte 'ryi!g lou ly$ The e#er('ompassio!ate Sriguru mo#e his ha! o! the &oy8s &a'k a! lo; The &oy8s to!gue was restore mira'ulously$ The &oy while 'ryi!g praye to Sriguru @9less me with i!tellige!'e a! k!owle geA$ The 'ompassio!ate Sriguru &lesse the &oy agai! a! there was a se'o! mira'le$ The &oy was e! owe with i!tellige!'e a! k!owle ge$ /e starte utteri!g the 8Ve as8$ 5he! people 'ame to k!ow a&out this mira'le) they glori%ie Sriguru with joy$


Chat rmas: <eriod of fo r months ,overed bet"een .shadha $h ddha G!adashi to ;arti! $h ddha G!adashi as %er 8ind ,alendar and : l' to /ovember as %er Gn#lish ,alendar
68 63

. d mbar: )lomero s 1i# tree( .l"a's asso,iated "ith -ord 6attatre'a( .lso !no"n as 9d mbar Tree( $ad# r : Sad#uru means tr e # r @$ans!rit: satMtr eA7 literall': tr e tea,her( The title means that his st dents have faith that the # r ,an be tr sted and "ill lead them to mo!sha7 enli#htenment or inner %ea,e( It is based on a lon# line of 8ind %hiloso%hi,al nderstandin#s of the im%ortan,e of !no"led#e and that the tea,her7 # r 7 is the sa,red ,ond it to selfreali>ation( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth



At the confluence ,f 2rishna - 'anch#an#a +i$er
4ue to this e#e!t) Sriguru8s %ame sprea e#erywhere$ Throughout the ay) people #isite him to pay o&eisa!'e a! !arrate their i%%i'ulties$ This agai! starte 'reati!g a istur&a!'e i! Sriguru8s me itatio!$ There%ore) o!e ay he le%t the pla'e ?uietly a! wa! ere u!til he rea'he Narsi!hawa i #illage at the 'o!%lue!'e o% the two ri#ers ( Jrish!a a! .a!'hga!ga$ The .a!'hga!ga 'o!sists o% %i#e ri#ers #iH$ Shi#a) 9ha ra) 9hoga#ati) Jum&hi) a! Saraswati$ There was a e!se %orest surrou! i!g this 'o!%lue!'e a! he!'e Sriguru e'i e to sit u! er a! Au um&ar tree %or me itatio!$ This pla'e is lo'ate o! the wester! &a!k o% ri#er Jrish!a$ 7! %ro!t o% this pla'e) o! the easter! &a!k o% the ri#er) there is a holy pla'e 'alle Amarapur 2Aurwa 3$ A temple o% <or Jashi Vish#eshwar is lo'ate i! this holy pla'e$ Si*ty(%our )oginisC0 resi e i! this lo'atio!$ Sriguru staye o! the wester! &a!k u! er the Au um&ar tree a! e#ery a%ter!oo! he woul 'ross the ri#er to Amarapur) take &lessi!gs %rom <or Amareshwar 2Jashi Vish#eshwar3) 'olle't alms i! the #illage a! retur! to his a&o e o! the wester! &a!k o% the ri#er$

De$otee of Amarapur 3a$oured
A poor 9rahmi! li#e i! Amarapur$ /e was a great e#otee o% <or 4attatreya$ /owe#er) ue to po#erty it was e*tremely i%%i'ult %or him to make e! s meet$ 7! Amarapur he mai!tai!e himsel% &y 'olle'ti!g alms %rom people$ A large amou!t o% &ea!(po 'reepers ha grow! i! his 'ourtyar $ The ays whe! he i !ot get a!y alms) his %amily woul sur#i#e eati!g 'ooke &ea!(po s$ G!e ay) Sriguru su e!ly 'ame a! stoo at the 9rahmi!8s oorstep$ The 9rahmi! wel'ome him with e#otio!$ =!%ortu!ately he ha !o %oo a#aila&le i! his home that ay$ So the 9rahmi! o%%ere Sriguru 'ooke &ea!s a! praye %or %orgi#e!ess$ Sriguru was %ully satis%ie with the 9rahmi!s e#otio! a! sai ) @Take %or gra!te that %rom to ay o!war s your po#erty has isappeare A$ A%ter sayi!g so) Sriguru le%t the house$ The &ea! po 'reeper ha grow! so thi'k i! the 'ourtyar that o!e ha to &e! his hea to 'ross the 'ourtyar $ Sriguru estroye that thi'kly grow! 'reeper with his ow! ha! s$ 5he! the mea!s o% their li#elihoo was estroye ) the 9rahma!iCB a! her 'hil re! starte 'ryi!g lou ly$ They starte reproa'hi!g Sriguru$ /owe#er) the 9rahmi! was #ery se!si&le$ /e sai ) @G!e shoul &e satis%ie with whate#er that is a#aila&le$ Sriguru is om!is'ie!t$ There is 'ertai!ly some reaso! %or him to estroy the &ea! 'reepers$A The! the 9rahmi! starte getti!g ri o% the &roke! 'reepers$ /e starte iggi!g to uproot the 'reepers$ As he ug with his a*e) there was a sou! like striki!g metal$ 5he! the 9rahmi! use more %or'e a! ug up) he saw a &ig #essel lyi!g at the root o% the 'reeper$ /e %ou! that the metalli' #essel was %ille with gol 'oi!s$ The 9rahmi!8s

Eo#inis: Its literal meanin# is a demoness or a sor,eress( The "ord is sed to refer to advan,ed female 'o#a %ra,titioners( In a "ider and #eneral ,onteBt7 a 'o#ini is believed to be "omen "ho %ossess s %ernat ral %o"ers( 6 rin# 6 r#aIs battles "ith the demons @as rsA ei#ht 'o#inis are des,ribed "ho emanated from the bod' of 6 r#a7 and the' assisted her in the battle7 -ater7 the n mber of Eo#inis in,reased to siBt'-fo r( .ll these 'o#inis re%resented for,es of ve#etation and fertilit'7 illness and death7 Eo#a and ma#i,( .ll 'o#ins are "orshi%%ed ,olle,tivel' and to#ether7 ea,h one is enshrined in an individ al %osition in a ,ir, lar tem%le o%en to the s!'( Cne of the most im%ressive 'o#ini tem%les is the 3th ,ent r' Cha nsath 'o#ini @siBt'-fo r 'o#iniA tem%le is lo,ated at 8ira% r7 Bh baneshvar distri,t7 Crissa( Cther t"o im%ortant 'o#ini tem%les are the 15th ,ent r' mon ments at ;ha+ raho7 near Chhattar% r and Bhera#hat7 near :abal% r7 both in &adh'a <radesh(

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A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth



po#erty isappeare perma!e!tly$ The whole %amily approa'he Sriguru$ They praye %or %orgi#e!ess$ Sriguru was please a! sai to them) @9e happy !ow$ 0o ess <a*mi 20o ess o% wealth3 has arri#e i! your house$ 9ut o!8t talk a&out this i!'i e!t with a!yo!e) &e'ause 7 wa!t to remai! i! this pla'e with pea'e o% mi! A$ E#e! to ay i! Amarapur 2Aurwa 3 o!e 'a! %i! the %amily li!eage o% this 9rahmi!$ There is !ow a temple &uilt i! pla'e o% the 'reepers i! the 'ourtyar $

Audum ar Tree
riguru had $ade his residence under an 'udu$bar tree in front of 'urwad .'$arapur1 on the confluence of %rishna8/anchaganga 9ivers. 'udu$bar is a holy tree. 's per $ythology, Lord :ishnu had ta(en avatar-+ of )arasi$ha-5 and tore out the sto$ach of De$on #iranya(ashyapu, /ralhad2s father, using his nails to protect his devotee /ralhad. 's a result there was severe burning sensation in )arasi$ha2s nails. !his burning sensation was cured using the fruits of an 'udu$bar tree. #ence Lord :ishnu had blessed the 'udu$bar tree that worshipping this tree would was one2s sins away. riguru had $ade his residence under such a tree. #ence wherever Lord Dattatrey dwells, there is always an 'udu$bar tree and wherever there is an 'udu$bar tree, there always dwells Lord Dattatrey.

4o#inees of Amaresh*ar
Si*ty(%our Iogi!ees li#e i! %ro!t o% Amareshwar at the 'o!%lue!'e o% ri#ers krish!a(.a!'haga!ga$ E#ery a%ter!oo! these Iogi!ees 'ame out o% the ri#er to pay their o&eisa!'e to Sriguru$ They &owe their hea s at the %eet o% Sriguru a! o%%ere %lower garla! s$ They woul take him %rom his hermitage with great e#otio! to worship him o%%er him alms$ They %ollowe this routi!e e#ery ay$


.vatar: .n a$atar most ,ommonl' refers to the in,arnation @bodil' manifestationA of a hi#her bein# @devaA7 or the $ %reme Bein# @)odA onto %lanet Garth( It s all' im%lies a deliberate des,ent into lo"er realms of eBisten,e for s%e,ial % r%oses(

/arasimha: 8alf &an-8alf -ion .vatar of -ord 2ishn ( In a %revio s avatar7 @2arahaA7 2ishn !illed the ra!shasa 8iran'a!sha( 8iran'a!sha?s brother 8iran'a!ashi% 7 #reatl' an#ered b' this7 starts to abhor -ord 2ishn and 8is follo"ers( 1 rther7 he de,ides to % t an end to 2ishn b' #ainin# ma#i,al %o"ers b' %erformin# a %enan,e for Brahma( Brahma7 %leased "ith his to #h %enan,e7 a%%ears before him and a#rees to #rant a boon( 8iran'a!ashi% as!s for a tri,!' boon from Brahma: that he "o ld not die on earth or in s%a,e7 nor in fire or "ater7 neither d rin# the da' nor at ni#ht7 neither inside a b ildin# nor o tside7 not b' the hand of a h man7 #od7 animal7 nor b' an' animate or inanimate bein#( This virt all' no-death boon to 8iran'a!ashi% ma!es him arro#ant eno #h to ,onF er the entire "orld7 not ,arin# that it means severe tro ble and tort re for ,ommon %eo%le7 m nis and follo"ers of 2ishn ( &ean"hile7 "hile 8iran'a!ashi% is a"a' for the %enan,e7 divine sa#e /arada %rea,hes abo t the s"eetness of re,itin# 2ishn ?s name to 8iran'a!ashi% ?s son7 <rahlada7 "hile he is still in his mother?s "omb( Th s7 <rahlada is born a ver' devoted follo"er of 2ishn 7 the 'o n#est ardent devotee of 2ishn ( 8iran'a!ashi% fails in ,onvin,in# his son to +oin him a#ainst 2ishn 7 and therefore tries to !ill him in man' "a's7 b t ea,h time <rahlada is %rote,ted b' 2ishn himself( 4hen as!ed7 <rahlada ref ses to a,!no"led#e his father as the s %reme lord of the niverse and ,laims that 2ishn is omni%resent( Cn,e 8iran'a!ashi% %oints to a %arti, lar %illar and as!s if 2ishn is in it= <rahlada ans"ers7 H8e "as7 8e is and 8e "ill beH( 8iran'a!ashi% 7 nable to ,ontrol his an#er7 smashes the %illar7 and 2ishn in the form of )arasimha ,omes from it( In order to !ill 8iran'a!ashi% 7 "ho ,annot be !illed b' h man7 #od or animal7 /arasimha is %artl' all three: a #od in,arnate as a %art-h man7 %art-animal( 8e ,omes %on 8iran'a!ashi% at t"ili#ht @"hen it is neither da' nor ni#htA on the threshold of a ,o rt'ard @neither indoors nor o tA7 and % ts the demon on his la% @neither earth nor s%a,eA( 9sin# his nails @neither animate nor inanimateA as "ea%ons7 he disembo"els and !ills the demon(

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A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth



There was !o other settleme!t !ear the Au um&ar tree$ .eople %rom the !ear&y Shirol #illage were rather surprise that Sriguru !e#er 'ame to their #illage to 'olle't alms$ They were mysti%ie as to how he was sustai!i!g himsel% without %oo i! that e!se %orest$ Some mis'hie#ous people %rom the #illage trie to %i! out the truth a! se!t a perso! to i!#estigate$ This perso! hi !ear&y Sriguru8s hermitage a! wat'he the Iogi!ees pray a! o%%er to Sriguru$ /e was pra'ti'ally s'are wat'hi!g this s'e!e a! imme iately %le %rom there$

3a$our Sho*n To Gan#anu5 3armer
A %armer !ame 0a!ga!uj was guar i!g his %iel s$ G!e ay) he saw these si*ty( %our Iogi!ees$ They 'ame out o% the ri#er a! took Sriguru alo!g with them to 'ross the ri#er$ Surprisi!gly) the %low o% ri#er split i! two parts lea#i!g spa'e %or Sriguru a! the Iogi!ees to easily 'ross o#er to the other si e$ G!'e they 'rosse o#er) the %low o% the ri#er resume &a'k to its !ormal %low$ 5at'hi!g this wo! er%ul e#e!t) 0a!ga!uj was amaHe with elight$ /e realise that Sriguru himsel% is 0o $ Ne*t ay i! the a%ter!oo! he agai! hi !ear the Au um&ar tree$ The Iogi!ees 'ame a! starte taki!g Sriguru alo!g with them$ 0a!ga!uj %ollowe as i% mesmeriHe &y them$ The Iogi!ees e!tere the water alo!g with Sriguru a! rea'he there u! er water 'ity$ There they seate Sriguru o! a thro!e a! worshippe him$ /i i!g !ear the oor) 0a!ga!uj wit!esse the i#i!e %esti#al$ Su e!ly) Sriguru 'aught the sight o% 0a!ga!uj a! 'alle him !ear$ 0a!ga!uj was startle a! sai @Gh; <or ) please %orgi#e me$ Iester ay 7 ha wit!esse this rare s'e!e o% your 4i#i!e 0ra'e a''ompa!yi!g the Iogi!ees$ To ay too whe! 7 'ame to wit!ess this rare s'e!e) 7 'oul !ot 'o!trol mysel% a! there%ore) %ollowe your 4i#i!e 0ra'e as though pulle up here$ .lease %orgi#e me a! upli%t me with your &lessi!gsA$ Sriguru was please to see the 'lea! a! i!!o'e!t mi! o% 0a!ga!uj$ Sriguru sai ) @Iou ha#e 'ome here with %ully e#ote se!time!ts$ As o% to ay your po#erty will #a!ish a! you will li#e happily$ 4o !ot pass o! this i!%ormatio! to a!yo!e elseA$ A%ter arra!gi!g meals %or 0a!ga!uj) Sriguru retur!e to his welli!g at the Au um&ar tree$ A%ter taki!g the &lessi!gs %rom Sriguru 0a!ga!uj retur!e home$ The same ay) while worki!g i! his %iel 0a!ga!uj stru'k a hi e! treasure a! his po#erty #a!ishe %ore#er$ A%ter this) o! a aily &asis he #isite Sriguru a! o%%ere his ser#i'es thus getti!g a&sor&e i! eep e#otio!$ G!'e) the i!!o'e!t %armer praye to Sriguru @4uri!g Maghi $oornimaC>) o!e gets lot o% religious merit &y taki!g &ath i! the holy waters o% .rayag 2!ow Allaha&a 3 lo'ate o! the SangamC63$ The 'ompassio!ate Sriguru sai ) @sit o! my tiger ski! a! 'lose your eyesA$ As soo! as 0a!ga!uj sat a! 'lose his eyes the tiger ski! %lew up i! the sky a! starte %lyi!g with great spee $ Very soo!) Sriguru a! 0a!ga!uj rea'he .rayag$ A%ter taki!g &ath i! .rayag) Sriguru took him to Jashi 29e!aras3$ A%ter taki!g &lessi!gs o% <or Vish#eshwar at Jashi) Sriguru took 0a!ga!uj to 0aya i! 9ihar State$


&a#hi <oornima: 1 ll moon da' in the month of &a#ha as %er 8ind ,alendar and :an ar' or 1ebr ar' as %er Gn#lish ,alendar 74 $an#am: Confl en,e of the *ivers )an#a and <an,h#an#a( T'%i,all' $ri# r "as !no"n to d"ell nder a . d mbar Tree at the $an#am( 8en,eforth this d"ellin# %la,e is ,ommonl' referred to as the $an#am( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust

rayag) Jashi a! 0aya o! the same ay) Sriguru retur!e to his welli!g pla'e at the Au um&ar tree with 0a!ga!uj$ The %armer was %ully satis%ie a! %elt a''omplishe with his o&je'ti#e$ /e was thrille to !arrate the e!tire i!'i e!t to his %amily a%ter goi!g home$ Departure from )arsinha*adi The !ews sprea throughout the #illage i! !o time a! e#eryo!e starte #isiti!g to pay their o&eisa!'e to Sriguru$ Ea'h o!e !arrate their tale o% woe to Sriguru a! praye %or a %a#our$ 5ith ea'h ay) the !um&er o% #isitors kept o! i!'reasi!g$ There%ore Sriguru e'i e to lea#e this pla'e too$ 4e#otees &e'ame upset whe! they hear the !ews$ The Iogi!ees were also pertur&e $ Fi!ally) Sriguru 'o!#i!'e e#eryo!e sayi!g) @4o !ot grie#e$ 7 will always well u! er this Au um&ar tree a! %ul%il the wishes o% all my e#otees$ This Au um&ar tree is my 4i#i!e settleme!t$ 5hoe#er worships this 4i#i!e pla'e woul always get my &lessi!gsA$ Sriguru the! eparte %rom this pla'e a! ma!i%este himsel% at 0a!agapur) whi'h is lo'ate o! the &a!ks o% 9hima 1i#er$ The Au um&ar tree still e*ists at the 'o!%lue!'e o% Jrish!a .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 34 _________________________________________________________________________________________ A%ter #isiti!g all the three holy pla'es) .a!'hga!ga 1i#ers$ Sriguru8s .a ukas 2a! impressio! o% the lotus %eet3 are i!stalle u! er this tree$ This pla'e has &ee! tur!e i!to a pilgrimage &ustli!g with e#otees a! is !ow k!ow! as @Narasi!hawa iA 2Jolhapur istri't3$ E#e! to ay Sriguru) Narasi!ha Saraswati) the i!'ar!atio! o% <or 4attatreya wells here a! thousa! s o% e#otees e*perie!'e his ki! %a#ours$ 3ate &rased Sriguru ha promise his e#otees that he woul &e i#i!ely resi i!g at the Au um&ar tree i! the pla'e !ow 'alle as ENarasi!hawa i8$ 4e#otees e#e! !ow e*perie!'e his i#i!e prese!'e a! mira'les$ A 9rahmi! !ame 0a!ga har li#e i! Shirol #illage !ear Narasi!hawa i$ /is wi%e was #ery #irtuous$ She ga#e &irth to %i#e 'hil re!) &ut ea'h o!e ie withi! a %ew ays a%ter &irth$ They i !8t e#e! sur#i#e u!til their !ami!g 'eremo!y$ The 9rahmi! 'ouple was #ery u!happy$ They praye to all eities with ear!est!ess to seek a 'hil ) &ut all e%%orts were i! #ai!$ G!'e they &oth approa'he a well(k!ow! astrologer$ /e tol them that i! the past li%e) the rahmaniCB ha &orrowe gol 'oi!s %rom a 9rahmi! o% Sho!a! gotra) &ut !e#er retur!e it &a'k$ There%ore the 9rahmi! &elo!gi!g to the Shonan gotra ga#e up a! 'ommitte sui'i e$ A%ter the sui'i e) he &e'ame a ghost a! estroys all her 'hil re!$ Si!'e the 9rahmi! was 'hil less) !o o!e ha 'arrie out his %u!eral rites a%ter his eath$ There%ore) he suggeste that they 'omplete all his %u!eral rites) o!ate the loa! amou!t to a 9rahmi! a! o%%er ser#i'es to Sriguru i! or er to wipe out the e%%e'ts o% their si!s$ The 9rahma!i sai ) @7 o !ot ha#e wealth e?ual to a hu! re gol 'oi!s$ 7 am e#e! u!a&le to per%orm all the %u!eral rites o% the 9rahmi!$ /owe#er) 7 will 'omplete 75 Brahmani: 4ife of a Brahmin Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

h are offered dail' from the first da' of his de. mamb lation 6asha%indi: The oblations .a!'hga!ga 1i#ers a! o%%er my e#otio!al ser#i'es to SriguruA$ The #ery !e*t ay she rea'he Narasi!hawa i$ E#ery ay she woul &athe i! the ETeerthA a! e#otio!ally worship the $adukasC6 o% Sriguru a! the Au um&er tree$ 5hile 'arryi!g out the $arikramaCC arou! the Au um&er tree) she woul 'o!ti!uously 'ha!t @4igam&ara) 4igam&ara) Sripa Valla&h 4igam&araA$ G! the thir !ight she ha a ream with the ghost ema! i!g %or his mo!ey$ /e threate!e her) @7% you o!8t retur! my mo!ey) 7 shall elimi!ate all mem&ers o% your %amilyA$ Sayi!g that) the ghost raise a weapo! a! 'ame to atta'k her$ Fear grippe the 9rahmi! la y a! she starte ru!!i!g towar s the Au um&ar tree$ At that #ery mome!t) she saw the 'ompassio!ate Sriguru perso!ally sta! i!g i! %ro!t o% her$ She we!t a! lai hersel% ow! at the lotus %eet o% Sriguru$ Sriguru assure her o% prote'tio!$ /e aske the ghost) @5hy o you wa!t to kill this poor la yK A$ The ghost replie @Gh <or .ease ntil the tenth or "hi. This la y ha &orrowe a hu! re gol 'oi!s i! my past &irth$ She i !ot retur! the mo!ey i! that &irth$ 7 ie out o% grie% a! &e'ame a ghost$ 7% she retur!s my mo!ey) 7 woul sile!tly lea#e without harassi!g her a!ymoreA$ The! Sriguru replie ) @This la y is my e#otee$ Iou 'a!!ot harass her a!ymore$ 5hate#er little amou!t she 'a! ma!age to gi#e you) take that a! go away sile!tly$ G!ly the! you will you &e li&erate %rom this state a! the la y woul also &e'ome happy$ 7% you get e!ta!gle i! this we& o% mo!ey) you will !e#er &e li&erate %rom this state o% &ei!g a ghostA$ The ghost a''epte his suggestio!$ The! Sriguru tol the 9rahmi! la y @Iou shoul per%orm the Dasha(indiC+ %u!eral rites o% this ghost$ 7t will !ot o!ly li&erate the ghost %rom its origi!) &ut it will also make you happy$ Take &ath i! the holy water here a! the! per%orm the %u!eral rites$ For se#e! ays you &ath the Au um&ar tree with this holy water$ The! all your si!s woul &e washe awayA$ A%ter sayi!g so) Sriguru isappeare $ The ghost also #a!ishe $ The! the 9rahmi! la y awake!e %rom her ream$ She !arrate the e!tire 'o!#ersatio! to her hus&a! a! as per Sriguru8s or ers per%orme the 4ashpi! i %u!eral rites o% the ghost) took the &lessi!gs o% <or Amareshwar a! the! staye at Narasi!hawa i %or the !ight$ That !ight Sriguru agai! appeare i! her ream a! o%%ere her two 'o'o!uts$ She ate those 'o'o!uts a! retur!e home$ 7! ue time) she ga#e &irth to two so!s with the ki! &lessi!gs o% Sriguru$ A%ter a %ew years) they e'i e to per%orm the threa 'eremo!y o% their el er so! who was %i#e years ol a! the to!sure 'eremo!y o% their three(year(ol $ =!%ortu!ately) just a ay &e%ore the 'eremo!y) the you!ger so! ie ue to a teta!us i!%e'tio!$ 5ith the u!timely eath o% their you!ger so!) his pare!ts were stru'k &y grie% were 'ompletely heart &roke!$ The 9rahmi! la y starte &eati!g her hea $ The #illagers8 'ame to 'olle't the &o y %or the %u!eral rites) &ut she i !ot allow them to tou'h the ea &o y$ A! e!tire ay passe ) &ut she remai!e a ama!t$ 76 77 78 <ad !a: The im%ressions of the lot s feet of a tr e ) r 7 either on stone or "ooden or metal @ s all' silverA sandals( <ari!rama: Cir.olle.tivel' to the manes of a de.eased an.h are offered to#ether on the tenth Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .estor "hi.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 35 _________________________________________________________________________________________ the %u!eral rites as mu'h as possi&le$ For a mo!th 7 will stay at the 'o!%lue!'e o% Jrish!a(.

a ukas8 o% Sriguru a! the! i! a! a%%li'te to!e starte 'ha!ti!g lou ly the !ame o% Sriguru %or help$ 7! that state o% grie%) she oHe o%% a! ha a ream$ 7! the ream) <or Narasi!ha Saraswati appeare &e%ore her a! sai ) @My wor s were true$ 4o !ot &lame me$ As per your so!8s %ate) he ha to li#e up to a hu! re years$ /owe#er) i! your %ate there is separatio! %rom your so!$ 9ut) 7 shall wipe out this aspe't o% your %ate a! make your so! ali#eA$ A%ter sayi!g so) he pu%%e out holy ash %rom his mouth$ Soo! the la y woke up %rom her slum&er a! to her surprise saw her so! 'ryi!g$ There was happi!ess all o#er$ The #illagers8 gathere a! &owe &e%ore the E.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 36 _________________________________________________________________________________________ At this time a 'eli&ate &oy arri#e %rom !owhere$ /e trie his &est to 'o!#i!'e the 9rahmi! la y) &ut i! #ai!$ The grie%(stri'ke! mother 'oul !ot grasp the higher pri!'iples o% the Vedas$ The la y sai ) @7 o!8t wa!t to liste! to a!y&o y$ Sriguru ha promise me i! %ro!t o% the Au um&ar tree at the 'o!%lue!'e o% Jrish!a(.a ukas8 with great e#otio!$ The! they ga#e holy &ath to the E.a!'hga!ga 1i#ers) that &oth my so!s woul ha#e lo!g li%eA$ The! the 'eli&ate &oy) who was !o!e other tha! Sriguru himsel% i! that %orm sai ) @7% your e#otio! is really true) the! Sriguru himsel% woul show you the right path$ Iou shoul go &a'k to that Au um&ar treeA$ A''or i!gly the 9rahmi! la y took her ea so! to the Au um&ar tree$ She lai ow! the ea &o y i! %ro!t o% the E.a ukas8 as well as to the Au um&ar tree a! worshippe the same with great e#otio!$ They all o%%ere their prayers to <or Narsi!ha Sarswati %or par o!i!g them a! sa!g i! praise o% the <or $ E#eryo!e realise that e#e! a%ter his eparture %rom this pla'e) he still i#i!ely ma!i%ests there$ 7% o!e worships him with true e#otio!) Sriguru 'ertai!ly 'ha!ges the %ate o% the perso! %or the &etter$ E#e! to ay) lakhs o% e#otees 'ome to Narasi!hawa i to seek the &lessi!gs o% Sriguru a! get their esires %ul%ille $ 4epe! i!g o! their e#otio!al ser#i'e a! %aith) their wishes o get %ul%ille $ Arri$al In Gana#apur A%ter eparti!g %rom Narasi!hawa i) Sriguru rea'he the e!se %orest at the 'o!%lue!'e o% ri#ers 9hima L Amaraja$ 0a!agapur #illage was lo'ate !ear&y$ /e 'arrie out his aily religious rituals at the 'o!%lue!'e without a!y hi! ra!'e$ E#ery a%ter!oo!) he we!t to 0a!agapur %or 'olle'ti!g alms$ Buffalo )ot Gi$in# 1il" G!e ay whe! 'olle'ti!g alms) Sriguru rea'he a poor 9rahmi!8s house i! 0a!agapur$ The 9rahmi! ha alrea y le%t to 'olle't his aily alms %rom i%%ere!t homes$ There%ore) his wi%e pai o&eisa!'e to Sriguru a! o%%ere him a seat$ She sai ) @My hus&a! has go!e to the #illage to 'olle't alms$ /e woul retur! shortly$ 7 will o%%er you alms a%ter his retur!A$ Sriguru sai ) @7 am #ery hu!gry$ 7% you o !ot ha#e alms) the! gi#e me milk$ 7 saw a &u%%alo i! your 'ourtyar A$ /eari!g this) she replie with tears i! her eyes)@1espe'te sir) there is !o milk i! the house$ This &u%%alo is u!a&le to gi#e milk$ She is #ery ol a! is just like the other he(&u%%aloesF people hire her to 'arry Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

lease take me to SriguruA$ The Ji!g) alo!g with a huge pro'essio! 'o!ti!uously glori%yi!g Sriguru rea'he the 'o!%lue!'e$ As soo! as he saw Sriguru) he we!t ru!!i!g with &are %eet a! prostrate at the lotus %eet o% Sriguru$ 5ith great e#otio!) he worshippe Sriguru with a lamp 'eremo!y$ Sriguru was #ery satis%ie $ /e aske the Ji!g @5hat o you e*pe'tK A$ The Ji!g praye with hum&le!ess) @Maharaj) 7 pray that you shoul ha#e your a&o e at 0a!agapur$ 7 shall raise a Temple(Shri!e %or you$ The! 7 shall get your &lessi!gs aily$ The Temple(Shri!e will &e e?uippe with all %a'ilities$ For the aily religious 'eremo!ials) you shall &e a&le to go i! a pala!?ui!$ This ki!g om &elo!gs to you a! 7 shall look a%ter your ki!g om as your represe!tati#eA$ Sriguru a''epte the Ji!g8s prayer$ The! people &rought Sriguru to 0a!agapur with all the %a!%are i! a %lower( e'ke pala!?ui!) with the e!tire pro'essio! a!'i!g a! 'o!ti!uously glori%yi!g Sriguru$ 7! %a't) it was like a great %esti#al &ei!g 'ele&rate with joy e#erywhere$ 73 )oddess -aBmi: )oddess of 4ealth Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 37 _________________________________________________________________________________________ earth loa A$ The! Sriguru sai ) @7 o !ot agree that this &u%%alo is &arre!$ 0o a! milk herA$ There%ore) to respe't the wor s o% Sriguru) the 9rahmi! la y we!t !ear the &u%%alo with a pot a! starte milki!g her$ A! to her great surprise the &arre! &u%%alo starte gi#i!g milk$ She imme iately warme the milk a! o%%ere the same to Sriguru$ Sriguru ra!k the warm milk a! with satis%a'tio! he sai ) @7 am #ery satis%ie with the 'o!te!te !ess &etwee! you a! your hus&a! $ E#e! i! po#erty) you ha#e mai!tai!e #irtue a! righteous!ess$ Iour po#erty will 'ome to a! e! %rom this mome!t a! *oddess /a4miCD will &estow her &lessi!gs o! your %amilyA$ A%ter &lessi!g her) Sriguru we!t away$ 5he! the 9rahmi! retur!e home) his wi%e !arrate the whole story$ She showe him the milk$ The! &oth hus&a! a! wi%e 'ame to the 'o!%lue!'e a! worshippe Sriguru with great e#otio!$ They retur!e home si!gi!g praises i! the ho!our o% Sriguru$ The 2in# .f Gana#apur The !ews sprea like wi! i! the e!tire #illage$ The #illage G%%i'er 'o!#eye this !ews to the Ji!g$ The Ji!g was amaHe $ /e thought no human being 'ould make a barren bu55alo (rodu'e milk6 This is de5initely a mira'le6 7t is 'ertain that Sriguru is the in'arnation o5 *od6 7 have to (rostrate at his 5eet6 To my great 5ortune& Sriguru has made his abode in my kingdom$ There%ore) the Ji!g pai a perso!al #isit to the 9rahmi!8s house$ /e was #ery e*'ite to liste! the story a&out the &arre! &u%%alo pro u'i!g milk$ /e tou'he the %eet o% the 9rahmi! a! sai ) @Iou are really a #irtuous perso! a! there%ore Sriguru perso!ally 'ame a! &lesse you$ Sriguru esire that you shoul &e %ree %rom po#erty$ /e!'e 7 shall gi#e you twe!ty a'res o% %ertile la! imme iately$ 7 got this i!spiratio! %rom Sriguru o!ly$ .

irtan: /arration of a to%i.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 38 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Deli$erance of the Brahmin/s Ghost There was a! a!'ie!t holy %ig tree o! the path goi!g %rom the 'o!%lue!'e o% Jrish!a ( .t ated b' m si.( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . ha #ht'7 disdainf l s%irit of a Brahmin( /amsmaran: The .lease &less me %or my eli#era!'e %rom this ghost li%eA$ The! Sriguru tol that ghost @9y 'ha!ti!g go s !ame go a! take &ath at the 'o!%lue!'e o% Jrish!a(.a!'hga!ga 1i#er to 0a!agapur$ A rahma-rakshas+0 resi e o! this tree$ This ghost was k!ow! to slay people a! so !o!e woul go !ear the tree$ No o!e e#e! ha the 'ourage to walk alo!g the path) whi'h we!t &y the tree$ 5he! Sriguru8s pala!?ui! 'ame !ear the tree) the ghost 'ame ow! %rom the tree) prostrate at the lotus %eet o% Sriguru) a! praye @Gh) <or .eople ho!oure him &y washi!g a! worshippi!g his lotus %eet$ The #illage was e'orate with %estoo! o% %lowers a! gree! lea#es$ Flags were hoiste e#erywhere$ 5ith the a&o e o% Sriguru) 0a!agapur &e'ame a holy pla'e$ 5ithi! %ew ays a Temple(Shri!e was raise i! the ho!our o% Sriguru$ 7! the Temple(Shri!e) 'ele&ratio!s o% %esti#als) Namsmaran+:) kirtan+2 a! other religious 'eremo!ies were &ei!g 'arrie out$ /ere too people starte to wit!ess the mira'ulous works o% Sriguru$ Tri$i"ram Bharati 0a!agapur e*hi&ite great pomp a! show i! ho!our o% Sriguru$ 7! a !ear&y #illage Jumasi staye a lear!e 9rahmi! !ame Tri#ikram 9harati$ /e was #ery well #erse i! the Ve as$ /e was also a great e#otee o% <or Narsi!ha$ /e woul me itate o! <or Narsi!ha o! a aily &asis$ 5he! he hear a&out the royal pomp a! show &ei!g put up i! ho!our o% Sriguru) he starte 'riti'isi!g Sriguru i! a sla! erous way$ /e woul say) @5hat is the !e'essity o% this royal pomp a! show %or a! as'eti'K A! as'eti' has to go o! %oot a! o!ly a Sa guru shoul take a pala!?ui!$ Musi'al i!strume!ts a! ser#a!ts o !ot gra'e a! as'eti'A$ Sriguru &y i!tuitio! 'ame to k!ow e#erythi!g uttere &y Tri#ikram 9harati$ So o!e ay Sriguru tol the ki!g @7 esire to #isit the #illage JumasiA$ The! the Ji!g a''ompa!ie Sriguru to the #illage Jumasi alo!g with the 1oyal e!tourage o% elepha!ts) horses) a! sol iers$ The same ay Tri#ikram was tryi!g to me itate o! <or Narsi!ha) &ut <or Narsi!ha8s %igure i !ot ma!i%est i! his me itatio!$ <or Narsi!ha was also the househol eity o% his %amily$ Tri#ikram 9harati &e'ame restless) as he i !ot get his usual &lessi!gs &y way o% <or Narsi!ha8s #isio! $ /e starte prayi!g to <or Narsi!ha i! a! a%%li'te to!e @Gh. 7 am a great si!!er$ 7 ha#e slaye a !um&er o% peopleF there%ore 7 ha#e &ee! &or! as a ghost$ 7t is my great %ortu!e that 7 ha#e &ee! &lesse &y your #isit$ .a!'hga!ga 1i#ers$ The! you shall get the eli#era!'eA$ 5ith the &lessi!gs o% Sriguru a! 'ha!ti!g 0o s !ame) the ghost ra! towar s the 'o!%lue!'e$ A%ter taki!g &ath at the 'o!%lue!'e the ghost got eli#era!'e$ A gra! wel'ome awaite Sriguru i! 0a!agapur$ .lease %a#our me with your 4arsha! i! my me itatio!A$ /e trie agai! a! agai! to me itate$ E#e!tually i! pla'e o% <or Narsi!ha he 'oul see the lumi!ous perso!ality o% a! as'eti'$ A &it later whe! he 'ame out o% his house he 85 81 Brahma-ra!shas: . .ontin o s re%etition of )odIs name @or $ad# r Is nameA( 82 . <or .7 #enerall' s%irit al in nat re7 % n.

<or ) please re'o!'ile all these %orms a! gra'e me with your E4arsha!8 i! your origi!al %ormA$ The! Sriguru re'o!'ile all his %orms a! ma!i%este i! the %orm o% <or Narsi!ha$ 5ith tears o% joy i! his eyes Tri#ikram 9harati washe the lotus %eet o% <or Narsi!ha$ The! Sriguru spoke @Iou are sla! eri!g me as a hypo'rite$ 4o you thi!k that all this pomp is %or meK For me) soil a! gol are the same$ For me) to li#e i! a Ji!g8s pala'e or i! the sha e o% a tree at the 'o!%lue!'e are &oth e?ually goo $ 7 am thirsty %or e#otio!$ All this pomp is %or the sake o% the e#otees a! o!ly their happi!essA$ /eari!g these wor s Tri#ikram 9harati praye to Sriguru %or %orgi#e!ess$ /e also praye to Sriguru %or his eli#era!'e %rom this worl $ Sriguru was #ery mu'h please with his e#otio!$ /e sai ) @7 am please with your e#otio!$ Iou shall e%i!itely get eli#era!'eA$ Tri#ikram 9harati esire to go to 0a!agapur alo!g with Sriguru to o%%er his e#otio!al ser#i'e &ut Sriguru or ere him to stay i! Jumasi #illage a! o%%er his e#otio!al ser#i'e$ Arro#ance of !ypocrite Brahmin A Muslim ki!g rule Vi ur$ /e was #ery 'ruel a! hate the /i! u 'ommu!ity$ /e woul sla! er the 9rahmi! 'ommu!ity a! the holy Ve as$ /e woul i!#ite 9rahmi!s a! pay them mo!ey to get the /oly Ve as rea i! the royal 'ourt$ /e woul arra!ge %or is'ussio!s o! the /oly Ve as a! poke %u! at &oth) the 9rahmi!s a! the /oly Ve as alike$ There%ore the 9rahmi!s with high i!tegrity woul !e#er go to the royal 'ourt to rea the /oly Ve as$ Those atte! i!g the royal 'ourt woul get mo!ey) &ut o!ly at the 'ost o% e%ami!g the /i! u religio!$ For the lure o% mo!ey 9rahmi!s %rom %arMo%% pla'es starte 'omi!g to Vi ur$ For this same reaso!) two 9rahmi!s %rom a ista!t pla'e 'ame to the royal 'ourt$ They were gree y a! their o!ly i!te!tio! was to make mo!ey$ They were #ery arroga!t a! at the same time they i !ot ha#e eep k!owle ge a&out the Ve as$ They woul e&ate o! the holy Ve as with other 9rahmi!s a! e%eat them$ The! they woul 'olle't Vi'tory 'erti%i'ate %rom the e%eate 9rahmi!s to pro#e their superiority$ They 'olle'te se#eral su'h #i'tory('erti%i'ates a! %i!ally arri#e at the royal 'ourt o% the Ji!g o% Vi ur$ They tol the Ji!g @5e are %ully 'o!#ersa!t with all the %our holy Ve as$ 5e ha#e rea'he here a%ter e%eati!g the 9rahmi!s o% e#ery #illage$ .lease see these #i'tory('erti%i'ates$ Now we woul like to 'halle!ge the 9rahmi!s o% your Ji!g om$ 7!#ite all the lear!e 9rahmi!s o% your Ji!g om a! lets see the resultA$ This tur!e out to &e a great opportu!ity %or the Ji!g to sla! er the holy Ve as a! the 9rahmi! 'ommu!ity$ There%ore) he arra!ge %or a spe'ial 'ourt regar i!g the holy Ve as a! i!#ite all the 9rahmi!s o% his Ji!g om$ The! he a resse them @These two lear!e 9rahmi!s ha#e 'ome to our ki!g om$ 5hoe#er e%eats them i! the e&ate o! Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 33 _________________________________________________________________________________________ saw a &ig pro'essio! 'omi!g his way$ /e saw the Ji!g seate i! a pala!?ui! a! <or Narsi!ha seate i! the se'o! pala!?ui!$ /e prostrate i! %ro!t o% the pala!?ui! a! o%%ere salutatio! to his %amily eity <or Narasi!ha$ 5he! he looke up he saw Sriguru a or!i!g the seat o% <or Narsi!ha. E#e! the people i! the pro'essio! appeare i! the %orm o% Sriguru$ /e was spell&ou! $ /e 'lu!g o! to the lotus %eet o% Sriguru a! with %ol e ha! s praye ) @Gh.

h the 9%anishads form the .onstit ent( The %rimar' %hiloso%h' .a%t red in the 9%anishads7 that of one absol te realit' termed as Brahman is the main %rin.ri%t resA7 of "hi.edent $ %reme and 9ltimate *ealit' "hi.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 45 _________________________________________________________________________________________ the holy Ve as) woul &e prese!te with lots o% mo!ey a! respe't$ Else these two 9rahmi!s woul &e ho!oure as ha#i!g the most authority o! the holy Ve asA$ The 9rahmi!s o% the ki!g om o&ser#e that these two 9rahmi!s were arroga!t a! hypo'riti'al$ 7! a itio!) it was their 2the two 9rahmi!s3 e*'essi#e gree i!ess %or mo!ey) whi'h ma e them ig!ore righteous!ess a! get rea y to re'ite the holy Ve as i! the royal 'ourt$ 5ith this aware!ess) the 9rahmi!s o% the royal 'ourt e'i e !ot to take part i! the e&ate a! tol the ki!g @these two 9rahmi!s are really superior to us$ So please go ahea a! ho!our themA$ The! the ki!g ho!oure those two 9rahmi!s with lot o% mo!ey) 'lothes) a! %urther respe'te them with a royal treatme!t o! a well( e'orate elepha!t ri e$ 5ith all this ho!our) the two 9rahmi!s &e'ame more i!to*i'ate with arroga!'e$ A%ter a %ew ays) the two 9rahmi!s e'i e to roam through the e!tire Ji!g om a! hol is'ussio!s o! the /oly Ve as with other 9rahmi!s$ There%ore) they took the !e'essary or ers %rom the Ji!g a! set out o! a #i'tory(tour$ A%ter rea'hi!g ea'h #illage) they woul i!#ite the 9rahmi!s a! get them to either hol a e&ate o! the holy Ve as or a''ept e%eat a! ha! o#er a Vi'tory 'erti%i'ate$ Thus wa! eri!g) these 9rahmi!s rea'he #illage Jumasi where Tri#ikram 9harati) the is'iple o% Sriguru was stayi!g$ 9oth these 9rahmi!s approa'he Tri#ikram 9harati$ /e sai ) @7 am a! as'eti'$ 7 ha#e !ot stu ie the /oly Ve as e!tirely$ /ow 'a! 7 hol a e&ate with you regar i!g /oly Ve asK For me wi!!i!g or losi!g this e&ate woul &e the sameA$ The! those 9rahmi!s ema! e %or a #i'tory 'erti%i'ate %rom him$ Tri#ikram 9harati was tryi!g to 'o!#i!'e them) &ut they starte i!sisti!g a&out the #i'tory 'erti%i'ate$ Fi!ally Tri#ikram 9harati a resse &oth 9rahmi!s @let us go to 0a!agapur where my 0uru resi es$ <et us settle a&out this #i'tory 'erti%i'ate i! %ro!t o% my 0uruA$ There%ore) he took &oth 9rahmi!s to 0a!agapur$ Tri#ikram 9harati prostrate at the %eet o% Sriguru) took his &lessi!gs) a! state all the %a'ts$ The! Sriguru 'o!#i!'e the two 9rahmi!s @4o !ot &e arroga!t a&out your #i'tory$ E#e! 0o 'oul !ot rea'h the epth o% the /oly Ve as a! Vedanta+>A$ The two 9rahmi!s re%use to get 'o!#i!'e a! thought that Sriguru is a%rai o% losi!g the e&ate$ There%ore) they starte to 'halle!ge him$ They were &e!t o! getti!g the #i'tory 'erti%i'ate$ The! Sriguru sai ) @7t is alright$ 7 will %ul%il your stro!g esire %or a e&ateA$ The! Sriguru looke arou! $ /e saw a perso! walki!g o! the other si e o% the street$ Sriguru se!t his is'iples to &ri!g the perso! to him$ The!) Sriguru aske the perso! @whi'h 'aste o you &elo!g toK8 /e replie ) @Maharaj) 7 &elo!g to Mata!ga 'ommu!ity$ 7t is my great %ortu!e that 7 'oul get your &lessi!gs %rom su'h !ear!essA$ The perso! prostrate &e%ore Sriguru$ Sriguru aske his is'iples to raw se#e! li!es apart) ea'h at a! arm8s le!gth ista!'e) i! %ro!t o% the perso! 2Mata!ga3$ The! Sriguru spoke to him @4o !ot &e a%rai $ 83 2edanta: The theolo#i.e%t of Brahman 0 the $ %reme $%irit or the eternal7 self eBistent7 immanent and trans.i%al bran.e of the 2edas( It is a %rin.h is the divine #ro nd of all Bein# . lmination or essen.al %art of the 2edas7 i(e( 9%anishad( Vedanta means the anta or .h of 8ind %hiloso%h'( -iterall'7 the end of the 2edas is .i%le of 2edanta( The sa#e Badara'ana is s %%osed to be one of the ma+or %ro%onents of this %hiloso%h' and a thor of the Brahma $ tras based on the 9%anishads( The .onstit ted b' the series of literat re termed as the .hief .entral to 2edanta( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .ran'a!as @the forest s.on.is .

one "ho has nderstood the meanin# of Brahman( The title of Brahmarshi "as a stat s defined and re.o#ni>ed in the sa. riguru also explained the various types of births a person gets depending on co$$itting the various types of sins. gets reborn in inferior class. "urther riguru said.In your previous birth you were a &rah$in. !hrough out the life you had dishonoured the$. indulge in Namsmaran81. )ow for a $onth after ta(ing bath in the Sangam74.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 41 _________________________________________________________________________________________ 9y 'rossi!g these li!es) o!e &y o!e) you woul remem&er you8re past li%e$ Tell me whate#er you remem&erA$ G! 'rossi!g the %irst li!e) he remem&ere that he &elo!ge to the hilla 'ommu!ity 2/ill tri&e3$ G! 'rossi!g the se'o! li!e) he attai!e k!owle ge$ G! 'rossi!g thir li!e he remem&ere to &e a %isherma!$ G! 'rossi!g the %ourth li!e) he sai ) @7 &elo!g to Matang 'ommu!ity$ 7 am sta! i!g i! %ro!t o% youA$ A%ter 'rossi!g the %i%th li!e) he sai ) @7 am Soma atta &elo!gi!g to Vaisya 'ommu!ity 2mer'ha!tile 'aste3A$ A%ter 'rossi!g the si*th li!e) he sai ) @7 am 0o#i! &elo!gi!g to Jshatriya 'ommu!ity 2Military 'aste3A$ A%ter 'rossi!g the se#e!th li!e he sai @7 am a 9rahmi! well #erse i! Ve asA$ Sriguru the! spri!kle spell&ou! sa're ashes o! him$ 7!sta!tly the Mata!ga tur!e i!to a 9rahmi! a! his e*ter!al appeara!'e) &e'ame &right a! lumi!ous$ Sriguru tol him @/ol a e&ate with these two 9rahmi!s o! the Ve asA$ The! the Mata!ga tur!e 9rahmi!) o%%ere his salutatio! to Sriguru) a! taki!g his &lessi!gs) starte re'iti!g the Ve as$ Seei!g this great wo! er) the two arroga!t 9rahmi!s &e'ame um& %ou! e $ They pa!i'ke a! starte getti!g 'hest(pai!s$ They prostrate at the %eet o% Sriguru a! &egge %or his %orgi#e!ess %or the %alse pri e a! arroga!'e) whi'h they ha e*hi&ite $ Sriguru tol them with 'ompassio!) @9oth o% you ha#e sla! ere the holy Ve as a! the 9rahmi! 'ommu!ity$ Iou ha#e harasse them a! 'ommitte si!s$ /e!'e you will ha#e to e! ure the %ruits o% your si!%ul a'ts$ 9oth o% you will &e'ome rahma1akshas89) i! !e*t &irth a! wa! er alo!g the &a!k o% ri#er 0a!ga 20a!ges3$ A%ter twel#e years a pious 9rahmi! will arri#e a! release you %rom this %ate a! you shall &e'ome 9rahmi!s agai!A$ The Mata!ga !ow %elt that he has really &e'ome a 9rahmi! &y the gra'e o% Sriguru$ /e praye @9hagwa!) 7 was a 9rahmi! i! my pre#ious li%e$ The! why was 7 &or! i! this #ery low 'lass !owK A$ !hen riguru told hi$ as to how a person born in a uperior class. #owever. . The! the Mata!ga sai @Maharaj) &y your &lessi!gs 7 ha#e attai!e purity as well as i#i!e k!owle ge$ 7 ha#e starte re'iti!g the E/oly Ve as8 too$ /e!'e 7 pray to you to a&sor& me i! the 9rahmi! 'ommu!ity$ A%ter attai!i!g purity &y your ki! gra'e) how 'a! 7 re(a&sor& mysel% i! a! i!%erior 'lass !owK A$ The! Sriguru replie ) @7! this li%e) you will 'o!ti!ue to li#e i! the same 'ommu!ity) where you took &irth$ 7% 7 a&sor& you i! 9rahmi! 'ommu!ity) the! that 'ommu!ity will sla! er you$ Vishwamitra per%orme pe!a!'e %or a lo!g time &ut he was &or! i! Jshatriya 'ommu!ity$ /e!'e sage Vasistha i !ot re'og!ise Vishwamitra as a 9rahmarshi+6) till Vishwamitra got his &o y &ur!t &y 84 Brahmarshi: Brahmarshi @from the $ans!rit "ords Brahma and *ishiA is the hi#hest of the *ishis7 the 8ind sa#es . and then in your next life you will be born as a &rah$in<.red Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . !his is the reason why you too( birth in this low class in this life. you had dishonoured your parents and your Guru.

ien.hient traditional medi.n a 6haste and Dutiful %ife 7! Mahurpur) li#e a ri'h 9rahmi! &y !ame 0opi!ath$ /is 'hil re! woul !ot sur#i#e a%ter &irth$ There%ore the hus&a! a! wi%e starte worshippi!g <or 4attatreya$ A%ter a while) a so! was &or! to the 'ouple$ They !ame him 4atta) with great lo#e$ As the o!ly 'hil ) he was 'herishe a! reare up with great a%%e'tio!$ At the age o% %i#e) his threa ('eremo!y was per%orme with great pomp$ At the age o% twel#e his marriage was arra!ge with a &eauti%ul girl$ A %ew years later) 4atta was i!%e'te &y tu&er'ulosis 2T93$ E#e! with the &est treatme!t he was !ot 'ure o% the isease$ 7t o!ly i!'rease $ /is wi%e was #ery 'haste a! uti%ul like the holy a! e*alte Sa#itri) the wi%e o% pri!'e Satyawa!$ 4ay a! !ight she woul re! er ser#i'e to her hus&a! $ She woul eat o!ly so mu'h %oo as her hus&a! woul eat$ She woul take me i'i!es) whi'h her hus&a! took$ 1epeati!g the !ame o% 0o ) she woul re! er ser#i'e to her hus&a! ay a! !ight$ 9y !ow) the i!te!sity o% her hus&a! 8s ill!ess we!t o! i!'reasi!g$ A while later he 'ompletely stoppe eati!g$ The! his wi%e also sa'ri%i'e eati!g$ 9e'ause he was &e (ri e! %or a lo!g time) there were &listers o! his &o y) whi'h starte emitti!g %oul smell$ E#e! the! his wi%e 'o!ti!ue to ser#e him$ /er %aith%ul ser#i'e to her hus&a! e#e! u! er this a #erse situatio! appeare like per%ormi!g pe!a!'e$ 4atta8s %ather was a #ery ri'h ma! a! e#e! his %ather(i!(law was also ri'h$ They ga#e him &est o% the treatme!t %rom re!ow!e Vaidya+B) o!ate mo!ey %or 2edas of 2edi.tri7 2ish"amitra7 . %h'si.ian( Ayur$eda or ayur$edic medicine is a from of an.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 42 _________________________________________________________________________________________ su!rays a! took up a !ew &o y$ /e!'e whe! you are release get &irth i! a 9rahmi! 'ommu!ityA$ %rom this &o y) you will That Mata!ga i !ot agree e#e! though Sriguru 'o!#i!'e him$ 9y the! his wi%e a! 'hil re! arri#e at the s'e!e$ /e was !ot e#e! rea y to tou'h them$ The! Sriguru 'alle a gree y tra esma! a! aske him to gi#e a &ath to the Mata!ga$ No soo!er the sa're ashes were washe away %rom the Mata!ga8s &o y) the i#i!e k!owle ge that he ha gai!e ue to the spri!kli!g o% the sa're ash) also #a!ishe a! the Mata!ga retur!e to his origi!al 'o! itio!$ Surprisi!gly he le%t with his wi%e a! 'hil re!$ All the people prese!t there were wo! erstru'k$ The! Tri#ikram 9harati praye a! aske Sriguru @Maharaj) how is it that) this perso! o% low 'ast a'?uire the i#i!e k!owle ge a! a%ter gi#i!g a &ath a! washi!g his &o y) %orgot that i#i!e k!owle ge a! &e'ame ig!ora!t o!'e agai!K A$ The! Sriguru e*plai!e to e#ery&o y prese!t there i! etail) a&out the great!ess o% the sa're ash$ 2indness Sho*ered .' rvedi. Brahmarshi is the ltimate eB%ert of reli#ion and s%irit al !no"led#e( Belo" him are the &aharshis @)reat *ishisA( The $a%tarshis .' rvedaH is a tat% r sha .om%o nd of "y s HlifeH and !eda H!no"led#eH7 and "o ld ro #hl' translate as the H$. reli#ion( . Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .ontinent( The "ord H.n#ira7 .e of -ifeH( .#ast'a are the seven brahmarshis( 85 2aid'a: .ash'a%a7 2asishta7 and .reated o t of Brahma?s tho #hts are %erfe.aste of !in#s and "arriors7 he rose b' % re merit to a Brahmarshi( Bhri# 7 .ine in se %rimaril' in the Indian s b.' rveda deals "ith the meas res of health' livin#7 alon# "ith thera%e ti.t brahmarshis( The' are #reater than the 6evas in %o"er and %iet'( 2ish"amitra "as the onl' brahmarshi "ho rose to the %osition o t of % re ta%as'a7 a +o rne' lastin# tens of tho sands of 'ears as eB%lained "ithin 8ind m'tholo#'( Cri#inall' belon#in# to the !shatri'a .

lease show me the wayA$ The a''omplishe Iogi e*plai!e to her the right%ul uty o% a #irtuous wi%e$ /e %urther sai @A%ter the eath o% o!e8s hus&a! the 'o!'er!e la y has to either &ur! hersel% o! the %u!eral pyre o% her hus&a! or &ear the pai! o% wi owhoo $ Iou may sele't either o% these uties as you pre%er A$ She replie ) @9e'ause o% my you!g age a! goo looks) it woul &e'ome e*tremely i%%i'ult %or me to o&ser#e wi owhoo $ So 7 woul pre%er to &ur! mysel% o! my hus&a! s %u!eral pyreA$ To this) the Iogi a #ise her) @9e%ore &ur!i!g yoursel% o! your hus&a! s %u!eral pyre 2G&ser#a!'e o% the ritual o% ESati83) go to ESa!gam8 a! take the &lessi!gs o% Sriguru$ Take this sa're ash a! apply it o! your hus&a! 8s &o y$ Also take these %our 1udrakshas#"$ From these %our wear two E1u rakshas arou! your !e'k a! use the remai!i!g two to plug &oth the ears o% your hus&a! A$ meas res that relate to %h'si.ine involvin# s r#er'( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .lease o!8t spri!kle salt o! my wou! s$ 7t is my mis%ortu!e that your 'o! itio! has go!e to this worst positio!$ This must ha#e &ee! 'ertai!ly writte! i! my %ate$ /owe#er) 7 shall 'ertai!ly %ollow you where#er you go$ 9y the ki! gra'e o% <or 4attatreya e#e! !ow you will &e sa#e %rom this 'alamityA$ The! she spoke to her %ather(i!(law as well as mother(i!(law @7 ha#e 'ome to k!ow that) <or 4attatreya himsel% is perso!ally prese!t at 0a!agapur i! the %orm o% <or Narasi!ha Saraswati$ 7% you permit me 7 shall take my hus&a! to 0a!agapur to take &lessi!gs %rom <or Narasi!ha SaraswatiA$ 9oth her %ather(i! law(a! mother(i!(law ga#e her the permissio!$ A%ter taki!g permissio!) she starte %or 0a!agapur with her hus&a! ) layi!g him o! a small &e $ A&out two to %our people also a''ompa!ie her i! the jour!ey$ G! the way) the health 'o! itio! o% her hus&a! starte worse!i!g$ E#e!tually with great i%%i'ulty she rea'he 0a!agapur$ There she e!?uire a&out Sriguru$ She 'ame to k!ow that Sriguru was prese!t at the ESa!gam8$ There%ore) she pro'ee e with her people towar s the Sa!gam) &ut o! the way itsel% her hus&a! e*pire $ She was stru'k with grie% a! starte 'ryi!g lou ly$ All the people arou! her also starte 'ryi!g$ A !um&er o% people gathere there a! trie to 'o!#i!'e her$ 7! the mea!time) a! a''omplishe as'eti' with matte hair arri#e at the s'e!e$ /e spoke to her @Cool ow!$ 4o !ot waste your e!ergy i! this %utile grie%$ Iou might 'ry to a!y e*te!t &ut your hus&a! woul !ot &e'ome ali#e$ 7! this worl !o&o y is immortal$ 4eath a''ompa!ies alo!g with the &irth$ /e!'e o !ot grie#eA$ The! that la y aske the Iogi @5hat shall 7 o !e*tK .al7 mental7 so.ial and s%irit al harmon'( .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 43 _________________________________________________________________________________________ 'harity) 'arrie out 'harita&le a'ts) sa'ri%i'ial works) o%%ere prayers) religious o&ser#a!'es &ut 4atta8s health i !8t impro#e at all$ As a result) 4atta &e'ame totally isappoi!te a! lost all hopes o% re'o#ery$ /e spoke to his pare!ts @E#erythi!g will take pla'e as preor ai!e &y my %ate$ 7 wa!te to gi#e you happi!ess i! your ol age) &ut 7 mysel% will !ot &e there i! this worl $ .' rveda is also one amon# the fe" traditional s'stems to medi.ro&a&ly this may &e the wish o% 0o A$ The! he spoke to his wi%e @Iou ha#e take! e!ough pai!s %or me$ =!%ortu!ately my health 'o! itio! has go!e &eyo! o!e8s e%%orts$ A%ter my eparture %rom this worl ) my pare!ts will look a%ter you) as their aughter$ 7! 'ase you wish to retur! to your pare!ts8 home) you 'a! o soA$ The 'haste a! uti%ul wi%e o% 4atta ha !ot gi#e! up her hopes) so she stoppe her hus&a! uri!g his spee'h a! sai ) @.

"oman "ith the h sband still alive( 88 Bhasma: $a. o the /eople left the place to carry her husbands body to riguru.a yapooja8) @Now spri!kle the water %rom this .eremon' of hono rin# a %erson "orth' of reveren. .a yapooja o! the E ea &o yA$ A%ter this) Sriguru gla!'e at the ea &o y with his ki! 4i#i!e 0ra'e a! a mira'le took pla'e$ The ea 4atta got up a! sat.e7 b' . &ring hi$ before $e<. At that same time some people arri#e there to per%orm the $adya(oo+a+6 o% Sriguru$ 7! a itio!) the ea &o y o% the 9rahmi!8s so! was &rought a! kept i! %ro!t o% Sriguru$ Sriguru the! tol the people who ha 'ome there to per%orm E.=y words will not go in vain.way$ A%ter this worship Sriguru spoke to the la y @Alo!g with the Naamsmara! 2repeati!g 0o 8s !ame me!tally3) si!'e you were also re! eri!g ser#i'e to your hus&a! ) 7 was %or'e to 'ome to your res'ue$ Iour hus&a! will 'o!ti!ue to li#e %or thirty more years a! you will also 'o!ti!ue to li#e as a Suvasinee+C$ Iou will go to /ea#e!) o!ly as a Su#asi!ee) &e%ore your hus&a! 8s eparture %rom this worl $ As per my wor ) you will &e'ome a mother o% eight so!s a! your e!tire %amily will &e %ully e#ote to <or 4attatreya a! 'o!ti!ue to li#e with happi!ess a! pea'eA$ The se'o! ay too) they all worshippe Sriguru with great e#otio!$ They hel a %u!'tio! to e!tertai! all 9rahmi!s a! also ga#e mo!ey i! 'harity i! a &ig way$ 5he! the la y aske Sriguru a&out the great!ess o% E1u raksha8 a! the hasma++) Sriguru tol her i! etail a&out the great!ess o% &oth$ The! people prese!t there) retur!e home i! a merry moo ) si!gi!g i! praise o% Sriguru$ Defect in the 3ood .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 44 _________________________________________________________________________________________ The! she pro'ee e to the ESa!gam8 alo!g with the people$ All the %ormalities %or the %u!eral rites were 'omplete $ The la y applie the sa're ash o! her hus&a! 8s &o yF she wore two E1u rakshas8 arou! her !e'k a! use the remai!i!g two to plug the ears o% her hus&a! $ The! she we!t to take the &lessi!gs o% Sriguru$ She saw Sriguru sitti!g u! er the Audumbar tree) a&sor&e i! eep me itatio!$ 5he! the la y prostrate &e%ore Sriguru) Sriguru &lesse her sayi!g @Ashta(utra soubhagyavati bhavaA 29e a mother o% eight so!s3$ To this) the people prese!t there !arrate Sriguru with all etails o% the situatio! @Maharaj this la y has willi!gly e'i e to &ur! hersel% o! her hus&a! 8s %u!eral pyre prior to whi'h) she esire to take your &lessi!gsA$ !hen riguru replied.$ /e looke arou! a! was surprise to see the people assem&le there$ /is wi%e was thrille to see her hus&a! ali#e a! !arrate e#erythi!g to him$ The! people prese!t a''ompa!yi!g her took &ath at the ESa!gam8 a! worshippe Sriguru i! a Shodsho('har-.red ash Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .ffered By Another 'erson a! 86 5he! Sriguru was i! 0a!agapur) a pious 9rahmi! too li#e there$ /e !e#er lie he woul !e#er a''ept a!y 'harity$ /e !e#er we!t to a!yo!e8s house to eat %oo $ <ad'a%oo+a: <ad'a%oo+a is a .leanin# the hol'-feet of that %erson and then "orshi%%in# him 87 $ vasinee: . I do not agree that her husband has expired.

all' in the hono r of a dead relative and offer food7 "ater et.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 45 _________________________________________________________________________________________ /e woul mai!tai! himsel% a! his wi%e o! whate#er ry %oo grai!s he woul 'olle't as alms$ /owe#er) his wi%e was #ery u!happy$ 7! 0a!agapur #arious #isitors woul 'ome e#ery ay to arra!ge %or sumptuous meals a! o%%er it to the 9rahmi!s as part o% their religious 'eremo!y$ Thus 9rahmi!s were e!tertai!e almost aily$ These people woul i!#ite 9rahmi! 'ouple8s %or meals$ They woul please 9rahmi!('ouples with sweet a! sumptuous meals i! a itio! to o%%eri!g them 'harita&le o!atio!$ This way the 9rahmi! 'ommu!ity o% 0a!agapur e!joye sweet sumptuous meals a! mo!ey i! 'harity$ This parti'ular pious 9rahmi! was #ery resolute a&out his religious #ow o% !ot a''epti!g a!y %oo o%%ere &y a!yo!e else$ /owe#er) his wi%e was e*tremely esirous o% e!joyi!g the sweet sumptuous %oo $ 4ue to this) she was #ery isappoi!te with her hus&a! $ This isappoi!tme!t le her to 'o!sta!tly a''use a! &other her hus&a! $ G!e ay a ri'h ge!tlema! 'ame to 0a!agapur to per%orm Shraddha+D 'eremo!y$ /e i!#ite all the 9rahmi!('ouples o% 0a!agapur$ /e!'e the 9rahmi! la y suggeste her hus&a! to atte! the 'eremo!y together a! e!joy the sumptuous meals$ /er hus&a! i !ot agree$ The la y thought that other 9rahmi! la ies were e*tremely %ortu!ate to atte! the 'eremo!y a! e!joy the meals a! mo!etary gi%ts) a! just &e'ause o% her hus&a! ) she has to epri#e hersel% o% this opportu!ity$ There%ore) she approa'he Sriguru with these 'omplai!ts a&out her hus&a! $ So Sriguru 'alle the 9rahmi! a! aske him to atte! the Shra ha 'eremo!y a! e!joy sumptuous meals alo!g with his wi%e$ As per the or er o% Sriguru the 9rahmi! we!t to atte! the Shra ha 'eremo!y$ At the 'eremo!y the ri'h ge!tlema! ma e a solem! promise regar i!g his a!'estors$ The 9rahmi! la y &e'ame #ery happy &y the mere thought that she woul get sweet sumptuous meal$ Just whe! she was a&out to take a morsel o% %oo to eat) she saw that ogs a! pigs ha alrea y starte eati!g ire'tly %rom the lea%e (plates mea!t %or guests$ Seei!g this she %elt isguste ) le%t the meals a! we!t away %rom the 'eremo!y$ The! she spoke to her hus&a! @/ow i you take %oo thereK Those irty a!imals were eati!g %oo ire'tly %rom the plates mea!t %or guestsA$ The 9rahmi! replie ) @9e'ause o% you this grie#ous wro!g has take! pla'e to ay$ 7 will take the !e'essary permissio! %rom Sriguru a! ato!e %or this wro!g a'tA$ 9oth we!t to see Sriguru a! !arrate the story$ Sriguru sai ) @ o!8t worry$ Iou ha &ee! to the Shra ha 'eremo!y o! my or ersA$ /e e*plai!e to &oth) the rules o% 'o! u't) ma!!ers a! pri!'iples o% 9rahmi! 'ommu!ity i! etail$ /e %urther a e ) @A 9rahmi! who o&ser#es all the rules o% 'o! u't a! pri!'iples !ee !ot worry a&out a!ythi!g i! his li%e$ There will &e prosperity with the ki! gra'e o% 0o ess <a*mi i! his house a! he will e!joy lo!g li%e$ There%ore) you shoul o&ser#e all the rules o% 'o! u't a! pri!'iples o% 9rahmi! 'ommu!ity with %ull %aithA$ The 9rahmi! 'ouple took Sriguru8s &lessi!gs a! retur!e home$ This i!'i e!t at the Shra ha 'eremo!y 'ompletely estroye the 9rahmi! la y8s stro!g esire %or a''epti!g the %oo o%%ere &y others$ Thus &oth &e'ame #ery happy with the &lessi!gs o% Sriguru$ 83 $hraddha: Ceremon' %erformed %eriodi. to Brahmin in the hono r of manes Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 46 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Sa$ed the !onour of Bhas"ar 5he! Sriguru was at 0a!agapur) large group o% e#otees thro!ge to get his &lessi!gs$ Someo!e or the other woul arra!ge sumptuous %oo to the e#otees$ No ay passe without the sumptuous %oo &ei!g pro#i e to the e#otees$ A poor 9rahmi! !ame 9haskar li#e i! a #illage !ear 0a!agapur$ 4ue to po#erty they woul mai!tai! themsel#es just o! ry &rea $ 9haskar was a great e#otee o% Sriguru$ /e ha a great esire to %ee Sriguru$ There%ore) he starte sa#i!g %oo grai!s a! mo!ey) a &it at a time) o! a ay(to ay &asis$ Fi!ally he 'ame to 0a!agapur$ /owe#er) i! 0a!agapur8s huge 'row he woul remai! sile!t with his little &u! le o% %oo grai!s a! mo!ey$ E#ery ay a 9rahmi! woul hol the 'eremo!y o% ser#i!g sumptuous %oo to the e#otees$ This way) three mo!ths passe $ Gther 9rahmi!s starte 'omme!ti!g o! poor 9haskar @This perso! is 'o!ti!ui!g here to e!joy whate#er a#aila&le %ree$ 5hate#er he has &rought i! that small pa'kage is har ly e!ough to %ee at the most three 9rahmi!s) &ut this 9rahmi! is pla!!i!g to %ee all the 9rahmi!s with this little pa'kage o% %oo grai!sA$ Sriguru u! erstoo the heart( esire o% his e#otee 9haskar$ G!e ay Sriguru 'alle o! 9haskar a! sai @To ay) you arra!ge %or the 'eremo!y o% ser#i!g %oo to the 9rahmi!sA$ 9haskar was e*tremely happy si!'e Sriguru himsel% ga#e the or er$ 5ith the little mo!ey a#aila&le with him) 9haskar we!t to the market a! &ought #egeta&les a! gro'eries$ Sriguru himsel% se!t the i!#itatio! to all the 9rahmi!s %or the 'eremo!y$ /e also or ere %or %our thousa! lea%(plates to ser#e %oo i!$ Seei!g this large(s'ale preparatio! all the 9rahmi!s starte maki!g %u! o% 9haskar$ /owe#er) the %ully e#ote 9haskar was &usy i! prepari!g 'ooke %oo %or the 'eremo!y$ 9haskar worshippe Sriguru o!'e the 'ooke %oo was rea y$ The! Sriguru aske 9haskar to &ri!g the #essels 'o!tai!i!g 'ooke %oo i! his prese!'e$ Sriguru the! ga#e his 'lothes) wor! o! his &o y) to 9haskar a! aske him to 'o#er the #essels with it$ 7! reality the %oo 'ooke %or the 'eremo!y was har ly e!ough to %ee two or three 9rahmi!s$ Ne#ertheless ue to the ki! gra'e o% Sriguru) e#e! a%ter ser#i!g %oo to %our thousa! 9rahmi!s the #essels 'o!tai!i!g the %oo were still %ull$ Su&se?ue!tly all the #illagers a! their 'hil re! were also i!#ite to take the %oo $ 7! spite o% ser#i!g these people) the %oo still remai!e i! the #essels as &e%ore$ Fi!ally the remai!i!g %oo was isperse i! the water to %ee a?uati' li%e$ Sriguru was so please &y 9haskar8s e#otio! that he &lesse 9haskar as @Not o!ly woul your po#erty #a!ish &ut also you will e!joy your 'hil re! a! gra! 'hil re!8s 'ompa!y i! your ow! houseA$ Sriguru8s %ame sprea i! all ire'tio!s ue to this i!'i e!t a! 'ou!tless people %rom all 'or!ers starte pouri!g i! to get his &lessi!gs$ Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

e in India7 the desire to #et %rasad and have darshan are the t"o ma+or motivations of %il#rima#e T tem%le visits( In its material sense7 %rasada is .h is .han#eabl' in this boo!( <ee%al Tree: The 8ol' 1i# Tree( Tree belon#s to the $a. on the branches of the #oly /eepal tree.ontem%orar' 8ind reli#io s %ra.s a ?leftover s bstan.eepal tree$ 9ut how woul 7 get the o%%spri!g8s i! this li%eK A$ riguru said. s reli#iosaA( 32 <rasad: 'rasad is both a mental .ld 6ouple Blessed %ith 6hildren Sriguru Narasi!ha Saraswati was at 0a!agapur$ There a #irtuous 9rahmi! 'ouple Soma!ath a! 0a!ga&ai also li#e $ 9oth &e'ame ol &ut they ha !o 'hil re!$ 0a!ga&ai ha 'rosse the age o% si*ty years$ She was #ery religious a! as aily o&ser#a!'e) she woul go to the MuthD0 %or the &lessi!gs o% Sriguru$ There she woul light a! oil lamp a! wa#e it arou! Sriguru$ Ma!y ays passe a! o!e ay she 'ame u! er the mer'i%ul #iew o% Sriguru$ /e aske 0a!ga @As a! o&ser#a!'e you 'ome here regularly a! wa#e the lighte wi'k lamp arou! me$ 5hat o you wa!t %rom meK A$ The! 0a!ga spoke #ery hum&ly @Maharaj) 7 am a 'hil less woma!$ A 'hil less la y has !o prestige i! the so'iety$ E#ery&o y 'o!si ers her a sig! o% ill ome!$ 7 ha#e alrea y 'rosse the age o% si*ty years$ Now i! this li%e) where is the 'ha!'e o% gi#i!g &irth to a 'hil K /e!'e please gi#e me &lessi!gs that at least i! my !e*t li%e 7 will &e'ome a woma! a! gi#e &irth to a so!A$ Sriguru smili!gly sai ) @5ho has see! !e*t li%eK 7! this li%e itsel%) you will gi#e &irth to a aughter a! later o! to a so!A$ 9y this &lessi!g 0a!ga&ai8s happi!ess k!ew !o &ou! s$ Ne#ertheless) she ha a ou&t as to how woul she 'o!'ei#e a! gi#e &irth) si!'e her me!ses ha alrea y stoppe K 9ut a%ter Sriguru8s &lessi!g) she sai @7 ha &ee! worshipi!g the /oly $ee(alD: tree regularly$ 9ut there was !o &e!e%it %rom that worship$ /e!'e 7 starte worshippi!g you regularly a%ter gi#i!g up the worship o% the /oly . Go there and worship the #oly /eepal tree daily<. all the #indu Gods are present.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 47 _________________________________________________________________________________________ .eived b' the devotee to be in#ested7 "orn7 et."hi.e or blessin#( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .e that is first offered to a deit' and then . !he worship and the circu$a$bulation of the #oly /eepal tree will not go waste. >ou can find the existence of Lord &rah$a.alled ?naived'a?( The deit' then ?en+o's? or tastes a bit of the offerin#( This no"-divinel' invested s bstan.eivin# bet"een a h man devotee and the divine #od( 1or eBam%le7 a devotee ma!es an offerin# of a material s bstan.e is . 5ith %ull %aith i! Sriguru8s wor s 0a!ga&ai staye at the ESa!gam8 a! starte worshippi!g the /oly .h as flo"ers7 fr its7 or s"eets -.ti.e?7 %rasada is s%e.Do not slander the #oly /eepal tree.ess of #ivin# and re.( It ma' be the same material that "as ori#inall' offered7 or material offered b' others and then re-distrib ted to other devotees( .red 1i#s @1i.e s .alled ?%rasadH7 and is re.a se it is nderstood as bein# invested "ith divine #ra. and Lord =aheshwar in the root.eepal tree$ G! the thir ay) a 9rahmi! 'ame i! her ream a! sai ) @Iour wish will &e %ul%ille $ 0o to 0a!agapur a! take the &lessi!gs o% Sriguru Narasi!ha Saraswati) the i!'ar!atio! o% <or 4attatreya$ The! 'omplete the 'ir'umam&ulatio! o% Sriguru a! o%%er your o&eisa!'e to him$ 5hate#er (rasadD2 he gi#es) take that as &lessi!gsA$ 35 31 & th: Tem%le-$hrine( & th and Tem%le 0 $hrine have been sed inter.ondition of #enerosit'7 as "ell as a material s bstan.ial be. !here is one #oly /eepal tree at the confluence of the rivers &hi$a and '$ar?a.ons med "ith the faith that the deit'?s blessin# resides "ithin it( In . Lord :ishnu. In addition. the trun( and the top of the #oly /eepal tree respectively.reated b' a %ro. .

3ne Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .!a(e that dry stu$p fro$ the far$er and go to the Sangam74. ignoring the insulting re$ar(s $ade by the people he was following the orders of riguru with full devotion. Aith great faith he sowed the dry 'udu$ber tree stu$p and started watering it three ti$es a day after ta(ing bath in the @ anga$2.eople were amaHe to see this mira'le$ At proper time 0a!ga ga#e &irth to a aughter$ The 'ouple Soma!ath a! 0a!ga were o#erjoye seei!g their !ew&or!$ They took their 'hil to Sriguru a! pla'e her at the lotus %eet o% Sriguru %or &lessi!gs$ Sriguru sai ) @Name this 'hil as Saraswati$ Iour aughter will li#e up to o!e hu! re years a! 'o!ti!ue to li#e happily with her 'hil re! a! gra! 'hil re!$ /er hus&a! will &e a highly lear!e ma! with great k!owle ge$ Further) you will gi#e &irth to a so!$ Tell me !ow) what type o% so! o you esireK 4o you wish to ha#e a wise so! with a li%e spa! o% thirty years a! who will &e'ome a %ather o% %i#e 'hil re! i! %uture) or a %oolish so! with li%e spa! o% o!e hu! re yearsK A$ The! 0a!ga&ai tol Sriguru @9less me with a so! with a li%e spa! o% thirty yearsA$ The! Sriguru sai ) @9e it so.eepal tree) a! the! we!t to 0a!agapur$ There she 'omplete the 'ir'umam&ulatio! o% Sriguru a! o%%ere her o&eisa!'e to him$ The! Sriguru ga#e her a %ruit a! aske her to eat it$ The! 0a!ga&ai retur!e home a! !arrate e#erythi!g to her hus&a! $ The! she 'o!'lu e her religious #ow$ A &it later she ga#e 'harity to the 9rahmi!s a! with great e#otio! ate the %ruit gi#e! &y Sriguru$ A%ter eati!g the %ruit) a mira'le took pla'e$ That ol la y &e'ame you!g a! regai!e her perio o% me!ses$ 7! ue 'ourse 0a!ga &e'ame preg!a!t$ . eeing this. people around started $a(ing fun of )arahari. 9epeat this three ti$es everyday. Aith full faith riguru2s words.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 48 _________________________________________________________________________________________ 0a!ga&ai woke up %rom the ream$ As per the or ers o% the 9rahmi! i! the ream) she took &ath i! the ESa!gam8) worshippe the /oly . $a(e a pit in the ground and sow this tree stu$p. !here. !he day this tree stu$p blosso$s. the leper went to the @ anga$2. water this tree stu$p. near the @ anga$eshwar2 te$ple. that day you will be cured of leprosy<.A <ater 0a!ga&ai ga#e &irth to a so!) whi'h &rought %ull happi!ess i! her home$ Tree Stump Blossoms There was a 9rahmi! &y !ame Narahari) &elo!gi!g to 9harga# 'aste o% Apastam& &ra!'h$ /e was su%%eri!g %rom leprosy isease$ E#e! though he ha a prosperous home a! %amily) he was %or'e to lea#e his house ue to leprosy$ 7! spite o% lo!g treatme!t there was !o 'ure$ /e woul go %rom #illage to #illage &eggi!g %or his sur#i#al$ G! heari!g the 4i#i!e %ame o% Sriguru Narasi!ha Saraswati) he 'ame to 0a!agapur) with great hope$ At 0a!agapur he we!t to the Temple shri!e to get Sriguru8s 4arsha!$ /owe#er) there was a &ig 'row o% e#otees a! they were s!u&&i!g him with great 'o!tempt si!'e he was a leper$ /e e#e! starte e!treati!g them &y layi!g himsel% ow! o! the grou! $ /owe#er) !o&o y pai a!y atte!tio! to him$ <or Sriguru) who is #ery ki! to the e#otees) hear his 'ry %or help$ Sriguru the! tol his is'iples) @A leper is sta! i!g outsi e$ 0o a! &ri!g him hereA$ Narahari %elt greatly &lesse &y Sriguru8s arsha!$ /e 'rie a! !arrate his tale o% woe &e%ore the 4i#i!e prese!'e o% Sriguru$ At that #ery i!sta!t) a %armer was walki!g alo!g the street outsi e) 'arryi!g a ry Au um&ar tree stump o%$ Sriguru saw the %armer a! tol Narhari . #owever. 'fter ta(ing bath daily at the @ anga$2.

!here was a $iracle.eople prese!t there were stu!!e &y this great mira'le$ Si!gi!g e#otio!al so!gs the people prese!t there worshipe Sriguru &y wa#i!g a lamp &e%ore him$ <ater o! sweet sumptuous %oo was ser#e to e#eryo!e to mark the joyous moo $ The! Sriguru tol Narahari @stay here at 0a!agapur alo!g with your wi%e a! 'hil re!A$ Narahari &rought his %amily to 0a!agapur a! li#e there with great happi!ess re! eri!g e#otio!al ser#i'e to Sriguru$ De$otee Sayamdeo Sriguru ha gi#e! his 4arsha! to Sayam eo at Vasar&rahmeshwar$ From that mome!t itsel% Sayam eo &e'ame a great e#otee o% Sriguru$ 4uri!g that time a Muslim Ji!g ha 'alle him to the royal 'ourt to slay him &ut ue o% the ki! gra'e o% Sriguru) he starte writhi!g i! pai! a! i!stea ) was %or'e to &i %arewell to Sayam eo with %ull ho!ours$ At that time) Sayam eo ha thought o% e i'ati!g his e!tire li%e i! re! eri!g ser#i'e to Sriguru) &ut Sriguru i !ot agree to his proposal) a! i!stea promise to gi#e him 4arsha! a%ter %i%tee! years$ From that ay o!) Sayam eo ha &e'ome a true e#otee o% Sriguru$ /e woul worship Sriguru e#ery ay a! woul a!*iously wait %or the :B(year wait to e! $ 4uri!g those ays he woul 'olle't !ews) liste! to the 4i#i!e plays o% Sriguru a! &e'ome a!*ious %or his E4arsha!8$ Arou! the e! o% the :B(year waiti!g perio ) he le%t his home a! we!t to 0a!agapur %or Sriguru8s 4arsha!$ No soo!er he got Sriguru8s E4arsha!8) he prostrate at the lotus %eet o% Sriguru$ Seei!g his e#otio! o% the highest or er) Sriguru was %ully please $ /e sai ) @Iou are my true e#otee$ 7! your %amily this tra itio! o% re! eri!g e#otio!al ser#i'e to <or 4attatreya will 'o!ti!ue throughout$ Now imme iately go to the ESa!gam8) take &ath a! retur! here %or taki!g a%ter!oo! mealsA$ A''or i!gly) Sayam eo we!t to the ESa!gam8) took &ath) a! retur!e $ The!) Sriguru aske him to get seate !e*t to him a! e!?uire a&out his well(&ei!g$ Sayam eo replie ) @7 am stayi!g i! =ttarka!'hi$ 9y your gra'e) 7 am #ery happy a! there is !o s'ar'ity o% a!ythi!g$ My &rother a! so!s look a%ter the %amily &usi!ess$ Now 7 am %ree %rom househol uties a! he!'e 7 wish to utilise rest o% my li%e &y re! eri!g ser#i'e at your lotus %eetA$ To this Sriguru replie ) @To re! er your ser#i'e to me is a i%%i'ult task$ 7 o!8t resi e at o!e %i*e pla'e$ =! er su'h situatio!) 'a! you re! er ser#i'e to meK 7% you esire to o so 7 ha#e !o o&je'tio!A$ Sayam eo repeate his %irm e'isio! a! %rom that mome!t itsel%) starte re! eri!g ser#i'e to Sriguru$ /e woul re! er ser#i'e to Sriguru starti!g early i! the mor!i!g till Sriguru slept at !ight$ This way) three mo!ths passe $ Sriguru e'i e to test Sayam eo$ /e took Sayam eo to the 'o!%lue!'e o% 9hima a! Amarja ri#ers a! e*plai!e to him the se'rets o% the path o% e#otio! to 0o $ 9y the! there was !ight%all$ All o% a su e! wi! Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . his devotion bore the fruit.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 43 _________________________________________________________________________________________ day. not only was )arhari cured of his leprosy but he also received a bright and lustrous body $ . riguru had co$e to the @ anga$2 with his disciples. riguru sprin(led water fro$ his Kamandalu on that dry stu$p and on )arahari2s body. !he dry stu$p of 'udu$bar tree started blosso$ing and instantly.

e Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .!rue devotion to one2s Guru is an extre$ely difficult tas($ 3ne who serves his Guru with full devotion need not be afraid of anything<. Sriguru the! spoke to Sayam eo @Iou are my %aith%ul a! true e#otee$ Iou are &lesse $ 0o home a! &ri!g your %amily %or my &lessi!gsA$ Taki!g the or ers) Sayam eo retur!e to his !ati#e pla'e =ttarka!'hi a! &rought his %amily to 0a!agapur$ Sriguru pla'e his &ou!ti%ul ha! o! the hea o% Nag!ath) the el est so!) &lesse him %ully) a! sai ) @/e will &e'ome a great e#otee o% mi!e$ Iour %amily will &e'ome prosperous with 0o ess o% 5ealth woul well i! your house$ Stay here with your wi%e a! re! er your e#otio!al ser#i'eA$ Seei!g the Sayam eo8s e#otio!) Sriguru !arrate to him a&out Anant Vrat D> aske him to o&ser#e the same$ Sayam eo worshippe the 7!%i!ite$ Sayam eo %e a! 33 .nant 2rat: Infinite *eli#io s Cbservan. !hen riguru narrated a $ythological story regarding the extent to which a Guru would test his disciple and once fully satisfied then the extent to which a Guru bestows his grace for the welfare of that disciple.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 55 _________________________________________________________________________________________ starte &lowi!g with great spee $ A 'lou o% ust starte risi!g up i! the sky$ Trees starte getti!g uproote a! %alli!g$ <ighte!i!g starte %lashi!g$ Very soo!) the sky &e'ame 'lou y a! torre!tial rai!%all starte $ To prote't Sriguru %rom this torre!tial rai!) Sayam eo stoo there !ear Sriguru i! the shape o% a! um&rella$ 4ue to the hea#y rai!s a! wi! gusts Sayam eo starte su%%eri!g %rom e*treme 'ol $ The! Sriguru sai @0o a! &ri!g woo a! %ire %rom the MuthD0 to light %ire$ 7! this se#ere 'ol let us warm oursel#es$ Jeep i! mi! that you walk i! a li!e$ 4o !ot look si eways or tur! &a'kA$ Taki!g the or ers o% Sriguru) Sayam eo starte walki!g with great pleasure$ 7t was 'ompletely ark e#erywhere$ /e was !ot a&le to see a!ythi!g i! the ark!ess$ 7t was also rai!i!g hea#ily$ 7! &etwee! there woul &e lighte!i!g$ 7t was o!ly i! this %lash o% the lighte!i!g that he was a&le to pro'ee $ This way &y i!termitte!tly ru!!i!g a! stum&li!g all the way he %i!ally rea'he the 8Muth8$ From the EMuth8 he 'olle'te some %uel woo ) ry 'ow( u!g 'akes) a! %ire a! starte his retur! jour!ey$ 9y that time) the rai! ha stoppe $ G! the way) he saw the same uproote trees$ Su e!ly) he remem&ere Sriguru8s 'omma! to !ot tur! arou! a! look$ =!%ortu!ately at the same i!sta!t) he also got a stro!g esire to tur! arou! a! ha#e a ?ui'k look a! so he i $ 5he! he looke &a'k) he saw a large 'o&ra %ollowi!g him$ Fear grippe him a! he took a lo!g jump a! looke &a'k agai!$ G!'e agai! he saw a similar type o% large 'o&ra %ollowi!g him$ /e starte ru!!i!g a! we!t astray i! the %orest$ The! he starte prayi!g to Sriguru$ Su e!ly he saw that there was !o tra'e o% a!y hea#y rai!%all$ There was !o tra'e o% either a!y uproote trees or a!y irt$ /e saw Sriguru sitti!g 'om%orta&ly u! er that .eepal tree at the 'o!%lue!'e o% 9hima(Amarja 1i#ers$ Fi!ally Sayam eo ra! towar s the tree a! lai himsel% ow! at the lotus %eet o% Sriguru a! pai his o&eisa!'e$ Sriguru sai ) @5hy i you look &a'k) iso&eyi!g my 'omma! K 7t was o!ly %or your prote'tio! that 7 ha se!t those two 'o&ras &ehi! youA$ 9y that time) those two 'o&ras 'ame !ear the lotus %eet o% Sriguru) o%%ere their o&eisa!'e with &e!t hoo s) a! retur!e $ !hen riguru spo(e to hi$ .

atal0a!ga8 o! Sri Shail Mou!tai!.alendar and 1ebr ar' month as %er Gn#lish Calendar( 35 &alli!ar+ n: .ond half of the month of &a#h as %er 8ind .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 51 _________________________________________________________________________________________ the 9rahmi!s a! the e#otees with sumptuous meals a! the! or ere his so! Nag!ath to o&ser#e Anant Vrat$ Sayam eo remai!e at 0a!agapur with his wi%e to re! er e#otio!al ser#i'e a! his %amily retur!e to =ttarka!'hi$ %ea$er Gets Darshan of 1alli"ar5un 5he! Sriguru was at 0a!agapur a 5ea#er ha &e'ome a great e#otee o% /im$ /e woul &e so mu'h e!grosse i! the e#otio! o% Sriguru that a%ter ear!i!g the re?uire mo!ey %or his %amily8s mai!te!a!'e) he woul spe! the &ala!'e o% the time i! the EMuth8$ /e woul 'lea! a! sweep the e!tire EMuth8 with great e#otio! a! retur! home o!ly a%ter taki!g Sriguru8s 4arsha!$ A !um&er o% ays passe &y this way a! the %esti#al o% MahashivaratriD6 approa'he soo!$ Majority o% the #illage people starte getti!g rea y to go to the ESri Shail Mou!tai!8 to atte! the religious %air$ E#eryo!e who &elo!ge to the wea#er8s 'ommu!ity also pla!!e to atte! the %air$ /owe#er) this wea#er ha take! %or gra!te that Sriguru himsel% is his Mallikar+unDB a! the 8Muth8 his Sri Shail Mou!tai!$ /e!'e he was !ot rea y to part away %rom the lotus %eet o% Sriguru$ /is relati#es a! %rie! s %irmly persua e him to a''ompa!y them to Sri Shail Mou!tai!) &ut he i !ot agree$ They all le%t %or the Mou!tai!$ 5he! he we!t to the EMuth8 Sriguru aske him @E#ery&o y we!t to the %air) &ut why i you !ot goK A$ /e replie @Gh) <or ) %or me you are my Mallikarju!.nother name of -ord $hiva( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . G! Sriguru8s or er the wea#er ope!e his eyes$ To his great surprise) the wea#er saw the majesti' Sri Shail Mou!tai! surrou! e &y !atural &eauty$ The gra! temple o% <or Mallikarju! sta! i!g o! the mou!tai!) the %lowi!g water o% .a ukasC6 with 'lose eyesA$ The wea#er stri'tly %ollowe the or ers o% Sriguru$ 7! the twi!kli!g o% a! eye) Sriguru alo!g with the wea#er rea'he E.A$ Fi!ally ay o% Mahashi#aratri aw!e $ 1ight i! the mor!i!g a%ter taki!g 'are o% all the 'hores i! the EMuth8) the wea#er we!t to the ESa!gam8$ A%ter &athi!g at ESa!gam8 he starte taki!g Sriguru8s E4arsha!8$ Sriguru was highly please with the u! i#i e e#otio! isplaye &y the wea#er$ Sriguru spoke to the wea#er @Come) to ay 7 will arra!ge %or the E4arsha!8 o% Sri Shail Mallikarju!a %or you$ Sit !ear me a! %irmly hol the .ated to -ord $hiva7 held on the 14 th da' of the se.atal0a!ga 1i#er a! the great 'row o% people assem&le there %or the %air$ Sriguru spoke to him @0o ?ui'kly) &athe i! the ri#er a! the! take the E4arsha!8 o% <or Mallikarju!a a! retur! &a'kA$ 5he! he we!t to take &ath i! the ri#er) he met his #illage !eigh&ours) &rother) sister as well as mother a! %ather at the ri#er$ They all aske him @you were !ot goi!g to 'ome here) the! how i you rea'h hereK 5ith whom i you 'omeK 5he! i you 'omeK A$ The wea#er replie ) @7 mysel% o !ot k!ow$ A %ew mome!ts &a'k 7 was !ear the ESa!gam8 at 0a!agapur$ Sriguru &rought me hereA$ Ne#ertheless) people i !ot 34 &ahashivratri: &ahashivaratri is a #reat reli#io s festival dedi.

re%resentation of -ord $hiva( The Lin#am @also7 Lin#a= $ans!rit meanin# Hmar!H or Hsi#nHA is sed as a s'mbol for the "orshi% of #od $hiva( The se of this s'mbol as an ob+e.arnata! $tate Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . too( the worship $aterials and when he entered the te$ple.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 52 _________________________________________________________________________________________ &elie#e his wor s a! he also thought it is !ot !e'essary to 'o!#i!'e them$ #e finished his bath.onsort( 33 )oddess Chandala <armesh"ari: Tem%le of )oddess near ) lbar#a in . he was astounded to see riguru hi$self glaring with splendour in the place of the JyotirlingaBCof Lord =alli(ar?un.nother name of -ord $hiva( 38 Bhavani &ata: )oddess <arvati( -ord $hivaIs .s s .t of "orshi% is a timeless tradition in India( -in#am is s all' fo nd "ith Eoni7 the %edestal( .allesh"ar: .h7 -in#am re%resented the male entit' of the niverse7 "hile Eoni re%resented the female= it "as nat ral to#etherness of the male @$hivaA and female @$ha!tiA @-in#am and EoniA as the %oint of ener#'7 %oint of .reation7 and %oint of enli#htenment( 37 . /e retur!e to Sriguru a%ter 'ompleti!g his worship$ /e tol Sriguru @7! the temple) 7 i !ot get E4arsha!8 o% <or Mallikarju!$ 7! pla'e o% <or Mallikarju! 7 saw you perso!ally glari!g with sple! our$ Iou are <or Mallikarju! /imsel%$ 7! that 'ase) why o people u! ergo all the trou&le to 'ome here %rom %ar o%% pla'es a! tra#erse lo!g ista!'es o! pilgrimagesK A$ The! Sriguru e*plai!e to him a&out the great!ess o% the pla'e$ Sriguru replie ) @From !ow o! 'o!si er Kallesh!arDC o% 0a!agapur as <or Mallikarju! a! start worshippi!gA$ The! Sriguru retur!e to 0a!agapur with the wea#er$ <ater) the wea#er retur!e to the EMuth8 %rom the ESa!gam8 a! ga#e Sriguru8s message to the 9rahmi!s o% the EMuth8$ G&ser#i!g the sha#e hea o% the wea#er the 9rahmi!s aske him a&out it$ The wea#er replie ) @7 ha &ee! to Sri Shail %air$ There 7 got my hea sha#e ) took &ath a! took 4arsha! o% <or Mallikarju!) pai my o&eisa!'e a! retur!e $ The 9rahmi!s aske ) @5hy are you gossipi!gK A$ The! the wea#er tol the 9rahmi!s @Sriguru himsel% took me to Sri Shail %air a! &rought me &a'kA$ The 9rahmi!s o% the EMuth8 were highly surprise $ A%ter a %ew ays) the people o% the #illage who ha go!e to Sri Shail %air) retur!e home$ From the!) it was 'o!%irme that the wea#er was prese!t i! the %air$ J!owi!g this reality o% the situatio! all the people o% 0a!agapur were highly amaHe a! %elt e*tremely happy to see the u!%athoma&le mira'ulous play o% Sriguru as well as the goo %ortu!e o% the wea#er$ 1e! eri!g his e#otio!al ser#i'e to <or Jalleshwar at 0a!agapur the wea#er 'ame to &e k!ow! as a! e*'eptio!al e#otee$ Leper Becomes a 'oet There was a 9rahmi! !ame Na! i$ /is &o y was a%%e'te &y white <eprosy$ /e we!t to Tulajapur to o%%er his prayers to havani MataD+$ For !early three years he o%%ere his prayers a! worshipe 9ha#a!i Mata alo!g with 'ha!ti!g 'o!ti!uously 0o s !ame$ The! o!e ay) 9ha#a!i Mata ga#e E4arsha!8 i! his ream a! or ere him @0o to *oddess Chandala $armesh!ariDD$ There your work will &e o!eA$ 36 :'otirlin#a: :'otirlin#a is one of t"elve famo s -in#as of the 8ind )od $hiva= -in#am is the emblamati.

lt ima#e of that deit'( Cn.eremon' @$ams!ara in $ans!ritA b' "hi.eepal tree his &o y &e'ame lustrous$ Fi!ally whe! he a&a! o!e his ol 'lothes) all the %ilthi!ess o% his &o y got 'lea!se $ .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 53 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Thus %ollowi!g 9ha#a!i Mata8s 'omma! Na! i we!t to the temple o% 0o ess Cha! ala . Further) !o soo!er he worshippe the /oly .arameshwari a! starte worshippi!g$ Nearly se#e! mo!ths passe $ G!e ay) 0o ess Cha! ala ga#e him E4arsha!8 i! his ream a! sai @0o to 0a!agapur a! worship Sri Narasi!ha Saraswati) the i!'ar!atio! o% <or 4attatrey$ 9y his &lessi!gs) you will &e 'ure o% white leprosy o! the &o yA$ Na! i woke up %rom the ream$ /e %elt #ery sa $ /e thought) @7% 7 were to &e ire'te to a huma! &ei!g) the! why was 7 etai!e here %or se#e!(eight mo!thsK A$ There%ore) he remai!e i! the temple o% the 0o ess Cha! ala itsel% i!stea o% goi!g to 0a!agapur$ Fi!ally 0o ess Cha! ala or ere him @<ea#e this pla'e imme iately a! go awayA$ Na! i &e'ame helpless a! we!t to 0a!agapur$ Seei!g Na! i) Sriguru spoke @Gh.har#ed and a re%resentation of the 6ivine s %reme s%irit( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .h the s%irit or bein# of a deit' is inf sed or bro #ht to inhabit a m rti or .eepal tree o! the &a!k o% ESa!gam8 a! let him a&a! o! his ol 'lothes a! wear !ew o!esA$ G&eyi!g the ki! a #i'e o% Sriguru) Na! i 9rahmi! took &ath i! the Shatkul Teerth$ No soo!er he i so) the white leprosy spots o! his &o y #a!ishe .e <rana <ratisthan is %erformed7 the Idol is . 5hy i you lea#e the 0o ess a! 'ome here to a huma! &ei!gK A$ Na! i %elt ashame a! &egge %or %orgi#e!ess a! took shelter u! er Sriguru$ Sriguru so%te!e a! %elt pity towar s Na! i$ /e the! 'alle e#otee Soma!ath a! sai @Soma!ath) take Na! i to the 8Shatkul Teerth8 o% Sa!gam$ <et him take &ath i! that Teerth with me!tal resol#e$ A%terwar s let him worship the /oly .onsidered to be divinel' .eople were amaHe $ /owe#er) a little white spot remai!e o! his thigh$ 5he! he retur!e &a'k to the EMuth8) Sriguru tol him) @Si!'e you ha a small ou&t i! your mi! this white spot remai!e $ 7% you start si!gi!g praises i! my %a#our) this white spot will also #a!ishA$ Na! i sai ) @7 am illiterate$ 7 o !ot k!ow how to rea a! write$ 7! that 'ase) how 'a! 7 praise youK A$ The! Sriguru spri!kle the sa're ash o! Na! i8s to!gue$ No soo!er this was o!eF Na! i starte si!gi!g praises %ille with e#otio!$ 5he! he 'o!ti!ue the last remai!i!g white spot o! his thigh too isappeare $ Na! i &e'ame a great poet$ /e staye at 0a!agapur till the e! o% his li%e a! 'o!ti!ue re! eri!g his e#otio!al ser#i'e to Sriguru$ 'oet )arhari 7! a #illage 'alle /ippargi there li#e a e#otee o% Sriguru$ 5ith the help o% #illagers he &uilt a temple o% <or 4attatrey$ For the $rana-$ratishthan:00 o% the i ol) he praye a! ear!estly re?ueste Sriguru to 'ome there$ Sriguru a''epte his re?uest$ The #illagers &e'ame #ery happy) whe! they 'ame to k!ow that Sriguru woul &e arri#i!g shortly$ They starte e'orati!g the #illage with great pomp to e*te! a gra! wel'ome to Sriguru$ 7! the same #illage there was a 9rahmi! &y !ame Narahari$ /e was a great e#otee o% <or Jalleshwar$ E#ery ay i! the temple o% <or Jalleshwar) he woul 'ompose %i#e #erses i! the praise o% <or Shi#a a! o%%er the same to the <or $ The #illagers thought that i% Narahari 'omposes e#otio!al so!gs i! praise o% Sriguru a! 155 <rana <ratisthan: <rana %ratistha is a rite or .

lease %orgi#e me$ Till to ay) 7 re! ere my e#otio!al ser#i'e to <or Jalleshwar$ As a result o% that e#otio!al ser#i'e 7 got your E4arsha!8 to ay$ Ji! ly a''ept me as a is'iple a! &less me$ /e!'e%orth 7 will re! er my e#otio!al ser#i'e at your lotus %eet till the e! o% my li%eA$ The! he starte si!gi!g i! the praise o% Sriguru$ Sriguru was please $ /e a''epte Narahari as his is'iple a! sai ) @7 mysel% e*ist i! the i ol o% <or Jalleshwar$ 4o !ot make a!y isti!'tio!A$ Sriguru took Narahari alo!g with him to 0a!agapur$ Narahari staye at 0a!agapur re! eri!g e#otio!al ser#i'e to Sriguru$ /e 'ompose a !um&er o% #erses i! the e#otio!al praise o% Sriguru$ .the festival of no.alendar( The festival mar!s the vi. <or ) 7 was 'ompletely o&sesse &y ig!ora!'e$ .eople starte regar i!g his as a! a''omplishe poet$ Acceptance of Ser$ice in &i#ht Different forms Sriguru8s %ame sprea i! all ire'tio!s$ 4e#otees %rom all #illages starte 'omi!g to take Sriguru8s E4arsha!8$ 9y the! Di!ali:0: %esti#al 'ame arou! the 'or!er$ G!e ay) se#e! e#otees &elo!gi!g to se#e! i%%ere!t #illages 'ame to 0a!agapur a! with 151 6i"ali: 6i"ali festival .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 54 _________________________________________________________________________________________ re! er ser#i'e to the <or it woul a &eauty to the 'eremo!y$ There%ore they re?ueste Narahari) &ut he i !ot agree$ /e sai ) @7 ha#e e i'ate my tale!t a! #oi'e o!ly i! the ser#i'e o% <or Jalleshwar$ 7 will !ot utilise my tale!t a! #oi'e i! praisi!g a mere huma! &ei!gA$ /eari!g this the #illagers &e'ame #ery a!gry$ Fi!ally the ay pla!!e %or the 'eremo!y aw!e $ Me! a! wome! o% the #illage starte 'ele&rati!g with great pomp$ 9eauti%ul esig!s were raw! o! the %loors with 'oloure pow er$ The e!tire pla'e was e'orate with %estoo!s o% %lowers a! gree! lea#es$ 9a!!ers were see! %lutteri!g i! the &reeHe %ille with melo ious musi' emitte &y the i%%ere!t musi'al i!strume!ts$ Si!gi!g e#otio!al so!gs a! a!'i!g alo!g) the #illagers &rought Sriguru i! a gra! pro'essio! to the #illage$ That ay as usual) poet Narahari 'ame to the Jalleshwar temple to worship <or Shi#a$ /e per%orme his worship with e#otio! a! the! sat %or me itatio!$ 7! the mea!time he ha a !ap$ The! he ha a ream i! his !ap$ 7! the ream he saw Sriguru himsel% is seate i! the pla'e <or Shi#a8s i ol i! the Jalleshwar temple$ Sriguru spoke to him @7 am a! i!'ar!atio! i! a huma! %orm$ 5hy o you worship a! praise meK A$ /eari!g this Narahari woke up %rom the ream$ 7t aw!e to him that Sriguru is <or Jalleshwar himsel%$ /e imme iately ra! to the house where Sriguru ha 'ampe $ /e stoo &e%ore the oor a! starte si!gi!g e#otio!al so!g(#erses 'ompose &y him i! praise o% <or Jalleshwar$ .alendar and the month of /ovember as %er Gn#lish .t rnal ill minations held d rin# the last t"o da's of .arti!7 as %er 8ind .tor' of #ood over evil( The $ans!rit "ord 6ee%avali means arra' of li#hts that stands for vi.sh"in and first t"o da's of .eople prese!t there) were highly amaHe to see this poet Narahari) who ha poi!t &la!k re%use to si!g his praise(#erses i! the prese!'e o% Sriguru) !ow has starte si!gi!g the same #erses with %ull e#otio! i! the ho!our o% Sriguru$ Si!gi!g the praises he we!t !ear Sriguru$ Sriguru aske him @Iou were 'riti'iHi!g me$ /ow is it that all o% a su e! you starte getti!g e#ote to meK A$ Narahari prostrate at the lotus %eet o% Sriguru a! praye @Gh.tor' of bri#htness over dar!ness( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

arti! <oornima: 1 ll &oon da' in the month of .ember month of Gn#lish Calendar( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .arti! as %er 8ind .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 55 _________________________________________________________________________________________ e#otio! re?ueste Sriguru to #isit their homes o! 4iwali ay %or re%reshme!t$ They starte ?uarrelli!g amo!g themsel#es with i! i#i ual 'o!%i e!'e) that ea'h o!e was sure o% taki!g Sriguru to o!ly his house) %or 4iwali %esti#al$ The! Sriguru tol them) @7 am alo!e) a! you are se#e! i! i#i uals$ /ow 'a! 7 go to se#e! i%%ere!t houses at the same timeK Iou e'i e o!e house a! 7 will 'ertai!ly 'ome thereA$ /owe#er) ea'h o!e was i!sisti!g separately %or his gra'ious prese!'e$ So they starte ?uarrelli!g &etwee! themsel#es$ Fi!ally Sriguru aske them to sit a &it %urther away %rom him$ Aware o% their e#otio!al %eeli!gs) Sriguru i !ot wa!t to isplease a!y o!e o% them$ There%ore) he 'alle ea'h perso! separately !ear him a! sai ) @7 will 'ome to o!ly your house$ Now go home a! start preparatio!s$ 9ut o !ot i!%orm a!yo!e else a&out thisA$ The se#e! e#otees &e'ame #ery happy a! we!t home$ /owe#er) the is'iples o% the Muth were isplease to k!ow that o! 4iwali ay Sriguru will lea#e them all a! go to a!other #illage$ They all praye a! i!siste Sriguru to gra'e the 4iwali ay &y his prese!'e i! the Muth$ Sriguru tol them @Gkay) G! 4iwali ay) 7 will remai! here i! the Muth alo!g with you allA$ G! 4iwali ay) Sriguru took eight i%%ere!t %orms) remai!e prese!t i! eight i%%ere!t pla'es 'o!'urre!tly) a! 'ele&rate 4iwali ay$ E#ery&o y %elt separately happy with the assumptio! that Sriguru gra'e the 4iwali ay with them ue to their i! i#i ual i!siste!'e$ A%ter a %ew ays) o! the Kartik $oornima:02 4ay all the is'iples 'ame to the 0a!agapur Muth$ All those se#e! e#otees starte sayi!g @G! 4iwali ay) Sriguru was prese!t i! our house o!ly$ /e i !ot go to a!y other pla'eA$ The! Sriguru spoke @5hate#er all these e#otees say) is true$ 7 was perso!ally prese!t at all these pla'es simulta!eously$ For the happi!ess o% all these e#otees 7 ha to take eight %ormsA$ Noti!g this i#i!e mira'ulous play o% Sriguru) the e#otio! o% the e#otees towar s Sriguru starte i!'reasi!g$ A 3armer De$otee 3a$oured Sriguru woul aily tra#el %rom 0a!agapur to the 'o!%lue!'e o% 9hima( Amarja ri#ers %or &ath$ 5hile he was goi!g &a'k a! %orth %rom the Sa!gam) a %armer whose %iel was o! the way woul always o%%er his prostratio!s at the lotus %eet o% Sriguru$ Si!'e the %armer woul o%%er his salutatio! twi'e to Sriguru aily o! his way to the Sa!gam a! &a'k) his e#otio!al %eeli!gs towar s Sriguru starte taki!g eeper roots$ Se#eral mo!ths passe &y like this$ The %armer %ully realiHe that his li%e('o! itio!s ha#e starte impro#i!g %rom all respe'ts ue to his stro!g e#otio! towar s Sriguru$ G!e ay) while Sriguru was goi!g to the Sa!gam) the %armer salute him as usual$ Sriguru aske ) @5hat o you wa!tK A$ Farmer sai @7 ha#e sowe millet see s i! my %iel $ 7 pray to you to ki! ly step i! my %iel a! &less it with the tou'h o% your lotus %eetA$ Sriguru steppe i! that %iel $ The 'rop was #ery goo a! likely to &e rea y %or har#esti!g withi! a %ew ays$ Sriguru sai ) @7 am goi!g to the Sa!gam to take a &ath$ 9y the time 7 retur!) har#est this 'rop 'ompletelyA$ Si!'e the %armer ha total e#otio! towar s Sriguru he starte har#esti!g the 'rop$ No soo!er he starte 'utti!g the 'rop) 152 .alendar and /ovember or 6e.

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 56 _________________________________________________________________________________________ his wi%e a! 'hil re! &ega! to 'ry$ E#e! the people o% that #illage starte agai!st oi!g it) &ut there was !o use$ a #isi!g him 9y the time Sriguru retur!e %rom the Sa!gam the %armer ha 'ut the 'rop 'ompletely a! 'lea!e the %iel $ 5he! Sriguru retur!e a! saw the %iel ) he sai @Gh.in# 2aid r /a#ar: /e" name: JBidarI7 no" in . 7 ha tol you joki!gly a! you ha#e really 'ut ow! the e!tire 'ropA$ So sayi!g Sriguru we!t away$ 5ithi! a %ew ays a%ter this i!'i e!t there was torre!tial rai! i! the #illage$ The ripe 'rop i! all the other %iel s o% the #illage got 'ompletely rui!e a! to the surprise o% the #illager8s) i! the %iel &elo!gi!g to this %armer) it starte sprouti!g all o#er$ This time) &y the &lessi!gs o% Sriguru the %armer har#este te! times more 'rop tha! usual$ /e &e'ame e*tremely happy$ /e o!ate e!ough 'or! to the 9rahmi!s a! &rought home the remai!i!g ple!ty o% 'or!$ E#ery&o y i! that #illage ho!oure the %aith a! e#ote !ess o% the %armer$ Sister +atna Li erated 1at!a) Sriguru8s sister) 'ame to 0a!agapur to take his &lessi!gs$ Sriguru ha promise her earlier that he woul meet her a%ter %i%tee! years$ At that time Sriguru %oretol her that i! her pre#ious li%e) she was i! the ha&it o% ki'ki!g a 'ow a! speaki!g ill o% others) ue to whi'h she woul su%%er %rom white leprosy i! this li%e$ As %oretol ) she i su%%er %rom white leprosy a! her whole &o y got a%%e'te $ There%ore) she &e'ame #ery !er#ous a! as %oretol ) 'ame to 0a!agapur to take the &lessi!gs o% Sriguru$ Sriguru tol his sister to take &ath %or three ays i! the holy water) whi'h will estroy all her si!s$ So whe! she took &ath i! the holy water %or three ays) all the white spots o! her &o y isappeare a! true e#otio! awake!e i! her$ %asherman +e orn Sriguru) i! his pre#ious i!'ar!atio! as Sripa Sri#alla&h ha gra!te a &oo! to a washer(ma! that @7! your !e*t li%e) you will &e'ome a Muslim adshah:0> a! e!joy all the royal happi!ess a! at that time) 7 shall 'ome a! gi#e @4arsha!A to you a! remi! you a&out your pre#ious li%eA$ As a result o% this &oo!) the washer(ma! took &irth i! the Muslim %amily o% Vai ur Nagar:06$ 7! ue 'ourse) he &e'ame the 9a shah o% 9i ar:06$ /e was #ery tolera!t towar s /i! us$ /e !e#er harme a!y temples) holy pla'es a! Muths &elo!gi!g to the /i! u 'ommu!ity) o! the 'o!trary he always helpe them &y gi#i!g o!atio!s$ /e ho!oure /i! u sai!ts a! as'eti's$ 9e'ause o% this !ature o% the 9a shah) the Moulvis:0B woul &e'ome #ery jealous a! start i!stigati!g the 9a shah to oppress the /i! us$ /owe#er) the 9a shah !e#er agree %or the same$ 153 154 Badshah: Gm%eror or .arnata! $tate 155 &o lvis: & slim <riests Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

red 8'mns 153 ) r ra+: .hantment and $a.eti. Ji! *urura+:0D) &y your ki! gra'e) 7 ha#e e!joye all the royal pleasures) majesty) a! gra! eur$ There was !o la'k o% happi!ess$ At least o!'e ki! ly gra'e me with your prese!'e i! my pala'e a! see the royal pleasures) majesty a! gra! eur %a#oure to me &y you$ 7 also agai! pray %or your ki! &lessi!gsA$ The! Sriguru sai ) @Cows are &ei!g slaughtere i! your ki!g om$ G!ly i% you stop this) will 7 'ome to your pala'eA$ The 9a shah imme iately ga#e a! or er to stop Cow slaughteri!g$ The sol iers hurrie &a'k to the ki!g om to make !e'essary arra!geme!t to wel'ome Sriguru$ 5he! Sriguru starte his jour!ey to the ki!g om i! a pala!?ui!) the 9a shah starte goi!g o! %oot) &ut Sriguru or ere him to ri e a horse$ The tow! was e'orate &eauti%ully to wel'ome Sriguru$ The /i! u 'ommu!ity were #ery happy &y the #ery thought o% &ei!g a&le to get Sriguru8s E4arsha!8 a! the Muslim 'ommu!ity were #ery eager to %i! out a&out this /i! u as'eti' i! whose ser#i'e their Ji!g has go!e 'raHy$ Sriguru was wel'ome i! the tow! with great pomp$ 9a shah wel'ome Sriguru i! his pala'e with great ho!our$ /e was perso!ally %a!!i!g 156 157 158 8a!im: . of the hi#hest order Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . Now 7 am tire o% this li%e a! he!'e 7 wish to remai! here a! re! er e#otio!al ser#i'e at your lotus %eet$ 9e'ause o% this a&s'ess o! my thigh) 7 ha the opportu!ity to get your E4arsha!8 a! &lessi!gsA$ Sriguru aske ) @5here is your a&s'essK Show meA$ 9a shah showe that thigh$ /owe#er) there was !either a!y a&s'ess !or the pai!$ The Ji!g &e'ame e*tremely happy a! the! starte prayi!g to Sriguru @Gh.' rvedi. %h'si. %h'si.rabi. 5asher(ma!) where were youK Iou ha#e &e'ome a 9a shah a! to ay 7 see you at this pla'eK A$ No soo!er he hear the wor s o% SriguruF the 9a shah remem&ere his past li%e) whi'h ma e him #ery happy$ The! the 9a shah sai ) @Maharaj) &y your ki! gra'e) 7 ha#e e!joye all the royal happi!ess$ 7 ha#e see! e!ough o% it) !o more !ee e .n as.ian Tantra-&antra: Gn.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 57 _________________________________________________________________________________________ G!e ay) su e!ly a! a&s'ess %orme o! the 9a shah8s thigh a! it starte gi#i!g shooti!g pai!$ :akims:06 a! Vaidya:0C 'alle %rom %ar away pla'es trie to treat the 'o! itio!) &ut there were !o results$ E#e! the metho o% Tantra-Mantra:0+ was utilise %or the treatme!t &ut there was !o use$ Tyi!g talisma! to treat it &ore !o %ruits as well$ 5he! all these metho s %aile ) 9a shah i!#ite all the 9rahmi!s a! the! they sai ) @This is the result o% the si!s 'ommitte i! your past li%e$ G!ly a! as'eti' 'a! sol#e your pro&lemA$ 5he! 9a shah e!?uire a&out the as'eti') the 9rahmi!s sai @There is o!ly o!e as'eti' o% the highest or er a! he is Narasi!ha Saraswati ) stayi!g at 0a!agapur at prese!tA$ The 9a shah imme iately starte %or 0a!agapur to ha#e a E4arsha! 8o% Sriguru$ /e was a''ompa!ie &y elepha!ts) horses) a! the army$ 5he! he rea'he 0a!agapur) he 'ame to k!ow that Sriguru is at the Sa!gam 2'on5luen'e o5 hima and Amar+a rivers3$ 7mme iately he we!t to the Sa!gam$ /e saw Sriguru sitti!g u! er a $ee(al tree o! the ri#er&a!k$ No soo!er the Ji!g saw SriguruF he jumpe ow! %rom his pala!?ui! a! starte ru!!i!g &are %oot towar s Sriguru$ G! rea'hi!g Sriguru8s a&o e) he prostrate at his lotus %eet$ Seei!g the 9a shah) Sriguru sai @Gh.ian 2aid'a: .

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 58 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Sriguru$ /e o%%ere his hum&le prayers to Sriguru$ As per his prayer) Sriguru a''epte some %ruits$ The! Sriguru got 9a shah seate !ear him a! sai ) @As esire &y you) 7 ha#e see! your majesty a! gra! eur$ Are you !ot happy e!joyi!g all these royal pleasuresK A$ 5ith %ol e ha! s the 9a shah replie ) @9y your ki! gra'e 7 ha#e e!joye all the royal pleasures$ Now 7 wa!t to re! er my e#otio!al ser#i'es at your lotus %eetA$ The! Sriguru sai @7% you really esire so) the! appoi!t your heir appare!t to your thro!e a! the! 'ome to Kadalivan::0 at the Srishail $arvat:::) where you 'a! ha#e my E4arsha!8$ 1ahaprasthan to 2adali Van (A Banana-#ro$e) 5he! Sriguru retur!e to the Sa!gam %rom Vai ur !agar:06 he ha resol#e somethi!g i! his mi! a! spoke to the is'iples a! e#otees @Now 7 will !ot retur! to the Muth$ This is Kaliyug::2) the %ourth age o% this worl $ Very i%%i'ult time is goi!g to 'ome$ Ma!y Muslim people ha#e starte pouri!g i!to 0a!agapur %or the %ul%ilme!t o% their esires a! %or the re ress o% their i%%i'ulties$ The sa're !ess o% the holy waters will get lost$ So it woul &e &etter i% 7 lea#e this pla'e a! go away$ /owe#er) 7 am goi!g away %rom here o!ly i! the ma!i%este %orm$ 9e%ore lea#i!g) 7 will &e i!stalli!g Nirgun $adukas::> here i! the Muth) whi'h woul &e a reser#oir o% my spiritual power %or the &e!e%it o% my e#otees$ A e#otee who 'omes here with %ull %aith %or the E4arsha!8 o% the .tion bet"een the seBes( 4omen "ill be the ob+e. led and % t to shame= the "ord of the "ealth' %erson "ill be the onl' la"(H 113 /ir# n <ad !as: .#eA7 is one of the fo r sta#es of develo%ment that the "orld #oes thro #h as %art of the .'.ndhra <radesh "here one of the t"elve famo s J-in#asI of the 8ind )od $hiva is lo.ribed th s: HIn the . i! the %orm o% %lowers$ A%ter re'ei#i!g the E.ated( 112 .ter( 2iolen.ri%t res( The other E #as are 6"a%ara E #a7 Treta E #a7 and $at'a E #a( In the 2ishn < rana7 for eBam%le7 the .#e of .ali ' #a is des.le of E #as7 as des.ali E #a7 there "ill be n mero s r lers v'in# "ith ea.adalivan: .h other( The' "ill have no .rasa 8) all o% you lea#eA$ 115 111 .ardali forest( Banana )rove P2an: 1orestQ $rishail <arvat: $rishail &o ntain( $rishail &o ntain is a hol' %la.atalga!ga$ There he took &ath a! per%orme the religious rites o% the ay$ The! he tol his is'iples @prepare o!e %loat &e e'ke with %lowers %or me a! pla'e it i! the ri#er$ My li%e8s missio! is o#er !ow$ Iou all retur! to 0a!agapur a! try to relie#e the su%%eri!gs o% the a%%li'te people a! lea them o! a #irtuous a! e#otio!al path$ 7 shall &e prese!t there o!ly i! a mysterious %orm$ 5he! 7 rea'h the Ja ali #a! at the %oot o% Srishail Mou!tai!) the! 7 shall se! &a'k (rasad.e( -earned %eo%le "ill be ridi.e of -ord &alli!ar+ n @-ord $hivaA in .e7 falsehood7 and "i.e of )od or $ad) r Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .ts of sens al %leas re( 6ishonest "ill be the bottom line of s bsisten.hara..!edness "ill be the order of the da'( <iet' and #ood nat re "ill d"indle slo"l'((( <assion and l st "ill be the onl' attra.ttrib teless foot im%ressions on a stone "orshi%%ed as the tra.a ukas will 'ertai!ly get my &lessi!gs$ E#ery ay i! the mor!i!g 7 will take a &ath i! the Jrish!a 1i#er a! the! 7 shall per%orm religious 'eremo!ials i! Narasi!hawa i u! er the Au um&ar tree at the Sa!gamC6 o% Jrish!a .ribed in 8ind s.ali7 also !no"n as Iron .ali E #: 2ali 4u#a77 @lit( .a!'haga!ga 1i#ers$ 7! the a%ter!oo! 7 shall remai! at the Sa!gam o% 9hima(Amarja 1i#ers$ 7 shall &e prese!t i! the Muth o% 0a!agapur i! a! attri&uteless %orm$ All the e#otees shoul mai!tai! goo 'o! u't while per%ormi!g all the religious rites$ This will make e#eryo!e8s li%e %ree %rom worries) iseases a! more prosperous$ 9y so &lessi!g) Sriguru alo!g with his is'iples rea'he .

atalga!ga 1i#er a! shortly a%ter he isappeare %rom #iew &e%ore the #ery eyes o% the e#otees$ The e#otees were at loss to u! ersta! as to whe!) how a! where Sriguru isappeare $ A%ter some time) a &oatma! 'ame there with his &oat$ /e sai @G! a ista!t ri#er &a!k 7 saw a 4i#i!e as'eti' seate o! a %lower &e e'ke %loat$ /e 'alle me !ear a! ga#e a message %or all o% you) to stop worryi!g a! retur! to 0a!agapur a! mai!tai! e#ote !ess a! #irtuous 'o! u't$ Further the as'eti' state that a%ter rea'hi!g Ja ali#a!) he woul arra!ge to se! %lowers as &lessi!gsA$ A little while later %our Shevanti %lowers 'ame %lowi!g towar s them$ From the is'iples prese!t there) Sayam eo) Na! i) Narahari a! Si ha) pi'ke up o!e %lower ea'h$ They retur!e to 0a!agapur with praise a! re'olle'tio! o% Sriguru$ This e#e!t took pla'e o! the ay o% Magha Jrish!a . innu$erable $iserable and distressed devotees have been e$ancipated.ratipa a Shake :>C+) as per /i! u 'ale! ar a! year :6B6) Ja! or Fe& as per E!glish 'ale! ar$ That ay Sri Narasi!ha Saraswati a$k$a Sriguru) the i!'ar!atio! o% <or 4attatreya) 'omplete his li%e8s missio!$ 7! a hi e! %orm Sriguru per#a e e#erywhere %or the upli%tme!t o% his e#otees$ This #irtuous ay is &ei!g 'ele&rate as 0urupratipa a with great e#otio! at 0a!agapur) Narsi!hawa i) Au um&ar) a! other holy pla'es$ Gurucharitra The es'riptio! o% the mira'ulous works o% Sripa Sri#alla&h a! Narsi!ha Sarswati) the i!'ar!atio!s o% <or 4attatreya) are !arrate i! the metri'ally 'ompose 2EG#i8 %orm o% poetry3 &ook E0uru'haritra8 writte! &y Saraswat 0a!ga har$ This &ook is 'o!si ere as spell&ou! E0uru'haritra8$ E0uru'haritra8 is thoroughly rea a! re'ite &y the e#otees i! a pres'ri&e ma!!er$ 7!!umera&le e#otees ha#e attai!e wo! er%ul a! mira'ulous e*perie!'es &y rea i!g E0uru'haritra8$ Saraswat 0a! har) the es'e! e!t o% Naga!ath) the so! o% Sayam eo) 'ompose this 9ook i! the year :660) as per /i! u 'ale! ar) a! the year :B:+ as per E!glish Cale! ar$ Due to Lord Dattatreya and his incarnations and the recitation of Gurucharitra.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 53 _________________________________________________________________________________________ 5ith the separatio! o% Sriguru) all his is'iples a! e#otees got stru'k with grie% a! they &ega! to 'ry$ 7! the mea!while the 9a shah o% 9i ar also arri#e $ A%ter showeri!g his %a#our o% &lessi!gs o! all the e#otees) Sriguru we!t a! sat o! the %lower(&e e'ke %loat pla'e i! the mi le o% . Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

atalga!ga a! appeare i! Ja ali#a! uri!g the year :>+0 as per /i! u 'ale! ar a! year :6BD) as per E!glish Cale! ar$ 5he! Sri Swami Samarth Maharaj was i! Akkalkot) o! heari!g his %ame a Europea! a #o'ate esire %or his E4arsha!8$ There%ore) he tra#elle all the way %rom Jolkata to meet his .arsi %rie! at Akkalkot$ A%ter taki!g the 4arsha! he aske Akkalkot Swami Maharaj @5hi'h pla'e o you &elo!g toK A$ Sri Swami Maharaj replie ) @First 7 starte %rom Ja ali#a! at Sri Shail Mou!tai!$ 5hile wa! eri!g a&out) 7 #isite a City like Jolkata$ 5hile wa! eri!g i! 9e!gal 7 got the &lessi!gs o% Kali Mata::6$ Agai! while wa! eri!g o! the &a!ks o% *angamata::B) 7 ha#e #isite i!!umera&le holy pla'es like /ari war) Je ar!ath) 0a!gotri) 9a ri!ath) Ayo hya) 4warka a! the! 7 rea'he the &a!ks o% 0o a#ari ri#er$ The! 7 #isite /y era&a $ 7 was i! Ma!gal#e ha %or a !um&er o% years$ The! a%ter #isiti!g .es si#n of >odia. o% Sri Narasi!ha Saraswati$ /owe#er) i! the mea!time) he ha a #isio! i! his ream @0o to Akkalkot a! take the 84arsha!8 o% Sri Swami SamarthA$ The! he 'ame to Akkalkot$ 7! this 'o!%usio! he %orgot to o%%er the musk at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swami Samarth$ 5he! Sri Swami Samarth saw him) he spoke @9ri!g that musk whi'h you ha#e &rought %or me at o!'eA$ 114 115 .u!e e!?uire ) Sri Swami Samarth replie ) @7 am a Iajur#e i 9rahmi!$ My !ame is Narasi!h&ha!$ 7 &elo!g to Jashyap 0otra a! Meen 1ashi::6 A$ 0a!agapur is the pri!'ipal pla'e o% Sri Narasi!ha Saraswati$ G!'e whe! a worshipper %rom 0a!agapur 'ame to Akkalkot) Sri Swami Samarth aske him @5hat is the !ame o% your eityK A$ That worshipper replie ) @/e is k!ow! as Sri Narasi!ha SaraswatiA$ The! Sri Swamiji sai ) @=y na$e is )arasinhabhanA$ G!'e people %rom Narasi!hawa i) the sa're gro#e o% Sri Narasi!ha Saraswati) 'ame to Akkalkot to take the &lessi!gs o% Sri Swami Samarth$ They aske @Swami) who are youK The! Swami replie @Mool $urush& Vat Ka Vriksha& Dattanagar::C A$ Sri Narasi!ha Saraswati himsel% ha tol his e#otees to go to Akkalkot) whi'h i! i'ates the a&solute like!ess &etwee! Sri Swami Samarth a! Sri Narasi!ha Saraswati$ 7! Mum&ai there was a! el erly perso! &y !ame Shree Jrish!a&uwa alias Thakur as&a&a$ /e was su%%eri!g %rom <eprosy$ At the e! o% his pilgrimage he rea'he 0a!agapur$ /e ha &rought musk with him to o%%er the same at the Nirguna $adukas"". 117 U&ool < r sh7 2at .arnation of -ord 6attatre' Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .a 2ri!sha7 6attana#arV: I am the eternal $ %reme Brahman "ith a ba.onsort( )an#a &ata: *iver )an#es( )enerall' referred to as &other )an#a( 116 &een *ashi: <is.!#ro nd of ban'an tree and ori#inated from the in.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 65 _________________________________________________________________________________________ &8pressin# Di$ersity and A solute li"eness The e#otees o% <or 4attatrey ha#e a Stro!g &elie% that Akkalkot!i#asi Sri Swami Samarth a! Sri Narasi!ha Saraswati are o!e a! the same$ Sri Narasi!ha Saraswati ma!i%este almost uri!g) the year :>00) as per /i! u 'ale! ar 2Iear :>C+ as per E!glish 'ale! ar3) the! he isappeare i! .a! harpur) 9egampur) 7 rea'he Mohol #illage$ A%ter a %ew ays) 7 'ame to Akkalkot$ Now 7 ha#e settle i! AkkalkotA$ 5he! a ge!tlema! &y !ame Jar#e %rom .ali &ata: )oddess <arvati( -ord $hivaIs .

e has::+ worth o!e(rupee twe!ty(%i#e paise) o!'e his stoma'h pai! gets 'ure $ 9y the ki! gra'e o% Sriguru) he was 'ure o% his stoma'h(pai!) &ut he %orgot to %ul%il his promise$ A%ter a&out te! years) he ha 'ome to Akkalkot %or some work a! he we!t to pay his o&eisa!'e to Sri Swami Samarth$ G! seei!g this 9rahmi!) Sri Swami Samarth a!grily uttere ) @Mather'hod::D) you ha#e %orgotte! the . ver' offensive ab sive "ord sed onl' in ver' dero#ator' "a'( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . s"eet %re%ared from &il! in#redient( )enerall' <edhas are a normal "a' to .a ukas::> o% Sri Narasi!ha Saraswati$ Maloji 1aje 9hosle) the the! ki!g o% Akkalkot regime) i!itially a e#otee o% Sri Narasi!ha Saraswati) woul go to 0a!agapur to atte! the 'ele&ratio!$ /e got a #isio!ary i!sight where Sriguru tol him @7 ha#e alrea y 'ome to resi e i! Akkalkot$ The! why o you 'ome to 0a!agapurK A$ From that ay o!war s) ki!g Maloji 1aje starte re! eri!g e#otio!al ser#i'e to Sri Swami Samarth at Akkalkot$ A 9rahmi! was su%%eri!g %rom a'ute stoma'h pai!$ /e we!t to Narasi!hwa i a! #owe i! %ro!t o% his eity Sriguru to o%%er .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 61 _________________________________________________________________________________________ A ge!tlema! &y !ame 0o#i! rao Tol) was su%%eri!g %rom se#ere stoma'h pai!$ As per his %athers) Chi!topa!t Tol) a #i'e he 'ame to Akkalkot to take E4arsha!8 o% Sri Swami Samarth$ A%ter taki!g the E4arsha!8) he pla!!e to #isit 0a!agapur si!'e he la'ke e#otio! towar s Sri Swami Samarth$ Though %or&i e!) he we!t to 0a!agapur a! staye there %or !early two a! hal% years re! eri!g his ser#i'e$ E#e!tually he got a #isio!ary i!sight to go &a'k to Akkalkot a! re! er e#otio!al ser#i'e$ Chi!topa!t Appa Tol) %ather o% 0o#i! rao) was su%%eri!g %rom emo!ia' possessio!$ /e!'e he we!t to Akkalkot a! staye there re! eri!g e#otio!al ser#i'e to Sri Swami Samarth$ /is so! 0o#i! rao aske Sri Swami @7s it that your ho!oura&le prese!'e also %elt at the 9hima(Amarja SangamK A$ Sri Swami replie ) @Ies) 7 am also prese!t thereA$ G!'e 0o#i! rao got a #isio! i! his ream that i! the temple o% Sri Narasi!ha Saraswati at 0a!agapur) Sri Swami Samarth i! perso! is seate ) shi!i!g with sple! our a! weari!g the Nirgu!a .hod: *as.elebrate festivities and offerin#s to a 6eit'( 113 &ather.al( .e hasA$ A 9rahmi! ear!e a huge pro%it i! the Sto'k Market$ /e i !8t ha#e a!y 'hil re!$ /e ha go!e to 0a!agapur alo!g with his %amily a! #owe i! %ro!t o% eity Sriguru that i% he gets a 'hil he woul o%%er %oo %or o!e thousa! people$ E#e!tually) he got a so! &ut ue to sla'k!ess i! the Sto'k Market) he lost hea#ily a! he ie ue to the se#ere sho'k$ /is wi%e) the 9rahmi! la y) &e'ame se#erely worrie as to how woul she &e a&le to %ul%il the promise ma e to SriguruK Someo!e suggeste her to go to 0a!agapur a! re! er e#otio!al ser#i'e to Sriguru$ A%ter a %ew ays o% re! eri!g e#otio!al ser#i'e at 0a!agapur) she got #isio!ary i!sight a #isi!g her to go to Akkalkot a! o%%er %oo to Sri Swami Samarth) so that her promise woul get %ul%ille $ Fi!ally) the 9rahmi! la y 'ame to Akkalkot a! stoo shyly i! %ro!t o% Sri Swami Samarth$ Sri Swami 'alle her !ear a! spoke @Arra!ge meals %or meA$ The 9rahmi! la y 'ooke sumptuous %oo a! o%%ere the same to Sri Swami Samarth$ Sri Swami 118 <edhas: $"eet &eat( .

u!e$ Akkalkot is o! the way to 0a!agapur$ They we!t to pay o&eisa!'e to Sri Swami Samarth$ 5he! they re?ueste %or the permissio! to go to 0a!agapur) Sri Swami Samarth sai ) @Iou !ee !ot go to 0a!agapur$ 7 shall relie#e you &oth %rom this emo!ia' possessio!A$ 1ight away Sri Swami relie#e the 'ouple %rom emo!ia' possessio!$ 9alappa %rom /a#eri) Jar!ataka) was a ser#a!t o% Sri Swami Samarth$ 9alappa 'ame to 0a!agapur a! starte re! eri!g se#ere e#otio!al ser#i'e to Sri Swami Samarth while stayi!g i! 0a!agapur$ Fi!ally) he got a #isio!ary i!sight there that @0o to Akkalkot %or the E4arsha!8 o% SriguruA$ The! he we!t to Akkalkot a! remai!e there till the e! ) re! eri!g ser#i'e to Sri Swami Samarth$ A 9rahmi! %rom wester! Maharashtra ha ma e a promise to Sriguru) Narasi!ha Saraswati) that i% a so! were &or! to him) he woul per%orm the threa 'eremo!y o% the &oy at 0a!agapur$ 9y the ki! gra'e o% Sriguru) the 9rahmi! got a so!$ To %ul%il his promise he starte to go to 0a!agapur$ G! the way to 0a!agapur) whe! he rea'he Akkalkot he realiHe that he ha spe!t all his mo!ey a! there was !othi!g le%t to go ahea $ There%ore) at Akkalkot he approa'he Sri Swami Samarth a! praye to him @Now goi!g to 0a!agapur to %ul%il my promise is &eyo! my rea'h$ Iou are the i!'ar!atio! o% <or 4attatrey$ Ji! ly allow me to %ul%il my promise here itsel%A$ Sri Swami a''epte his re?uest a! the 9rahmi! per%orme his So!8s threa 'eremo!y i! Akkalkot itsel%$ A 9rahmi! !ame Sri har) %rom Jar!ataka) su%%ere %rom se#ere stoma'h(pai!$ /e 'ame to 0a!agapur a! starte re! eri!g ser#i'e to Sriguru$ E#e!tually) he got a #isio!ary i!sight i! his ream a!!ou!'i!g) @Take the jui'e o% the lea#es o% Sripuri 2Neem tree(Margosa tree3 mi*e with ry gi!ger a! ro'ksalt a! your stoma'h pai! will 'ertai!ly &e 'ure A$ 5he! he woke %rom his sleep) he e!?uire with the people a! the Vaidyas regar i!g the wherea&outs o% this Sripuri tree$ /owe#er) !o o!e k!ew$ So &e'ame worrie a! remai!e i! 0a!agapur$ A%ter a %ew ays) he got a se'o! #isio!ary i!sight wherei! Sriguru himsel% ire'te him @0o to Akkalkot) Sri Swami Samarth will show you the Sripuri treeA$ The! he 'ame to Akkalkot a! prostrate at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swami Samarth a! pai his o&eisa!'e$ Sri Swami spoke to him @Gh.u!e was a ri'h ma!$ 9oth the hus&a! a! wi%e were su%%eri!g %rom emo!ia' possessio!$ They thought o% goi!g to 0a!agapur a! re! er e#otio!al ser#i'e to Sriguru$ For this reaso! they &oth starte their jour!ey %rom .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 62 _________________________________________________________________________________________ ate stoma'h(%ull a! as a sig! o% this he &el'he $ The! he spoke to her @Iour promise o% %ee i!g o!e thousa! people is %ul%ille $ Now go homeA$ Appasahe& Su&!is %rom .repare jui'e %rom the lea#es o% the !eem tree) a ry gi!ger) ro'ksalt a! take the mi*ture %or three ays$ Iour stoma'h pai! will get 'ure A$ Taki!g this me i'i!e the 9rahmi! was %ully 'ure a! retur!e home happily$ G!e more 9rahmi! was su%%eri!g %rom se#ere stoma'h pai!$ /e we!t to Narasi!hawa i) the holy pla'e o% Sriguru a! thoroughly rea the *uru-Charitra 125 /eem Tree: &ar#osa tree Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . That neem tree:20 is 'alle as Sripuri tree$ .

ix hands .b : a &o ntain in *a+asthan( )irnar &o ntain: .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 63 _________________________________________________________________________________________ 2&iography o% Sriguru3$ Fi!ally) he got a #isio!ary i!sight %rom Sriguru sayi!g @7 ha#e take! i!'ar!atio! at Akkalkot as Sri Swami Samarth$ 0o there a! your stoma'h pai! will get 'ure A$ 9e'ause o% his weak health he ro e a horse a! we!t to Akkalkot$ At the time o% starti!g his jour!ey he ma e a me!tal resol#e that i% he rea'hes Akkalkot sa%elyF he woul o%%er E.!rident of hiva8!rishul1 and Gourd .e has8 worth o!e rupee twe!ty(%i#e paise to Sri Swami Samarth$ A%ter rea'hi!g Akkalkot) he we!t Cholappa8s house where Sri Swami Samarth was prese!t$ Near the e!tra!'e o% this house his horse got stu'k up$ The horse 'oul !ot &e %ree &y a!y mea!s$ Sri Swami resti!g o! 'ou'h was o&ser#i!g this$ Sri Swami spoke to the 9rahmi! @4i you %orget the E.%a$andalu1.Gosai1 prostrated at the lotus feet of Lord Dattatrey and said.e has8$ The horse that was stu'k up also got %ree a! the ki! gra'e o% Sri Swami Samarth 'ure the 9rahmi! o% his stoma'h pai!$ /e the! happily retur!e home$ This way Sri Narasi!ha Saraswati %rom his pla'es at 0a!agapur a! Narasi!hwa i a #ise his e#otees to go to Akkalkot a! Sri Swami also agree to the same) sol#e all the har ships a! ago!ies o% the e#otees$ This 'learly shows &eyo! ou&t) that Sri Narasi!ha Saraswati a! Sri Swami Samarth are o!e a! the same e!tity without a!y isti!'tio! whatsoe#er$ Sri Vasu e#a!a! Saraswati) otherwise 'alle as Tem&eswami o% twe!tieth 'e!tuary) a great worshipper o% <or 4attatrey) was 'o!si ere &y the e#otees as the i!'ar!atio! o% <or 4attatrey himsel%$ A e#otee o% Sri Swami Samarth) !ame 9a#a ekar wa!te to 'arry out a religious sa'ri%i'e at Narasi!hawa i a! so he approa'he Sri Tem&e Swami at Narsi!hawa i$ Sri Tem&e Swami tol 9a#a ekar @Sri Swami Samarth o% Akkalkot) your 0uru) is the i!'ar!atio! o% <or 4attatrey /imsel%$ A%ter taki!g or ers %rom him) per%orm the religious 'eremo!y$ /e!'e 'ertai!ly it appears %rom the a&o#e) that Sri Tem&e Swami 'o!si ere Sri Swami Samarth as <or 4attatrey /imsel%$ Tukojirao /olkar) the ki!g o% 7! ore) &y heari!g the great %ame o% Sri Swami Samarth 'ame to Akkalkot %or Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8$ A%ter taki!g E4arsha!8 o% Sri Swami) Tukojirao &e'ame highly emotio!al a! he sai @Sri Swami Maharaj) o!'e you ha gi#e! me E4arsha!8 o! the A&u Mou!tai! a! to ay this is the se'o! time 7 get your E4arsha!8A$ <or 4attatreya wells at Abu Mountain:2: as well as *irnar :22 Mountain $ Sri Swami Samarth alo!g with his is'iples was touri!g i! the #illages) !ear&y Akkalkot$ A! as'eti' 20osai3 ha u! ertake! religious 'eremo!ials %or a !um&er o% years) to get the E4arsha!8 o% <or 4attatrey$ #e ca$e for the @Darshan2 of ri wa$i a$arth and he got the @Darshan2 of Lord Dattatrey #i$self in the for$ of !hree heads . !he ascetic . &o ntain in ) +arath( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . holding three8pointed spi(e or spear .#ow can ignorant souls li(e us (now the real identity of your Divine "or$D >ou are 121 122 &o nt .!ri$u(hi1.e ha8 worth o!e rupee twe!ty %i#e paiseK A$ The 9rahmi! imme iately &rought the E. . hatbhu?1.

dvaita tradition( The title derives from $an!ara of . ri )arsinha araswati had also personally $anifested. are but one and the sa$e.har'a-s in India toda'( 124 $amadhi: see 1ootnote 46above( 125 Tirth: .himamna'a matha7 or the 6"ara!a <itha7 the "estern matha7 at 6"ar!a( The heads of these fo r instit tions are .her in the linea#e7 $an!ara is also .har'a in standard transliterationA is a .her?( .aladi7 an infl ential theolo#ian of 8ind ism7 "ho first established fo r mathas in the fo r re#ions of India( 8e "as #iven the name $an!ara at birth7 and a.di $an!ara are= the 9ttaramna'a matha7 or northern matha at :oshimath7 the < rvamna'a matha or eastern matha7 the )ovardhana matha7 at < ri7 the 6a!shinamna'a matha7 or the $rin#eri $harada <eetham7 the so thern matha7 at $hrin#eri7 the <as.lso see 1ootnote 11( 128 &amlatdar: Tal !a &a#istrate Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .di means ori#inalKfirst(A The fo r instit tions traditionall' said to have been established b' .o#ni>ed tea.har'a is a title7 meanin# ?learned tea.s the first histori.onsidered the %rin. In this incarnation of ri wa$i a$arth.alled .di $an!ara( @The $ans!rit "ord . 123 $han!ara.har'a: $han!ara.ommonl' sed title of heads of mathas @monasteriesA in the .0$ /e i !ot allow Sri Swami Samarth to take &ath i! the holy waters) without payi!g mo!ey$ At this same i!sta!t worms starte writhi!g i! the holy waters o% EJoti Joop Tirth8$ The worshipper &e'ame !er#ous a! approa'he the Shankara'harya:2> o% Shri!geri Muth$ The! the Sha!kara'harya we!t i! a state o% Samadhi:26 a! o&ser#e that Sri Swami Samarth is !ot o!ly a! as'eti' &ut i!%a't a! i!'ar!atio! o% <or 4attatrey /imsel%$ A%ter realisi!g the truth) all the people surre! ere to Sri Swami Samarth$ G!ly the! the Tirth:2B got puri%ie $ Vama!&ua 9rahma'hari 9a o ekar was #ery stu ious o% Ve a!ta$ /e wa!te to get a&sor&e i! the 'o!templatio! o% rahma a! e*perie!'e the k!owle ge gi#e! i! the Ve a!ta$ /e!'e he we!t to 0a!agapur a! 'arrie out a thorough rea i!g *uru'haritra:266 <or 4attatrey /imsel% appeare i! his ream a! &lesse Vama!&ua with the E4arsha!8 a! sai ) @7 am perso!ally prese!t i! Akkalkot itsel%$ /e!'e o !ot wa! erA$ Iashwa!t Maha eo 9hosekar was a 1igvedi rahmin:2C$ A! as'eti' ga#e him #isio!ary i!sight i! his ream aski!g him to pro'ee to Ma!gal#e ha) Solapur 4istri't i! Maharashtra$ There he got the E4arsha!8 o% Sri Swami Samarth a! the! he praye @Maharaj) 7 ha#e %ully e*perie!'e that you are the i!'ar!atio! o% <or 4attatrey /imsel% i! e!tiretyA$ Sri Swami Samarth i!itiate 9hosekar a! the %ame o% 9hosekar) as a sai!tly perso!) sprea i! all ire'tio!s$ /e was popularly 'alle as 4e# Mamlatdar:2+$ /is Tom& is lo'ate i! Nasik$ "ro$ all the above incidents. ri )arsinha araswati and ri wa$i a$arth though ta(en separately.lso see 1ootnote 126 ) r Charitra: In this . it beco$es clear that ri wa$i a$arth =ahara? was the co$plete incarnation of Lord Dattatrey #i$self. I got acco$plish$ent in $y life by the very @Darshan2 of your Divine "or$A$ The worshipper o% the i ols at 1ameshwar i! Tamil!a u was 'olle'ti!g mo!ey %rom the pilgrims who wa!te to take &ath i! the holy waters o% the Koti Koo( Tirth".ri%t res( .all' re. follo"er of *i#veda7 the first of the fo r 2edas7 8ind 8ol' $. !he $anifestation of Lord Dattatrey. Lord Dattatrey.onteBt it is the Bio#ra%h' of -ord 6attatre'a 127 *i#vedi Brahmin: .i%al $han!ara.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 64 _________________________________________________________________________________________ actually the upre$e &eing. %ond of 8ol' "ater( .har'a7 @$an!ara. !hey are the three for$s of the sa$e $anifestation of Lord Dattatrey hi$self.

/ari&hau alias Swamisut the &elo#e is'iple o% Sri Swami Samarth ha per'ei#e &y his i#i!e sight that Sri Swami Samarth ha ma!i%este i! the %orm o% a alayogi:2D %rom a pillar o! this ay o% Chaitra Shu ha 4witiya) i! a #illage Chhe ikhe ha !ear /asti!apur$ G! this ay o% Chaitra Shu ha 4witiya /ari&hau woul 'ome %rom Mum&ai to Akkalkot a! 'ele&rate the a!!i#ersary %esti#al o% the &irth ay o% Sri Swami Samarth i! the prese!'e o% Sri Samarth$ 9ase o! this lu!ar ay well k!ow! astrologer Na!a 1ekhi ha prepare the horos'ope o% Sri Swami Samarth$ Sri Swami Samarth ha appro#e this a! the! &lesse Na!a 1ekhi with i!itiatio!$ 5he! Shri 1ekhi we!t to Akkalkot %or the %irst time alo!g with his wi%e to take Sri Swami Samarth8s 84arsha!8) his wi%e Sakhu&ai8s past li%e got awake!e a! she was &lesse &y the E4arsha!8 o% Shree Swami Samarth i! the %orm o% 9alayogi$ That is why the a!!i#ersary %esti#al o% the &irth ay o% Sri Swami Samarth is &ei!g 'ele&rate o! Chaitra Shu ha 4witiya ay$ Similarly) Sri Narsi!ha Saraswati ha take! &irth at Jara!ja Nagar !ear Akola 25ashim 4istri't) Maharashtra State3 o! $aush Shukla D!itiya:>0 ay$ 7t &e'omes 'lear that Sri Swami Samarth himsel% is perso!ally Sri Narsi!ha Saraswati himsel%$ /e!'e 123 135 Bala'o#i: Child as. <a sh $h !la 6"iti'a: &onth of :an ar' as %er Gn#lish Calendar Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .eti.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 65 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Lord Dattatrey and the different forms of Incarnation <or 4attatrey was a i#i!e ma!i%estatio! o% Mythology$ Sripa Sri#alla&h was a! as'eti' a! he preser#e as'eti'ism uri!g his i!'ar!atio!$ Sri Narsi!ha Saraswati was also a! as'eti'$ /e also preser#e the religious or er o% as'eti'ism$ 7! the year :6th or :Bth 'e!tury) there was a serious 'alamity ue to Muslim i!#asio! i! 7! ia$ 4uri!g this tra!sitory perio Sri Narsi!ha Saraswati) &y his a'tio!s a #ise 9rahmi!s to 'arry o! the uties as pres'ri&e i! the Shastras#.$ Sriguru ga#e relie% to the lowest 'ategory o% the people %rom their misery a! ire'te them towar s the e#otio!al path$ /e e#e! e!lighte!e Muslims a! the rulers o% their perio $ <ater o! i! the :+ th 'e!tury Sriguru ma!i%este himsel% i! the %orm o% Sri Swami Samarth$ This was the tra!sitio! perio o% 9ritish i!#asio! i! 7! ia) a! he!'e Sri Swami Samarth ma!i%este himsel% i! the most u!usual %orm o% a! a''omplishe as'eti'$ There%ore) uri!g the perio o% his i!'ar!atio! he e*erte more importa!'e o! goo 'o! u't a! e#otio! tha! the uties i! regar to the %our 'astes a! %our stages o% li%e$ Sriguru prote'te people &elo!gi!g to all religio!s like /i! us) Muslims) Christia!s) .arsis et'$ %rom the three sorts o% a%%li'tio! #iH$ psy'hi'al or 'orporeal) physi'al or material a! %rom %ate$ /e the! e*plai!e to them the se'ret mea!i!g o% religio!s$ /e also ma e su''ess%ul attempts to lea them o! to the path o% e#otio!$ These i%%ere!t i!'ar!atio!s o% <or 4attatrey per#a es e#erywhere) are #ery y!ami' i! !ature a! prepare %or the upli%tme!t o% all li#i!g &ei!gs$ The 1anifestation Day of Sri S*ami Samarth !he day ri wa$i a$arth $anifested is ta(en as Ehaitra huddha Dwitiya. year +0-5 as per #indu calendar and the $onth =arch or 'pril of year ++40 as per English Ealendar.

a! harpur i! Maharashtra$ From there he 'ame to Ma!gal#e ha agai! i! Maharashtra a! appeare i! the pu&li' uri!g the year :+>+$ 4uri!g this perio he &e'ame popularly k!ow! as ECha!'hal 9harati8$ 7! Ma!gal#e ha people 'alle him E4igam&ar Swami8$ Sri Swami Samarth thus spe!t some time at Ma!gal#e ha) Mohol) Solapur) 0a!agapur all i! Maharashtra a! the! uri!g the year :+BB 'ame to Akkalkot$ A 6hinese 6ouple 5he! Sri Swami Samarth ma!i%este i! /imalaya! 1egio!) uri!g the same time a Chi!ese 'ouple ha 'ome there i! sear'h o% her&al me i'i!es$ They saw the a+anubahu:>B perso!ality o% Sri Swami Samarth$ /owe#er) ig!ori!g Sri Swami the 'ouple remai!e &usy i! their ow! a'ti#ities$ 4ue to the &eauti%ul !atural surrou! i!gs they 'ouple &e'ame possesse &y lust a! starte %lirti!g with ea'h other without a!y regar 131 132 <atal#an#a: The so r. to"n in $ola% r 6istri.a ukas8 a! le%t the pla'e$ From there) he 'ame to 1ajur i! Marathawa a) Maharashtra$ At 1ajur Sri Swami Samarth i!stalle a Muth.9$ The the! Muslim Ji!g ha gi#e! a! estate as a gi%t to the Muth$ <ater) Sri Swami Samarth le%t 1ajur) lea#i!g &ehi! e#erythi!g there a! we!t to the holy pla'es = upi i! Jar!ataka a! .ra esh$ The! he 'ame to 4e#algram$ There he i!stalle his E.9$ 2adali Van (3orest) To A""al"ot Sri Narsi!ha Saraswati) the i!'ar!atio! o% <or 4attatrey) isappeare i! $atalganga:>:) uri!g the year :6BD a! the! we!t to EJa ali #a!8 at the %oot o% Srishail Mou!tai!$ Sri Swami Samarth) uri!g the year :+>+) appeare at Ma!galwe ha :>2$ 4uri!g these %our hu! re years perio ) Sri Narsi!ha Saraswati per%orme !umerous k!ow! a! u!k!ow! mira'les$ A%ter 'omi!g out %rom Kadali van""9 he we!t to a esolate %orest o! the !orther! si e o% hagirathi:>> 1i#er a! sat there 'ompletely a&sor&e i! e#out me itatio!$ No&o y k!ew as to how mu'h time passe like this$ /is &o y was %ully 'o#ere &y a growi!g a!thill$ G!e ay a woo 'utter 'ame there$ /e use his a*e to 'ut the tree &ut that a*e hit the a!thill %ell o! Sriguru8s thigh$ 9loo starte ooHi!g$ This istur&e the me itati#e tra!'e o% Sriguru a! he stoo up$ The woo 'utter &e'ame #ery !er#ous &ut Sriguru ma!i%este i! the %orm Sri S!ami Samarth:>6$ The mark o% the a*e wou! i remai! o! the thigh o% Sri Swami Samarth$ From the %orest o! the !orther! si e o% 9hagirathi 1i#er Sri Swami Samarth we!t to 0a!gotri) a holy pla'e i! =ttar .h the !nees Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .t7 &aharashtra 133 Bha#irathi: *iver )an#es 134 $ri $"ami $amarth: $ri# r K $ri /arsinha $aras"ati( 8en.e of river )an#a in the 8imala'as &an#al"edha: .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 66 _________________________________________________________________________________________ there is a tra itio! o% 'ele&rati!g the ma!i%estatio! ay o% Sri Swami Samarth o! $aush Shuddha D!itiya".eforth referred to as $ri $"ami $amarth( 135 .+an bah : Cne "hose arms are lon# eno #h to rea.

-$ Near a! arou! him some eer8s were 'ampi!g a! jumpi!g joyously$ 7! the mea!time) some hu!ters 'ame there to kill them$ Seei!g those hu!ters the eer &e'ame aware o% the a!ger to their li#es a! out o% %ear 'ame to Sri Swami Samarth %or shelter$ Sri Swami Samarth %o! le these eer8s seeki!g shelter u! er him with great lo#e$ 7! the mea!time the hu!ters arri#e $ The hu!ters %ire gu!s i! the air to make these eer8s pa!i'ky$ /owe#er) the eer8s i !ot pa!i' si!'e they ha got the assura!'e o% prote'tio! %rom Sri Swami$ The hu!ters &e'ame a!gry a! starte a&usi!g Sri Swami$ They e#e! %ire gu!s at Sri Swami$ Ne#ertheless) there was !o e%%e't o! Sri Swami$ The! Sri Swami pi'ke up two small sto!es a! threw the same at the hu!ters$ The hu!ters were petri%ie a! stoo there like motio!less statues$ The hu!ters the! realise their mistakes$ They repe!te a! praye to Sri Swami %or %orgi#e!ess$ Sri Swami the! showere his ki! gra'e o! the hu!ters a! a #ise them to mai!tai! lo#e towar s a!imals$ Gut o% those eer8s) there was a male) a %emale a! their two you!g o!es$ Sri Swami awake!e the past li%e o% this eer 'ouple a! remi! e them @Gh.tmanand: $o l-:o' res ltin# from 6ivine . Iou were the 9rahmi! 'ouple o% 0a!agapur i! your past li%e$ This %emale eer was your #irtuous woma! i! the past li%e$ Iou ha a prosperous li%e with a house$ Si!'e you ha a%%li'te pai! to sai!ts) you got this a!imal li%e$ Si!'e here was still some merit i! your &ala!'e) you got my 4arsha! i! this li%eA$ The! the eer 'ouple remem&ere their past li%e$ They praye %or the %orgi#e!ess a! prostrate at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swami$ The! Sri Swami &lesse them with ki! gra'e a! sai @At the proper time) you will take &irth as huma! &ei!gs$ Iou will also get my E4arsha!8 i! the souther! pla'eA$ 136 .ontem%lation Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 67 _________________________________________________________________________________________ to the prese!'e o% Shree Swami Samarth$ 5at'hi!g this stro!g se*ually esirous a'ti#ity o% the 'ouple) Sri Swami Samarth &e'ame #ery a!gry a! taught them a lesso!$ 4ue to Sri Swami Samarth8s ispleasure o#er this i! e'e!t &eha#iour) the Chi!ese ma! got tra!s%orme to a woma! a! the Chi!ese woma! i!to a ma!$ Seei!g this su e! tra!s%ormatio! the 'ouple got humiliate a! they pa!i'ke $ They realise that this tra!s%ormatio! ha take! pla'e ue to the ispleasure o% the as'eti' who was prese!t there$ They the! prostrate at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swami a! praye %or %orgi#e!ess$ The! Sri Swami e*plai!e the 'ouple regar i!g the ill e%%e'ts o% lust%ul esires a! a #ise them to 'o!?uer them i!stea $ <ater o!) Sri Swami &lesse the 'ouple with ki! gra'e) whi'h tra!s%orme &oth to their origi!al %orms$ Fi!ally) the Chi!ese 'ouple retur!e happily to their 'ou!try$ Shelter to a Deer 7! the /imalaya! regio! a!other mira'le took pla'e$ Sri Swami Samarth Maharaj was sitti!g u! er a tree) %ully a&sor&e i! atmanand".

shram: 8ermita#e( .e and tranF ilit' amidst nat re( $%irit al and %h'si.ient India "as a 8ind hermita#e "here sa#es lived in %ea.rifi.es and %enan.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 68 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Boon Granted To Ti#ers 5hile welli!g i! /imalaya! regio!) sitti!g i! a 'a#e Sri Swami Samarth woul hol philosophi'al is'ussio!s with as'eti's$ At that time two tigers sitti!g at the e!tra!'e o% the 'a#e were kee!ly liste!i!g to the is'ussio!s$ <iste!i!g to the spee'h o% Sri Swami Samarth Maharaj woul 'harm all the as'eti's prese!t there$ 9y the!) the ki! gla!'e o% Sri Swami %ell o! the two tigers sitti!g at the e!tra!'e a! liste!i!g$ /e spoke to the tigers @S'holars) why are you sitti!g at the e!tra!'eK Iou ri e o! a! elepha!t a! go o! o&tai!i!g 'erti%i'ates o% #i'toryA$ To this the tigers replie ) @Maharaj) &y your ki! E4arsha!8 we ha#e &ee! &lesse $ Ji! ly &e mer'i%ul a! tell us as to why we got this li%e o% tigersK A$ The! Sri Swami spoke @7! your past li%e) you amasse k!owle ge &y lear!i!g) &ut you also &e'ame #ery arroga!t a! harasse sai!ts a! 9rahmi!s alike to su'h a! e*te!t that you e#e! ma!age to get #i'tory letters &y e%eati!g them$ Iour arroga!'e has gi#e! you this li%e o% a TigerA$ The! &oth lay ow! o! the grou! a! &ega! to plea $ The! Sri Swami sai ) @7! this tiger8s li%e) there is !o mo#eme!t$ Iou will &e &or! as 9rahmi!s i! your !e*t li%e a! the! &y gai!i!g k!owle ge a! re! eri!g e#otio!al ser#i'e you 'a! get li&erate A$ 6ompassion to*ards Brahmin Lepers 7! the holy pla'e 'alle /ari war i! =ttar .ed ?aashram?A in an.h as Ea+nas "ere also %erformed( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .ises7 s .al eBer.es7 s .h as the vario s forms of Eo#a7 "ere re# larl' %erformed b' the hermita#e residents( Cther sa.ra esh) there were two 9rahmi!s$ They were #ery stro!g$ They &e'ame highly i!to*i'ate with arroga!'e ue to their stre!gth$ They woul %i! pleasure i! 'ommitti!g e#il ee s like killi!g people a%ter ro&&i!g them) a! sla! eri!g sai!tly people$ No!e was a&le to stop them %rom e#il a'ti#ities$ E#e!tually ue to these e#il a'ti#ities they starte su%%eri!g %rom <eprosy$ Their %i!gers a! %eet starte rotti!g$ Their %amilies a&a! o!e them$ They starte &eggi!g o! the street repe!ti!g their e#il a'ts$ 9ut they still ha a &it o% goo merit le%t %rom their past li%e) ue to whi'h they got a! opportu!ity o% getti!g Sri Swami Samarth8s E4arsha!8$ They &oth surre! ere to Sri Swami a! &egge %or par o! %or their e#il ee s$ 7t was ue to their past li%e8s merit Sri Swami showere his ki! gra'e o! them$ /e tou'he their &o ies &y his lotus %eet) whi'h &rought ow! the pai! they su%%ere $ The! Sri Swami tol them @Now you 'a! go) a&a! o! your arroga!'e) egotism) sel%('o!'eit a! spe! your li%e i! the 'o!sta!t repetitio! o% my !ame$ The! you will regai! your happi!essA$ 9y the ki! &lessi!gs o% Sri Swami) the 9rahmi!s regai!e goo health a! happi!ess$ %ic"ed Brahmin Slau#hterin# 6o* 5he! Sri Swami Samarth was i! /ari war) a! arroga!t 9rahmi! 'ame there a! starte aski!g Sri Swami @5ho are youK 5hi'h pla'e o you hail %romK 5hat is your goo !ameK 5here is your ashram:>CK A$ G&ser#i!g the e#il(mi! e !ess o% the 9rahmi! Sri Swami spoke @First) let me k!ow your a'?uai!ta!'e$ 7! the past li%e you were a hu!ter$ Iou ha slaughtere a !um&er o% a!imals a! %e yoursel%$ Iou 'ommitte si!s like ri!ki!g spirituous li?uor) outrage o! la ies$ Si!'e you ha slaye the pri!'ess o% 137 .n Ashram @<rono n.

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 63 _________________________________________________________________________________________ /asti!apur) the sol iers o% the ki!g ha 'ut your !ose a! &roke your hea $ <ater o! %ero'ious a!imals swallowe your &o y(%lesh$ Si!'e some goo merit %rom past li%e was still i! your %a#our) you got this li%e o% a 9rahmi!$ 9ut ue to wi'ke !ess you ha#e slaughtere a 'ow yester ay !ightA$ Si!'e all his si!%ul a'ts were e*pose the 9rahmi! &e'ame !er#ous a! starte trem&li!g$ /e praye to Sri Swami %or %orgi#e!ess$ The! Sri Swami we!t to the 9rahmi!8s house where a 'ow was lyi!g ea $ The 9rahmi! prostrate at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swami a! starte 'ryi!g$ Sri Swami spoke @7% you are really repe!ti!g %or this a't) the! spri!kle this holy water a#aila&le with me a! awake that 'owA$ As per the or ers o% Sri Swami the 9rahmi! awake!e the ea 'ow$ Gut o% repe!ta!'e there was a 'omplete 'ha!ge i! the 9rahmi! a! re!ou!'i!g e#erythi!g he starte worshippi!g Sri Swami with %ull e#otio!$ The 6hief of )arayan Teerth 5hile jour!eyi!g through i%%ere!t pla'es Sri Swami Samarth rea'he Jut'h Area 20ujarath3$ There is a temple ETri#ikram8 a! !ear the temple is Naraya! Teerth 2Naraya! <ake3$ The 'hie% o% the temple woul !ot allow pilgrims to take a &ath i! the <ake without payi!g$ Sri Swami Samarth 'ame there to a take &ath) &ut the is'iples o% the 'hie% stoppe him$ Sri Swami Samarth mysteriously isappeare %rom the s'e!e a! i!stea was see! seate o! the sur%a'e o% the <ake$ E#eryo!e prese!t at the s'e!e were mysti%ie $ 5he! the 'hie% lear!e a&out this mira'le) he 'ame ru!!i!g a! praye to Sri Swami %or %orgi#e!ess$ 5alki!g o! water) Sri Swami 'ame to the &a!k o% the lake$ The 'hie% prostrate at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swami$ The! he worshippe Sri Swami i! the Sho shop'har66 way with %ull e#otio! a! the! %e all the 9rahmi!s prese!t with sweet ishes to their %ull satis%a'tio!$ Serpent Birth Due To 'assion A 9rahmi! took Sri Swami to his house$ /e o%%ere Sri Swami meals$ Sri Swami aske him @5here are your pare!tsKA$ The 9rahmi! sai that his pare!ts ha#e alrea y le%t %or the other worl $ The! Sri Swami sai ) @<ook) o#er there your %ather is swi!gi!g the 'ra le) to put your &a&y to sleepA$ 5he! e#eryo!e looke o#er they saw a serpe!t swi!gi!g the 'ra le$ The 9rahmi! took a sti'k a! we!t to kill the serpe!t$ /owe#er) Sri Swami stoppe him %rom oi!g so$ The! Sri Swami took the serpe!t i! his ha! s a! spoke to the serpe!t @7s your passio! still !ot %ully satis%ie K <ook) your so! was a&out to kill youA$ The!) to e#eryo!e8s surprise) the serpe!t starte speaki!g @Maharaj) 7 o!8t ha#e a!y passio! le%t$ Ji! ly &less me with eli#era!'e %rom this li%eA$ The! Sri Swami spoke @0o a! stay i! the lake$ <ater o!) you will take &irth i! the %amily o% a! as'eti'A$ The serpe!t happily we!t away$ All the people prese!t were amaHe $ Darshan .f Lord 2rishna To The Blind Saint Soordas Sri Swami Samarth 'ame to 4waraka) the holy pla'e i! 0ujarath$ At 4waraka) there was a &li! Sai!t !ame Soor as$ /e was #ery a!*ious to get E4arsha!8 o% <or Jrish!a$ Sri Swami Samarth we!t to his hermitage a! 'alle out Soor as a! sai Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 75 _________________________________________________________________________________________ @Soor as) whome#er you are 'alli!g with all e#otio!) 7 am that same perso! sta! i!g i! %ro!t o% you right !owA$ Sri Swami tou'he the &li! eyes o% Soor as a! he regai!e eyesight. Soor as saw sta! i!g &e%ore him) the ark &lue 'oloure ) a! 'harmi!g %igure o% <or Jrish!a$ /e was %ully satis%ie $ Gut o% aware!ess) he looke at the %igure agai! a! was surprise to %i! Sri Swami Samarth himsel% sta! i!g there) i! pla'e o% <or Jrish!a$ /e prostrate at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swami) a! praye @7 was &li! &y &irth$ 9y your ki! &lessi!gs) 7 got this i#i!e #isio!$ Now ki! ly &less me with eli#era!'e %rom this 'y'le o% &irth a! eathA$ The! Sri Swami Samarth &lesse him with a &oo! to &e a theologia!$ A 6rippled Ascetic +e#ains Le#s Sri Swami Samarth) a%ter goi!g to 0ir!ar Mou!tai! i! 0ujarath) 'ame to /a!uma! hari$ There was a 'ripple as'eti' at /a!uma! hari$ A%ter heari!g a&out the great %ame o% Sri Swami he esire %or his E4arsha!8$ 9ei!g 'ripple ) he was u!a&le to go to Sri SwamiF so me!tally he starte prayi!g with all ear!est!ess$ 9ei!g om!is'ie!t Sri Swami hear the me!tal prayers o% that 'ripple as'eti' a! just like a 'ow goes ru!!i!g to its 'al% to re! er help) Sri Swami too 'ame to the 'ripple perso!$ The! Sri Swami spoke to him @Iou 'ripple perso!) 'lose your eyes) o !ot look &a'k a! 'ome to meA$ A'ti!g as per Sri Swamiji8s or ers) the 'ripple as'eti' trie to take a step ahea a! what a mira'le. /e regai!e his legs a! starte walki!g slowly a! stea ily a! %i!ally rea'he !ear Sri Swami$ /e prostrate at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swami$ A%ter taki!g the &lessi!gs o% Sri Swami the as'eti' we!t o! pilgrimage$ A Girl Transformed into a Boy There is a #illage Am&ejogai i! Marathawa a) Maharashtra$ Sri Swami &ei!g o! 'o!sta!t tra#el rea'he Am&ejogai a! starte stayi!g o! a !ear&y hill$ A peasa!t girl woul always take her a!imals to the hill to graHe$ Sri Swami 'ame to k!ow her$ /e woul play with her$ The girl8s %ather) &ei!g #ery gree y to ear! mo!ey) %or'e her to wear a &oy8s ress a! the! sol her as a &oy to a ri'h ma!) who a opte her as his so!$ <ater o!) the ri'h ma! sele'te a girl to marry his a opte so!$ /e wa!te to 'ele&rate the marriage 'eremo!y with great pomp$ G! the we i!g ay wome! %rom the girl8s si e 'ame to their house to apply Mehandi:>+ to the &oy as per the pre#aili!g 'ustom$ /owe#er) they starte suspe'ti!g that the 'o!'er!e &ri egroom was !ot a &oy &ut i!stea a girl$ This 'reate a &ig 'o!%usio! i! the ri'h ma!8s house$ 5he! the ri'h ma! 'ame to k!ow this truth) he &e'ame e*tremely u!happy a! he 'omplai!e to the ki!g stati!g that a peasa!t ha 'heate him &y gi#i!g a girl i!stea o% a &oy$ The ki!g ga#e his or ers to kill the girl(a opte &oy$ Sol iers 'aught hol o% her a! took her to the hill$ The girl was 'ryi!g a! writhi!g i! pai!$ 7! that state o% se#ere ago!y she praye to Sri Swami Samarth with %ull e#otio! a! ear!est!ess$ Sri Swami hear her ear!est prayers a! 'ame ru!!i!g %or her res'ue$ /e &e'ame #ery a!gry o! those sol iers a! or ere them to 'all the ki!g a! the ri'h 138 &ehandi: 8enna Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

n im%ortant element in % +a( .lease &less me with a so!A$ The! Sri Swami Samarth &lesse him a! sai ) @Now go home$ Iou will get a so!A$ A%ter this &lessi!g) the wi%e o% the 9rahmi! ga#e &irth to a so!$ The 'ouple &e'ame #ery happy a! they starte e#otio!al ser#i'e to Sri Swami till the e! $ 133 145 *amesh"ar: .lso see 1ootnote 87( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . hol' %la. 7s that a girl or a &oyK A$ E#eryo!e looke a! to their great surprise saw a &oy sta! i!g i! pla'e o% the girl$ The! Sri Swami spoke @Now arra!ge %or his marriageA$ So sayi!g Sri Swami su e!ly #a!ishe %rom sight$ E#eryo!e prese!t were highly asto!ishe to see this mira'le$ They starte a''laimi!g Sri Swami Samarth with 'o!ti!uous shouts o% #i'tory a! retur!e home$ A De$il at +amesh*ar Sri Swami) while &ei!g o! a 'o!sta!t tra#el) rea'he 1ameshwar:>D a! sat u! er a tree there$ A 9rahmi! who li#e !ear&y stro!gly %elt that the perso! sitti!g u! er the tree possi&ly might &e a ma! o% i!'ar!atio!$ There%ore he &rought some Naivedya:60 %or Sri Swami) who ate part o% the o%%eri!gs$ The 9rahmi! repeate these o%%eri!gs aily$ G!e ay whe! the 9rahmi! praye to Sri Swami to &less him with a so!) Sri Swami sai ) @A so! will &e &or! a! that so! will epart$ Now go awayA$ The! Sri Swami le%t the pla'e$ /owe#er) the 9rahmi! 'o!ti!ue to &ri!g a! pla'e %oo o%%eri!gs %or Sri Swami u! er the tree) aily without e*'eptio!$ /is wi%e ga#e &irth to a so!) withi! a short time$ 5hate#er %oo o%%eri!gs) the 9rahmi! woul keep u! er the tree) a e#il woul eat it$ The 9rahmi! was surprise to see that i! the a&se!'e o% Sri Swami) someo!e else eats the o%%eri!g$ G!e ay whe! the 9rahmi! ha &ee! to the temple o% <or 1ameshwar %or E4arsha!8) there he was surprise to see Sri Swami Samarth seate a! glari!g with sple! our i! pla'e o% <or a! i!stea o% 1ameshwar$ E*perie!'i!g this mira'le) the 9rahmi! starte aski!g his so! to 'ome i!si e the temple a! take Sri Swami Samarth8s E4arsha!8$ Ne#ertheless) his so! &e'ame #ery mu'h a%rai o% taki!g E4arsha!8$ 5he! the 9rahmi! 'aught hol o% his so! a! %or'i&ly &rought him to the temple) his so! starte s'reami!g lou ly a! ie right there i! %ro!t o% Sri Swami$ 7! pla'e o% his so!) the 9rahmi! saw a rea %ul &o y lyi!g there$ The 9rahmi! a! his wi%e starte 'ryi!g a! praye to Sri Swami @Maharaj) this so! was &or! &y your &lessi!gs) the! how i he ie !owK A$ Sri Swami spoke @7 ha tol you i! a #a!'e) that a so! will &e &or! a! epart %rom you$ 5hate#er %oo o%%eri!gs you were pla'i!g u! er the tree) this e#il woul eat$ The same e#il was &or! to you as a so!$ 7 ha#e li&erate him %rom this e#il8s li%e$ Now 'remate this e#il8s &o y$ Apply this hasm88 to the e#il8s &o y$ /is &o y will imi!ish i! siHeA$ A%ter the 'rematio! o% the e#il8s &o y) the 9rahmi! 'ame to Sri Swami a! starte prayi!g) @Maharaj) 7 ha#e &e'ome ol !ow$ 7 am 'hil less$ .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 71 _________________________________________________________________________________________ ma!$ 5he! the ki!g a! the ri'h ma! arri#e there) Sri Swami spoke to them @<ook there.e in Tamil /ad 7 $o th India /aived'a: 1ood offered to the 6eit'( .

uri) a holy pla'e i! Grissa$ There) all these people %ell si'k &e'ause o% %e#er$ They were re! ere immo&ile ue to weak!ess$ They were e#e! u!a&le to &ri!g %oo %rom the market$ =!e*pe'te ly Sri Swami Samarth 'ame a! stoo &e%ore Ala#a!i 9u#a$ Seei!g the sple! our a! 4i#i!ity o% Shree Swami Samarth) Ala#a!i 9u#a o%%ere his o&eisa!'e$ The! o%%eri!g his praises to Sri Swami) he aske ) @Maharaj) where o you li#eK A$ Maharaj replie ) @All the pla'es &elo!g to meA$ So sayi!g) Sri Swami #a!ishe %rom that pla'e$ Ala#a!i 9u#a a! his 'ompa!io!s were amaHe at this e*perie!'e$ <ater) they saw sumptuous %oo ser#e o! lea%(plates pla'e %or them$ They all e!joye the sumptuous %oo $ They resume their jour!ey as soo! as their health re'o#ere $ Fi!ally they all rea'he Akkalkot i! Solapur) Maharashtra$ A%ter taki!g E4arsha!8 o% Sri Swami Samarth) they all remem&ere that) the great ma!) who helpe them with sumptuous %oo at Jaga!!ath .and mer#e effortlessl' into the trans. 141 142 143 6i#ambar B a: /a!ed &an 2eda B a: Cra>' &an &ahasamadhi: -ast .om%lished 'o#is have been said to .endental 6ivine Bliss or the $ %reme s%irit( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .at#ar ha!) where Sri Swami !ormally woul stay$ 5he!e#er he e!tere the #illage he woul go a! sit i! a irty pla'e$ Seei!g this) some woul 'all him Digambar-bua:6: a! some others woul !ame him Veda-bua:62$ /e woul per%orm a !um&er o% mira'les) just %or pleasure) whi'h ma e people o%%er their e#otio! towar s /im$ G!e ay all o% a su e!) he le%t Ma!gal#e ha a! we!t to a !ear&y #illage) Mohol$ A%ter passi!g sometime i! Mohol) uri!g the year :+B6(BB) he 'ame to Solapur$ At Solapur there was a ge!tlema! &y !ame Chi!topa!t Appa Tol who &e'ame a e#otee o% Sri Swami$ Chi!topa!t was a Mamlat ar:2+ o% the 9ritish 1egime a! he was a pe!sio!er$ /e was appoi!te i! Akkalkot State$ 3nly due to the invitation of !ol ri wa$i a$arth ca$e to '((al(ot during the year +84C and later on re$ained there till he too( Mahasamadhi+4. !his is the reason he ca$e to be (nown as ri '((al(ot wa$i or '((al(otniwasi ri wa$i a$arth..io s .ons.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 72 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Ala$ani Bu$a Gets 9Darshan/ of Sri S*ami Samarth At 'uri Ala#a!i 9u#a o% 9aro a i! 0ujarath ha go!e with some people to Jaga!!ath .io sl' leave their bodies at their 4I-.omm nion "ith )od( 1 ll' a..ons.uri) was !o!e other tha! Sri Swami Samarth himsel%$ Arri$al in A""al"ot 7! this o% time eep mira'les a! Ma!gal#e ha) ma!!er) a%ter eparti!g %rom Ja ali#a!::0) Sri Swami spe!t lo!g perio me itatio!$ <ater he we!t o! a pilgrimage a! per%orme !umerous the! sometime uri!g the year :+>+) he ma!i%este himsel% at Solapur i! Maharashtra$ Sri Swami remai!e at Ma!gal#e ha) %or a&out twel#e years) &ut staye away %rom the pu&li' a! i! a esolate pla'e$ 7! this #illage there was a pasturela! o% a perso! &y !ame .

and heard are available for the benefit of the devotees. #e had one i$portant ai$. and then lead the$ towards life2s highest ob?ective of divine truth. Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . give the$ all happiness.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 73 _________________________________________________________________________________________ 7! Ma!gal#e ha Sri Swami Samarth staye %or ?uite a lo!g perio &ut he ha mai!tai!e less relatio!s with the pu&li'$ There%ore o!ly a %ew mira'les were per%orme there$ 7! Mohol a! Solapur too he staye %or a little perio $ There also) #ery %ew mira'les were per%orme $ The! Sri Swami Samarth staye %or ?uite a lo!g perio i! Akkalkot a! he ha tra!s%orme that la! i! to land o5 his mira'les a! i! to a holy pla'e o% pilgrimage$ )obody (nows accurately about the nu$erous $iracles perfor$ed by ri wa$i in '((al(ot. which have been told. ri wa$i got rid of the sufferings of afflicted people and uplifted poor people fro$ poverty. written. to liberate people fro$ suffering due to their ill fate. 3nly those $iracles. /eople who had desire for (nowledge were given proper advice. !he very re$e$brance of the $iracles of ri wa$i leads a $an towards devotional life.

o$e ail$ents are troubleso$e and incurable. !here is no end to his (indness. =an beco$es unhappy due to different types of ail$ents. Everyone has to undergo sufferings whether rich or poor.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 74 _________________________________________________________________________________________ %ho &lse Is 1a#nanimous In This %orld Than Sri S*ami Samarth '((al(otnivasi ri wa$i a$arth has eli$inated the sufferings of nu$erous people afflicted fro$ ail$ents. ri wa$i a$arth. Iou eat the lea#es o% this parti'ular &ra!'h o% that !eem treeA$ The lea#es o% that &ra!'h were #ery sweet a! the stoma'h(pai! o% that 9rahmi! totally stoppe $ The! o!war s the 9rahmi! &e'ame a great e#otee o% Sri Swami Samarth$ 144 2aishnav: 6evotee of -ord 2ishn Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . by his (ind grace. was able to give relief to people fro$ sufferings due to ail$ents$ Typ hoid App as ah e& 5ane Shri Vishwasrao alias Appasahe& Ma!e) the 'hie%tai! o% Akkalkot State was a e#otee o% Sri Swami Samarth$ /e %ell si'k ue to Typhoi $ /is health starte worse!i!g$ 7t was impossi&le %or him to go %or the E4arsha!8 o% Sri Swami Samarth$ /e!'e o!e ay) Sri Swami himsel%) 'ame to see him$ At that time) Appasahe& was u!'o!s'ious$ Sri Swami mo#e his %oot three times o#er his &o y$ Appasahe& re'o#ere his health withi! two(three ays$ S tom ac h 'a i n 7 ld % ais h na+ Brah #in A! ol Vaishnav:66 9rahmi! was su%%eri!g %rom stoma'h pai!$ /e 'ame to Akkalkot a! starte re! eri!g ser#i'e to Sri Swami Samarth$ Sri Swami was sile!t %or a %ew ays$ G!e ay Sri Swami a!grily spoke to him @Am 7 i! e&te to your %atherK The! why o you waste your li%e &y 'omi!g to a! as'eti' like meK A$ The 9rahmi! ear!estly praye to Sri Swamiji @Maharaj) is there a!y other sa#iour %or me tha! youK Ji! ly &less meA$ The mer'i%ul Swami so%te!e a! sai ) @go !ow) eat the lea#es o% that !eem tree whi'h is a&o#e your hea ) alo!g with the u!g o% a! elepha!tA$ The 9rahmi! ate those lea#es a''or i!gly$ Ne*t ay he 'ame &a'k to Sri Swami a! sai @Maharaj) the lea#es o% that tree are #ery &itterA$ The! Sri Swami sai @Gh.

reeti!a! Swamikumar o% Chiplu! i! 1at!agiri) Maharashtra) ser#e i! the 1ailway 4epartme!t$ /e was su%%eri!g %rom a'ute stoma'ha'he ue to gas trou&le$ Various types o% reme ial treatme!t were o!e &ut there were !o results$ 5he! the gas starte mo#i!g i! the leg) stoma'h or i! the waist) he woul su%%er %rom u!&eara&le pai!$ 0opal&ua was u!a&le to 'arry o! his o%%i'e uties or a!y other works a! he ha to stay home$ There he trie all types o% treatme!t &ut his health starte getti!g worse$ /e was !ot a&le to eat or walk e#e! two steps$ E#e!tually he le%t home a! 'ame to Akkalkot %or the E4arsha!8 o% Sri Swami Samarth$ G!e ay) Sri Swami appeare i! his ream) mo#e his ha! o#er his stoma'h a! sai ) @7 will wipe out your ill!ess o% a'ute pai!A$ 9y the! 0opal&ua woke up %rom his ream$ The! he passe two metal rou! pots %ull o% uri!e) whi'h elimi!ate his pai! e!tirely$ Thus he 'ompletely re'o#ere %rom the ill!ess$ <ater o! Sri Swami i!itiate 0opal&ua) who the! &uilt a Marka! i Math i! Chiplu! a! starte re! eri!g e#otio!al ser#i'e to Sri Swami$ 0opal&ua also authore a &ook ( a 'olle'tio! o% mira'ulous works o% Sri Swami Samarth$ G o+ ind /an t Near Akkalkot) there is a #illage 'alle Mama a&a $ There staye a ge!tlema! !ame 0o#i! pa!t Julkar!i$ A%ter taki!g meals he woul su%%er %rom se#ere stoma'h pai!$ /e trie all types o% reme ial treatme!t &ut there was !o result$ At last he we!t to the holy pla'e 0a!agapur i! 0ul&arga 4ist$ Jar!ataka to re! er e#otio!al ser#i'e to Sriguru:>6 $ At 0a!agapur he got a #isio!ary i!sight ire'ti!g him to go to Sri Swami Samarth at Akkalkot$ A''or i!gly) he 'ame to Akkalkot$ 5he! he took E4arsha!8 o% Sri Swami) Sri Swami sai ) @Take E0omutra8 2'ow8s uri!e3 a! E0omay8 2'ow u!g3) %or se#e! ays$ 7! the past li%e) you ha trou&le a! ol 'ow) he!'e you are getti!g this stoma'h pai!A$ 0o#i! pa!t remai!e i! Akkalkot a! took 'ow8s uri!e a! 'ow u!g$ /is ill!ess was 'ompletely 'ure $ The! 0opalpa!t retur!e home si!gi!g e#otio!al so!gs i! the praise o% Sri Swami Samarth$ Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 75 _________________________________________________________________________________________ G o + ind rao T o l Shri 0o#i! rao Tol) so! o% Shri Chi!topa!t alias Appasahe& Tol li#e i! Solapur) Maharashtra$ /e ha se#ere stoma'h(pai!$ /is stoma'h ha swolle! a! the &o y ha &e'ome #ery weak$ No reme y was e%%e'ti#e$ The o'tor suggeste a! operatio! to &e 'arrie out$ 7! his 0o#er!me!t jo&) 0o#i! rao ha to #isit #arious #illages %or o%%i'e i!spe'tio!$ G! o!e o% those ays he we!t to 9ijapur i! Jar!ataka$ Sri Swami Samarth &e'ame mer'i%ul towar s this e#otee$ G!e !ight Sri Swami ga#e a #isio! i! Shri 0o#i! rao8s ream$ Sri Swami remo#e a &all o% threa %rom the stoma'h o% Shri 0o#i! rao a! sai ) @Now you go$ Iou will &e'ome alrightA$ 9y the! Shri 0o#i! rao woke up %rom sleep$ /e %elt that his stoma'h was lighter !ow$ 5ithi! a %ew ays) he re'o#ere %ully$ 5he! his o'tors hear a&out this) they were astou! e $ G o pa l&ua 8e l )ar 0opal&ua Jelkar alias .

fter .t of ) +arat( It is on the mo th of the )omti *iver into ) lf of .rishna( It is believed that7 d e to dama#e and destr .laimed from the sea near the "estern shores of $a rashtra( . meetin#s( The .o rsed thro #h the streets of the bea tif l .it' lies in the "esternmost %art of India( (6"ar!a is rated as one of the seven most an.o ntr'( The le#endar' .rishna in ) +arath( It is lo.it' also boasted a #ood harbo r( .!ed &ath ra 17 times( 1or the safet' of the %eo%le7 .r+ na7 in &ahabharata: #The sea7 "hi.ali .it' to be b ilt in the area( 6vara!a is mentioned in the the &ahabharata7 the 8arivansha7 the Bha#avata < rana7 the $!anda < rana7 and the 2ishn < rana( The le#end sa's that .tion b' the sea7 6vara!a has s bmer#ed siB times and modern 6"ar!a is the 7th .it'( The sea .it'( I sa" the bea tif l b ildin#s be.tors7 residential and .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 76 _________________________________________________________________________________________ 5 ora& a 8ul)ar ni 7! Akkalkot) there was a e#otee !ame Mora&a Julkar!i$ G!e !ight his wi%e starte getti!g su'h a! a'ute u!&eara&le stoma'ha'he that i! the mi le o% the !ight she we!t to jump i! the well a! ie$ Sri Swami Samarth se!t his is'iple a! 'alle her to his pla'e$ Sri Swami &y his ki! gra'e i!sta!tly 'ure her ill!ess$ Julkar!i 'ouple were alrea y e#otees o% Sri Swami$ This i!'i e!t ma e stre!gthe!e their e#otio!$ D ro psy . .ommer.it'( 6"ara!a "as + st a name= + st a memor'$# The 2ishn < rana states that HCn the same da' that .r+ na left 6vara!a7 it "as s bmer#ed in the sea( 1ollo"in# is the a. tilities( .rishna and Eadavas de.rishna?s #randsons and the Eadava "ives to 8astina% r( . shsthali( It had "ell or#ani>ed siB se.ial >ones7 "ide roads7 %la>as7 %ala.rishna !illed .amsa7 :arasandha @!in# of &a#adhaA "ith his friend .id as a la!e( There "as no tra. t.fter .it' "as %lanned and b ilt here( 6vara!a "as a %lanned .omin# s bmer#ed one b' one( In a matter of a fe" moments it "as all over( The sea had no" be.o nt #iven b' .rishna reno n. hall .es and man' % bli.e the name *an.ended( The o.it'7 on the ban!s of )omati *iver( This .ities in the .alled H$ dharma $abhaH "as b ilt to hold % bli. hol' %la.ala'avan atta.ated in the :amna#ar 6istri.r+ na "ent to 6vara!a to brin# .e of the .it' "as also !no"n as 6varamati7 6varavati and .it' of 6vara!a in 8ind m'tholo#' "as the d"ellin# %la.ome as %la.#e des.amsa @his maternal n.ided to move the .eans rose and s bmer#ed the "hole of 6vara!a(H Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .A so sayi!g Sri Swami Samarth ma!i%este himsel% i! the 4i#i!e %orm o% <or Jrish!a with %our ha! s) ea'h ha! hol i!g) a Co!'h) a Chakra 25heel( 4i#i!e 5eapo!3) a Ma'e) a! a <otus$ Seei!g this 4i#i!e %orm o% <or Jrish!a with all attri&utes) the sai!t lost his 'o!s'ious!ess$ The! Sri Swami aske him to eat !eem lea#es %or three ays$ 9y oi!g so) the sai!t was 'ure o% his isease$ /e remai!e i! Akkalkot re! eri!g e#otio!al ser#i'e to Sri Swami till Sri Swami took his last 'o!s'ious 'ommu!io! with 0o $ 145 6"ar!a: .h had been beatin# a#ainst the shores7 s ddenl' bro!e the bo ndar' that "as im%osed on it b' nat re( The sea r shed into the .a%ital from &ath ra to 6vara!a( -and "as re.e of -ord ..overed % ever'thin# in the .hodraiA and fo nded @and settled inA 6vara!a( $ri .leA and made 9#rasen @his maternal #randfatherA the !in# of &ath ra( Gnra#ed7 the father-in-la" of .rishna left for the heavenl' abode7 and the ma+or Eadava heads "ere !illed in dis% tes amon# themselves= .it'( It .ed "ar in &ath ra for the #reater #ood @and hen.e of .St om ac h Di se as e A sai!t) o! a pilgrimage) 'ame to 1ameshwar) whi'h is a holy pla'e i! Tamil!a u South 7! ia$ There he 'ame ow! with a stoma'h isease 'alle ropsy$ /e &e'ame so weak &y this 'o! itio! that he was u!a&le to go 'o!ti!ue o! his pilgrimage$ /e &e'ame #ery worrie $ G!e !ight he got a #isio!$ 7! his ream a! as'eti' ga#e him E4arsha!8 a! sai @0o to Akkalkot) where you will re'o#er %rom the iseaseA$ The! the sai!t %ou! his way to Akkalkot$ There Sri Swami Samarth was sitti!g !ear a well$ There was a &ig 'row who were waiti!g %or the E4arsha!8 o% Sri Swami$ /owe#er) i! that 'row the ki! gla!'e o% Sri Swami %ell o! this sai!t$ Sri Swami 'alle the sai!t !ear him a! sai ) @Iou wa!te to go to D!araka:6B a! you wa!te to take the sagun 4arsha! o% <or Jrish!a.h( The .rishna de%arted from the earth the %o"erf l dar!-bodied .ient .

iles$ /e was &lee i!g &a ly$ 7! spite o% taki!g reme ial treatme!t his health starte getti!g worse$ /e &e'ame so weak that he was e#e! u!a&le to go to Akkalkot$ So he wrote a letter to Sri Swami Samarth) prayi!g %or his re'o#ery$ The! Sri Swami or ere him to take 'ow8s uri!e$ A%ter taki!g 'ow8s uri!e %or %ew ays he was %ully 'ure o% his ill!ess$ 2 idne y S tone . where is that %ully 146 Eo#esh"ar $iddha% r sh: .0 r ina r y ' r o l em Na! aram Su! arji 0a#a! i %rom .u!e was su%%eri!g %rom se#ere uri!ary pro&lem si!'e three years$ /e spe!t a lot o% mo!ey o! reme ial treatme!t &ut it i !o goo $ /is ill!ess starte getti!g worse &y the ay$ G!'e he 'ame i! tou'h with 9alkrish!a Joshi$ Joshi tol him @Iou go to Akkalkot$ 9y the &lessi!gs o% Sri Swami) your ill!ess will &e 'ure A$ Joshi the! applie the holy ash a#aila&le with him to 0a#a! i8s hea $ 9y the goo e%%e't o% that holy ash) 0a#a! i %elt &etter that ay$ Ne*t ay he we!t to Akkalkot$ There he o%%ere sumptuous meals to the e#otees a! ga#e mo!ey i! 'harity$ G! a Mo! ay he we!t to the temple o% <or Mallikarju! a! to his great surprise) he saw Sri Swami seate i! pla'e o% the Shi#ali!gaD6$ Sri Swami ga#e him 4arsha!$ 9y this mira'le) 0a#a! i was so happy that he starte si!gi!g e#otio!al so!gs i! praise o% Sri Swami$ The! Sri Swami &lesse him with ki! gra'e a! 'ure his uri!ary pro&lem perma!e!tly$ Tu e r cul os is (T( B( ) 7! Mum&ai there was a ge!tlema! !ame 1am'ha! ra Jero&a She!#i$ /e was su%%eri!g %rom T$ 9$ 7! spite o% all the reme ial treatme!t there was !o 'ure$ 4ue to his ill %ate he got o!e more sho'k i! his li%e$ The 'ompa!y where he was employe we!t i! li?ui atio! a! he lost his jo&$ /e ha hear a&out the great!ess o% Sri Swami$ There%ore) he alo!g with his mother we!t to Akkalkot$ /e e i'ate sweets at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swami as prasa D2 a! praye %or his &lessi!gs$ 9y the 4arsha! o% Sri Swami She!#i &e'ame #ery happy$ Sri Swami was please a! smili!gly took a 'o'o!ut) ga#e it to She!#i a! sai ) @5hat are you wat'hi!gK 0o home !owA$ A%ter stayi!g i! Akkalkot %or %ew ays he retur!e to Mum&ai alo!g with his mother$ 5ithi! a short perio &y the ki! gra'e o% Sri Swami he was 'ure o% his ill!ess a! his health starte impro#i!g$ Shortly a%ter he also got a goo jo&$ 5ith u!%li!'hi!g %aith he starte re! eri!g e#otio!al ser#i'e to Sri Swami Samarth$ D eli $ er y ..om%lished and divine as.6hi ld -Bi r th 7! 9ee 'ity o% Marathawa a) Maharashtra) a 0urjar 9rahmi! !ame Naraya! as li#e $ G!e ay a pilgrim tol him that there is a )ogesh!ar Siddha(urush:66 i! Akkalkot$ Naraya! as e*presse is&elie% a! sai ) @7! this Kali )uga"". of the #reatest order( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .eti..arashuram 4amle$ /e was a great e#otee o% Sri Swami Samarth$ /e starte su%%eri!g %rom .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 77 _________________________________________________________________________________________ ' il e s 7! Solapur) Maharashtra) there was a well(k!ow! lawyer !ame Naraya! . .

.eremonial abl tion of -ord $hiva Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . Naraya! as got imme iate relie% %rom his e*tremely i%%i'ult situatio!$ Now how woul he remem&er a&out his promiseK /e %aile to keep up his promise gi#e! to Sri Swami$ /is so! &e'ame %i#e mo!ths ol $ 5he! his wi%e raise the topi' o% goi!g to Akkalkot %or the %ul%ilme!t o% the promise) he starte utteri!g a&uses$ /e &e'ame 'raHy$ /e starte teari!g his 'lothes a! starte rolli!g o! a heap o% ru&&ish$ Fi!ally his mother a! wi%e 'aught hol o% him a! &rought him to Sri Swami Samarth) at Akkalkot$ Sri Swami slappe Naraya! as a! aske him @/a#e you &e'ome so ru e a! i!to*i'ate K Iou !ee more slapsK A$ Naraya! as with his mother a! wi%e staye i! Akkalkot %or %our mo!ths a! re! ere e#otio!al ser#i'e at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swami Samarth$ The! Naraya! as &e'ame !ormal$ /e per%orme E1u ra&hishek8 a! o%%ere sumptuous meals to 9rahmi!s as well as mo!ey i! 'harity$ /e spe!t o!e thousa! rupees$ Therea%ter he retur!e home happily alo!g with his %amily$ B lood f r om ) a$ al 9alappa was a! o&e ie!t ser#a!t o% Sri Swami Samarth$ G!e ay) &loo starte ooHi!g out through his !a#al$ /e got really si'k$ Coul this !ews remai! without the !oti'e o% Sri Swami a! 'oul it remai! without his &lessi!g o% ki! gra'eK G!e ay) lot o% &loo %lowe through his !a#al a! a pie'e o% %ol e paper 'ame out alo!g with &loo $ 5he! he ope!e the %ol e paper he saw some ki! o% &la'k pow er i! it$ 9alappa the! remem&ere that a mer'ha!t ha %e him poiso! ue to hatre $ 9y the ki! gra'e o% Sri Swami Samarth) that poiso! 'ame out a! he was sa#e $ 147 * drabhishe!: .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 78 _________________________________________________________________________________________ a''omplishe a! i#i!e as'eti'K All as'eti's a! wo! er%ul works just as a mea!s o% their li#elihoo A$ sai!ts mo#e arou! showi!g /is was preg!a!t$ /er eli#ery time was ue &ut she was #ery restless ue to pai! si!'e the 'hil ha got stu'k up i! the wom&$ /e!'e the eli#ery o% the 'hil was i! ?uestio!$ Now Naraya! as &e'ame #ery !er#ous$ /e ha a stro!g %eeli!g that this might ha#e 'ome up &e'ause o% the 'riti'al 'omme!ts he ha passe o! regar s Sri Swami Samarth$ As repe!ta!'e he slappe his ow! %a'e$ 7! the mea!time Sri Swami Samarth himsel% appeare as a! as'eti' i! his house$ Naraya! as praye to Sri Swami to sa#e his wi%e %rom the i%%i'ult situatio!$ The! Sri Swami sai @0o to Akkalkot) per%orm 1udrabhishek:6C a! o%%er sumptuous meals to the 9rahmi!sA$ Naraya! as a''epte the proposal a! his wi%e eli#ere a so! sa%ely$ 3ne always re$e$bers God in one2s difficulties but one forgets God in happiness.

a! liste!e to the same with rapt atte!tio!$ G!e !ight) he ha a #isio! i! his ream or eri!g him to worship the earthe! i ol o% <or 0a!esh$ /e starte worshipi!g the 0a!esh 7 ol as per his #isio!$ G!e ay while worshippi!g the i ol a serpe!t starte to 'rawl upwar s o! his &o y$ 9apurao got terri%ie a! hastily got up$ 7! that 'o!%usio! the earthe! i ol o% <or 0a!esh %ell ow! a! the serpe!t %le the s'e!e$ From that ay o!war s 9apurao starte %eeli!g &etter$ G!'e agai! 9apurao got a #isio! i! his ream or eri!g him to si!g e#otio!al so!gs i! the praise o% <or Vish!u$ /e k!ew that he la'ke &oth) the k!owle ge o% poetry a! the art o% 'ompositio!$ /owe#er) &e'ause o% the #isio! he trie to write EA&ha!g8 2A spe'ies o% metre) poeti' rhythm) &ri!gi!g religious hym!s i! the praise o% 0o or Sa guru3$ Ne#ertheless) he was !ot a&le to write the %ourth part o% ea'h #erse or sta!Ha$ /e 'ompose >00(600 #erses &ut i! e#ery #erse the %ourth part 'oul !ot &e writte!$ This greatly &othere him a! he &e'ame a!*ious$ The! o!e ay he got a!other #isio!ary i!sight stati!g that <or 4attatrey has rei!'ar!ate /imsel% i! Akkalkot a! so he shoul pro'ee to Akkalkot a! surre! er himsel% to Sri Swami Samarth to 'omplete his work$ 9apurao 'ame to Akkalkot a! stoo prayi!g &e%ore Sri Swami Samarth$ Sri Swami tou'he 9apurao8s throat with his toe a! pla'i!g his ha! o! 9apurao8s hea &lesse him$ The hole i! the throat heale 'ompletely$ Further) with the &lessi!gs o% Sri Swami he was a&le to 'omplete all the #erses$ <ater o!) Sri Swami &lesse him with k!owle ge a! he &e'ame a popular sai!t 'alle E4as(9apu$ Le# I n5 ur y Ba# &* ard ! ah e& 7! the the! state o% Akkalkot there was a wi'ke a! power%ul o%%i'er !ame 9am&gar Sahe&$ G!e ay Jo! oo Na!a) a e#otee o% Sri Swami) was washi!g his %a'e i! the well water o% Jhas&aag$ At the same mome!t 9am&gar Sahe& was passi!g that way$ @Are you !ot spoili!g the water o% the wellK A$ So sayi!g) the Sahe& a&use Jo! oo Na!a a! the! ki'ke him two(%our times with his &oot$ Jo! u Na!a 'omplai!e to Sri Swami &ut Sri Swami kept sile!t at that mome!t$ A%ter a %ew ays 9am&gar Sahe& su%%ere a! i!jury o! the same leg with whi'h he ha ki'ke Jo! oo Na!a$ /e took proper treatme!t %or the i!jury &ut it was i! #ai!$ Fi!ally the o'tor suggeste 'utti!g his leg as a pre#e!ti#e measure$ 9am&gar Sahe& &e'ame helpless$ /e aske the Mamlat ar:2+ Moro Jashi to o%%er prayers o! his &ehal% to Sri Swami Samarth %or his 'ure$ 5he! Sri Swami hear the prayer he sai @Fie upo! you.. Iou %ool) why are you telli!g meK A$ 5he! 9am&gar Sahe& hear these remarks Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 73 _________________________________________________________________________________________ ! ole in t he Thr oa t Near Akkalkot there is a small #illage !ame <ohagao!$ A resi e!t o% the #illage 9apurao Julkar!i ha a hole i! his throat$ 5he! he woul eat or ri!k a!ythi!g it woul 'ome out o% the hole$ /e trie all reme ial measures &ut there was !o use$ Fi!ally he we!t to 0a!agapur a holy pla'e o% <or 4attatrey) 0ul&arga 4istri't) i! Jar!ataka State$ /e arra!ge %or re'iti!g the *uru'haritra".

lease %orgi#e me a! suggest me a reme ial treatme!t$ 7 ha#e u! ergo!e e!ough su%%eri!gs till !owA$ /eari!g his prayers Sri Swami got so%te!e with pity a! sai ) @Now go) 'rush the root o% aloo #egeta&le i! the water use %or washi!g ri'e$ The! ri!k that water a! also apply it o! leg i!juryA$ 5ith this treatme!t Sahe& was totally 'ure o% his i!jury a! he &e'ame per%e'tly !ormal$ Bh o sl e3s . !ind of :asmine flo"er Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .!ed behind .overin# %rivate %arts 155 .o %een: . #arment of males "orn aro nd "aist %assin# nder and t .if e Appasahe& 9hosle8s wi%e) a resi e!t o% Sawa!twa i i! Si! hu urg 4istri't) Maharashtra) e#elope i!juries ue to isease resulti!g i! + to :0 holes i! her leg$ 7! spite o% taki!g all reme ial measures there was !o relie%$ The! the 9hosle 'ouple alo!g with +(:0 people 'ame to Akkalkot$ A%ter 'omi!g to Akkalkot they 'ame to k!ow that Sri Swami ha go!e to 5ak ari hill$ 7t was hot summer mi ay a! they ha !8t eate! a!ythi!g yet) still they we!t up the hill to take Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8$ The! Sri Swami sai ) @To gi#e you E4arsha!8 o!ly 7 ha#e 'ome so %arA$ 9hosle o%%ere dhotees:6+) &e a! pillows) a! kou(een:6D to Sri Swami$ The! 9hosle i!%orme Sri Swami regar i!g the holes i! his wi%e8s leg$ Sri Swami ga#e a&uses a! spoke to the la y @'ome here$ /ow ma!y holes are there i! your legK This is all the out'ome o% e#il ee s i! the past li%e$ Iou ha#e trie all the reme ial treatme!ts a! you are %e up$ Now you try this treatme!tA$ There was a Kunda 5lo!er:B0 pla!t$ Sri Swami tou'he that tree a! sai ) @1u& the %ruit o% this Ju! a pla!t i!to a paste a! eat it$ The! ru& elepha!t tusk i!to a paste a! apply it to the holes o! your legA$ Sri Swami ga#e prasa o% ma!go a! 'o'o!ut to the 9hosle 'ouple) a! the! he got up a! we!t to the 'a'tus hill to sit$ Sri Swami aske the 9hosle 'ouple to go a! take meals$ Ne*t ay) Sri Swami retur!e to Akkalkot %rom the hill$ 9hosle 'ouple retur!e home a%ter taki!g the &lessi!gs o% Sri Swami$ The hole i!juries got 'ure 'ompletely$ The 'ouple e#elope su'h a %aith %or Sri Swami that they starte #isiti!g Akkalkot #ery o%te! to get the &lessi!gs o% Sri Swami$ C a*an nath rao 7! Mum&ai) there was a ge!tlema! !ame Jaga!!athrao$ /e ha a !um&er o% holes o! &oth his legs$ The o'tor sai that &oth the legs ha#e to &e amputate %rom 148 143 6hotees: . loin .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 85 _________________________________________________________________________________________ he u! erstoo a!gerK that Sri Swami is #ery a!gry with him$ 9ut) what is the reaso! %or his G!e ay Sri Swami himsel% we!t to 9am&gar Sahe&8s &u!galow$ Seei!g Sri Swami 9am&gar stoo up$ /e ga#e a 'hair to Sri Swami a! the! o%%ere his salutatio!$ Sri Swami passe o! a #olley o% a&use a! sai @you %ool) %irst you ki'k me a! the! ask me o!ly %or the me i'i!e %or your i!juryK A$ The! the Sahe& realise that Sri Swami is #ery a!gry with him si!'e he ha ki'ke Jo! oo Na!a$ /e the! prostrate at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swami a! praye @.loth + st . nda 1lo"er: .

lease &less me) either &y sa#i!g my li%e with the restoratio! o% &oth legs or &y my %i!al eli#era!'e %rom this li%eA$ Sri Swami was mo#e &y 'ompassio! with his ear!est prayers a! sai @Iou ras'al) what is your pai!K A$ /eari!g these wor s Jaga!!athrao8s leg(&a! ages got ope!e up automati'ally a! %ell$ The! his wi%e prostrate at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swami a! praye ear!estly to &less her Soubhagya:B: with a lo!g li%e$ Sri Swami !o e his hea i! asse!t$ 0a!apatrao Joshi who was %amiliar to Jagga!!athrao sai ) @Now) take %or gra!te that your ill!ess is 'ure A$ Jaga!!athrao ga#e up all me i'i!es a! starte taki!g the holy water use %or washi!g the lotus %eet o% Sri Swami regularly$ G!e ay) Jaga!!athrao 'ame to k!ow that Sri Swami ha go!e to a !ear&y #illage 'alle Nargu! $ Sitti!g o! the shoul er o% his ser#a!t he we!t to Nargu! to see Sri Swami$ /e praye to Sri Swami @Maharaj) what shoul 7 o !owK Ji! ly &less me to get relie% %rom this pai!A$ The! he took out the sil#er .io s state of "ifehood Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 81 _________________________________________________________________________________________ k!ee ow!war s$ /eari!g this he &e'ame !er#ous a! his health starte worse!i!g$ /is %rie! a #ise him to go to Akkalkot$ Jaga!!athrao a! his %amily took a ser#a!t a! a 'ook with them a! 'ame to Akkalkot$ The! he took Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8 a! praye @.a ukasC6 %rom his po'ket a! tou'he it to the lotus %eet o% Sri Swami$ /e agai! praye @let my %eet &e sa#e or rui!e $ 7 will !ot apply a!y me i'i!e to my %eet e*'ept the tou'h o% these holy sil#er . s%i.a ukasA$ Sri Swami passe his &ou!ti%ul ha! o#er Jaga!!athrao8s hea a! &lesse him$ A%ter a %ew ays Sri Swami spoke to him @Now you go homeA$ Jaga!!athrao retur!e to Mum&ai$ A%ter a %ew ays he was 'ure a! &e'ame !ormal$ At that time) there was a %amous o'tor &y !ame 9hau 4aji i! Mum&ai$ 5he! he hear a&out Jaga!!athrao) he was amaHe at this mira'le$ A B oil on the !ea d 9himrao was o!e o% the ser#a!ts o% Sri Swami$ A &ig &oil ha appeare o! his hea that it looke as i% he ha two hea s$ 4ue to this e%ormity a! ugli!ess he &e'ame #ery restless a! people starte passi!g irritati!g remarks &y 'alli!g him as a ma! with two hea s et'$ 9e'ause o% this ugli!ess he &e'ame #ery restless a! sa $ G!e ay Sri Swami also 'alle him as a ma! with two hea s a! starte laughi!g$ 9himrao &urst i!to tears a! spoke to Sri Swami @<et people laugh at me) &ut you are always 'ompassio!ate to the istresse a! #ery ki! to the e#otees$ 7t is your righteous!ess to wipe out the e#ils o% a e#otee$ 7% you shower your ki! gra'e o! me a! li&erate me %rom the e#ils the! why shoul a!y&o y laugh at meK A$ Sri Swami got so%te!e with pity &ut he i !ot say a!ythi!g$ At !ight whe! 9himrao was i! sleep) he saw a #isio! i! his ream that 'ompassio!ate Swami passe his &ou!ti%ul ha! o#er his hea $ 5he! 9himrao woke up i! the mor!i!g he %ou! that the &oil o! his hea ha alrea y ope!e up a! the pus ha ooHe out$ /e was #ery happy$ Now o!ly the ski! o% the &oil was ha!gi!g o! his hea $ Sri Swami ga#e him holy water a! sa're ash$ 151 $o bha#'a: .

$a.es a.om%lishes b' en#a#in# oneself in a .ts and s fferin#s in order to obtain &o!sha or eman. Guruleelamrut.i%ation( 155 )ranth: .o rse of rites7 observan. mode of re# lated breathin#( Baroda: /o" !no"n as 2adodara7 ) +arath $tate 154 $adha!: Cne "ho a.red boo! Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .. Devotees read this blessed Granth co$posed in $etrical for$ of verses with great devotion$ 152 153 <rana'am: .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 82 _________________________________________________________________________________________ 5ithi! a %ew ays the ha!gi!g ski! rie up a! e#erythi!g &e'ame !ormal agai!$ Now the two(hea e 9himrao &e'ame si!gle hea e agai!$ ) um er ous Inc ur a le Ai lm e nts Vama!&ua 9a o ekar ha a !um&er o% i!'ura&le ailme!ts like ki !ey sto!e) 'ough) yse!tery) rheumatism i! the joi!ts) &ur!i!g se!satio! i! the &o y) eye( isease a! piles$ 4ay a! !ight he was restless ue to pai!$ /e was !ot a&le to eat$ E#ery %i#e mi!utes he ha to go to is'harge his &owels$ Ayur#e i' physi'ia!s as well as allopathi' o'tors ha gi#e! up %or his li%e$ /e ha !o stre!gth e#e! to sit o! the &e $ /e was a great e#otee o% Sri Swami Samarth$ 5ith great i%%i'ulty he pulle o! his li%e oi!g Naamsmaran8") i! that poor state o% health$ The! he wrote a letter to Sri Swami Samarth prayi!g %or his &lessi!gs$ G!e ay he was #ery restless$ /e e'i e to 'ommit sui'i e &y hol i!g his &reath withi!) as o!e i! $ranayam:B2) &y row!i!g himsel%) i! the Soorsagar lake o% 9aro a:B>$ There%ore he sile!tly le%t his home a! got himsel% row!e i! the <ake$ At that mome!t Sri Swami Samarth himsel% appeare right i! %ro!t o% Vama!&ua$ Sri Swami pulle him out o% the water a! slappe twi'e o! his %a'e a! sai ) @Iou %oolish o!key) why o you wa!t to ie whe! you still ha#e a lo!g li%eK 4oes a!y&o y es'ape %rom this worl till o!e u! ergoes all the su%%eri!gs as pre i'te &y o!e8s %ateK 5hy o you get a!gry with meK 7!stea o% goi!g %or 'omplete a&sorptio! i! 0o 'o!s'ious!ess) why o you go %or row!i!g i! waterK A$ Sri Swami &rought Vama!&ua to his house a! sai @Sit here ?uietly) otherwise you will get more i!sulte A$ So sayi!g Sri Swami isappeare %rom there$ That ay a%ter a lo!g perio Vama!&ua we!t i! eep sleep$ 5he! he woke up i! the mor!i!g he %elt that a major part o% his pai! ha 'ome ow!$ A%ter %ew ays he got a! or er %rom Sri Swami to 'ome to Akkalkot$ There%ore) he we!t to Akkalkot$ /e lear!t that Sri Swami ha go!e to the !ear&y #illage Mai argi$ Vama!&ua we!t limpi!g a! rea'he Mai argi$ Seei!g Vama!&ua) Sri Swami spoke @Are you !ot the same perso! who ha go!e to get row!e i! the lakeK /as Soorsagar rie upK A$ Vama!&ua prostrate at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swami$ 9y the ki! gra'e o% Sri Swami) Vama!&ua &e'ame per%e'tly !ormal$ Vama!&ua 9a o ekar was a great e#otee a! a great Sadhak:B6$ G! a''ou!t o% his a''omplishme!t) he 'ame to &e k!ow! as E9rahm!ishtha8$ Sri Swami Samarth himsel% ha &lesse Vama!&ua &y gi#i!g him the i ol o% <or 4attatreya) who perso!ally i!stalle this i ol at 9aro a$ :a$anbua has given the praise8worthy and detailed description of all the $iracles of ri wa$i a$arth in his Granth+44.

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 83 _________________________________________________________________________________________ S c or pion B it e A s'orpio! &it Sri Swamiji8s ser#a!t) Cholappa8s wi%e$ She &e'ame restless ue to pai!$ Those ays Sri Swami staye Cholappa8s house$ Sri Swami threw his shoe i! %ro!t o% Cholappa8s wi%e a! aske her to put the s'orpio! &it ha! i!si e the shoe$ 5he! she pla'e her ha! i! the shoe the pai! woul isappear) &ut as soo! as she remo#e her ha! %rom the shoe the pai! woul reappear agai!$ There%ore) she pla'e her ha! i! the shoe a! slept the whole !ight$ S na" e Bi te G!'e Sri Swami we!t alo!g with his e#otees to a !ear&y #illage 'alle 7 agi a! took a halt i! a Maruti Mandir:B6$ There was a e#otee o% Sri Swami &y !ame 1a#a!!a$ A s!ake &it him while worki!g i! his %iel $ =!%ortu!ately he ie ue to the s!ake&ite$ The people o% the #illage &rought his ea &o y to Sri Swami$ A ser#a!t o% Sri Swami) 9a&a Sahe& Ja ha#) pla'e Sri Swamiji8s shoes o! ea 1a#a!!a8s hea $ Seei!g this) Sri Swami got #ery a!gry a! starte throwi!g a&uses at 9a&a Sahe&$ Fi!ally Sri Swami aske 9a&a Sahe& to lou ly 'all o! 1a#a!!a &y his !ame$ As soo! as 9a&a Sahe& 'alle his !ame 1a#a!!a woke up a! sat) to the great surprise o% o!lookers$ Le ucod er m a % inch ur)ar 7! the the! state o% Akkalkot) there was a rege!t &y !ame Ma ha#rao 4a asahe& Vi!'hurkar 2A rege!t is a perso! who rules whe! the regular ruler is a&se!t or u!%it3$ /e was a great e#otee o% Sri Swami$ Sri Swami woul #isit Vi!'hurkar8s house e#ery !ow a! the!$ G! e#ery #isit Vi!'hurkar woul re! er great e#otio!al ser#i'e to Sri Swami$ G!'e) a white spot 2leu'o erma3 appeare o! the thigh o% Vi!'hurkar$ /e &e'ame #ery !er#ous a! starte worryi!g with the #ery thought that this white spot shoul !ot sprea to other parts o% his &o y$ G!'e) whe! Vi!'hurkar o&ser#e that Sri Swami was i! a jolly moo ) he o%%ere his prayers to get him ri o% the white spot$ Sri Swami aske ) @5hat is the spot 'alle asK A$ Vi!'hurkar replie ) @7t is 'alle as white spotA$ Sri Swami aske him @5hat is that o! your %i!gerK A$ Vi!'hurkar replie ) @1i!gA$ @5hat type o% sto!e are you weari!g o! that ri!gK A$ Vi!'hurkar replie @5hite sto!eA$ Sri Swami aske Vi!'hurkar to throw away the white sto!e ri!g$ The! Vi!'hurkar got ri o% the ri!g %rom his %i!ger a! put it o! Sri Swamiji8s %i!ger$ Few ays later the white spot o! Vi!'hurkar8s thigh isappeare 'ompletely$ 156 &ar ti &andir: @&ar ti: -ord 8an man7 &andir: Tem%leA( Tem%le of -ord 8an man Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

Iou were tryi!g to &eat my 'ow$ Are you so mu'h i!to*i'ate a! ru eK A$ <alsahe& repe!te %or what he ha o!e i! his ream$ Sri Swami or ere him to %ee street ogs$ <alsahe& remai!e at Akkalkot a! starte %ee i!g ogs$ The! withi! %ew ays itsel% all the white spots o! his &o y isappeare a! he was 'ompletely 'ure o% leu'o erma$ /e &e'ame e'stati' a! he retur!e home$ T h a)urd as There was a sai!t !ame Thakur as9&a&a alias ShreeJrish!a9a&a i! Mum&ai who &uilt a temple o% Sri Swami Samarth$ /e was a e#otee o% <or 4attatreya$ /e woul always si!g e#otio!al so!gs %rom withi! his heart i! the temple$ 4ue to great mis%ortu!e he 'o!tra'te leu'o ermia a! white spots 'o#ere his e!tire &o y$ G!e ay Sri Swami took a &ur!i!g woo %rom the %irepla'e a! threw it towar s 9a&aji$ 9a&aji ru&&e the %irewoo i! to pow er) the! he a e holy ash to it a! the! applie the mi*ture o! his white spots$ 5ithi! just a %ew ays) all the white spots o! his &o y isappeare 'ompletely$ Lep ro sy A ma! who &elo!ge to a lower 'aste su%%ere %rom leprosy$ /e sustai!e himsel% &y &eggi!g at holy pla'es$ Fi!ally he rea'he .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 84 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Lals ah e & A North 7! ia! 9rahmi! &y !ame <alsahe& worke as a ser#a!t i! the the! State o% /y era&a ) South 7! ia$ /e su%%ere %rom white spot 2leu'o erma3) so he was #ery worrie $ A'ti!g o! someo!e8s suggestio! he starte per%ormi!g religious 'eremo!ials i! the temple o% <or Ve!katesh at Alawal$ <or Ve!katesh8s temple was %amous %or e#otee8s prayers getti!g a!swere 2Jagruth Daivat3$ /owe#er) there was !o result$ So he retur!e to /y er&a $ G!e !ight i! /y era&a ) he got a #isio! i! his ream that o!e &eauti%ul 'ow 'lim&e the stair'ase o% his house a! we!t up to the top %loor$ 5he! <alsahe& we!t ru!!i!g to &eat the 'ow) he saw a lustrous EIogi8 weari!g re (o'hre 'olour 'ostume) %ollowi!g the 'ow$ <alsahe& aske that Iogi @5ho are youK To who oes this 'ow &elo!gK The oor was 'lose ) still how i the 'ow 'lim& the stairs a! 'ome upK A$ The! the lustrous Iogi spoke @This 'ow &elo!gs to me$ 7 am resi i!g either at) 0a!agapur or Solapur 2&oth i! Maharashtra3$ No&o y 'a! stop us$ 5he!e#er a! where#er re?uire we show oursel#es i! this ma!i%este or o&s'ure %ormsA$ Fi!ally <alsahe& woke up %rom his ream$ The !e*t ay he met a ge!tlema! who a #ise him to go to Akkalkot a! take the &lessi!gs o% Sri Swami Samarth$ There%ore) <alasahe le%t %or Akkalkot$ A%ter rea'hi!g Akkalkot he was surprise to %i! the same lustrous Iogi weari!g re (o'hre 'olour 'ostume a! his &eauti%ul 'ow as he ha see! &e%ore i! his #isio!$ Seei!g this mira'le he prostrate at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swami Samarth$ The! Sri Swami spoke @Gh.a! harpur i! Solapur 4istri't o% Maharashtra$ There) $andharinath /ord Vithoba:BC) ga#e #isio!ary i!sight to this poor ma! aski!g him to go to Akkalkot where his isease woul get 'ure $ Ne#ertheless) the leper i !ot pay a!y atte!tio! to this a #i'e$ The! he got a se'o! #isio!ary i!sight 157 <andhainath -ord 2ithoba: . manifested form of -ord 2ishn and -ord $hiva in a sin#le deit'( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

u!ja&i retur!e home$ & 8 cr e ti on for Lepr os y A 9rahmi! su%%eri!g %rom leprosy 'ame to 0a!agapur to re! er e#otio!al ser#i'e$ A%ter re! eri!g ser#i'e %or a !um&er o% ays) Sriguru) appeare i! his ream a! ire'te him to go to Akkalkot$ The! the 9rahmi! we!t to Akkalkot a! starte re! eri!g his ser#i'e to Sri swamiji$ G!e ay he &e'ame so mu'h istresse &y the u!&eara&le pai! ue to leprosy wou! s that he praye to Sri Swami @Maharaj) 7 'a!!ot &ear this pai! a!ymore$ 7 will get li&eratio! %rom this su%%eri!g o!ly i% 7 ieA$ The 'ompassio!ate Sri Swami sai ) @Apply the e*'retio! o! your &o yA$ The 9rahmi!) a%ter pro'uri!g the e*'retio! o% Sri Swami) applie the same to his &o y a! the! took &ath$ 5ithi! o!ly %our ays) all the leprosy wou! s o! his &o y got 'ure $ /e re'o#ere his health a! remai!e there re! eri!g his ser#i'e$ G!ly a%ter getti!g the &lessi!gs o% Sri Swami a! with the permissio! to lea#e Akkalkot he retur!e home happily$ 158 Teerth: 8ol' "ater @or miBt re of "ater and mil!A #iven b' a $ad# r or 6eit'( This "ater is ..ial o.u!ja&i ge!tlema! 'ame there) he imme iately prostrate at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swami a! praye ) @Iou ha#e per%orme a !um&er o% mira'les$ So 7 ha#e 'ome to youA$ Noti'i!g the ge!tlema!8s ru e!ess Sri Swami was a!!oye a! replie @4o!8t you see mira'les per%orme &y a Juggler tooK A%ter eati!g bur5i :BD you go a! e!joy with a prostitute$ Are you so mu'h i!to*i'ate K 4o you thi!k o% oi!g a!ythi!g else e*'ept e!joyi!g with a prostitute ay a! !ightK 4o you really wa!t to see the mira'leK The! you see this mira'leA$ So sayi!g Sri Swami u! resse himsel% o% the o!ly loin'loth#9 wor! &y him$ As the se'ret a&out his pri#ate li%e was e*pose ) shame o#erawe the .ons med b' devotees( 153 B rfi: Indian $"eetmeat( )enerall' %re%ared for festivities and s%e.e%ted as a blessin# and is ..asions( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .u!ja&i o% leprosy withi! two mo!ths$ The! &y si!gi!g e#otio!al so!gs i! the praise o% Sri Swami) that .u!ja&i ge!tlema! su%%ere %rom leprosy$ Sri Swami was sitti!g o! the raili!g o% ESakhar well8 alo!g with his e#otees$ 5he! the .onsidered to have divine ener#' of the $ad# r and is a.u!ja&i a! the! he surre! ere himsel% at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swami$ The &lessi!gs o% Sri Swami 'ure the .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 85 _________________________________________________________________________________________ sayi!g the same thi!g$ There%ore) %i!ally the leper 'ame to Akkalkot a! starte taki!g Sri Swami Samarth8s darshan) his Teerth:B+ a! Naamasmaran$ /e 'o!ti!ue his e#otio!al ser#i'e %or three years$ G!e ay he was &lesse &y the ki! gra'e o% Sri Swami$ At that time a 9rahmi! ha 'ome %or Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8$ Sri Swami spoke to him @There is a! ol sa! alwoo tree i! your &a'kyar $ 9ri!g it here a! gi#e me a pie'e o% that sa! alwoo A$ The 9rahmi! i as a #ise a! ga#e a pie'e o% sa! alwoo to Sri Swami$ The! Sri Swami ga#e that pie'e to the leper a! sai ) @1u& this sa! alwoo a! apply the paste o! your &o y$ The ay whe! this pie'e o% woo gets o#er &y ru&&i!g) that ay you woul &e 'ure o% leprosyA$ 5ith these ki! &lessi!gs o% Sri Swami Samarth the leper starte applyi!g the paste o% sa! alwoo a! the ay that sa! alwoo got %i!ishe ) his leprosy isappeare 'ompletely$ A%ter this) he 'o!ti!ue his e#otio!al ser#i'e %or %ew more ays a! the! happily retur!e home$ ' un5a i Lepe r A .

arti: .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 86 _________________________________________________________________________________________ A sth ma A 9rahmi! su%%ere %rom Asthma a! he was always restless$ G!e ay) with great 'o!%i e!'e he praye to Sri Swami a! aske %or suita&le me i'i!e$ Sri Swami sai ) @1oast a sweet potato a! eat itA$ 5he! the 9rahmi! starte eati!g the roaste sweet potato) withi! three ays itsel% his asthma got 'ure $ In this way. Devotees still re$e$ber the co$passionate nature of ri wa$i?i. !hose i$possible diseases which were not cured even by long $edical treat$ents were cured by the use of si$ple nee$ tree leaves or by charan.eerth+C0of ri wa$i?i. #owever.lease shower your ki! gra'e o! me a! show me the wayA$ <iste!i!g to the tailor8s prayer Sri Swami Samarth got %ille with 'ompassio! a! he &lesse the tailor with ki! gra'e$ The tailor got li&erate %rom the emo!ia' 165 161 Charan-Teerth: 8ol' "ater obtained from "ashin# the lot s feet( Considered to have divine ener#' of a $ad# r or deit'( . ver' im%ortant %art of "orshi% in "hi. ?ust for na$esa(e.h the devotee "aves a lam% aro nd the $ad# r or 6eit' and sim ltaneo sl' sin#s devotional h'ms( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . no $edicine can help but only the (ind blessings of ri wa$i?i. ri wa$i. which co$e due to one2s fate. In fact these petty $edicines were not $edicines in reality but they carried the (ind grace of ri wa$i?i. he would reco$$end so$e petty $edicines. cured different ail$ents or diseases of his devotees by his (ind blessings. D em onia c po ss es si on Sri Swami Samarth ha li&erate possessio! &y his simple sporti#e plays$ a !um&er o% e#otees %rom emo!ia' T ail or f ro # !ol ap ur G!e ay Sri Swami Samarth ha go!e to #illage 'alle 9asal) whi'h is !ear Akkalkot$ At that time) a tailor %rom Solapur) Maharashtra) ha 'ome there alo!g with his %amily %or Sri Swami Samarth8s 4arsha!8$ 9y merely gla!'i!g at the tailor) Sri Swamiji sai ) @5oul you !ot %ee meK A$ The tailor ma e all the !e'essary arra!geme!ts$ A%ter the %oo was rea y) the tailor ga#e &ath to Sri Swamiji) worshippe him) per%orme Aarati:6: a! the! o%%ere sumptuous %oo to Sri Swamiji$ A%ter Sri Swamiji a''epte the %oo ) the tailor 'ame a! sat i! %ro!t o% Sri Swamiji$ All o% a su e! the tailor got emo!ia'ally possesse a! starte swi!gi!g$ /e starte s'reami!g$ /e starte a!'i!g a! the! sai ) @5here is the !e'essity %or a! as'eti' to show su'h playsK A$ Sri Swamiji kept sile!t %or some time a! starte wateri!g the tailor$ The! su e!ly he spoke @Faste! the ha! s o% this ras'al at the &a'kA$ Simply &y liste!i!g to these wor s o% Sri SwamijiF the tailor &e'ame helpless a! %ell ow!$ /e starte prayi!g) @7 am a! orpha!$ . "or the ail$ents and diseases.

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 87 _________________________________________________________________________________________ possessio! a! retur!e home happily$ The! o!war s o! e#ery %ull moo! ay he starte goi!g to Akkalkot o! a pilgrimage to take Sri Swami Samarth8s 84arsha!8$ G o + ind rao 0o#i! rao) the so! o% Chi!topa!t Toll) ha se#ere stoma'h pai!$ G!e ay u!e*pe'te ly Sri Swamiji 'ame to his house a! 'alle 0o#i! rao as Egol smith8 a! imme iately there was a surge o% psy'hi' phe!ome!a ue to emo!ia' possessio! i! 0o#i! rao8s &o y a! he starte a mo!ishi!g Sri Swamiji$ /e starte swi!gi!g a! we!t !ear Sri Swamiji a! sai ) @5hy shoul a! as'eti' remai! i! o!e pla'e just like a &urie woo e! stumpK A$ /e we!t ahea to ki'k Sri Swamiji &ut the ser#a!ts 'aught hol o% him$ Sri Swamiji sile!tly we!t out a! sat u! er the EAu um&ar8 tree$ The psy'hi' we!t !ear Sri Swamiji a! sai ) @5hy shoul a! as'eti' stay i! a #illageK A$ Fi!ally) Sri Swamiji shoute a!grily at 0o#i! rao @Iou &la'k(smith) &i! the ha! s o% this %ellow with a! iro! 'hai! weighi!g %i%ty seers:62A$ 9oth the ha! s o% 0o#i! rao got e!ta!gle as though a! iro! 'hai! weighi!g %i%ty seers &ou! them$ 0o#i! rao starte shouti!g) @Maharaj) 7 am goi!g to ie$ Ji! ly sa#e me$ 7 ha#e o%%e! e you a! 'ommitte great si!s$ 0o#i! rao has take! my mo!ey$ Iou tell him to retur! the mo!ey a! the! 7 will go awayA$ 9y that time) a Muslim e#otee arri#e $ Noti'i!g 0o#i! rao he sai ) @The tree is u! ergoi!g a lot o% har ships$ Ji! ly gi#e relie% to that treeA$ Sri Swamiji sai @A great ma! with a &ear like you) has 'ome here) why o!8t you yoursel% relie#e him %rom the &i! o% that hea#y 'hai!K A$ /owe#er) the Muslim e#otee la'ke e!ough 'ourage to o so$ A woma! e#otee ha 'ome %or Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8 o%$ She we!t ahea $ No soo!er she tou'he 0o#i! rao his ha! s got %ree %rom the i!#isi&le &i! i!g 'hai!$ 5ithi! two(three ays 0o#i! rao got relie% %rom his stoma'h pai! to a great e*te!t$ The! Sri Swamiji sai ) @At the age o% %i%ty(%i#e you will &e 'ompletely relie#e %rom the stoma'h pai! as well as the emo!ia' spirit o% a e'ease 9rahmi!A$ E#e!tually 0o#i! rao got the total relie% a%ter the 'ompletio! o% %i%ty(%i#e years$ ! ha n)arrao Daf tard ar Shrima! Sha!karrao sahe& was a re'or keeper i! the regime o% the the! NiHam o% /y era&a $ /e was emo!ia'ally possesse $ /e was also su%%eri!g %rom T$ 9$ /e ha take! lots o% me i'al treatme!t &ut there was !o positi#e e%%e't$ /e 'ame to 0a!agapur a! per%orme !um&er o% religious 'eremo!ials) ga#e mo!ey i! 'harity a! re! ere e#otio!al ser#i'e$ Fi!ally) he ha a #isio!ary i!sight a #isi!g him to go to Akkalkot$ At Akkalkot) with the help o% Su! ara&ai who was a e#otee o% Sri Swamiji) Sha!karrao sahe& o%%ere his prayers to Sri Swamiji$ /eari!g the prayers) Sri Swamiji got up a! we!t to the gra#eyar o% Muslims$ G!e gra#eyar was kept rea y there$ /e we!t a! slept i! that pit$ 5he! Sri Swamiji woke up %rom that gra#e pit) he tol Sha!karrao 162 $eers: Indian meas re of "ei#ht( Cne $eer M T"o %o nds( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

e of "orshi% Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .9 at Akkalkot spe! i!g thirty thousa! rupees) the! 'ele&rate a %esti#al with great pomp a! later retur!e to /y er&a $ ! ho e T hro 1n at th e Bra h# in /o s se s se d &y G h os t A 9rahmi! was possesse emo!ia'ally$ /e always &eha#e like a lu!ati'$ /is wi%e &rought him to Akkalkot$ She woul 'olle't alms a! %ee her hus&a! &ut he woul a&use a! spit at people$ The helpless la y somehow 'alme ow! the #i'tims$ 7! the e#e!i!g the 9rahmi! woul &e'ome more mis'hie#ous a! woul ru! away without !oti'e$ 5ith great i%%i'ulty he woul get tra'e a! 'aught$ G!e ay) the possesse 9rahmi! starte shouti!g) @There is !o justi'e i! the royal 'ourt o% <or 4attatreya$ Sri Swamiji is &eati!g me u!!e'essarilyA$ 7! a itio!) he also starte s'reami!g$ 5he! Sri Swamiji aske the reaso! %or his s'reami!g) replie ) @This 9rahmi! has !ot repai my two thousa! rupees$ 7 was a poor ma!) he!'e 7 ha to 'ommit sui'i e) a! the! 7 &e'ame a ghost$ /a he !ot swallowe my mo!ey) woul 7 &e) i! this state o% a ghostK Maharaj) please o justi'e i! my 'ase$ 7% this 9rahmi! retur!s my mo!ey a! 'ompletes my %u!eral rites) the! 7 will go awayA$ Sri Swamiji sai ) @Gh) he is a poor 9rahmi!A$ /eari!g this the ghost sai @7 ma e this 9rahmi! poor a! 'hil less$ Now let him retur! my mo!ey$ 7 will !ot lea#e his &o y till he retur!s my mo!eyA$ /eari!g this Sri Swamiji starte laughi!g$ Sri Swamiji took a tur&a! o% a perso! a! ga#e o!e tip o% the tur&a! i! the ha! o% that perso!$ A! ol woo e! house) with a &ig hole was lyi!g !ear&y$ Sri Swamiji aske the perso! to put the tip o% the tur&a! i! that hole a! start pulli!g the tur&a!$ 5he! that perso! starte pulli!g the tur&a!) the possesse 9rahmi!) &ega! to writhe i! se#ere pai!$ The e!tire &o y o% the 9rahmi! starte shri!ki!g a! sti%%e!i!g$ /e starte 'ryi!g lou ly a! sai @Maharaj) please %orgi#e a! release me$ 7 will !ot ema! %or mo!ey$ 5hate#er you say) 7 will agree %or the sameA$ 5he! the tur&a! was pulle out 'ompletely %rom that hole) the 9rahmi! &e'ame u!'o!s'ious$ The 9rahmi!8s wi%e starte 'ryi!g) a! she praye to Sri Swamiji) to sa#e her hus&a! $ The! Sri Swamiji threw his shoe a! hit the 9rahmi!$ The 9rahmi! imme iately got up a! aske Sri Swamiji @5hat o you 'omma! me to oK A$ Sri Swamiji sai ) @0o a! sit o! that tamari! treeA$ The ghost le%t the 9rahmi!8s &o y a! we!t away$ The! the 9rahmi! regai!e his 'o!s'ious!ess$ 163 164 1a!ir: & slim mendi.ant 6ar#ah: .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 88 _________________________________________________________________________________________ sahe& @G%%er %oo to the <akirs:6> a! a sheet o% 'otto! 'loth at Sheikh Noor Dargah:66A$ Sha!karrao Sahe& i a''or i!gly$ 5ithi! a %ew ays he re'o#ere his health$ The! as per the or ers o% Sri Swamiji) Sha!karrao Sahe& &uilt a Muth. & slim %la.

. ri wa$i?i has showered his (ind grace on a nu$ber of devotees to rid the$ of poverty and direct the$ to the virtuous path of devotion$ Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .u!e) there was a ri'h a! respe'ta&le lawyer &y !ame Appasahe& Su&!is$ 9oth hus&a! a! wi%e were possesse &y a ghost$ 5he! the ghost woul &e'ome a'ti#e) the 'ouple woul &e u!a&le to eat or ri!k$ They 'arrie out a thorough rea i!g o% *uru'haritra".a! per%orme #arious religious 'eremo!ials &ut i! #ai!$ At last) &oth alo!g with two to %our people we!t to 0a!agapur to re! er e#otio!al ser#i'e$ G! the way) they took a halt at Akkalkot %or Sri Swami Samarth8s E4arsha!8$ 9y the E4i#i!e 4arsha!8 o% Sri Swamiji) Su&!is 'ouple were #ery mu'h impresse $ The 'ouple wa!te to go to 0a!agapur to get ri o% their pai!$ There%ore) they re?ueste Sri Swamiji with prayers %or the !e'essary permissio! to go to 0a!agapur$ Sri Swamiji sai ) @Iou !ee !ot go to 0a!agapur$ 7 will estroy the ghostA$ The! the 'ouple 'o!ti!ue their stay at Akkalkot itsel% &y re! eri!g e#otio!al ser#i'e su'h as rea i!g 0uru'haritra) 'olle'ti!g alms) 'ir'umam&ulatio! o% the Au um&ar tree et'$ 7!itially the ghost was #ery mu'h i!to*i'ate $ /owe#er) as the e#otio!al ser#i'e i!'rease the ghost starte &e'omi!g more a! more weak$ The! the ghost &roke i!to tears a! starte utteri!g) @5hat shoul 7 o !owK 7 'a!!ot 'o!ti!ue to &ear this harsh &eati!gA$ A%ter a perio o% %i#e years) the ghost ?uit the 'ouple8s &o ies a! %le $ The lawyer) Su&!is) staye at Akkalkot a! 'o!ti!ue his legal pra'ti'e$ A%ter a while the ghost starte trou&li!g the Su&!is 'ouple agai!$ The! Su&!is &rought this to the ki! !oti'e o% Sri Swamiji$ The! Sri Swamiji sai ) @5hy o you re?uire this me iatio!K A$ Su&!is imme iately ga#e up his legal pra'ti'e a! utilise the mo!ey ear!e &y this legal pra'ti'e to re! er e#otio!al ser#i'e at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji$ Su&!is8s mother praye to Sri Swamiji @Si!'e my aughter(i!(law is 'hil (less) all this property will &e'ome uselessA$ The! Sri Swamiji &lesse Saraswati) the wi%e o% Su&!is) &y gi#i!g a 'o'o!ut a! withi! a year itsel% Saraswati ga#e &irth to a so!$ The e!tire %amily &e'ame e#ote to Sri Swamiji a! starte #isiti!g Akkalkot regularly to re! er e#otio!al ser#i'e$ + em o$a l of ' o$ er t y /overty is a curse for $an(ind.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 83 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Ne*t ay the 9rahmi!8s wi%e worshippe Sri Swamiji) per%orme Aarti"-") Sa!g e#otio!al so!gs i! the praise o% Sri Swamiji a! o%%ere Naivedya"#9$ She praye ) @9y your ki! gra'e) we ha#e got ri o% a great 'alamity i! this li%e$ /ow 'a! 7 es'ri&e your ki! !essK Now what shoul we oKA The! Sri Swamiji threw his shoes towar s her$ Taki!g the shoes as &lessi!gs) the 'ouple retur!e home$ The la y 29rahmi!8s wi%e3 starte worshipi!g the shoes as &lessi!gs o% Sri Swamiji with all e#otio!$ Ap pa sah e & ! u&nis 7! . #owever. individual fate forces people to undergo sufferings due to poverty.

in# different %ro.a! harpur) he ie $ Iour mother ha alrea y ie earlier$ Iour %ather &urie large amou!t o% wealth u! er a Tulsi:6B pla!t i! your &a'kyar $ 4ig out that wealthA$ /e we!t home a%ter taki!g the or ers o% Sri Swamiji$ /e ug out large amou!t o% wealth u! er the Tulsi .s and "arm re#ions( 6ar! or $h'ama @.esses in the bod'7 and hel%f l for ada%tin# to stress( &ar!ed b' its stron# aroma and astrin#ent taste7 T lsi is re#arded as a !ind of HeliBir of lifeH and believed to %romote lon#evit'( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .o#ni>ed b' the rishis for tho sands of 'ears as a %rime herb in .' rvedi.hin# of .entral tea.ine "ritten at least t"o tho sand 'ears a#o7 and in the *i#veda( T lsi is .inal val e and is .ommonl' sed for "orshi%( T lsi has also been re.ea +e r A wea#er) great e#otee o% Sri Swami Samarth) li#e i! Ma!gal#e ha$ /e was #ery poor$ /e mai!tai!e himsel% &y &eggi!g$ A%ter Sri Swami Samarth8s E4arsha!8 he starte re! eri!g ser#i'e at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji$ /e 'o!ti!ue the ser#i'e %or !early three mo!ths$ Sri Swamiji was please a! showere his ki! gra'e o! him$ The wea#er got #isio!ary i!sight a! i! his #isio!) Sri Swamiji tol him @Iour %ather was a &ig mer'ha!t$ 5he! he ha &ee! to the %air) at .har'a Chara!7 in the Chara! $amhita7 the .onsidered to be an ada%to#en7 balan.rishnaA T lsi and li#ht or *ama T lsi are the t"o main varieties of basil( The former %ossesses #reater medi.om%arable oneH( T lsi is a venerated %lant and devotees "orshi% it in the mornin# and evenin#( T lsi #ro"s "ild in the tro%i.. medi.' rvedi. treatment( It has been traditionall' sed b' 8ind s7 and no" others7 for its diverse healin# %ro%erties( T lsi is mentioned b' .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 35 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Bas ap pa T e l i 5he! Sri Swami Samarth was i! Ma!gal#e ha) Solapur 4istri't) Maharashtra) a poor ma! !ame 9asappa Teli starte re! eri!g e#otio!al ser#i'e$ Sri Swamiji woul roam i! the %orests a! 9asappa Teli woul %ollow him to re! er e#otio!al ser#i'e$ 9asappa8s wi%e was maki!g e! s meet &y oi!g o jo&s as a ay(la&ourer$ A !um&er o% ays passe like this$ G!'e Sri Swamiji &e'ame 'ompassio!ate towar s 9asappa a! showere his ki! gra'e$ Sri Swamiji took him to the %orest o% Jatha#a! Village$ 9y that time the su! ha set a! thousa! s o% s!akes were see! mo#i!g arou! i! the %orest$ Sri Swamiji tol 9asapppa @Take as ma!y s!akes as you wa!t$ 4o !ot &e a%rai A$ 9asappa starte trem&li!g with %ear$ Fi!ally) gar!eri!g some 'ourage a! repeati!g the !ame o% Sri Swamiji 9asappa 'aught hol o% o!e s!ake) !early two %eet lo!g) wrappe it i! a pie'e o% 'loth a! hel it u! er his armpit$ Sri Swamiji sai @5hate#er is u! er your armpit) take it with you a! lea your li%e happily with your 'hil re!$ Now) go homeA$ 9asappa retur!e home$ /is wi%e &e'ame #ery happy seei!g the &u! le &rought &y 9asappa$ She %ou! gol e?ual to the siHe o% the s!ake) whi'h 9asappa ha pi'ke up$ 9asappa8s po#erty was ri o%%$ /is %amily &e'ame #ery happy$ 9asappa 'o!ti!ue re! eri!g his e#otio!al ser#i'e at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji$ /e 'o!ti!ue goi!g to Akkalkot e#ery year %or Sri Swamiji E4arsha!8$ .la!t$ /e &e'ame #ery happy$ /is li%e 'ha!ge 'ompletely$ /e 'o!ti!ue re! eri!g e#otio!al ser#i'e to Sri Swamiji$ 165 T lsi: The T lsi @also !no"n as T lasiA %lant or 8ol' Basil @C.im m ten iflor mA is an im%ortant s'mbol in man' 8ind reli#io s traditions( The name Ht lsiH means Hthe in.

ra&hu Commu!ity ha 'ome to Akkalkot %or the E4arsha!8 o% Sri Swamiji$ A 9rahmi! 'ook a''ompa!yi!g the ri'h ma! 'arrie a plate i! his ha! with arti'les %or worship a! %oo o%%eri!gs to the eity$ 5he! the 9rahmi! pla'e the plate i! the prese!'e o% Sri Swamiji) Sri Swamiji roare ) @Iou ras'al) %i#e thousa! rupees are kept %or you$ Take that mo!ey a! go$ 4o !ot %orget to take that mo!eyA$ <iste!i!g to the wor s o% Sri Swamiji) the 9rahmi! spoke @Maharaj) 7 am a 'ook$ 5here 'a! 7 get %i#e thousa! rupeesK A$ Sri Swamiji kept sile!t$ 9ehi! the pla'e where Sri Swamiji sat) a Muslim me! i'a!t a! a &la'k og &e'ame #isi&le$ .ura!ik$ Shahaji 1aje) got the ruli!g rights %rom the ki!g o% Satara State) &ut he %orgot to keep up his promise to .ura!ik got the <i!ga i! the %orm o% the temple o% the 1ameshwar Temple$ .ura!ik that) i! 'ase he gets the ruli!g rights o% the State) %rom the Ji!g o% the the! Satara State i! Maharashtra) he woul gi#e a la! worth o% o!e thousa! rupees as priHe to .ura!ik$ So the la! was gi%te to .n eB%ert in < ranas( .lso see 1ootnote 51( *amesh"ar: .ura!ik was starte to re?uest a! remi! Shahaji 1aje regar i!g the gra!t o% the priHe la! ) &ut i! #ai!$ A%ter a %ew ays Shahaji 1aje passe away a! .ura!ik$ There%ore) .ura!ik kept ?uiet$ A%ter the eath o% Shahaji 1aje) te! gi%ts to &e gi#e! i! 'harity as per the 'o!#e!tio! o% /i! u 1eligio!) i!'lu e la! gi%t too$ Chi!topa!t Tol) the 'hie% o%%i'er o% the 1oyal Court) a #ise Maloji 1aje) to gi#e the la! gi%t to .-K A$ .oi!ti!g i! that ire'tio!) Sri Swamiji aske the 9rahmi! 'ook to %ee the me! i'a!t a! the og$ The 9rahmi! 'ook pla'e the plate 'o!tai!i!g the %oo i! %ro!t o% the me! i'a!t a! the og$ 9oth ate the o%%ere %oo lea#i!g &ehi! %i#e morsels o% %oo ) i! the plate$ The plate was &rought home$ There was 'o!%usio! whether to eat the le%to#er %oo i! the plate as (rasad or !ot$ The ri'h ma! ma e e!?uiries &ut !o&o y 'lari%ie his ou&t$ Fi!ally he aske Sri Swamiji a&out the le%to#er %oo $ Sri Swamiji replie @7% you wa!t to eat the %oo ) the! take it) else retur! it to meA$ So a%ter retur!i!g home the ri'h ma!) a! the others) a''epte that %oo as (rasad$ They we!t &a'k to Mum&ai$ The 9rahmi! 'ook pre#iously worke as a 'ook %or the ri'h ma!8s au!t$ She was #ery ri'h$ G&ser#i!g the ho!est !ature o% the 9rahmi! 'ook she ga#e him rupees %i#e thousa! as gi%t$ <ater o!) i! %uture) the ri'h ma! 166 167 < rani!: .nother name of -ord $hiva( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .ura!ik &e'ame a #ery ri'h ma!$ G oo d 9o rtune 7 f T he =o o) A ri'h ma! o% .ura!ik !arrate his pro&lem to Sri Swamiji) Sri Swamiji sai ) @/a#e 7 !ot gi#e! you a /inga.ura!ik was isappoi!te $ .ura!ik %amily %rom ge!eratio! to ge!eratio!$ There was a temple o% 1amesh!ar:6C o! this la! $ The la! also ha a Stream %lowi!g through it a! lots o% %ruit trees$ Sri Swamiji ha promise him the /inga o% <or Shi#a a! .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 31 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Ban d o&a /urani) 9a! o&a ser#e the ruler o% the the! Akkalkot state as a $uranik"--$ At that time) Shahaji 1aje) %ather o% Maloji 1aje) was the ruler$ The ruler ha gi#e! i! writi!g to .ura!ik woul take Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8 o! a aily &asis$ G!e ay whe! .

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 32 _________________________________________________________________________________________ . /e got the &urie treasure$ The! 0o#i! was %ree %rom all the worries o% 0o#i! Shastri a! he got e!gage i! re! eri!g ser#i'e to Sri Swamiji with great e#otio!$ 5he! Sri Swamiji took MahaSamadhi ) 0o#i! Shastri we!t to 9a!aras) the holy pla'e o% /ord Vish!anath:C0 2<or Shi#a3) !ow k!ow! as) Vara!asi) i! =ttar .ra&hu also &e'ame more prosperous$ 9y the &lessi!gs o% the le%to#er %oo (rasad) the po#erty o% the 9rahmi! 'ook was wipe o%%$ take! as .ossi&ly this might &e her !ame i! her past &irth3 'ome here) This Teli was your hus&a! i! your past li%e$ Iou ha gi#e! &irth to these three 'hil re! !ow a''ompa!yi!g this Teli$ E*te! your motherly lo#e to themA$ 1a ha&ai %elt ashame a! the e#otees prese!t there were stu!!e $ Teli8s 'hil re! were all el er to 1a ha&ai$ 5he! they 'ame to k!ow %rom Sri Swamiji) that 1a ha&ai was their mother) they starte 'alli!g her Emother8$ Su e!ly her motherly lo#e starte &lossomi!g$ 1a ha&ai em&ra'e her 'hil re! a! %o! le them with lo#e$ The age Teli was o#erpowere with emotio!s a! his eyes %ille with tears$ Sri Swamiji or ere 1a ha&ai) @<im&e) go with Teli to his house$ There u! er the 'oloure woo e! pillar) you ha &urie a metal #essel %ille with wealth %or the use o% Teli %amily$ 0et that #essel &urie u! er the pillar a! gi#e it to this Teli$ That wealth will ri#e away the po#erty o% this Teli a! you also will gi#e &irth to a so!A$ G o$i nd S has tr i There was a ge!tlema! !ame 0o#i! Shastri i! Akkalkot$ /e was a e#otee a! was %ree %rom worl ly atta'hme!t$ /owe#er) he ha %amily worries$ /e stro!gly %elt that i% the mai!te!a!'e pro&lems o% his %amily were take! 'are o% the! he woul &e %ree %rom a!*iety a! 'a! wholehearte ly 'o!'e!trate o! re! eri!g e#otio!al ser#i'e to Sri Swami Samarth$ /e woul say) @7 am really tire o% 'arryi!g out the %u!'tio!s o% &ei!g a %amily priestA$ G!e ay) at a! opportu!e mome!t) he spoke to Sri Swamiji regar i!g the same$ Sri Swamiji sai ) @7! your &a'kyar there is a &etal(!ut tree$ Take whate#er is &urie u! er that tree a! the! li#e happily oi!g Naamsmaran8"A$ 0o#i! Shastri 'ame home a! starte iggi!g u! er the tree a! lo.if e durin * /as t"Bir th A 9rahmi! 'ouple %rom Jo!ka! i! 1at!agiri) Maharashtra) 'ame a! staye i! Akkalkot) to re! er e#otio!al ser#i'e to Sri Swamiji$ At that time po#erty(stri'ke! Teli:6+ with his 'hil re! too ha 'ome %or Sri Swamiji8s &lessi!gs$ G!e ay as the Jo!ka!i 9rahmi! stoo !ear Sri Swamiji wai#i!g a 'ho!rie:6D) Sri Swamiji spoke to 1a ha&ai) the 9rahmi!8s wi%e) @<im&e 2. %erson "ho is in the b siness of sellin# Cil( )enerall' referred to as JCil &anI( Cho"rie: . fl' "his! made of feathers( 175 -ord 2ish"anath: another name of -ord $hiva( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .ra esh$ 168 163 Teli: .

elli &ahar Comm nit': 6e%ressed .heer: $"eet dish %re%ared of mil! and vermi.lass of %eo%le( )enerall' %erformin# lo" +obs and sed to live on the o ts!irts of a villa#e d rin# those times( &aharIs "o ld normall' be seen as nto .hables d rin# those times( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . i! the plate$ The 9rahmi! took the plate with the le%to#er Vada a! Kheer a! 'ame to Sri Swamiji$ Sri Swamiji aske the 9rahmi! a! 0o#i! rao to eat the le%to#er $rasad o% Vada a! Kheer$ 0o#i! rao hesitate as to how to take the le%t o#er %oo ) eate! &y a %akir a! a ogK /owe#er) the 9rahmi! ate the $rasad$ Sri Swamiji &e'ame #ery please with the 9rahmi! a! sai ) @0o to Mum&ai$ There you will get te! thousa! rupeesA$ /e tol 0o#i! rao @Iour e#otio! is still !ot ripe$ /e!'e 'o!ti!ue the e#otio!al ser#i'eA$ Ja!oji 9rahmi! retur!e to Mum&ai$ A ri'h mer'ha!t ha just ie $ /is wi ow wa!te to gi#e a!o!ymous o!atio! i! 'harity$ G!e ay she sat at the e!tra!'e o% her house with te! thousa! rupees$ She e'i e to gi#e the a!o!ymous o!atio! to the %irst 9rahmi! who appears$ 9y 'oi!'i e!'e) Ja!oji 9rahmi! happe!e to pass &y that si e$ The mer'ha!t8s wi%e ga#e the pa'kage 'o!tai!i!g the a!o!ymous o!atio! to him si!'e he was the %irst 9rahmi! she 'ame a'ross$ 5or s o% Sri Swamiji ma!i%este $ The 9rahmi! happily retur!e to his hometow! with 'o!ti!uous shouts o% Vi'tory i! the praise o% Sri Swamiji$ 1a r * adi A you!g ma! %rom Marwa ) 1ajastha! state) 'ame to Akkalkot a! staye there to re! er e#otio!al ser#i'e u!to Sri Swami Samarth$ /e woul get se#eral letters %rom his %amily to retur! home) &ut %or three years he 'o!ti!ue his stay i! Akkalkot$ G!e ay his %ather a! u!'le 'ame to Akkalkot to take him home alo!g with them$ 5he! they aske %or Sri Swamiji8s permissio!) Sri Swamiji a resse the you!g ma! @0o home !ow a! the! 'ome here whe!e#er you wish to 'omeA$ Taki!g or ers %rom Sri Swamiji) they worshippe him a! o%%ere %oo to Swamiji$ 9e%ore lea#i!g Akkalkot) they all we!t to Sri Swamiji %or his E4arsha!8$ At that time) Sri Swamiji was prese!t i! the lo'ality o% the Mahar 'ommunity:C>$ The you!g ma! 171 172 173 2ada: 1ried .a!e made of lentils andother #rams( .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 33 _________________________________________________________________________________________ 2a no5 i B ra hm i n 7! Mum&ai there was a ge!tlema! !ame 0o#i! rao$ /e we!t o! a pilgrimage to holy pla'es a! the! 'ame to 0a!agapur alo!g with a Ja!oji 9rahmi!$ There he starte per%ormi!g religious 'eremo!ials$ G!e ay) &oth got a #isio!ary i!sight wherei! <or Sriguru spoke to them @My perso!al SE<F is prese!t i! Akkalkot$ 0o there a! your wish will &e %ul%ille A$ A''or i!gly) &oth we!t to Akkalkot a! starte re! eri!g e#otio!al ser#i'e at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji$ Ja!oji 9rahmi! woul %oo to Sri Swamiji a! Sri Swamiji woul a''ept the same$ G!e ay Sri Swamiji spoke to the 9rahmi! @7! that mos?ue out o% the #illage) a 5akir is sitti!g alo!g with a og$ 0o a! %ee them %oo A$ The 9rahmi! we!t to the Mos?ue$ Seei!g the 9rahmi!) the %akir spoke @Iou are se!t &y Sri Swamiji$ 0i#e me the %oo o%%eri!gsA$ The 9rahmi! pla'e the plate 'o!tai!i!g the %oo o%%eri!gs i! %ro!t o% the %akir$ The %akir a! the og ate the %oo ) lea#i!g some Vada"%" a! Kheer"%.

$ This ro#e away the po#erty o% his house 'ompletely$ /e &e'ame a e i'ate e#otee o% Sri Swamiji$ A%ter a %ew ays) whe! he retur!e to Akkalkot to take Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8 he o%%ere te! tolas o% gol to Sri Swamiji$ 5he! he ga#e the etails o% this i!'i e!t) all e#otees 'ame to k!ow a&out this mira'le$ The e#otees starte 'o!ti!uous shouts o% #i'tory i! the praise o% Sri Swami Samarth$ ' ra s ad of Bon es G!e ay) out o% pleasure) Sri Swamiji we!t a! sat i! the lo'ality o% Mahar 'ommu!ity$ As usual) Sri Swamiji8s e#otees starte #isiti!g this lo'ality %or his E4arsha!8$ A 9rahmi! a%%li'te &y e*treme po#erty staye i! Akkalkot si!'e a !um&er o% ays re! eri!g e#otio!al ser#i'e to Sri Swamiji$ /e also we!t to the Mahar lo'ality to take Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8$ At that time Sri Swamiji was playi!g with the &o!es) whi'h lay there$ /e spoke to the 9rahmi! @Take away as ma!y &o!es as you wa!tA$ The 9rahmi! starte hesitati!g a! thi!ki!g as to how to tou'h those &o!esK Near&y) a ser#a!t o% Sri Swamiji was prese!t$ /e spoke to the 9rahmi! @5hat oes your &o y 'o!tai!K 7s it gol or &o!esK A$ At last the 9rahmi! %elt ashame a! hesitati!gly pi'ke up two to %our &o!e pie'es a! we!t &a'k home$ G!'e he 'ame home he kept the &u! le o% 'loth with &o!es outsi e his house$ Ne*t ay he %elt that the 'loth &u! le was #ery hea#y$ 5he! he ope!e the pa'kage he %ou! gol i!stea o% &o!es$ /e starte repe!ti!g as to why i he %ail to pi'k up more &o!es$ G!e gets o!ly that mu'h as per o!eEs lu'k$ /e 'o!si ere himsel% happy$ 9y that gol all his !ee s were met$ /e retur!e home &y si!gi!g so!gs i! the praise o% Sri Swamiji$ B one s Tur ne d To Gol d A perso! a%%li'te with po#erty we!t a! staye at Akkalkot %or a short perio to re! er e#otio!al ser#i'e u!to Sri Swamiji$ /e woul always sta! with %ol e ha! s i! %ro!t o% Sri Swamiji$ G!e ay Sri Swamiji we!t a! sat i! the Mahar lo'ality$ This poor e#otee also we!t there a! stoo &e%ore Sri Swamiji$ Sri Swamiji sai ) @Take some &o!es a! go homeA$ The e#otee starte to hesitate taki!g the &o!es$ /owe#er) o!ly ue to Sri Swamiji8s 'omma! he pi'ke up %ew &o!es) put them i! a 'loth) a! kept the &u! le at a ista!'e %ar away %rom him$ Agai! he stoo there with %ol e ha! s i! %ro!t o% Sri Swamiji$ Sri Swamiji sai ) @Now go home$ 5hy are you sta! i!g hereKA$ 1etur!i!g home the poor e#otee %ou! gol i! that 'loth &ag$ The ki! (hearte Sri Swamiji got ri o% his po#erty %ore#er$ Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 34 _________________________________________________________________________________________ prostrate at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji a! praye %or his &lessi!gs a! %a#our$ Sri Swamiji spoke to him @There is !othi!g to gi#e or take here$ 7% you wa!t a!y %a#our) pi'k up a! take with you %our &o!es lyi!g o#er thereA$ A &ig heap o% &o!es was lyi!g !ear&y$ The you!g ma! !er#ously pi'ke up %our &o!es %rom that heap a! put them i! a 'loth &u! le$ A%ter rea'hi!g his home) he kept the 'loth &u! le 'o!tai!i!g the &o!es outsi e the house$ Ne*t ay) whe! he we!t to pi'k up the 'loth &u! le) he %ou! it #ery hea#y$ 5he! he ope!e that &u! le) he was surprise to %i! pure gol weighi!g %i#e seers"-.

h or . ne -La "h +u pee s 0a!esh 9allal Mulekar was a great e#otee o% Sri Swami Samarth$ /e has writte! &iography o% Sri Swamiji i! Marathi$ 7!itially he worke as baili55:C6 i! a 'ourt$ /is &rother arra!ge %or a 'lerk8s jo& to Mulekar i! Colle'tor8s o%%i'e$ /owe#er) &a lu'k took o#er a! he was remo#e %rom the jo& &e'ause o% his &a ha! writi!g$ /e &e'ame #ery u!happy a! he we!t to Sri Swamiji to get sola'e$ 5he! Mulekar 'ame to Akkalkot Sri Swamiji was seate o! the &are street itsel%$ Mulekar prostrate at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji a! pai his o&eisa!'e$ The! he we!t to the tow! a! prepare Naivedya"#9 a! &rought it &a'k to o%%er the same to Sri Swamiji$ Ne#ertheless) Sri Swamiji i !ot a''ept the o%%eri!g$ E#ery ay Mulekar woul 'ome with Nai#e ya to re! er his e#otio!al ser#i'e to Sri Swamiji$ G!e ay Sri Swamiji8s ser#a!t aske Mulekar as to whether he 'oul arra!ge to &ri!g some 'ur %or Sri Swamiji) si!'e it was 1amnavami:CB the %ollowi!g ay$ Mulekar sai ) @Certai!ly$ 7 will &ri!g 'ur $ .alendar 176 .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 35 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Lum p of & ar t h B ec am e Si l $e r A Tela!gi 9rahmi! with a! i!te!tio! o% getti!g wealthy we!t o! a pilgrimage$ E#e!tually) he 'ame to Akkalkot a! stoo &e%ore Sri Swami Samarth %or his E4arsha!8$ Sri Swamiji aske him @5hat o you wa!tK A$ The 9rahmi! replie ) @7 am a!!oye &y my e*treme po#erty$ 7 am &ur e!e with hea#y e&ts$ 9y your ki! gra'e please relie#e me %rom this &ur e!A$ Sri Swamiji sai ) @7 am a! as'eti'$ 5here is the mo!ey with meK 7% you wa!t) you take away the earth %rom that heapA$ The 9rahmi! sai ) @5hat shall 7 o with this earthK A$ Sri Swamiji sai ) @7% you o !ot wa!t) the! go awayA$ Just so to o&ey Sri Swamiji8s or ers) the 9rahmi! pi'ke up a lump o% earth) put it i! his 'loth &ag a! retur!e home$ A%ter walki!g %or some ista!'e) he %elt that his 'loth &ag is getti!g hea#y$ So he ope!e the &ag a! to his is&elie% %ou! white pure sil#er i!stea o% the earth) whi'h he ha pi'ke up$ /e &e'ame e'stati' a! retur!e home si!gi!g e#otio!al so!gs i! the praise o% Sri Swami Samarth$ & m plo ym e nt %or t h . Class III em%lo'ee of the .lease pray o! my &ehal% a! ask Sri Swamiji as to whe! 7 will get my !ew jo& @ The ser#a!t praye to Sri Swamiji$ The! Sri Swamiji sai ) @Iou ha#e got the jo&$ 0o !owA$ Mulekar still ha a little ou&t$ /e praye a! aske Sri Swamiji @5hat woul &e the salaryK A$ The! Sri Swamiji sai @5orth o!e lakh rupeesA$ 0a!esh Mulekar wa!te to go %rom Akkalkot to 0a!agapur$ /e ha sa#e the esse!tial amou!t %or goi!g to 0a!agapur$ /owe#er) Sri Swamiji aske him to &ri!g a 'o'o!ut$ Mulekar %elt #ery &a as he ha to spe! those %our annas:C6$ 9ut while walki!g o! the street he got a eight(a!!a 'oi!$ Mulekar retur!e home %rom 0a!agapur$ To his surprise he %ou! a! appoi!tme!t letter %or the post o% a 'lerk i! the Colle'tor8s o%%i'e waiti!g %or him$ 5ithi! a %ew ays his salary was raise to 1upees twe!ty) a! poste i! Assista!t Colle'tor8s 174 175 Bailiff: .elebrated on ninth da' of the first half of Chaitra month as %er 8ind .lease help me$ 7 ha#e lost my jo&$ .alendar and &ar.o rt *amnavmi: The birth da' of -ord *ama .nnas: Cne Indian r %ee eF als siBteen annas( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .%ril month as %er Gn#lish .

Ganesh =ule(ar beca$e an exclusive devotee of ri wa$i?i. =ule(ar got a ?ob worth one8la(h rupees. who was re$oved fro$ the service on the grounds of bad handwriting. &y the (ind blessings of ri wa$i?i.arsee ge!tlema! !ame 9arjor was employe i! Akkalkot$ /is relati#e Nawroji 'ame to his house$ G!e ay) all though the !ight &oth were talki!g a&out somethi!g$ 9arjor i !ot &elie#e i! the !umerous mira'ulous works o% Sri Swami Samarth$ All o% a su e! Sri Swamiji appeare &e%ore them$ Nawroji prostrate &e%ore Sri Swamiji) o%%ere his o&eisa!'e) a! the! praye ) @7 am &ur e!e with hea#y e&t$ Ji! ly relie#e me %rom this e&t a! &less me with prosperityA$ Sri Swamiji sai ) @7% you get wealth what woul you o%%er meK A$ Nawroji replie ) @7 promise to o%%er o!e(%ourth o% the wealth at your lotus %eetA$ Sri Swamiji sai ) @0o towar s Narma a 1i#erA$ So sayi!g Sri Swamiji isappeare %rom there$ Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 36 _________________________________________________________________________________________ o%%i'e$ Same ay he was tra!s%erre to Akkalkot a! there he got a! opportu!ity to re! er e#otio!al ser#i'e to Sri Swami Samarth$ 9y the ki! gra'e o% Sri Swamiji) he &e'ame a /ea 'lerk withi! %i#e years$ 7! the same year he &e'ame Assista!t Colle'tor o% 1e#e!ue$ Ganesh =ule(ar. =oreover. the sa$e person went on getting pro$oted to higher posts by the (ind grace of ri wa$i?i. 1 adha $ ac har y a There li#e a lear!e 9rahmi! &y !ame Ma ha#a'harya i! a #illage Shirgur lo'ate o! the &a!k o% 9hima 1i#er$ /e was i! hea#y e&t$ /is wi%e ha passe away$ /e starte goi!g 'raHy$ =ltimately he 'ame to Akkalkot to seek re%uge at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swami Samarth$ No soo!er Ma ha#a'harya 'ame u! er the look o% Sri SwamijiF he sai ) @9e alert %or the auspi'ious we i!gA a! ga#e 'o'o!ut as a &lessi!g to the 9rahmi!$ All the atte! a!t e#otees starte maki!g %u! o% Ma ha#a'harya$ This a!!oye him a! so he 'omplai!e to Sri Swamiji @Maharaj) people are maki!g %u! o% me$ 7! this ol age) how 7 'a! get marrie K My age is !eari!g %i%ty years !ow$ 7 am also u! er &ur e! o% a hea#y e&t o% rupees %i#e thousa! A$ Sri Swamiji sai ) @0o &a'k) the way same way you 'ame hereA$ So a%ter taki!g the E4arsha!8 a! &lessi!gs o% Sri Swamiji) the 9rahmi! retur!e to his relati#e8s house at #illage Shirol$ There were two marriages pla!!e o! the #ery !e*t ay at the resi e!'e o% his relati#e$ At the #ery auspi'ious mome!t the &ri egroom pla!!e %or the el er aughter i !ot tur! up) so her %ather got her marrie to Ma ha#a'harya$ Thus the ki! gra'e o% Sri Swamiji was showere o! Ma ha#a'harya$ 5he! he we!t &a'k to Akkalkot alo!g with his !ewly marrie wi%e) Sri Swamiji &lesse the 'ouple @0o home$ Iou will &e %ree %rom the &ur e! o% your e&t a! you will li#e lo!g happily with your 'hil re! a! gra! 'hil re!A$ 5ithi! a perio o% %ew ays) Ma ha#a'harya got relie#e %rom his hea#y e&t a! he was also &lesse with a so! i! ue time$ ) a* r o5 i ' ar s ee A .

flat bread %re%ared in mil! Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .a!t$ 5he! Jrish!am 9hat we!t to this temple(shri!e he was #ery surprise &y the E4arsha!8 o% Sri Swami Samarth$ /e prostrate at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji a! ma e ki! e!?uiry @Maharaj) may 7 k!ow a&out you a! your origi!K$ 7t8s goi!g to &e !ight shortly$ Ji! ly %a#our me a! 'ome to my house a! puri%y itA$ Noti'i!g Jrish!am 9hat8s true %eeli!gs o% great e#otio! Sri Swamiji we!t to his house$ G%%eri!g a seat %or Sri Swamiji) Jrish!am 9hat aske his wi%e to prepare sumptuous %oo $ /is wi%e 0eeta&ai &e'ame #ery worrie as to what to 'ook si!'e there was !o ri'e i! the house$ Sri Swamiji) i!tuiti#ely) 'ame to k!ow a&out the shortage o% ri'e i! the house) a! sai ) @7 like dashami:CC$ So) prepare the ish with whate#er is a#aila&le i! the houseA$ 0eeta&ai we!t out to &ri!g milk &ut the situatio! was su'h that she 'oul !ot e#e! get milk$ She 'ame home a! tol her hus&a! a&out the u!a#aila&ility o% milk$ So &oth the hus&a! a! wi%e) %ully ashame o% the situatio!) stoo &e%ore Sri Swamiji$ The! Sri Swamiji sai @/a#i!g a 'ow i! the house why are you goi!g out i! the sear'h o% milkK A$ 0eeta&ai sai @Maharaj) the 'ow oes !ot gi#e milk a! she has &ee! totally u!pro u'ti#e %or the last %our years$ 5hat to oK A$ Sri Swamiji sai @7s that 'ow) !ot gi#i!g milkK 9ri!g a #essel a! start milki!g the 'ow$ She will 'ertai!ly gi#e milkA$ There%ore) 0eeta&ai starte milki!g the 'ow$ To 0eeta&ai8s pleasa!t surprise) the 'ow ga#e three seers:62 o% milk$ The 9rahmi! 'ouple &e'ame e'stati'$ 0eeta&ai imme iately prepare E4ashami a! o%%ere it to Sri Swamiji$ 9y the ki! gra'e o% Sri Swamiji Jrish!am 9hat8s po#erty was 'ompletely wipe o%% %rom that ay o!war s$ Ba$ a de" ar ' ur ani " !ame 177 7! Jokisare #illage) there was a 9rahmi! .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 37 _________________________________________________________________________________________ The !e*t ay Nawroji 'ame to k!ow that Sri Swamiji has go!e to a !ear&y #illage) 1ampur$ So he we!t to 1ampur to take Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8$ Sri Swamiji sai ) @There is a 'all %rom 0ujarath$ 0o thereA$ There%ore) Nawroji 'ame to Mum&ai a! lear!t that there was a 'all %rom the ki!g Malharrao 0aikwa o% the the! 9aro a State$ /e we!t to 9aro a$ The ki!g o%%ere him a&u! a!t wealth i! ho!our a! ga#e him a respo!si&le jo& o% &ri!gi!g Sri Swamiji to 9aro a$ Sri Swamiji i !ot go to 9aro a &ut Nawroji got e!ough wealth$ As per the promise) he worshippe Sri Swamiji utilisi!g the o!e(%ourth o% his wealth i! that e#otio!al ser#i'e$ 2 ri shna m Bha t I! those ays Sri Swami Samarth was i! Ma!gal#e ha #illage) Solapur 4istri't) Maharashtra$ 7! this #illage) there was a 9rahmi! !ame Jrish!am 9hat Japashikar) who was well(#erse i! Ve as a! Shastras$ /e !e#er a''epte his aily %oo without taki!g the E4arsha!8 o% all the temples i! Ma!gal#e ha$ 5he! Sri Swamiji 'ame to Ma!gal#e ha %or the %irst time) he sat i! the temple(shri!e o% the Sai!t Shree 4amaji .ura!ik) well #erse i! .ura!asBC) 9a#a ekar$ /e was stri'ke! &y e*treme po#erty$ So he le%t the #illage alo!g 6ashmi: .

ura!ik prostrate at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji a! washe them &y his tears$ A%ter a %ew ays) 9a#a ekar .ura!ik was &or! as a 9rahmi! i! this li%e &ut &e'ause he ha slaughtere a!imals) .ura!ik) his mother) a! wi%e su%%ere %rom si'k!ess a! po#erty$ 5he! .ura!ik rea the %irst #erse i! that &ook &y sitti!g i! %ro!t o% Sri Swamiji) Sri Swamiji shoute at him @Stop this !o!(se!se$ 5ho aske you to rea this &ookK A$ . )ow I shall not give up the blessings of your lotus feet throughout $y life<. which I had co$$itted in $y previous birth.ura!ik i !ot retur! home his mother a! wi%e &e'ame #ery a!*ious$ They starte sear'hi!g %or him$ Two ays we!t &y$ G! the thir ay they 'ame to Sri Swamiji with this tale a! starte 'ryi!g$ Sri Swamiji was smili!g a%ter heari!g their woes$ .ura!ik &e'ame #ery isappoi!te $ /e k!ew that Sri Swamiji was always mer'i%ul towar s poor people$ 9ut possi&ly) his positio! might &e i!sig!i%i'a!t a! worse) tha! that o% the poor people a! he i !ot eser#e %a#our or mer'y %rom Sri Swamiji$ Thi!ki!g su'h he &e'ame eje'te a! sile!tly le%t the #illage$ The! he we!t to a !ear&y hill a! sat i! a 'a#e$ 5he! . even if I $a(e you wear the shoes prepared out of $y own s(in or I give away $y life at your lotus feet.ura!ik8s mother prostrate at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji$ At that time) a og !ame Moti) was sitti!g !ear Sri Swamiji$ Sri Swamiji aske Moti) @0o a! &ri!g that .ura!ik stu'k to his routi!e stu&&or!ly a! trie ) o! a aily &asis) to rea the &ook$ /owe#er Sri Swamiji woul ri#e him away &y #er&al a&uses$ .ura!ik %rom the 'a#e a! ragge him &a'k$ .ura!ik we!t to take Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8) su e!ly) Sri Swamiji spoke @7!stea o% realisi!g the si!s 'ommitte &y o!esel%) you are &lami!g other people$ Iou ras'al) what shoul o!e say a&out your u! ersta! i!gK 4o you remem&er as to how ma!y a!imals you ha slaughtere i! your past &irthK A$ <iste!i!g to this) /urani( prostrated at the lotus feet of ri wa$i?i and started praying . it shall not co$pensate for all the sins. the very touch of your lotus feet has blessed $e in this birth as well as in all $y future births.ura!ik &e'ame istresse a! le%t the s'e!e$ Ne*t ay whe! he agai! trie to rea the &ook) Sri Swamiji re&uke him @Iou ras'al) go away %rom hereA$ /owe#er) . )evertheless.ura!ik woke up %rom the ream) he was #ery surprise a! starte thi!ki!g a&out his ream$ Ne*t ay whe! .ura!ik o%%ere a dhotee"#8 a! a &la!ket$ As a result o% this #irtuous a't) .ura!ik hereA$ That og we!t to the hill) 'aught hol o% . /e &e'ame a u!i?ue %rom all his worries$ e#otee o% Sri Swamiji$ 5ithi! a %ew ays) he got %ree Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 38 _________________________________________________________________________________________ with his mother a! wi%e a! 'ame to Akkalkot to re! er e#otio!al ser#i'e at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swami Samarth$ /e mai!tai!e his %amily &y 'olle'ti!g alms$ Now with the i!te!tio! o% re! eri!g e#otio!al ser#i'e) he pro'ure the mythologi'al &ook) ESrima 9hagwat8) to rea i! the prese!'e o% Sri Swamiji$ G!e ay) whe! .=ahara?.ura!ik ha a ream) whi'h showe that i! his pre#ious &irth) .ura!ik was a &ut'her$ /e ha slaughtere a !um&er o% 'ows a! a!imals$ Ne#ertheless) he ha 'arrie out o!e #irtuous a't$ A 9rahmi! was shi#eri!g with 'ol o! the ri#er&a!k$ At that time .

Brahmin "ho is an eB%ert in *i#veda 0 8ind 8ol' $.lso see 1ootnote: 11( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .hed .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 33 _________________________________________________________________________________________ )ar a sa ppa G!e ay Sri Swami Samarth was sitti!g i! a street si e shop$ Narasappa was goi!g to his %arm$ /e praye to Sri Swamiji to 'ome to his %arm to eat hurda:C+$ Sri Swamiji we!t to the %iel alo!g with his atte! a!ts$ Narasappa ha e#e! &rought sugar 'a!es to eat$ Sri Swamiji teste the sugar 'a!e jui'e a! &urie the shre s o% the sugar 'a!e i! the %iel $ Taki!g this as a 'lue) Narasappa grew sugar 'a!e i! his %iel $ There was a goo har#est o% sugar 'a!e this time$ Narasappa ear!e twe!ty times more i!'ome %rom the sugar 'a!e 'rop$ Bhau + as ool S a hu"a r There was a &usi!essma! !ame 9hau 1asool Sahukar i! Mum&ai$ G!'e he 'ame to Akkalkot %or Sri Swami Samarth8s E4arsha!8$ /e worshippe Sri Swami Samarth i! Shodsho('har way a! praye @7% 7 get prosperity i! my &usi!ess 7 shall o%%er two hu! re rupees i! the e#otio!al ser#i'eA$ /e the! retur!e home$ 9y the gra'e o% Sri Swamiji) his &usi!ess prospere &ut he %orgot his #ow$ G!e ay Sri Swamiji appeare as a three(year(ol 'hil i! his house$ The Sahukar %amily was taki!g meals at that time$ Seei!g the stra!ge 'hil Sahukar aske ) @5hose 'hil is thisK A$ The! Sri Swamiji ga#e up the %orm o% the 'hil ) ma!i%este himsel% as as'eti' a! spoke @Are you gi#i!g my two hu! re rupees or !otK A$ So sayi!g Sri Swamiji isappeare $ Sahukar starte repe!ti!g %or his o%%e!'e$ As repe!ta!'e he we!t agai! to Akkalkot alo!g with his %amily$ /e praye to Sri Swamiji %or %orgi#e!ess o% his o%%e!'e a! o%%ere two hu! re rupees i! the e#otio!al ser#i'e o% Sri Swamiji$ Sri Swamiji aske him @That ay i! your house) i you !ot %orget to o%%er a!y %oo to meK The guest e#otees prese!t here i !ot get e#e! a morsel o% %oo A$ Sahukar repe!te %or his serious o%%e!'e a! &y maki!g a solem! promise o% o%%eri!g sumptuous %oo to all the guest e#otees) he retur!e home$ 1ah ar udr a r ao De sh pande Near Am&ejogai i! 9ee 4istri't) Maharashtra) there is a #illage 'alle Jaej$ 7! this #illage there staye a 1igvedi rahmin"%.ri%t re( . !ame Maharu rarao 4eshpa! e$ /e was #ery ri'h$ The NiHam o% /y er&a ha gi%te him la! $ =!%ortu!ately though) the 0o#er!me!t seiHe his la! $ /e trie his &est to get his la! release &ut he %aile i! his attempt$ 7! the !ear&y 9ee regime there was a sai!t$ 4eshpa! e took E4arsha!8 o% this sai!t a! weepi!g &e%ore him) !arrate his woes$ The sai!t a #ise 4eshpa! e to go to Akkalkot$ There%ore) 4eshpa! e 'ame to Akkalkot a! stoo &e%ore Sri Swami Samarth with %ol e ha! s$ 9e%ore 4eshpa! e 'oul !arrate his woes Sri Swamiji sai ) @0o to 178 173 8 rda: <ar.orn of tender %ods *i#vedi Brahmin: .

Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .eepal Trees 9ut still he i !ot get water$ So Mohite we!t ru!!i!g to Sri Swamiji) who sai ) @9reak the hea o% that &la'k elepha!t 29la'k Sto!e3 a! you will get waterA$ There%ore) Mohite we!t &a'k to the %iel a! &roke the &la'k sto!e a! ple!ty o% water starte %lowi!g$ 9y the ki! gra'e o% Sri Swamiji) he starte reapi!g goo har#est o% sugar'a!e a! haldi$ Thus his worries isappeare $ This way &y his mira'ulous works Sri Swamiji remo#e the po#erty a! i%%i'ulties o% i!!umera&le people$ E#e! to ay a !um&er o% e#otees e*perie!'e the ki! gra'e o% Sri Swamiji i! their i%%i'ulties$ 185 8aldi: T rmeri.eepal TreeA$ Mohite ug up the well &etwee! Au um&ar a! .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 155 _________________________________________________________________________________________ /y er&a where Char Minar is lo'ate $ Iour la! will &e release A$ 4eshpa! e was surprise to hear Sri Swamiji8s wor s$ /e took permissio! %rom Sri Swamiji a! we!t to /y er&a $ Same ay) The 0o#er!me!t ha gi#e! a! or er to release his la! $ 4eshpa! e 'ame &a'k agai! to Akkalkot a! prostrate at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji$ Till the e! o% his li%e) he remai!e e#ote to Sri Swamiji$ G o$ in d 1 ohi te 7! Marathawa a) !ear 4harashi#a) there is a #illage 'alle Jajale$ 7! this #illage a ge!tlema! !ame 0o#i! Mohite staye $ /e was a e#otee o% Sri Swamiji$ G!'e he 'ame to Sri Swamiji a! starte prayi!g) @Maharaj) my house(hol e*pe! iture has go!e up$ /ow to mai!tai! my %amily with respe'tK 5hat shall 7 oK A$ Sri Swamiji sai ) @4ig a well i! your %iel a! 'ulti#ate sugar'a!e 'rop as well as haldi:+0A$ Mohite replie ) @7 ha#e ug up a !um&er o% wells i! the %iel ) &ut there is !o waterA$ To this) Sri Swamiji sai ) @4ig up the well &etwee! Au um&ar Tree a! .

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 151 _________________________________________________________________________________________ A 6rippled 'erson 6lim s the !ill A 6r i ppl e 3r om !a num andha r i 9e%ore his ma!i%estatio! i! Ma!gal#e ha i! Solapur 4istri't) Maharashtra) Sri Swami Samarth) while roami!g %rom pla'e to pla'e) passe through holy pla'es like 4waraka a! 0ir!ar i! 0ujarath a! %i!ally rea'he a pla'e 'alle /a!uma! hari$ There a 'ripple perso! got the 4i#i!e 4arsha! o% Sri Swamiji$ /e starte thi!ki!g o% Sri Swamiji @/e is 'ertai!ly some i!'ar!ate perso!$ 7 ha#e !e#er 'ome a'ross a great perso!age like him till !ow$ 9ei!g 'ripple ) 7 am u!a&le to go !ear this great perso!age$ Gh. <or . Iou are always mer'i%ul to the poor a! #ery ki! to the e#otees$ 7 pray to you to ki! ly walk up to here a! allow me to take 84arsha!8 o% your lotus %eet a! get &lesse A$ The 'ripple perso!) out o% istress) starte rolli!g o! the grou! a! &lami!g his %ate %or &ei!g u!a&le to walk up to Sri Swamiji$ Gm!is'ie!t Sri Swamiji 'ame to k!ow %rom a ista!'e a! he spoke to the 'ripple perso! @Iou 'ripple perso!) 'lose your eyes$ 4o !ot look &a'k a! 'ome walki!g here %earlesslyA$ G! the or ers o% Sri Swamiji) the 'ripple perso! &e'ame spell&ou! F he stoo up a! starte walki!g till he rea'he Sri Swamiji$ The! he prostrate at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji a! washe Sri Swamiji8s %eet with his tears o% joy$ 9y the ki! gra'e o% Sri Swamiji he was a&le to walk$ /e took the E4i#i!e 4arsha!8 o% Sri Swamiji a! &e'ame %ully satis%ie &y a''omplishi!g his o&je't$ : a#a nnat h ra o Jaga!!athrao %rom Mum&ai ha &e'ome 'ripple ue to a! i!jury he ha su%%ere o! his leg$ 7! or er to mo#e arou! he ha to sit o! the shoul ers o% a ser#a!t a! get goi!g$ /e 'ame to Akkalkot$ As he took Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8 &a! ages o! his legs roppe automati'ally$ The! he starte ri!ki!g the water) whi'h was use to wash the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji$ 5ithi! a %ew ays his i!jury was 'ompletely heale $ The! he 'olle'te the $adukas o% Sri Swamiji a! retur!e to Mum&ai$ Those o'tors who ha a #ise Jaga!!athrao to 'ut his legs o%% were highly amaHe seei!g this mira'le$ Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 152 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Dum 'erson Starts Spea"in# D um B r ahm i n A um& 9rahmi! 'ame to Akkalkot a! re! ere e#otio!al ser#i'e %or !early twel#e years$ Thus he 'omplete his pe!a!'e$ The! o!e ay he 'ame u! er the ki! gra'e o% Sri Swamiji$ Sri Swamiji ga#e him the Tambul:+: %rom his mouth a! sai ) @Eat this Tam&ul$ A! 'arry o! your worksA$ No soo!er that 9rahmi! ate the ETam&ul8) his spee'h was restore a! starte talki!g outright$ Thus the um& 9rahmi! was %ree %rom his istress%ul 'o! itio!$ Dum 1a ny a a There was a 9rahmi! i! Mai! argi #illage$ /e ha %i#e 'hil re! who were all ull$ =!%ortu!ately ue to ill %ate) the 9rahmi!) his wi%e) a! %our o% his 'hil re! ie $ G!ly o!e so! !ame Ma!ya&a sur#i#e $ Ma!ya&a was um& a! me!tally ull$ 9ei!g shelter less) %or twe!ty(%i#e years he was roami!g a&out i! the #illage$ /e woul eat somethi!g a! sleep a!ywhere$ 9y sheer 'ha!'e some people %rom Mai! argi #illage 'ame to Akkalkot to take Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8$ They &rought Ma!ya&a alo!g with them$ They ma e Ma!ya&a prostrate o! the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji %or his ki! mer'y$ The! Sri Swamiji spoke @4um& ma!) what o you wa!tK A$ 9ei!g um&) what woul he sayK Those people a''ompa!yi!g him praye to Sri Swamiji @Maharaj) ha#e ki! mer'y a! 'ure his um&!ess a! me!tal ull!essA$ The! they le%t Ma!ya&a u! er the shelter o% Sri Swamiji$ <ater o! Ma!ya&a remai!e at Akkalkot u! er the shelter o% Sri Swamiji$ E#e!tually a%ter a while Ma!ya&a 'ame u! er the ki! mer'y o% Sri Swamiji$ /e was um& &ut !ow he lear!t to talk i! Marathi a! Ja!!a a la!guages$ <ater o! he also gai!e some super huma! powers$ /e &e'ame a %ully a''omplishe perso!$ 181 Tamb l: . roll of betal leaves #enerall' .he"ed b' %eo%le for its + i.e( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

onsidered to be .ashadhi EatraH is the one "hi.onsort( 184 <andhar% r: 8ol' %la.ut the milk o% a she('at i! your eyes %or se#e! ays a! also ri!k that milkA$ A%ter retur!i!g to .annada( 2ithoba?s .h is also !no"n as Chandrabha#a( <andhar% r hosts the famo s 2ithoba tem%le7 on the ban!s of the river( 2ithoba is .u!e) !ame =ma&ai Sahe&$ /er !ie'e Chimatai 1aste lost her eyesight a%ter marriage$ For !early si* years she u! erwe!t i%%ere!t types o% treatme!ts &ut all i! #ai!$ =ltimately they took Chimatai to Sri Swami Samarth at Akkalkot$ Sri Swamiji aske Chimatai @5hat o you wa!tK A$ She was #ery you!g a! %earless$ She sai @5hat elseK 7 wa!t my eyesightA$ Sri Swamiji sai ) @5hy is it so i%%i'ultK .u!e) she was treate &y she('at milk a! she regai!e her eyesight$ ) a#oo Anna La * ye r 7! Moregao! #illage o% the the! /y er&a State there was a lawyer !ame Nagoo A!!a Julkar!i$ At the age o% %orty he lost his eyesight$ /e spe!t lots o% mo!ey taki!g all types o% treatme!ts &ut i! #ai!$ Fi!ally he 'ame to a holy pla'e TulHapur i! Gsma!a&a 4istri't) Maharashtra) to re! er ser#i'e ( 'ir'umam&ulati!g:+2 the temple o% *oddess ha!ani:+>$ /e re! ere this ser#i'e %or !early si* mo!ths$ G!e ay a mi le( age la y weari!g white saree 'ame to him a! sai ) @4o!8t 'o!ti!ue here$ 0o to AkkalkotA$ Nagoo A!!a was 'o!%use $ /owe#er) the la y agai! appeare i! his ream a! or ere him to go$ =ltimately) he 'omplete all the %ormalities o% worshippi!g 0o ess 9ha#a!i a! we!t to Akkalkot to re! er ser#i'e to Sri Swamiji$ 5he! he rea'he Akkalkot Sri Swamiji was resti!g o! a 'ot$ Sri Swamiji sai ) @5hy is this 'alamity se!t to meK 7% o!e keeps sile!t su'h 'alamities will 'o!ti!ue to 'ome hereA$ The! Sri Swamiji spoke to Nagoo A!!a @5hy ha#e you 'ome hereK 0o to . mamb latin#: 4al!in# aro nd the tem%le from left to ri#ht( )odess Bhavani: )oddess <arvati( -ord $hivaIs .arnation of 2ishn = 2itthala is said to have been derived from the "ord 2ishn in .ted %il#rima#e sites in &aharashtra( It is lo.e of -ord 2ithoba the in.h attra.ontrib tion of the #reat 2aishnava saints of &aharashtra from the 13th thro #h the 17th .a! harpur:+6$ /eari!g this Nagoo A!!a &e'ame a!gry a! sai @Si* mo!ths 7 re! ere ser#i'e at TulHapur$ 0o ess 9ha#a!i ire'te me here %or treatme!t$ Now Sri Swamiji has ire'te me to go to .h H.overin# a vast area7 has a total of siB #ates( The eastern entran.onsort is *a!h mai or * !mini( The "orshi% of 2ishn .ent ries @6n'anesh"ar7 /amdev7 7 $ant G!nath7 T !aramA( This tem%le7 .t m enshrines a standin# ima#e of 2ithoba also !no"n as <and ran#a7 <andhari or 2itthala( <andhar% r hosts 4 HEatrasH in a 'ear .ated on the ban!s of the Bhima river7 "hi.arnation of -ord 2ishn ( <andhar% r is a to"n in state of &aharashtra in 4estern India( <andhar% r is one of the most res%e.a! harpur$ Sai!ts a! as'eti's a #ise people i! i%%i'ulties to approa'h 0o s or 0o ess %or relie%$ So 7 we!t to TulaHapur a! re! ere my ser#i'e to 0o ess 9ha#a!i$ /a the 0o ess tol me that my eyesight woul !ot &e restore ) the! why shoul 7 u! ergo so mu'h pai!K A$ /e woul 'o!ti!ue to say more thi!gs &ut Sri Swamiji re&uke him @Now go to 182 183 Cir.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 153 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Blind 'eople Gets &yesi#ht 6 him a ta i There was a ri'h la y i! .e to this tem%le is !no"n as the /amdev #ate( The san.2itthala at <andhar% r is derived mainl' from the % ranas and has been a #mented b' the .ts most @aro nd 5(4 millionA %ili#rims to <andhar% r( <ili#rims ta!e hol' bath in river Bhima and s all' stand in F e es 3!m lon# in order to ta!e H6arshanaH of lord 2itthala( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .rishna7 an in.of "hi.

a! it was &li! $ /e ha &ee! to Jaga!!ath .a! it starte 'ryi!g a! tightly em&ra'e the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji$ /eari!g his 'ry %ille Sri Swamiji with 'ompassio!$ /e took out the garla! o% %lowers %rom Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .uri$ There) he 'ame to k!ow that Sri Swami Samarth ha greatly %a#oure Ala#a!i 9u#a a! his 'ompa!io!s$ Sri Swamiji ha 'ure them %rom &li! !ess$ 4uri!g his wa! eri!gs .ray to Sri Swamiji a! ask %or some reme ial treatme!tA$ There%ore) Sripa 9hat we!t a! praye to Sri Swamiji$ Sri Swamiji ga#e him the reme y @.a! harpur so that his esire woul 'ertai!ly &e %ul%ille $ 5he! he rea'he .a! harpur Iou talk &ig thi!gs a! a't as though you ha#e 'ome here &ri!gi!g a! or er with you$ Now lea#e this pla'e a! go awayA$ 4e#otees prese!t there 'o!#i!'e him to go to .rime Mi!ister$ /e starte su%%eri!g %rom a pe'uliar eye pro&lem$ /e woul get &ur!i!g se!satio! i! his eyes ay a! !ight$ So he was #ery &othere ue to this pai!$ /e trie allopathi' treatme!t a! Ayur#e i' as well) &ut there was !o use$ Fi!ally he tol Shripa 9hat @.a! harpur he lear!t that a well(k!ow! eye(surgeo! has 'ome there$ The! Nagoo A!!a got his eye operatio! o!e through the surgeo!$ /is eyesight was restore &ut some im!ess i! his sight still remai!e $ There was some pai! too i! his eyes$ So he agai! retur!e to Sri Swamiji a! praye @7 am u!a&le to &ear this a'ute eye pai!$ /a#e ki! mer'y o! me a! gi#e me relie%$ The! Sri Swamiji spoke @Treat your eyes with horse uri!eA$ Nagoo A!!a treate his eyes a''or i!gly a! withi! two ays his eyesight was 'ompletely 'ure a! the pai! isappeare $ Nagoo A!!a 'o!ti!ue re! eri!g e#otio!al ser#i'e to Sri Swamiji a! happily retur!e home$ B uff al o 0r i ne ' ut I n The & ye s A la y was su%%eri!g %rom se#ere eye(pai!$ G!e ay she praye a! tol Sri Swamiji a&out her eye a'he$ Swamiji sai @.ut the &u%%alo uri!e i! your eyes a! it will get 'ure A$ She trie this reme y %or three ays) whi'h 'lea!e all the irt i! her eyes a! impro#e her eyesight a! got ri o% her eye a'he$ D i* an Di n" ar r a o 7! the the! Akkalkot State 4i!karrao A!a! was the .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 154 _________________________________________________________________________________________ .a! it 'ame to Akkalkot$ At Akkalkot he prostrate at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji a! praye @Maharaj) you are the i!'ar!atio! o% <or 4attatrey$ Iou ha#e a&solute power to estroy this u!i#erse a! re'reate it$ 7 wish to take your E4arsha!8 with my ow! eyes a! get &lesse $ 7% you o !ot %ul%il my wish a! &less me) the! 7 shall gi#e up my li%e at your lotus %eetA$ .rime Mi!ister trie this reme y a! withi! three ays his eyes got 'ompletely 'ure $ B li nd ' a ndi t A 9rahmi! !ame .ut elepha!t uri!e %or three ays i! the eyes a! the eyes will get 'ure A$ The .

a! it$ .a! it took the garla! a! with great e#otio! tou'he his eyes so%tly with it$ The #ery tou'h o% that garla! restore his eyesight$ 5ith this mira'le) .u!e$ She su%%ere %rom some eye(ill!ess a! she lost her eyesight$ She trie all types o% treatme!t &ut there was !o use$ The! she 'ame to Sri Swamiji at Akkalkot$ 5hile she was taki!g E4arsha!8) Sri Swamiji spoke to her @Treat your eyes with elepha!t uri!e a! you will regai! your eyesightA$ She i a''or i!gly a! her eyesight was restore $ The! she worshippe Sri Swamiji a! o%%ere %oo as Naivedya$ A%ter this she retur!e home happily$ S oor da s 9e%ore his ma!i%estatio!) while wa! eri!g) Sri Swami Samarth we!t to D!araka"#0 i! 0ujarath State$ At 4waraka) there was a &li! sai!t who was k!ow! as Soor as$ Sri Swamiji tou'he the eyes o% Soor as with his ha! $ Soor as regai!e his eyesight a! whe! he ope!e his eyes he was stu!!e to see <or Jrish!a /imsel%) sta! i!g i! %ro!t o% him hol i!g a 'o!'h) a 'hakra 2A holy sharp 'ir'ular weapo!3 a! a ma'e$ /e &e'ame %ully 'o!te!t &y the E4arsha!8 o% his tutelary eity$ Sri Swamiji) seei!g his true e#otio!) &lesse Soor as with a &oo! sayi!g @Iou will get %ree %rom three%ol &otheratio! a! attai! 4i#i!e J!owle geA$ Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .a! it got so mu'h o#er'ome &y #eheme!t emotio! that he spoke @Maharaj 7 was &li! &y &irth$ 9y your ki! gra'e 7 regai!e my eyesight$ Ji! ly allow me to re! er e#otio!al ser#i'e at your lotus %eetA$ /e retur!e home with great happi!ess a! 'o!ti!ue re! eri!g e#otio!al ser#i'e to Sri Swamiji$ : ana "i There was a la y !ame Ja!aki %rom .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 155 _________________________________________________________________________________________ arou! his !e'k a! threw it towar s the &li! .

eople starte per%ormi!g religious Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .rime Mi!ister 'ame to Sri Swamiji %or E4arsha!8) Sri Swamiji spoke #ery a!grily to the Ji!g @5hat type o% mea! a! isho!est perso! are youK 7s this the way o% 'ou!ti!g mo!ey i! the treasuryK Are you !ot harassi!g some poor ma!K Iou will ha#e to repay hea#ily %or your wro!g a'tA$ /eari!g these a!gry wor s o% Sri Swamiji) the Ji!g a! the . 3ut of several such $iraculous wor(s of ri wa$i?i so$e (nown cases have been stated here.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 156 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Li eration 3rom 6alamities =an faces a nu$ber of difficulties during his life either s$all or big.rime Mi!ister re?ueste Natho&a to %orgi#e them %or the wro!g e'isio! a! re?ueste him to atte! his ol uties i! the treasury$ Natho&a realise that this is the mira'ulous play o% Sri Swamiji$ /e e'i e !ot to ser#e a!y&o y i! %uture) e*'ept Sri Swamiji$ There%ore) he resig!e %rom his jo& a! 'o!ti!ue re! eri!g ser#i'e to Sri Swamiji till the e! o% his li%e$ S ca r ci ty of %a te r 4uri!g a parti'ular year i! the the! State o% Akkalkot) there was se#ere s'ar'ity o% water$ There was water shortage e#erywhere$ . ) atho a Tr ea sur e r There was a ge!tlema! i! Akkalkot !ame Natho&a$ /e was a treasurer$ /e was a great e#otee o% Sri Swami Samarth$ /e woul remai! a&sor&e i! Naamsmaran) E4arsha!8 a! worship o% Sri Swamiji$ At the same time) he woul ho!estly 'arry out his jo& as a treasurer$ G!'e a wi'ke perso! stole two thousa! rupees %rom the treasury a! the! 'omplai!e to the Ji!g o% Akkalkot that there is shortage o% mo!ey i! the treasury$ The Ji!g a! the . #e awa(ened full confidence in devotees and directed the$ on the path of devotion. During his incarnation ri wa$i?i has saved nu$erous people fro$ their difficulties.rime Mi!ister) 4a o&a 9hosle) i!#estigate the 'ase a! 'o!%irme the shortage i! the treasury$ Natho&a was arreste $ /e was 'ryi!g 'o!ti!uously a! tryi!g to 'o!#i!'e e#ery&o y sayi!g @7 ha#e !e#er take! e#e! a si!gle pie %rom the treasury) the! how 'a! there &e a shortage o% rupees two thousa! K A$ 7! a! a%%li'te to!e Natho&a starte 'alli!g upo! Sri Swamiji %or help$ Sri Swamiji who is always ki! to his e#otees hear his istress 'all$ Ne*t mor!i!g whe! the Ji!g a! the .rime Mi!ister re'ou!te the mo!ey i! the treasury$ There was a&solutely !o shortage$ 9oth starte repe!ti!g$ Natho&a was imme iately release %rom 'usto y$ The Ji!g a! the .rime Mi!ister) &e'ame !er#ous a! #ery worrie a! they praye %or %orgi#e!ess$ A%ter retur!i!g to the pala'e the Ji!g a! the . which $a(es hi$ unhappy.

haritable instit tion meant for the a..ashi 2ishvesh"ar: .eople who were prese!t i! the temple starte aski!g) @Maharaj) whe! will it rai!K A$ 7! this temple the i ol o% Shi#ali!ga a! <or 0a!esh were prese!t$ Swamiji aske these i ols @5hy oes it !ot rai!K 4o you !ee gramsK A$ Sri Swamiji ha grams i! his ha! F he threw those at the i ols a! sat i! the Dharmshala:+D$ 7! a&out hal% a! hour) the sky starte getti!g %ille with 'lou s) wi! starte &lowi!g %ast) a! withi! !o time) there was ow!pour o% torre!tial rai!$ 5ithi! surrou! i!gs o% si*ty miles it was rai!i!g 'o!ti!uously %or three ays$ This sol#e the pro&lem o% water a! the i%%i'ulties %a'e &y the people o% the #illage$ All the people o% the #illage worshippe Sri Swamiji$ 1 is s in# uf fa loe s 0a!apatrao /ukir li#e i! a #illage 'alle 9orma!) !ear Akkalkot$ /e possesse a !um&er o% 'ows a! &u%%aloes$ G!e ay) three o% his &u%%aloes were missi!g$ /e sear'he e#erywhere &ut i! #ai!$ /e resol#e me!tally that i% he gets &a'k his missi!g &u%%aloes) he woul o%%er o!e &u%%alo i! the ser#i'e o% Sri Swamiji$ The #ery !e*t ay a ma! 'ame a! tol him that outsi e the #illage some &u%%aloes are 'ryi!g lou ly$ 0o there a! 'he'k up$ 0a!apatrao we!t to the ol &uil i!g outsi e the #illage a! %ou! his missi!g &u%%aloes$ /e o%%ere two lamp sta! s worth the pri'e o% o!e &u%%alo to Sri Swamiji$ I nsc r ip ti on 7! South o% 7! ia) there are two #illages k!ow! as Shi#aka!'hi a! Vish!uka!'hi$ The Vaishnavas:D0 ha re'ei#e these two #illages as gi%t %rom the the! go#er!me!t$ G!'e the 0o#er!me!t or ere the Vaish!a#as to pro u'e the !e'essary gi%t o'ume!t) %aili!g whi'h) &oth the #illages woul &e 'o!%is'ate $ Si!'e there was !o gi%t o'ume!t with the Vaish!a#s) the 0o#er!me!t 'o!%is'ate &oth the #illages$ Vaish!a#as were seiHe &y great a!*iety$ 4uri!g those ays Sri Swami Samarth who was wa! eri!g i! south o% 7! ia 'ame to Shi#aka!'hi #illage$ All the Vaish!a#as we!t a! sought shelter u! er Sri Swamiji$ Sri Swamiji was o#er'ome &y 'ompassio!$ /e aske them to 'all the 'o!'er!e 0o#er!me!t o%%i'ers$ 5he! the o%%i'ers 'ame there) Sri Swamiji spoke @4o you wa!t to kill us all) o! empty stoma'h) &y 'o!%is'ati!g &oth the #illagesK A$ The o%%i'ers sai ) @7% we get a!y proo%) the #illages will &e retur!e to themA$ The! Sri Swamiji replie ) @Iou will %i! a sto!e i! that ri#er %lowi!g i! %ro!t$ E#erythi!g is writte! o! that sto!eA$ The G%%i'ers we!t there a! remo#e the sto!e %rom the ri#er$ There was a! i!s'riptio! o! the sto!e$ All the 185 186 <ar+an'asoo!ta : *e%eatin# 2edi.ommodation of travellers @%il#rimsA( 135 2aishnavas: 1ollo"ers and devotees of -ord 2ishn Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 157 _________________________________________________________________________________________ 'eremo!ials like $ar+anyasookta:+B a! Shivabhishek:+6$ Sri Swamiji) who was wa! eri!g at the time) rea'he #illage Jehur$ There is a temple o% a +agrut daivat:+C) <or Kashi-Vish!esh!ar"88$ Sri Swamiji we!t a! sat i! the same temple$ Ceremo!ial a&lutio! o% <or Shi#a was i! progress$ . .nother name of -ord $hiva( 183 6harmashala: . h'mns re#ardin# rain $hivabhishe!: Ceremonial abl tion re#ardin# -ord $hiva 187 :a#r t 6aivat: The most a"a!ened 6eit'( The one "ho f lfils the reF ests of his devotees( 188 .

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth



etails like the year) whe! the #illages were gi%te ) the mo!th) the ay) the !ame o% the perso! who ha gi%te ) the reaso! %or gi#i!g the gi%t et'$ were i!s'ri&e o! that sto!e$ The o%%i'ers release those #illages$ The Vaish!a#as were so mu'h please with this mira'le that they all worshippe Sri Swamiji with %ull e#otio! a! they o%%ere Naivaidya$

'a ndu G olds m i th 7! #illage Mai! argi) there was a gol smith !ame .a! u$ /e ha lot o% e&ts) so he was #ery worrie $ G!'e a ri'h ma! ga#e him gol prepare or!ame!ts &ut he swallowe up that gol ) a! prepare or!ame!ts usi!g sil#er with a 'oati!g o% gol a! ga#e them to the ri'h ma!$ Thus he sa#e himsel% %rom the hea#y e&t$ /owe#er) withi! a %ew ays his se'ret was i#ulge a! he was e*pose $ The ri'h ma! %ile a suit agai!st him i! the 'ourt$ The 'ourt or ere 'a!i!g his as pu!ishme!t$ Now .a! u &e'ame #ery !er#ous$ Ne#ertheless) he was a e#otee o% Sri Swamiji$ 5ith %ull repe!ta!'e) he starte 'alli!g upo! Sri Swamiji %or help) promisi!g !ot to make a!y su'h 'ommitme!t i! %uture$ Co!si eri!g pa! u as a most %aith%ul e#otee) Sri Swamiji got %ille with 'ompassio! a! e'i e to li%t him out o% the a #ersity$ Sri Swamiji took &ath i! the mor!i!g$ 0i#i!g up his &ath) he 'alle %or a olly 2.ala!?ui!3) sat i! it) a! starte o%%$ At a&out >"00 pm$ he rea'he Mai! argi #illage a! the! we!t straight to the o%%i'e o% the Tahsildar";"$ The Tahsil ar got up) wel'ome Sri Swamiji) a! the! o%%ere his ow! seat to Sri Swamiji$ At that time .a! u was sta! i!g there$ Sri Swamiji 'alle .a! u with a%%e'tio! a! ma e him sit !ear&y$ The Tahsil ar was rather surprise seei!g the sympatheti' %eeli!gs showere o! .a! u &y Sri Swamiji$ /e starte prepari!g %or the hospitality o% Sri Swamiji$ Sri Swamiji aske .a! u to e*te! help to the Tahsil ar i! this preparatio!$ Sri Swamiji kept .a! u &usy i! the ser#i'e o% sel%$ Seei!g the e*te!t o% 'ompassio! showere o! .a! u &y Sri Swamiji) the Tahsil ar release him %rom 'usto y a! set him %ree$ It is always true, that the Lord, who is always (ind to the devotees, co$es running for help in ti$es of their serious difficulties.

S toppe d 3 ro m #oi n# To the +oy al 6our t G!e ay i! Akkalkot the royal 'ourt was hel to 'ele&rate the %esti#al o% 1anga(an'hami:D2$ At that time Chi!topa!t Tol was the .rime Mi!ister o% the the! State o% Akkalkot$ /e wa!te to go to the royal 'ourt &ut Sri Swamiji was perso!ally prese!t i! his house at that time$ The! how woul he go to the royal 'ourtK A messe!ger 'ame to summo! him &ut Sri Swamiji stoppe him %rom goi!g to the royal 'ourt$ The messe!ger 'ame %or the se'o! time a! e#e! %or the thir time)
131 132

Tahsildar: .n offi,er in ,har#e of a s b-division of a distri,t *an#a%an,hami: 1estival of Colors( This festival falls on 5th da' of the latter half of the month 1al# n as %er 8ind Calendar and &ar,h month as %er Gn#lish Calendar( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth



&ut Sri Swamiji i !ot allow him to go to the royal 'ourt$ Chi!topa!t Tol was rather 'o!%use a! totally worrie $ The! Sri Swamiji a!grily spoke @5hat woul you o) i% your throat is 'utK A$ Chi!topa!t realise that somethi!g serious woul take pla'e i! the royal 'ourt that ay$ /e ?uietly remai!e at home without goi!g to the 'ourt a! i !ot worry e#e! though he k!ew that the ki!g woul get #ery upset &y his a&se!'e$ <ater o! it was lear!t that there was a ?uarrel &etwee! the Chie%tai!s$ 7! that ?uarrel) Chie%tai! 9aste we!t ru!!i!g to kill Chie%tai! 0a!apatrao Jha! agale$ .eople me iate &etwee! them a! stoppe them$ The Ji!g eporte Chie%tai! 9aste %rom the State$ 7% Chi!topa!t were to &e prese!t i! the royal 'ourt at that time) he woul ha#e got i!#ol#e i! this serious 'ompli'atio!$ /e!'e Sri Swamiji who is always ki! to the e#otees ha stoppe him %rom goi!g to the royal 'ourt$

V it tha l ra o 7! the the! /y era&a State) there was a tahsildar &y !ame Vitthalrao$ 9e'ause o% some &a ee s his ser#i'e was termi!ate $ /e was worrie that he woul &e impriso!e $ So he hurrie ly we!t to Akkalkot to take E4arsha!8 o% Sri Swami Samarth$ No soo!er he stoo there with %ol e ha! s Sri Swamiji a!grily spoke to him @Smili!gly you work) &ut a%terwar s ru! away i! a 'ryi!g moo $ 5ere you so mu'h i!to*i'ate with the power o% your jo&K Iou wa!te to e!joy with the la ies a! the mo!ey o% other people$ 4o you 'o!si er me your %ather8s ser#a!tK A$ Vitthalrao prostrate with repe!ta!'e at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji) starte rolli!g) a! praye ear!estly @Maharaj) ki! ly %orgi#e me$ From to ay o!war s) 7 will !ot 'ommit su'h si!s$ Ji! ly sa#e me$ There is !o&o y else tha! you) i! this worl who 'a! sa#e meA$ Seei!g the ge!ui!e repe!ta!'e o% Vitthalrao Sri Swamiji sai ) @0o away !ow) 7 ha#e %orgi#e! you %or your si!s) /e!'e%orth a't a! &eha#e properly a! 'are%ullyA$ The 0o#t the! e'lare him as E!ot guilty8 a! he was ma e perma!e!t i! the post o% Tahsil ar$

% or m -e ate n G r am s The well(k!ow! 9hausahe& o% 9aro a i! 0ujarath State) 'ame to Akkalkot to take Sri Swami Samarth8s E4arsha!8 $ 5ith great e#otio! he o%%ere his hum&le salutatio! to Sri Swamiji$ Sri Swamiji ga#e him se#e! worm(eate! grams a! sai ) @0o to your #illage a! e*e'ute &ig workA$ 9hausahe& was #ery please &y this &lessi!g$ A%ter 'omi!g &a'k to 9aro a he got a &ig 'o!tra't %or e*e'utio!$ The se#e! people) who mai!tai!e hatre towar s him) ie o% 'holera$ The! 9hausahe& remem&ere a&out the se#e! worm(eate! grams gi#e! &y Sri Swamiji a! thus starte e*perie!'i!g the ki! gra'e o% Sri Swamiji$

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A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth



&arnest Desire for ,ffsprin#/s
7t is a %u! ame!tal right a! a! ear!est esire o% e#ery ma! to &ri!g up a 'hil $ 9e'ause o% o%%spri!g8s) there is a perpetuatio! o% %amily tree a! pare!ts get e*'eptio!al pleasure as they &ri!g up their 'hil re!$ /e!'e a ma! gets a! ear!est esire to &ri!g %orth his o%%spri!g8s$ 5ithout 'hil re!) ma! %eels a great raw&a'k i! his li%e a! &e'omes u!happy$ /e!'e a perso! &or! as a! i!'ar!atio! &lesses his e#otees with o%%spri!g8s a! there&y awake!s Heal towar s 0o i! that e#otee$ Sri Swami Samarth was #ery 'ompassio!ate uri!g his i!'ar!atio! a! ha &lesse !umerous e#otees with 'hil re! &y mira'ulous works$

B ha usa he

: a ha#i r da r

Sri Swamiji o!'e ha &ee! to the Nala urg #illage i! Gsma!a&a 4istri't) Maharashtra$ There he got a prayer o% i!#itatio! %rom the Jahagirdar:D> o% Neelgao! #illage) Shreema! 9hausahe& Jahagir ar) to pay a #isit to Neelgao!$ Sri Swamiji a''epte this i!#itatio! a! we!t to Neelgao! alo!g with his atte! a!ts a! e#otees$ The! the Jahagir ar applie Akshata";# o! Sri Swamiji8s %orehea $ Gut o% that) three grai!s o% ri'e %ell ow!$ Sri Swamiji pi'ke up those three grai!s a! ga#e them to Jahagir ar as $rasad $ The! out o% these three grai!s o% ri'e Jahagir ar ate o!e grai! a! ga#e two grai!s to his wi%e$ Jahagir ar ha !o o%%spri!g8s$ Sri Swamiji &lesse Jahagir ar @A goo so! will &e &or! to youA$ 9hausahe& Jahagi ar) i! the great ho!our o% Sri Swamiji) arra!ge %or Maha(oo+a:DB) ha+an:D6) Kirtan8. a! rahmin - ho+an:DC$ Sri Swamiji a''epte the hospitality e*te! e i! his %a#our &y Jahagir ar a! the! retur!e $ 7! ue time) wi%e o% Jahagir ar ga#e &irth to a so! a! the! two aughters$ Jahagir ar remem&ere this ki! %a#our &lesse o! him &y Sri Swamiji) till the e! o% his li%e$ /e always ma e it as a pra'ti'e o% #isiti!g Akkalkot to re! er e#otio!al ser#i'e to Sri Swamiji %or %our ays a! the! retur! home$

! ar i $a ns h ' ur a n 9hausahe& o% 9aro a was a wealthy la! lor $ /e ha a aughter &ut !o so!$ /e prostrate at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji a! o%%ere his prayers u!to him %or a so!$ Sri Swamiji &lesse him @<iste! to :arivansh $uran0%) the! you will get a so!A$ 9hausahe& liste!e to the /ari#a!sh .ura! a''or i!g to the rites a! he was &lesse with a so! &y the ki! gra'e o% Sri Swamiji$


:aha#irdar: Cne "ho holds the land #ifted b' the #overnmentnormall' referred to as Jahagir( )enerall' ,onsidered to be ver' ri,h as a res lt of the land o"nershi%( 134 .!shata: Conse,reted ri,e( .!shata: @$ans!ritA H9nbro!en(H 9nmilled7 n,oo!ed ri,e7 often miBed "ith t rmeri,7 offered as a sa,red s bstan,e d rin# % +a7 or in blessin#s for ,eremonies( This7 the ver' best food7 is the finest offerin# a devotee ,an #ive to )od( 135 &aha %oo+a: $olemn "orshi% on #reat o,,asions( 136 Bha+an: $in#in# h'mns in the %raise of )od or $ad# r ( 137 Brahmin Bho+an: $ m%t o s food served to all Brahmins as a %art of servi,e to 6eit' or $ad# r ( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth



1 il " fr om Tr e e This i!'i e!t took pla'e whe! Sri Swamiji was i! the #illage Ma!gal#e ha i! Solapur istri't) Maharashtra$ 7! this #illage) a si*ty(year(ol ma! with his wi%e who was %i%ty(two years ol staye $ 9ei!g 'hil less they were #ery u!happy$ 9asappa Teli a great e#otee a #ise them @Iou re! er e#otio!al ser#i'e to Sri Swamiji$ 5ithout E4arsha!8 o% Sri Swamiji !e#er a''ept a!y %oo $ The! your wish will &e %ul%ille A$ The woma! starte to take Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8 regularly with great e#otio!$ Sri Swamiji was please seei!g her e#otio!)$ /e tol her @There is a tree o! the other si e$ Take the milk o% that tree mi*e with sugar) the! your wish will &e %ul%ille A$ The woma! we!t !ear the tree) whi'h was gi#i!g milk(Sap) 'olle'te that) a e sugar a! a''epte the same$ 9y the ki! gra'e o% Sri Swamiji she was &lesse with a so!$

D o 4 ou % an t A Son; A Europea! ge!tlema! was ser#e i! 1ailway 4epartme!t at Solapur) Maharashtra) as a! o%%i'er$ /e i !8t ha#e a!y 'hil re!$ /eari!g a&out Sri Swamiji) he 'ame to Akkalkot$ /e stoo &e%ore Sri Swamiji with a %eeli!g %ull o% e#otio!$ Sri Swamiji looke at him a! sai ) @4o you wish to ha#e a so!K Certai!ly your wish will &e %ul%ille a! you will get a so! withi! a yearA$ 1e'og!isi!g his stro!g me!tal wish Sri Swamiji &lesse him$ The Europea! ge!tlema! was highly asto!ishe with this ki! o% ire't &lessi!g 'omi!g %rom Sri Swamiji$ <ater) he retur!e home$ 9y the &lessi!gs o% Sri Swamiji he got a so! withi! a year$ /e 'ame agai! alo!g with his wi%e a! the 'hil to Akkalkot %or Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8$ A%ter this mira'ulous i!'i e!t) a !um&er o% Europea!s starte #isiti!g Akkalkot$

1 ate B le s se d %i th a S on A! ol ma! !ame Mate &elo!gi!g to Maratha 'ommu!ity 'ame to Akkalkot with his wi%e to take Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8$ /is wi%e was si*ty year ol $ They i !8t ha#e a!y 'hil re! so &oth were #ery u!happy$ Seei!g their u!happi!ess Sri Swamiji &lesse the ol woma! pla'i!g a 'o'oa!ut i! the lap o% her saree a! sai ) @Take this so!A$ A! &y the ki! gra'e o% Sri Swamiji she ga#e &irth to a so! withi! a year$

3ool i shne ss of 0nt oucha i l it y A 9rahmi! alo!g with his wi%e re! ere e#otio!al ser#i'e to Sri Swamiji$ They i !8t ha#e a!y 'hil re!$ They ear!estly year!e to ha#e 'hil re!$ 5ith this i!te!tio!) they o%%ere aily prayers to Sri Swamiji %or his &lessi!gs a! ki! %a#our$ Sri Swamiji tol the la y) @Iour esti!y oes !ot allow you to rear a 'hil A$ The la y replie ) @7% it is !ot i! my esti!y the! why shoul 7 go i! sear'h o% 0o K A$ 5ith great stu&&or!!ess she 'o!ti!ue her e#otio!al ser#i'e towar s Sri Swamiji$ G!e ay Sri Swamiji ga#e her two rie ate %ruits a! sai @These are your so!s) take themA$ The la y was #ery aware a! se!siti#e a&out u!tou'ha&ility$ She thought that people o% i%%ere!t 'astes #isit Sri Swamiji %or his E4arsha!8 a! as su'h) there is a possi&ility o% lower 'aste o% people polluti!g it with their tou'h$ She e'i e to take the E.rasa 8 gi#e! &y Sri

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rasa 8 getti!g lost i! the water just &y 'ha!'e she &urie the two rie ate %ruits i! the sa! $ A%ter taki!g &ath she 'ame home a! %orgot to &ri!g the E.rasa 8 gi#e! &y Sri Swamiji$ She we!t 'ryi!g to Sri Swamiji a! !arrate the i!'i e!t$ Sri Swamiji &e'ame #ery a!gry a! sai @Iou %oolish la y what o you e*pe't %rom meK 0et lost %rom hereA$ Sri Swamiji) out o% a!ger ga#e her a&uses$ Ne#ertheless) she 'o!ti!ue her e#otio!al ser#i'e with great etermi!atio!$ .lease &y her e#otio!al ser#i'e Sri Swamiji &lesse her a! ga#e her a 'o'oa!ut$ 5ithi! a %ew ays her stro!g esire o% motherhoo was %ul%ille &y the ki! gra'e o% Sri Swamiji$ : u5 u e Tr ee 1amkrish!arao Sir esai %rom Mum&ai ser#e i! 4epartme!t o% 1ailway$ /e ha !o 'hil re!$ So he 'ame to Akkalkot alo!g with his wi%e A!!apoor!a&ai$ Sri Swamiji sai @1e! er your ser#i'e to Juju&e tree) the! you will get a so! with the ra ia!'e o% %ireA$ /owe#er) 1amkrish!arao 'ame to k!ow that !o&o y goes rou! a Juju&e Tree$ There%ore) his wi%e A!!apoor!a&ai starte goi!g arou! the .rasa 8 &ut i!stea she %ou! two eggs i! pla'e o% the two rie ate %ruits$ She pi'ke up those two eggs$ 9y that time &oth the eggs 'ra'ke ) two &ir s 'ame out o% them a! %lew away$ 5he! the people 'ame to k!ow o% this) they 'riti'ise her %or her %oolish!ess i! !egle'ti!g the E.rasa 8 alo!g with her$ At !ight she remem&ere a&out the E.rasa 8$ /owe#er) she 'oul !ot go to the lake si!'e it was ark$ There%ore) she we!t i! the mor!i!g to the lake$ She ug up the pla'e where she ha &urie E.eepal Tree i!stea $ This i !ot ser#e a!y purpose$ /e aske sai!ts a! as'eti's a&out this Juju&e Tree$ A! as'eti' !ame 9rahma!a! tol him @Iou ha#e !ot u! erstoo %ully the true mea!i!g o% Sri Swamiji8s wor s$ Sri Swamiji 'alls Sai!t Sri Swamisut as EJuju&e Tree8$A 1amkrish!arao alo!g with his wi%e we!t to Sri Swamisut8s Muth a! starte re! eri!g e#otio!al ser#i'e$ 7! ue 'ourse A!!apoor!a&ai ga#e &irth to a so!) &y the ki! gra'e o% Sri Swamiji$ ' r as ad of B ones A la y o% <i!gayat mer'ha!t 'ommu!ity was 'hil less$ She 'ame to Akkalkot to o%%er her prayers to Sri Swamiji$ At the time) Sri Swamiji was sitti!g i! the lo'ality o% Mahar 'ommunity$ A large &o!e pie'e lay !ear&y Sri Swamiji$ Sri Swamiji pi'ke up this &o!e a! ga#e it to the la y with &lessi!gs a! sai ) @Take this &oyA$ /owe#er) the la y thought that tou'hi!g the pie'e o% &o!e) whi'h ha 'o!ta't with u!tou'ha&les) woul pollute her$ She i !ot go %orwar to a''ept the &o!e pie'e o%%ere &y Sri Swamiji$ At the time a la y &elo!gi!g to the Mahar 'ommu!ity) was sitti!g !ear&y a! !o 'hil re! as well$ She praye to Sri Swamiji @Maharaj ki! ly &less me with a she ha Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 112 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Swamiji o!ly a%ter taki!g a &ath$ /e!'e she we!t to the lake to puri%y hersel% %or her &ath$ To a#oi this E.

loth7 ri.e et.o.on t7 .hari: .hal: The border of her saree( )enerall' 4omen eBtend the border of their saree to a.u!e) there was a ge!tlema! !ame .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 113 _________________________________________________________________________________________ so!A$ So she e*te! e her An'hal:D+ with a! ear!est prayer$ Sri Swamiji was please with her prayer a! put the &o!e pie'e i! her An'hal i!stea $ 9y the ki! gra'e o% Sri Swamiji) goo %ortu!e aw!e o! the la y %rom the Mahar Commu!ity a! she ga#e &irth to a so!$ : aha #ir da r of A dul pur 7! A& ulpur o% /y er&a State) u! er the the! 0o#er!me!t o% NiHam) there was a Jahagirdar &y !ame 4eshpa! e who ha two wi#es &ut !o 'hil re!$ 4eshpa! e was si*ty year ol $ To ear! 0o 8s %a#our he we!t to the holy pla'e 0a!agapur i! Jar!ataka State$ There he got a #isio! i! his ream ire'ti!g him to go to Akkalkot$ So he we!t to Akkalkot with his wi#es$ A%ter taki!g E4arsha!8 o% Sri Swamiji they stoo i! %ro!t o% him$ Sri Swamiji sai ) @7% a hu! re gol 'oi!s o!ate ) you will get a &ri!jal 2 aughter3 a! i% a thousa! gol 'oi!s o!ate ) you will get a! elepha!t 2so!3A$ A! Sri Swamiji put a 'o'oa!ut i! the An'hal o% the %irst wi%e a! the! aske them to put the same 'o'oa!ut i! the EA!'hal8 o% the se'o! wi%e$ Jahagir ar 4eshpa! e worshippe Sri Swamiji i! Shodsho('har way a! arra!ge sumptuous meals to thousa! 9rahmi!s$ The! 4eshpa! e retur!e home &y me!tally o%%eri!g 'o!ti!uous prayers to Sri Swamiji$ The! i! time) 4eshpa! e got o!e so! a! o!e aughter &y the ki! gra'e o% Sri Swamiji$ )a #a r Br a hm i n Moreshwar /ari was a Nagar 9rahmi! stayi!g at 9urha!pur$ /e ha !o 'hil re!$ /e 'ame to Sri Swamiji a! praye @Maharaj) without a so!) li%e &e'omes a total %ailure$ /e!'e) ki! ly shower your gra'e a! &less me a so!A$ Sri Swamiji &e'ame 'ompassio!ate towar s him a! ga#e him a 'o'oa!ut as a &lessi!g a! Moreshwar got a so!$ /e !ame his so! E4atta8$ Moreshwar 'arrie out the %irst hair 'utti!g 'eremo!y o% his so! at Akkalkot itsel%$ The! he arra!ge %or sumptuous meals to the 9rahmi!s a! retur!e home &y si!gi!g merits i! praise o% Sri Swamiji$ ' a ndur an# : adh a$ 7! . .a! ura!g 9apuji Ja ha#$ /e ha %our so!s &ut u!%ortu!ately all the %our so!s ie withi! a perio o% two mo!ths$ Ja ha# 'ouple &e'ame #ery u!happy$ Ja ha#8s wi%e 9hagu&ai was #ery pious$ G!e ay she liste!e to the &iography o% Sri Swamiji a! she &e'ame his e#otee$ She starte me!tally repeati!g the !ame o% Sri Swami Samarth regularly$ G!e ay she got a #isio! i! her ream a! Sri Swamiji spoke @7% 7 gi#e you a so!) what woul you gi#e me i! retur!K A$ 9hagu&ai sai ) @7 shall o%%er my so! at your lotus %eet a! make him rahma'hari:DDA$ A%ter %ew ays she &e'ame preg!a!t a! the! she ga#e &irth to a so!$ The! as per her promise she o%%ere her so! at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji$ 138 .an be in vario s forms: .n.e%t blessin#s from a $ad# r or 6eit'( The blessin#s ..elibate( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . de%endin# on the $ad# r Is "ish at the time( 133 Brahma.

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 114 _________________________________________________________________________________________ ! ei r To T he S ta te The Ji!g o% the the! Akkalkot State) Shrima! Maloji 1aje was a great a! loyal e#otee o% Sri Swami Samarth$ /e esire %or a so!$ 9y the ki! gra'e o% Sri Swamiji Nuee! 1a!i Sahi&a &e'ame preg!a!t$ .M a! Sri Swamiji was taki!g !ap o! a 'ot$ The lawyer &ur!t 'amphor i! %ro!t o% Sri Swamiji$ Sri Swamiji got up a! spoke a!grily @Iou ha#e 'ome to pray %or a so! a! our /a!uma!200 is sitti!g i! ark!ess$ 7% you o&ser#e) Swamisut Maharaj is sitti!g i! ark!ess i! the temple o% <or Jrish!aA$ 4waraka as we!t to the temple o% <or Jrish!a a! lighte all lamps$ The! Sri Swamiji aske the lawyer to &ri!g grams$ Sri Swamiji took the grams i! his ha! a! starte playi!g %or !early a! hour$ <ater he ga#e those grams to the lawyer as $rasad $ A%ter a %ew ays the lawyer &e'ame the %ather o% a so!$ 7! this worl ) a househol perso! &e'omes #ery happy &y &egetti!g a so!$ This oes !ot mea! that without a so!) pare!ts will !ot get li&eratio! %rom &o! ages o% this worl $ Sri Swamiji i !ot agree with the u! ersta! i!g that pare!ts ha#i!g !o male o%%spri!g will !ot get li&eratio! %rom the &o! ages o% this worl $ 255 8an man: &on!e' )od as %er 8ind reli#ion and s'mboli>es eBtreme and % re devotion to -ord *ama Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .eople aske Sri Swamiji @Maharaj) Gur 1ajesahe& will get a so! or a aughterK A$ Sri Swamiji i !ot reply straightway &ut sai ) @9ri!g a &a!gleA$ So as per Sri Swamiji8s hi!t 1ajesahe& got a aughter$ The se'o! time too) 1ajesahe& got a aughter$ Now %or the thir time 1a!isahi&a &e'ame preg!a!t$ 5he! people aske ) Sri Swamiji ma e a ramati' gesture o% ha! li!g a military ha! gu! a! sai ) @start simulta!eous is'harges o% ma!y %ire armsA 2i$e$ he mea!t M start 'elebrating3 a! 1ajesahe& got a so!$ /e got his heir to the the!) State o% Akkalkot$ ) ai$ e dya fr om Br ahm i n La dy A poor 9rahmi! la y ha &rought Naivedya %or Sri Swamiji with great e#otio! &ut the atte! a!ts were !ot payi!g a!y atte!tio! to her$ She me!tally starte prayi!g u!to Sri Swamiji a! took a seat away %rom the prime area$ 7! the mea!time Sri Swamiji spoke @5ho has stoppe Nai#e ya o% that 9rahmi! la yK 9ri!g your Na#ai ya hereA$ The 9rahmi! la y 'ame %orwar a! pla'e the Nai#e ya i! %ro!t o% Sri Swamiji$ /e a''epte the %oo with great lo#e$ /e was please a! &lesse her @Iou will gi#e &irth to a mis'hie#ous &oyA$ /eari!g this the 9rahmi! la y &e'ame e'stati'$ 7! %a't she ha !o o%%spri!g till the age o% %orty(%i#e$ 9y the ki! gra'e o% Sri Swamiji she &e'ame a mother o% a so!$ Lor d !a num a n In Da r "n es s A lawyer %rom Mum&ai !ame 4waraka as 'ame to Akkalkot %or the E4arsha!8 o% Sri Swamiji$ 7t was C"00 .

%rom South 7! ia ha 'ome to Akkalkot$ /e starte isplayi!g his k!owle ge i! the prese!'e o% Sri Swamiji$ /e starte sayi!g @. #e always blessed a childless person with a child with the sole purpose that a household person should experience happiness.ura!ik) Sri Swamiji sai @5hy o you 'ross the e'orum o% goo ma!!ers a! mo e o% $uranas a! e*hi&it your mea!i!gless lear!i!g hereK /ow o you make a e%i!ite 'o!'lusio! that without a so! o!e will !ot get li&eratio! %rom this worl ly &o! ageK 4i the parrot 2Shukmu!i) so! o% Vyas3 ha a so!K 4i the lutanist 2mea!s" Nara mu!i2B3 ha a so!K 4i Vam eo ha a so!K Iou are also without a so!) woul you go to hellK 7!stea o% si!gi!g the merits i! the praise o% 0o ) what type o% useless talk ha#e you starte K 5hy o you state your e%i!ite 'o!'lusio!s that a perso! without a so! will !ot rea'h hea#e!K The eli#era!'e %rom the &o! ages o% li%e a! eath oes !ot epe! upo! the so!$ 7% i epe! upo! the so!) the! ogs a! pigs 'ertai!ly woul ha#e attai!e this eli#era!'e$ /e!'e it is a %a't that the eli#era!'e a! eath or the attai!me!t o% hea#e! !e#er epe! s upo! the so!$ G! the 'o!trary) whate#er si!s a %ather 'ommits %or &ri!gi!g up a so! takes him to hellA$ ri wa$i?i never agreed with the established truths.erso! without a so! will !ot get li&eratio! %rom worl ly &o! ageA$ <iste!i!g to these wor s uttere &y .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 115 _________________________________________________________________________________________ ) o Li er a ti on 3or 'a r en ts !a $ in# ) o 1 al e 6 hil d G!'e a $uranik"-. Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . which would eventually invo(e sincere love towards God and start singing hy$ns in the praise of God.

ne %ho Is 'rotected By God ri wa$i a$arth during his incarnation period has saved a nu$ber of devotees fro$ death and granted the$ new life. Gm!is'ie!t Sri Swamiji k!ew that 9a&asahe&8s eath is #ery 'lose &y$ Sri Swamiji sai ) @.a! harpur a! the! 'ame to Mohol) &oth i! Solapur 4istri't) Maharashtra State) uri!g :indu year Shake "%%0 2:+B> A$ 4$3$ /e staye i! a 'a#e o% a hill$ The so! o% a! ho!est 9rahmi! o% Mohol ie u!e*pe'te ly$ /is mother starte waili!g lou ly$ The 9rahmi! a! his wi%e 'rie a! 'rie till they %ell u!'o!s'ious$ Seei!g their e*treme su%%eri!gs people took pity o! them$ They all 'o!#i!'e the 9rahmi! sayi!g) @A #irtuous a! lustrous as'eti' has 'ome to our #illageF o%%er your prayers to him %or a reme yA$ There%ore) the 9rahmi! we!t i! sear'h o% Sri Swamiji a! rea'he the 'a#e$ 7! a! a%%li'te to!e the 9rahmi! starte ear!estly 'alli!g upo! Sri Swamiji %or his ki! help$ Compassio!ate Sri Swamiji woke up %rom his eep me itatio!$ /e 'ame out %rom the 'a#e a! spoke to the 9rahmi! @1e#ere 9rahmi!) get your so! seate properly o! a horse a! se! him a'ross the seaA$ The 9rahmi! i !ot u! ersta! the true mea!i!g o% the wor s o% Sri Swamiji$ /owe#er) a la y e#otee e*plai!e him the true mea!i!g @Iour work is o!e$ 0o homeA$ The 9rahmi! retur!e home a! %ou! his so! woke! up a! was sitti!g$ The! the 9rahmi! got resse his so! a! a or!e him with or!ame!ts$ /e the! seate him o! a horse a! took him %or Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8$ The! the 9rahmi! worshippe Sri Swamiji i! a Shodsho('har way a! the! o%%ere %oo as Nai#e ya u!to him$ The 9rahmi! a! his %amily remai!e %ully e#ote to Sri Swamiji till the e! $ B a as ah e & sc ape d 3r om Dea th 7! the the! State o% Akkalkot) there was a Chie%tai! !ame 9a&asahe& Ja ha#$ /e was a great e#otee o% Sri Swamiji$ Sri Swamiji always 'alle him Epotter8.otter) a letter has 'ome i! your !ame 2i$e$ Iour eath is !ear&y3A$ 9a&asahe& &e'ame #ery !er#ous heari!g this$ /e prostrate at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji a! e!treate him ear!estly @Maharaj) 7 still esire to re! er some more e#otio!al ser#i'e at your lotus %eetA$ The ki! (hearte Sri Swamiji looke a! per'ei#e the imper'epti&le a! tol 9a&asahe& @0o !ear that &ullo'kA$ A mira'le took pla'e$ The &ullo'k sta! i!g i! %ro!t) su e!ly %ell ow! ea a! the eath o% 9a&asahe& was a#erte $ Thus) &y the ki! gra'e o% Sri Swamiji) 9a&asahe& got a !ew li%e$ Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 116 _________________________________________________________________________________________ . B ra hm in/ s S on Sri Swami Samarth Maharaj we!t to .

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 117 _________________________________________________________________________________________ S na" e B it e to +a $ anna Va ni Sri Swamiji alo!g with his is'iples a! e#otees we!t to #illage 7 agi a! took a halt i! the temple o% Maruti:B6$ At that time a #illager !ame 1a#a!!a Va!i was ploughi!g his %iel $ Arou! a%ter!oo! at a&out 6 08'lo'k a poiso!ous serpe!t &it him$ /e starte getti!g pai! 'ramps) the s!ake poiso! starte to sprea throughout the &o y a! e#e!tually he ie $ .eople prese!t there got s'are a! they ra! away$ Sri Swamiji took o%% his 'lothes a! &e'ame stark !ake $ 9a&asahe& starte trem&li!g with %ear$ 1e&uki!g 9a&asahe&) Sri Swamiji spoke @Iou %oolish %ellow) who ha aske you to keep these shoes o! the hea o% a ea ma!K A$ /e aske 9a&asahe& to shake o%% his 2Sri Swamiji8s3 'lothes o! the grou! a! 'all o! 1a#a!!a lou ly$ There were !o sig!s o% mo#eme!t whe! 9a&asahe& 'alle o! lou ly i! o!e o% 1a#a!!a8s ears$ The! Sri Swamiji or ere him to 'all i! &oth the ears$ 5he! 9a&asahe& starte 'alli!g i! &oth the ears) 1a#a!!a woke up %rom his eath(sleep$ /e was #ery hu!gry$ Sri Swamiji aske 9a&asahe& to %ee Kheer to 1a#a!!a$ A%ter taki!g Kheer he &e'ame %ully 'o!s'ious$ 7! %a't 1a#a!!a ha alrea y ie &e%ore they ha got him to the temple$ 9ut 9a&ashe& took 1a#a!!a as &ei!g u!'o!s'ious a! pla'e the shoes o% Sri Swamiji o! his hea $ To keep up the ho!our o% his shoes) Sri Swamiji himsel% e! ure the s!ake(poiso!) shook o%% his 'lothes) a! restore the li%e o% 1a#a!!a$ 7! %a't) a perso! &itte! &y s!ake is !e#er gi#e! a!ythi!g prepare out o% milk$ Ca! there &e a!ythi!g else to mat'h this i!'omprehe!si&le mira'ulous work o% Sri Swamiji$ 4 o u !or s e< S * al l o* T his 6hi l d The health o% a male 'hil o% a #illage la y starte eteriorati!g$ She trie all types o% reme ies &ut there was !o use$ So %i!ally she 'ame to Akkalkot alo!g with her 'hil to get the ki! %a#our o% Sri Swamiji$ 5he! she 'ame to Akkalkot she %ou! her 'hil ea $ She starte weepi!g #ery lou ly a! ope!ly %or her ea 'hil $ Sri Swamiji so%te!e with 'ompassio!$ /e got up %rom his seat a! 'ame !ear the 'hil $ /e li%te the 'hil upsi e ow! a! starte whirli!g him$ A horse was sta! i!g !ear&y$ /e &rought the 'hil !ear the mouth o% the horse a! sai @/orse) swallow this 'hil A$ The! Sri Swamiji threw the &o y o% the ea 'hil i! a !ear&y pit$ No soo!er the 'hil %ell i!to that pit) it &e'ame ali#e a! starte 'ryi!g$ The #illage la y we!t ru!!i!g to the 'hil ) em&ra'e him with great a%%e'tio!) a! the! starte %ee i!g him with her &reast milk$ Tears o% joy starte %lowi!g %rom her eyes$ She repeate ly starte si!gi!g i! praise o% Sri Swamiji a! retur!e with the 'hil $ Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .eople &rought him to the Maruti Temple where Sri Swamiji was sitti!g$ To gi#e some relie% to the ea ma! 9a&asahe& Ja ha# pla'e Sri Swamiji8s shoes o! ea 1a#a!!a Va!i8s hea $ Sri Swamiji woke up %rom eep sleep a! starte showeri!g #olleys o% a&uses o! 9a&asahe&$ .

ashi: . ut Cholappa) the e#otee a! atte! a!t o% Sri Swamiji) ha two so!s a! o!e aughter$ /is aughter was !ame 1ajoo&ai a! the two so!s as Jrish!appa a! Appa$ 5he! 1ajoo&ai grew up she got marrie &ut withi! just a %ew ays she ie ue to Tu&er'ulosis$ The sa're Mthrea 'eremo!y o% Jrish!appa was per%orme &ut withi! %i%tee! ays he ie ue Cholera$ The %amily starte mour!i!g$ 9y that time) Sri Swamiji arri#e at the s'e!e$ /e spoke @Iou %ools) why o you 'ryK The marriage o% Jrish!appa is yet to &e per%orme A$ The! Sri Swamiji we!t !ear Jrish!appa a! starte sayi!g @Gh. Neelka!th 2Jrish!appa3 wake up$ At least you speak two wor s with meA$ /eari!g the wor s o% Sri Swamiji there was some mo#eme!t i! the ea &o y a! he woke up a! sat$ All the people prese!t there were stu!!e a! they starte 'o!ti!uous shouts o% #i'tory i! the praise o% Sri Swami Samarth$ 9y the ki! gra'e o% Sri Swamiji) Jrish!appa grew up a! e#e!tually got marrie $ % ho I s G i $i n# 3a r e* el l To !i m Sri Swami Samarth ha &ee! to Ma!oor Village a! the! took a halt i! the temple o% 0o ess 1e!uka$ Se#ere isease 'holera seriously a%%e'te this #illage$ E#ery ay arou! :0 to :B people were yi!g$ At that time the ki! (hearte Sri Swamiji was sitti!g i! the 1e!uka(Temple$ 7! the mea!time) the $atil 202o% that #illage 'ame there 'ryi!g lou ly a! starte prayi!g u!to Sri Swamiji @Maharaj) my so! /a!uma!t is yi!g ue to 'holera isease$ There is !o surety a&out his sur#i#al$ 7 pray you to ki! ly 'ome a! see my so!A$ Sri Swamiji8s heart so%te!e with pity seei!g the se#ere su%%eri!g o% .atil$ There%ore) Sri Swamiji we!t to his house a! sat i! the #era! a o% the 251 252 . 5hy o you &e'ome !er#ousK Fee your so! with sesamum a! sugarA$ 9ahireshastri put sesamum a! sugar i! his so!8s mouth a! his so! got up$ Sri Swamiji s!at'he 9ahireshastri8s so! %rom the jaws o% eath a! retur!e him to his pare!ts$ A%ter re! eri!g ser#i'e %or %ew ays) Shastri a! his wi%e retur!e to 9a!aras with great joy$ ! is 1a rr i a #e S ti l l To Be 6ar r i e d .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 118 _________________________________________________________________________________________ 3ee d S es am um a nd S u#a r 7! Kashi20: there was a %amous s'holar a! astrologer !ame 9ahireshastri$ A%ter worshippi!g <or 4attatrey) he got a so!$ /e !ame him E4atta8$ 5he! they prepare his horos'ope it showe his li%e spa! as o!ly %ourtee! years$ 9oth) hus&a! a! wi%e &e'ame #ery a!*ious$ They apprise a sai!t a&out this matter i! 9e!aras 2Vara!asi3$ /e a #ise 9ahireshastri to approa'h Sri Swami Samarth) the i!'ar!atio! o% <or 4attatrey i! Akkalkot$ 9ahireshastri alo!g with his wi%e a! so! 'ame to Akkalkot a! starte re! eri!g ser#i'e to Sri Swamiji$ At that time) Sri Swamiji was sitti!g i! Jhas&aug$ G!e ay) 9ahireshastri8s so! su e!ly starte shi#eri!g a! %ell ow! u!'o!s'ious$ Sri Swamiji aske 9ahireshastri to &ri!g Sesamum 2a! oilsee 3$ /eari!g the wor Esesamum8) Shastriji &e'ame !er#ous a! prostrate at the %eet o% Sri Swamiji a! starte 'ryi!g$ Sri Swamiji spoke @Gh.e in 2aranasi7 9ttar <radesh( <atil: 8ead of a 2illa#e Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . hol' %la.

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth



house$ .atil8s so! /a!uma!t was writhi!g i! a'ute pai! like a %ish out o% water$ /e was slowly a! stea ily getti!g su%%o'ate $ There was lou lame!tatio! goi!g o! i! the house$ .atil prostrate a! tightly em&ra'e the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji a! starte 'ryi!g lou ly$ At that time Cholappa too was sta! i!g !ear&y$ /e tol Sri Swamiji @Maharaj) let us go to the temple$ 7 am !ot a&le to &ear this situatio!$ 7t is !ot goo to sit hereA$ Sri Swamiji sai @Gh; 5ho is &i i!g %arewell to that &oy /a!uma!tK Iou get /a!uma!t 'o#ere &y the lea#es o% Neem tree a! %ee him jui'e %rom Neem lea#esA$ No soo!er this treatme!t was o#er) the &oy starte maki!g &o y mo#eme!ts$ /e ope!e his eyes a! starte looki!g outsi e$ /e got up &y the ki! gra'e o% Sri Swamiji$ Ne*t ay .atil worshippe Sri Swamiji a! o%%ere Naivedya to him$ From that ay itsel% that #illage was totally ri o% 'holera isease$

La 8 ma n 2ol i - Anan d B har a ti 7! Tha!e) Maharashtra) there was a &oatma! !ame <a*ma! Joli$ There was a &ig storm a! his ship starte si!ki!g i! the sea$ <a*ma! Joli was a great e#otee o% Sri Swamiji a! he ha 'ome to Akkalkot > to 6 times$ 5he! the ship starte tossi!g a&out) all the sailors &e'ame #ery !er#ous$ <a*ma! Joli starte 'alli!g upo! Sri Swamiji %or help @Akkalkot Ni#asi!i Sri Swami Mai 2Gh; My mother Sri Swamiji who is welli!g at Akkalkot3) !ow please 'ome here ru!!i!g$ 5e are helpless$ Gur ship has starte si!ki!gA$

5he! <a*ma! Joli was 'alli!g upo! %or help) here at Akkalkot Sri Swamiji su e!ly stoo up a! lowere his right ha! a! the! raise it$ 7t appeare as though he ha li%te a &ig loa $ The! he sat o! his 'ot$ At that time water starte rippi!g ow! %rom his right ha! $ /is is'iples who were prese!t there at the time taste the rippi!g water a! %ou! it salty$ They aske Sri Swamiji @Maharaj) your right ha! was rippi!g salty water$ 5here i it 'ome %romK A$ Sri Swamiji a!swere @/a#e 7 !ot li%te a row!i!g ship %rom the seaK A$ No!e o% the is'iples 'oul u! ersta! what is really mea!t$ /ere i! the sea) the ship o% <a*ma! Joli 'ame up %rom the water as though some&o y li%te it up usi!g hea#y %or'e$ The sailors &rought the ship to seashore$ <a*ma! Joli realise that this mira'le has take! pla'e o!ly ue to the ki! mer'y o% Sri Swamiji$ The! he 'ame with his %amily to Akkalkot$ There he tol the is'iples a! e#otees as to how the serious 'alamity was a#erte i! the sea$ The is'iples realise that Sri Swamiji8s li%ti!g a'tio! &e%ore a! the time o% the si!ki!g ship o''urre simulta!eously$ They starte 'o!ti!uous shouts o% #i'tory i! the praise o% Sri Swamiji %or this mira'ulous play$ Lax$an %oli was so $uch influenced by this $iraculous incident that he abandoned everything in his life and devoted hi$self in the service of ri wa$i?i. Later on he beca$e a fully acco$plished person and ca$e to be (nown as 'nand8&harati. #is Samadhi4! is located near the te$ple of Lord Dattatrey in !hane, =aharashtra$

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A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth



The 1ous e Be c am e A li $ e Sri Swamiji was ki! hearte !ot o!ly towar s huma! &ei!gs &ut also a!imals$ G!e ay Sri Swamiji ha &ee! to the pala'e a! was sitti!g o! a swi!g$ /e was talki!g to the Ji!g$ The temple priest was sitti!g i! the Devghar20> a! ru&&i!g sa! alwoo to prepare sa! al(paste$ Arou! this time he saw a mouse i! the 4e#ghar$ 7! %a't) mi'e ha &ee! a perpetual !uisa!'e i! the devghar$ Seei!g the mouse a!gere the priest a! he threw the sa! alwoo towar s the mouse$ /e hit the target a! the mouse ie $ The priest we!t out to throw away the ea mouse$ 5he! Sri Swamiji saw this) he sai ) @9ri!g that ea mouse hereA$ Sri Swamiji 'aught the ea mouse &y its tail) shook a! mo#e it to a! %ro a! spoke to the mouse @Now go awayA$ The ea mouse &e'ame ali#e) starte ru!!i!g a! rea'he its &urrow$ .eople were amaHe to wit!ess this mira'le o% Sri Swamiji$

S a $e d the Li fe of a 1 al e 6 al f 7! Akkalkot there was a great e#otee o% Sri Swamiji !ame Narasappa Sutar$ /e ha a she(&u%%alo i! his house$ E#ery time whe! the she(&u%%alo ga#e &irth to a 'al%) the !ew&or! woul !ot sur#i#e a! the &u%%alo also woul !ot gi#e a!y milk$ So ha#i!g a she(&u%%alo i! the house) i !ot ser#e a!y purpose at all$ G!'e ue to 'oi!'i e!'e whe! the she(&u%%alo ga#e &irth to a 'al%) Sri Swamiji too was prese!t i! the house$ Sutar prostrate at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji a! praye @Maharaj) the she(&u%%alo woul start gi#i!g milk o!ly i% you ki! ly sa#e the !ew(&or! 'al%A$ Compassio!ate Sri Swamiji we!t !ear the she(&u%%alo$ The !ew&or! 'al% was writhi!g i! pai! a! gaspi!g %or &reath$ Sri Swamiji mo#e his %oot o! the 'al%8s &o y a! imme iately the 'al% &e'ame 'alm a! !ormal$ The 'al%8s li%e was sa#e &y the ki! gra'e o% Sri Swamiji a! Sutar starte getti!g milk %rom the she &u%%alo %rom the! o!war s$

This way) Sri Swami Samarth) the i!'ar!atio! o% <or 4attatrey) sa#e a !um&er o% li#es &y his mira'ulous powers$ Sai!ts ha#e truly sai that !o&o y 'a! estroy the o!e who is sa#e &y 0o $


6ev#har: . sa,red %la,e "here deities or idols are established and "orshi%%ed(

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A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth



Ta"e ,ff the Veil of Illusion
=an possesses li$ited life and power. )evertheless, he gets infatuated with wealth and youth and ulti$ately he beco$es arrogant. !hen he behaves with $isconduct. #e also co$$its in?ustice, adultery, and outrage. !hese are but the various for$s of illusion. ince eyes are covered by illusion, $an cannot see God. #e does not recogniFe his Guru and gets involved in $isdeeds. !he adguru is fully capable to lift the veil of illusion fro$ the eyes of his devotees and ac7uaint the$ with absolute truth$ "or the devotees possessed by illusion, adguru tries to put the$ on the right path, so$eti$es by lifting the$ fro$ difficulties, so$eti$es by granting the$ boons and so$eti$es by surprising the$ by his $iraculous wor(s. ri wa$i a$arth, the incarnation of Lord Dattatrey, during his incarnation period has uplifted nu$erous lives that had gone astray, by his $iraculous wor(s. 3ne can dispel illusion by surrendering oneself on to the adguru$

2 ir ta n"a r +am " r i shna Bu* a There was a Kirtankar206) !ame 1amkrish!a 9ua Mate$ /e ha thoroughly stu ie Vedanta$ G! the &asis o% his stu y he ha e#elope a! i!or i!ate se!se o% sel%(importa!'e a! he was always tryi!g to humiliate other lear!e people$ G! the prete*t o% the !arrati!g the Ve a!ta i! the prese!'e o% Sri Swamiji) he starte sla! eri!g Sri Swamiji$ /e starte sayi!g) @Shankara'harya was su'h a great tea'her o% A #aita .hilosophy) &ut to wi! o#er people to his si e) he per%orme uties i! 'o!%ormity with the 2%our3 'astes a! 2%our3 stages o% li%eA$ Sri Swamiji re'og!iHe the hypo'risy i! Mate 9uwa8s spee'h$ Sri Swamiji sai ) @At that time$ 5here were youK 7s it li%e8s o&je'ti#e to %ill up o!e8s treasury with mo!ey i! the %alse !ame o% religio! a! i! e'e!t 'o! u'tK A$ /eari!g these wor s o% Sri Swamiji) Mate 9uwa realiHe his %ault a! starte repe!ti!g$ 5he! Mate 9uwa sat ow! at the e! o% his EJirta!8) he saw a #irtuous lear!e ma! sitti!g !ear Sri Swamiji$ The lear!e ma! reprima! e Mate 9uwa sharply a! sai ) @The Supreme 9ei!g) the eter!al Swamiji has ma!i%este himsel% i! the %orm o% <or 4attatrey$ All these Ve a( Vedanta a! all Shastras ha#e origi!ate %rom the Supreme 9ei!g$ There%ore it is !ot gra'e%ul o! your part to speak with arroga!'e) a! with the i#ersity o% se!time!ts i! the prese!'e o% su'h a $uran $urushottam20BA$ /eari!g these wor s %rom the lear!e ma!) Mate 9uwa starte remarks$ /e surre! ere to Sri Swamiji a! praye %or %orgi#e!ess$ regretti!g his

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;irtan!ar: Cne "ho %erforms ;irtan( Cne "ho narrates a s%irit al to%i, % n,t ated b' m si,( < ran < roshattam: .n,ient and Gternal $ %reme Bein#

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A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth



For su'h %alse e*hi&itio! o% o!e8s lear!i!g) Sri Swamiji use to say) @5here are those ge!ui!e lear!e peopleK Those prese!t !ow are all trea'herousA$ Seei!g the power o% Sri Swamiji) pri e o% Mate 9uwa was shattere a! he starte re! eri!g ser#i'e to Sri Swamiji$ E#ery year he 'ame to Akkalkot a! o%%ere his EJirta!8 ser#i'e at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji$ G!'e whe! he was !arrati!g the EJirta!8 he uttere @5ho will eli#er me %rom the &o! s o% this worl ly o'ea!K A$ Sri Swamiji was seate o! a thro!e right i! %ro!t o% him$ /e lowere ow! his right %oot o! the grou! a! Mate 9uwa prostrate himsel% ow! a! em&ra'e the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji a! sai @These lotus %eet are %ully 'apa&le o% eli#eri!g me %rom the &o! s o% this worl ly o'ea!A$ 5he! his pri e was totally estroye ) Sri Swamiji showere his ki! gra'e o! Mate 9uwa$

An Al c hem i s t As ce ti c There was a! as'eti' who ha a'?uire k!owle ge o% al'hemy206$ G! the &asis o% this k!owle ge) he e!joye a! easy li%e %ille with pleasures$ /e was #ery arroga!t$ /e ha his ow! team o% a&out 2B(>0 is'iples a! atte! a!ts$ /e woul !e#er go out to 'olle't alms$ Sweet a! eli'ious ishes were &ei!g 'ooke o! a aily &asis$ /e was so arroga!t that he woul utter loathsome a&uses a! &eat people up i! a!ger$ Vama!&ua 9a o ekar) who was a&sor&e i! the 'o!templatio! o% 9rahma) ha go!e to Nasik$ /e ha go!e to the a&o e o% Sai!t 0holap Swamy$ Sai!t 0holap Swamy tol Vama!&ua) that there is a! al'hemist as'eti') &ut he has !either pru e!'e !or as'eti'ism$ Vama!&ua alo!g with his asso'iates we!t to the al'hemist as'eti'$ The as'eti' starte &oasti!g i! the prese!'e o% Vama!&ua a! his 'ompa!io!s @E#ery ay) 7 prepare > to 6 tolas20C o% gol %rom pla!ts$ 7 also prepare gol i! a 'hillim20+$ The as'eti's 0orakh(Ma'hhi! ra ha also a'?uire this se'ret k!owle ge$ The i!'ar!atio! o% <or 4attatrey is also mea!t to a'?uire this k!owle ge o% al'hemy$ G!e who has the %a#our o% 0o 8s ki! mer'y shoul !e#er &eg %or almsA$ /e aske Vama!&ua) the !ame o% his 0uru$ Vama!&ua sai ) @Sri Swami Samarth o% Akkalkot is my 0uruA$ The asso'iates o% Vama!&ua starte 'o!ti!uous shouts i! praise o% Sri Swami Samarth$ The al'hemist as'eti' who was o&sesse &y arroga!'e starte utteri!g a&uses a! aske @Ca! your 0uru) Sri Swami Samarth 'reate gol K A$ Vama!&ua replie ) @7% you 'a! a'?uire the k!owle ge o% al'hemy &y the ki! %a#our o% our Sa guru Sri Swami Samarth) the! you will see gol e#erywhere$ At least) o!'e go to Akkalkot a! e*perie!'e this mira'leA$ The al'hemist as'eti' starte growli!g with arroga!'e a! sai ) @There is !o !e'essity %or me to go a!ywhere$ 7% 7 wit!ess this mira'le here o!ly the! will 7 &elie#e your wor sA$ Vama!&ua 'ame a! !arrate 0holap Swamy a&out this i!'i e!t$ The! 0holap Swamy a!!ou!'e ) @Sri Swami Samarth will 'ertai!ly tea'h him a lesso!A$ Ne*t ay) whe! Vama!&ua a! his asso'iates we!t to 0holap Swamy they 'ame to k!ow that si!'e that mor!i!g the al'hemist as'eti' was tryi!g to 'reate gol &ut the
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.l,hem': The art of transformin# base metal into )old Tola: &eas re of "ei#ht #enerall' sed for %re,io s metals( 15 )m is 1 Tola( 258 Chillim: . small smo!in# %i%e Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust

Swami 4attaguru) 5hat are your or ers %or this ser#a!tK A$ Swami 4attaguru spoke to him @Now go %rom here to our Mahurga a! pass your time sile!tly thereA$ The! Sri Swamiji ga#e him re (o'hre 'oloure 'loth a! 253 $"ami 6atta# r : -ord 6attatre' Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . Maharaj) you are o!ly the S!ami Dattaguru20D$ Iou are the <or ) the Gm!ipote!t) a! the Ji! (hearte $ 7 am %ully satis%ie $ Gh.$ /ow woul you ju ge a! as'eti'K Now hit that sto!e o! your hea itsel%$ Gpe! your eyes a! look o! your le%t si e %or the mira'le o% al'hemy) @ So sayi!g) Sri Swamiji starte laughi!g u!'o!trolla&ly$ The al'hemist as'eti' starte perspiri!g with shame$ 5he! he saw the tree o! his le%t si e) water was tri'kli!g ow! %rom the tree$ 5here#er the water tri'kle ow!) that pla'e was shi!i!g like gol $ Seei!g this mira'le) he got #ery %righte!e a! starte trem&li!g$ All his se!se orga!s starte &e'omi!g i!ert a! he 'oul get the realiHatio! o% his i!!er soul) whi'h is ?uite i%%ere!t %rom his physi'al &o y$ 5hile praisi!g Sri Swamiji) he starte sayi!g @There is great!ess i! the glory o% this E4arsha!8$ 7t is really a &lessi!g$ Sri Swamiji is really a true Sa guru &y whose 4arsha!) tou'h) a! mer'y) o!e gets realiHatio! o% the i!!er soul$ /e is 0o $ /e is the i!!er spirit o% e#eryo!e$ /e is the sole o&ser#er a! the imperisha&le$ 7 am really &lesse to get E4arsha!8 o% su'h a Sa guru$ The k!owle ge o% al'hemy) wit'h'ra%t) ig!ora!'e) a! illusio! are all se!seless a! %ull o% pai!$ The supersoul i! the heart 'a! &e i e!ti%ie with the Supreme 9ei!g) the =!i#erse) a! the 4i#i!e Esse!'e$ 7t represe!ts eter!al happi!ess$ 7t is %ully li&erate ) pure a! &eyo! the rea'h o% se!ses$ Gh.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 123 _________________________________________________________________________________________ o!ly thi!g that 'ame out o% his pro'ess was 'har'oal i!stea o% 0ol $ They also 'ame to k!ow that the al'hemist as'eti' has %elt #ery o%%e! e a! i!te! s to kill all the asso'iates o% Akkalkot who ha 'ome to #isit him$ 5ith this k!owi!g Vama!&ua a! 0holap Swamy alo!g with their asso'iates starte 'o!ti!uous shouts o% #i'tory i! praise o% Sri Swami Samarth a! we!t out to #isit the hypo'riti'al al'hemist as'eti'$ 5he! the as'eti' saw Vama!&ua) 0holap Swamy a! asso'iates 'omi!g !ear him) he starte utteri!g irty a&uses a! throwi!g sto!es at them$ 7t was almost 'ertai! that some&o y woul ie$ Vama!&ua) 0holap Swamy) a! their asso'iates stoo there a! starte 'ha!ti!g the !ame o% Sri Swami Samarth 'o!ti!uously$ The as'eti' 'ame !ear to hit them$ /owe#er) the sto!e whi'h he ha li%te to throw a! hit these people) %ell o! his hea itsel% a! he %ell ow! u!'o!s'ious$ 5he! the as'eti' regai!e 'o!s'ious!ess) he we!t o! utteri!g @Akkalkot Swamiji is a ge!tlema! a! a ge!ui!e ma!$ Till 7 get his E4arsha!8) 7 will !ot a''ept a!y %oo $ Simply just &y heari!g the !ame a! %ame o% Sri Swamiji) i% a highly i!to*i'ate perso! like me asks %or repe!ta!'e the! woul a!ythi!g !ot happe! &y the E4arsha!8 o% Sri SwamijiK A$ Ne*t ay the as'eti' alo!g with his atte! a!ts we!t to Akkalkot$ 5he! he rea'he there) Sri Swamiji was sitti!g i! Jhas&aug a! playi!g with himsel%$ The as'eti' o%%ere %ruits to Sri Swamiji a! prostrate &e%ore him$ Sri Swamiji got up a! starte thu! eri!g @/it a sto!e o! my hea $ /a#e you !ot &e'ome !egle't%ul o% others i! arroga!'eK Iou mea! %ellow) what are you looki!g %orK Iou ha#e &e'ome like a 'oal$ Now ie.

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth



eerski! as $rasad$ A%ter re! eri!g ser#i'e %or %ew ays the as'eti' took the &lessi!gs o% Sri Swamiji a! we!t to Mahurga $ Sri Swamiji ma!i%este himsel% at Mahurga a! ga#e E4arsha!8 to the as'eti'$ The as'eti' prostrate at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji a! washe the %eet with his tears o% joy$ /is li%e was 'ha!ge $ 9y the ki! gra'e o% Sri Swamiji) the as'eti' attai!e e#erlasti!g happi!ess$ The as'eti' himsel% i!%orme rahmanishta2:0) Vama!&ua$ this 'omplete stateme!t) i! writi!g) to the

V i shnu ua Br a hm ac ha r i

Maloji 1aje) the Ji!g o% the the! State o% Akkalkot) was a religious perso!$ /e woul arra!ge %or is'ourses o! Vedanta$ /e was #ery %o! o% stu yi!g philosophi'al a! religious &ooks$ /e woul i!#ite lear!e people with ue respe't$ 7! Mum&ai there was a perso! !ame Vish!u&ua rahma'hari$ /e ha e%eate Christia! priests i! e&ates$ The 1ajesahe& wa!te to k!ow a&out Ve a!ta %rom the 9rahma'hari$ So he 'alle the 9rahma'hari) who 'ame to the pala'e a! eli#ere a le'ture o! Ve a!ta$ G!e ay) the 9rahma'hari we!t %or Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8$ 7! the prese!'e o% Sri Swamiji he starte e*hi&iti!g his theoreti'al k!owle ge a! the! ga#e a lo!g !arratio! o% Vedanta$ At the e! ) he put a ?uestio! to Sri Swamiji @/ow o you a''omplish the stage o% rahmatadakarata 2::K A$ Sri Swamiji i !ot say a!ythi!g$ So 9rahma'hari thought) @Sri Swamiji is 'raHy$ /e oes !ot k!ow a!ythi!g$ Still people ha#e u! uly e*alte Sri Swamiji$ 7 am really a lear!e ma!$ /ow 'oul Sri Swamiji u! ersta! whate#er 7 ha#e spoke! a&out Ve a!taK A$ At !ight 9rahma'hari got a ream that thousa! s o% s'orpio!s ha#e %alle! o! his &o y a! o!e o% the s'orpio!s &it him$ /e got terri%ie a! woke up s'reami!g lou ly i! his ream$ Near&y) there was a .arsi ge!tlema! who woke him up %rom his eep sleep$ 5he! he woke up he was seiHe with %ear a! starte thi!ki!g @whether it is true or !ot) 7 ha#e 'o! em!e Sri Swamiji$ 7s this ream !ot the result o% my 'o! em!atio!K A$ 7! the mor!i!g he 'ame %or Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8$ Agai! he !arrate Ve a!ta i! the prese!'e o% Sri Swamiji a! put a ?uestio! to Sri Swamiji @5hat is rahmatadakarataK A! what is the re?uire mea!s to a''omplish itK A$ Sri Swamiji spoke @Iou stupi %ellow) i! your ream thousa! s o% s'orpio!s %ell o! your &o y$ Gut o% them) whe! o!e s'orpio! &it you) you starte s'reami!g i! the ream as you 'oul !ot &ear the pai! a! you are maki!g a &ig show &y talki!g a&out Ve a!taK 4o you thi!k you woul &e'ome a Iogi &y maki!g 'hil ish a! hair(splitti!g !arratio! a&out Ve a!taK 0et up a! lea#e this pla'eA$ 9rahma'hari pulle a lo!g %a'e a! retur!e to his pla'e$ /e realiHe that Sri Swamiji is !ot 'raHy &ut a superhuma! who 'a! make others 'raHy$

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Brahmanistha: The one "ho is ,onstantl' absorbed in the ,otem%lation of Brahma Brahmatada!arata: )et absor%tion into the $ %reme Bein#

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A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth



Thr ee Asc e ti cs G!'e) three as'eti's &elo!gi!g to 0iri) .uri a! 9harati se'ts) 'ame to Akkalkot$ A%ter heari!g the !ame o% Sri Swamiji) they starte aski!g) @5ho is this SwamijiK From where i he 'ome %romK 5hat is the spiritual stage o% this SwamijiK 7s he a :ans2:2) or a $aram :ans2:>K E#e! a%ter &ei!g a! as'eti' he is see! either lyi!g o! a &e or rolli!g o! a &e a! pillow$ 5here is the pu!ishme!t %or himK 5hi'h s'riptures represe!t a! justi%y his path o% &eha#iourK A$ Seei!g the arroga!'e o% these as'eti's the people prese!t there sai ) @Iou shoul perso!ally meet Sri Swamiji a! the! get your ou&ts 'lari%ie A$ 5he! those three as'eti's we!t i! %ro!t o% Sri Swamiji) their to!gue &e'ame #ery hea#y a! their spee'h was arreste $ They were u!a&le to talk i! spite o% their %ra!ti' e%%orts$ They all got 'o!%ou! e $ They 'oul !ot &ear the sight o% Sri Swamiji8s 4i#i!e sple! our$ 1epe!ti!g themsel#es) they prostrate at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji$ Sri Swamiji got so%te!e with pity$ Sri Swamiji put some holy ash o! their to!gues a! the spee'h was restore $ The! they starte si!gi!g i! the praise o% Sri Swamiji a! starte sayi!g @Sri Swamiji) your mira'ulous works are e#e! i!'omprehe!si&le %or the Vedas$ Now we pray to you to ki! ly gui e us as to whi'h path shoul we %ollow %or our wel%areK /ow 'oul we get li&erate %rom the illusio! a! attai! i#i!e %a#oursKA$ Sri Swamiji spoke to them with ope!(heart @Jeep %ull %aith i! the wor s o% sai!ts$ Seek their shelter) sa'ri%i'e your ego a! e#ote your time %or si!gi!g) worshipi!g a! 'o!ti!uous repetitio! o% 0o 8s !ame$ 9e happy with whate#er you get$ 4o !ot harass a!y a!imal physi'ally) me!tally) or &y spee'h$ Mai!tai! your 'or ial relatio!s with me$ 1emem&er that 0o is the oer a! he gets thi!gs o!e as well$ Take shelter o% e#otio!$ 5he! your worship to 0o gets a''omplishe ) you will &e %ully satis%ie $ Thus the pri e o% those three as'eti's was totally estroye $ They remai!e Akkalkot re! eri!g e#otio!al ser#i'e to Sri Swamiji till their e! $ i!

+a m ac ha r ya G!'e) whe! Sri Swami Samarth was i! Jhe ma!oor Village) he put himsel% up i! the temple o% 0o ess Iellamma$ The hea ma! o% that #illage) Appasahe& .atil) was a e#otee o% Sri Swamiji$ /e per%orme Shodsho('har worship o% Sri Swamiji a! ga#e the water &y whi'h he ha washe the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji to his %amily mem&ers$ There was a lear!e ma! o% Vaish!a#:D0 se't !ame 1ama'harya i! this #illage as well$ Seei!g the ho!our o%%ere to Sri Swamiji &y Appasahe& .atil) 1ama'harya starte %retti!g a! %umi!g with jealousy$ /e starte maki!g 'riti'al remarks a&out Sri Swamiji$ /e woul say @This as'eti' is totally 'orrupte $ /e has !o 'aste) !o kith a! ki! !or a!y %amily$ /e sits
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8ans: Cne of the fo rteen !inds of as,eti,s of hi#h order( <aram 8ans: .n as,eti, of the hi#hest order

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A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth



where#er he likes a! our hea ma! Appasahe& .atil takes that water use i! washi!g the %eet o% that as'eti' Sri SwamijiA$ Seetarama'harya a #ise 1ama'harya @7t is !ot goo to talk a!ythi!g a&out a!y&o y without a!y prior i!#estigatio!$ So let us 'arry o! some tests o% Sri SwamijiA$ 9oth these Vaish!a# 9rahmi!s e'i e that they will keep i! mi! the %irst hal% #erses ea'h %rom 1ig#e a) 9hagwa gita a! 9hagwat alo!g with their mea!i!g a! i% Swami Maharaj tells us the se'o! hal% o% ea'h #erse alo!g its mea!i!g) the! we will 'o!si er Sri Swamiji as i!'ar!atio! o% <or 4attatrey$ Ne*t mor!i!g Sri Swamiji got up$ /e ha !ot e#e! tou'he the :ukka2:6$ 9y the!) those Vaish!a# 9rahmi!s 'ame o#er to test Sri Swamiji$ Si!'e they ha 'ome test Sri Swamiji) the! how woul they o%%er their salutatio!s to himK$ So without e#e! o%%eri!g their salutatio!s) they starte to test Sri Swamiji$ /owe#er) to their is&elie%) whate#er #erses 'ame up i! the mi! s o% those 9rahmi!s) Sri Swamiji starte si!gi!g the same i! a sweet a! melo ious to!e$ /eari!g this) the 9rahmi!s %elt ashame a! praye to Sri Swamiji to %orgi#e their serious o%%e!'e$ The! they starte si!gi!g i! praise o% Sri Swamiji a! &e'ame his e#otees$

S han" a r ac har y a G!'e) Shankara'harya o% Sa!keshwar Muth) who ha u! ertake! a pilgrimage) 'ame to Akkalkot$ Maloji 1aje) the Ji!g o% the the! State o% Akkalkot) re'ei#e him with ue ho!our a! ma e goo arra!geme!t %or his stay$ The! the ki!g per%orme ESho shop'har8 worship o% Sha!kara'harya$ The ki!g o%%ere %oo to all 9rahmi!s who were prese!t there$ 9y that time) Sri Swamiji also arri#e there to see the %esti#al$ A 9rahmi! praye him to &e seate i! the row mea!t %or 9rahmi!s to take %oo $ /owe#er) the other 9rahmi!s who were sitti!g i! that row starte whisperi!g amo!gst themsel#es) @This as'eti' takes %oo a!ywhere$ So arra!ge to ser#e him %oo separately a! !ot i! our rowA$ All the 9rahmi!s sitti!g there were i!spire &y this e#il thought a! su e!ly there was a mira'le$ 5orms were see! writhi!g i! the plates %ille with sumptuous %oo $ The 9rahmi!s sitti!g i! the row were horri%ie to see those worms$ The ol 9rahmi!) who ha o%%ere a seat to Sri Swamiji i! that row) sai ) @<or 4attatrey himsel% has &ee! i!sulte $ /e!'e this has happe!e A$ The! the Jagadguru." Shankara'harya"., realise his gra#e mistake$ /e o%%ere his prayers to Sri Swamiji a! sai @Ji! ly %orgi#e me %or this serious o%%e!'e$ 7! %a't you are the real Jaga guru$ 9e'ause o% the %alse arroga!'e ue to authoritati#e power) 7 ha#e 'ommitte a serious o%%e!'e$ Ji! ly show mer'y o! me a! a''ept this seat reser#e %or meA$ Sri Swamiji starte utteri!g a&uses a! sai ) @7 am a 'orrupte as'eti' a! those three Shastries2:B who are sitti!g i! the row alo!g with you) ha#e &ee! &or! &y Muslim youth$ Ask these Shastries a! their mothers$ Iou are the great tea'her o% a #aita philosophy a! pre'eptor o% the people$ The! how i you allow those three Muslim(&or! Shastries i! this row mea!t %or 9rahmi!sK$ 9y sha#i!g hea ) &ear ) a!
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8 !!a: . smo!in# %i%e( )enerall' bi##er than Chillim( $ee 1ootnote for Chillim( $hastries: Cne "ho has st died the 8ind s,ri%t res $hastras( .lso see 1ootnote for $hastras(

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A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth



mousta'he o you thi!k that a perso! &e'omes a! as'eti'K .lease tell me) a perso! who stu ies the Es'riptural s'ie!'es8 &e'omes 'orrupte or !otK A$ A%ter liste!i!g to those wor s o% Sri Swamiji) all those Shastri 9rahmi!s lowere their hea s i! shame$ They prostrate at the lotus %eet o% Shri Swamiji a! praye %or %orgi#e!ess$ Ji! (hearte Sri Swamiji %orga#e them$ 9y this i!'i e!t) Sha!kara'harya realise the supreme power o% Sri Swamiji$

2 eep y our G r e at nes s i n 4o ur , * n !ous e Ji!g Maloji 1aje o% the the! State o% Akkalkot was a e#otee o% Sri Swamiji$ E#ery Thurs ay the ki!g woul go %or Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8$ G!'e he we!t %or the E4arsha!8 ri i!g o! a! elepha!t$ A%ter seei!g Sri Swamiji) he got ow! %rom the elepha!t) we!t ahea &are(%oote a! prostrate with his hea resti!g o! the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji$ /owe#er) the Ji!g re'ei#e a power%ul slap %rom Sri Swamiji) a! his tur&a! %ell ow!$ The Ji!g got terri&ly s'are $ 5ith a!ger) Sri Swamiji starte yelli!g at him @Jeep your great!ess i! your ow! house$ 5hat is the !e'essity o% that great!ess hereK 7 make ma!y ki!gs like you out o% this game o% 'hessA$ The Ji!g realise his serious mistake$ From that ay o!war s) whe!e#er he woul go %or Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8) he woul lea#e his horse a! elepha!t %ar away %rom the #iew o% Sri Swamiji a! the! walk &are%oote $

) ar a ya n Bha t 7! Solapur) there was a 9rahmi! !ame Naraya! 9hat$ G''asio!ally u! er the prete*t o% taki!g Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8) he woul 'ome to Akkalkot &ut he ha !o %aith towar s Sri Swamiji$ .assi!g 'riti'al remarks agai!st Sri Swamiji i! the prese!'e o% people) he woul say) @5ho is this SwamiK /e eats a!ywhere a! he sleeps a!ywhere$ /e oes!8t o a!y work$ /e oes !ot %ollow a!y rules a&out u!tou'ha&ility$ 5hat type o% as'eti' is heK A$ G!'e he we!t to Akkalkot$ /e we!t with others to take Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8 a! stoo there wat'hi!g as i% wat'hi!g some %u!$ G&ser#i!g his &a i!te!tio!s) Sri Swamiji sai ) @0o away s'reami!g %rom hereA$ 5ithout &otheri!g %or those wor s o% Sri Swamiji) he retur!e home i! a! arroga!t ma!!er$ A%ter 'omi!g home) he lear!t that there was the%t i! his house worth three to %our thousa! rupees 2a huge amou!t uri!g those ays3$ /e was sho'ke a! he starte thrashi!g his hea $ /e repe!te #ery mu'h$ Fi!ally he ga#e up his ego a! e!gage himsel% i! the e#otio! o% Sri Swamiji$

6 ity , f I n5 us ti ce 4ajee&a 9hosle was a truste prime mi!ister o% the Ji!g o% Akkalkot) Maloji 1aje$ /e was #ery u!just a! tyra!!i'al$ 9e'ause o% his &a 'o! u't he was ri#e! out %rom the state &y the the! 9ritish 0o#er!me!t$ /owe#er) Ji!g Maloji 1aje trie his &est
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eople were ope!ly isgra'e i! a isrespe't%ul ma!!er$ Ta* was i!'rease $ . 5ithi! just a %ew ays the the! Akkalkot State) was dissolved &y the 9ritish 0o#er!me!t$ 4ajee&a was arreste $ 9arjoji a! Su&he ar Sri!i#as %le to the the! /y er&a State a! a lawsuit was i!stitute agai!st Ji!g Maloji 1aje$ Thus the arroga!'e o% e#eryo!e was shattere $ .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 128 _________________________________________________________________________________________ a! stoo &ail %or 4ajee&a 9hosle a! got him release $ Sri Swamiji was #ery isplease with Maloji 1aje) %or getti!g him release a! sta! i!g &ail to a perso! like 4ajee&a) who woul always harass poor people$ 4ue to this i!'i e!t Sri Swamiji with a seemi!gly a!gry a! re %a'e was speaki!g with Narsimharao 9hosle i! a! a!gere to!e @5hat type o% mis'hie% is thisK 5ho has &rought this 'u!!i!g thie% %rom 'usto yK /e has &ee! release &ut agai! he will get arreste a! take! awayA$ The Ji!g Maloji 1aje got this message$ Ne#ertheless) there was !o a #erse e%%e't o! him si!'e he i !ot &other mu'h a&out Sri Swamiji8s wor s$ A%ter the retur! o% 4ajee&a i! the state) i!justi'e) a! harassme!t starte all o#er agai!$ 4ajee&a a! his 'ompa!io!s like Magistrate 9arjoji Ma!ikji a! Sri!i#as Su&e ar starte harassi!g people$ 7!justi'e sprea i! the 'ity o! a large s'ale$ Se#ere pu!ishme!t was &ei!g gi#e! %or mi!or o%%e!'es$ . 5here is Chiplu!K A$ 1eply gi#e! @7t is i! Jo!ka!A$ Agai! there was a ?uestio! @5here is Jo!ka!K A$ 1eply gi#e! @7t is &elow the 0hat 2/ill3A$ Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .eople 'omplai!e to the 9ritish 0o#er!me!t8s age!t$ There was a rumour that the state is getti!g issol#e $ /owe#er) the Ji!g a! his 'oterie o% people i !ot pay atte!tio! to this rumour$ G!'e) Sri Swamiji was sitti!g o! a low s?uare seat o% the pala'e$ Magistrate 9arjoji ri i!g o! a horse was e!teri!g the pala'e a! Sri Swamiji yelle at him @7% you 'ome ahea ) 7 will &reak your hea $ Vaga&o! $ Thie%$ Iou &ur!t my 'hil re!$ Iou set them o! %ireK A$ 5he! 9arjoji out o% %ear) starte &a'ktra'ki!g) Sri Swamiji uttere a wor @DissolvedA$ There was a mira'le. ne S houl d ) ot I m it at e Any one /s St yl e 0opal&ua Jelkar was a great e#otee o% Sri Swamiji$ /e &uilt a Muth i! Chiplu! a! i!stalle the $adukas o% Sri Swamiji$ G!e ay a sai!t 'ame to the Muth$ 0opal&ua aske the sai!t @Maharaj) whi'h pla'e o you &elo!gK From where i you 'ome !owK A$ The sai!t sai ) @5hat o 7 k!owK A$ 0opal&ua was #ery impresse heari!g those wor s a! he starte imitati!g his style$ 0opal&ua ha go!e to a #illage to 'olle't alms$ Someo!e aske him there @9ua) where o you 'ome %romK A$ 0opalrao replie ) @5hat o 7 k!owK A$ The i!!er(spirite Sri Swamiji rea 0opal&ua8s mi! $ A%ter a %ew ays 0opal&ua we!t to Akkalkot$ 5he! he took Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8) he aske 0opal&ua @5hi'h pla'e o you 'ome %romK A$ 0opalrao replie ) @7 am %rom Chiplu!A$ Agai! there was a ?uestio! @well.

eople are &e'omi!g 'raHy a%ter Sri Swamiji i! #ai!$ /e has %alle! %rom gra'e a%ter &e'omi!g a! as'eti'$ 9y the i!%lue!'e o% Sri Swamiji) our 9a&a Sa&!is is also reshu%%li!g loose sheets o% those religious &ooks o! Ve a!taA$ 4uri!g the same time) a serpe!t &it o!e perso! sitti!g i! that temple$ E#eryo!e &e'ame !er#ous$ Jashi!ath Mhaswa e &rought the s!ake(&itte! perso! to Sri Swamiji$ Sri Swamiji spoke @E#e! i% 7 am 'raHy a! %alle! %rom gra'e) what oes your %ather looseK Iou get rea yma e %oo to eat$ /e!'e you get time to make %u! o% some&o y$ 7s it !otK 7 k!ow all your hypo'risy) your rites a! 'ustoms like applyi!g a! auspi'ious mark o! the %orehea ) putti!g a garla! o! o!e8s !e'k) o&ser#i!g pollutio! 'ause &y 'o!ta't with the u!tou'ha&les) are all hum&ugA$ The 'o!'er!e people starte perspiri!g with shame heari!g Sri Swamiji8s &lu!t spee'h$ They all praye %or his %orgi#e!ess$ 9y the ki! o% mer'y o% Sri Swamiji) the perso! who was &itte! &y s!ake &e'ame per%e'tly well$ 216 217 .oti!oo%: 4ater tan! 4ar!aris: <il#rim-devotees of -ord 2ithoba7 <andhar% r Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .eople stoppe goi!g to the Jotikoop$ As a result) the aily i!'ome o% those temple priests stoppe 'ompletely$ 0ree i!ess a! egoism is always %ollowe &y repe!ta!'e$ They all repe!te a! praye %or Sri Swamiji8s %orgi#e!ess$ G!ly the! the holy water o% Jotikoop got automati'ally puri%ie $ Tr a di ti ona l !y poc r is y Gutsi e Akkalkot) there is a small temple o% Sri 1ama$ 7! this temple) a ge!tlema! 9a&a Sa&!is woul hol aily is'ussio!s o! Ve a!ta$ Sri Swamiji woul also 'ome a! take a seat$ Jashi!ath Mhaswa e a! 9a&a .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 123 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Sri Swamiji agai! ?uestio!e him @5here is the ghatK A$ Now there was a %lash o% lighte!i!g i! 0opal&ua8s mi! ) he u! erstoo that Sri Swamiji is putti!g these ?uestio!s u! er the prete*t o% testi!g him$ The &li! imitatio! o% the sai!t was 'osti!g him ear i! the prese!'e o% Sri Swamiji$ The! 0opal&ua spoke @Maharaj) 7 o !ot k!ow a&out Jo!ka!A$ Sri Swamiji starte laughi!g #ery lou ly$ 0opal&ua got #ery mu'h ashame a! starte repe!ti!g$ 2 oti " oop Similar i!'i e!t took pla'e e#e! i! a holy pla'e like 1ameshwar$ There) the temple priest was 'olle'ti!g ta* %rom people %or taki!g &ath i! the holy water o% Kotikoo(.ha !is) &oth =arkaris2:C also 'ame %or the is'ussio!s$ /owe#er) those warkari people i !ot ha#e a!y impli'it %aith towar s Sri Swamiji$ G!e ay Jashi!ath Mhaswa e sai ) @Sri Swamiji has &e'ome 'raHy$ ."-6 5he! Sri Swamiji we!t there to take &ath) the temple priests stoppe him$ The! Sri Swamiji per%orme a mira'le$ 5orms starte appeari!g) writhi!g with pai!) i! the Jotikoop$ Foul ste!'h starte 'omi!g %rom the water$ .

>ou have already repented.ower o% Sri SwamijiA$ There%ore) Cha!&asappa a! Si appa &oth we!t %or the E4arsha!8 o% Sri Swamiji$ There was a mira'le$ Cha!&asappa wit!esse 0o ess .ar#ati alo!g with 0o Si heshwar Jailas!ath seate i! the pla'e o% Sri Swamiji himsel% a! glari!g with sple! our$ /e &e'ame !er#ous) starte trem&li!g with %ear a! praye %or the ki! %orgi#e!ess$ !hen ri wa$i?i advised. .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 135 _________________________________________________________________________________________ De ce pti on By The 1 il " m an The %esti#al o% *uru(rati(ada2:+ was &ei!g 'ele&rate i! the Muth o% Sri Swami Samarth o% Akkalkot$ Arra!geme!ts were ma e to %ee 9rahmi!s with sumptuous meals$ For the %esti#al) milkma! Malloo sol milk at twi'e the pri'e) still it was %ou! that water was a e to the milk$ A%ter &oili!g the milk) it got 'ompletely spoilt$ /ow 'a! this wor remai! hi e! %rom Sri SwamijiK Milkma! Malloo ha %i%tee!(twe!ty she( &u%%aloes$ There was a mira'le$ Those she(&u%%aloes i !ot allow Malloo at all to milk them$ 7!stea o% milk) &loo starte ooHi!g out %rom the u ers o% the &u%%aloes$ The milkma! &e'ame terri%ie seei!g the &loo $ /e trie all reme ial treatme!ts &ut i! #ai!$ /e &e'ame #ery %rustrate a! starte repe!ti!g$ /e we!t weepi!g to Sri Swamiji) .nother name of -ord $hiva( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .e%tor on the first da' of l nar fortni#ht $iddhesh"ar: . The ki! (hearte Sri Swamiji put ow! his pri e a! ga#e him a se!se o% o!e!ess$ Br ahm i n ' ai d !e a$ il y 3or ! is &#o A woma! Shi#u&ai) %rom the the! /y era&a State) alo!g with her so!) ha 'ome to Akkalkot to take Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8$ /er so! ha &e'ome &li! ) a%ter the thread 'eremo!y$ She prostrate at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji a! praye %or the 218 213 ) r %rati%ada: 4orshi% of %re. in gets washed away and the $ind gets purified<.raye %or %orgi#e!ess a! swore that he woul !e#er 'heat i! the %uture$ Ji! (hearte Sri Swamiji %orga#e the milkma! with ki! mer'y a! the! his she( &u%%aloes starte gi#i!g milk$ Forgetti!g his ego) the milkma! starte re! eri!g ser#i'e &y pro#i i!g o!e seer o% milk to the Muth aily %or the E. 9epentance itself is atone$ent.rasa 8$ +e pe nta nce It se l f Is Atone m e nt Sri Swamiji ha 'ome to Solapur %rom Akkalkot$ There) lakhs o% people starte pouri!g i! to take Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8$ There was a mer'ha!t &y !ame Cha!&asappa$ Seei!g the pomp a! prosperity o% Sri Swamiji) he spoke to a!other mer'ha!t) Si happa Jara!je) @To ay) mer'ha!ts) shopkeepers) 'hil re!) wome! a! me! o% Solapur ha#e all go!e to take E4arsha!8 o% Sri Swamiji o% Akkalkot$ They are all %oolish$ Forgetti!g 0o Siddhesh!ar2:D o% Solapur) people ha#e go!e 'raHy a%ter a! as'eti') Sri SwamijiA$ Si appa was a e#otee$ /e spoke @5hy shoul we 'ommit si! &y 'e!suri!g 0o ) 0uru a! the sai!tsK <et us go a! wit!ess the 4i#i!e .

A 225 Bha#"at 6harma: .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 131 _________________________________________________________________________________________ restoratio! o% eyesight o% her so!$ Sri Swamiji sai ) @Fi#e gia!ts are 'omi!g to test me$ At that time) your so! will get his eyesight restore A$ 7! the mea!time) %i#e stout Vaish!a# 9rahmi!s) pu%%e with pri e) 'ame there to test Sri Swamiji$ Sri Swamiji spoke to Shi#u&ai8s ki @0a!esh) 'ome here) just speak out se!te!'e &y se!te!'e store i! these 9rahmi!8s mi! alo!g with the 'orre't a!swerA$ Sri Swamiji took out his garla! a! ga#e it to 0a!esh to wear it$ /e the! mo#e a marigol %lower o! &oth eyes o% 0a!esh$ 7!sta!tly the &oy starte talki!g as his eyesight was restore $ /e re%ute all the ou&ts store i! the mi! s o% those 9rahmi!s$ All the Vaish!a# 9rahmi!s &e'ame ashame a! prostrate at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji$ Sri Swamiji the! spoke to their religious i!stru'tor) @9e'ause 7 eat %oo gi#e! &y a!y&o y) you sla! ere me a! trie to test me$ 9ut your mother 'ommitte a ultery with se#eral Muslims$ Iou were &or! to a Muslim %ather &y !ame 7mam&akshA$ /eari!g these wor s the religious i!stru'tor 9rahmi! was em&arrasse $ /e repe!te a! praye to Sri Swamiji %or 'lea!si!g his si!$ Ji! (hearte Sri Swamiji &e'ame mer'i%ul towar s him a! sai @Now go a! take &ath i! the ri#er 0a!ga 20a!ges3 a! %ollow hag!at Dharma220A$ The pri e ema!ati!g %rom wealth) youth a! k!owle ge always &ri!gs a! impe ime!t i! the path o% religious a! spiritual progress$ There%ore a 0uru always estroys the pri e o% his e#otee$ 5he! the huma! &o y itsel% is u!real) the! what is the use o% that pri eK The well k!ow! sai!t Meera&ai has sai ( @4ha!a(Jo&a!aka 0ara& !a keejai . s'stem of divine faith and "orshi% Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . Jhootha .a!'hra!ga Chola re.

aham!ar @e#o-.hieve mo!sha @liberation of the so l from the .alendar7 in the hono r of the deit'7 -ord )anesh7 the son of -ord $hiva and )oddess <arvati Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .ons.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 132 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Improper Beha$iour /a#i!g &ei!g 'aught i! the we& o% Maya22:) a li#i!g &ei!g 'ommits a'ts o% a ultery) malpra'ti'e) tyra!!y) a! wi'ke !ess$ . # st K$e%tember as %er Gn#lish .es of &a'a( 222 )anesh 9tsav: 1estival held in the month of Bhadra%ad as %er 8ind .'.u%%e up with o!e8s stre!gth) authority) a! power) a li#i!g &ei!g 'ommits malpra'ti'e) just &y 'losi!g his eyes like a 'at) &ut the all power%ul 0o 'omes to k!ow e#erythi!g$ Sri Swami Samarth Maharaj se#erely 'o! em!e su'h ou&le(%a'e perso!s a! also mete out pu!ishme!t to shatter their ego$ ' oll uti on i n Soh oni/ s !ous e Sri Swamiji we!t to .a! harpur %rom Ma!gal#e ha a! the! 'ame to Mohol$ There he took a halt i! the house o% the Mamlat ar) 0a!esh /ari Soho!i$ 7t was the ay o% *aneshotsav222$ G! that ay) Kirtan was &ei!g hel i! Soho!i8s house$ 7t was mi !ight a! rai!i!g outsi e$ 7! su'h a situatio!) Sri Swamiji we!t out o% the house$ E#e! a%ter 'o!sta!t ear!est re?uests) Sri Swamiji i !ot go i!si e the house$ Sri Swamiji tol Soho!i @7 am e*perie!'i!g air pollutio! i!si e your house$ So 7 will !ot e!ter your houseA$ So sayi!g Sri Swamiji we!t away i! the %orest$ Soho!i was a e#otee &ut still he was 'aught i! a we& o% stro!g se*ual esires$ /e ha kept a 'o!'u&i!e) i! the house$ So Sri Swamiji i !ot stay i! the house$ Soho!i was !ot rea y to gi#e up his se*ual esire$ /is ill %ame ha sprea e#erywhere$ The 'olle'tor o% Solapur ha 'ome to Mohol %or i!#estigatio!$ /e trie to 'o!#i!'e Soho!i i! pri#ate) @Try to gi#e up your mistress$ 7t is !ot gra'e%ul o! part o% a! o%%i'erA$ /owe#er) Soho!i replie ) @This is my perso!al a%%air$ There is !o !e'essity %or you to i!ter%ere i! my perso!al a%%airsA$ The 'olle'tor &e'ame #ery a!gry$ <ater o! 'rimi!al suits were %ile agai!st Soho!i$ As a result) he lost his jo&$ =ltimately he ga#e up his mistress$ G!ly a%ter that Sri Swamiji showere his ki! mer'y o! him a! he was a'?uitte $ <ater o!) he got a jo& i! the the! state o% 9aro a$ A n A dul ter e s s & 8pos ed Sri Swamiji always se#erely 'o! em!e a ultery$ G!'e) a woma! %rom a ri'h %amily 'ame %or Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8$ 1elati#es a! ser#a!ts a''ompa!ie her$ 5he! she o%%ere prayers %or the %a#our o% getti!g a so!) Sri Swamiji roare at her a! sai @Iou u!'haste woma!) why o you pray me %or the %a#our o% a so!K <ook there) your lo#er is sitti!g$ /e will gi#e you a so!A$ Si!'e she was e*pose i! the prese!'e o% all the people) she 'o!'eale her %a'e a! ra! away %rom there$ 221 &a'a: Ill sion( &a'a m st be seen thro #h in order to a.alendar7 month of .le of death and rebirthA .io snessA and !arma are seen as %art of the bindin# for.

lso see 1ootnote for %edas( 224 Chat rdash# ni tamb l: .eremonies as %res. * n Br othe r A ge!tlema! %rom .8ind s.u!e alo!g with his wi%e a! &rother(i!(law ha 'ome to take Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8$ /e ha !o 'hil re!$ /is wi%e o%%ere a Chaturdashguni tambul226 to Sri Swamiji a! praye %or a so!$ Sri Swamiji %lew i!to rage a! sai @Iou u!'haste woma!) you ha#e mai!tai!e illi'it relatio!ship with your ow! &rother %or the last se#e! years$ 7!stea o% %ee i!g this roll o% &etal lea% to your ow! &rother) why o you gi#e it to meK A$ /eari!g those harsh wor s &oth) the sister a! &rother) were asto!ishe a! hi i!g their %a'es ra! away %rom the s'e!e$ The &a 'hara'ter o% that woma! sho'ke e#eryo!e prese!t there$ A St a#e -' l ay e r Lo$ e r A 9rahmi! woma! !ame Ja!aki&ai ha 'ome %or Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8$ She stri'tly pra'ti'e u!tou'ha&ility$ She prepare naivedya %oo a! whe! she we!t to o%%er the same to Sri Swamiji$ /e sai ) @7 o !ot eat u!'o!tami!ate pure %oo $ Fee this to your stage(playerA$ She was e*pose a! she &e'ame #ery !er#ous a! stoo greatly em&arrasse $ 5he! she praye with %ull praises o!ly the! Sri Swamiji a''epte a little o% the %oo o%%ere &y her as ENai#e ya8 a! sai ) @7! %uture whe! you get white spots o! your &o y) there will &e awake!i!g o% e#otio!A$ A%ter a %ew ays) Ja!aki&ai starte su%%eri!g %rom white <eprosy a! she &e'ame e!grosse i! e#otio!$ % ha t Ty pe of ' r o#r es s I s T his Two progress(orie!te perso!s alo!g with their wi#es ha 'ome %or Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8$ Seei!g these people) Sri Swamiji %lew i! rage @5hat type o% %ellows are youK Iou mutually e*'ha!ge your wi#es a! get illi'it e!joyme!t$ Iou ras'als) o you wa!t 223 Ea+ rvedi Brahmin: .ribed in the Ea+ rveda7 the se.u!e ha 'ome %or Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8$ A%ter the %irst %ew ays) tryi!g to a't smart) he aske Sri Swamiji a&out his 'aste$ Sri Swamiji i!sta!tly replie @7 am a )a+urvedi rahmin22>$ My !ame is Nrushimha&ha!$ 7 &elo!g to the Jashyap *otra) a! my Oo ia' sig! is Meen >$is'es?$ 7% you ask me agai!) you will get shoe &eati!g$ Jar#e) what is the 'aste o% that 'o?uettish girl%rie! o% yours) who %lirts a! gi#es &e ('ompa!y to e#ery&o yK A$ /eari!g these wor s) Jar#e prostrate at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji out o% repe!ta!'e a! praye ) @Iou are the Supreme &ei!g$ 5hat shall 7 o !owK 7!stea o% ear!i!g su'h a &a !ame) it woul &e &etter i% 7 ieA$ The! he starte 'ryi!g$ Sri Swamiji sai ) @5hy o you 'ryK 0o a! 'ele&rate /oly %esti#alA$ A%ter a %ew ays the girl o% ill repute ie i! a holy %ire$ Thus Jar#e was li&erate %rom the sour'e o% ago!y$ I ll i ci t +e l at io nshi p %i th . Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . Brahmin "ho observes the rites and .ri%t res( . roll of betal leaf "ith fo rteen in#redients li!e lime7 betaln t et.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 133 _________________________________________________________________________________________ The 6 as te of a Ba d 6har a c ter % om an A ge!tlema! !ame Jar#e %rom .ond of the fo r 2edas.

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 134 _________________________________________________________________________________________ to go to hell &y 'ommitti!g this si!K A$ 5he! Sri Swamiji e*pose their se'ret) those two people got so mu'h ashame a! em&arrasse that they %le the s'e!e$ The Sa yi n#s of a S ai nt G!'e) a sai!t o% Ja&ir(Se't 'ame to Akkalkot$ Early i! the mor!i!g he woul go out with a! 7! ia! lute i! his ha! ) weari!g garla! a! a ori!g the auspi'ious mark o! his %orehea ) si!gi!g so!gs$ G!e ay Sri Swamiji was sitti!g o! the por'h o% someo!e8s house$ At that time the sai!t was passi!g &y si!gi!g with %ull gestures ?uoti!g @This is the sayi!gs o% a sai!t$ This is the sayi!g o% a sai!tA$ /eari!g these wor s) Sri Swamiji rolle a! tosse a&out laughi!g$ /e the! starte mo'ki!g the sai!t &y showi!g the a'tio! o% 'o!jugal u!io! &y ha! a! starte si!gi!g i! the same to!e @This is the sayi!gs o% a sai!tA$ The is'iples a! e#otees sitti!g there also starte laughi!g$ 9y the gesture o% Sri Swamiji) the is'iples( e#otees u! erstoo that the sai!t is a hypo'rite$ They %ollowe the sai!t a! rea'he the pla'e where he ha put up$ There they %ou! a 'o?uettish woma!) &usy i! the ser#i'e o% that sai!t$ 7! %a't) this so('alle sai!t ha e!ti'e a marrie woma! a! &rought her i! his ser#i'e$ Su'h a sai!t was mo#i!g rou! si!gi!g a! a #isi!g people to %ollow the sayi!gs o% a sai!t$ G!'e %ully e*pose ) the so('alle sai!t ra! away %rom Akkalkot$ + adha/ s B r ea st s G ot Di s sol $ ed There was a &eauti%ul prostitute !ame 1a ha$ She 'ame %or Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8$ A%ter looki!g at the lustrous &o y o% Sri Swamiji) 1a ha ha a ou&t i! her mi! as to whether Sri Swamiji ha ) at a!y time) e!joye the 'ompa!io!ship o% a woma! or !ot$ J!owi!g her thoughts) Sri Swamiji aske her @5hat is the i%%ere!'e &etwee! a ma! a! a woma!K A$ 1a ha replie ) @Maharaj) woma!8s &o y is 'o!stitute &y separate parts like &reasts tha! the &o y o% a ma!A$ Sri Swamiji imme iately spoke to her @0i#e your &reasts to the 9rahmi!$ 5hy are you sitti!g here looki!g at meK A$ /eari!g this) she we!t away$ 5ithi! a %ew ays her &reasts starte slowly issol#i!g a! her 'hest &e'ame #ery plai! like a ma!$ She greatly repe!te $ She the! ear!e merit &y per%ormi!g 'harita&le a'ts a! %i!ally we!t to 9e!aras a! li#e there till the e! $ V am a nr ao G hol ap 7! .u!e there was a! e!gi!eer &y !ame 5ama!rao 0holap$ /e ear!e lots o% mo!ey &y 'orruptio!$ 5ith mo!ey power he starte 'ommitti!g a ultery$ G!e ay he ha &ee! to 'ommit a ultery with a la y &ut they were 'aught re (ha! e &y her hus&a! who registere a 'rimi!al 'ase agai!st him$ /e lost his sleep$ /e surre! ere himsel% to Sri Swamiji a! starte prayi!g) @Akkalkot!iwasi Mother) ki! ly get me release $ Iou prote't me %rom this 'alamity$ /e!'e%orth 7 shall !ot 'ommit a!y su'h e#il a't like a ultery$ Ji! ly shower your mer'y a! sa#e meA$ Gut o% repe!ta!'e) whe! he ga#e up all his e#il a'ts a! surre! ere ) the ki! (hearte Sri Swamiji showere mer'y o! 5ama!rao a! got him a'?uitte $ The! 5ama!rao ga#e up his regular Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 135 _________________________________________________________________________________________ employme!t a! 'ame to Akkalkot to re! er e#otio!al ser#i'e to Sri Swamiji$ /owe#er) &e%ore his arri#al itsel%) Sri Swamiji ha take! Mahasamadhi$ E#e! a%ter taki!g Mahasamadhi) Sri Swamiji ha ma!i%este himsel% a! sa#e 0holap$ E#ery&o y was amaHe &y this mira'ulous work o% Sri Swamiji$ Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

S* a r ( Br ea thi n# a ir out of the l e ft nos tr i l ) Vama!&ua Vamorikar) Alais 9a o ekar) was a great e#otee o% Sri Swamiji$ G! his way to Akkalkot) he got ow! at Ja al statio! a! took a To!ga22B %or his o!war jour!ey to Akkalkot$ At that time it 'ame to his !oti'e that he is &reathi!g out SuryaS!ar226$ /e %elt that %or the purpose o% 0uru(4arsha! as per S!ar-Shastra22C) the Chandra-s!ar22+ is 'o!si ere more &e!e%i'ial$ There%ore) he trie 'ha!gi!g the SuryaS!ar to Chandra@S!ar through $ranayam$ 5he! he %aile i! his attempt) he skil%ully put a &all o% 'otto! i! the right !ostril to %or'e Chandra-S!ar$ Thus he starte &reathi!g through his le%t !ostril$ /a#i!g &ei!g %ree %rom this a!*iety &y %or'i!g &reathi!g through ChandraS!ar) he we!t a! stoo &e%ore Sri Swamiji$ The all(k!owi!g Sri Swamiji k!ew this$ Sri Swamiji presse his right !ostril a! mo'ke Vama!&ua sayi!g) @5hy is it that the Chandra-S!ar oes !ot out %rom my le%t !ostril %or 0uru(4arsha!K A$ /e tol 5ama!&ua @Take out that &all o% 'otto! %rom your !ostril$ 5hat happe!s &y stoppi!g the &reathi!g o% air %rom o!e !ostrilK$ E#e! i% the %low o% air stops %rom the !ostril) there woul &e a %low o% air %rom the mouth as well as &elow the mouth$ So stop this %ar'eA$ 5ama!&ua was em&arrasse a! ashame $ /e remo#e the &all o% 'otto! %rom his right !ostril a! threw it away$ /e sai @The Sa guru) who is %ree %rom all trou&les) passio!less a! o!e with Supreme 9liss a! merge i!to the 4i#i!e Sel%) is Gm!iprese!t$ 5ithout realisi!g this %a't 7 stu%%e the !ostril with the &all o% suspi'io!$ 9y the ki! mer'y o% my Sa guru) 7 ha#e remo#e that &all o% suspi'io! a! threw it away$ Now 7 am %ree %rom suspi'io!A$ Sri Swamiji sai @The state o% Supreme 9liss oes !ot i!'lu e the prese!'e o% Su!) Moo! et'$ 0 ntouc ha i l i ty Sri Swamiji ha a great hatre %or the super%i'ial show o% u!tou'ha&ility$ /e woul #isit a!ypla'e) sit a!ywhere) a! eat %oo gi#e! &y a!yo!e irrespe'ti#e o% the perso!8s status i! so'iety) 'aste) or religio!$ /e ha a %eeli!g o% e?uality towar s all i! his heart$ Some people) 'ompelle &y their ha&its) make a! outwar show o% u!tou'ha&ility i! %ro!t o% Sri Swamiji$ G!'e Ja!aki&ai %rom 9aro a ha prepare 225 226 227 Ton#a: 8orse .arria#e( Traditionall' sed for trans%ortatin# %eo%le over lon# distan.ut*ard Sho* Sri Swamiji was the u!'ommo! a! rare Iogi$ /e ha great hatre %or super%i'ial show$ 7! his mira'ulous works he has !egate super%i'ial show) whi'h a so( 'alle spiritual perso! may resort to$ 6 ha ndr a.eeds thro #h the nostrils 228 Chandra $"ar: Breathin# air o t of left nostril( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .es( $ r'a-$"ar: Breathin# o t air o t of the ri#ht nostril( $"ar $hastra: The treatise "hi.ations and %remonitions of the air as it %ro.h inter%rets the indi.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 136 _________________________________________________________________________________________ .

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 137 _________________________________________________________________________________________ u!pollute holy %oo %or E!ai#e ya8 a! o%%ere the same to Sri Swamiji) &ut Sri Swamiji re%use to a''ept the %oo a! sai ) @7 o !ot eat u!pollute holy %oo A$ Tol + epe nte d 5he! Sri Swamiji ha 'ome to Solapur) Chi!topa!t Tol took him to his house$ /owe#er) a ou&t 'roppe up i! his mi! $ /e &ega! to thi!k) @Sri Swamiji takes %oo a!ywhere he likes) so it is !ot proper to ser#e him %oo i! the same row as ours$ 5e will ser#e him %oo i! a separate pla'eA$ 1ea i!g Tol8s me!tal thought) Sri Swamiji sai ) @There is a ou&t i! your mi! $ So 7 shall !ot take %oo hereA$ Tol repe!te %or his gra#e mistake) prostrate at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji) a! praye %or %orgi#e!ess$ G!ly the! ki! (hearte Sri Swamiji took %oo with Tol$ 0nco nta mi na te d 3ood 5he! Sri Swamiji 'ame to Akkalkot) i!itially he staye i! Cholappa8s house$ There he harasse the %amily mem&ers o% Cholappa$ Cholappa8s wi%e o&ser#e u!tou'ha&ility) &ut Sri Swamiji !e#er supporte u!tou'ha&ility$ /e woul a''ept the u!pollute %oo ser#e &y Cholappa8s wi%e$ /owe#er) sometimes he woul get stark !ake a! say @Now 7 will ser#e %oo to all o% you i! a holy 'o! itio!A$ /eari!g these wor s %rom Sri Swamiji Cholappa8s %amily woul get ashame $ .o!an'a: In this . u t* a rd S ho* . This Kokanya2>0 has &e'ome 'orrupte $ 4o !ot take water pollute &y himA$ 0opal&ua hear these remarks a! was eeply hurt$ At the same time) someo!e prese!t there 'omme!te ) @0i#e him the Charanodaka2>: a! puri%y himA$ They ga#e holy water to 0opal&ua$ /owe#er) the pro&lem i !ot e! there$ The same ay uri!g i!!er someo!e remarke @4o !ot keep the lea%(plate 2use to ser#e %oo 3 o% that 'orrupte Joka!ya i! the same ra!k 2row3 as ours) &ut keep separatelyA$ Sripa 9hat ga#e moral support to 0opal&ua a! sai that taki!g Charanodaka has alrea y puri%ie him$ /owe#er) people prese!t there isplaye high(ha! e !ess a! %or'e 0opal&ua to sit i! a separate pla'e$ 0opal&ua Jelkar was eje'te a! %elt misera&le$ /e was i! tears while eati!g$ 223 235 &aratha: /on-Brahmin( 4arrior .f 0 ntouc ha il i ty 5hile stayi!g i! Akkalkot) 0opal&ua Jelkar o% Chiplu! i! 1at!agiri) Maharashtra) we!t to a well to take a &ath$ There he re?ueste the 9rahmi!s to gi#e him a #essel to take &ath$ They re%use $ Fi!ally) he took a #essel %rom a perso! who &elo!ge to the Maratha22D 'ommu!ity a! took his &ath$ At that time 9alawa!trao was also prese!t there$ 9alwa!trao use to help Sri Swamiji while smoki!g a hukka$ /e starte mo'ki!g 0opal&ua sayi!g) @Gh.on!an7 &aharashtra( 231 Charanoda!a: The hol' "ater "hi.h "ashed the lot s feet of $ri $"ami+i Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . %erson livin# in .omm nit' .onteBt: .

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 138 _________________________________________________________________________________________ 7! the !ormal row %or all the 9rahmi!s) a lea%(plate rea ie %or Sri Swamiji) &ut Sri Swamiji starte utteri!g a&uses a! sai ) @7 ha#e &e'ome 'orrupte $ 4o !ot tou'h me$ 7 shall !ot take %oo A$ /e &e'ame #ery a!gry) we!t out o% that pla'e) a! sat o! a large heap o% gar&age$ 7! this way Sri Swamiji isplaye stro!g oppositio! to o&ser#i!g u!tou'ha&ility a! to the i!justi'e mete out towar s 0opal&ua Jelkar$ That ay Sri Swamiji i !ot take a!y %oo $ Ne*t ay those people allowe 0opal&ua to take %oo alo!g with others i! the same row) o!ly the! Sri Swamiji 'oole ow!$ The parti'ular perso!) who ha pre#e!te 0opal&ua Jelkar %rom taki!g %oo i! the same row as that o% others) lost his me!tal &ala!'e ue to mis%ortu!e$ &a r the n %or s hip A 9rahmi! was 'arryi!g out earthe! i ol worship$ E#e! while sitti!g i! %ro!t o% Sri Swamiji) he woul &e &usy 'arryi!g out i ol worship$ G!e ay Sri Swamiji spoke to him @Gh.5 is superior as co$pared to idol worship. Guru-"oo#a5.tor as an embodiment of )od Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . 232 ) r <oo+a: 4orshi% of s%irit al Instr . /ow lo!g woul you &e spoili!g that earthK A$ /eari!g these wor s o% Sri Swamiji) he ga#e up i ol worship$ 's per the words of ri wa$i?i.

f ' ur ani " 7! spite o% &ei!g a great as'eti' Sri Swami Maharaj !e#er &eha#e like a! as'eti'$ 9ei!g a! i!'ar!atio! o% <or 4attatrey /imsel%) Sri Swamiji was &eyo! the rules a! regulatio!s o% as'etism) &ut #ery %ew people were aware o% this %a't$ There%ore some people woul se'retly 'omme!t a! pass 'riti'al remarks) i! &a taste) a&out Sri Swamiji amo!gst themsel#es$ There were a !um&er o% mis'hie#ous perso!s like this$ .ura!ik was shi#eri!g i! the 'ol $ /e ma e a re?uest to Sri Swamiji @Maharaj 7 am shi#eri!g with 'ol $ 5hat shall 7 oK A$ Sri Swamiji replie ) @/ow is a so%t mattressK A$ /eari!g this) .ura!ik was also with Sri Swamiji$ 7t was a wi!ter !ight$ 7t was ark e#erywhere$ Sri Swamiji 'lim&e the hill a! slept o! a &la'k ro'k #ery 'om%orta&ly$ .ura!ik repe!te %or the 'riti'al remarks he ha passe agai!st Sri Swamiji$ /e the! praye to Sri Swamiji %or %orgi#e!ess$ Therea%ter he &e'ame a e#otee o% Sri Swamiji i!stea o% just a 'riti'iHer$ Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .ura!ik) the &rother(i!(law o% 9a&a Su&!is was o!e amo!gst them$ G!'e) .ura!ik passe 'riti'al remarks sayi!g @Sri Swamiji &ei!g a! as'eti') why shoul he re?uire a mattress to sleep a! sitKA$ Sri Swamiji i !8t gi#e a!y reply imme iately$ A %ew ays later) o!e %i!e e#e!i!g Sri Swamiji was 'lim&i!g a hill i! Ja a# #illage$ .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 133 _________________________________________________________________________________________ 1ischie$ous 'eople Brou#ht 0nder 6ontrol There is !o shortage o% wi'ke people who u!!e'essarily harass) a! 'riti'iHe Sai!ts) Virtuous people) Sages) goo people) a! the o!e &or! as a! i!'ar!atio! o% a eity$ Sri Swami Samarth Maharaj also ha 'ome i! 'o!ta't with su'h wi'ke people a! he 'o!trolle them i! his ow! way$ Sri Swamiji elimi!ate their wi'ke !ess a! &lesse them with e#otio!$ Ahm a d Al i 2h an +i s al da r Sri Swami Maharaj o ge ser#a!ts o% Chi!topa!t Tol a! rea'he Akkalkot$ There he set up his temporary a&o e at the 'ity gate$ For two to %our ays !o o!e pai a!y atte!tio! towar s him$ Ahma Ali Jha! 1isal ar) the i!('harge o% the poli'e statio! o% that area !oti'e him$ /e took Sri Swamiji as a 'raHy perso!$ Some people always e!joy maki!g %u! o% others$ Jha! also wa!te to make %u! o% Sri Swamiji a! so he put a &ur!i!g 'har'oal i! to a! empty smoki!g pipe a! aske Sri Swamiji @9a&aji) woul you like to smoke this pipeK A$ Sri Swamiji took the smoki!g pipe i! his ha! a! took a eep pu%%$ To Jha!s great is&elie% thi'k smoke starte 'omi!g out o% it$ Seei!g this mira'le) Jha! was astou! e $ 1ealisi!g that Sri Swamiji is a great sageF he repe!te a! praye %or %orgi#e!ess$ The! he ma e the !e'essary arra!geme!ts %or Sri Swamiji8s stay i! Cholappa8s house$ Jha! &e'ame a e#otee o% Sri Swamiji$ 1 ise r a le 'l i #ht .

Iou) o you mo#e a&out i! a !aughty ma!!erK From !ow o!war s) o !ot &ite a!yo!e$ 7% you &ite) 7 shall lash youA$ From the! o!war s) the su! ari8s !ature u! erwe!t tra!s%ormatio!$ 7t stoppe &iti!g people$ She woul sit o! the tree u! er whi'h Sri Swamiji woul take a seat) a! remai! e!grosse i! o&ser#i!g Sri Swamiji 'o!ti!uously$ S pa r ro * G! the outskirts o% Akkalkot there is a temple o% <or 1ama$ G!e ay while o! his stroll Sri Swamiji 'ame to the temple$ 7t was C"00 AM i! the mor!i!g$ A sparrow was 'o!ti!uously twitteri!g o! the !eem tree !ear&y$ Sri Swamiji woul !ormally #isit a !ear&y #illage$ G!e ay) he spoke to the sparrow) @7 will &e goi!g to a !ear&y #illage a! retur!$ Till my retur!) remai! here o! the tree$ 4o !ot mo#e away %rom hereA$ So sayi!g) Sri Swamiji we!t away$ 5he! he retur!e at :2"00 AM) he %ou! the sparrow sitti!g sile!tly o! the same !eem tree$ Sri Swamiji spoke to the sparrow @Iou might &e %eeli!g hu!gry$ Now you goA$ /eari!g these wor s) the sparrow %lew away$ This was the power o% Sri Swamiji$ ' ea sa nt/ s B ull 7! Akkalkot a peasa!t8s &u%%alo got #ery mu'h %righte!e ue to some reaso!$ 7t we!t a! stoo o! a well$ No o!e was a&le to 'at'h it all ay lo!g$ The &ull woul atta'k a!yo!e who 'ame !ear it$ There%ore) the peasa!t we!t to Sri Swamiji a! praye %or help$ Sri Swamiji spoke to him @Iour &ull oes !ot allow a!y&o y to 'at'h it$ 7% you o) it atta'ks you with hor!s$ 7s it !otK A$ The! Sri Swamiji got up) we!t up to the &ull) a! 'aught hol o% its ear$ The &ull starte %ollowi!g Sri Swamiji like a she(goat$ From the! o!war s) the &ull !e#er repeate this mis'hie%$ Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 145 _________________________________________________________________________________________ <ike huma! &ei!gs) other a!imals also 'ame u! er the 'o!trol o% Sri Swamiji$ Sri Swamiji) &y his mira'ulous works) &rought a positi#e 'ha!ge i! the !ature o% a!imals$ S he-1 on" ey 9am&gar sahe& ha reare a she(mo!key a! !ame her Su! ari$ She starte pou!'i!g upo! people a! &iti!g them$ Twi'e she e#e! pou!'e upo! 9am&gar sahe&) so he ga#e or ers to shoot her$ This wor rea'he Sri Swamiji$ /e aske his atte! a!t to &ri!g the she(mo!key to him$ Atte! a!t 9huja!ga le%t to 'arry out his task$ /e spoke to Su! ari) the she(mo!key) @Sri Swamiji has se!t me to &ri!g you) so you 'ome !owA$ /eari!g this Su! ari starte to %ollow 9huja!ga) just like a tame og$ A%ter rea'hi!g there) she starte to roll at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji$ The! Sri Swamiji spoke to her) @Gh.

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 141 _________________________________________________________________________________________ St ar tl e d &l e phant 7! Mum&ai) there was a #ery se!ior go#er!me!t o%%i'er !ame Vi!ayak Vasu eo alias Jakasahe&$ Very o%te! he woul #isit Akkalkot to take Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8$ G!'e he 'ame alo!g with o!e hu! re %i%ty people a! got ow! at the ka apgam statio!$ Si!'e Jakasahe& was a #ery se!ior o%%i'er o% the 9ritish go#er!me!t) the the! ki!g o% Akkalkot) 1ajasahe& ha epute elepha!ts) horses) pala!?ui!s et'$ alo!g with his o%%i'ers) i! the ser#i'e o% Jakasahe&$ Jakasahe& starte his retur! jour!ey a%ter re! eri!g e#otio!al ser#i'e u!to Sri Swamiji %or %our ays$ 9i i!g him %arewell Sri Swamiji sai @/urry up) /urry upA$ Jakasahe& ha alrea y se!t e#ery&o y ahea to the statio!$ /e was the o!ly o!e le%t &ehi! $ 5he! he le%t i! a hurry as per Sri Swamiji 'omma! ) he we!t a! saw that a 'alamity ha &e%alle! at the trai! statio!$ The lou whistle o% the trai! ha startle o! o% the elepha!ts a! he sat o! the street itsel% re%usi!g to mo#e ahea $ Chil re! ha sat o! the 'a!opie seat o! the elepha!t$ Seei!g this situatio!) Jakasahe& &e'ame #ery istresse $ /e remem&ere Sri Swamiji a! 'alle %or help$ 9y the ki! gra'e o% Sri Swamiji the elepha!t stoo up a! starte mo#i!g ahea towar s the statio!$ Thus the 'alamity was o#er$ Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 142 _________________________________________________________________________________________ 1iracles !he life of a great saint is itself a $iracle. so$eti$es for the $ental pleasure and so$eti$es in the favour of the devotees. !hese $iraculous wor(s of ri wa$i a$arth are not li(e $agic or ?ugglery. those locations are beyond the reach of $agic or ?ugglery. !hese $iraculous wor(s trans$it per$anent influence and wherever it reaches. =agic and *ugglery is te$porary in nature. ' $agician perfor$s $iraculous ?ugglery and gives deception to the public but great saints by their exceptional $iraculous wor(s $a(es one bow their head. during his lifeti$e has perfor$ed nu$erous $iracles. ri wa$i?i. 7! 9hagwa!t Sutar8s %arm) Sri Swamiji gargle mouth%ul o% water) spit the same i! the %ire) a! set the %ire a&laHe$ There was !o water i! the well at Ma!gal#e ha$ Sri Swamiji %ille the well with water$ /e walke o! the water o% Narayan-teerth2>> a! rea'he the other &a!k$ /e %ille the EJotikoop8 at the holy pla'e 1ameshwar i! TamilNa u with worms$ /e milke a 'ow) whi'h was !ot yiel i!g milk$ /e 'ha!ge a girl i!to a &oy$ /e %e hu! re s o% people out o% the %oo mea!t %or o!ly two to %our people$ /ow ma!y mira'les 'a! you 'ou!tK Still there are %ew e*amples gi#e! &elow$ 6 am e . uch $iraculous wor(s are always in the public interest and philanthropic in nature. !he $iraculous wor(s of incarnated saints are exceptionally great. !he pri$ary ai$ of his $iracles was to eli$inate the sufferings of his devotees and to $a(e the$ happy as well. Everything ri wa$i a$arth =ahara? did in his incarnation is $iraculous in nature. ut 3r om 6l os ed Doo r There is a #illage 'alle Chalam&e o! the &a!k o% the 9hima 1i#er) !ear Ma!gal#e ha$ G!'e Sri Swamiji we!t to the #illage a! took a halt i! the 1ama asi Muth$ /e slept a%ter taki!g meals$ 1ama asi 9a&a ha to go out) so he lo'ke the Muth %rom outsi e a! le%t$ 7! the e#e!i!g) people o% the #illage o&ser#e Sri Swamiji playi!g i! the sa! s o% the ri#er&a!k$ They we!t a! i!%orme 1ama asi 9a&a$ /e was amaHe to hear this) si!'e the key o% the Muth was o!ly with him$ So he we!t to the Muth) ope!e the lo'k) a! to his is&elie% i !ot %i! Sri Swamiji i!si e$ There was !o other way to go out o% the Muth) e*'ept the oor) whi'h was lo'ke &y him$ This was a mira'le %or him$ So imme iately 1ama asi 9a&a we!t to the ri#er&a!k) prostrate at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji a! praye %or %orgi#e!ess$ S pic e.Bo8 T hr o*n I n the %e ll Sri Swamiji was taki!g a walk i! the 'ourtyar o% the pala'e o% Akkalkot$ G!e ser#a!t hel a spi'e(9o* ma e o% gol i! his ha! $ Sri Swamiji seiHe it a! aske ki!g Maloji 1aje @Shall 7 throw this &o* i! the wellK A$ 1aje sai ) @Maharaj) this &elo!gs to you$ Iou may o whate#er you likeA$ Sri Swamiji threw the &o* i! the well$ That ay Sri Swamiji staye i! the pala'e$ 7! the mor!i!g) he was playi!g i! the 'ourtyar $ 9y the! 233 /ara'an Teerth: 8ol' "ater Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 143 _________________________________________________________________________________________ ki!g Maloji 1aje also arri#e i! the 'ourtyar $ Sri Swamiji aske 1aje to get a &u'ket a! rope$ The! Sri Swamiji ippe the &u'ket i! the well water a! pulle it up$ The &u'ket &rought up the spi'e(&o* throw! the pre#ious ay$ 7t was %ull o% 'lo#es a! 'ar amom) &ut they ha !ot got wet or tou'he &y water$ E#eryo!e prese!t were asto!ishe &y this mira'ulous play o% Swamiji$ 3oo t-' r i nts on t he %oo den S ea t Chi!topa!t Tol was o%%eri!g lea#es o% holy &asil to Vishnu-$an'hayatan2>6) while re'iti!g Vishnu Sahasranaam2>B$ 5he!e#er Sri Swamiji 'ame there at the time o% worship) Tol woul worship /im a! the! o%%er the lea#es o% holy &asil alo!g with the re'itatio! at /is lotus %eet$ G!e ay e*a'tly i! the same way) Sri Swamiji arri#e there$ Chi!topa!t worshippe him a! praye @7 stro!gly esire that at the time o% my worship the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji shoul &e always !ear meA$ Sri Swamiji sai ) @As you wishA$ So sayi!g he we!t away$ Footpri!ts o% Sri Swamiji got i!s'ri&e o! the woo e! seat where Sri Swamiji was sitti!g$ This woo e!(seat is still preser#e i! the Joshi9uwa8s Muth at Akkalkot$ Sr i S* a m i5 i Di sa ppea r e d The ki!g o% the the! 9aro a State) Srima! Malharrao 0aikwa ) stro!gly esire that Sri Swami Samarth Maharaj shoul 'ome a! stay i! his State$ /e was rea y to spe! a!y amou!t o% mo!ey to make this happe!$ /e a!!ou!'e that whoe#er su''ee s i! this work) woul &e o%%ere a huge gi%t o% la! $ G!e o% his 'hie%tai!s) Tatyasahe& a''epte the 'halle!ge$ The ki!g ga#e him lot o% mo!ey) 'ostumes) or!ame!ts) a! also ser#a!ts to help him$ Tatyasahe& 'ame to Akkalkot a! &rought Cholappa u! er 'o!trol a! i!%lue!'e$ Cholappa was the most trustworthy is'iple o% Sri Swamiji) &ut u!%ortu!ately #ery gree y too$ Tatyasahe& hel is'ussio!s with Cholappa a! esig!e a plot to take Sri Swamiji to 9aro a i! a trai!$ Fi!ally) they e#e! ma!age to take Sri Swamiji i! a 'lose pala!?ui! up to Ja apgao! statio!$ A%ter rea'hi!g Ja apgao!) Tatyasahe& we!t ahea to see Sri Swamiji) &ut to his is&elie% he %ou! the pala!?ui! to &e empty$ Sri Swamiji ha isappeare $ 1 eal of 6hi l l ie s E#ery ay 4e#otees o%%ere %oo as Naivedya to Sri Swamiji$ This %oo 'o!siste o% #arious types o% sweets a! e*?uisite ishes as well$ Seei!g these sweets a! ai!ty ishes) a 'le#er perso! starte thi!ki!g that Sri Swamiji8s li%e is %ull o% joy$ /e e!joys the &est o% opportu!ity to eat these ai!ty ishes$ The i!!er(spirite Sri Swamiji 'ame to k!ow a&out his thoughts$ /e kept away the %oo o%%ere &y e#otees) 'alle %or a 234 235 2ishn <an. list of Cne tho sand names of -ord 2ishn Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .ha'atan: 1ive deities 0 $hiva7 2ishn 7 $ n7 )ana%ati and 6evee 2ishn $ahasranaam: .

# st as %er Gn#lish Calendar &ahabho+an &aha%rasad: 1eedin# devotees for seven da's in the & th Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .Maha(rasad2>C$ At that time) Sri Swamiji ha &ee! put up i! Ji!g Maloji 1aje8s pala'e $Sri Swamiji i !ot take %oo %or se#e! ays i! the pala'e$ 5he! aske ) he sai @7 am #ery happy &y taki!g %oo with Mallikarju! Ja!gam i! the Ja!gam Muth i! 9arsiA$ To i!#estigate the truth) Maloji 1aje epute a horse ri er to 9arsi$ Ja!gam asserte ) @Sri Swamiji was taki!g %oo alo!g with us %or se#e! aysA$ Thus) it was pro#e that Sri Swamiji was taki!g %oo i! 9arsi while resi i!g i! Akkalkot. 236 237 $hravan: 1ifth month in the 8ind Calendar7 : l'K.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 144 _________________________________________________________________________________________ plate o% re 'hillies a! ate them$ The 'le#er perso!) who &e'ame #ery ashame a! praye %or his %orgi#e!ess$ ou&te a&out Sri Swamiji) 1e a ls in t he 1ut h of :a n#a m 7! 9arsi tow!) Solapur 4istri't) Maharashtra) there is a Muth 'alle Ja!gam Muth) whi'h &elo!gs to the <i!gayat 'ommu!ity$ Mallikarju! Ja!gam who &elo!ge to the Muth was a great e#otee o% Sri Swamiji$ G!e year) uri!g the mo!th o% Shravan 2>6 he arra!ge %or Mahabho+an .

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 145 _________________________________________________________________________________________ 7n this !ay& Sri S!ami+i !ould dis(el in'urable (hysi'al diseases and (overty o5 the (oor and a55li'ted (eo(le by his natural 'om(assion6 :e !ould 5avour distressed (eo(le !ith 'hildren by liberating them 5rom their ill 5ate6 :e !ould also grant them 5resh li5e by sto((ing their death6 :e !ould 5ill their lives !ith ha((iness and invoke their im(li'it 5aith in religion6 :o!ever& he !ould severely 'ondemn immoral-adultery6 Not only that& (erson !ith su'h behaviour& !ere being e4(osed& disgra'ed and (unished& so that su'h a (erson a5ter getting a severe sho'k !ould 5ollo! a (ath o5 virtue6 This !as the (rimary aim o5 Sri S!ami+i6 The (urity o5 one’s behaviour is the 5irst ste( o5 religion and Divine Truth6 :e !ould (er5orm mira'ulous !orks to diversi5y the attention o5 (eo(le 5rom !orldly entanglement and attra't them to!ards virtuous 'ondu't and devoutness6 The (rimary aim o5 his in'arnation !as only 5or the !el5are o5 the (eo(le6 :e had in'arnated himsel5& as *od& on earth& to invoke good religious (ra'ti'e and u(li5t souls o5 the (o(ulation6 Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

atil e'i e to %ul%il his #ow$ /is relati#e Vitha&ai 'olle'te %oo items mea!t %or %orty people a! prepare the %oo $ The! 1aoji worshippe Sri Swamiji a! the! o%%ere !ai#e ya %oo &ut Sri Swamiji i !ot a''ept it$ A%ter sometime he sai ) @Fee e#ery&o yA$ /owe#er) this 'reate a i%%i'ult situatio! %or 1aoji$ The %oo was mea!t %or %orty people o!ly a! thousa! s o% people ha 'ome %or Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8$ Mea!while Sri Swamiji aske Vitha&ai to 'ome there alo!g with a &asket$ Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . ff ic e 7! Solapur Vish!upa!t) Chi!topa!t Tol8s So!) was worke as a 0o#er!me!t ser#a!t i! the 'olle'tor8s o%%i'e$ G!'e) Sri Swamiji 'ame to Tol8s house$ A%ter %i!ishi!g his &ath a! aily worship) Tol o%%ere %oo to Sri Swamiji as naivedya$ /owe#er) Sri Swamiji i !ot a''ept it$ 7t was :0 A$ M$ Vish!upa!t ha to atte! his o%%i'e$ The 'olle'tor a! the o%%i'ers were !ormally #ery pu!'tual$ So Chi!topa!t tol Vish!upa!t @Iou go i!si e) take %oo a! the! go to o%%i'eA$ /owe#er) Vish!upa!t was also a %aith%ul e#otee o% Sri Swamiji$ /ow 'oul he take %oo &e%ore Sri Swamiji a''epts %oo K So he e'i e ) whate#er happe!s) he will !ot take %oo u!less Sri Swamiji a''epts it$ Fi!ally Sri Swamiji took his %oo at ::"00AM$ The! Vish!upa!t %i!ishe his meals a! rea'he his o%%i'e$ /e the! re?ueste the /ea Clerk to %orgi#e him %or 'omi!g late$ The hea 'lerk sai ) @5hy %orgi#eK To ay you 'ame to work e#e! earlier to me$ See here your sig!ature is here i! the atte! a!'e registerA$ 5he! Vish!upa!t !arrate the truth) all were surprise $ 9y his mira'ulous work) Sri Swamiji ha sa#e the ho!our o% Vish!upa!t$ 3our Thous and ' eop le Ate the 3oo d 1 ea nt 3or 3or ty Sri Swamiji took a halt i! #illage 1ampur !ear Akkalkot$ 1aoji .atil o% 1ampur ha #owe that he woul %ee %orty 9rahmi!s i! the ho!our o% Sri Swamiji$ Now whe! Sri Swamiji ha 'ome to 1ampur) 1aoji .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 146 _________________________________________________________________________________________ I Belon# To the De$otee= De$otee Belon#s To 1e 5he! a soul takes shelter u! er 0o ) the! 0o also a''epts the soul as his ow!$ /e is the Master o% orpha!s$ /e gi#es shelter to the helpless$ /e gi#es stre!gth to the weak$ The! he takes 'omplete respo!si&ility o% the wel%are o% the e#otee$ /e always 'o!si ers it) as a uty to sa#e the ho!our o% /is e#otee$ 7t is always the #ow o% 0o that :e belongs to the devotee and the devotee belongs to :im$ 4our !onour Is 1y +esponsi ility A tte nda nce in .

3ood of a ' oor %om a n A poor woma! ha &rought !ai#e ya(%oo %or Sri Swamiji with %ull e#otio!$ 9ut who 'are8s a&out the poorK She ha a stro!g esire that Sri Swamiji shoul eat the !ai#e ya(%oo $ To %ul%il her stro!g esire) Sri Swamiji 'alle her !ear him a! ate the !ai#e ya(%oo $ The! Sri Swamiji rea her me!tal esire a! &lesse her with a so!$ 5ho else is there) other tha! Sri Swamiji) who 'a! sa#e the ho!our o% the poor) as a sa#iourK + in#s Los t In 1 ohar r a m Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .eople starte e!joyi!g the %oo $ This 'o!ti!ue till late !ight$ Four thousa! people e!joye the %oo mea!t %or o!ly %orty people$ Still there was lots o% le%to#er$ This le%to#er %oo was istri&ute i! the #illage$ E#e! the !e*t ay) people a''epte this %oo prasa $ Thus Sri Swamiji sa#e the ho!our) o% his e#otee 1aoji .A$ All the people prese!t there ate to their satis%a'tio!$ Thus Sri Swamiji sa#e ho!our o% 9hagwa!t Sutar &y his mira'ulous work$ the ) ai $e dy a.atil) &y his mira'ulous work$ 3oo d f or T housa nd ' eopl e There is a similar !arrati#e$ A 9rahmi! %rom Mum&ai lost hea#ily i! the Sto'k Market$ As a result o% this sho'k) he ie $ /is wi%e o%%ere %oo !ai#e ya to Sri Swamiji a! %ul%ille her #ow o% %ee i!g a thousa! people$ The 3oo d ' r o$ ide d By B ha#* a nt Appa Sut ar 9hagwa!t Appa Sutar ha ug a !ew well i! his %arm$ /e took Sri Swamiji to his %arm to o%%er %oo $ /e ha 'ooke %oo %or three people$ 7! the mea!time) e#otees a! atte! a!ts o% Sri Swamiji also arri#e $ 7! all there were %i%ty people a! %oo 'ooke was %or o!ly three people$ Seei!g this situatio! 9hagwa!t Sutar got worrie $ The! Sri Swamiji spoke @5hy o you &e'ome sorrow%ulK Fee e#ery&o y.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 147 _________________________________________________________________________________________ The! Sri Swamiji pla'e %oo items like ri'e) &rea et'$ i! that &asket$ G! these %oo items) Sri Swamiji arra!ge to keep i ols o% 0o a! 0o ess o% that house a! the! 'o#ere these i ols agai! with &rea $ The! Sri Swamiji aske Vitha&ai to 'arry the &asket o! her hea a! walk arou! the Tulsi pla! %rom le%t to right$ The! Sri Swamiji took the 9asket a! kept it with him$ <ater) Sri Swamiji ga#e a! or er to %ee all the people who ha 'ome %or his E4arsha!8$ .

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 148 _________________________________________________________________________________________ 7t was Moharram2>+ ay$ The /i! u priest Sripa 9hat a! atte! a!t 9huja!ga) &oth wa!te to see the pro'essio! o% Taboota2>D$ They re?ueste Sri Swamiji %or his permissio! &ut it was re%use $ They aske agai!) &ut permissio! was re%use agai!$ The! &oth stealthily le%t to see the pro'essio! without i!%ormi!g Sri Swamiji$ Sripa 9hat wore gol ri!gs weighi!g three to %our Tolas i! his %i!gers$ To pre#e!t the%t) 9hat ga#e the ri!gs i! the sa%e 'usto y o% 9huja!ga$ 9huja!ga was so mu'h o#erjoye a! e*'ite to see the pro'essio!) that he starte throwi!g sweetmeats a! rie ates o! the pro'essio! a! i! that e*'iteme!t) without his k!owle ge) he e#e! threw the ri!gs$ They soo! realiHe this %a't a! starte looki!g %or the ri!gs$ 7! that huge 'row o% thousa! s o% people how 'oul the ri!gs &e lo'ate K They &oth got tire o% sear'hi!g a! ga#e up$ They were a&out to 'ry a! i! that sorrow%ul state they 'ame to Sri Swamiji a! starte weepi!g$ Sri Swamiji a!grily re&uke them a! sai ) @Though 7 ha %or&i e! &oth o% you %rom goi!g to the pro'essio!) why i you 'ommit this a&sur ityK A$ 9huja!ga starte 'ryi!g$ 5he!e#er a e#otee 'ommits se#ere mistake the Sa guru always sa#es the ho!our o% the e#otee$ Sri Swamiji sai ) @4o !ot 'ry$ Iou will get &a'k your ri!gs automati'ally) simply keep ?uietA$ Shortly a%terwar s a poli'ema! 'aught two people a! &rought them there$ 7t seeme that a%ter getti!g the gol ri!gs) there was a %ight &etwee! those two people a! the poli'ema! 'aught them$ Thus Sri Swamiji sa#e the ho!our o% 9huja!ga$ Sr i pa d B hat Sri Swamiji ha se!t Sripa 9hat to 9a!aras to atte! a meeti!g o% lear!e 9rahmi!s$ Sripa 9hat was a lear!e 9rahmi! &ut the lear!e 9rahmi!s o% 9a!aras 'o!si ere him i!sig!i%i'a!t a! so isrespe'te him$ Sripa 9hat was totally isappoi!te a! he wa!te to retur! home$ /owe#er) Sri Swamiji ma!i%este himsel% there a! or ere him to atte! the meeti!g$ E#e!tually) Sripa 9hat wo! the e&ate hel &y the lear!e 9rahmi!s o% 9a!aras$ Those lear!e 9rahmi!s a''epte the Sripa 9hat authority a! a''or i!gly ho!oure him$ Sri Swamiji thus prote'te the ho!our o% Sripa 9hat$ V am a n ua B adode " ar Vama!&ua a%ter 'ompleti!g his pilgrimage we!t &a'k to Akkalkot$ /e wa!te to go to 0a!agapur) &ut Sri Swamiji war!e ) @Iou will get trappe i! water a! mu A$ E#e! so) Vama!&ua o&sti!ately iso&eye this war!i!g a! pro'ee e to 0a!agapur$ 7! those ays there were hea#y rai!s i! that regio!$ /e got ow! at = ur statio! a! starte goi!g towar s 0a!agapur$ G! the way there were small ri#ers$ 5hile 'rossi!g the ri#er) he got trappe i! the mu $ 5hile maki!g mo#eme!ts to %ree himsel%) he got trappe eeper i! the ri#er(mu $ /e was trappe up to his !e'k$ Now he starte repe!ti!g %or iso&eyi!g the war!i!g o% Sri Swamiji$ /e got me!tally pertur&e a! starte 'ha!ti!g the !ame o% Sri Swamiji %or help$ Ji! (hearte Sri Swamiji i!sta!tly 'ame %or his help$ Vama!&ua %elt as i% some&o y pulle him out %rom that mu .arried b' &ohammedans in &oharram Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . 238 &oharram: The da' of Imam 8 ssainIs mart'rdam7 "hi.elebrated as a da' of mo rnin# 233 Taboota: The bier .h is held sa.red b' &ohammedans and .

t: .onsidered b' some to have been an in.alled &inanath7 "ho ma' be identified "ith or .hin#s "ere ado%ted b' o t.ame to e. member of the medieval reli#io s se.li%se his &aster in im%ortan.ribed to $hri Bha#avan 6attatre'a7 .ts of the /ath $am%rada'a( Gven toda'7 )ora!shanath is .hin#s is that &ats'endranath "as s"allo"ed b' a fish and "hile inside the fish overheard the tea.aste barriers7 and their tea.alled the father of &ats'endranath in some so r. ed from the fish b' another fisherman7 &ats'endranath too! initiation as a sann'asin from $iddha Car%ati( It "as &ats'endranath "ho be.hes and s b-se.al se.arnation of -ord $hiva( 8o"ever7 the establishment of the /aths as a distin.e in man' of the bran.esA( Cne stor' of the ori#in of the /ath tea.t be#an aro nd the 8th or 3th .ts7 b t all honor &ats'endranath and )ora!shanath as the fo nders of the tradition( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .fter bein# res.t histori.onsidered b' man' to have been the most infl ential of the an.ame !no"n as the fo nder of the /ath $am%rada'a( &at'sendranath?s t"o most im%ortant dis.ent r' "ith a sim%le fisherman7 &ats'endranath @sometimes .ean in order to avoid bein# overheard( .ient /aths( 8e is re% ted to have "ritten the first boo!s dealin# "ith -a'a 'o#a and the raisin# of the ! ndalini-sha!ti( 8e is also re% ted to have been the ori#inal inventor of 8atha 'o#a( The /ath $am%rada'a does not re.i%les "ere Ca ran#i and )ora!shanath( The latter .ient linea#e of s%irit al masters( Its fo ndin# is traditionall' as.o#ni>e .alled the /ath%anth( The /ath $am%rada'a7 a develo%ment of the earlier $iddha or .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 143 _________________________________________________________________________________________ The! he we!t to 0a!agapur$ 5hile taki!g &ath at the Sangam he was sa#e %rom getti!g row!e i! the ri#er$ 5he! he retur!e to Akkalkot) Sri Swamiji sai ) @Iou are sa#e %rom getti!g row!e i! the mu a! water a! sa%ely you ha#e retur!e ) is it !otK A$ Vama!&ua praye %or %orgi#e!ess$ 2 anpha ta &" an ath Ja!phata Ek!ath &elo!ge to the Nath-Se't260$ /e was a e#otee a! atte! a!t o% Sri Swamiji$ 9e'ause o% his tall a! mus'ular physi?ue a! hot(hea e temperame!t) other atte! a!ts woul remai! su& ue towar s him$ /e woul shower his a!ger o! atte! a!ts like Sripa 9hat) Cholappa) Vishwa!ath&ua) a! Su! ara&ai$ There was a %ear amo!gst them that Ek!ath might take someo!e8s li%e some ay a! so a 'omplai!t was lo ge agai!st him a! %i!ally he was put &ehi! &ars$ Ja!phata woul !e#er take his %oo without taki!g Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8) so whe! he was arreste a! put &ehi! &ars he remai!e without %oo %or more tha! %our ays$ G!e ay Sri Swamiji was sitti!g i! a %arm !ear 'ity gate$ 9y some 'oi!'i e!'e) priso!ers were also &rought !ear the 'ity gate$ /eari!g the 'o!ti!uous shouts o% #i'tory i! praise o% Sri Swamiji ma e Ja!phata #ery restless$ /e &e'ame #ery a!*ious to take Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8$ Fi!ally he lost his 'o!trol a! got up %rom his seat with a! i!te!tio! o% goi!g towar s Sri Swamiji$ /owe#er) the poli'ema! i !ot allow him to go a! so Ek!ath k!o'ke ow! the poli'ema!$ /e the! seiHe the poli'ema!8s swor a! %or'e his way to take Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8$ A! ol 9rahmi! was sitti!g !ear Sri Swamiji$ From a ista!'e he resem&le Cholappa$ At the mere sight o% the ol 9rahmi!) who appeare like Cholappa) Ek!ath got i!%uriate a! stru'k him C(+ times with his sharp swor $ Sri Swamiji wit!esse this parti'ular a't o% Eka!ath$ The ol 9rahmi! &e'ame u!'o!s'ious ue o% those swor ( strokes$ Ne#ertheless) the 'ompassio!ate Sri Swamiji sa#e him %rom eath si!'e 245 /ath $e.asts and !in#s ali!e( The heterodoB /ath tradition has man' s b-se.hin#s #iven b' -ord $hiva to his "ife <arvati7 "ho had ta!en her to the bottom of the o.t .vadh t $am%rada'a is an an.

onsort( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . The #ee a %rom her mouth %ell o! his &o y$ Vama!&ua retur!e to Akkalkot a! prostrate &e%ore Sri Swamiji$ Sri Swamiji sai ) @Iou we!t to Saptshri!gee a! starte 'alli!g my !ame %or help$ 7 o!ly ha to &less that #ee a to youA$ Thus Sri Swamiji prote'te the ho!our o% Vama!&ua &y &lessi!g him with the #ee a %rom the mouth o% 0o ess .ar#ati8s mouth as a %orm o% %a#our or &lessi!gs$ /owe#er) the priests o% the temple starte maki!g %u! o% him a! sai @7! 'ase Sri Swami Maharaj o% Akkalkot is the i!'ar!atio! o% the 4i#i!e <or a! your e#otio! towar s Sri Swamiji is true) the! *oddess Jagadamba26: woul &less you with the #ee a %rom her mouthA$ Vama!&ua praye to the 0o ess a! lo.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 155 _________________________________________________________________________________________ u! er !ormal 'ir'umsta!'es !o o!e woul ha#e sur#i#e e#e! o!e stroke o% Ek!ath8s power%ul swor stroke$ Thus Sri Swamiji also sa#e Ek!ath %rom the serious o%%e!'e o% mur er$ The V ee da of G odde s s Vama!&ua 9a o ekar) while o! a pilgrimage) we!t up the Saptshri!gi hill i! Nashik 4istri't to take E4arsha!8 o% 0o ess Saptshri!gi$ There) Vama!&ua re?ueste %or the veeda %rom 0o ess .ar#ati$ %a i "a r Br ahm i n A 9rahmi! %rom a holy pla'e 'alle 5ai 'ame to Akkalkot$ A%ter taki!g Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8 he spoke sayi!g) @a %ew ays &a'k a sai!tly ma! 'ame to 5ai$ A%ter per%ormi!g religious 'eremo!ies %or %ee i!g the 9rahmi!s i! the 'ause o% lor 4attatrey) he &orrowe rupees twe!ty(%i#e %rom me a! the! he isappeare $ Thus he 'heate a poor ma! like me$ Maharaj 7 ha le!t the mo!ey i! your ho!our$ Shoul 7 su%%er like this %or my goo a'tK A$ Sri Swamiji i !ot say a!ythi!g$ There was a &ig rush to take E4arsha!8 o% Sri Swamiji$ 7! the mea!while) Sri Swamiji raise his %i!ger a! it poi!te at the same 9rahmi! who ha ru!away with the mo!ey$ 5aikar 'aught hol o% the 9rahmi!$ A ?uarrel starte &etwee! the two$ The! %i!ally the 9rahmi! agree to ha#i!g 'heate 5aikar$ Ne#ertheless) he i !8t ha#e the mo!ey to repay 5aikar$ The! 5aikar seiHe %ew o% the 9rahmi!8s &elo!gi!gs a! retur!e home$ Sri Swamiji i !ot oppose 5aikar8s a'tio!s %or mai!tai!i!g the ho!our o% his !ame$ This way 0o prote'ts the ho!our o% his e#otee$ 241 )oddess :a#adamba: )oddess <arvati( -ord $hivaIs divine .

lation d rin# those time eF al to the siBt' -fo rth %art of a r %ee( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .o%er .oin in . .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 151 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Tutelary Deity &rom the !iewpoint of a''omp(ishment) there are three kinds of deity*s + K (+ de!ata) .onteBt: .ir.pasya+ de!ata and -shta+ de!ata( A parti'ular eity worshippe &y a %amily through su''essi#e ge!eratio!s is 'alle as a Kul-devata or Family eity$ Thus %amily eity &e'omes the prote'tor o% the %amily a! ma! worships this eity %or the well &ei!g o% his %amily$ 5he! a 0uru a #ises a %amily to worship a parti'ular eity) that eity &e'omes the 2(asya devata or A ora&le eity o% the %amily$ From this eity) ma! makes progress i! his li%e$ Through worship he pleases the eity a! makes progress o! the path o% a''omplishme!t$ The eity) whom ma! si!'erely worships i! his heart) is 'alle 7shta devata or Tutelary eity$ To attai! this eity) ma! o%%ers e#erythi!g that &elo!gs to him a! gets 'o!te! e $ Through this eity ma! ele#ates to a higher le#el) whi'h lea s him to prosperity$ For a e#otee) all these three eity8s might &e o!e a! the same or i%%ere!t$ 5hether a e#otee gai!s prote'tio! %rom his %amily eity 2Jul e#ata3) or makes progress i! li%e through his a ora&le eity 2=pasya e#ata3) still he oes !ot get happi!ess till he sees his tutelary eity 27shta e#ata3$ Though the same pri!'iple is i!here!t i! all the eity8s) ue o% the atta'hme!t to the e*ter!al attri&utes) ma! likes his tutelary eity$ This e!tirely epe! s o! o!e8s wish or perso!al i!'li!atio!$ Sri Swamiji himsel% was the i!'ar!atio! o% <or 4attatreya) the 4i#i!e <or ) the Supreme Spirit$ /owe#er) a !um&er o% e#otees) e#e! a%ter o&tai!i!g the ki! gra'e o% Sri Swamiji) were ear!estly lo!gi!g o! to their tutelary eity$ /e!'e to e*pel this i#ersity o% se!time!t a! to i!%use a se!se o% o!e!ess i! the mi! s o% these e#otees) Sri Swamiji woul gra'e them with a #isio! o% /im appeari!g i! the %orm o% their tutelary eity or 7shta devata$ D ar sha n of Lor d Vi tt hal There was a you!g as'eti' o% the Maratha 'ommu!ity i! Ma!gal#e ha$ /e ha a! ear!est esire %or the E4arsha!8 o% his tutelary eity) <or Vitthal:+6$ Sri Swamiji a #ise him @0o to the holy pla'e D!araka a! stay there maki!g small pie'es o% the earthe! tiles mat'hi!g the siHe o% 'o((er 'oin262$ The! you will get the E4arsha!8 o% <or VitthalA$ There%ore) the you!g as'eti' we!t to 4waraka a! starte maki!g small pie'es o% the earthe! tiles$ <or Vitthal gra'e him E4arsha!8 three times$ 242 In this .

you are Lord :itthal hi$self. placing both hands on his loins and *anabai got the Darshan of Lord :itthal. #er earnest desire was fulfilled. . under a tree.*anabai.< S oor da s 7! 4waraka Sri Swami Samarth &estowe eyesight to the &li! sai!t Soor as$ The! Sri Swami Samarth ma!i%este himsel% i! the %orm o% <or Jrish!a a! gra!te 4arsha! as a tutelary eity . aying so. Is he not present at places other than /andharpurD. I will not get freed fro$ this obligation.7shta devata to Soor as$ 1 ahar udr a r ao D es hpan de 7! Am&ejogai) 9ee 4istri't) Maharashtra) Jagir ar Maharu rarao &e'ame a great e#otee o% Sri Swamiji$ G!'e whe! he we!t to the . /erceive Lord :itthal in your own heart. Ahat shall I doD <.io s( 244 .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 152 _________________________________________________________________________________________ : an a a i 7! Ma!gal#e ha) solapur 4istri't) Maharashtra) there was a woma! !ame Ja!a&ai$ 1ight %rom her 'hil hoo she ha e#elope a ha&it to #isit $andhar(ur$ G! e#ery Eka eshi26> ay a! retur! the !e*t ay$ G!'e uri!g the Ashadh266 mo!th while was she was o! her pilgrimage to .shad: The fo rth month of the 8ind 'ear and the month : neW: l'7 as %er Gn#lish Calendar Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . !oday I a$ facing this cala$ity. Even if I prepare shoes fro$ $y s(in and put on your feet. ri wa$i?i replied. >ou have highly favoured a fe$ale slave li(e $e by bestowing your @Darshan2. *anabai offered her obeisance and prayed to hi$ .a! harpur torre!tial rai! starte pouri!g$ /ea#y wi! s starte &lowi!g a! there was thu! er a! light!i!g all arou! $ 7t &e'ame e*tremely i%%i'ult %or her to pro'ee %urther$ Ja!a&ai got 'ompletely re!'he i! rai! a! starte shi#eri!g with 'ol $ =! er this e*treme 'ir'umsta!'e) she hi her 'hil i! her &osom) put the &u! le o% 'lothes o! her hea ) a! starte walki!g ahea 'ha!ti!g the !ame o% <or Vitthal$ Fi!ally ue to %ear o% lighte!i!g a! thu! er she took shelter u! er a tree$ 3n the other side of the sa$e street. do you thin( that Lord :itthal is present only at /andharpurD. ri wa$i?i stood up in the posture of Lord :itthal. !hen *anabai spo(e .=ahara?. ri wa$i?i was seated and laughing.a! harpur he got the 4arsha! o% Sri Swamiji i! the pla'e o% <or worshippe Sri Swamiji with %ull e#otio! a! the! retur!e home i! a aHe 4eshpa! e holy pla'e Vitthal$ /e 'o! itio!$ 243 G!adashi: The eleventh da' of a fortni#ht( 8ind s treat G!adashi as a ver' hol' da' and fast on that da'( Considered ver' a s%i.=ahara? till now I had never $issed $y pilgri$age to /andharpur. Lord :itthal is per$anently present in your self<.

a! harpur) the holy pla'e o% <or Vitthal$ G!'e) he 'ame to Akkalkot %or Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8$ 245 246 .arti! month7 the 8 th 8ind month and the month of /ovember or 6e.arti! <oornima: 1 ll moon da' of .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 153 _________________________________________________________________________________________ D ar sha n of 1a lh ar i (Lor d Sh i$ a) There was a 'ra%tsma! i! Mohol) Solapur 4istri't$ /e was a e#otee o% Sri Swamiji$ /e woul !e#er take %oo without taki!g Sri SwamijiEs E4arsha!8$ G!e ay whe! he was goi!g %or the 84arsha!8) it su e!ly o''urre to him to take his %amily eity Malhari Marta! Mhalasaka!t <or Shi#a8s E4arsha!8$ Thi!ki!g su'h he rea'he Sri Swamiji pla'e$ Sri Swamiji spoke to him @Now take the 84arsha!8 o% the 0o esire a! ho!oure &y you as %amily eityA$ So sayi!g Sri Swamiji ma!i%este himsel% i! the %orm o% a hermit with matte hair) <or Shi#a$ The 'ra%tsma! prostrate at the %eet o% Sri Swamiji) ma!i%este as <or Shi#a) a! starte prayi!g) @To ay &y this 84arsha!8 o% <or Shi#a all my %orty two ge!eratio!s ha#e &ee! ema!'ipate $ Sri Swamiji) ki! ly shower your mer'y a! upli%t meA$ The! Sri Swamiji sai @Co!ti!ue worshippi!g me with e#otio!al si!gi!g$ <ook %or i#i!ity i! all the 'reate &ei!gsA$ The 'ra%tsma! got the E4arsha!8 o% his %amily eity as per his stro!g esire a! e*perie!'e o!e!ess with i#i!ity$ Dar s ha n of Lor d 2 ar t i" ey a 1amshastri was a! atte! a!t o% Sri Swamiji$ Some people o% Akkalkot ha u! ertake! a jour!ey to take Kartikeya S!ami’s26B 84arsha!8$ 1amshastri also wa!te to go alo!g$ 5he! he aske Sri Swamiji %or his permissio!) Sri Swamiji sai ) @4o !ot goA$ 1amshastri was #ery isappoi!te $ /e &e'ame restless %or the E4arsha!8 o% Jartikeya Swami$ A%ter a %ew ays) there was Kartiki $oornima266$ 1amshastri starte taki!g Sri SwamijiEs E4arsha!8 as usual$ A%ter the e! o% aarati Sri Swamiji stoo up a! gra'e 1amshastri &y appeari!g i! the %orm o% <or Jartikeya$ /a#i!g &ei!g &lesse with the E4arsha!8 o% <or Jartikeya as per his ear!est esire) 1amshastri prostrate at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji$ D ar s han of Lor d 2a r ti " ey a to D hondi ua 4ho! i&ua) a is'iple o% Sri Swamiji ear!estly esire %or the E4arsha!8 o% <or Jartikeya a! he too wa!te to go to the 'o!gregatio! hel i! ho!our o% <or Jartikeya$ 5he! he aske %or permissio! Sri Swamiji spoke to him @4o you thi!k that Jartikeya Swami is !ot prese!t hereK A$ /eari!g this 4ho! i&ua realise his mistake$ The! 4ho! i&ua praye to Sri Swamiji @Iou are i! perso!) <or Jartikeya Swami himsel%$ The! why shoul 7 go to the %air u!!e'essarilyK A$ So 4ho! i&ua prostrate at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji 'o!si eri!g him <or Jartikeya$ D ar sha n of Lor d Vi tt hal to Ta ndul * ad" ar Vama!&ua Ta! ulwa kar was a pilgrim) who woul regularly #isit .alendar Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .ember as %er Gn#lish .arti!e'a: $on of -ord $hiva .

nother name of -ord 2ithal( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 154 _________________________________________________________________________________________ A%ter taki!g the E4arsha!8 he &e'ame #ery se!time!tal$ Vama!&ua was i! the ha&it o% si!gi!g e#otio!al so!gs$ /e wa!te to si!g e#otio!al so!gs i! the prese!'e o% Sri Swamiji$ Sri Swamiji we!t i! perso! to the lo'atio! where Vama!&ua ha take! a halt$ Seei!g Sri Swamiji Vama!&ua &e'ame e*tremely happy$ /e got %ully a&sor&e i! si!gi!g e#otio!al so!gs i! the prese!'e o% Sri Swamiji$ /e got %ully immerse i! e#otio! through his si!gi!g a! %i!ally he %ell ow! u!'o!s'ious$ A%ter regai!i!g 'o!s'ious!ess he starte si!gi!g agai! a! got a&sor&e i! e#otio!$ At the e! o% his si!gi!g people prese!t there aske him @5hile si!gi!g how i you &e'ome sile!t a! u!'o!s'iousK A$ Vama!&ua sai @5hile 7 was si!gi!g e#otio!al so!gs) Sri Swamiji 'ha!ge his %orm a! appeare i! the %orm o% /ord $andurang26C o% .a! harpur) with light 'omple*io!) weari!g yellow silk 'loth) 'row! wor! o! the hea ) large ri!gs wor! i! the ears a! &oth ha! s pla'e o! his waist$ 9y the sight o% <or Vitthal) 7 we!t i! a tra!'e a! lost my 'o!s'ious!ess$ Sri Swamiji is the i!'ar!atio! o% <or 4attatreya$ /e is !ot i%%ere!t %rom <or VitthalA$ Vama!&ua %elt %ully &lesse &y the gra'e%ul appeara!'e o% his tutelary eity <or Vitthal i! Sri Swamiji$ Dar s ha n of D* ar " adhi s h Lor d 2 r is hna A! as'eti') o! a pilgrimage) wa!te to #isit holy pla'e D!araka %or <or Jrish!a8s E4arsha!8$ There are %our pla'es o% worship) !ormally re%erre to as Chardham >5our 'enters?) two o% <or Shi#a(o!e at Je ar!ath 2North3 the other at 1ameshwar 2South3 a! two o% <or Vish!u(G!e at Jaga!!ath 2East3 a! the other at 4waraka 25est3$ 5he! he rea'he 1ameshwar i! Tamil!a u he su%%ere %rom a isease 'alle E ropsy8$ G! some e#otee8s a #i'e he 'ame to Akkalkot a! stoo i! the 'row %or Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8$ Sri Swamiji 'alle the as'eti' !ear&y a! sai ) @Iou ha a stro!g esire to go to 4waraka %or <or Jrish!a8s E4arsha!8 is it !otK A$ A! &e%ore his #ery eyes) Sri Swamiji ma!i%este himsel% i! the li#i!g %orm o% E<or Jrish!a8 with a 'o!'h) 8Chakra8 2'ir'ular holy weapo!3 a! a ma'e$ Seei!g the mar#ellous sight o% <or Jrish!a tears o% joy starte o#er%lowi!g %rom his eyes$ 9y the E4arsha!8 o% his tutelary eity) <or Jrish!a) he lost his 'o!s'ious!ess$ Da r sha n of Lor d Da tta tr e ya A! as'eti' was restless si!'e a !um&er o% years %or the Sagun E4arsha!8 o% <or 4attreya$ /e u! ertook a !um&er o% pilgrimages$ /e per%orme a !um&er o% religious 'eremo!ials$ 5hile wa! eri!g su'h he 'ame to Sri Swamiji$ Seei!g the lustrous physi?ue o% Sri Swamiji) the as'eti' was stu!!e $ /is pe!a!'e &e'ame %ruit%ul$ Sri Swamiji stoo up a! ma!i%este himsel% i! the %orm o% <or 4attatreya) with three hea s) si* arms) ea'h arm hol i!g Mala 21osary3) Jama! alu 2/oly pot3) 4amaru 2/oly musi'al i!strume!t3) Trishul 2Tri e!t3) Sha!kh 2Co!'h3 a! Chakra 2/oly weapo!3$ 247 -ord <and ran#: .

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 155 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Seei!g the all(attri&ute %orm o% <or 4attatreya the as'eti' got eeply immerse i! the sea o% happi!ess a! starte sayi!g @Sri Swami Maharaj you are the Supreme 9ei!g <or 4attatreya himsel% i! perso!$ Iou ha#e gi#e! me your 4arsha!$ 7 ha#e &ee! %ully &lesse &y the gra'e o% your 4arsha!A$ The I nca r nat io n of Lor d D at ta tr ey a G!e %i!e ay 0o#i! rao) so! o% Chi!topa!t Tol) worshippe Sri Swamiji a! the! aske him @Maharaj are you also prese!t at the 'o!%lue!'e o% the holy pla'e 0a!agapurK A$ Sri Swamiji sai ) @Ies) 7 am prese!t there tooA$ 0o#i! rao got #isio!ary i!sight i! his ream) that Sri Swamiji is sitti!g i! the temple o% 0a!agapur a! weari!g the $adukas o% <or 4attatreya$ 0o#i! rao aske the resi i!g priest @5ho is sitti!g i! the templeK A$ /e replie ) @Sri Swamiji o% Akkalkot is sitti!g thereA$ 0o#i! rao took the E4arsha!8 o% Sri Swamiji who ha ma!i%este i! the %orm o% <or 4attatreya a! %elt %ully &lesse ) as he ha a''omplishe his 'herishe o&je't$ /e &e'ame a great e#otee o% Sri Swamiji$ D ar s han of Lor d +a m a Sitarampa!t Ne!e o% 0aro #illage was a e#otee o% <or 1ama$ /e woul 'arry out rigorous worship to get <or 1am'ha! ra8s E4arsha!8$ G!'e he 'ame to Akkalkot$ /e took Sri Swamiji E4arsha!8 a! %elt %ully 'o!te!te $ /e %elt as though he ha the E4arsha!8 o% <or 1ama$ There%ore) he remai!e i! Akkalkot a! starte re! eri!g e#otio!al ser#i'e to Sri Swamiji$ G!e a%ter!oo! Sri Swamiji ma!i%este himsel% as <or 1ama a! gra'e the E4arsha!8 to Sitarampa!t Ne!e) thus 'leari!g his me!tal ago!y) Sitarampa!t Ne!e) retur!e home with 'o!ti!uous shouts o% #i'tory regar i!g Sri Swamiji$ D ar s han of G odde ss 1a hal a 8m i 7! Sa!gli) Maharashtra) there was a sai!t !ame /a!ama!tarao Jot!is Maharaj o% Chima religio!s se't) who i!itiate a! 'o!ti!ue the tra itio! o% !o!(stop e#otio!al si!gi!g$ E#e! to ay the tra itio! o% e#otio!al si!gi!g is &ei!g 'o!ti!ue $ /e ha &ee! to Akkalkot %or the E4arsha!8 o% Sri Swamiji$ /e pai his o&eisa!'e to Sri Swamiji with a sta! i!g posture a! sai @Maharaj) please %orgi#e me$ 7 'a!!ot pay my o&eisa!'e &y prostrati!g at your lotus %eet as 7 ha#e alrea y resol#e that 7 shall o!ly prostrate re#ere!tially at the lotus %eet o% my %amily eity Mahala*miA$ To this) Sri Swamiji smile a! sai ) @0o ess Mahala*mi) appears like this) is it !otK A$ So sayi!g Sri Swamiji ma!i%este himsel% i! the %orm o% 0o ess Mahala*mi$ Jot!is Maharaj prostrate re#ere!tially at the lotus %eet o% 0o ess Mahala*mi a! pai his o&eisa!'e$ The! Sri Swamiji sai ) @4o !ot mai!tai! the se!time!ts o% i#ersity$ 9y the resolutio! &ase o! this se!time!t) you will ha#e to u! ergo 'risis o% ago!yA$ Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

's per one2s devotion a person desires the @Darshan2 of one2s favourite for$ of God and then attain supre$e bliss.tutelary deity1 and $ade the$ experience the fact that the upre$e &eing is only 3)E in this universe.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 156 _________________________________________________________________________________________ E#e! to ay at Sa!gli) i! the Muth o% Sai!t Jot!is Maharaj Sri Swamiji is &ei!g worshippe i! the %orm o% 0o ess Mahala*mi$ D ar sha n .a ukas o% Sri Swamiji a! &uilt a Muth i! Ahma !agar$ 4uri!g the 'o!stru'tio! o% the Muth) 1ekhi %a'e a &ig 'alamity$ Sri Swamiji appeare himsel% ma!i%este i! the %orm o% 0o ess . God always graces a devotee and appears in the divine for$ $ost favourite to hi$. Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .f G odde s s Aa di m ay a (G odde s s ' ar $ at i) Na!a 1ekhi o% Ahma !agar) Maharashtra) was a %a#oure is'iple o% Sri Swamiji$ /e was a great astrologer$ /e ha prepare the horos'ope o% Sri Swamiji$ Sri Swamiji perso!ally ha gi#e! him the appro#al %or the same$ Sri Swamiji also ga#e him Atmalinga$ Na!a 1ekhi i!stalle the .ar#ati a! war e o%% the 'alamity$ !his way ri wa$i?i blessed supre$e bliss to a nu$ber of devotees by gracing the$ with the @Darshan2 of their favourite Ishta devata .

and 3$niscient. aint %abirdas has said . has displayed that #E dwells in the heart of every being as a upre$e pirit. &y his endless $iraculous wor(s ri wa$i a$arth =ahara?.>our God is always present in you. 6 hi ntopa nt Tol / s % or r y Sri Swamiji starte his jour!ey %rom Mohol #illage a! rea'he Solapur$ G!e ay Sri Swamiji was sitti!g i! a !ake 'o! itio! i! o!e o% temples at Solapur$ 5he! Chi!topa!t Tol 'ame to the temple %or the temple eity8s E4arsha!8 ) he saw Sri Swamiji sitti!g there$ G&ser#i!g the i#i!e %orm o% Sri Swamiji a thought 'ame to his mi! ) @May &e or may !ot &e) &ut he surely oes appear like a sai!tA$ Gm!is'ie!t Sri Swamiji 'ame to k!ow what Tol was thi!ki!g a! he spoke @5hether 7 am a sai!t or !ot) i! what way are you 'o!'er!e with itK Mi! your ow! &usi!essA$ /eari!g these wor s) Tol was take! a&a'k$ /e prostrate at the %eet o% Sri Swamiji) implore hum&ly) a! &rought him home to o%%er %oo $ From the! o!) Sri Swamiji %rom time to time woul #isit Tol8s house$ G!'e) Sri Swamiji ha &ee! Tol house$ At that time) a ou&t arose i! Tol8s mi! @Sri Swamiji takes %oo a!ywhere) a!ypla'e$ 7t is !ot %air to arra!ge his seat i! our row$ 7t is &etter to ser#e %oo to him i! a i%%ere!t pla'eA$ Mea!while Sri Swamiji spoke out @4ou&t has arise! i! your mi! $ So 7 shall !ot take %oo i! your houseA$ So sayi!g he starte to lea#e Tol8s house$ Tol regrette thi!ki!g this way$ /e implore hum&ly) prostrate at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji) a! praye %or %orgi#e!ess$ /e the! o%%ere a seat to Sri Swamiji i! his ow! row with %ull e#otio! a! ser#e %oo $ 4 o#-) id ra G!e e#e!i!g i! Solapur Sri Swamiji we!t to 0a!apatrao Joshi8s house$ 0o#i! rao Tol a''ompa!ie him$ A%ter the meals) Joshi arra!ge a &e %or Sri Swamiji to sleep o!$ Shortly) Sri Swamiji we!t i! eep sleep a! starte s!ori!g$ 0o#i! rao thought that Sri Swamiji i! spite o% &ei!g a great Iogi s!ores like a! or i!ary perso!$ 7t is the i'tum o% 9haga#a (0ita that whe! all 'reate li#i!g &ei!gs sleep uri!g the !ight o!ly the as'eti' remai!s awake throughout$ 7! the mea!while Sri Swamiji starte 'oughi!g a! spoke to Tol @Iou gol smith) it is !ot so) as you thoughtA$ Joshi a! Tol &oth realise that Sri Swamiji ha a&sor&e i! me itati#e 'o!templatio!$ Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust !ot slept &ut was eeply . In this for$ of upre$e pirit God (eeps under observation the condition. and constitution of every living being. the incarnation of Lord Dattatreya. 3$nipresent. activity. #e is 3$nipotent. ?ust li(e a flower always carries fragrance with it<.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 157 _________________________________________________________________________________________ God= 4ou Are the Supreme Spirit God is present in the heart of every living being in the for$ of upre$e pirit.

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 158 _________________________________________________________________________________________ S i l" Dhot ee 7! Solapur Sri Swamiji 'ame to 0a!apatrao Joshi8s house$ 5ith great e#otio! Joshi ga#e a &ath to Sri Swamiji) resse him with a silk( hotee) a! the! worshippe him$ The! Joshi o%%ere !ai#e ya %oo to Sri Swamiji$ 7! the mea!time a thought 'ame up i! Joshi8s mi! @7% a%ter taki!g the %oo Sri Swamiji goes out a! gi#es this silk( hotee to some&o yK A$ 7!sta!tly om!is'ie!t Sri Swamiji spoke @Take your silk( hoteeA$ So sayi!g Sri Swamiji got u! resse ) retur!e the silk( hotee to Joshi) a! le%t the pla'e i! a !ake 'o! itio!$ Joshi starte implori!g hum&ly &ut Sri Swamiji sai @A suspi'io! arouse i! your mi! regar s the silk( hoteeA$ 5here is the pla'e %or suspi'io! i! e#otio!K 4 a hoodi D oct or /eari!g the glory o% Sri Swamiji a )ahoodi26+ o'tor we!t to Akkalkot %or Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8$ G&ser#i!g the Iahoo i o'tor Sri Swamiji aske ) @/ow ma!y eyes ha#e you &roke!KA$ The Iahoo i was take! a&a'k as to how i Sri Swamiji 'ame to k!ow that he is a eye o'torK Therea%ter) the Iahoo i o'tor &e'ame a e#otee o% Sri Swamiji$ Thi ef i n 1o#a l ai 7! 9aro a there was a wealthy perso! !ame /aris'ha! ra 0opal$ A 9rahmi! resi i!g i! his house stole two thousa! rupees a! ra! away$ They sear'he e#erywhere &ut u!%ortu!ately 'oul !ot lo'ate him$ /e!'e the wealthy perso! 0opal 'ame to Akkalkot$ /e praye to Sri Swamiji regar i!g the the%t$ Sri Swamiji spoke @Iour thie% has &ee! 'aught a! put u! er 'usto y i! a parti'ular #illage o% Mogalai26DA$ 5ith this i!%ormatio! /aris'ha! ra 0opalji we!t to the #illage$ A%ter lo'ati!g the thie% he re'o#ere his mo!ey$ B al ap pa/ s : ap a 9alappa was a great e#otee a! atte! a!t o% Sri Swamiji$ G!'e) he was e!grosse i! 'ha!ti!g <or 0a!esh8s !ame$ Sri Swamiji ha just woke! up %rom his sleep a! was sitti!g o! the &e stea $ Some e#otee aske Sri Swamiji as to what is 9alappa oi!gK Sri Swamiji replie ) @/e is wea#i!g a sa'k 'lothA$ /eari!g these wor s o% Sri Swamiji) 9alappa u! erstoo that this Ja(a2B0 is a waste$ A%ter gi#i!g up 'ha!ti!g <or 0a!esh8s !ame) 9alappa starte the 'o!ti!uous repetitio! o% Sri Swamiji8s !ame$ Ne*t ay some e#otee aske Sri Swamiji as to what is 9alappa oi!gK Sri Swamiji replie ) @/e is wea#i!g a &la!ketA$ Sri Swamiji ha u! erstoo the !ature o% 'ha!ti!g per%orme &y 9alappa$ 248 243 Eahoodi: Israeli &o#alai: The then 8'derabad 255 :a%a: Chantin#( /aamsmaran( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

n The + i$ e r Ba n" 9alaji Sa o&a was a postal superi!te! e!t$ /e took the weeke! o%% %rom work a! 'ame to Akkalkot %or Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8$ A%ter taki!g 4arsha! he ha pla!!e to retur! si!'e he ha to atte! o%%i'e o! Mo! ay$ So he re?ueste Sri Swamiji %or permissio! to lea#e Akkalkot) &ut Sri Swamiji ma e 9alaji sit &y his si e a! starte talki!g to him sayi!g) @1i#er &a!k o! the other si eA$ 9alaji was getti!g late a! the thought o% missi!g his trai! ma e him #ery !er#ous$ This thought ma e him u!easy$ E#e!tually) he e#a e Sri Swamiji a! rea'he the trai! statio!$ /e 'ame to k!ow that the trai! ha still !ot arri#e si!'e 1i#er Jrish!a ha %loo e $ 9alaji ha to pass the whole !ight o! the railway statio! itsel%$ Now 9alaji starte repe!ti!g that he 'oul !ot u! ersta! the i! i'atio! gi#e! &y Sri Swamiji$ The S * or d and the Sp it toon The 0o#er!or o% Mum&ai ha 'ome to Solapur$ /e was 9ritish ma!$ /e ha or ere Maloji 1aje) the Ji!g o% the the! Akkalkot state) to 'ome to Solapur$ 9e%ore goi!g to Solapur 1aje took Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8 a! re?ueste %or his permissio!$ Sri Swamiji took the swor a! the spittoo! %rom a sol ier a! pla'e them i! the ha! s o% Maloji 1aje$ Maloji 1aje we!t to Solapur &ut the E!glish 0o#er!or i !ot ho!our him !or e*te! a!y hospitality$ 7! the state o% Akkalkot) possessio! o% weapo!s was prohi&ite earlier$ Now that prohi&itio! was li%te $ 0i#i!g the swor a! the spittoo! to 1aje) Sri Swamiji ha gi#e! the i! i'atio!$ B ri n# a nd Gi $ e 1e 'om e #r a nat es A &usi!essma! %rom Mum&ai was i! a #ery i%%i'ult situatio!$ /e remem&ere Sri Swamiji a! #owe to o%%er pomegra!ates to Sri Swamiji i% his pla!!e work gets %ul%ille $ 9y the ki! gra'e o% Sri Swamiji) he got su''ess i! his proje't a! he 'ame to Akkalkot with pomegra!ates$ 7! a hurry he %orgot the pa'ket o% pomegra!ates at his welli!g$ 5he! Sri Swamiji saw the &usi!essma! he e*'laime ) @Gh) ge!tlema! where are my pomegra!atesK 9ri!g a! gi#e meA$ The &usi!essma! praye %or %orgi#e!ess) we!t &a'k to his pa'ket a! o%%ere the same to Sri Swamiji$ welli!g) &rought the 1 ar r i a#e * it h 2 hand ya Vishwasrao alias Appasahe& Ma!e was a 'hie%tai! i! the royal 'ourt o% the the! state o% Akkalkot$ /is aughter Jama!a&ai ha grow! up &ut he was !ot a&le to %i! a suita&le mat'h %or her$ G!e ay whe! he we!t %or Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8) he o%%ere his salute with %ol e ha! s a! e!treate $ Sri Swamiji spoke @Gh) why o you worryK 7 ha#e %i*e her marriage with Jha! yaA$ Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 153 _________________________________________________________________________________________ .

ermissio! was re%use $ /e!'e 1aosahe& i !ot go to 9e!aras$ A%ter a %ew ays) agai! a telegram 'ame$ /owe#er) Sri Swamiji re%use permissio! this time too$ A%ter %ew ays %or the thir time a telegram 'ame$ The! Sri Swamiji sai ) @Now you goA$ A%ter 1aosahe& rea'he 9e!aras) his mother ie $ Completi!g the %u!eral rites) whe! he 'ame &a'k) Sri Swamiji sai ) @/a you go!e earlier) you woul ha#e &ee! i!#ol#e i! a mess %or two(three yearsA$ The supreme spirit Sri Swamiji) ha alrea y k!ow! i! a #a!'e) the time o% eath o% 1aosahe& 4ha#ale8s mother$ Le a$ e Thi s ' l ac e a nd 1a r ch A* a y Ma ha#rao 4a asahe& Vi!'hurkar was a rege!t i! the the! State o% Akkalkot$ /e was a great e#otee o% Sri Swamiji$ /e was a%%e'te &y <eprosy) whi'h was 'ure &y the ki! gra'e o% Sri Swamiji$ G!e ay Vi!'hurkar sahe& was sitti!g i! his o%%i'e$ At that time) Sri Swamiji u!e*pe'te ly 'ame there a! sai ) @Now you loa your 'hair) ta&le a! all thi!gs o! a 'amel a! lea#e this pla'e a! mar'h awayA$ Vi!'hurkar aske politely) @Maharaj) where shall 7 goK A$ Sri Swamiji sai ) @0o there) where thousa! s o% people) will salute youA$ So sayi!g Sri Swamiji le%t$ A%ter some ays the relatio!s &etwee! Vi!'hurkar a! Maloji 1aje estra!ge a! Vi!'hurkar starte looki!g a%ter his ow! state o% Vi!'hur$ Thus) there was a rise i! ho!our a! ig!ity o% Vi!'hurkar$ The S tr u##l e of t he 4 ea r >? @A 7! the year :+BC) 7! ia!s rose i! re#olt agai!st the so#ereig!ty o% 9ritish$ Sri Swamiji ha alrea y realise the out'ome o% the re#olt$ So i! Akkalkot Sri Swamiji use to sit with his hea thrust i! a 'a!!o!8s mouth$ This 'a!o! was !ame <a*mi$ 7! those ays 9ritish ha &low! up thousa! s o% 7! ia!s usi!g these 'a!!o!s$ G!e ay Sri Swamiji spoke) @Now !othi!g remai!e &elo!gi!g to /i! us$ They ha#e lost their elepha!ts) horses) pala!?ui!s) a! e#erythi!g else$ 5ithi! a %ew ays) the 9ritish ismisse all the states a! seiHe their powers$ Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 165 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Appasahe& Ma!e was !ot a&le to u! ersta! what Sri Swamiji mea!t &ut he i !8t ha#e a!y 'ourage to ask agai!$ /e kept ?uiet$ A%ter some ays a marriage proposal %or Jama!a&ai arri#e ire'tly %rom the Ji!g o% 9aro a ( Jha! erao 0aikwa $ Appasahe& Ma!e8s happi!ess k!ew !o &ou! s$ /e %elt highly ho!oure &y this marriage proposal %rom the Ji!g$ The wor s o% Sri Swamiji ha ma!i%este $ 4 ou %oul d !a $e Be en & nta n#l ed 1aosahe& 4ha#ale was a 'hie% Ma!ager o% the Chie%tai! Ji&e$ /e re!ou!'e all worl ly atta'hme!ts a! 'ame to Akkalkot to re! er e#otio!al ser#i'e u!to Sri Swamiji$ /is mother resi e i! 9e!aras$ she was #ery ol $ G!'e 1aosahe& got a telegram that his mother was si'k$ /e aske Sri Swamiji %or permissio! to go to 9e!aras$ .

!here are several such occasions wherein ri wa$i?i.ha ke is 'o!si ere as the %irst re#olutio!ary o% 7! ia who hel the &a!!er alo%t o% the arme re#olutio! agai!st the so#ereig!ty o% the 9ritish Empire i! 7! ia$ /e ha girded u( his loins2B: to estroy 9ritish sla#ery a! %ree 7! ia %rom the 'lut'hes o% the 9ritish Empire$ To a'hie#e su''ess i! this work he 'ame to Akkalkot %or the ki! &lessi!gs o% Sri Swamiji$ /owe#er) the supreme spirit Sri Swamiji showe i! i%%ere!'e i! this propose work si!'e he alrea y k!ew the result o% this struggle$ Vasu eo 9alawa!t ha to retur! isappoi!te $ The 1e ani n# of ' an chda sh i 7! Akkalkot) lear!e me! like 1am Joshi 0a!apatrao a! 0opal Joshi hel is'ussio!s to e'ipher a! u! ersta! the 'o!te! s o% .a!'h ashi &ook$ .a!'h ashi &ook is part o% the Ve a!t literature$ G!e ay) !o!e o% them 'oul u! ersta! the mea!i!g o% a shloka2B2 %rom the &ook$ /e!'e they we!t to Sri Swamiji %or 'lari%i'atio!$ 5he! they were i! the pro'ess o% ha#i!g Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8 a! &e%ore they e#e! ?uote a!ythi!g Sri Swamiji pro!ou!'e the shloka a! !arrate its mea!i!g to the surprise o% all$ E#eryo!e was stu!!e a! greatly please $ Thi r d 1a r r ia #e o f Soho ni 0a!esh /ari Soho!i remarrie a%ter his %irst wi%e ie $ =!%ortu!ately his se'o! wi%e too passe away$ /e thought that i% Sri Swamiji woul gi#e him permissio!) he 'oul marry %or the thir time$ /owe#er) Sri Swamiji i !ot permit him a! resume his smoki!g a i!g li#e 'oal to his pipe$ /e i! i'ate to Soho!i that his thir marriage woul &e %utile$ <ater o! Soho!i se'ure a jo& i! the the! state o% 9aro a$ 5hile i! 9aro a) Soho!i e#elope a stro!g esire to get marrie $ Fi!ally he %ou! a !i'e girl a! got marrie $ This was his thir marriage$ Eight ays a%ter his we i!g his wi%e %ell ow! while 'lim&i!g the stair'ase a! &roke her waist$ She was gi#e! the &est o% me i'al treatme!t &ut i! #ai!$ She &e'ame a ha! i'ap$ Soho!i ha to 'arry her o! a low stool o! his &a'k while mo#i!g arou! $ The impressi#e we i!g 'eremo!y 'ame to a! e! &ut the smoki!g pipe remai!e empty.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 161 _________________________________________________________________________________________ +e$ ol uti ona r y V as ude o B al * ant ' ha d"e Vasu eo 9alwa!t . by his o$nipresence and o$niscience either had showered (ind grace on the devotees or given indications of the future happenings to the$. 251 252 )irded % his loins: i(e( 2o"ed( $hlo!a: $ans!rit verse Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 162 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 163 _________________________________________________________________________________________ .enter of forehead bet"een the e'ebro"s( .teristi.ha!ra7 &ani% ra or The solar %leB s .ol mn from the base of the s%ine to the to% of the head( Ga.har!asK.tions of a %h'si.ral .ha!ra7 .ha!ra is a neB s of meta%h'si.onsidered lo.ro"n .al health of the bod' in balan.ha!ra( The .ribed as bein# ali#ned in an as.e Gner#' to !ee% the s%irit al7 mental7 emotional and %h'si. reduced his yogic practices. o also ri wa$i?i showered his (indness on the deserving devotees and spiritually elevated the$.ha!ras are des. ) ru si m ha S ar a s *a ti fr om Al andi 7! the holy pla'e Ala! i i! .ha!ras is to s%in and dra" in this 9niversal -ife 1or.ne %ho Is Sho*ered %ith 2ind Grace During his incarnation period ri wa$i a$arth =ahara? had showered (ind grace on nu$erous devotees and redress their illness.ha!ra7 2ish ddha or The throat . In spite of being an ascetic.olor7 m lti%le %h'siolo#i. he gave up his siddhis.t of .alled sha!tiA7 "hi.enters and ea. and turned his attention to devotional path.hara.ons.lassi.+na or The Third e'e7 and $ahasrara or The .i of life ener#'7 or %rana7 @also .har!a o%ens % a s%ate of m'sti.ha!ra7 $"adhisthana or The sa.ord( There are seven .h has its o"n %ro%erties( The' are @from bottom of the s%ine and %A: & ladhara or The base or root .har!a( The .dn'a Cha!ra: The ! ndalini ener#' .ertain .nahata or The heartKemotions .al bod' and to be asso.alled nadis( The f n. . Still you ha#e !ot gi#e! up your prostituteK A$ 5ith %ol e ha! s Nrusi!ha Saraswati sai @Maharaj) there is o!ly o!e reme y to gi#e up that prostitute) it is o!ly your ki! gra'eA$ 7! Sri Swamiji8s hall o% au ie!'e !o o!e really u! erstoo this ialog &etwee! the two a! all the e#otees were wo! erstru'k to hear the %a't that a! as'eti' has kept a prostitute$ <ater) Nrusi!ha Saraswati perso!ally ga#e the !e'essary 'lari%i'atio!s to the e#otees that Sri Swamiji was talki!g a&out his siddhis 2spiritual a''omplishme!t resulti!g %rom ope!i!g o% ku! ali!i 'hakra8s3$ &y the (ind grace of ri wa$i?i. he would get so $uch deeply engrossed while singing devotional songs that he would get unconscious while singing$ 253 .al element7 and other distin# ishin# .enter at the . poverty.tion of the .h .entersK.u!e) Maharashtra) there was a sai!t !ame Nrusi!ha Saraswati$ /e pra'tise yoga rigorously &ut was u!a&le to go i!to a tra!'e i! spite o% his &est e%%orts$ /e wa! ere to ma!y pla'es i! sear'h o% a 0uru$ Fi!ally he 'ame to Sri Swamiji$ 5he! he rea'he Akkalkot) Sri Swamiji was sitti!g i! the storehouse !ear the pala'e$ 5he! Nrusi!ha Saraswati took his E4arsha!8) Sri Swamiji showere ki! gra'e o! him a! re'ite a sta!Ha !arrati!g the awake!i!g o% the Adnya 'hakra2B> o% Ju! ali!i$ Nrusi!ha Saraswati we!t i!to tra!'e i!sta!tly a! lost his outwar 'o!s'ious!ess$ 9y the ki! gra'e o% Sri Swamiji Nrusi!ha Saraswati u! erstoo the se'ret o% eep me itatio!$ Nrusi!ha Saraswati ha alrea y attai!e siddhi2B6$ G!'e whe! he 'ame to Akkalkot) Sri Swamiji sai @Gh.al %o"ers( .ha!ras are tho #ht to vitalise the %h'si.har!as a"a!ened is said to be one "ith the niversal s%iritK)od( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . and crisis finally giving the$ an opportunity to $a(e progress in life..io sness7 a .endin# .har!as( Ga.om%lishment( <o"er emanatin# from the state of a"a!enin# of the . %erson "ho has all the seven .iated "ith intera.e( 254 $iddhi: $%irit al .iated "ith a .ha!ra7 .h .al andKor bio%h'si.al f n.h is tho #ht to flo" amon# them alon# %ath"a's ..al7 emotional and mental nat re( The' are .s(The' are vis alised as lot ses "ith a different n mber of %etals in ever' .tions7 an as%e.al ener#' residin# in the h man bod' alon# the s%inal .ha!ra is asso.

e Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 164 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Stayi!g i! Ala! i Nrusi!ha Saraswati 'arrie out religious works like &uil i!g ri#er&a!k) 'hariot o% sai!t 4!ya!eshwar Maharaj) a 'harita&le i!stitutio! mea!t %or the a''ommo atio! o% tra#ellers) a s'hool %or tea'hi!g the Ve as a! a'?uire great %ame$ 1us l i m S ai nt 5he! Sri Swami Samarth was i! Ma!gal#e ha a Muslim woul re! er ser#i'e to him$ /e woul prepare a small smoki!g pipe with to&a''o %or Sri Swamiji$ 4ue to emo!ia' possessio! he woul wa! er aimlessly$ /e woul mai!tai! himsel% &y &eggi!g$ G!e ay Sri Swamiji showere his ki! gra'e &y pla'i!g his ha! o! the Muslim8s hea a! &lesse him$ 5ith this &lessi!g the Muslim &e'ame a sai!t a! starte wa! eri!g %rom pla'e to pla'e$ /e a'?uire superhuma! powers$ A !um&er o% misera&le people starte approa'hi!g him %or relie%$ D eo 1 am l e dar Iash#a!t Maha eo 9hosekar was a re#e!ue o%%i'er i! 'harge o% a tahsil$ /e 'ame to Ma!gal#e ha %or Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8$ /e staye i! Ma!gal#e ha %or %ew ays a! re! ere e#otio!al ser#i'e #ery great %aith u!to Sri Swamiji$ Sri Swamiji was #ery please &y his ser#i'e a! &lesse him$ E#e!tually he &e'ame a %ully a''omplishe perso! a! &e'ame well k!ow! as @4eo Mamle arA$ G a$ e S *a m i Sri Swamiji 'ame to Mohol Village i! Solapur was a <i!gayat Swami !ame 0a#e Swami i! a''omplishe as'eti'$ A%ter taki!g the 84arsha!8 o% mu'h i!%lue!'e that he ga#e up his path o% Ioga a! 4istri't) %rom Ma!gal#e ha$ There Mohol #illage$ /e was a %ully Sri Swamiji 0a#e Swami was so a''epte the path o% e#otio!$ 1 ouni Bua 7! Solapur) Maharashtra) a North 7! ia! 9rahmi! !ame Muku! woul take Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8 aily a! pray @Ji! ly li&erate me %rom this worl ly sha'klesA$ At last) o!e ay Sri Swamiji spoke @9e passio!less a! re!ou!'e all atta'hme!t$ The! you will gai! happi!essA$ No soo!er he hear these wor s %rom Sri Swamiji he we!t i!to a tra!'e a! rea'he a''omplishme!t$ Crow s o% people starte pouri!g i! %or his 4arsha!$ To get ri a!'e %rom this &otheratio! he starte o&ser#i!g 'omplete sile!'e$ 4ue to this #ow o% sile!'e he 'ame to &e k!ow! as Mouni aba2BB$ 255 &o ni Baba: Cne "ho has ta!en a vo" of silen.

ha%atra: .al vessel :amadar: Chief <oli. small .onstable( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 165 _________________________________________________________________________________________ B a a Ghol a p 7! Nasik) Maharashtra) there was a 9rahmi! !ame 9a&a 0holap) well #erse i! the Vedas a! Shastras$ /e staye i! a! ashram) whi'h he ha &uilt$ G! a''ou!t o% se#ere pe!a!'e two goo ?ualities) hum&le!ess a! impartiality were &or!e i! him$ /e was i! sear'h o% a 0uru$ G!e ay as usual) whe! he we!t to 0o a#ari 1i#er to take a &ath) Sri Swamiji ma!i%este i! the %orm o% a i#i!e as'eti' with lo!g arms e*te! i!g up to the k!ees) ga#e him the i#i!e 4arsha!) a! sai ) @7 am a resi e!t o% Akkalkot$ 7 ha#e 'ome here to %a#our you with the %ruits o% your ee sA$ So sayi!g Sri Swamiji 'leare all the ou&ts %rom his mi! $ Sri Swamiji &lesse 0holap a! #a!ishe $ 5he! 0holap we!t to Akkalkot a! took Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8) he rea'he the highest state o% me itatio! i! whi'h he a'hie#e u!ity with the A&solute$ Sri Swamiji ga#e his $adukas to 0holap$ 0holap 'ame &a'k to Nasik) i!stalle the .e .a ukas o% Sri Swamiji) a! &uilt a temple$ The! he re!ou!'e all worl ly ties a! a''epte as'eti'ism$ The Thi n#s In A ' a nchpa tr a Some wome! ha 'ome %or Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8$ G!e woma! tol the other @Take that thi!g kept i! the $an'h(atra2B6A$ 7! &etwee! their talk Sri Swamiji spoke @4i you get that thi!g kept i! the (an'h(atraK A$ They all pai their o&eisa!'e to Sri Swamiji a! the! starte laughi!g$ The! Sri Swamiji spoke to the woma! agai! @0o a! take the E4arsha!8 o% that %ig tree) the! you will 'ome to k!owA$ The woma! took the E4arsha!8 o% the %ig tree) 'ame &a'k) a! sai @From the E4arsha!8 o% that %ig tree) 7 lear!t that this &o y o% a huma! &ei!g) ma e up o% %i#e esse!tial eleme!ts #iH$ Earth) 5ater) Fire) Air a! Ether) is itsel% a pa!'hpatra$ A! it 'o!tai!s the i!!er spirite soulA$ 9e'ause o% the ki! gra'e o% Sri Swamiji) this u!e u'ate woma! u! erstoo the eep 'o!'ept) whate#er esse!'e a! the mystery a&out the Supreme 9ei!g) whi'h e*ists i! the illusory worl ) 'oul &e a''rue &y the asso'iatio! o% sai!ts$ :a m ada r of 1a ind ar #i There was a Muslim Jamadar2BC) who &elo!ge to Mai! argi #illage$ /e was assig!e to guar priso!ers$ G!e e#e!i!g a priso!er es'ape %rom the jail a! hi i! a it'h$ At !ight whe! priso!ers were 'ou!te ) it was %ou! that o!e priso!er was missi!g$ The ol Jama ar &e'ame !er#ous as he woul &e ismisse %rom his jo& a! woul !ot get his pe!sio!$ /e was a e#otee o% Sri Swamiji$ /e #owe to Sri Swamiji that i% the es'ape priso!er gets 'aught a! i% he gets out o% this situatio! the! he woul resig! %rom his jo& a! re! er ser#i'e to Sri Swamiji$ 256 257 <an.'linderi.

m slim saint .rasa 8 a! they woul get relie% %rom their ailme!ts$ ."alia: .om%lished m slim saint . re#ion in so th of India( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 166 _________________________________________________________________________________________ The priso!er who ha es'ape was lo'ate i! the mor!i!g$ The priso!er sai that through out the !ight) whe!e#er he woul try to ru! away) a! as'eti' woul stop him %rom oi!g so$ The Jama ar ha! e o#er the priso!er to the 'o!'er!e o%%i'er i! 'harge o% the tahsil$ /e the! resig!e %rom his jo& as per his #ow$ /e le%t &ehi! his househol a! 'ame to Sri Swamiji a! remai!e there re! eri!g e#otio!al ser#i'e$ G!e ay Sri Swamiji threw his shoes o! the Jama ar$ The Jama ar 'o!si ere this as $rasad a! took the shoes to his #illage Mai! argi a! starte worshippi!g those shoes$ /is wi%e a! 'hil re! %elt #ery &a as the Jama ar i! spite o% &ei!g a Muslim worships the shoes o% a /i! u sai!t$ They threw him out o% the house$ The helpless Jama ar took shelter i! a! ol house outsi e the #illage$ /is %ame sprea e#erywhere$ For si'k a! misera&le people) who 'ame to him) he woul gi#e the ust 'olle'te u! er the leather shoes o% Sri Swamiji as E.ashi: In 2aranasi7 9ttar <radesh state of India( 261 &albar: .n a.eople starte 'alli!g him a %ully a''omplishe perso!$ Sri Swamiji starte 'alli!g him $eersaheb2B+$ The! people also starte 'alli!g him $eersaheb$ As his status as'e! e his %amily too starte respe'ti!g him$ /e &uilt a temple a! i!stalle the leather shoes i$e$ $adukas o% Sri Swamiji$ 9y the ki! gra'e o% Sri Swamiji Jama ar 'ame to &e k!ow! as A!alia2BD$ 2 as hi "a r S * am i 7! Jashi260 there was a lear!e Swami$ /e ha stu ie the Shastras #ery eeply$ /e ha some ou&ts a&out Ve as ( regar i!g the soul a! !o!(sel% a! the s'ie!'e o% Ioga$ 5he! he we!t o! a pilgrimage he met a !um&er o% sai!ts) as'eti's a! lear!e people &ut !o o!e 'oul 'lear his ou&t$ G!'e) while o! pilgrimage) he was i! Mal&ar26:$ There he got a #isio!ary i!tuitio! a #isi!g him to go to Akkalkot$ At the time he was!8t e#e! aware a&out the sig!i%i'a!'e a! wherea&outs o% a pla'e 'alle Akkalkot$ A%ter maki!g ue e!?uiries he starte sear'hi!g a! %i!ally he 'ame rea'he Akkalkot$ E#e! though he was a highly lear!e ma! well #erse i! the s'riptures) &ut &y the mere E4arsha!8 o% Sri Swami Samarth there was a surge o% e#otio! i! his heart$ /is eyes starte she i!g tears o% joy$ Jashikar Swami staye i! Akkalkot %or a mo!th$ G!e ay a%ter %i!ishi!g his &ath a! mor!i!g prayers he 'ame %or Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8$ A%ter the E4arsha!8 he we!t o! prostrati!g &e%ore Sri Swamiji$ /e woul get up a! agai! prostrate &e%ore Sri Swamiji$ Nearly %or te! to twel#e times) he prostrate &e%ore Sri Swamiji$ /is eyes were she i!g tears) his &o y was shi#eri!g) a! he woul get wet with perspiratio!$ 5ith hum&le!ess he per'ei#e Sri Swamiji$ A%ter sometime he sat ow!$ The! he sai that 258 253 265 <eersaheb: ..

and he got $erged into the universal spirit. ri wa$i?i spo(e to hi$ .S* a m is ut /ari&hau %rom Mum&ai su%%ere loss i! his &usi!ess$ There%ore) he #owe to make a! o%%eri!g to Sri Swamiji i% his wish gets %ul%ille $ Therea%ter he ma e goo pro%it i! his &usi!ess$ To keep his #ow he 'ame to Akkalkot$ Sri Swamiji regar e him as his so!$ Sri Swamiji showere his ki! gra'e o! /ari&hau a! ga#e him the $adukas$ /ari&hau &uilt a temple) i!stalle the pa ukas) a! sprea the %ame o% Sri Swamiji$ S id dhappa :a n#a m Si ha!keri is a #illage !ear Akkalkot$ There is a &ig Muth &elo!gi!g to the <i!gayat Commu!ity$ A Ja!gam262 0uru !ame Si happa was the 'hie% o% the Muth$ The Muth was #ery prosperous &ut Ja!gam Si happa was a pure a! ho!est e#otee$ /e 'ame to Akkalkot with great pomposity %or Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8$ Si happa was %ully 'o!te!t &y the E4arsha!8 o% the 4i#i!e %orm o% Sri Swamiji$ Sri Swamiji aske him @7% 7 gi#e you a &rea 'a! you igest the sameK A$ Si happa hum&ly replie @Maharaj) whate#er you gi#e with ki! gra'e) it will &e 'ertai!ly igeste ) !ot o!ly &y me &ut also &y e#ery&o yA$ At that #ery time a shepher was passi!g &y$ Sri Swamiji aske %or &rea %rom the shepher a! ga#e it to Si happa$ 7! %a't a Ja!gam swami !e#er a''epts %oo %rom a!y&o y) e*'ept a!other Ja!gam swami$ 9ut Si happa Ja!gam ate the &rea as prasa gi#e! &y Sri Swamiji$ )o sooner.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 167 _________________________________________________________________________________________ &e'ause o% the ki! gra'e o% Sri Swamiji all his he we!t &a'k a%ter %ew ays$ ou&ts got 'leare $ 9ei!g %ully satis%ie !a r i hau.ra esh$ A . attain divinity. =aintaining a selfless unselfish conduct and with sweet speech. than he ate that bread his egois$ disappeared. give happiness to everybody<.)ow go to your te$ple and with undivided attention. &y the (ind favour of ri wa$i?i iddhappa *anga$ got absorbed in the conte$plation of Lord &rah$a. Ba i r am 5 i Sri Swamiji ha &ee! to Nal urga i! A! hra . he lost his consciousness.arsi ge!tlema! 9airamji was the re#e!ue 'olle'tor at the time i! Nal urga$ Some o% his 'leri'al sta%% wa!te to take Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8 a! so re?ueste o%%i'er 9airamji to gra!t them a! hour8s time o%%$ /owe#er) 9airamji &e'ame a!gry a! sai ) @Iou &eha#e like u!'i#ilise %oolish people$ 5hat e*a'tly will you gai! &y the E4arsha!8 o% a huma! &ei!gK G!e shoul !ot go 'raHy a%ter sai!ts a! as'eti's a! worship themA$ 262 :an#am: Cne "ho is movin#( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 168 _________________________________________________________________________________________ The same ay Sir Salarju!g sahe&) the .bhan#a: $in#in# of reli#io s h'mns in %raise of )od or $ad# r Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .rime Mi!ister o% the the! state o% /y era&a ) ha 'ome to Nal urga %or Sri Swamiji E4arsha!8$ Alo!g with Sir Salarju!g Sahe& the sta%% o% the 'olle'tor8s o%%i'e too took the opportu!ity to take Sri Swamiji8s 84arsha!8$ No!e o% the sta%% pai a!y atte!tio! to 9airamji8s o&je'tio!s$ Ne*t ay) 9airamji %ire al o% them$ G! some prete*t the %ire sta%% ma!age to take 9airamj %or Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8$ 5hile taki!g Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8 9airamji starte 'hoki!g with %ear a! he %ell ow!$ The! Sri Swamiji spoke with a!ger @Iou %ool) &y your &a 'o! u't) are you !ot hurti!g peopleK 7s it permitte i! your religio! to 'ause 'e!sura&le a! %atal works 'ausi!g eath et'K A$ /eari!g these wor s o% Sri Swamiji 9airamji repe!te #ery mu'h$ /e praye %or %orgi#e!ess) took eight ays lea#e) a! starte re! eri!g ser#i'e to Sri Swamiji$ /e praye to Sri Swamiji @Maharaj) ki! ly upli%t me with your ki! a #i'eA$ The! Sri Swamiji %a#oure 9airamji with the a #i'e o% #irtuous 'o! u't$ A%ter this 9airamji &e'ame a e#otee o% Sri Swamiji till the e! $ 1an ya a The so! o% a 9rahmi! %rom Mai! argi #illage Ma!ya&a was a! orpha!$ /e was um& a! me!tally ull$ Ma!ya&a somehow 'arrie o! his li%e$ G!e ay the #illage people took Ma!ya&a to Akkalkot a! le%t him there at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji$ 4ue to the ki! %a#our o% Sri Swamiji um& Ma!ya&a starte speaki!g$ /e was a&le to talk Marathi a! Ja!!a a la!guages$ /e attai!e spee'h siddhi$ 5hate#er he woul say) those wor s woul ma!i%est i! reality$ .aste .eople starte #isiti!g a! respe'ti!g him$ To get su''ess i! their #e!tures people starte pressurisi!g him to utter) @Speak out that the work will &e o!eA$ /owe#er) he woul !ot 'ome u! er u! ue pressure$ /e woul say) @Sri Swamiji will &eat me) remo#e the ski! o% my &utto'ks a! &lee meA$ 9y the ki! %a#our o% Sri Swamiji %i!ally Ma!ya&a &e'ame a sai!t$ Sa r as * at i S onar e e n There was a la y !ame Saraswati So!aree!26>$ 5hile si!gi!g Abhanga266 she woul &reak i!to tears a! the! wa! er like a 'raHy perso!$ Sri Swamiji ha %a#oure her with ki! gra'e$ 5hate#er Sri Swamiji woul speak i! a mysterious way) she woul u! ersta! the mea!i!g$ She woul mai!tai! hersel% &y &eggi!g$ She woul %ee ogs a! wa! er e#erywhere$ 5he! Sri Swamiji woul get a!gry he woul !e#er liste! to a!yo!e$ At that time e#otees woul look %or Sarswati So!aree! a! Ma!ya&a a! &ri!g them to Sri Swamiji$ Seei!g those two Sri Swamiji woul get please $ G!'e some people %rom Narasi!hawa i i! Jolhapur) Maharashtra) ha 'ome to take Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8$ They aske Sri Swamiji @Maharaj) who are youK A$ Sri Swamiji sai @Mool $urush& Vatavriksha) DattanagarA$ The! Saraswati So!aree! 263 264 $onareen: 4oman from )oldsmith .

ura!ik a! a! as'eti' were is'ussi!g a&out Vedanta$ Narsappa slept at the pla'e where this is'ussio! was goi!g o!$ At mi !ight he woke up$ /e was trem&li!g$ /is eyes were she i!g tears$ /e starte sayi!g @Sri Swami Maharaj is 0o AlmightyA$ 5he! aske he starte sayi!g) @Sri Swamiji took me to Vaikunth266$ There) i! the gol e! temple o! a thro!e e'orate with gems a! jewels <or 1ama was seate glari!g with sple! our alo!g with 0o ess Sita) <akshma!) 9harat) Shatrugh!a a! also /a!uma!jiA$ 7 praye @Maharaj) to ay 7 am &lesse &y your ki! gra'e$ 9y your ki! %a#our this hum&le ma! 'oul get the &lessi!gs o% <or 1amaA$ Narasappa sat there %or a lo!g time) as a 'raHy perso!$ /e ha sought the ki! %a#our o% Sri Swamiji$ +a ch appa and G o$ ind Bh at 7! Tam& #illage o% Jar!atak a 9rahmi! !ame 0o#i! 9hat li#e $ /eari!g the %ame o% Sri Swamiji he 'ame to Akkalkot$ Sitti!g i! %ro!t o% Sri Swamiji he woul si!g e#otio!al so!gs a! 'ha!t the !ame o% 0o $ 9y the ki! gra'e o% Sri Swamiji 0o#i! 9hat attai!e siddhi i! spee'h$ /e &e'ame a great e#otee o% Sri Swamiji$ G!'e he ha &ee! to 5arli) the a&o e o% /ord Veer hadra26C$ At 5arli there was a perso! !ame 1a'happa) a e#otee o% <or Veer 9ha ra$ /e was a! e*'elle!t poet$ /owe#er) he woul !ot si!g e#otio!al so!gs i! praise o% a!y other 0o e*'ept <or Veer&ha ra$ 0o#i! 9hat sai ) @Sri Swami Samarth is the i!'ar!atio! o% <or 4attatreya$ Iou 'ha!t i! the praise o% Sri SwamijiA$ /owe#er) 1a'happa re%use to o so$ 0o#i! 9hat %elt #ery &a $ /e %elt that 1a'happa has i!sulte Sri Swamiji$ /e!'e he 'ame to his #illage Tam&) ga#e up %oo a! water) a! starte 'ha!ti!g i! the praise o% Sri Swamiji %or a week$ 265 266 $hastri: Cne "ho has st died the shastras 2ai! nth: The %aradise of the -ord 2ishn 267 -ord 2eer Bhadra: The name of a %o"erf l hero .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 163 _________________________________________________________________________________________ e*plai!e the mea!i!g o% Sri Swamiji8s wor s to those people a! sai @7t is the origi!al perso!) o!e who sleeps o! the lea% o% a! 7! ia! %ig tree) has take! i!'ar!atio! i! the %orm o% <or 4attatreyaA$ So!aree! with a %ie! ish &eha#iour possesse late!t powers a! he!'e Sri Swamiji like her #ery mu'h$ )a r as a ppa of 1 ys or e Si*ty(year(ol Narasappa ha 'ome to Akkalkot %rom Mysore to seek the ki! %a#our o% Sri Swamiji$ E*'ept Ja!!a a he i !ot k!ow a!y other la!guage a! so he was !ot a&le to ope! up his mi! i! %ro!t o% Sri Swamiji$ =!a&le to e*plai! himsel% he woul sta! sile!tly i! %ro!t o% Sri Swamiji with %ol e ha! s$ G!e ay) re'itatio! o% $uran0% was i! progress i! the prese!'e o% Sri Swamiji$ At that time Sri Swamiji hi!te Narsappa to 'ome !ear him$ Near&y a perso! was writi!g a! a''ou!t$ Sri Swamiji took the !ote&ook %rom the perso! a! wrote i! Ja!!a a i! the !ote&ook$ @1ea 9hagwa gita$ Iour work will get o!eA$ Narasappa &e'ame #ery happy) so he starte to lear! how to re'ite the 9hagwa gita %rom a Shastri26B$ G!e !ight) .reated b' -ord $hiva7 "hom he ordered to destro' the 6a!sha'adn'a Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 175 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Fi!ally Sri Swamiji appeare i! 1a'happa8s ream a! sai @without showi!g a!y i%%ere!'e &etwee! me a! <or Veer 9ha ra) start 'ha!ti!g e#otio!ally i! my %a#our$ 7% you show a!y i%%ere!'e the! you will u! ergo su%%eri!g$ 0o to 0o#i! 9hat a! re?uest him %or %orgi#e!essA$ 1a'happa we!t to Tam& #illage a! re?ueste 0o#i! 9hat %or %orgi#e!ess a! sai ) @9e'ause o% you) 7 got the E4arsha!8 o% Sri Swamiji$ My e!tire %amily li!eage got upli%te A$ The! i! the praise o% Sri Swamiji he 'ompose a !um&er o% e#otio!al so!gs$ 2 e5 "a r S* a m i Maharu rarao 4eshpa! e was a 1igvedi rahmin a! was a Jagirdar o% Jej #illage whi'h &elo!ge to the the! /y er&a state$ The NiHam26+ seiHe the Jagir$ /owe#er) ue o% the ki! gra'e o% Sri Swamiji he got the Jagir &a'k$ /e e#e! %ou! treasure &urie i! his house &y the ki! gra'e o% Sri Swamiji$ G!'e he was i! the jaws o% eath ue to e*treme %e#er &ut was sa#e &y ri!ki!g 8Chara!o ak8$ /e 'ame to Akkalkot a! praye to Sri Swamiji @Maharaj has sa#e me %rom the jaws o% eath$ Now ki! ly allow me to re! er e#otio!al ser#i'eA$ /e prese!te a! o%%eri!g o% rupees te! thousa! to Sri Swamiji$ Sri Swamiji laughe a! sai ) @0o home$ Take this mo!ey home) throw it o! a heap o% ru&&ish a! keep this sto!e thereA$ Jagir ar Maharu rarao retur!e to his !ati#e pla'e a! &uilt a &ig temple !ear his house a! i!stalle the $adukas o% Sri Swamiji i! that temple$ /e we!t o! a pilgrimage a! a''epte as'eti'ism re!ou!'i!g all worl ly ties$ Fi!ally he 'ame to Akkalkot a! settle there i! the pro*imity o% Sri Swamiji$ <ater he 'ame to &e k!ow! as Jejkarswami$ As per his wish) his Sama hi tom& was &uilt !ear Sri Swamiji8s sama hi$ B hur i a Ba a 7! the holy pla'e 4waraka there was a #ery #ery ol hathyogi26D k!ow! as 9huria 9a&a$ /e woul re! er ser#i'e to sai!tsF help the poor a! epresse people$ /e was 'ompletely ho!est) sweet spoke! a! always spoke the truth$ 4ay a! !ight he woul &e restless %or <or 4attatreya8s E4arsha!8$ E#e!tually he got the %ruits o% his e#out austerity a! righteous 'o! u't$ G!e ay Sri Swamiji stoo &e%ore 9huria 9a&a ma!i%esti!g as <or 4attatreya a! whe! Sri Swamiji &estowe his ki! gra'e &y pla'i!g his &ou!ti%ul ha! o! 9huria 9a&aEs hea ) 9a&a lost his 'o!s'ious!ess$ The! Sri Swamiji %a#oure him a! a #ise him @Now gi#e up your Ehathyoga8 a! start my Naamsmara!A$ 9a&a &e'ame #ery happy) as his li%e ha &e'ome %ruit%ul$ In this way by his (ind grace ri wa$i?i had favoured a nu$ber of devotees.tisin# 8atha Eo#a Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . %erson %ra. !he devotees who had received the (ind grace of ri wa$i?i 268 263 /i>am: The r ler of the then 8'derabad state 8atha'o#i: .

fro$ lunatic people to learned hastries.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 171 _________________________________________________________________________________________ included $en and wo$en of all religions. fro$ poor people to rich people and fro$ householders to ascetics. Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

<or Shi#a(Sha!karA$ The! Sri Swamiji we!t to Tatya Su&he ar8s house$ There he su%%ere %rom yse!tery$ 5he! he %elt a little &etter he we!t to a #illage Naga!halli a! took a halt i! a ma!go(gro#e i! the #illage$ /is health starte eteriorati!g %urther$ /e stoppe eati!g %oo $ 5he! atte! a!t Sakharam <okha! e re?ueste with prayers) Sri Swamiji 'ame &a'k to his %a#ourite Vatavriksha2C0 at Akkalkot$ /is %e#er ha go!e up$ /is &o y starte a'hi!g &ut !o&o y saw Sri Swamiji 275 2atavri!sha: Indian 1i# tree Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 172 _________________________________________________________________________________________ 1aster= Do )ot 3orsa"e 0s and Lea$e I ndic a ti on of 3i nal :ou rn ey G!e ay) 9alappa &rought a hukka a! hukka Sri Swamiji aske 9alappa @5e ha#e to high altitu e$ 5oul you like to 'ome to re! was put to 9alappa his heart starte &eati!g got worrie $ ga#e it to Sri Swamiji$ 5hile smoki!g the go #ery lo!g way$ 5e ha#e to rea'h #ery er ser#i'e to meK A$ 5he! this ?uestio! %aster$ /e was 'aught i! a ilemma a! 1egar i!g his %i!al jour!ey Sri Swamiji woul gi#e i! i'atio!s i! a #a!'e throughout the year$ Sometimes Sri Swamiji woul 'ha!ge the lamp upsi e ow!$ /e ha rolle his &e a! ha!g it o! a tree$ A%ter Cholappa8s eath he woul get eje'te #ery o%te!$ From the ay o% his arri#al to Akkalkot Cholappa re! ere ser#i'e to Sri Swamiji$ Separatio! %rom Cholappa &e'ame u!&eara&le %or Sri Swamiji$ /e!'e Sri Swamiji thought o% wi! i!g up his i#i!e i!'ar!atio!$ 4uri!g the lo!g li%e o% hu! re s o% years Sri Swamiji ha i!spire thousa! s o% people to %ollow the path o% e#otio! a! i!'li!e towar s the path o% #irtue$ Sri Swamiji ha raise a %lag o% e#otio! &y 'reati!g thousa! s o% e#otees$ Now he thought it as the right time to epart %rom this worl $ 9e%ore the eparture %rom this worl Sri Swamiji showe o!e more mira'ulous work$ /e we!t a! sat i! the Ja!gam Muth o% Akkalkot$ 7! this Muth there is a large i ol o% <or Shi#a o% Ja!gam &elo!gi!g to the <i!gayat 'ommu!ity$ /e tol the Muth8s atte! a!t to &ri!g ry 'ow u!g 'akes a! 'reate a sa're %ire o! the EShi#ali!ga8$ 7! the sa're %ire he put items like :0 pou! s o% ghee) rie ates) ri'e) %ruits) %lower garla! s et') whi'h he ha re'ei#e %rom e#otees$ Seei!g this a't o% Sri Swamiji <i!gayat e#otees &e'ame %urious a! starte shouti!g i! a!ger &ut kept sile!t seei!g the i#i!e %orm o% Sri Swamiji$ The sa're %ire was #ery i!te!se$ The i!te!se heat s'or'he the sto!e walls$ /owe#er) o! the !e*t ay as per the i!stru'tio!s o% Sri Swamiji whe! the Shi#ali!ga was 'lea!se it ha &e'ome e*'ee i!gly &right a! lumi!ous tha! it was &e%ore$ 7t is as though Sri Swamiji ha gi#e! a! i! i'atio! to the e#otees a! is'iples that e#e! %ire 'a!!ot estroy the %orm o% i! i#i ual soul$ E#e! a%ter getti!g &ur!t i! the %ire) the soul will e*ist i! a! e*'ee i!gly lumi!ous %orm$ Eight ays prior to the %i!al jour!ey Sri Swamiji starte si!gi!g hym!s i! the praise o% <or Shi#a) as @Shi#ahar Sha!kar Namami) Sha!kar Shi#asha!kar Sham&ho) /ey 0irijapati 9ha#a!isha!kar) Shi#a Sha!kar Sham&hoA mea!i!g) @7 &ow to you a! pay my o&eisa!'e Gh.

I carry what they lac( and I preserve what they have.&hagvadGita shlo(a BH551 I&ut those who always worship =e.a! harpur gets &ur!t upA$ /is is'iples a! e#otees realiHe that Sri Swamiji is eparti!g %or his %i!al jour!ey a! maki!g them orpha!$ They all praye @Maharaj) what shoul we o !owK A$ Sri Swamiji tol Shripa 9hat @Jeep yoursel% &usy i! iggi!g up at the root o% the Vat#rikshaA$ The! Sri Swamiji tol 0a!apat rao @Iou remai! i! the templeA$ The! he i!stru'te 9alappa @Iou remai! u! er Au um&ar tree a! the! he i!stru'te e#ery&o y @Iou %ollow your a!'estorsA$ The! Sri Swamiji repeate o!e #erse %rom 9hag#a (0ita( .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 173 _________________________________________________________________________________________ groa!$ E*'ept Su! ara&ai !o!e was allowe to go !ear him$ /e ha alrea y gi#e! up %oo $ As per Su! ara&ai8s re?uest Sri Swamiji took two spoo!s o% ri'e(gruel$ She %urther re?ueste him @Maharaj) whe! woul you &e'ome alrightK A$ Sri Swamiji spoke slowly @Now) how 'oul 7 &e'ome alrightK Time has 'ome %or me to epart %rom this worl o! my %i!al jour!eyA$ Topmost allopathi' a! ayur#e i' o'tors were 'alle i! &ut Sri Swamiji woul !ot take a!y me i'i!e$ 7% someo!e trie to %or'e me i'i!e i! his mouth Sri Swamiji woul spit it out imme iately$ /is ill!ess starte i!'reasi!g$ G!'e Su! ara&ai e!?uire ) @5he! woul you &e'ome alright a! get upK A$ Sri Swamiji sai ) @7 woul get up alright whe! the mou!tai!s speakA$ 5he! Sripa 9hat aske the same ?uestio! the! Sri Swamiji sai ) @7 woul get up whe! . J Sri Swamiji was %ully 'o!s'ious till he 'ompletely a&a! o!e his material &o y a! eparte o! his %i!al jour!ey$ G! Chaitra Jrish!a Trayo ashi ay o% /i! u year :+00 2Iear :+C+ as per E!glish 'ale! ar3 Sri Swamiji ate some ri'e(gruel$ The! he was lai o! a &e $ All the e#otees were totally epresse ue to a!*iety$ Though time %or the %i!al jour!ey 'ame !ear Sri Swamiji8s %a'e still re%le'te i#i!e sple! our a! seeme as lustrous as usual$ There was the same elight o! his %a'e a! his #isio! was the same as &e%ore$ 4e#otee(ser#a!t Sripa 9hat seate Sri Swamiji &y e*te! i!g his physi'al support$ Sri Swamiji sat i! lotus positio! a! got himsel% a&sor&e i! supreme sel%$ No!e o% the e#otees 'ame to k!ow a&out this$ 4e#otees a! is'iples starte &ewaili!g$ 7t appeare as though 'hil re! ha lost their mother a! 'al#es ha lost their mother('ow$ 7t appeare as though mother 0uru ha tur!e away his %a'e %rom his e#otees$ 5ho 'a! es'ri&e the e#otee8s pai! Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . with exclusive devotion. .$nanyas%&hintaye%mam'%(e%#anah%paryupasate) esham%nitya*hiyu+tanam'%(oga-+shemam%.ahamyahamG G<. $editating on =y transcendental for$. to the$.

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 174 _________________________________________________________________________________________ o% separatio! %rom their 0uruK This !ews sprea e#ery #illage rushe to Akkalkot$ Sri Swamiji ha e#erywhere like wi! $ 4e#otees %rom eparte maki!g his e#otees orpha!$ A! aeropla!e ma e o% %lowers was prepare %or the %i!al jour!ey o% Sri Swamiji$ Flowers were showere ow! o! Sri Swamiji$ The e!tire resour'es o% Akkalkot State i!'lu i!g elepha!ts) horses) alo!g with the i!sig!ia o% royalty was kept rea y %or the %i!al jour!ey o% Sri Swamiji$ E!tire mass o% people starte mo#i!g ahea 'o!ti!uously si!gi!g e#otio!al so!gs to take the %i!al 4arsha! o% their 0o ) Sri Swamiji$ Cholappa ha kept a pla'e rea y i! his house %or Sri Swamiji8s Sama hi$ Sri Swamiji ha pre%erre Cholappa8s house to &e his perma!e!t sama hi pla'e$ This was the same pla'e where Sri Swamiji ha staye whe! he ha %irst 'ome to Akkalkot$ Na!a Sahe& 9ar#e) the prime mi!ister o% the! Akkalkot State a! 9a&urao Vish!u Moghe) the 1e#e!ue 'olle'tor o% Akkalkot) lai Sri Swamiji8s &o y i! the Sama hi pla'e$ 4e#otees pai their last o&eisa!'e a! took Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8$ E#e! !ow Sri Swamiji8s %a'e e*presse the same lustre a! the assura!'e o% impu!ity %or the e#otees$ 9alappa ha &rought a! preser#e a &ottle o% %ragra!t esse!'e i! his house %or Sri swamiji$ /e ha stro!g esire to prese!t this &ottle as a! o%%eri!g to Sri Swamiji$ /owe#er) ue to the huge 'row at the Sama hi site 9alappa 'oul !ot go home to get the &ottle$ So 9alappa got e*tremely u!easy$ 7! the mea!while some&o y &rought the &ottle a! ga#e it to 9alappa$ Thus 9alappa8s wish got %ul%ille $ Sri Swamiji e#e! a%ter eparti!g %rom the worl ly e*iste!'e ha %ul%ille the wish o% his e#otee$ Thousa! s o% e#otees with tear%ul eyes a! with 'o!sta!t repetitio! 0o 8s !ame &a e %arewell to Sri Swamiji$ Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

Ahen you $erge deep in the water of devotion only then would one understand the profound nature of the $iraculous wor(s of ri wa$i?i. ri wa$i a$arth =ahara?. I a$ still living<. !he $iraculous wor(s of ri wa$i?i still continues to date. Even today ri wa$i?i gives @Darshan2 to his devotees. !he tales of incarnations and $iracles are also infinite. . the incarnation of the upre$e &eing Lord Dattatreya. Knless you get co$pletely drenched in the devotion you would not experience the $ystifying aspect of ri wa$i?i. would always re$ain sitting on the riverban(. !he fool.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 175 _________________________________________________________________________________________ I !a$e )ot Gone I Am Still Li$in# The Supreme 9ei!g <or 4attatrey /imsel% ha take! i!'ar!atio! i! the %orm o% Sri Swamiji$ Sri Swamiji a&a! o!e the physi'al %orm &ut the esse!tial eleme!t i !ot get lost) it &e'ame %ormless a! per#a e e#erywhere$ 9alappa was a 'lose e#otee o% Sri Swamiji$ 9alappa was i! great pai! ue to the ago!y o% separatio! %rom Sri Swamiji$ /e woul sit i! %ro!t o% the Sama hi re'olle'ti!g all the mira'ulous works o% Sri Swamiji a! the! start 'ryi!g$ Four ays without %oo a! water) he 'o!ti!ue to sit there i! %ro!t o% the Sama hi$ At the e! o% the %ourth ay o!ly %or the sake o% his %a#ourite e#otee Sri Swamiji ma!i%este himsel% i! %ro!t o% 9alappa a! woke him %rom the slum&er$ The! Sri Swamiji &lesse him &y pla'i!g the &ou!ti%ul ha! 9alappa8s hea a! sai @7 am li#i!g) i! a spirite %orm) i! the $aduka gi#e! to you &y me$ Now 7 will a''ept your ser#i'e whe! you worship the $adukasA$ Jelkar Maharaj o% Chiplu! was also grie%(stri'ke! a%ter the eparture o% Sri Swamiji$ Sri Swamiji ma!i%este himsel% a! ga#e E4arsha!8 to Jelkar Maharaj$ Earlier Sri Swamiji ha promise Jahagir ar 9hausahe& o% Neelgao! that he woul 'ome to Neelgao!$ G! the %i%th ay a%ter his Sama hi Sri Swamiji ma!i%este himsel% i! Neelgao!$ Soo! a%ter getti!g this !ews) 9hausahe& we!t to Neelgao! a! ha the E4arsha!8 o% Sri Swamiji$ 9hausahe& praye to Sri Swamiji to 'ome to his house &ut his re?uest was re%use $ Sri Swamiji isappeare %rom Neelgao!$ 9hausahe& se!t his messe!ger to Akkalkot to sear'h %or Sri Swamiji$ 9e%ore the messe!ger retur!e Sri Swamiji ma!i%este himsel% i! 9hausahe&8s house the same a%ter!oo! itsel%$ 9hausahe& praye to Sri Swamiji to take %oo i! his house &ut without sayi!g a wor Sri Swamiji isappeare $ <ater whe! 9hausahe& lear!t that Sri Swamiji ha alrea y take! Sama hi a! he ha ma!i%este himsel% i! Neelgao! just to keep up his promise) his eyes starte she i!g tears realiHi!g the e*te!t o% lo#e o% Sri Swamiji towar s his e#otees$ Even after ta(ing a$adhi ri wa$i?i had given his @Darshan2 to nu$erous devotees. #e had said. !he one who gets into deep waters and explores finds pearls. !he tales of incarnations and $iracles of ri wa$i?i are also infinite. who is afraid of drowning in the water. was also infinite. Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . !he Lord is infinite.I have not gone.

f Splendour .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 176 _________________________________________________________________________________________ %hat Is The 1easure .f The Lord < Sri Swami Samarth Maharaj) the i!'ar!atio! o% <or 4attatrey) ha ma!i%este /imsel% i! a huma! %orm a! 'arrie out mira'ulous works$ /e was Superhuma!$ /is lustre was i#i!e a! &rillia!t$ /e was &lesse with lo!g arms e*te! i!g up to his k!ees$ Su'h lustre o% i#i!e &rillia!'e was &ei!g emitte %rom his &o y) that !o!e 'oul look at him ire'tly$ /e was white('omple*io!e $ /e ha a straight lo!g !ose$ /e ha 'ur#e eye&rows) lo!g ears) &roa 'hest) thighs like &a!a!a(tree) a! lotus like %eet$ /e ha sa! al mark o! his %orehea a! his arms$ /e woul wear loi!'loth$ 7t might &e right to say that the atte! a!ts themsel#es 'lothe Sri Swamiji with a loi!'loth$ Sometimes Sri Swamiji woul remo#e a! throw away the loi!'loth a! get !ake $ Sometimes he woul wear a! ear 'apF sometimes he woul wear a re (o'hre 'ostume$ Sri Swamiji woul always look #ery gra'e%ul$ The !ature o% Sri Swami Samarth Maharaj) <or 4attatrey i!'ar!ate) was #ery simple a! straight%orwar $ /e was like a 'hil $ /e was #ery ge!erous) #ery ki! to the e#otees a! always showere lo#e towar s his e#otees$ Me!tally he was !ot !arrow(mi! e $ /e woul treat e#eryo!e e?ually without a!y i%%ere!'e$ /is ki! !ess was showere e?ually o! e#ery&o y like a ki!g or a &eggar) a small 'hil or a! ol perso!) a woma! or a ma!) a /i! u or a Muslim) a Varkari or a <i!gayat) a 9rahmi! or a Shu ra$ Sri Swamiji woul get #ery happy o! seei!g the lo#e o% the e#otees) &ut &y seei!g the worl ly ailme!ts like arroga!'e) hypo'risy) i!justi'e) a! immorality et') he woul get u!happy a! #ery a!gry$ From his heart) Sri Swamiji wishe wel%are o% all e#otees) &ut i% he sees a!y e#otee getti!g egra e ue to mis ee s the! he woul pu!ish the egra e e#otee &y &e'omi!g heartless$ /owe#er) i% a!y e#otee repe!ts o! his wro!g%ul a'tio! the! Sri Swamiji woul %orgi#e him$ Sri Swamiji was #ery tolera!t$ 5hate#er his atte! a!ts woul o Sri Swamiji woul e! ure i! sile!'e$ For e*ample Sri Swamiji &ore with tolera!'e the a'tio!s i! e*'ess o% Su! ara&ai$ For Sri Swamiji the earth a! gol &e a! at times o! sto!e) sometimes elepha!ts a! horses &ut sometimes he sometimes take &ath a !um&er o% times i! !ot take &ath at all$ were there woul a ay alike$ /e woul sometimes sleep o! a woul &e the i!sig!ia o% royal with sit o! a heap o% ru&&ish$ /e woul &ut sometimes %or eight ays he woul /e woul sometimes &e sitti!g i! the house o% a 9rahmi! a! at times i! the lo'ality o% Shudras$ /e woul sometimes &e stayi!g i! a .ala'e &ut sometimes o! the #era! ah o% a temple$ /e woul sometimes &e sleepi!g o! a 'ot a! sometimes i! a pit$ 7! all lo'atio!s a! u! er all 'ir'umsta!'es he woul &e a&sor&e i! himsel%$ Sri Swami Samarth was a! o'ea! o% k!owle ge$ The pri e o% all lear!e perso!s a! repute s'holars woul si!k i! the prese!'e o% Sri Swami Samarth$ /e woul pla'e his &ou!ti%ul ha! o! the hea o% a &oy or a 'raHy perso! a! 'ause him to re'ite the sta!Has %rom the Ve as) the =pa!isha ) a! the 9hag#a 0eeta$ The se'ret mea!i!g o% the Ve as woul also get re#eale i! the prese!'e o% Sri Swami Samarth$ Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 177 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Sri Swamiji was temperate i! spee'h$ G''asio!ally he like to a opt sile!'e$ /e woul speak i! Marathi$ Sometimes Sri Swamiji woul speak out Sa!skrit i'tums$ Gut o% %u! or a!ger Sri Swamiji woul speak out i! /i! i la!guage$ /e was #ery outspoke!$ /e woul shower a&uses$ 5hether a perso! is ri'h) ho!oura&le or e#e! a woma!) Sri Swamiji woul speak ope!ly a! 'learly a! e*pose them stark !ake i% !e'essary$ /is spee'h woul &e either i! i'ati#e or sym&oli'$ Sri Swamiji) the i!'ar!atio! o% <or 4attatrey) ha the power &y whi'h he was a&le to o a! u! o thi!gs$ /e woul %ill up water i! a rie well a! 'ure the most i!'ura&le iseases i! !o time$ /e woul make a poor ma! ri'h$ /e woul pre#e!t eath a! re#i#e ea &o y$ All a''omplishme!ts stoo &e%ore him with %ol e ha! s 2i$e$ All the siddhis &owe &e%ore him3$ Sri Swamiji was a! a!'ie!t perso!$ The Supreme <or o% the a!'ie!t /i! u mythology ha ma!i%este i! the %orm o% Sri Swami Samarth$ As per the opi!io! o% people o% the same perio he was a! age as'eti' with a #ery lo!g li%e$ 7! this %orm he woul ma!i%est himsel% a!ywhere) a!ytime a! prote't the e#otees a! gi#e them a #i'e too$ The i!!er(spirite Sri Swamiji woul appear himsel% i! the reams o% the e#otees a! &less them with #isio!ary i!tuitio!$ In the for$ of ri wa$i a$arth. had $anifested with attributes. #ow could one describe the infinite attributes of the LordD BSa Dharati 2a#a5 2aro( Le"hani "aro Banray< Sat Samundar"i 1asi "aroo= Guru Gan li"ha na 5ay<C( . Let us $a(e the seven seas as in(.Let us $a(e the whole world as paper and $a(e entire forest as a pen. power and attributes had $anifested. Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . !hat is indescribable. >ou can only experience this with full devotion. the attribute8less upre$e Lord #i$self. !he upre$e Lord hi$self had incarnated as God and descended on this earth. Even then we will not be able to write entirely the attributes of our Guru8 ri wa$i a$arth1 In the incarnation of ri wa$i a$arth the entire lustre.

a! it was also i! e&t$ 5he! he hear the surprisi!g story a&out Ja!ojia 9rahmi! he took a #ow to 'ome to Akkalkot %or Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8 i% his &ur e! o% e&t gets 'leare withi! eight ays$ 9y this time &oth) /ari&hau a! Jhatri ha rea'he <a*ma! .a! it8s resi e!'e a! re?ueste him that) i% he stoo as a guara!tor %or their loa! e&t the! he woul &e a&le to get e?ual share i! pro%it) i% a!y) i! their &usi!ess #e!ture$ 5he! /ari&hau a! Jhatri hear the story o% Ja!ojia 9rahmi! %rom .a! it was a %amily priest o% 0o#i! rao8s house$ 0o#i! rao was the same perso! whose 'ook Ja!ojia 9rahmi!) &y the ki! %a#our o% Sri Swami Samarth) ha u!e*pe'te ly re'ei#e 1upees te! thousa! as 'harita&le o!atio! %rom the Sethani 20o#i! rao8s wi%e3$ <a*ma! .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 178 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Sad#uru/s 6hoice of 'rimary Disciples Akkalkot Ni#asi Sri Swami Samarth Maharaj ha i!itiate a !um&er o% e#otees a! ma e them is'iples$ Gut o% these k!ow!(u!k!ow! !umerous is'iples) the primary is'iples who got the &lessi!g(sym&ol %rom Sri Swamiji retur!e to their ow! pla'es a! %luttere the &a!!er represe!ti!g e#otio!al loyalty to Sri Swamiji$ They are as %ollows$ S * am i s ut 7! 7tiya #illage &elo!gi!g to 1at!agiri 4istri't Swamisut was &or! to the EJhot8 %amily$ /is !ame was /a!&hau Tawa e Jhot$ 7t was a prosperous house$ For his e u'atio! he 'ame to Mum&ai$ A%ter %i!ishi!g his e u'atio! he joi!e the Mum&ai Mu!i'ipality %or employme!t$ 0aja!a! Jhatri was his 'o(worker at the time$ 9oth joi!e ha! s a! starte oi!g some spe'ulatio! i! the opium &usi!ess$ They su%%ere hea#y losses$ They got i!to hea#y e&ts$ /e!'e &oth o% them we!t to <a*ma! .a! it) they &oth got #ery impresse $ Soo! a mira'le took pla'e i! their &usi!ess$ .a! it ma e a pro%it o% rupees two thousa! %rom the &usi!ess$ /ari&hau a! Jhatri also got %ree %rom their e&t a! %urther they also ma e some pro%it$ All the three took a #ow that) till they go to Akkalkot a! take the E4arsha!8 o% Sri SwamijiF they will !ot a''ept a!y %oo $ 5he! they rea'he Akkalkot Sri Swamiji was i! the pala'e$ Sri Swamiji ha just take! %oo a! was resti!g$ Cholappa took Sri Swamiji8s partly %i!ishe %oo platter a! was o! his way &a'k) whe! /ari&hau &egge %or the portio! o% the %oo taste &y Sri Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .a! it whom they k!ew$ <a*ma! .

ri!ts3 ma e o% white sil#er$ <ater o!) they o%%ere ENai#e ya8 to Sri Swamiji a! retur!e to Mum&ai$ A%ter 'omi!g &a'k to Mum&ai /ari&hau starte getti!g me!tally epresse with regar s to his %amily li%e a! he starte to see Sri Swamiji i ol e#erywhere he looke $ 5ith stro!g esire he starte year!i!g %or the ki! %a#our o% Sri Swamiji i! his heart$ As Sri Swamiji8s or er he prepare the sil#er .n embodiment of a s %reme entit'Is divine %resen.a ukas 'lose to a! tou'hi!g his heart$ As per the or ers o% Sri Swamiji he ga#e away all his material possessio!s i! 'harity$ /e ha +00( D00 grams o% gol i! his house$ /e sol it a! ga#e the mo!ey i! 'harity to the 9rahmi!s$ /is wi%e Tara&ai starte 'ryi!g &ut /ari&hau i !ot pay a!y atte!tio!$ /e kept a Ka5ani2C2%or himsel% a! a white saree %or his wi%e$ The! he got himsel% eeply a&sor&e i! si!gi!g hym!s i! the praise o% Sri Swami Samarth$ /is wi%e was 'ryi!g a! waili!g &ut he ma e her liste! to the %ollowi!g so!g" @No! Tara& you take u( singing hymns in the (raise o5 Sri S!ami& :old this ABkatari’ >one stringed musi'al instrument? in your hand& Start singing in the (raise o5 Sri S!ami Samarth by 'on'entrating your attention at the lotus 5eet o5 Sri S!amiA$ 271 272 .a ukas) a! the! &estowe o! /ari&hau those sa're .a! it a! sai ) @you put o! a tur&a! o! your hea A$ The! he spoke to Jhatri @Iou go to the market a! tie a hotee o! your hea A$ Fi!ally) he spoke to /ari&hau @Iou sa'ri%i'e your %amily a! &e'ome my so!) 0o !ow a! 'ome &a'k with white ( white thi!gA$ /ari&hau was perple*e a! i !ot u! ersta! the mea!i!g o% the Ewhite( white8 thi!g$ <ater o!) he 'ame to k!ow that Sri Swamiji ha aske him to &ri!g the .a ukas 2%oot . lon# robe "orn b' mendi.ants Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .tmalin#a: $'mbol of $elf( .a ukas$ E#e!tually) Sri Swamiji a!!ou!'e ) @This is my Atmalinga2C:$ 7 will !ot gi#e this to a!y&o yA$ Sri Swami Samarth 'alle /ari&hau a! spoke to him @0i#e up your o''upatio! a! &e'ome my so!$ G! the &a!k o% the o'ea!) &uil up a %ort a! hoist my %lagA$ The! Sri Swamiji took the .a ukas$ G!e !ight /ari&hau woke up %rom sleep) got up) a! starte re! eri!g ser#i'e to Sri Swami Samarth$ There were se'ret talks &etwee! the two$ Sri Swamiji threw his 'lothes o! /ari&hau a! sai ) @4ispose o%% your e!tire househol i! 'harityA$ /ari&hau o&eye with great re#ere!'e the or ers o% his 0uru$ /e wore the re (o'hre ress a! retur!e to Mum&ai hol i!g the .e( .a ukas a! 'ame to Akkalkot$ Sri Swamiji wore those .afani: .a ukas) tou'he his e!tire &o y with the .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 173 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Swamiji$ /ari&hau ate the same with lo#e$ 5he! all the three we!t i!si e the pala'e where Sri Swamiji was resti!g a! took his E4arsha!8) Sri Swamiji spoke @Iou starte &usi!ess a! su%%ere a loss$ Iou took a #ow a! ma e pro%it$ Now go awayA$ /eari!g this all the three were surprise a! at the same time o#erwhelme with joy$ 5he! they all we!t o! the se'o! ay %or the E4arsha!8) Sri Swamiji looke at .a ukas %or %ourtee! ays$ E#ery e#otee was stro!gly esirous o% getti!g those .

G!ly show me the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 185 _________________________________________________________________________________________ /ari&hau &uilt a Temple o% Sri Swami Samarth at Jamathipura) Mum&ai a! he a&sor&e himsel% i! worshippi!g a! si!gi!g hym!s i! the praise o% Sri Swamiji$ /e starte 'alli!g himsel% Swamisut$ Thousa! s o% people o% all religio!s starte 'omi!g to his Muth %or his &lessi!gs$ Swamisut8s %ame starte sprea i!g e#erywhere$ <ater o! this Muth was shi%te to Ja! ewa i) Mum&ai$ Swamisut 'ame to Akkalkot 2 to 6 times a year$ G!'e whe! he rea'he Akkalkot) Sri Swamiji was i! the Nuee!8s pala'e$ They i !ot allow a!y&o y to take Sri Swamiji8s E4arsha!8$ /owe#er) Swamisut was ear!estly lo!gi!g %or the E4arsha!8$ So sta! i!g at the pala'e gate he starte si!gi!g" @My mother) si!'e it is your house) 7 ha#e 'ome to the a!ythi!g.A Seei!g Swamisut8s E4arsha!8$ istress the Nuee! allowe oor$ 7 o !ot wa!t him to take Sri Swamiji8s G!'e whe! Swamisut ha 'ome to Akkalkot) Sri Swamiji sai ) @Now 7 am goi!g to wi! up my i!'ar!atio!$ Iou 'arry the %lag a! look a%ter my seatA$ /eari!g these wor s Swamisut &e'ame #ery mu'h isplease $ /e i !ot agree with the %a't o% separati!g %ore#er %rom his Sa guru Sri Swamiji) &e%ore his #ery ow! eyes$ Feeli!g #ery mu'h o%%e! e F he we!t &a'k to Mum&ai a! %ell si'k$ To &ri!g him &a'k to Akkalkot Sri Swamiji se!t Shiu&ai a! also se!t Sripa 9hat$ Sri Swamiji e#e! ga#e or er to 'apture Swamisut a! &ri!g him to Akkalkot$ /owe#er) Swamisut i !ot &u ge a! i!'h %rom his e'isio!$ Fi!ally Sri Swamiji got isappoi!te a! sai F @Now i% he %ails to 'ome) 7 will &low up that 'ottage$ 7 ha#e kept rea y) a &attle %ro!t o% 'a!!o!sA$ 4ue to the #ery thought o% the separatio! %rom his Sa guru) whi'h ha 'ause him i!te!se grie%) Swamisut ga#e up his e*iste!'e %rom this worl $ Sri Swamiji also was &e'omi!g restless oe to the separatio! %rom his so! Swamisut$ <ater) Sri Swamiji i!itiate Swamisut8s you!ger &rother 4a a alias 9a&u a! got him seate i! the pla'e o% Swamisut at Mum&ai$ <ater o!) 9a&u &e'ame k!ow! as ESa'hhi a!a! Swamikumar8$ Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

bla.8$ 5he! he was i! . If he saw any unclai$ed body lying on the streets. In that situation. Deo =a$aledar sold all the gold orna$ents as well as costly 273 274 . he would arrange for their $edicines. i$ilarly.ar!er) he e#elope a stro!g esire to get the E4arsha!8 a! &lessi!gs o% a Sa guru$ /e was #irtuous) %ully e#ote ) a! e#er esirous %or a Sa guru$ Sri Swami Samarth ma!i%este /imsel% i! his ream i! a! A+anubahu2C> %orm a! or ere Iashwa!trao to 'ome to /im %or his E4arsha!8$ 4uri!g those ays) Sri Swamiji resi e i! Ma!gal#e ha a! there%ore) Iashwa!trao we!t there$ 5he! he met the great lustrous perso!ality o% Sri Swamiji) he imme iately re'og!iHe that it was the same perso! i! his ream that ha &lesse him with #isio!ary i!tuitio!$ /e prostrate at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji a! remai!e 'li!ge o! to his %eet$ Sri Swamiji pla'e his ha! Iashwa!trao8s %orehea ) &lesse him a! sai @wait) 7 will ope! up your past memoryA$ Iashwa!trao e!joye the per'eptio! o% &ei!g a&sor&e i!to the Supreme Spirit$ Sri Swamiji patte Iahawa!trao with lo#e a! sai ) @To ay) you are repeati!g the !ame o% go 'o!sta!tly$ 9ut whe! the past memories are re#i#e ) people themsel#es will start 'alli!g you as 0o A$ Sri Swamiji &lesse him a! ga#e a Shaligram. !he ani$als started to die of hunger. helpless wo$en as well as children who ca$e to his door as if they were his own.! stone "orshi%%ed as )od 2ishn Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . Ahile going to wor(. he would go for their rescue and say. he would i$$ediately arrange for the funeral of that body by spending $oney fro$ his own poc(et. If he ever found any cart8$an beating up his bulls. 3nce he was the talu(a =agistrate of atana near )asi(. if he $et any sic( person. if he ever saw any hungry person he would i$$ediately arrange for their food. /eople started beco$ing restless through pain and dehydration. #is heart was filled with boundless co$passion.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 181 _________________________________________________________________________________________ D eo 1 am a l eda r Iashwa!trao 9hosekar was a mamlatdar".Do not beat God<. there was dreadful fa$ine in atana.h %to the !nees $hali#ram: .%#6 Iashwa!trao later pai his o&eisa!'e &y washi!g the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji a! worshippe him &e%ore retur!i!g &a'k to his hometow!$ 4eo Mamale ar !e#er 'ompe!sate with truth uri!g his ser#i'e$ /e trie to e*perie!'e the prese!'e o% 0o i! e#ery huma! &ei!g) right %rom a peo! up to a! o%%i'er a! %urther e#e! up to the le#el o% a priso!er$ /e always mai!tai!e his %amily withi! the small limite i!'ome he ear!e $ Sometimes he &orrowe mo!ey) &ut he !e#er a''epte a!y &ri&e$ Four 'hil re! took &irth i! his %amily &ut ea'h 'hil ie withi! a perio o% three mo!ths$ /e 'o!sole himsel% a! his %amily sayi!g that 0o gra!te these 'hil re! i! his %amily a! took them all away too$ #e always helped beggars. $endicants. saints. During the year +8-08-+.+an bah : Cne "ith lon# arms that rea. .

Deo =a$aledar went ho$e and bowed his head in front of the haligra$ given to hi$ by ri wa$i?i. "inding it unbearable to see the sufferings of the people. but it was a $iracle that the treasury was not short even by a single penny. and distributed a handful of $oney a$ongst the thousands of needy people. !he people gave their sole$n blessings and went away.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 182 _________________________________________________________________________________________ ite$s of his house and helped the needy. uddenly a $iracle too( place and Lord :ishnu hi$self appeared in front of hi$ in place of the haligra$. #e was extre$ely co$passionate. #ighly overco$e with intense e$otions due to this incident. Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . but his senior officer was highly surprised. too( the (eys to the Govern$ent !reasury. A%ter this i#i!e #isit) 4eo Mamale ar resig!e %rom his ser#i'e$ /e 'rosse a! we!t &eyo! all worl ly &ou! aries$ /e mo#e %rom Satara to Nasik a! &ega! resol#i!g i%%i'ulties o% the e#otees there$ /e staye there u!%urli!g the %lag o% e#otio!$ 7t is sai that Sri Swamiji ha se!t 0aja!a! Maharaj o% Shegao! a%ter uly i!itiati!g him to 4eo Mamale ar i! Nasik %or a %ew ays$ Deo =a$aledar was a great saint. #e beca$e so restless that he went to his office.3hG Lord :ishnuG 3hG !he Lord of the KniverseG Ahat a $iracle this isG #ow $uch troubles have you ta(en for a petty $an li(e $eD <. which was rare to find so$eti$es even in God. #e left this world in the year +88-. !he Deputy Eollector ca$e for in7uiry. Deo =a$aledar was filled with ?oy and said .

e of -ord 6attatre'a .eople may 'o!si er him as a ma perso!) &ut he will &e'ome a! ema!'ipator to this worl $ /e will remai! a &a'helor a! lea people o! the right pathA$ 4uri!g his 'hil hoo ) Srikrish!a was #ery mis'hie#ous a! o%te! isappoi!te his mother with his 'hil ish pra!ks$ To make him wise a threa 'eremo!y was 'o! u'te ) &ut they still i !ot see a!y impro#eme!t i! his !ature$ G!e ay Srikrish!a we!t alo!e to a pla'e 'alle Maugasuli to #isit a! take &lessi!gs o% the %amily eity) Khandoba2C6$ At Maugasuli he #owe !ot to i!take a!y %oo u!til he gets the a'tual E4arsha!8 o% <or Jha! o&a i! i! isputa&le real %orm$ 7mpresse with the true e#otio! o% this little &oy) <or Jha! o&a ma!i%este /imsel% i! %ro!t o% Srikrish!a$ <or Jha! o&a pla'e /is &ou!ti%ul ha! s o! the hea o% Srikrish!a a! sai ) @Iou are !o!e other tha! a part o% me$ <or 4attatrey /imsel% has i!'ar!ate as Sri Swami Samarth i! Akkalkot) so go a! take the E4arsha!8 o% Sri swami SamarthA$ 5he! Srikrish!a rea'he Akkalkot) Sri Swamiji took hol o% his little ha! s a! gui e him i!to a eep %orest$ There) Sri Swamiji i!itiate Srikrish!a a! &lesse him$ Srikrish!a we!t i!to a&solute tra!'e 'o!ti!uously %or se#e! ays a%ter i!itiatio!$ Sri Swamiji the! awake!e him %rom this tra!'e a! i!stru'te him to go to Jolhapur a! settle there$ 4uri!g his stay with Sri Swamiji) he ga#e Srikrish!a a Eprasa 8 o% the sweetmeat prepare %rom EChoorma8$ A 9rahmi! su%%eri!g %rom leprosy was re! eri!g e#otio!al ser#i'e to <or 4attatrey at the holy pla'e o% 0a!agapur$ /e ha a #isio!ary i!tuitio! a! there%ore 'ame to Akkalkot to take &lessi!gs %rom Sri Swamiji$ Sri Swamiji the! or ere him sayi!g) @Iou must a''ompa!y Srikrish!a to Jolhapur a! re! er ser#i'e to Srikrish!a$ Iour me!tal wish will &e %ul%ille the!A$ The leper 9rahmi! thus a''ompa!ie Srikrish!a to Jolhapur a! staye there to re! er ser#i'e to him$ Srikrish!a later li&erate him %rom the isease o% leprosy$ 275 276 /r sinha"adi 6atta!shetra: .handoba: another name of -ord $hiva( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 183 _________________________________________________________________________________________ S r i "r i sh na S ar a s* a ti -2um ha r S* a m i A 9rahmi! !ame Appa 9hat Joshi li#e i! Na! a!i Village) Jolhapur 4istri't$ /is wi%e8s !ame was EA!!apur!a8$ /e was #ery satis%ie with his li%e a! e'i e to go to Nrusinha!adi Dattakshetra2CB) to re! er e#otio!al ser#i'e$ 4attaguru) /imsel% appeare i! his ream as a 9rahmi! a! &lesse him sayi!g) @7 will mysel% take &irth i! this worl through your wi%e) A!!apur!a$A 4uri!g the year :+>B) Srikrish!a took &irth i! Na! a!i #illage$ The astrologer prepare the horos'ope a! sai ) @This 'hil will &e'ome a great sai!t$ . hol' %la.

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 184 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Srikrish!a Sarswati Maharaj) just like Sri Swami Samarth Maharaj 'arrie out mira'ulous plays) whi'h appeare like mis'hie#ous 'hil ish pra!ks with emo!ia' possessio!$ Si!'e Srikrish!a Saraswati Maharaj resi e i! Jum&har <a!e) he was later k!ow! as Jum&har Swami$ A 9rahmi! ha #owe that he woul make a! o%%eri!g to Sri Swamiji i% he got a so! i! his %amily$ 5he! the 9rahmi! got a so!) he 'oul !ot go to Akkalkot i! time %or o%%eri!g $edhas to Sri Swamiji$ 9y that time Sri Swamiji ha take! his Sama hi$ The 9rahmi! repe!te upo! heari!g this) &ut Sri Swamiji /imsel% appeare i! his ream a! sai ) @7 am prese!t at Jolhapur i! the %orm o% <or /a!uma! a! stayi!g at Jum&har <a!e i! the !ame o% Srikrish!a Saraswati$ Iou 'a! 'omplete your #ow o% o%%eri!g &y #isiti!g him$A The 9rahmi! was #ery mu'h please a! we!t to Jolhapur$ /e took the E4arsha!8 o% Srikrish!a Swami a! o%%ere the $edhas$ The 9rahmi! was 'o!%use as to why Sri Swamiji ha me!tio!e that he woul &e prese!t at Jolhapur i! the %orm o% <or /a!uma!$ =! ersta! i!g his me!tal ilemma) Srikrish!a Saraswati tur!e his &a'k a! showe his tail$ Jum&har Swami took Sama hi i! the year :D00$ /is Temple shri!e is lo'ate 0a!ga#esh) Jolhapur$ at Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

red %oem on the In.vadhoot )eeta: .bsol te 285 :alasamadhi: $elf-immolation b' dro"nin# oneself in the "ater Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .red h'mn of the deities .arnation of -ord 6attatre' $aha+-samadhi: Contem%latin# the hi#hest state of meditation and attain nit' "ith the .%86 Sri Swamiji sai ) @Iou gi#e me your &u! le o% thi!gs 2pa'kage3 a! re! er e#otio!al ser#i'e$ Iou will attai! the stage o% rahmanishthaA$ 5ith these or ers %rom Sri Swamiji) Vama!&ua o%%ere e#erythi!g he possesse at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji a! wore a langoti$ Alo!g with his mother) he we!t to Sar ar Srima! 0horpa e at 9aro a a! staye there u!til the e! $ 4ue to the stre!gth o% his a''omplishme!t) Vama!&ua soo! attai!e the stage o% 9rahma!ishtha$ /e staye at 9aro a a! he!'e was later k!ow! as 9a o ekar$ Vama!&ua wrote a &ook 'o#eri!g the li%e mira'les o% Sri Swamiji 'alle as E0uruleelamrit8$ This &ook is 'o!si ere highly worthy %or worship &y the e#otees o% Sri Swami Samarth$ A%ter 'omi!g to 9aro a) Vama!&ua8s health starte to eteriorate$ /e starte su%%eri!g %rom iseases like 'ough) uri!ary pro&lems) piles) a! rheumatism i! the joi!ts$ /e took all sorts o% me i'al treatme!ts) &ut !o!e o% them were use%ul$ The pai! kept i!'reasi!g$ /e the! praye to Sri Swamiji &y se! i!g a letter &ut i !ot re'ei#e a!y reply i! time$ The pai! i! his &o y i!'rease to su'h a! i!tolera&le e*te!t that Vama!&ua while per%ormi!g $ranayam e'i e to e! his li%e i! the Sursagar water ta!k$ G!e !ight he we!t to the &a!k o% Sursagar water ta!k$ Me!tally re'iti!g the !ame o% Sri Swamiji whe! he was a&out to jump i! the water) Sri Swamiji ma!i%este himsel% i! %ro!t o% him a! pulle Vama!&ua %rom the water$ /e slappe him a! sai ) @Iou %ool) i!(spite o% the lo!g li%e you wish to ieK 3ne has to undergo all the sufferings predeter$ined by their fate$ 7!stea o% pre%erri!g Sahaj(sama hi2CD why woul you pre%er Jalsamadhi2+0K$ 7s this your o!ly 4i#i!e k!owle geKA$ 9y sayi!g so) Sri Swamiji took Vama!&ua to his home a! the! isappeare $ 5ith his ki! %a#our o% Sri Swamiji) Vama!&ua8s hopes were ki! le a! he ha a #ery goo eep sleep that !ight$ 277 278 273 &ahamantra: The #reat &antra7 a sa. sa.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 185 _________________________________________________________________________________________ V am a n ua V am or i " ar (Ba dode "a r ) Vama!&ua was &or! i! the #illage o% Vamori) Ahme !agar 4istri't i! Maharashtra$ /e was 'ompletely a&sor&e i! the 'o!templatio! o% 9rahma$ From early 'hil hoo he ha a great esire to a'hie#e the ultimate goal) the i#i!e truth$ /e wa! ere to a !um&er o% pla'es to get asso'iate with as'eti's a! sai!ts$ /e worke as a tea'her a! also worke i! a press$ /eari!g the %ame o% Sri Swami Samarth o% Akkalkot he &e'ame #ery restless %or the E4arsha!8 o% Sri Swamiji$ 5he! Vama&ua we!t to Akkalkot %or the E4arsha!8 o% Sri Swamiji) Sri Swami Samarth ga#e him E4arsha!8 i! the %orm o% <or 4attatrey$ Vama!&ua prostrate a! 'lu!g to the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji$ /e worshippe Sri Swamiji) o%%ere ENai#e ya8 a! the! %e Sri Swamiji with his ow! ha! s$ Very mu'h please ) Sri Swamiji &lesse Vama!&ua with Mahamantra2CC a! also %a#oure him with the religious &ook o% Avadhoot *eeta.

i!gala Astrologer8$ G!'e whe! Na!a 1ekhi was #isiti!g Mum&ai) he ha the pri#ilege o% meeti!g Sai!t Swamisut$ Si!'e the! he ha a stro!g esire to go to Akkalkot$ There%ore) later he we!t to Akkalkot with his wi%e$ Sri Swamiji was sitti!g i! a Dargah at the time$ Ahen they prostrated at the lotus feet of ri wa$i?i to pay their obeisance. /e ha also re'ei#e the Char!a( . !his $ar( re$ained on his pal$ until the end.dimata: )oddess <arvati( 6ivine . he held the banner of devotion for ri wa$i?i. m! m: T rmeri. Na!a 1ekhi per%orme a !um&er o% religious sa'ri%i'es$ 7! the e! he re!ou!'e e#erythi!g a! %i!ally took Sama hi$ During his entire lifeti$e. his wife a(hu re$e$bered her past life and ri wa$i?i gave her @Darshan2 in the for$ of a &alyogi who had $anifested #i$self fro$ the pillar of Eheli(heda in her past life. =po! meeti!g them) Sri Swamiji sai ) @Make my horos'ope a! also rea my palmA$ 1ekhi prepare the horos'ope a! imme iately prese!te the same with ue respe't to Sri Swamiji$ Sri Swamiji the! or ere 1ekhi to throw that horos'ope i! the lo%t$ At that mome!t) there were ha+ans i! progress at the temple$ G!'e the 9haja!s were o#er) they &rought the horos'ope %rom the lo%t a! ope!e it$ 7t !ow 'o!tai!e :aladi-Kumkum2+: as well as Akshata$ Sri Swamiji the! agree with the horos'ope a! or ere to play the large kettle rum$ This was a great respe't %or Na!a 1ekhi$ ri wa$i?i placed his hand on the right hand of 9e(hi and displayed the :ishnupad585 in blue colour on his pal$.io s and are ..eremonies( 282 2ishn %ad: The lot s foot of -ord 2ishn 283 2aa!siddhi: .onsort of -ord shiva Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust sed in sa.< )ana 9e(hi attained -aa+siddhi58.a uka8 wor! &y Sri Swamiji$ A%ter 'omi!g &a'k to Ahme !agar) he &uilt a Temple a! i!stalle those 'harma(adukas$ The lear!e . >ou $ay go now.a! its o% the regio! raise a! o&je'tio! to this a! harasse Na!a 1ekhi to a #ery great e*te!t$ /owe#er) ue to the ki! mer'y o% Sri Swamiji) all oppositio! 'oole ow!$ ri wa$i?i $anifested #i$self in the for$ of 'di$ata584 and showered blessings on )ana 9e(hi. . %o"der and red %o"der( Considered a s%i.I have given you $y 't$alinga. s %erh man %o"er that t rns ever'thin# a %erson sa's into tr th or realit' 284 . )ana 9e(hi was able to predict future events 281 8aladi-.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 186 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Slowly a! stea ily) all his iseases starte getti!g 'ure $ A%ter this) whe! he we!t to Akkalkot) Sri Swamiji roare at him @9ua) are you that same perso! who wa!te to gi#e up his li%e i! the Sursagar water ta!kKA$ Vama!&ua %elt ashame a! praye %or %orgi#e!ess$ A%ter this e#e!t) Vama!&ua re!ou!'e e#erythi!g a! &e'ame a! as'eti'$ /e &uilt a temple o% Sri Swamiji at 9aro a$ /e took sama hi uri!g the year :D0:$ )ana 9e(hi Na!a 1ekhi o% Ahme !agar was a great astrologer o% his time$ /e was %amiliar with the la!guage o% owls a! he!'e he was k!ow! as E. ri wa$i?i then said.red and reli#io s .

Dev Gana. 'll the i$portant people and even so$e Europeans called upon hi$ to (now about their future. /reeti unrise .!I=E 3" &I9!#1L 8 &ahudhanya Ehaitra >og. 'shwini )a(shatra.!he original copy of this horoscope is preserved in the 8 @9e(hi =uth2at 'h$ednagar1 Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .48 $inutes before unrise1 !i$eL 8 !wo Ghati(as before )a$e L8 )rusi$habhan. !he horoscope is shown below8 !he #oroscope 3f '((al(ot)iwasi ri wa$i a$arth =ahara? : Cha! ra 2 1ahu ahu 2 1 :: :: :2 1a#i) Shukra D 9u h 9u ha :0 Ma!gal > 9rahaspati Sha!i 6 B + 6 C Jetu C *')='%'L . Dwitiya Eharan. #e had prepared the horoscope of ri wa$i a$arth in a $atter of $inutes and it was approved co$pletely by ri wa$i?i. a$vatsara 8 +0-+ huddha Dweetiya. %ashyap Gotra .'ries Modiac1 9ashi wa$iL8 =angal wa$i *an$a)aa$ L8Ehaitanya >a?urvedi &rah$in.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 187 _________________________________________________________________________________________ without any errors.lineage1 . 'adya )adi. =esh 9ashi .

Sri Swami Samarth Maharaj ma!i%este /imsel% i! Akkalkot at the City gate o! Ashwi! Shu ha .a!'hami) Shake :CCD 2Iear :+B63 a! staye there till Chaitra shu ha Trayo ashi Shake :+00 2year :+CC3) %or appro*imately 2: years$ 4uri!g these twe!ty(o!e years) his arra!geme!ts were %irst ha! le &y Cholappa a! the! &y Su! ara&ai$ Towar s the e! the jurors ma!age it$ Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . It is highly possible that ri wa$i?i wanted to state the =eena 9ashi . the sign of the Modiac is shown as =esha .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 188 _________________________________________________________________________________________ )oteNIn the horoscope. ign of Modiac1./isces1.'ries1 &ut ri wa$i?i had often stated his sign of Modiac./isces3 itself as the Lagna 9ashi . as @=eena2 .

la!h : /ame of Brahma7 the .reator of niverse( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .a ukas %or worshippi!g$ Cholappa starte worshippi!g the .a ukas gi#e! &y Sri Swamiji$ Ma!y people %a'i!g i%%i'ulties i! li%e starte to #isit a! get &lessi!gs$ Cholappa starte getti!g o!atio!s a! mo!etary gi%ts %rom these e#otees$ The Ji!g o% Akkalkot also &e'ame a e#otee o% Sri Swamiji a! starte pro#i i!g %or %oo a! other !e'essities o! a aily &asis$ /e also pro#i e %or a %i#e rupee mo!etary gi%t o! a mo!thly &asis to Cholappa$ Soo! Cholappa &ega! to get some relie% %rom his po#erty$ Sri Swamiji starte #isiti!g other e#otees at their houses a! a''epte the %oo o%%ere &y these e#otees as E!ai#e ya8$ E#e! a%ter this progress) Sri Swamiji trou&le Cholappa8s %amily mem&ers i! a !um&er o% ways$ /owe#er) Cholappa always mai!tai!e his loyalty a! e#otio! towar s Sri Swamiji$ 5ith the i!'rease i! the %ame o% Sri Swamiji) they &rought a la y !ame Su! ara&ai %or re! eri!g ser#i'e to Sri Swamiji$ Su! ara&ai was har worki!g a! took 'o!trol o% e#eryo!e arou! with her sweet talks$ She 'omplai!e agai!st Cholappa to the Nuee! o% Akkalkot a! arra!ge %or his remo#al %rom the ser#i'e o% Sri Swamiji$ =!til this time) Cholappa ha ma e thousa! s o% rupees i! his ser#i'e to Sri Swamiji$ Ne#ertheless) e#e! Sri Swamiji was !ow a!!oye ue to his gree %or mo!ey$ G!e ay whe! Sri Swamiji was rela*i!g i! Jhas&aug) a &ig 'row o% e#otees ha gathere %or is E4arsha!8$ Sri Swamiji ma e a small pou'h %rom a pie'e o% 'loth a! starte repeati!g Alakh2+B$ This wor is !ormally use &y 0osa#is whe! they &eg %or alms$ The e#otees 285 .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 183 _________________________________________________________________________________________ 6 hol a ppa G! his arri#al at Akkalkot) Sri Swamiji remai!e at the City gate %or >(6 ays with his 'hil ish &eha#iour$ The 'omma! er o% 'a#alry prese!t at the City gate took Sri Swamiji as a 'raHy perso! a! trie to make %u! o% him$ /e ga#e him a small smoki!g pipe without to&a''o alo!g with %ire to start the smoke$ To his surprise) whe! he saw smoke 'omi!g out o% the empty smoki!g pipe he u! erstoo that the 'o!'er!e perso! 2Sri Swamiji3 has to &e a great sai!t$ /e!'e he imme iately tol a&out this to Cholappa who staye !ear&y a! aske him to prepare %oo %or Sri Swamiji$ From the! o!) Sri Swamiji starte stayi!g with Cholappa i! his house$ Cholappa %irmly &elie#e that Sri Swamiji was a great sai!t a! he!'e he o&e ie!tly atte! e Sri Swamiji a! took goo 'are o% him$ /owe#er) Sri Swamiji put Cholappa to real test &y trou&li!g his wi%e) Iesu&ai a! his 'hil re!) Jrish!appa a! Appa$ Sri Swamiji woul pi'k the grai!s %rom their house a! %ee the 'ows$ /e woul pi'k up 'ooke %oo a! gi#e it away to some &eggar$ /e woul rela* a!ywhere i! the house$ /e woul 'hil ishly e*ti!guish a &ur!i!g hearth$ 9e'ause o% these a'ts %rom Sri Swamiji) Iesu&ai 'o!si ere him as a ma (ma! a! also 'urse Cholappa %or gi#i!g him su'h importa!'e$ 7! spite o% all these hi! ra!'es) his towar s Sri Swamiji grew &y ea'h ay$ G!e ay whe! Sri Swamiji starte %rom his home) Cholappa also %ollowe him$ Sri Swamiji spoke i! a!ger) @7 am a! as'eti'$ 4o !ot %ollow me$ 0o home a! take 'are o% your %amilyA$ Ne#ertheless) Cholappa ear!estly replie ) @7 will gi#e up my home a! hearth) &ut 7 will !ot gi#e up your lotus %eetA$ 7mpresse with his e#otio!) Sri Swamiji &lesse him a! ga#e him .

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 135 _________________________________________________________________________________________ imme iately o%%ere their 'harita&le alms i! the pou'h %or Sri Swamiji$ 5he! a! amou!t o% a&out o!e hu! re twe!ty %i#e rupees was 'olle'te ) Sri Swamiji threw the pou'h towar s Cholappa a! sai @Cholappa) take this mo!ey$ 7 am !ow %ree %rom your e&tsA$ G#er time) Su! ar&ai was a&le to esta&lish her omi!atio! &y her ser#i'e a! ta't%ul!ess$ She was a&le to remo#e Cholappa %rom his ser#i'e$ 9ut Cholappa was still gi#e! permissio!s to #isit a! take the E4arsha!8 o% Sri Swamiji$ 7!itially) he was a #ery poor ma! &ut he ha &e'ome ri'h ue to the ki! &lessi!gs o% Sri Swamiji$ /is twel#e years o% ser#i'e at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji ha &or!e goo %ruits a! &rought him prosperity$ /owe#er) he was epri#e o% re! eri!g ser#i'e to Sri Swamiji ue to his gree $ Sri Swamiji #isite him uri!g his last mome!ts$ 7! %a't) Sri Swamiji was #ery u!happy &y the eath o% Cholappa$ Sri Swamiji sai ) @5e were asso'iate %or the past se#e! li#es a! to ay 7 am %ree %rom that &o! A$ Cholappa was o!e o% the %a#ourite e#otees o% Sri Swamiji$ Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 131 _________________________________________________________________________________________ S unda r a a i A%ter Cholappa) Su! ara&ai took o#er the ma!ageme!t o% all a%%airs relate to the ser#i'e o% Sri Swamiji$ Cholappa ha 'alle i! %or Su! ara&ai as a helpi!g ha! $ Su! ara&ai was a resi e!t o% Sholapur a! 'ame to Akkalkot %or re! eri!g ser#i'e to Sri Swamiji$ 5he! Cholappa re?ueste permissio! %rom Sri Swamiji to let Su! ara&ai gi#e him a helpi!g ha! ) Sri Swamiji ha alrea y pre i'te ) @Cholappa) o !ot gi#e this work to her$ She will gi#e you pai!A) 9ut Cholappa took this remark as a joke a! elegate work to Su! ara&ai$ E#e!tually) she was a&le to take 'are o% most o% Sri Swamiji8s !ee s su'h as taki!g him to the la#atory) gi#i!g &ath) ressi!g him) a! %ee i!g him %oo et'$ Thus she e*erte her omi!a!'e o! e#ery&o y$ 5ith her ha&it o% &a'k&iti!g) she se!t away Cholappa a! pre#e!te 9alappa %rom taki!g the E4arsha!8 o% Sri Swamiji$ She starte 'olle'ti!g all the o%%eri!gs a! mo!etary gi%ts %rom the e#otees$ Sri Swamiji ha to &ear this highha! e !ess o% Su! ara&ai$ She also starte e*torti!g mo!ey %rom the e#otees who #isite %or the E4arsha!8 o% Sri Swamiji$ She wore #ery ol tor! sarees a! re?ueste mo!ey %or pur'hasi!g a !ew saree %rom the e#otees$ She also sometimes 'ompelle Sri Swamiji to sleep or wake up$ Su! ara&ai s!at'he away all o%%eri!gs whether it &e mo!ey) sweet meats or %ruits that were o%%ere &y the e#otees to Sri Swamiji$ G!'e she s!at'he away twe!ty(%i#e rupees that a e#otee o%%ere to Sri Swamiji$ 5he! Sri Swamiji tol her to gi#e that mo!ey to Cholappa) she starte to e#a e$ At last Sri Swamiji slappe her with a shoe thri'e o! her hea a! o!ly the! she threw the mo!ey away$ She later &rought her %amily mem&ers a! let them stay i! the temple$ She &e'ame so arroga!t that whe! a e#otee o%%ere pomegra!ate to Sri Swamiji) she peele a! %e her gra! so! %irst a! the! %e Sri swamiji with the remai!s %alle! o! the %loor$ Fe up with her gree a! highha! e !ess) the e#otees starte 'omplai!i!g a&out her$ 9ut she ha %ully i!%lue!'e the Nuee! a! !o o!e pai a!y atte!tio! to these 'omplai!ts$ At last) the e#otees 'omplai!e to the Colle'tor) who i!#estigate the 'ase a! %or'i&ly remo#e Su! ara&ai %rom the ser#i'e o% Sri Swamiji$ Su! ara&ai was #ery #irtuous a! %ortu!ate to get the gol e! opportu!ity o% ser#i!g Sri Swamiji %or a !um&er o% years$ This is a 'lassi' e*ample o% how gree a! temptatio! 'a! make a perso! &li! a! arroga!t$ Su! ara&ai) with the stre!gth o% her ser#i'e to Sri Swamiji ma!age to take o#er the 'o!trol a! 'olle'te a !um&er o% material thi!gs$ /owe#er) e#e! a%ter &ei!g so 'lose to the i!'ar!atio! o% <or 4attatrey /imsel%) she %aile to use his &lessi!gs %or her ow! spiritual upli%tme!t$ .oli'eme! were 'alle o#er to remo#e her %rom the ser#i'e o% Sri Swamiji$ They seiHe e#erythi!g %rom Su! ara&ai8s room su'h as mo!ey) 'lothi!g) grai!s) sweets et'$ Thus e! e the authority o% Su! ara&ai a! the go#er!me!t %i!ally e'i e to appoi!t a Jury o% %i#e mem&ers %or the ser#i'e o% Sri Swamiji$ Su! ara&ai later repe!te %or her ee s) &ut i !ot gi#e up her e#otio! towar s Sri Swamiji$ She was a&le to re! er ser#i'e to Sri Swamiji agai! uri!g his last %ew ays$ Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 132 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

eremonies and festivals( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .a!e #enerall' %re%ared on im%ortant .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 133 _________________________________________________________________________________________ B al ap pa 1a ha ra 5 9alappa was o!e o% the most %a#ourite e#otees o% Sri Swami Samarth$ /e ha a lo!g asso'iatio! with Sri Swamiji a! was o!e o% his most %aith%ul atte! a!ts$ 9alappa was a Iajur#e i 9rahmi!$ /e 'ame %rom /a#eri #illage) 4harwa 4istri't i! Jar!atak State a! &elo!ge to a ri'h %amily with a mo!ey(le! i!g &usi!ess$ 7t was a #ery %lourishi!g house a! %ully prosperous with all 'om%orts a#aila&le$ 9ut 9alappa was eta'he %rom all this prosperity a! &e'ame restless to meet a 0uru$ G!e ay) he su e!ly a&a! o!e his home a! we!t i! sear'h o% a 0uru$ First he we!t to Murgoa a! took &lessi!gs %rom the re!ow!e Chi am&arswami) who was the i!'ar!atio! o% <or Shi#a$ From there) he we!t to 0a!agapur) Jar!atak$ /e i!itiate the per%orma!'e o% religious 'eremo!ies at 0a!agapur$ Early at aw!) he woul &athe at the Sa!gam a! worship u!til mi ay$ /e woul the! 'olle't 'ooke %oo gi#e! as alms a! eat$ /e 'o!ti!ue su'h se#ere worship %or two mo!ths a! re! ere ser#i'e to Nrusimha Saraswati) the i!'ar!atio! o% <or 4attatrey$ /e the! ha a #isio!ary i!sight i! his ream where a 9rahmi! tol him to go to Akkalkot$ 5he! he woke up he %ou! a small letter u! er his pillow stati!g !ot to rush$ 9e'ause o% his eep as'eti'ism a! rigorous e#out austerity) there was a! awake!i!g o% like!ess i! the heart o% 9alappa regar i!g all li#i!g &ei!gs) i!'lu i!g ma!) a!imals) i!se'ts) worms et'$ G!e ay he %ou! a poiso!ous s'orpio! u! er his hotee) &ut he opte !ot to kill it$ G! the same ay) Sri Swamiji ma e a 4i#i!e appeara!'e i! his reams$ Ne*t ay) whe! he we!t to 'olle't alms) he re'ei#e $uran(oli2+6 %rom e#ery house he #isite $ /e regar e this i!'i e!t as a! auspi'ious sig! a! imme iately starte his jour!ey to #isit Sri Swamiji$ A%ter walki!g %or some ista!'e he %elt hea#i!ess i! his legs) &ut he kept 'ha!ti!g the 4i#i!e !ame o% Sri Swami Samarth a! the hea#i!ess i! his legs isappeare su'h that he 'oul walk 'om%orta&ly a! 'omplete his jour!ey$ Sri Swamiji was i! Jhas&aug) whe! 9alappa rea'he Akkalkot$ 9alappa o%%ere a little sugar 'a! y to Sri Swamiji a! took his &lessi!gs$ 9alappa realise that the lustrous 4i#i!e %igure that ha #isite him i! his ream was !o!e other tha! Sri Swamiji$ /e prostrate a! em&ra'e the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji$ Sri Swamiji too was elighte to see this eser#i!g is'iple a! em&ra'e a !ear&y tree) hoppi!g a! skippi!g out o% joy$ 9alappa starte to stay i! the Murali har temple$ Sri Swamiji woul sometimes stay at the pala'e uri!g those ays$ 9alappa we!t to the pala'e to #isit Sri Swamiji %or his &lessi!gs a! #ery soo! &e'ame a! atte! a!t o% Sri Swamiji$ 7!itially) Su! ara&ai elegate him the task o% 'lea!i!g the smoki!g pipe a! apparatus$ /e 'omplete that task si!'erely$ E#e!tually) he was slowly elegate more 286 < ran%oli: . s"eet st ffed %an.

9alappa was trou&le e#e! i! the temple o% <or /a!uma! a! he!'e Sri Swamiji we!t there i! perso! to 'alm the situatio!$ 5he! Sri Swamiji e'i e to u! ertake the great jour!ey 2Mahasama hi3) he 'alle his %a#ourite is'iple 9alappa a! ga#e him his ri!g$ /e pla'e his &ou!ti%ul ha! o! his %orehea a! &lesse him$ /e the! remo#e the 1udraksha %rom his ow! !e'kla'e a! aske 9alappa to wear it$ /e also ga#e him his 'lothes a! his #ery ow! E. . there is no need for external purity. a adguru. <ater o!e ay) a! atte! a!t 'omplai!e to Sri Swamiji a&out 9alappa a! how he staye away %rom him %or 'ha!ti!g EJapa8$ ri wa$i?i replied bac( s$ilingly. #e applies his entire spiritual strength and atte$pts to $a(e the disciple perfect. diverts the attention of a disciple fro$ worldly entangle$ents and encourages hi$ towards spiritualis$. but still they are nearby<.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 134 _________________________________________________________________________________________ tasks su'h as maki!g Sri Swamiji8s &e ) heati!g water) maki!g sa! alwoo e#e! 'ooki!g %oo at times$ paste a! G!e ay) Sri Swamiji istri&ute some $rasad o% rie ates to e#ery&o y arou! ) &ut i !ot gi#e a!y to 9alappa$ There%ore) Cholappa put two rie ates i! 9alappa8s ha! &ut Sri Swamiji s!at'he them imme iately$ 9alappa %elt #ery &a ) &ut a%ter a %ew ays Sri Swamiji took out a pie'e o% sugar 'a! y %rom his ow! mouth a! ga#e it to 9alappa$ 9alappa ate it imme iately to pre#e!t it %rom &ei!g s!at'he away agai!$ Sri Swamiji &urst i!to laughter.3hG =y devotees $aybe anywhere far away.' adguru converts a disciple li(e hi$self without any delayG< Sri Swami Samarth Maharaj) the i!'ar!atio! o% <or 4attatrey /imsel%) was o! earth i! ma!i%este a! !o!(ma!i%este %orms %or !early +00 years$ 7! the ma!i%este Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .a uka8 with or ers to &uil a temple$ 9alappa esta&lishe a &ig temple i! Akkalkot a! 'o!ti!ue to worship Sri Swami Samarth$ A%ter the 8Mahasama hi8 o% Sri Swamiji) 9alappa 'arrie o! that tra itio! %or a&out thirty(two years a! hoiste Sri Swamiji8s %lag with %ull 'ompete!'e$ &y discharging an arrow of Divine love. 9alappa o&ser#e se#ere as'eti'ism) &ut he was !ot a&le to 'o!'e!trate$ G!'e Sri Swamiji %or'i&ly stru'k him with his %ist o! his 29alappa8s3 &a'k a! 9alappa8s me!tal 'o!templatio! imme iately isappeare $ G&ser#i!g the i!'reasi!g lo#e o% Sri Swamiji towar s 9alappa other atte! a!ts &e'ame i!%lame with jealousy$ Su! ara&ai ?uarrelle with him a! the! showere a !um&er o% a&uses$ This a!!oye 9alappa to a great e*te!t &ut Sri Swamiji ma e him u! ersta! $ 5he! other atte! a!ts starte harassi!g him) 9alappa got a!!oye a! e'i e to retur! home$ ri wa$i?i therefore ordered &alappa to continuously chant the @=aha$ool =antra2 in the te$ple of Lord #anu$an. !hus a adguru converts a disciple into a perfect adguru li(e hi$self. . 9alappa was a kee! &elie#er o% u!tou'ha&ility$ Sri Swamiji i !ot appro#e this ?uality i! 9alappa$ There%ore) Sri Swamiji aske him to %et'h water %rom a house that was mour!i!g a eath i! the %amily$ Ahen there is $ental purity.

a! harpur 2B3 Sripati 9a&a Maharaj o% Mahalu!ge 263 0opalkrish!a Swami o% /upari 2C3 0aja!a! Maharaj o% Shegao! 2+3 Sai&a&a o% Shir i Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .u!e 63 Swami Nrusimha Saraswati o% Ala! i B3 Vama! 9ua Vamorikar or 9a o ekar 63 Thakur as 9ua o% Mum&ai C3 /ari&hau or Swamisut o% Mum&ai +3 0opal&ua Jelkar or .reeti!a! Swamikumar o% Chiplu! D3 Taat Maharaj o% Mum&ai :03 4e# Mamle ar o% Nasik ::3 A!a! !ath Maharaj o% Ve!gurla :23 A!a! 9harati or <a*ma! Joli o% Tha!e) Mum&ai :>3 1a!goli Maharaj o% Jolhapur :63 Jama ar o% Mai! argi :B3 Seetaram 9ua o% Ma!gal#e ha :63 4a asahe& alias Sa'hhi a!a! Swamikumar o% Mum&ai :C3 9a&a 0holap o% Nasik :+3 Jal 9ua o% .u!e 223 Ja!gli Maharaj o% .u!e :D3 Mayura!a! Saraswati o% Sopara 203 Na!a 1ekhi o% Ahma !agar 2:3 Sha!kar Maharaj o% .u!e 2>3 9a#a ekar 9ua o% 9arshi 263 Sa'hhi a!a! Maharaj o% .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 135 _________________________________________________________________________________________ %orm) he remai!e at Akkalkot a! showere his ki! gra'e as a! whe! he wa!te $ There is !o 'ou!t o% the !um&er o% is'iples he ma e) &ut some o% the is'iples o% Sri Swami Samarth that rea'he the stage o% Sa guru a! sprea the e#otio!al lustre) are show! &elow( :3 Sri Jrish!a Saraswati alias Jum&har Swami o% Jolhapur 23 9alappa Maharaj o% Akkalkot >3 9ee kar Maharaj o% .

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 136 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Sri S*ami Samarth And +oyal 'ersonalities Most royal perso!alities are o%te! #ery prou a! a i'te to pleasures$ /owe#er) there are a %ew royal perso!alities with religious e#out!ess as well as righteous!ess$ Sri Swamiji was a stark !ake as'eti' who treate a &eggar a! ki!g e?ually$ E#e! the!) there were some royal perso!alities that esta&lishe 'o!ta't with Sri Swamiji$ 1 al o5 i + a5 e 1aje sahe& Maloji 1aje) ki!g o% Akkalkot State) was a goo a! #irtuous perso! promoti!g the growth o% e#out!ess) ho!esty) %air!ess) a! upright!ess$ 7t is o!ly &e'ause o% him that Sri Swamiji set up a temporary a&o e at Akkalkot$ Maloji 1aje always we!t %or the 84arsha!8 o% Sri Swamiji$ /e sometimes su''ee e i! 'o!#i!'i!g Sri Swamiji to 'ome a! stay with him at the pala'e$ 1ajesahe& ma e sure that all the 'om%orts a! ame!ities o% the State were a#aila&le %or the ser#i'e o% Sri Swamiji$ 5ith the ki! &lessi!gs o% Sri Swamiji) 1ajasahe& ha a so! &or! i! his %amily$ The 9ritish 0o#er!me!t at the time ha ismisse the state 0o#er!me!t o% Akkalkot) &ut the same was restore with the ki! mer'y o% Sri Swamiji$ Therea%ter) all mem&ers o% the royal %amily o% 1ajasahe& &e'ame e#otees o% Sri Swamiji$ Ne#ertheless) Sri Swamiji also i !ot re%rai! %rom 'riti'iHi!g him %or his emerits or raw&a'ks$ G!'e whe! 1ajasahe& 'ame ri i!g o! a! elepha!t to #isit a! seek the &lessi!gs) Sri Swamiji slappe 1aje %or su'h a status show a! isrespe't$ Sri Swamiji ha also show! his isappoi!tme!t whe! 1ajesahe& ha gi#e! shelter to the atro'ious a! tyra!!i'al 4ajee&a 9hosleF 1ajesahe& ha to e! ure the %ruits o% su'h ispleasure o% Sri Swamiji$ No!etheless) Sri Swamiji still ha a great liki!g %or Maloji 1aje$ 5he! 1ajesahe& was lyi!g i! his eath&e ) Sri Swamiji perso!ally walke to the pala'e a! ga#e him the last &lessi!gs$ : ay a 5i r a o S hi nde ( Sc i ndi a) Jayajirao Shi! e) the Maharaja o% 0walior was a #ery #irtuous) religious) a! e#ote perso!$ /e ha !o ego o% his royal powers$ /e ha great re#ere!'e %or sai!ts as well as large(hearte a! ge!erous people$ /e sa!g hym!s i! the praise o% 0o getti!g himsel% eeply a&sor&e i! e#otio!$ 5he! he we!t to Akkalkot %or the E4arsha!8 o% Sri Swami Samarth) the i!'ar!atio! o% <or 4attatrey) Sri Swamiji was resi i!g i! the pala'e a! !o&o y was allowe to #isit$ Maharaja Shi! e &e'ame #ery istresse ) &ut waite patie!tly %or %our ays$ Se!si!g his pure e#otio!) Sri Swamiji 'ame out o% the pala'e a! sat u! er a Vatavriksha$ 5he! he got this !ews) the Maharaja kept asi e his royal meal a! ra! &are %oote $ /e ma e the o%%eri!gs a! the! prostrate i! %ro!t o% Sri Swamiji$ Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

worth te! thousa! rupees$ This surely tempte Cholappa a! he waite %or the right mome!t &e%ore %i!ally speaki!g with Sri Swamiji$ /e sai to Sri Swamiji) @Maharaj) i% you agree to go to 9aro a) 7 will &e awar e a Jahagir) worth rupees te! thousa! A$ Sri Swamiji smile a! sai ) @7 woul ha#e 'ertai!ly go!e to 9aro a) &ut he oes !ot ha#e a!y e#otio!al se!time!ts$A Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 137 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Sri Swamiji resol#e all his ou&ts relati!g to spiritual matters a! i#i!ity$ Sri Swamiji ga#e him some i#i!e e*perie!'es too$ Maharaja Shi! e the! sai ) @7 ha#e met a !um&er o% sai!ts a! as'eti's u!til ate) &ut 7 i !ot see su'h lustre i! a!y o% them$ 7 ha#e !ot see! a!yo!e who 'a! speak su'h a la!guage a! yet gi#e 'orre't a!swers to the ?uestio!s$ There is !o ou&t that Sri Swamiji is a! i!'ar!atio! o% 0o A$ Maharaja Shi! e was %ully satis%ie whe! he retur!e to 0walior with total e#out!ess$ Tu" o5i r a o ! ol "a r Tukojirao /olkar o% 7! ore ha 'ome %or the E4arsha!8 o% Sri Swamiji to Akkalkot$ At that time) Sri Swamiji was resti!g u! er a Vatvriksha i! the 'ourtyar o% the house o% A!!a Ar!alkar$ As soo! as Tukojirao saw Sri Swamiji) he starte talki!g a! sai ) @Maharaj) o!'e you ha &lesse me with your E4arsha!8 o! A&u Mou!tai!$ Now this is the se'o! time you ha#e &lesse me$A Tukojirao the! realiHe that Sri Swamiji a! <or 4attatrey are o!e a! the same$ /e re! ere e#otio!al ser#i'e %or %our ays a! the! retur!e to 7! ore$ 1 al ha r ra o G ai " *a d Maharaj Malharrao 0aikwa o% 9aro a greatly esire %or Sri Swami Samarth Maharaj to 'ome a! stay i! 9aro a$ /e &elie#e that e#e! i% Sri Swamiji #isite 9aro a o!'e) 9aro a woul &e &lesse a! &e'ome a holy pla'e with the tou'h o% his lotus %eet i! that la! $ There%ore) he ma e a!!ou!'eme!t i! %ro!t o% the %ull house at his royal 'ourt) @5hoe#er &ri!gs Sri Swamiji to 9aro a) that perso! woul &e allotte a &ig Jahagir a! all e*pe!ses i!'urre i! &ri!gi!g Sri Swamiji woul &e &or!e &y the stateA$ 7! his royal 'ourt there was o!e am&itious 'hie%tai! &y the !ame o% Tatyasahe&$ /e e'i e to a''ept the 'halle!ge$ Maharaj 0aikwa &e'ame #ery happy a! %ul%ille all o% Tatyasahe&8s re?uireme!ts i!'lu i!g ser#a!ts) atte! a!ts) a! mo!ey &e%ore se! i!g him to Akkalkot$ G!'e i! Akkalkot) Tatyasahe& %irst took Sri Swamiji8s atte! a!ts i!to his 'o!%i e!'e &y gi#i!g them gi%ts a! the! &rought up his su&je't with Sri Swamiji ta't%ully through these atte! a!ts$ Sri Swamiji aske Tatyasahe& to o%%er meals to the 9rahmi!s) sometimes istri&ute ri'hes or 'lothi!g i! 'harity$ Tatyasahe& o&eye Sri Swamiji a! spe! su%%i'ie!t mo!ey$ /e 'o!ti!ue o%%eri!g meals to the 9rahmi!s$ /owe#er) Sri Swamiji was himsel% #ery ?uiet a! there%ore) there was !o progress i! the matter$ Tatyasahe& the! e'i e to gi#e it a!other 'ha!'e$ /e %ou! out that Sri Swamiji mostly liste!s to Cholappa$ There%ore) he ma e a! o%%er to Cholappa that i% Cholappa were su''ess%ul i! maki!g Sri Swamiji agree to 'ome to 9aro a) he woul re'ei#e a! awar o% a Jahagir"..

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 138 _________________________________________________________________________________________ 5he! Tatyasahe& lear!e a&out this) he starte rea i!g the *uru-Charitra thoroughly$ 5he! this i !ot gi#e him mu'h su''ess) he plotte a pla! with the help o% atte! a!ts$ /e thought o% a e'epti#e pla! to take Sri Swamiji i! a pala!?ui! sile!tly to Ja ar statio! a! the! %urther take him i! a trai! all o% a su e! to 9aro a$ A spe'ial trai! was arra!ge %or this jour!ey o% Sri Swamiji$ Tatyasahe& was #ery happy %or #i'tory up to this poi!t a! he pro'ee e towar s the statio!$ 5ith all the se'urity arra!geme!ts) the pala!?ui! rea'he the statio!$ Tatyasahe& 'ame %orwar to re'ei#e Sri Swamiji) &ut to his surprise the pala!?ui! was empty a! Sri Swamiji ha isappeare $ The e!tire pla! ha %aile $ Fi!ally) Tatyasahe& realiHe that !o&o y 'oul take a #a!tage o% Sri Swamiji usi!g su'h petty tri'ks$ /e was totally isappoi!te a! %i!ally retur!e to 9aro a$ <ater) Maharaj elegate this task to a!other 'hie%tai!) Iashwa!trao$ 5he! Iashwa!trao 'ame to Akkalkot) Sri Swamiji spoke with %ull e!thusiasm) @5hat is thisK .ut sha'klesA$ 5ithi! two ays) Iashwa!trao re'ei#e or ers to retur! a! a 'ourt 'ase was starte agai!st him i! 9aro a$ /e was %i!ally pu!ishe i! a 'ourt 'ase 'o!!e'te to %ee i!g poiso! to someo!e$ Sri Swamiji8s wor s a&out putti!g sha'kles o! Iashwa!trao e#e!tually tur!e out to &e true$ )a a S i r S al a r 5u n# The well(k!ow! De!an2+C Na&a& Salarju!g o% /y era&a State ha great re#ere!'e towar s Sri Swamiji$ /e ha 'ome to Nal urga) Gsma!a&a 4istri't i! Maharashtra with great e#otio! %or the E4arsha!8 o% Sri Swamiji$ A !um&er o% su'h royal perso!alities were attra'te towar s Sri Swami Samarth$ Se#eral Sardars2++ a! Jahagirdars were his e#otees$ Sri Swamiji was a! e*traor i!ary 4i#i!e perso!ality with !um&er o% u! e%i!e attri&utes$ /e was !ot at all 'o!'er!e with the wealth or gra! eur o% these Sardars a! Jahagirdars that #isite him. 7% Sri Swamiji ha go!e to 9aro a) he woul ha#e surely re'ei#e great ho!our a! prestige$ Maharaja Malharao 0aikwa woul ha#e lai ow! his e!tire regime %or the wel'ome a! ser#i'e o% Sri Swamiji) &ut there was !o e#otio!$ /ow 'a! Sri Swamiji) the i!'ar!atio! o% <or 4attatrey go thereK 287 288 6e"an: <rime &inister $ardars: Chieftains( )enerall' . ri wa$i?i always had a soft heart for true devotion.onsidered ver' ro'al( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 133 _________________________________________________________________________________________ S*aroop Sampradaya ri wa$i a$arth =ahara? or ere his you!gest a! earest is'iple) Shree 1ama!a! 9ee kar Maharaj o% .l1 ri wa$i a$arth .l1 'n idol of purity and (nowledge .ll1 #e hi$self $anifested as In the city of '((al(ot .ar#ati i!to Swaroop Sampra aya a! later this tra itio! 'o!ti!ue i! history with the i!itiatio! o% <or Vish!u) <or 9rahma) Sages Vasishtha) Shuk eo a! others$ This tra itio! %urther 'o!ti!ue with 0uru8s su'h as Sri 0o#i! pa ) Sri Jaga guru A iSha!kara'harya) Sri Vi yara!yaswami) SriJrish!asaraswati a! Srimat Nrusimha Saraswati up to Sri Swami Samarth) the i!'ar!atio! o% <or 4attatrey$ ESwaroop Sampra aya8 is &ase o! E4!ya!(yog8) the a'?uisitio! o% true k!owle ge that lea s to the attai!me!t o% a&sorptio! i!to the u!i#ersal spirit$ 7t represe!ts worship o% attri&ute(less Supreme Spirit) &ut also a''epts the worship o% a eity with attri&utes$ The huma! soul attai!s the Supreme Spirit through the worship o% a eity with attri&utes$ This philosophy is ho!oure as a o'tri!e %or the i e!tity o% huma! soul a! the i#i!e esse!'e$ 5ith the ki! &lessi!gs o% Sri Swami Samarth) the tra itio! o% this ESwaroop Sampra aya8 was passe o! to Shree 1ama!a! 9ee kar Maharaj who the! &lesse Shree Vasu e#a!a!t Sarswati 2alias Shree 9a&a Maharaj Sahasra&u he3 %or %urther propagatio! o% the ESwaroop Sampra aya8$ Shree 9a&a Maharaj Sahasra&u he i! tur! &lesse Shree Sahaja!a! Saraswati 2Shree Vitthalrao Joshi alias Shree 4igam&ar as Maharaj3 to 'o!ti!ue %urther with the Swaroop Sampra aya$ Shree 4igam&ar as Maharaj has #erse ( @)rusi$ha araswati the incarnate of Lord Dattatrey .u!e) to propagate the Swaroop Sampra aya$ Swaroop Sampra aya is a religious se't wherei! the aspira!t 'o!'e!trates o! #iewi!g the EAtma!8) the soul$ ESwaroop8 mea!s k!owle ge o% the EAtma!8) the soul$ A li#i!g &ei!g is !ormally e!ta!gle i! worl ly illusio!$ To li&erate a li#i!g &ei!g %rom the e!ta!gleme!t o% this worl ly illusio! a! lea him towar s the k!owle ge o% EAtma!8) the soul is itsel% k!ow! as the Swaroop Sampra aya o% Sri Swami Samarth$ Swaroop Sampra aya is a #ery a!'ie!t tra itio! with <or Shi#a as the %irst 0uru$ <or Shi#a %irst i!itiate 0o ess .ll1 Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

l1 Aith the bestowal of true (nowledge .l1 9a$achandra $anifested in auspicious period .l1 #olding the authority of natural state of self without attributes .ll1<.l1 araswati .ll1 "or the propagation of In the fa$ily of ri wa$i araswati .ll1 ahasrabuddhe.in# of &ithila7 father of )oddess $ita7 the devoted "ife of -ord *ama Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .ll3A$ Shree 4igam&ar as Maharaj later passe o! the respo!si&ility o% this tra itio! to Shree Ashok Joshi) alias Shree Jaka Maharaj$ The Swaroop Sampra aya %ollows the path o% E1ajyog8) a simple a! easy mo e o% a&stra't me itatio! a! !ot that o% E/ath Iog8 that is a mo e o% austere e#otio!$ G!e 'a! a''omplish the E1ajIog8 &y li#i!g i! this illusi#e worl a! 'o! u'ti!g !ormal househol uties$ E#e! Ji!g Ja!aka2+D ha attai!e E1ajyog8$ G!e 'a! 'o!ti!ue with the %eeli!gs o% sa'ri%i'e i!ter!ally) while mai!tai!i!g worl ly relatio!ships with e*ter!al so'iety) &ut stri'tly without a!y atta'hme!ts$ To a'hie#e su'h eta'hme!t is possi&le &ut !ot easy$ Shree 4igam&ar as Maharaj has #erse M .l1 a$arth.ll1 Initiated 9a$anand as disciple .ll1 "or the propagation of #e na$ed :itthal as 3f waroop waroop !radition 2l3 araswati . the God 'l$ighty .l1 >ou can still $aintain yourself without any attach$ents .ll1 #e only is :asudevanant #e initiated :itthal .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 255 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Instantly propagated the waroop a$pradaya . 283 .l1 'nd then showered his distinguishing for$ of splendour .ll1 aha?anand 3rdered hi$ to propagate the tradition .l1 9a$anand showered (ind blessings on hi$ .ll1 a$pradaya with path to $editation .l1 araswati ect .l1 #e ordered :itthal . for the welfare of $an(ind waroop a$pradaya .Internally with feelings of acrifice and worldly relationship externally . .in# :ana!a: .ll1 %now that ours is the sect of Lord Dattatrey .ll1 "or the branch of #e hi$self is Lord Dattatrey.l1 ' great disciple for regular disposition .ll1 9a$anand initiated :asudevanant !he incarnate of .

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 251 _________________________________________________________________________________________ @9a?yog2 has five different $odes O . =eena $ode. %api $ode. ha$bhavi $ode and . :ihanga$ $ode<./ipeeli(a $ode.ipeelika 2A!t3 Mo e) where the aspira!t attai!s a''omplishme!t starti!g %rom the #ery &ase orga!i' 'ir'le) 'rosses ea'h 'ir'le a%ter tha! u!til he rea'hes the thousa! th 'ir'le) just like a! a!t$ Japi 2Mo!key3 Mo e is where the aspira!t attai!s a''omplishme!t jumpi!g like a mo!key %rom o!e orga!i' 'ir'le to a!other) u!til he rea'hes the Thousa! th 'ir'le$ Mee!a 2Fish3 Mo e is where the perso! who attai!s a''omplishme!t) sees a! o'ea! %ille with k!owle ge o% sel% a! that perso! %ille with joy si!ks i!to that sea o% sel%(k!owle ge$ 7! this 'o! itio!) the li#i!g &ei!g a&sor&s i!to the esse!'e o% Supreme Spirit alo!g with the k!owle ge o% sel%$ 7! Sham&ha#i 2/emp3 Mo e) a''omplishme!t is easily per%orme &ase o! the pri!'iple o% ESoham8) a %eeli!g that @7 am that Supreme SpiritA$ The !atural a! 'o!ti!uous a''omplishme!t o% ESoham8 'omes alo!g with &reathi!g te'h!i?ues$ This a''omplishme!t is also 'alle as EAjapajap8$ 5ith the ki! mer'y o% a Sa guru) the perso! who repeats ESoham Soham8 a''omplishes the li&eratio! %rom perso!al e*iste!'e a! gets a&sor&e i! i#i!e su&sta!'e) with the realisatio! that /e is the Soul$ 7! the Viha!gam Mo e 29ir 3) the perso! who attai!s a''omplishme!t %lies like a &ir a! i! a mome!t rea'hes the Supreme Soul$ /e gets a&sor&e i! the esse!'e o% Supreme Spirit without a!y elay$ This path 'a! &e a'hie#e o!ly with the ki! &lessi!gs o% a Sa guru$ 7% a!yo!e tries to pra'ti'e &y rea i!g &ooks without the &lessi!gs o% a Sa guru that perso! 'a! loose their me!tal &ala!'e$ G!e shoul !ot a #ise a! immature perso! to these mo es$ 7% a perso! is immature &e'ause o% the la'k o% a''omplishme!t) prostratio! o% stre!gth takes pla'e a! that perso! &e'omes wi'ke $ 7% the a''omplishme!t takes pla'e i! a proper ma!!er) the perso! who a''omplishes attai!s the k!owle ge whi'h itsel% is a 'lear proo% o% the su''ess$ 9asi'ally) this path lea s to the worship o% the attri&ute(less) &ut to a'hie#e su''ess i! that path o!e has to worship a eity ha#i!g attri&utes a! %orm$ G!ly through this worship 'a! o!e attai! the attri&ute(less Supreme Soul$ There is always o!e!ess i! the !atural state o% sel% as well as that o% the Supreme Soul$ The !ames may &e i%%ere!t &ut the result is the same$ The %i!al a''omplishme!t o% a! i! i#i ual sel% is always to get a&sor&e i!to the u!i#ersal sel%) the Supreme Soul$ G!ly a great Sa guru 'a! &less his is'iple a! take him &eyo! this worl ly illusio! &y gra!ti!g him the i#i!e sight a! a''omplishme!t o% the i! i#i ual sel%) getti!g a&sor&e i!to the all per#a e u!i#ersal sel%) the Supreme Soul$ Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

a! harpur$ 7! .f S* a ro op S a m pr ada ya – S hr ee Be ed" ar 1a ha r a5 Akkalkot Niwasi Sri Swami Samarth Maharaj ha or ere his most a&le a! e!thusiasti' is'iple Shree Sa guru 9ee kar Maharaj to propagate %urther the Swaroop Sampra aya) &y stayi!g i! .u!e) Maharashtra) Shree 9ee kar Maharaj was the you!gest is'iple o% Sri Swamiji &y age) &ut se!ior( most i! spiritual a''omplishme!t$ /e was &or! o! 22! No#em&er :+>D) i! the %amily o% a 1ig#e i 9rahmi!$ /e was #ery i!tellige!t) %air ski!!e with &right lustrous eyes) a 'harmi!g slim &o y stature) a! a! impressi#e perso!ality$ /is %ather worke as o!e o% the truste employees o% the wealthy peshwai o% .u!e$ 9y mis%ortu!e) 1ama!a! lost his %ather at a te! er age o% se#e!$ The 9ritish rulers at that time o%%ere a pe!sio! o% two hu! re rupees to his mother 0a!gutai ) &ut she e'li!e to a''ept it o! the grou! s o% sel%(respe't a! her resol#e !ot to su&sist o! the help o% %oreig!ers$ From early 'hil hoo ) 1ama!a! ha a great attra'tio! towar s the worship o% 0o $ G!e parti'ular year) he a! his %rie! s pla!!e a! starte their jour!ey towar s .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 252 _________________________________________________________________________________________ The Tr a di ti on .a! harpur$ /owe#er) a%ter walki!g %or some ista!'e his %rie! s got tire a! %oreseei!g the i%%i'ulties i! their jour!ey they retur!e ) &ut 1ama!a! 'o!ti!ue his jour!ey alo!e o! %oot a! %i!ally rea'he .a! harpur) there was a huge 'row o% pilgrims e#erywhere arou! the temple$ G#erwhelme with the huge 'row ) 1ama!a! %elt he woul !e#er &e a&le to get the 4i#i!e sight o% <or Vitho&aF he &e'ame totally helpless a! starte to 'ry$ Mira'ulously) <or Vitho&a himsel%) isguise as a temple priest took hol o% 1ama!a! 8s ha! a! walke him to the i!!ermost part o% the temple #ery !ear to the i ol o% <or Vitho&a$ /e arra!ge %or his E4arsha!8 o% <or Vitho&a) gra&&e o!e o% the garla! s %rom the i ol o% <or Vitho&a) a! put it o! 1ama!a! 8s !e'k$ A%terwar s) the priest took him out o% the temple i! ope! spa'e) le%t him there) a! the! su e!ly isappeare $ G!'e 1ama!a! ha &ee! to Saptashri!gee /ill !ear Nasik) Maharashtra) %or ha#i!g the E4arsha!8 o% 0o ess Saptashri!gee$ The! mira'le took pla'e$ The Veeda) whi'h was pla'e i! the mouth o% 0o ess Saptashri!gee) %ell ow! i! the ha! s o% 1ama!a! $ 7t was a mira'le) si!'e this Vee a !e#er ha %alle! ow! i! the past$ The e#otees sta! i!g there 'lappe their ha! s %or this mira'le a! ha respe'te 1ama!a! sayi!g) @Iou are a great e#otee a! the 0o ess has &lesse youA$ Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 253 _________________________________________________________________________________________ A%ter 'ompleti!g some s'hool e u'atio!) 1ama!a! starte his ow! mo!ey( le! i!g &usi!ess$ /e also ha a remarka&le gi%t o% e*ami!i!g pre'ious sto!es$ /e later starte a &usi!ess %or a!ti?ues$ G!'e) he while he was 'lea!i!g some o% the a!ti?ues he ha &ought i! a goo eal) he %ou! a u!i?ue lamp sta! $ 5hile 'lea!i!g this lamp sta! ) he %ou! that it was ma e o% gol a! 'o!tai!e iamo! s a! ru&ies i! the hollow portio! o% its &ase$ Thus) he &e'ame a wealthy ma! o#er!ight$ /e the! starte his ow! mo!ey le! i!g &usi!ess a! people !ow starte a ressi!g him as 9hausahe& Shro%% with ue respe't %or his high status i! the so'iety$ 4ue to the su e! aw! o% goo %ortu!e) he starte li#i!g a li%e %ull o% e!joyme!t a! pleasures$ /e e#elope a passio! %or a!'e a! musi' e!tertai!me!t) as well as ri!ki!g wi!e$ 0ra ually) the 4i#i!e gra'e o% 0o ess <a*mi starte imi!ishi!g o! him a! he was me!tally #ery u!happy$ /e sought a%ter #arious sai!ts) whe! o!e o% them taught him the art o% al'hemy$ Shree 9ee kar Maharaj ha e!joye all pleasures o% li%e to the utmost egree a! ha rea'he the top o% worl ly pleasures$ 5he! all paths to worl ly pleasures 'ame to a saturatio! poi!t) he e'i e to put a! e! to his se!sual pleasures a! a'hie#e li%e8s highest truth) the 4i#i!e Truth$ /e sought out a! #isite ma!y as'eti's as well as sai!ts a! o%te! ha lo!g spiritual is'ussio!s with them$ G&ser#i!g his ways a! style) o!e sai!t remarke sar'asti'ally @Iou are e!joyi!g all the pleasures o% your li%e to the utmost egree$ Iou are !ot %it %or a'hie#i!g li%e8s highest truth) the 4i#i!e Truth$ Iou ha#e to a''ept as'etism otherwise) you 'a!!ot a'hie#e a!ythi!gA$ This sar'asti' remark tou'he the heart o% this stro!g mi! e as well as %irmly resol#e 1ama!a! 9ee kar a! #owe that he woul put a! e! to his li%e o% se!sual pleasures a! a'hie#e li%e8s highest truth) that is the 4i#i!e Truth$ /e i #ow &ut &e'ame restless) as he was totally a''ustome to the li%e o% se!sual pleasures$ /owe#er) o!'e he took a %orwar step) it was retreat) so he starte worshippi!g his %amily eity) <or 'o!'e!trate worship) please &y his stro!g e#otio! <or #isio! i! his ream a! a #ise him to go to Akkalkot a! Niwasi Sri Swami Samarth$ his i!(&or! ?uality !e#er to /a!uma!$ A%ter %ew ays o% /a!uma! &lesse him with a get the &lessi!gs o% Akkalkot 1ama!a! we!t to Akkalkot$ /e was so etermi!e that he #owe !ot to a''ept a!y %oo u!til he gets the &lessi!gs %rom Sri Swami Samarth$ Sri Swami Samarth was stayi!g at the pala'e o% the ruler o% Akkalkot uri!g those %ew ays a! there was !o possi&ility o% him 'omi!g out o% the pala'e) at least %or the !e*t %i%tee! ays$ 1ama!a! was etermi!e !ot to &reak his #ow$ /e %aste se#erely %or two ays$ G! the thir ay) Sri Swami Samarth starte s'reami!g at the pala'e i!'um&e!ts) @Iou are impriso!i!g meK My e#otees are %a'i!g i%%i'ulties si!'e they are !ot getti!g my &lessi!gsA$ So with a! uproar) Sri Swami Samarth jumpe out %rom a wall o% the pala'e possi&ly %or the sake o% his to(&e %a#ourite is'iple) 1ama!a! 9ee kar$ 5he! 1ama!a! 9ee kar 'ame to k!ow a&out Swami8s wherea&outs) he 'arrie all the material a! o&je'ts re?uire to worship a eity a! we!t to Sri Swami Samarth$ /e o%%ere his worship a! surre! ere himsel% at the %eet o% Sri Swami Samarth$ Sri Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

hment from "orldl' %leas res( .e%tor $ri $"ami $amarth7 as his mother 231 $ad# r .e%tor a mother .*amanand "ith affe.ontem%letion of oneIs o"n so l 232 2aira#'a: Com%lete deta.tion loo!ed %on his %re.ted from sense ob+e. ver' hi#h state of reali>ation( Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .ts and deli#hted in the .e%to7 "ho has been distra.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 254 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Swami Samarth aske him @5hy are you prostrati!g at my %eetK A$ 1ama!a! replie ) @7 wa!t a #ery %irm %ou! atio! 27 wa!t your %ull &lessi!gs3A$ Sri Swamiji poi!te his %i!ger to a eerski! ha!gi!g o! a wall peg a! sai ) @<ook there) <ook thereA$ 1ama!a! i !ot u! ersta! the purpose o% showi!g eerski! a! sai ) @7 am ig!ora!tA$ =po! heari!g this) Sri Swamiji &urst out with a!ger a! starte a&usi!g 1ama!a! $ Gther e#otees prese!t there &e'ame #ery !er#ous a! starte pulli!g 1ama!a! away) &ut he stoo there stea y a! patie!t without getti!g !er#ous with the a&uses$ Seei!g his %irm!ess) Sri Swamiji stoppe his a&uses a! %i!ally sai ) @Iou 'a! !ow go %rom here ( Iour work is o!e 2Iou are %ully &lesse 3A$ As per the or ers o% Sri Swami Samarth) 1ama!a! retur!e to .tmaram: The %re.u!e$ /is was totally tra!s%orme a! he 'o!ti!uously starte 'ha!ti!g the wor s Sadgurura+ Mauli2D0 a! Sadguru Atmaram2D:$ A year later) whe! 1ama!a! we!t to Akkalkot to get his &lessi!gs) Sri Swami Samarth sai to him) @The see you ha#e sowe has grow! i!to a ma!go tree$ Ma!goes are getti!g ripe$ 5he! the ma!goes are %ully ripe) your aim will &e %ul%ille A$ A!other year later 2thir Iear3 1ama!a! we!t &a'k to Akkalkot with etermi!atio! !ot to retur! without getti!g %ully &lesse with i!itiatio! %rom Sri Swami Samarth$ So upo! arri#i!g at Akkalkot this year) he starte re! eri!g e#otio!al ser#i'e at the lotus %eet o% Sri Swami Samarth$ 1ama!a! 'o!ti!ue his e#otio!al ser#i'e to Swamiji e#e! at !ight a! slowly massage Sri Swamiji8s legs$ /e massage throughout the !ight) &ut Sri Swamiji i !ot ask him to stop e#e! whe! it was aw!$ Su e!ly) a mira'le took pla'e a! a rea %ul 'o&ra appeare %rom i! &etwee! the k!ees o% Sri Swami Samarth$ 7t starte hissi!g at 1ama!a! &y raisi!g its hoo $ This was a mome!t o% test %or his #irtue a! 'ourage$ So without 'ari!g a&out his li%e) he 'o!ti!ue massagi!g the legs o% Sri Swami Samarth$ Sri Swami Samarth a!grily got up a! roare at 1ama!a! @Iou mo!strous %ellow) go away %rom hereA a! slappe 1ama! a! with %or'e$ 5ith this stro!g slap) 1ama!a! lost his 'o!s'ious!ess a! i!sta!tly passe i!to Super 'o!s'ious state$ /e regai!e 'o!s'ious!ess o!ly o! the !e*t ay a! his elight%ul!ess was i!e*pressi&le i! wor s$ Si!'e that #ery mome!t) he e*perie!'e total eta'hme!t %rom the worl ly matters$ 1ama!a! ji thus attai!e Vairagya2D2$ Sri Swami Samarth or ere 1ama!a! ji to gi#e a 'eremo!ious i!!er to a thousa! 9rahmi!s$ 1ama!a! ji &e'ame #ery worrie ) si!'e he ha a&solutely !o mo!ey le%t to 'omply with the 0uru8s or ers$ The 'o!tai!er o% per%ume &ottles) whi'h he ha &rought with him) ha &ee! estroye i! a! a''i e!t$ 9y 'olle'ti!g the remai!s o% these per%umes %rom the &roke! &ottles) 1ama!a! ji prepare a spe'ial per%ume EAshtaga! ha8 2a mi*ture o% a #ariety o% per%umes) !ormally eight i%%ere!t ki! s o% per%umes3$ /e o%%ere this spe'ial per%ume to the ruler o% Akkalkot) who was #ery mu'h impresse a! pai a goo pri'e to 1ama!a! ji$ 1ama!a! ji the! arra!ge %or the 'eremo!ial i!!er to thousa! 9rahmi!s with this mo!ey a! thus he %ul%ille the 'omma! s o% his master) Sri Swami Samarth$ 235 $ad# r &a li: The %re.

u!e) 1ama!a! ji totally eta'he himsel% %rom worl ly atta'hme!ts$ .eople starte sayi!g that 1ama!a! ji ha go!e lost his me!tal &ala!'e$ /e i !ot pay a!y atte!tio! to their remarks$ Ne*t year) whe! he we!t to Akkalkot) Sri Swami Samarth or ere him to u! ertake Narma aCC) a! ar uous 'ir'ular pilgrimage o% the e!tire route o% the ri#er Narma a$ /e starte the .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 255 _________________________________________________________________________________________ A%ter this) Sri Swami Samarth aske 1ama!a! ji @5hat woul you o%%er me as E0uru akshi!a8K A$ 1ama!a! ji sai ) @7 shall o&ey your or ers with great respe'tA$ The! Sri Swami Samarth sai ) @Iou must imme iately stop your &usi!ess o% per%umes a! 'o!#erti!g &ase metal i!to gol usi!g the me i'i!al her&s$ This will &e your *urudakshina2D>A$ 1ama!a! agree without hesitatio!$ A%ter retur!i!g to .o rse of instr . #ift to a ) r 7 the s%irit al %re.om%letion of a .u!e a%ter his Narma a parikrama$ /e ha le%t e#erythi!g at the will o% 0o $ To pay &a'k his loa!s) he ha to sell his house$ /is #irtuous wi%e) Smt$ Ja!aki&ai EAaisahe&8 &e'ame restless o! a''ou!t o% these 'ir'umsta!'es) &ut 1ama!a! ji remai!e i! i%%ere!t$ /e set up a Temple(shri!e at .e%tor on the .as'eti'sF ha to jump i!to a ri#er i!ha&ite &y 'ro'o iles$ /e ha to walk &are %eet a! ha to 'omplete his pilgrimage i! &ur!i!g hot su!$ G!'e Mother Narma a appeare i! perso! a! o%%ere him a pot o% milk to ri!k$ G!e great as'eti' %e him a root to repress hu!ger$ G!e &eauti%ul la y put his ho!our to test) &ut &y the ki! gra'e o% Sri Swami Samarth he remai!e 'alm without istra'tio! a! su''ess%ully stoo the test$ 9y this time Sri Swami Samarth ha take! Mahasama hi$ 1ama!a! ji retur!e to .arikrama &are %eet %rom Gmkar Ma! hata$ /e ha #owe to himsel%) that he woul !ot re?uest a!y&o y %or %oo u!less someo!e o%%ers &y %ree willF i% re?uire ) he will o!ly ri!k water %or sur#i#al$ This pilgrimage was a real test o% his e#otio! towar s his 0uru a! %or his patie!'e$ /e ha #arious a #e!turous a! a!gerous e*perie!'es uri!g this pilgrimage) /e was harasse &y the 0osa#is .u!e a! worke towar s resol#i!g the i%%i'ulties o% the people$ 7! a itio!) he also propagate spiritualism %or the upli%tme!t o% his e#otees to a'hie#e li%e8s highest o&je'ti#e) the 4i#i!e Truth$ E#ery year) se#e! to eight %esti#als a! other religious pra'ti'es as per the %amily tra itio! were &ei!g 'ele&rate with great pomp a! show$ Shree 9ee kar Maharaj was stro!gly re&uki!g his e#otees %or their mistakes$ /e sai @Iou show 'areless!ess i! your worl ly eali!gs$ /e!'e you are !ot a&le to make a!y progress i! spiritualism either$ 9e'ause you are u! er my shelter) 7 am re&uki!g you$ 7t is my ear!est attempt that you &e'ome skil%ul i! e#ery matter a! also sharpe! your i!tellige!'e$ Those who o !ot 'ome u! er my shelter will !ot get a si!gle wor regar i!g themA$ Shree 9ee kar Maharaj ha a mother8s a%%e'tio! towar s his e#otees &ut was e?ually tough at the same time$ Very o%te! he sai ) @7 tell you to go i!sa!e$ 9ut !o&o y is rea y to &e'ome i!sa!eA$ 7t was o!ly Shree 9a&a Maharaj Sahasra&u he) who always a'te as per the a #i'e o% Shree 9ee kar Maharaj$ /e!'e Shree 9ee kar Maharaj e*'lusi#ely &lesse 233 ) r da!shina: .tion Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 256 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Shree Sa guru 9a&a Maharaj alias 1aosahe& Sahasra&u he &y pla'i!g his ha! o! the latter8s hea a! e!truste to him the task o% 'o!ti!ui!g the tra itio! o% Swaroop Sampra aya$ G% the ma!y other is'iples o% Shree 9ee kar Maharaj) A!!a Maharaj 9ahutule took o#er the respo!si&ility o% Shree 9ee kar Maharaj Muth$ As per Shree 9ee kar Maharaj) o!'e a perso! 'omes i! 'o!ta't o% e#otio!) he 'a!!ot lea#e that impressio! o% e#otio!al rite$ /e use to say @Just like 'ow u!g %alle! o! the grou! is &ou! to li%t some earth with it) a perso! who takes the re%uge o% a 0uru) shall e%i!itely a'hie#e some spiritual e#elopme!tA$ Sri Swami Samarth Maharaj ha o!'e tol him @1amya) ser#i!g %oo to some&o y u!less he is hu!gry) will %ail to ser#e a!y purpose$ The %oo will &e waste A$ 9ut Shree 9ee kar Maharaj replie ) @A!y&o y 'a! %ee the hu!gry$ 7 shall %ee a perso! who is satis%ie to o!e8s %ullest 'apa'ity$ 7 shall 'ertai!ly impart spiritual a #i'e to those who ha#e the esire %or k!owle geF likewise %or those) who ha#e !o esire %or k!owle ge too$ 7 shall also %ee spiritual a #i'es a! lea them towar s 0o A$ Shree 9ee kar Maharaj ha e!joye all the worl ly pleasures o% this li%e to the utmost egree$ <ikewise) he also a'hie#e li%e8s highest truth that is the 4i#i!e Truth$ The 'ase o% Shree 9ee kar Maharaj was a &ur!i!g e*ample o% what a ma! 'a! a'hie#e with %irm &elie% a! e#otio!$ /e took Mahasamadhi o! Tues ay) :st April :D:>$ Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

$5$43$ 7! the year :D06) Shree 9ee kar Maharaj was greatly please to &less Shree 9a&a MaharajF he &lesse him &y pla'i!g his ha! o! the %orehea o% Shree 9a&a Maharaj a! sai @1aosahe&) 7 ha#e !ow ma e you perma!e!tA$ 5ith these wor s) Shree 9ee kar Maharaj &estowe upo! him the ultimate sel%(realiHatio! with the help o% Shakti(ath2D6$ Si!'e the!) Shree 9a&a Maharaj always remai!e i! EVi ehi state8 24isem&o ie state3$ <ater i! the year :D:0) Shree 9a&a Maharaj got marrie a''or i!g to the wishes o% his Sa guru Shree 9ee kar Maharaj$ /e worke i! the . 7! the tra itio! o% Swaroop Sampra aya he is a'k!owle ge as the i!'ar!atio! o% Sri Swami Samarth$ /e was &or! o! the !oo! o% :6 th No#em&er :++> as per E!glish Cale! ar a! Jartik(.9aosaheb is $y Ge$<.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 257 _________________________________________________________________________________________ S hre e V a sude $ ana nt S ar a s* a ti 1 aha r a 5 Shree 9a&a Maharaj Sahasra&u he alias Shree 1aosahe& Sahasra&u he The o!e who 'arrie %orwar the tra itio! o% Swaroop Sampra aya %rom Shree 9ee kar Maharaj was Shree Vasu e#a!a!t Saraswati$ /e was also k!ow! as Shree 9a&a Maharaj alias Shree 1aosahe& Sahasra&u he$ /e ha gai!e a spiritual height that le Shree 9ee kar Maharaj to say) . ndalini ener#' in the shortest %ossible time( .oor!ima(Shake :+0B as per /i! u Cale! ar i! /u&li) Jar!atak State$ /e was !ame as E1ama'ha! ra8$ /is %amily !ame was ESahasra&u he8$ 5he! Shree 9a&a Maharaj we!t to .a!#el a! Nagotha!e) all i! Maharashtra State$ 9e'ause o% stro!g e#otio! towar s his 0uru 2.u!e to pursue his stu ies i! E!gi!eeri!g) he 'ame u! er the ki! &lessi!gs o% Shree 9ee kar Maharaj$ Si!'e the! his li%e was e!tirely tra!s%orme $ From the! o!war s) he remai!e a&sor&e i! me itatio!$ 4uri!g his %i!al e*ami!atio! %or <$ C$ E$ 2E!gg3) he i !ot ista!'e with his pra'ti'e o% me itatio!$ /is mother) Smt$ <a*mi&ai Sahasra&u he worrie a&out his %uture a! praye to Shree 9ee kar Maharaj$ Shree 9ee kar Maharaj 'o!sole her a! sai ) @/e is 'ompletely u! er my 'are a! atte!tio!A$ A''or i!gly) Shree 9a&a Maharaj passe his E!gi!eeri!g E*ami!atio! with goo marks ue to the &lessi!gs o% Shree 9ee kar Maharaj a! e#e!tually) he took employme!t i! the . ndalini ener#' is the ener#' dormant at the base of the s%ine of ever' h man bein# Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .e!) Maha ) .u&li' 5orks 4epartme!t 2.tivatin# the .re'eptor3) Shree 9a&a Maharaj #isite .u!e e#ery Satur ay howe#er %ar his employme!t may &e just to seek the &lessi!gs %rom Shree 9ee kar Maharaj$ 5he! he 234 $ha!ti%at: The an.u&li' 5orks 4epartme!t 20o#t$ o% 7! ia3 as Assista!t E!gi!eer a! was poste to i%%ere!t pla'es like 1at!agiri) .ient method of a"a!enin# and a.

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 258 _________________________________________________________________________________________ was at .e!) he woul tra#el to the !earest .$ A$ i! the o%%i'e o% Assista!t Ar'hite't) Mum&ai$ Si!'e he always remai!e a&sor&e i! tra!s'e! e!'e) his su&or i!ate sta%% thought that he is !ot worki!gF so they ma e a 'omplai!t to their o%%i'er$ The Super#isor the! 'ame %or i!#estigatio! &ase o! this 'omplai!t$ /e aske %or the measureme!ts o% the &uil i!gs i! 'o!stru'tio! as part o% i!spe'tio!$ 5ithout seei!g the re'or s) Shree 9a&a Maharaj wrote all the measureme!ts o% the &uil i!g just %rom his memory o! a pie'e o% paper a! ga#e it to the Super#isor$ 5he! the super#isor i!spe'te that &uil i!g a! took all the etaile measureme!ts) he was simply asto!ishe to %i! these a'tual measureme!ts mat'hi!g pre'isely with the measureme!ts writte! o! the paper) &y Shree 9a&a Maharaj$ The Super#isor was just mar#elle at this i!'re i&le memory power a! the mysterious worki!g system o% Shree 9a&a Maharaj$ Shree 9a&a Maharaj ha se!time!ts o% o!e!ess$ /e ha a te! e!'y o% seei!g 0o i! e#ery li#i!g &ei!g$ /e!'e he woul &ow his hea a! salute the peo!s to e#ery&o y else i! his o%%i'e$ Si!'e he was always a&sor&e i! me itatio!) some people 'o!si ere him 'raHy$ G!'e whe! he was taki!g a stroll he we!t up to the 'hur'h at 9a! ra) Mum&ai$ /e sat ow! !ear the 'hur'h a! lighte the 'hiroot2DB$ A%ter taki!g the %irst pu%% he got himsel% a&sor&e i!to su'h a state o% me itatio! that he regai!e 'o!s'ious!ess o!ly whe! the 'heroot was 'ompletely &ur!t alo!g with his %i!gers hol i!g it$ G!'e o! his pay ay) he saw a &eggar sta! i!g i! %ro!t o% him$ 9ei!g so a&sor&e i! me itatio!) he put his ha! s i! his po'ket a! ga#e away the e!tire pay to that &eggar$ Si!'e Shree 9a&a Maharaj was always a&sor&e i! state o% 4i#i!e 'o!templatio!) people thought he ha lost his me!tal &ala!'e$ /is relati#es a mitte him i! a Me!tal /ospital at Ierawa a) .u!e$ The o'tors i! the hospital thoroughly e*ami!e him a! 'o!'lu e that he ha !o psy'hologi'al issues a! i!stea they thought he ha e*traor i!ary wis om$ /e!'e the o'tors arra!ge %or a separate &e away %rom all other me!tal patie!ts a! pro#i e all goo %a'ilities to him$ /e remai!e there %or a&out o!e year$ At last whe! 4r$ Nirokhekar) a!other is'iple o% Shree 9ee kar Maharaj 'ame to k!ow a&out Shree 9a&a Maharaj &ei!g a mitte to a Me!tal /ospital) he took help o% some 'lose asso'iates a! %ellow stu e!ts to get Shree 9a&a Maharaj is'harge %rom the /ospital$ A%ter this) Shree 9a&a Maharaj prese!te himsel% i! the o%%i'e a! got rei!state $ 9ut &e'ause o% his 'o! itio! o% &ei!g a&sor&e i! the state o% 4i#i!e 'o!templatio!) he regularly misse o%%i'e$ There%ore) ultimately he opte %or Volu!tary retireme!t a! got it sa!'tio!e $ A%ter retireme!t he starte stayi!g i! 4humal 9uil i!g) Naraya! .u!e statio!$ A%ter some ays he was poste as .eth) .u!e) %or the rest o% his li%e$ The temple(shri!e o% Sa guru Shree 9ee kar Maharaj was #ery !ear to this pla'e$ Shree 9a&a Maharaj #isite the temple three times i! a ay) sa!g e#otio!al so!gs with Bktari& a single string musi'al i!strume!t) a! simulta!eously got himsel% a&sor&e i! 4i#i!e 'o!templatio!$ E#e! i% he were si'k with temperature up to :0B egrees) he woul stay a&sor&e i! the 4i#i!e 'o!templatio!$ G!'e #owe a! stare at the su! %rom su!rise to su!set with !ake eyes 'o!ti!uously %or 2: ays$ 235 Chiroot: . !ind of .alas ari statio! >6 miles away &y ri i!g a &i'y'le a! the! 'at'h a trai! to go to .i#ar Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

ra esh$ G!'e he #isite the holy pla'e o% Tryam&akeshwar i! Maharashtra State) 5ester! 7! ia$ The e#otees that a''ompa!ie him lear!e a&out a great sai!t resi i!g o! a !ear&y mou!tai!$ 5he! the e#otees we!t to take the &lessi!gs o% that sai!t) the sai!t pro'laime ) @5he! a great sai!t is alrea y with you) why are you sear'hi!g %or him somewhere elseKA$ Shree Jesha# utt Maharaj o% So!ageer woul 'ome e#ery year to worship Shree 9a&a Maharaj i! a ESho shop'har way8$ /e always sai ) @7% you wa!t to see a %ully a''omplishe 4i#i!e sai!t) you ha#e go to Shree 9a&a MaharajA$ Shree <ele Maharaj) the 0uru o% Iogi Auro&i! o sai ) @Shree 9a&a Maharaj has attai!e the stage o% =ltimate sel%(realiHatio!$ 7t is impossi&le %or a worl ly perso! to per'ei#e that stage o% Shree 9a&a MaharajA$ The great .=editate for half an hour before having your $eals<.ra esh) Ayo hya i! =ttar .e and % lse Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .hi.hdi: .arsi sai!t Meher9a&a ha 'ome to pay homage to Shree 9a&a Maharaj$ A!a! mai Maa a! Shree Sha!kar Maharaj also mai!tai!e great respe't a! lo#e towar s Shree 9a&a Maharaj$ hree &aba =ahara? preached his devotees and disciples . 7! the year :DB>) Shree 9a&a Maharaj &lesse a! i!itiate Shree Vitthalrao Joshi 2Shree 4igam&ar as Maharaj3 a! passe o! the respo!si&ility o% propagati!g the Swaroop Sampra aya$ Shree 9a&a Maharaj ha me!tally e'i e o% eparti!g %rom this worl ) so he e'i e to %ree himsel% %rom this mu! a!e e*iste!'e &y taki!g Ejalsama hi8 2e! i!g &o ily e*iste!'e &y row!i!g i! water3 i! the Sharayu 1i#er) at the holy pla'e Ayo hya i! =$ .$ State) North 7! ia$ So he took the permissio! to epart %rom all a! we!t o! pilgrimage to Ayo hya alo!g with some e#otees$ At Ayo hya he got ow! i! the Sharayu 1i#er %or the a&a! o!me!t o% his &o y) &ut it so happe!e that he 'oul !ot %i! a!y pla'e i! the Sharayu 1i#er with water le#el a&o#e the a!kle&o!e$ The! Shree 9a&a Maharaj remarke ) @This shows that the Sharayu 1i#er re%uses to gi#e me a!y pla'e %or taki!g Jalsama hi$ This may &e the wish o% 0o AlmightyA$ So he retur!e to .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 253 _________________________________________________________________________________________ /is wi%e Smt$ 4urgatai Maa sahe& took goo 'are o% him as lo!g as she li#e $ 9ut a%ter her eath i! :D6B) there was !o&o y to look a%ter him$ /is e#otees &rought him %oo a! he woul keep a little %rom it %or himsel% &e%ore istri&uti!g the rest to his e#otees$ Very o%te!) Shree 9a&a Maharaj woul istri&ute stale %oo that was sometimes e#e! %our ays ol ) like tea a! khi'hdi 2D6to his e#otees$ 7t was a 'ommo! e*perie!'e that the stale %oo he ga#e always taste like %resh %oo $ Shree 9a&a Maharaj 'ure a !um&er o% si'k people) sa#e them %rom the jaws o% eath) a! took them &eyo! their 'alamities$ /e ire'te ma!y people esirous o% k!owle ge towar s the spiritual path$ Shree 9a&a Maharaj a''ompa!ie some o% his e#otees L tra#elle to #arious holy pla'es su'h as 1ameshwer i! Tamil!a u) Jaga!!athpuri i! Grissa) Vara!asi i! =ttar . miBed %re%aration of ri.u!e$ A%ter retur!i!g %rom Ayo hya) his health was %ast eteriorati!g$ /e ha 'o!ti!uous temperature as well as the trou&le with piles$ G#er time) he re u'e the i!take o% %oo $ /e wa!te to stay !ear Shree 4igam&ar as Maharaj) &ut he ha or ere Shree 4igam&ar as Maharaj to stay i! 1at!agiri$ /is health starte eteriorati!g %urther$ /e ha su'h a &ur!i!g se!satio! i! his &o y that e#e! &y pla'i!g i'e 'u&es !ear&y or &y ressi!g him with wet 'oat the &ur!i!g se!satio! woul !ot 'alm ow!$ 236 .

hree adguru &aba =ahara? ahasrabuddhe Samadhi%Mandir5B-< on that plot. =an$ath a$vatsar =angalwar 'ngar(i Ehaturthi as per #indu Ealendar.u!e$ The e#otio!al aware!ess has rise! to its topmost le#el a! take! pra'ti'al %orm ue to the wis om) har work) a! resour'e%ul!ess o% Shree 4igam&ar as Maharaj i! &oth pla'es) 4er#a! a! . #is last rite was perfor$ed on the plot owned by hi$ at Ehatushringi road in /une. Tem%le $hrine dedi. 7! that Sama hi Ma! ir) Shree 4igam&ar as Maharaj starte re! eri!g ser#i'e to Shree Sa guru 9a&a Maharaj &y 'ele&rati!g ma!y %esti#als$ As per his Sa guru8s wishes) Shree 4igam&ar as Maharaj took respo!si&ility o% the so'ial ser#i'e o%%ere &y Shree Sa!t Seetaram&ua 5ala#alkar) at 4er#a! a! simulta!eously also ha! le the Sama hi Ma! ir work o% his Sa guru Shree 9a&a Maharaj at .ated to a $aint after he leaves his bod' Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . hree Diga$bardas =ahara? built the . his disciple and apostle of waroop a$pradaya. hree &aba =ahara? left his $ortal body and $erged with.I would stay here for +000 years for the well being of $y devotees and disciples<. +8th 'ugust +B44. hree &aba =ahara? had pro$ised his devotees and disciples . hravan :adya Ehaturthi +8-C. 'fter so$e days. the infinite for$less upre$e Lord.u!e$ 237 $amadhi &andir: . the )irguna /arabrah$a.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 215 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Klti$ately on !uesday.

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 211 _________________________________________________________________________________________ S hre e S a d#ur u Di #am a r das 1a har a 5 Shree Sa guru 4igam&ar as Maharaj worke e*tremely har %or the upli%tme!t o% the masses) whi'h ear!e him a isti!guishe pla'e i! the %amily o% mo er!(age sai!ts o% Maharashtra$ /is was eeply i!spire &y Chhatrapati Shi#aji Maharaj %or his am&itio!s o! the awake!i!g o% this 'ou!try a! &y Shree Samarth 1am as Swami %or his stro!g &elie%s i! the /i! u religio!$ G! G'to&er :C) :D:2 2Ashwi! Shukla Ashtami Shake :+>6 as per /i! u 'ale! ar3) i! a small #illage 'alle .u!e) where &y his great %ortu!e he got the &lessi!gs o% Shree Sa guru 9a&a Maharaj Sahasra&u he alias Shree Vasu e#a!a!t Saraswati$ 7t8s almost as i% the 0uru a! his is'iple were mutually awaiti!g ea'h other$ Shree 9a&a Maharaj ma!i%este himsel% i! the %orm o% Akkalkot!i#asi Sri Swami Samarth ( the i!'ar!atio! o% <or 4attatreya$ /e &lesse a! i!itiate you!g Vitthal 2later k!ow! as Sa guru 4igam&ar as Maharaj or Shree Maharaj3 with gra'ious!ess i! the Swaroop Sampra aya a! ma e him the apostle o% this se't$ 5ith this &lessi!g %rom his Sa guru) Shree 4igam&ar as Maharaj got a prote'tor %or li%e$ <ater Shree 4igam&ar as Maharaj worke as me i'al represe!tati#e i! 4r$ 9ose8s la&oratory %or a short while$ /e %aire e*tremely well at work) &ut the ar e!t esire %or the i#i!e k!owle ge i !ot let him %o'us o! his 'areer$ /e!'e i! :D66) he %i!ally ?uit the jo& L retur!e to 1at!agiri to per%orm rigorous Etapasya8 2pe!a!'e3$ G! July 26) :DB>) Shree 9a&a Maharaj took his gol ri!g with serpe!t(hea e patter! alo!g with a!other sil#er ri!g a! pla'e them o! the right i! e* %i!ger o% Shree Maharaj$ 0ra'iously &lessi!g him with all %a#ours) Shree 9a&a Maharaj sai ) @The ri!g %rom the pre'eptor8s %i!ger is %i!ally &a'k with the pre'eptor$ Vitho&a) %rom this #ery mome!t) 7 ha#e take! your e!tire ego$ /e!'e%orth) you will !ot o a!ythi!g o% your ow! willF rather 7 will per%orm my role o! your &ehal%A$ Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .ome! i 29u ruk3 i! the 'oastal pro#i!'e o% Jo!ka! 2:2 Jms %rom 1at!agiri3) a so! was &or! to the e#out a! eeply religious 'ouple) Shri 0a!esh Vish!u Joshi a! Smt$ Ja!aki&ai$ The pare!ts !ame the 'hil as EVitthal8 with great lo#e$ /is %ather was a la! lor a! ra! a &usi!ess o% re!ti!g %arms$ /e was &or! i! a %lourishi!g home$ Si!'e early 'hil hoo ) Vitthal 0a!esh Joshi was a e#otee o% 0o a! 'ompletely eta'he %rom worl ly matters$ At a te! er age o% :2) he lost his mother a! at the age o% :+) he lost his %ather$ /e the! e#elope a stro!g esire to seek a Sa guru$ So he le%t home a! we!t i! sear'h o% a Sa guru$ Coi!'i e!tly) he we!t to the Muth o% Shree 9ee kar Maharaj at .

#e dedicated hi$self to enhance the glory of his adguru and carry out all the public welfare wor(s of hree &aba =ahara?.-8D fro$ $t. Ehatushrungi 9oad. B. !he last rites of hree &aba =ahara? were perfor$ed on the plot )o. hiva?i )agar. )ir$alatai )eel(anth %hare. so he earnestly prayed and persisted in getting an assurance fro$ his adguru to stay on for one $ore year.. hree =ahara? resolved fir$ly to dedicate his life in the service of his adguru.3n *uly 54.. hree =ahara? was very distressed with this decision of his Guru. the heir and only daughter of hree &aba =ahara?. hree &aba =ahara? owned the plot where his last rites were perfor$ed. hree &aba =ahara? too( =ahasa$adhi . $y existence as :itthal Ganesh *oshi ca$e to an end. adguru hree &aba =ahara? decided to give up this $undane existence. hree =ahara? leased that plot )o./une.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 212 _________________________________________________________________________________________ In +B4. 'fter the =ahasa$adhi of hree &aba =ahara?. +B4.Ahen I existed. )ow hree &aba =ahara? perfor$s his role through $e. $y Guru did notG )ow $y Guru is here and $y ego co$pletely goneG< 7!itially) the Sama hi pla'e was a wastela! %ille with &ushes$ Shree Maharaj ha the la! le#elle a%ter 'lea!i!g the &ushes a! the! 'o!stru'te a temporary she $ All %our si es o% the la! were e!'lose with walls$ A welli!g pla'e a! a water ta!k were 'o!stru'te %or the e#otees$ A %lower gar e! was 'ulti#ate to pro#i e %resh %lowers %or the aily worship$ All surrou! i!g la! i! the #i'i!ity o% this Sama hi pla'e was pur'hase a! the &or er was e*pa! e $ There is always a wi'ke eye o! e#ery goo ee i! this worl $ Similarly) there were people who &rought o&stru'tio! i! the e*e'utio! o% this goo ee a! trie to take the la! i! their 'o!trol &y 'laimi!g it as pu&li' la! $ The 'ase was take! to 'ourt$ 9ut Shree Maharaj i !ot lose his 'ourage$ The 'ourt %i!ally ga#e a ju geme!t i! the %a#our o% Shree Maharaj a! e'lare that the temple is a pri#ate property a! Shree Maharaj is a legal leasehol er o% that property$ E#e! whe! goi!g through all this harassme!t) Shree Maharaj #ery well orga!iHe a! e'orate the Sama hi pla'e o% Shree 9a&a Maharaj$ /e i!itiate spiritual programmes su'h as aily worship) me itatio!) a! e#otio!al prayers at the sama hi pla'e$ The per%orma!'es o% religious 'eremo!ies as pres'ri&e &y the sa're &ooks a! s'riptures were also starte $ A !um&er o% a!!i#ersary 'ele&ratio!s su'h as the a!!i#ersary o% Shree 9a&a Maharaj) Sri 4atta Jaya!ti 2the &irth ay o% <or 4attatrey3) Sri Swami Samarth Jaya!ti 2the &irth ay o% Sri Swami Samarth3) Sri 1ama Na#ami 29irth ay o% <or 1ama3) Sri 0a!esh Chaturthi a! Sri Jrish!a Ja!mashtami 2the &irth ay o% <or Jrish!a3 were orga!iHe with great e#otio!$ 7!!umera&le e#otees starte to #isit %or these #arious %esti#als a! also to get &lessi!gs$ Shree 4igam&ar as Maharaj ha a perso!ality e! owe with se#eral remarka&le ?ualities$ /e ha a stro!g memory a! woul always remem&er the !ame) origi!ati!g #illage) %amily o''upatio! et'$ o% a!yo!e he e#er met) e#e! i% it was a%ter a !um&er o% Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . =aharashtra1. . B.the last conscious co$$union with God1.-8D. =y condition is li(e . hree =ahara? said. +B44. "inally on 'ugust +8.

ome! i 21at!agiri3 he 'reate i ols o% <or 0a!esh) whi'h portraye his tale!t i! art a! pai!ti!g$ /e also ga#e the right a #i'e to artists as well as artisa!s$ Shree Maharaj was #ery well 'o!#ersa!t with agri'ulture a! %armi!g$ /e ha himsel% ploughe a! 'ulti#ate the la! $ /is k!owle ge regar i!g !ew a! ol systems o% 'ulti#ati!g la! ) %ertility o% soil) %ertiliHers) see s et'$ was %ar superior to a!y e*perie!'e %armer$ /e ire'te the &uil i!g o% a goo 'attle she a! perso!ally e!sure that the she was always !eat) 'lea! a! the 'attle were healthy a! stro!g$ /e !e#er like the i ea o% selli!g ol 'attle to the &ut'her$ /e 'o!si ere it as a! u!grate%ul a't o! part o% huma!ity to sell ol 'attle to a &ut'her a%ter utiliHi!g their ser#i'es all through their li%e$ /e ha i!%i!ite %aith towar s 9rahmi!s who were well #erse i! a! %ollowe the path o% Ve as 2/oliest /i! u S'riptures3$ /e always sai ) @7 treat 9rahmi!s as my 0o A a! &elie#e with ue re#ere!'e that @As 9rahmi!s ha#e prote'te the Ve as %or thousa! s o% years &y u! ergoi!g great i%%i'ulties) we ha#e to &e highly grate%ul towar s themA$ /e!'e to re! er ue ho!our to the 9rahmi!s) Shree Maharaj arra!ge a !um&er o% religious 'eremo!ies a! i!#ite lear!e 9rahmi!s %rom ista!t pla'es$ /e Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 213 _________________________________________________________________________________________ years$ No&o y 'oul e#er e?ual Shree Maharaj i! ?ualities like simpli'ity) is'ipli!e) pu!'tuality) ge!erosity a! te! er(hearte !ess$ /e mai!tai!e i!timate a! a%%e'tio!ate relatio!s with e#eryo!e) you!g or ol $ 7% a!yo!e %a'e i%%i'ulties) Shree Maharaj was always eager to support a! help them through their i%%i'ulties$ 9ut) i% !e'essary he woul !ot 'ease %rom re&uki!g someo!e with harsh wor s %or their mistakes$ Although) a%ter su'h i!'i e!ts he woul talk to the perso! !ormally with goo %eeli!gs as i% !othi!g ha happe!e $ 7% Shree Maharaj were e#er please with a!y goo ?ualities o% his e#otees) he woul praise a! the! e!'ourage those e#otees to take meals with him$ /e woul try to era i'ate the i%%i'ulties o% his atte! a!ts$ /e pai spe'ial atte!tio! a! ma e sure the pets) su'h as parrots a! ogs that li#e at the Sama hi pla'e were %e properly a! o! time$ /e was a true sai!t$ Shree Maharaj at times ha su'h goo legal a #i'e %or people #isiti!g the sama hi ma! ir that e#e! the promi!e!t o% lawyers woul &e surprise $ /e ha a! e*tra(or i!ary wis om$ /e always pro#i e per%e't gui a!'e with regar s to me i'al treatme!t or pro%essio!al i%%i'ulties$ 4uri!g the 'o!stru'tio! o% the sama hi ma! ir) he e#e! e*plai!e the right %rom wro!g o! 'o!stru'tio! topi's to the e!gi!eers at the site$ 5he! the pala!?ui!s were take! i! pro'essio! arou! the temple uri!g the %esti#e 'eremo!ies at the sama hi ma! ir) Shree Maharaj woul 'ompose e#otio!al so!gs a! !arrate them i! a! i!spiri!g way$ /e was a #ery spee y 'omposer o% e#otio!al poems$ E#e! at the time o% Jirta!s 2 e#otio!al si!gi!g3) su'h e#otio!al so!gs woul tri'kle out spo!ta!eously %rom his lips$ /e 'ompose thousa! s o% su'h e#otio!al so!gs a! sa!g them too$ =!%ortu!ately a! &y our mis%ortu!e #ery %ew o% these 'ompositio!s are a#aila&le i! writi!g$ /e was also a! e*pert Eta&la8 2Musi'al i!strume!ts3 a! rum player$ /e a'te i! ramas a! was a! artist too$ 7! .

!his very national inspiration in hi$ $anifested the creation of the @ hiv8 a$arth Gad2 .u!e) Shree Maharaj also ma!age the workloa at 4er#a! as his %iel o% work$ A great sai!t Shree Sa!t 4igam&ar&a&a 5ahalkar resi e i! a !eigh&ouri!g #illage i! Chiplu!) 1at!agiri 4istri't$ Shree Maharaj ha a! ol a'?uai!ta!'e with this sai!t who &elo!ge to the tra itio! o% Akkalkot!i#asi Sri Swami Samarth Maharaj$ Shree Maharaj also ha great lo#e towar s Shree Sa!t Seetaram&ua 5ala#alkar) a is'iple o% Shree 4igam&ar&a&a Vahalkar$ Shree Sa guru 9a&a Maharaj ha e!truste upo! him the respo!si&ility o% looki!g a%ter Shree Sitaram&ua$ /e!'e he o%te! #isite Sawar e #illage a! re! ere ser#i'e to Shree Seetaram&ua$ G! o&ser#i!g that Shree Seetaram&ua %a'e a lot o% i%%i'ulties i! Sawar e he pur'hase some la! %or him i! 4er#a!) &uilt a house a! also ma e arra!geme!ts %or agri'ulture$ hree =ahara? for$ed the .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 214 _________________________________________________________________________________________ e*presse grate%ul!ess %or the k!owle ge a! them ge!erously$ skill o% those 9rahmi!s a! ho!oure 'long with his fiery religious devotion. =aharashtra. words and conduct. hree =ahara? desired to create consciousness in the$ for the love and devotion towards their religion and nation$ This se!t a sho'ki!g wa#e o% isappro#al amo!gst the sel%ish people i! the regio!) whe! their metho s o% e*ploiti!g the poor starte to %ail$ They utiliHe #arious mea!s o% harassi!g the trust a! Shree Maharaj &y 'reati!g mis'hie% Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . Ehiplun !alu(a . =aharashtra tate in future."ort1 at Dervan. #e went fro$ village to village awa(ening nationalis$ a$ongst people and carry out agitation in a secret way. hreesant eetara$bua Aalawal(ar Eharitable !rust< and deter$inedly carried out large and i$portant social activities through this trust$ /e pur'hase lot o% la! i! the #i'i!ity$ The ri'h mo!eyle! ers) Muslims a! politi'al lea ers) were harassi!g the poor people i! the area$ The trust pro#i e the poor people with %ree %oo ) 'lothi!g a! &la!kets through this Trust$ The poor people were also pro#i e employme!t a! %ree o% 'harge Me i'al %a'ility$ They were taught !ew metho s o% 'ulti#ati!g la! s a! Shree Maharaj trie his &est to get ri o% their &a ha&its$ /e also e!'ourage their 'hil re! i! the %iel o% e u'atio!$ /e pro#i e them !ote&ooks a! other s'hool !e'essities) %ree o% 'harge$ Si!'e their houses that'he &y straw) leake uri!g mo!soo!) Shree Maharaj arra!ge %or roo%i!g thousa! s o% su'h houses with Ma!galore tiles) all %ree o% 'harge$ There was a shortage o% water i! the !ear&y #illages there%ore) the Trust orga!iHe ta!kers %rom Chiplu!) 20 Jms away a! supplie water to the #illagers$ &y satisfying these daily necessities of the poor. ' gli$pse of patriotis$ was pro$inent in his expressions. 7! parallel to the work at the sama hi ma! ir o% Sa guru Shree 9a&a Maharaj Sahasra&u he i! . Ahen @ waatantrya:eer22 . hree =ahara? also had a burning loyalty towards his country.freedo$ fighter1 awar(ar visited 9atnagiri. #e initiated a custo$ of celebrating the nations Independence Day as well as the 9epublic Day in the sa$adhi $andir by hoisting the )ational "lag. ubdivision1 of 9atnagiri District. #e was also involved in the @+B45 freedo$ $ove$ent2. hree =ahara? went to $eet and discuss with hi$.

the last conscious co$$union with God3 on :aisha(h %rishna /ratipada. #e did this for inspiring the local people on the ideals of loyalty to one2s )ation as well as 9eligion. hree =ahara? wor(ed tireless for public welfare and for achieving life2s highest ob?ective i. on 5+st =ay +B8B. !housands of people who adore hree Ehhatrapati hiva?i =ahara? along with the :ar(ari . 9e$aining averse fro$ publicity. !he birth anniversary of Ehhatrapati hiva?i =ahara? is celebrated every year with great po$p. Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . #e continued these social welfare activities until his last breath.e.e. ha(e +B++ i.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 215 _________________________________________________________________________________________ a! !egati#e pu&li'ity$ 9ut Shree Maharaj stoo %irm) %a'e 'ourageously a! 'o!ti!ue his pu&li' wel%are ser#i'e$ all these i%%i'ulties hree =ahara? raised unparalleled $e$orials of hree Ehhatrapati hiva?i =ahara? and hree a$arth 9a$das in the for$ of hree hiv8 a$arth Gad at Dervan.pilgri$s1 participate in a grand procession and fill up the air with love for their )ation and 9eligion. #e too( =ahasa$adhi . the Divine !ruth and thus always (ept the flag of Eternal :edic 9eligion of the 'ryans hoisted.

rasa Te! ulkar) Shree 9alasahe& Jajarekar) Shree Ma ha#rao Mule a! the rest$ The #arious a'ti#ities ha#e 'o!ti!ue up to ate a! the #arious resol#es o% Sa guru Shree 4igam&ar as Maharaj that were alrea y 'omplete or i! progress ha#e &ee! well take! 'are o% u! er the a'ti#e gui a!'e o% Shree Ashok Jaka Maharaj$ Some o% these resol#es are as %ollows" Mum&ai :3 Shree Swami(Samarth Ma! ir( A! heri 5est .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 216 _________________________________________________________________________________________ & 8 pans i on .u!e :3 Shree 9a&a Maharaj Sahasra&u >3 4ispe!sary Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust he Sama hi Ma! ir 2Temple Shri!e3 23 Shree 4igam&ar as Maharaj Sama hi Ma! ir 2Temple Shri!e3 .f Th e S am pr a day a 9e%ore his Mahasama hi) Shree Maharaj ha 'o!sole his is'iples a! e#otees &y sayi!g) @Bven a5ter de(arting 5rom this !orld 7 !ill be around and a't via Ashok >Shree Ashok JoshiKakaMahara+?A$ /e ha also 'learly sai ) @Ashok is my so!$ Ashok will 'o!ti!ue the propagatio! o% Swaroop Sampra aya a! the pu&li' wel%are a'ti#ities %urther$ 7!%a't) 7 will mysel% per%orm all the a'ti#ities through AshokA$ Thus) the respo!si&ility o% the pre'eptor to 'o!ti!ue the tra itio! o% a Sa guru has 'ome upo! the shoul ers o% Shree Ashok Joshi alias Jaka Maharaj a! he is a''omplishi!g the same skil%ully$ Shree 4igam&ar as Maharaj 'o!stru'te the Shree Shi#(Samarth 0a 2%ortress3 a! the temple(shri!e o% Shree Seetaram&ua at 4er#a!$ Now Shree Ashok Jaka Maharaj has &ee! a&le to &ri!g i!to reality the resol#es o% Shree 4igam&ar as Maharaj %or 4i#i!e ser#i'e) Natio!al ser#i'e a! pu&li' ser#i'e$ /e has &ee! su''ess%ul i! these #e!tures with u!tiri!g e%%orts L har la&our alo!g with the 'ooperatio! o% is'iples a! e#otees like the late Shree Jamalakarpa!t$ < 5alawalkar Sahe&) Shree Vikas J$5alawalkar Sahe&) Shree .

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 217 _________________________________________________________________________________________ 63 Ve (.u!e a! 4er#a!$ Thus) the tra itio! o% the Swaroop Sampra aya o% <or 4attatrey is o! the rise u! er the a&le gui a!'e o% Shree Ashok Jaka Maharaj$ Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .ro#i i!g %ree &ooks) Note&ooks) =!i%orms) S'holarships) assista!'e regar i!g 'o!stru'tio! o% !ew S'hool(&uil i!gs as well as repairi!g o% e*isti!g S'hool &uil i!gs3 :>3 E!glish Me ium S'hool :63 Nursi!g S'hool :B3 Nursi!g Collage :63 .ro#i i!g assista!'e as well as gui a!'e regar i!g mo!ey) 'or!) 'loth) see s a! ma!ure %or the %iel s et'$ 3 :23 1elie% Ce!tre %or the Stu e!ts 2.athshala 2Ve i' S'hool3 4er#a! :3 Shree Shi#(Samarth 0a 2Fortress) A pla'e %or /istori' as well as Cultural i!spiratio!3 23 Shree 4atta(Ma! ir 2Temple o% <or 4attatreya3 >3 Shree Swami Samarth( Shree 1am Ma! ir 2Temple3 63 Shree Sa!t Seetharam&ua 5alawalkar Sama hi(Ma! ir 2Temple(Shri!e3 B3 Shree Sa!t 4igam&ar&a&a Vahalkar Sama hi(Ma! ir 2Temple(Shri!e3 63 Shree /a!uma! Ma! ir 2Temple3(Sawar e C3 Shree J!ya!a!ath Ma! ir 2Temple3 +3 0o(Shala 2'owpe!3 D3 Shri Swami Samarth = ya! 20ar e!3 :03 9haktashreshtha Jamalakarpa!t 5alawalkar /ospital$ 2The o!ly /ospital i! Jo!ka!) Maharashtra) e?uippe with C$ T$ s'a!) 4ialysis) Gperatio!(Theatre) <a&oratory a! all me i'al %a'ilities$ /ere the repute o'tors o% Mum&ai(.u!e #isit this /ospital o! regular &asis a! gi#e 'ooperatio!3 ::3 1elie% Ce!tre %or Village Farmers 2.u&li'atio! o% ethi'ally sou! &ooks$ The aily worship) a!!ual %esti#als) religious 'eremo!ies) sa'ri%i'es a! also the &irth a!!i#ersary %esti#al o% Shree Chhatrapati Shi#aji Maharaj are &ei!g per%orme with great e!thusiasm i! Mum&ai) .

u!e Shree Seetaram&ua 5alawalkar) 4er#a! Shree Vitthalrao 0$ Joshi 2Shree 4igam&ar as Maharaj alias Shree Sahaja!a! Saraswati) alias Shree Vitthal Chaita!ya3 21espo!si&ility o% &oth 9ra!'hes3 Shree Vitthalrao 0$ Joshi 2Shree 4igam&ar as Maharaj alias Shree Sahaja!a! Saraswati) alias Shree Vitthal Chaita!ya3 S hr e e As ho" : osh i 2a "a 1a har a 5 Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .u!e Shree 4igam&ar&a&a Vahalkar 2Shree 1am'ha! ra Narasimha Vahalkar) Sawar e Shree 9a&a Maharaj Sahasra&u he 2Shree 1aosahe& Sahasra&u he alias Vasu e#a!a!t Saraswati) .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 218 _________________________________________________________________________________________ T+ADITI.reeti!a! Swamikumar3 Chiplu! Shree 1ama!a! 9ee kar maharaj .) .3 '0)&-D&+VA) 9I A'=I '='9!# ='#'9'* Shree 0opal&uo Jelkar Maharaj 2.

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 213 _________________________________________________________________________________________ The Tr a di ti on .a ukas8 2Foot pri!ts3 to Chiplu! i! the year :+C> through 9rahma'hari 9uwa$ 9ua the! ha! e o#er these E.De r $a n G opa l ua 2e l "a r A li a s ' r ee ti na nd S* a mi " um ar Sri Swamiji ha or ere his #irtuous is'iple E/ari&hau alias Swamisut8 to hoist the e#otio!al %lag o% Sri Swami Samarth alo!g a sea'oast$ Followi!g his or ers) Swamisut ere'te a temple o% Sri Swami Samarth at Ja! ewa i) Mum&ai 2Seasi e !ear 0irgao!) Mum&ai3 a! sprea the spiritual tea'hi!gs o% Sri Swami Samarth$ E#e!tually) he sele'te a se'o! seasi e pla'e at Chiplu!) 1at!agiri 4istri't i! Maharashtra$ /e ha se!t Sri Swamiji8s E.f Sa * ar de .a ukas8 to a tea'her a! me!tio!e ) @Gur ma! will 'ome a! look a%ter these later$ =!til the! you worship these E.a ukas8 o% Sri SwamijiA$ A''or i!g to the pre etermi!e arra!geme!ts) 0opal&ua Jelkar ere'te a temple o! the &a!ks o% Marka! i 1i#er i! Chiplu! to hoist the e#otio!al %lag o% Sri Swami Samarth$ 0opal&ua) 0opal 1am'ha! ra Jelkar) was &or! i! the year :+6C A4 at Jorle #illage !ear 1ajapur Taluka) 1at!agiri 4istri't i! Maharashtra$ /is poor li#i!g 'o! itio!s o!ly helpe him stu y up to E!glish thir sta! ar a! there%ore) he later joi!e the 1ailway 4epartme!t$ 4ue to his har work a! e*pertise) he soo! &e'ame the Statio! Master a! was tra!s%erre to Nagpur$ There he su%%ere %rom ropsy) a stoma'h isor er$ /e ha se#ere stoma'ha'hes a! !o reme y 'oul gi#e him a!y relie%$ The o'tor a #ise him to go %or a 'limate 'ha!ge a! he!'e he resig!e %rom his ser#i'e a! retur!e home$ /e was so %rustrate with the se#ere stoma'h pai! that he %i!ally ga#e up a! 'alle upo! 0o %or help) @5hoe#er is the 0o o% this worl ) i% 7 am 'ure o% this se#ere stoma'h pai! the! e*'ept %or 0o ) 7 shall !ot re! er ser#i'e to a!y&o y else throughout my li%eA$ 7t was a great wo! er that withi! eight ays o% this kee! prayer) he starte getti!g relie% %rom the se#ere pai!$ /e the! e'i e to go to Akkalkot a! get the &lessi!gs o% Sri Swami Samarth) &ut he ha !o mo!ey$ 9y lyi!g to his %amily mem&ers) he somehow ma!age to rea'h Akkalkot$ /e o!ly ha %i#e paise with him at that time$ 5ith that mo!ey) he pur'hase two rie ates a! #isite the shelter o% Sri Swamiji$ As soo! as he was gra'e with the &lessi!gs o% Sri Swamiji) he lost his 'o!s'ious!ess$ /e staye i! Akkalkot li#i!g o! %oo pro#i e &y people a! 'o!ti!ue re! eri!g ser#i'e to Sri Swami Samarth$ G!'e Sri Swamiji appeare i! his ream) tou'he his stoma'h with his ha! s a! sai ) @7 shall 'ure your ill!essA$ 0opal&ua su e!ly woke up %rom his ream$ /e the! passe Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

&a(har .reeti!a! Swamikumar$ Followi!g his !ame) .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 225 _________________________________________________________________________________________ ple!ty o% uri!e a! was 'ure o% his se#ere ill!ess %ore#er$ 0opal&ua ha the ha&it o% smoki!g to&a''o$ G!e ay he woke up early aw! a! got a stro!g urge to smoke to&a''o$ 9ut he 'oul !ot %i! it a!ywhere$ /e saw a lamp lit !ear the pla'e where Sri Swamiji was sleepi!g$ /e we!t there a! starte &ur!i!g a thi! rope$ Sri Swamiji su e!ly woke up a! 0opal&ua starte trem&li!g$ /e prostrate at the %eet o% Sri Swamiji a! praye @Ji! ly shower your mer'y o! this hum&le ser#a!tA$ Sri Swamiji happily i!itiate 0opal&ua$ 0opal&ua &e'ame %ully grati%ie $ $ 0opal&ua ha le%t his house to go to Akkalkot without i!%ormi!g his %amily a! there%ore) they ha &e'ome #ery a!*ious$ 5he! his wi%e 'ame to k!ow that he is i! Akkalkot) she imme iately tra#elle to Akkalkot i! sear'h o% her hus&a! $ Sri Swamiji &rought her a! 9ua together a! the! or ere 9ua @There is a pla'e 'alle Marka! i !ear Chiplu!) Maharashtra$ A 9rahma'hari&ua has i!stalle my $adukas$ Iou must stay there a! worship those E.historical annals1 of hree wa$i a$arth<$ Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .reeti!a! was totally a&sor&e i! the happi!ess that %lowe %rom his a%%e'tio! towar s Sri Swamiji a! re! ere ser#i'e with si!gle(mi! e e#otio!$ /e took samadhi i! the year :D2D$ /is Sama hi(tom& was 'o!stru'te i! the temple itsel%$ Gopalbua co$posed two devotional scripts8 @%aruna totra2 and @ adhana :ive( ara$rit2 in poetic for$ using the na$e of /reetinand wa$i %u$ar. #e also co$piled all the (nown $iracles of ri wa$i?i in his boo( .a ukas8$ Take your wi%e alo!g with you a! set up a %amilyA$ Sri Swamiji &lesse them a! ga#e two 'o'o!uts a! o!e rie ate as $rasad$ A%ter these or ers %rom Sri Swamiji) 0opal&ua le%t Akkalkot) staye with Swamisut i! Mum&ai %or a %ew ays a! the! we!t to Chiplu! alo!g with his wi%e$ 4uri!g those ays) Marka! i was pla'e surrou! e with thi'k %orests$ 0opal&ua settle i! su'h a pla'e alo!g with his wi%e$ E#ery Thurs ay) he woul 'olle't alms i! the %orm o% ri'e) ri'e(gruel a! prepare their %oo $ /e woul the! get himsel% %ully e!grosse i! the e#otio! o% Sri Swamiji$ G#er time) people lear!t a&out this pla'e a! starte #isiti!g$ A !um&er o% people ha their i%%i'ulties resol#e with the gra'e o% Sri Swamiji$ A temple was the! &uilt with the 'ooperatio! o% these people$ 5ith the ki! gra'e o% Sri Swamiji) 0opal&ua soo! &e'ame a %ather to two so!s a! o!e aughter$ Sri Swamiji ha !ame 9ua as .

ura!ik Maharaj$ Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 221 _________________________________________________________________________________________ S hr e e Di #a m ar a a V aha l "a r 1a har a 5 Shree 1am'ha! ra Narasimha Jat are Maharaj was a resi e!t o% Vahal #illage lo'ate !ear Chiplu!) 1at!agiri 4istri't i! Maharashtra$ /e was &or! i! the year :+C2$ A%ter stu yi!g to some e*te!t) he starte worki!g with Na!al) a lawyer %rom 1at!agiri who ow!e large agri'ultural %arms at Sawar e( 4er#a!$ 1am'ha! ra Narasimha Jat are(Vahalkar looke a%ter these %arms$ /e regularly #isite the 4atta Ma! ir o% Sawar e to get &lessi!gs$ G!'e Vahalkarji ha some 'o!%li'ts with the lawyer) so he ?uit the jo& a! we!t to Sawar e$ /e sat u! er a &a!ya! tree opposite to the 4atta Ma! ir i! a !ake 'o! itio! without a!y %oo or water %or o!e whole week 'ha!ti!g the !ame o% 0o $ Fi!ally) the people o% Sawar e persua e him to a''ept some %oo willi!gly$ /e was a&sor&e i! 4i#i!e 'o!templatio! a! &eha#e as though he was possesse &y a emo!$ 7! this 'o! itio!) Akkalkot Niwasi Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj) gra'e him &y maki!g a! appeara!'e i! %rom o% him$ /is me!tal 'o! itio! &e'ame sel%(me itati#e with the &lessi!gs o% Sri Swamiji$ /e lost his 'o!s'ious!ess a! starte wa! eri!g 'o!ti!uously 'ha!ti!g the !ame o% 0o $ There%ore) people starte 'alli!g him as E4igam&ar&a&a8 2!ake 9a&a3$ /is wi%e a! %amily mem&ers trie their &est to i#ert his atte!tio! towar s worl ly li%e &ut he was %ully a&sor&e i! attai!i!g li%e8s highest o&je'ti#e) the 4i#i!e truth$ 4igam&ar&a&a le%t Sawar e a! 'ame to 0opal&ua Jelkar Maharaj at Chiplu!$ /e took the i!itiatio! %rom Jelkar Maharaj as his 0uru a! per%orme rigorous pe!a!'e$ /e was %ully a&sor&e i! 'ha!ti!g the sa're 0ayatri ma!tra %or !early :>(:6 years$ 0ayatri Ma!tra is a sa're #erse %rom the Ve as$ /e 'ha!te this ma!tra te! millio! times alo!g with 'o!templatio!) me itatio! as well as the pra'ti'e o% yoga or Spiritual e#otio!$ 7! the a%ter!oo!s) he woul stare i!te!tly at the Su! with %i*e eyesF he also spri!kle holy water 'o!ti!uously o! a EShaligram’$ /e woul i#e i! water thousa! to twel#e hu! re times i! a!y seaso!$ /e woul per%orm e#otio!al worship i! a lo!ely pla'e$ 4igam&ar&a&a ha alrea y estroye his %o! !ess a! atta'hme!t towar s his physi'al &o y$ /e was &lesse with the 'ompa!y o% ma!y great sai!ts like 9rahma'haita!ya 0o! a#alekar Maharaj) Vasu e#a!a! Saraswati 2the i!'ar!atio! o% <or 4attatrey alias Tem&eswami3) Chou! e Maharaj) Naraya! Maharaj Je gao!kar) Sai &a&a Mahara) 0a ge Maharaj a! Jaka .

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 222 _________________________________________________________________________________________ /e was a&le to attai! su'h per%e'tio! i! )oga-Vidya2D+ that he 'oul i#e L sit u! er water i! a state o% tra!'e) a&sor&e i! e#out me itatio! %or hours$ G!'e whe! was #isiti!g 0o! a#ale i! Satara 4istri't) Maharashtra) he i#e i!to a well a! he i !ot 'ome out o% the water %or ?uite some time$ .i%line Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .e of s%irit al dis.eople trie to pull him out) &ut 0o! #alekar Maharaj tol them @4igam&ar&a&a is pra'tisi!g pe!a!'e u! er water$ So) please o !ot trou&le him$ /e is a great sai!tA$ 4igam&ar&a&a 'ame out o% water a%ter a %ew hours$ /e pra'tise similar pe!a!'e i! 1at!agiri where Shree Sa guru 4igam&ar as Maharaj woul take him i! a &oat i! the mor!i!gs to a %ar away spot i! the sea$ 4igam&ar&a&a woul i#e i!to the sea a! pra'ti'e pe!a!'e %or hours$ 7! the e#e!i!g Shree 4igam&ar as Maharaj woul go to the same spot a! 'all him$ =po! heari!g the 'all) 4igam&ar&a&a woul 'ome out o% the sea a! the! 'ome &a'k to seashore with Shree 4igam&ar as Maharaj$ 4igam&ar&a&a pra'ti'e su'h pe!a!'e %or a !um&er o% ays$ G!'e whe! he was tra#elli!g to Sawar e %rom Mum&ai i! a ship) he 'oul !ot &uy the ti'ket si!'e he ha !o mo!ey$ The ti'ket 'he'ker ma e %u! o% him a! joki!gly sai ) @7% you o !ot ha#e a ti'ket) the! jump i!to the seaA$ 4igam&ar&a&a imme iately jumpe i!to the sea$ They stoppe the ship a! starte sear'hi!g %or him$ A%ter a&out a! hour) they saw 4igam&ar&a&a swimmi!g i! the sea at a %ar away ista!'e$ The %isherme! pulle him i! their &oat a! later he was see! o! the o'k at Jaiga port$ 4igam&a&a&a Vahalkar Maharaj tra#elle to all the holy pla'es o% 7! ia$ /e mostly #isite pla'es where Shree Swami Samarth ha per%orme his mira'les$ /e esire to &uil a temple o% Shree Swami Samarth !ear Vai i! Satara 4istri't) Maharashtra) a! was &usy maki!g arra!geme!ts %or the same$ 9ut <or 4attatrey appeare i! perso! i! his ream alo!g with Shree Swami Samarth a! or ere him to re!o#ate the 4atta Ma! ir 2Temple o% <or 4attatrey3 at Sawar e) 1at!agiri 4istri't$ 5ith 'ooperatio! %rom se#eral e#otees) the re!o#atio! o% the 4atta Ma! ir at Sawar e was 'omplete i! the year :D:B$ The %esti#e i!auguratio! we!t o! %or o!e %ull mo!th$ 4uri!g that perio ) 4igam&ar&a&a ire'te a !um&er o% religious 'eremo!ies like 1ig#e a Samhita Swahakar) 0a!apathi Athar#asheersha Sahasra#arta!) Shata'ha! i /a#a!) Srima &hagwat saptah a! so o!$ There was Maha(rasad aily a! thousa! s o% e#otees atte! e the 'ele&ratio!s$ 7! the mea!while) all mem&ers o% the Vahalkar %amily %ell si'k with yse!tery$ 4igam&ar&a&a we!t i!to eep me itatio! a! realiHe that whe! i!stalli!g the !ew E.a ukas8 uri!g re!o#atio!) they ha %orgotte! a&out the $adukas o% Shree Swami Samarth he ha &rought %rom Shree Swamisut a! i!stalle i! the 4atta Ma! ir &e%ore re!o#atio!s$ These E.ien.a ukas8 %rom that ope! pla'e a! pla'e them i! the same ol pla'e where they were pre#iously i!stalle $ A%ter this i!'i e!t) the si'k!ess o% all his %amily mem&ers su e!ly isappeare $ Shree 4igam&ar as Maharaj %irst met with Shree 4igam&ar&a&a Vahalkar Maharaj i! the year :D62$ From the! o!war s) Shree 4igam&ar as Maharaj was li!ke 238 Eo#-2id'a: $.a ukas8 were !ow lyi!g outsi e the temple i! the ope!) !ear the holy &asil pla!t$ /e imme iately pi'ke up the E.

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 223 _________________________________________________________________________________________ to Sawar e$ Shree Vahalkar Maharaj ha 1at!agiri as well as i! .ome! i$ #isite Shree 4igam&ar as Maharaj8s house i! Shree 4igam&ar as Maharaj o%%ere goo ser#i'e to Shree 4igam&ar&a&a$ 5he!e#er Shree 4igam&ar as Maharaj #isite Sawar e he woul stay i! 4atta Ma! ir alo!g with Shree 4igam&ar&a&a$ G!e !ight whe! Shree 4igam&ar as Maharaj was sleepi!g i! this 4atta Ma! ir) Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj perso!ally woke him up a! ga#e him a rou! mar&le with his ow! ha! s$ Shree 4igam&ar as Maharaj ha great respe't %or Shree 4igam&ar&a&a Maharaj a! always o%%ere him the &est o% ser#i'e$ Shree 4igam&ar&a&a) with se#ere pe!a!'e as well as u!tiri!g e#otio!al ser#i'e hoiste the %lag o% Shree Swami Samarth i! Sawar e$ 7! the year :DB:) Shree 4igam&ar&a&a took Sama hi$ /is is'iple) Shree Sa!t Seetaram&ua 5alawalkar &uilt his ESama hi8 !ear the 4atta Ma! ir$ Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 224 _________________________________________________________________________________________ S hre e S e et ar a m ua %a l a* a l" a r 1 aha r a5 Shree Seetaram&ua 5alawalkar was a e i'ate is'iple o% Shree 4igam&ar&a&a Vahalkar$ /e &elo!ge to the Terase 9am&ar e #illage) Sawa!twa i Taluka) Si! hu urg 4istri't i! Maharashtra$ A%ter stu yi!g %or a %ew years he we!t to Mum&ai i! sear'h o% employme!t$ /e worke %or + to :0 years i! a 'otto! mill) a 'loth store a! %or some time with the .oli'e 4epartme!t$ From early 'hil hoo he ha stro!g atta'hme!t a! e#otio! towar s 0o $ G!e ay su e!ly he istri&ute his e!tire salary amo!gst &eggars) ?uit his jo&) a! wore a loi!'loth a! a lo!g ro&e to &e'ome a 5akir$ /e 'o!ti!uously starte to 'ha!t the !ame o% <or Shi#a a! smeare his e!tire &o y with ashes$ 5a! eri!g a&out i! this 'o! itio! he rea'he the Maruti(Ma! ir at Jo! amala #illage !ear Chiplu! 4istri't$ G&ser#i!g his i!'li!atio! towar s as'eti'ism the people o% Jo! amala took him to Shree 4igam&ar&a&a Vahalkar at Sawar e$ Shree 4igam&ar&a&a staye with his %ellow( is'iple Shree Shem&ekar&ua at Sawar e i! 4atta(Ma! ir 2the temple o% <or 4attatrey3$ Shree 4igam&ar&a&a a''epte Shree Seetaram&ua as a is'iple a! allowe him to stay at the temple$ Si!'e the!) Seetaram&ua hum&ly o%%ere his e!tire li%e i! the ser#i'e o% his 0uru$ /e %ully a&sor&e himsel% i! ploughi!g the %iel s &elo!gi!g to 4atta(Ma! ir) &uil i!g em&a!kme!ts i! the %arms to pre#e!t %loo i!g) &eggi!g a! 'olle'ti!g alms %or ma!agi!g the temple works) 'ele&rati!g the %esti#als a! re! eri!g ser#i'e to the 0uru et'$ /e si!gle(ha! e ly &roke a sheet o% ro'k !ear the temple a! &uilt a well$ /e use water %rom this well a! &uilt a gar e! %or the temple$ Early e#ery mor!i!g he 'olle'te the holy &asil %or his worship a! the! worke i! the %arms$ At !oo!) a%ter taki!g &ath he per%orme all the religious rituals a! the! we!t to 'olle't alms$ /e woul the! 'ook his %oo with the alms 'olle'te a! o%%er the same as ENai#e ya8 to <or 4attatrey &e%ore ser#i!g himsel%$ From !oo! u!til !ight) he woul work i! the %iel a! the! re! er ser#i'e at the %eet o% his 0uru) Shree 4igam&ar&a&a$ Shree Seetaram&ua re! ere su'h u! i#i e e#otio!al ser#i'e to his 0uru Shree 4igam&ar&a&a %or !early %orty years$ /e was the i eal o% e#otio! to a 0uru$ Shree 4igam&ar&a&a Vahalkar Maharaj o% Sarwar e &elo!ge to a parti'ular tra itio! o% Shree Swami Samarth) whi'h also &elo!ge to Shree 9a&a Maharaj Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

"irst of all he built a !e$ple8shrine of hree eetara$bua and then onwards started $any progra$$es of rendering devotional service to God.u!e 2 is'iple o% Shree 1ama'ha! ra 9ee kar Maharaj3$ There was a tie o% a%%e'tio! &etwee! these two se'ts$ Shree 4igam&ar as Maharaj) is'iple o% Shree Sahasra&u he Maharaj always met Shree Vahalkar Maharaj si!'e :D62$ A%ter Shree Vahalkar Maharaj took Sama hi) Shree 9a&a Maharaj Sahasra&u he ha or ere Shree 4igam&ar as Maharaj to take 'are o% Seetaram&ua i! all ways$ As per his wishes) Shree 4igam&ar as Maharaj pro#i e all types o% support to Seetaram&ua$ Shree 4igam&ar as Maharaj 'oor i!ate with &oth these &ra!'hes o% Shree Swami Samarth tra itio! a! ha! le e*'eptio!al so'ial wel%are works$ E#ery year) Shree 4igam&ar as Maharaj we!t to Sawar e three to %our times a! 'ele&rate the religious %esti#als at Sawar e with great pomp$ /e pro#i e petroma*es) 'arpets) pots a! #essels) pairs o% 'ym&ol a! ta&ors) wealth a! %oo grai!s et' %or these %esti#als$ /e helpe Seetaram&ua i! all ma!!ers with pleasure as per the wishes o% his Sa guru$ Seetaram&ua sur#i#e &y 'olle'ti!g 'ooke %oo %or alms$ To re u'e his har ships) Shree Vahalkar&ua ha gi#e! him the o!e a! a hal% a're la! &elo!gi!g to the E4atta(Ma! ir8$ Shree Vahalkar&ua ha e!truste the temple 84atta(Ma! ir8 to his so!(i!( law 1aghu!ath Shem&eka who seiHe the la! gi#e! to Seetaram&ua a! took it i! his possessio!$ Shree Seetaram&ua ha to o!'e agai! start 'olle'ti!g 'ooke %oo i! alms$ /e somehow ma!age the %esti#als o% 4atta(Jaya!ti 2The %esti#al hel i! the mo!th o% Margashirsh) 4e'em&er i! the ho!our o% <or 4attatrey3 as well as the Epu!yatithi8 2the eath a!!i#ersary ay3 o% sai!t Sa guru Vahalkar&ua &y 'olle'ti!g alms$ Shree 4igam&ar as Maharaj pur'hase some !ear&y la! a! a &ullo'k 'art %or Seetaram&ua$ 1aghu!ath Shem&ekar was %urious with this a't a! starte isregar i!g Seetaram&ua$ Shree Seetaram&ua ha &uilt a small <or /a!uma! temple at the %u!eral site o% his 0uru) Sa guru Vahalkar&ua$ A that'he roo% 'o#ere the top o% this small temple$ Gut o% a!ger) Shem&ekar pulle ow! that temple$ Shree 4igam&ar as Maharaj pur'hase la! i! the !ear&y 4er#a! Village a! &uilt a!other E/a!uma! Ma! ir8 2Temple o% <or /a!uma!3$ /e also starte &uil i!g a house %or Shree Seetaram&ua &ut i! the mea!time) Seetaram&ua e! e his mu! a!e li%e i! :D6D a! eparte %rom this worl $ Therea%ter) Shree 4igam&ar as Maharaj ha to take all the respo!si&ilities o% that temple$ In the $e$ory of hree eetara$bua. hree Diga$bardas =ahara? established the @ hree ant eetara$bua Aalawal(ar Eharitable !rust2 through which he started $any resolves for the awa(ening and welfare of the people. !his place now represents an everlasting and per$anent $e$ory of hree eetara$bua Aalawal(ar$ Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust . a dedicated devotee of hree wa$i a$arth tradition. nation as well as rendering welfare service to the people in Dervan.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 225 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Sahasra&u he alias Shree Vasu e#a!a!t Saraswati) .

a uka Chowk) Shi#aji!agar) .$M$ to 0D$00 .ho!e " 022 ( 2 6>> >0 >0 Timi!gs " 06$00 A$M$ to ::$00 A$M$ a! 06$00 .i! Co e " 600 0B> Maharashtra State 7N47A .$M$ to 06$00 .$M$ 27ST3 Tem(le .i! Co e " 6:: 0:6$ Maharashtra State 7N47A .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 226 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Temple Information hree 6 hree adguru &aba =ahara? ahasrabuddhe a$adhi =andir adguru Diga$bardas =ahara? a$adhi =andir D>C.=NE .ho!e " 02>BB(>606D Timi!gs " 0a ( 0+$00 A$M$ to 06$00 .$M$ to 06$00 .Shrine o5 Shree Sant Seetarambua =ala!alkar& Shree Kshetra Dervan Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .ho!e " 020(B6BB02: Timi!gs " 06$>0 A$M$ to ::$00 A$M$ a! 0>$>0 .Shrine o5 Shree Sadguru aba Mahara+ '((al(ot8)iwasi hree wa$i a$arth =andir Shree Swami Samarth Nagar) G%% Four 9u!glows) A! heri 25est3) M=M9A7 .$M$ 27ST3 Temples ( 0+$00 A$M$ to :2$00 Noo! a! 02$00 .4) Chatushru!gi 1oa ) Near 4!ya!eshwar .$M$ 27ST3 Shree Jshetra 4er#a! ( lo'ate o! 4urgawa i roa ) > kms$ %rom Sa#ar e$ Sa#ar e ( a #illage o! Mum&ai ( 0oa highway) :6 Jms$ %rom Chiplu! Tem(le .i! Co e " 6:B 606 Maharashtra State 7N47A .$M$ 27ST3$ Tem(le o5 Akkalkot Ni!asi Shree S!ami Samarth Mahara+ hree hiv8 a$arth Gad and !e$ple Ea$pus Shree Jshetra 4er#a!) Tal$ Chiplu!) 4ist$ 1ATNA0717 .

ro!ou!'e .ar#ati$ 4i#i!e 'o!sort o% <or shi#a The ku! ali!i e!ergy 'e!ter at the 'e!ter o% %orehea &etwee! the eye&rows$ A 'hakra is a !e*us o% metaphysi'al a! -or &iophysi'al e!ergy resi i!g i! the huma! &o y alo!g the spi!al 'or $ There are se#e! 'harkas-'e!ters a! ea'h has its ow! properties$ They are 2%rom &ottom o% the spi!e a! up3" Mula hara or The &ase or root 'hakra) Swa histha!a or The sa'ral 'hakra) Ma!ipura or The solar ple*us 'hakra) A!ahata or The heart-emotio!s 'hakra) Vishu ha or The throat 'hakra) Aj!a or The Thir eye) a! Sahasrara or The 'row! 'harka$ The 'hakras are es'ri&e as &ei!g alig!e i! a! as'e! i!g 'olum! %rom the &ase o% the spi!e to the top o% the hea $ Ea'h 'hakra is asso'iate with a 'ertai! 'olor) multiple physiologi'al %u!'tio!s) a! aspe't o% 'o!s'ious!ess) a 'lassi'al eleme!t) a! other isti!guishi!g 'hara'teristi's$They are #isualise as lotuses with a i%%ere!t !um&er o% petals i! e#ery 'hakra$ The 'hakras are thought to #italise the physi'al &o y a! to &e asso'iate with i!tera'tio!s o% a physi'al) emotio!al a! me!tal !ature$ They are 'o!si ere lo'i o% li%e e!ergy) or pra!a) 2also 'alle shakti3) whi'h is thought to %low amo!g them alo!g pathways 'alle !a is$ The %u!'tio! o% the 'hakras is to spi! a! raw i! this =!i#ersal <i%e For'e E!ergy to keep the spiritual) me!tal) emotio!al a! physi'al health o% the &o y i! &ala!'e$ G!e whose arms are lo!g e!ough to rea'h the k!ees G!e with lo!g arms that rea'h upto the k!ees Co!se'rete ri'e$ Akshata" 2Sa!skrit3 P=!&roke!$P =!mille ) u!'ooke ri'e) o%te! mi*e with turmeri') o%%ere as a sa're su&sta!'e uri!g puja) or i! &lessi!gs %or 'eremo!ies$ This) the #ery &est %oo ) is the %i!est o%%eri!g a e#otee 'a! gi#e to 0o $ Name o% 9rahma) the 'reator o% u!i#erse$ The art o% tra!s%ormi!g &ase metal i!to 0ol New moo! ay 7!%i!ite 1eligious G&ser#a!'e The &or er o% her saree$ 0e!erally 5ome! e*te! the &or er o% their saree to a''ept &lessi!gs %rom a Sa guru or 4eity$ The &lessi!gs 'a! &e i! #arious %orms" 'o'o!ut) 'loth) ri'e et' epe! i!g o! the Sa guru8s wish at the time$ G!e 7! ia! rupee e?uals si*tee! a!!as$ The %ourth mo!th o% the /i! u year a! the mo!th Ju!eQJuly) as per E!glish Cale! ar /ermitage$ A! Ashram 2.s wi%e is A!asuyaa) a aughter o% Jar ama Aja!u&ahu Aja!u&ahu Akshata Alakh Al'hemy Ama#asya ay A!a!t Vrat A!'hal A!!as Asha Ashram Ashwi! Jrish!a 4wa ashi Atmali!ga Atma!a! Atri 1ishi Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .3 i! a!'ie!t 7! ia was a /i! u hermitage where sages li#e i! pea'e a! tra!?uility ami st !ature$ Spiritual a! physi'al e*er'ises) su'h as the #arious %orms o% Ioga) were regularly per%orme &y the hermitage resi e!ts$ Gther sa'ri%i'es a! pe!a!'es) su'h as Iaj!as were also per%orme $ The twel%th ay o% se'o! %ort!ight o% the se#e!th EAshwi!8 mo!th as per /i! u Cale! ar a! G'to&er or No#em&er mo!th as per E!glish 'ale! ar Sym&ol o% Sel%$ A! em&o ime!t o% a supreme e!tity8s i#i!e prese!'e$ Soul(Joy resulti!g %rom 4i#i!e 'o!templatio! Atri maharishi is o!e o% the te! so!s o% Creator 9rahma) 'reate &y just the will o% the Almighty a! there%ore esig!ate as a Maa!asa(putras 2me!tally ge!erate issues3$ There were te! o% these$ Atri.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 227 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Glossary Aarti A&ha!ga A imata A !ya Chakra A #ery importa!t part o% worship i! whi'h the e#otee wa#es a lamp arou! the Sa guru or 4eity a! simulta!eously si!gs e#otio!al hyms$ Si!gi!g o% religious hym!s i! praise o% 0o or Sa guru 0o ess .aashram.

ar#ati$ <or Shi#a8s 'o!sort$ A 'eli&ate$ The %irst o% the %our Ashrams or stages o% li%e) through whi'h the 9rahmi! passes( that %rom the i!#estiture with the sa'ri%i'ial threa u!til marriage 5i%e o% a 9rahmi! The o!e who is 'o!sta!tly a&sor&e i! the 'otemplatio! o% 9rahma A haughty) is ai!%ul spirit o% a 9rahmi!$ 9rahmarshi 2%rom the Sa!skrit wor s 9rahma a! 1ishi3 is the highest o% the 1ishis) the /i! u sages ( o!e who has u! erstoo the mea!i!g o% 9rahma!$ The title o% 9rahmarshi was a status e%i!e a! re'og!iHe i! the sa're Ve as o% Ve i' religio!$ A 9rahmarshi is the ultimate e*pert o% religio! a! spiritual k!owle ge$ 9elow him are the Maharshis 20reat 1ishis3$ The Saptarshis 'reate out o% 9rahma.s Ashram uri!g his %ourtee! years o% stay i! the %orest$ 7t was Atri who showe the way to 4a! akara!ya %orest to 1ama) a%ter showeri!g his hospitality o! him$ Atri Maharishi is 'o!si ere to &e o!e o% the great is'o#erers o% sa're Ma!tras o% /i! uism$ 7! his %amily li!e there were a %ew other seers o% ma!tras !amely" Shaa#aash#a) A#ishtir) a! .s thoughts are per%e't &rahmarshis$ They are greater tha! the 4e#as i! power a! piety$ Vishwamitra was the o!ly &rahmarshi who rose to the positio! out o% pure tapasya) a jour!ey lasti!g te!s o% thousa! s o% years as e*plai!e withi! /i! u mythology$ Grigi!ally &elo!gi!g to the kshatriya 'aste o% ki!gs a! warriors) A#a hoot 0eeta A#atar Awalia 9a rika#a! 9a shah 9aili%% 9alayogi 9aro a 9ha rapa a Shukla Chaturthi 9hagirathi 9hagwat 9hagwat 4harma 9haja! 9harat 9hasma 9ha#a!i Mata 9rahma'hari 9rahma'harya( ashram 9rahma!i 9rahma!istha 9rahma(rakshas 9rahmarshi Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .rajapati$ They ha three so!s" 4atta) 4ur#asa a! Soma$ 1ama) the so! o% 4asaratha) #isite Atri Maharishi.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 228 _________________________________________________________________________________________ .ura!a epi'ti!g the glory o% <or Vish!u A system o% i#i!e %aith a! worship Si!gi!g hym!s i! the praise o% 0o or Sa guru$ 7! ia Sa're ash 0o ess .ur#aatithi$ There were also other great 1ishis i! that li!e" Mu gala) = aalaki) Shaakalaaya!i) Chaa! ogya) et'$ Atri(samhita a! Atri(smriti are two works attri&ute to Atri$ Au um&ar A#a hoot 0lomerous Fig tree$ Always asso'iate with <or 4attatreya$ Also k!ow! as = um&ar Tree$ A! a#a hoot 2also spelle A#a hut3 is a mysti' who has rise! a&o#e &o y( 'o!s'ious!ess) uality) a! worl ly 'o!'er!s$ The term is es'ri&e i! o!e te*t as o!e who is %ree %rom the 'o!s'ious!ess o% the ego) roami!g %ree like a 'hil o#er the %a'e o% the earth$ A! a#a hut oes !ot i e!ti%y with the &o y) mi! or emotio!s$ Su'h a perso! is sai to &e pure 'o!s'ious!ess i! huma! %orm$ The !ature o% the a#a hut is the su&je't o% the A#a hut 0ita) the authorship o% whi'h is tra itio!ally as'ri&e to 4attatreya$ A sa're poem o! the 7!'ar!atio! o% <or 4attatrey A! a#atar most 'ommo!ly re%ers to the i!'ar!atio! 2&o ily ma!i%estatio!3 o% a higher &ei!g 2 e#a3) or the Supreme 9ei!g 20o 3 o!to pla!et Earth$ 7t usually implies a eli&erate es'e!t i!to lower realms o% e*iste!'e %or spe'ial purposes$ A! a''omplishe muslim sai!t 9a rika Forest Emperor or Ji!g A Class 777 employee o% the 'ourt Chil as'eti' Now k!ow! as Va o ara) 0ujarath State Mo!th o% August(Septem&er as per E!glish 'ale! ar 1i#er 0a!ges A .

rime Mi!ister 4e'li!e i! religious pra'ti'e A 'harita&le i!stitutio! mea!t %or the a''ommo atio! o% tra#ellers 2pilgrims3$ A garme!t o% males wor! arou! waist passi!g u! er a! tu'ke &ehi! A !ake as'eti' rum use &y <or Shi#a Chillim Chiroot Chowrie Cir'umam&ulati!g 4amaru 4argah 4arsha! 4ashapi! i 4ashmi 4atta(Sampra aya 4e#ghar 4ewa! 4harmagla!i 4harmashala 4hotees 4igam&ar Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 223 _________________________________________________________________________________________ he rose &y pure merit to a 9rahmarshi$ 9hrigu) A!gira) Atri) Vishwamitra) Jashyapa) Vasishta) a! Agastya are the se#e! &rahmarshis$ 9rahmata akarata 9rahma(tat#a 9rahmi! 9rahmi! 9hoja! 9ur%i Cha! ra Swar Chara!o aka Chara!(Teerth Chatur ashgu!i tam&ul Chaturmas 0et a&sorptio! i!to the Supreme 9ei!g The true k!owle ge o% Supreme Spirit The tra itio!al higher 'aste wherei! the perso! is a! e*pert i! the k!owle ge o% Ve as a! other Ve i' te*ts i! the /i! u sa're S'riptures Sumptuous %oo ser#e to all 9rahmi!s as a part o% ser#i'e to 4eity or Sa guru$ 7! ia! Sweetmeat$ 0e!erally prepare %or %esti#ities a! spe'ial o''asio!s$ 9reathi!g air out o% le%t !ostril$ The holy water whi'h washe the lotus %eet o% Sri Swamiji /oly water o&tai!e %rom washi!g the lotus %eet$ Co!si ere to ha#e i#i!e e!ergy o% a Sa guru or eity$ A roll o% &etal lea% with %ourtee! i!gre ie!ts like lime) &etal!ut et' .erio o% %our mo!ths 'o#ere &etwee! Asha ha Shu ha Eka ashi to Jartik Shu ha Eka ashi as per /i! u 'ale! ar a! July to No#em&er as per E!glish 'ale! ar A small smoki!g pipe A ki! o% 'igar A %ly whisk ma e o% %eathers$ 5alki!g arou! the temple %rom le%t to right$ A amaru is a small two(hea e A Muslim pla'e o% worship 4arsha! is a Sa!skrit term mea!i!g sight 2i! the se!se o% a! i!sta!'e o% seei!g somethi!g or some&o y3) #isio!) apparitio!) or a glimpse$ 7t is most 'ommo!ly use %or #isio!s o% the i#i!eF that is) o% a go or a #ery holy perso! or arti%a't$ 5e 'oul ha#e a P arsha!P o% the eity i! the temple 2at the gross le#el3 or ha#e a P arsha!P i! that i!war eye o% a light or aware!ess 2at a su&tle pla!e3$ Su arsha! mea!s a glimpse o% the Psel%P$ 7! 7! ia people tra#el hu! re s o% kilometres %or the arsha!) the look) o% a holy ma! or woma! &e'ause this look is &elie#e to 'o!%er &lessi!gs$ Co!#ersely) looks o% a!ger or e!#y are wi ely %eare $ P4arsha!P mea!s Seei!g) eri#e %rom the root rshR Pto seeP To see with re#ere!'e a! e#otio!$ The term is use spe'i%i'ally %or &ehol i!g highly re#ere people with the i!te!tio! o% i!war ly 'o!ta'ti!g a! re'ei#i!g their gra'e a! &lessi!gs$ P9y oi!g arsha! properly a e#otee e#elops a%%e'tio! %or 0o ) a! 0o e#elops a%%e'tio! %or that e#otee$P 7! 7! ia! 'ulture) the tou'hi!g o% the %eet 2pra!am or 'hara!asparsh3 is a show o% respe't a! it is o%te! a! i!tegral part o% arsha!$ Chil re! o tou'h the %eet o% their %amily el ers while people o% all ages will &e! to tou'h the %eet o% a great guru or a %orm o% 0o 2su'h as 1am or Jrish!a3$ The o&latio!s 'olle'ti#ely to the ma!es o% a e'ease a!'estor whi'h are o%%ere aily %rom the %irst ay o% his e'ease u!til the te!th or whi'h are o%%ere together o! the te!th A %lat &rea prepare i! milk The tra itio! o% <or 4attatrey a! his li!eage A sa're pla'e where eities or i ols are esta&lishe a! worshippe $ .

ura!a$ The lege! says that Jrish!a re!ou!'e war i! Mathura %or the greater goo 2a! he!'e the !ame 1a!'ho rai3 a! %ou! e 2a! settle i!3 4#araka$ Sri Jrish!a kille Jamsa 2his mater!al u!'le3 a! ma e =grase! 2his mater!al gra! %ather3 the ki!g o% Mathura$ E!rage ) the %ather(i!(law o% Jamsa) Jarasa! ha 2ki!g o% Maga ha3 with his %rie! Jalaya#a! atta'ke Mathura :C times$ For the sa%ety o% the people) Jrish!a a! Ia a#as e'i e to mo#e the 'apital %rom Mathura to 4#araka$ <a! was re'laime %rom the sea !ear the wester! shores o% Saurashtra$ A 'ity was pla!!e a! &uilt here$ 4#araka was a pla!!e 'ity) o! the &a!ks o% 0omati 1i#er$ This 'ity was also k!ow! as 4#aramati) 4#ara#ati a! Jushsthali$ 7t ha well orga!iHe si* se'tors) resi e!tial a! 'ommer'ial Ho!es) wi e roa s) plaHas) pala'es a! ma!y pu&li' utilities$ A hall 'alle PSu harma Sa&haP was &uilt to hol pu&li' meeti!gs$ The 'ity also &oaste a goo har&our$ A%ter Jrish!a le%t %or the hea#e!ly a&o e) a! the major Ia a#a hea s were kille i! isputes amo!g themsel#esF Arju!a we!t to 4#araka to &ri!g Jrish!a.ura!a states that PG! the same ay that Jrish!a eparte %rom the earth the power%ul ark(&o ie Jali Age es'e! e $ The o'ea!s rose a! su&merge the whole o% 4#araka$P The ele#e!th ay o% a %ort!ight$ /i! us treat Eka ashi as a #ery holy ay a! %ast o! that ay$ Co!si ere #ery auspi'ious$ Muslim me! i'a!t 7! 0ul&arga) Jar!atak State$ Festi#al hel i! the mo!th o% 9ha rapa as per /i! u 'ale! ar) mo!th o% August -Septem&er as per E!glish 'ale! ar) i! the ho!our o% the eity) <or 0a!esh) the so! o% <or Shi#a a! 0o ess .ara&rahma!) the ultimate u!'ha!gi!g reality 4warka Eka ashi Fakir 0a!agapur 0a!esh =tsa# 0a!ga Mata 0ayatri Ma!tra Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .ura!a) a! the Vish!u .s gra! so!s a! the Ia a#a wi#es to /asti!apur$ A%ter Arju!a le%t 4#araka) it was su&merge i! the sea$ Followi!g is the a''ou!t gi#e! &y Arju!a) i! Maha&harata" PThe sea) whi'h ha &ee! &eati!g agai!st the shores) su e!ly &roke the &ou! ary that was impose o! it &y !ature$ The sea rushe i!to the 'ity$ 7t 'ourse through the streets o% the &eauti%ul 'ity$ The sea 'o#ere up e#erythi!g i! the 'ity$ 7 saw the &eauti%ul &uil i!gs &e'omi!g su&merge o!e &y o!e$ 7! a matter o% a %ew mome!ts it was all o#er$ The sea ha !ow &e'ome as pla'i as a lake$ There was !o tra'e o% the 'ity$ 4waraka was just a !ameF just a memory$P The Vish!u .ura!a) the Ska! a .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 235 _________________________________________________________________________________________ 4igam&ar 9ua 4iwali Nake Ma! 4iwali %esti#al ( the %esti#al o% !o'tur!al illumi!atio!s hel uri!g the last two ays o% Ashwi! a! %irst two ays o% Jartik) as per /i! u 'ale! ar a! the mo!th o% No#em&er as per E!glish 'ale! ar$ The %esti#al marks the #i'tory o% goo o#er e#il$ The Sa!skrit wor 4eepa#ali mea!s array o% lights that sta! s %or #i'tory o% &right!ess o#er ark!ess$ A holy pla'e o% <or Jrish!a i! 0ujarath$ 7t is lo'ate i! the Jam!agar 4istri't o% 0ujarat$ 7t is o! the mouth o% the 0omti 1i#er i!to 0ul% o% Jut'h$ The 'ity lies i! the wester!most part o% 7! ia$ $4warka is rate as o!e o% the se#e! most a!'ie!t 'ities i! the 'ou!try$ The lege! ary 'ity o% 4#araka i! /i! u mythology was the welli!g pla'e o% Jrish!a$ 7t is &elie#e that) ue to amage a! estru'tio! &y the sea) 4#araka has su&merge si* times a! mo er! 4warka is the Cth 'ity to &e &uilt i! the area$ 4#araka is me!tio!e i! the the Maha&harata) the /ari#a!sha) the 9haga#ata .ar#ati 1i#er 0a!ges$ 0e!erally re%erre to as Mother 0a!ga$ The 0ayatri Ma!tra is the most re#ere ma!tra i! /i! uism 2se'o! o!ly to the ma!tra Gm3$ 7t 'o!sists o% the pre%i* Som &hur &hu#a s#aha ) a %ormula take! %rom the Iajur#e a) a! the #erse >$62$:0 o% the 1ig#e a 2whi'h is a! e*ample o% the 0ayatri meter3$ Si!'e all the other three Ve as 'o!tai! mu'h material rearra!ge %rom the 1ig Ve a) the 0ayatri ma!tra is %ou! i! all the %our Ve as$ The e#a i!#oke i! this ma!tra is Sa#itar) a! he!'e the ma!tra is also 'alle Sa#itri$ The 0ayatri is see! as a 4i#i!e awake!i!g o% the mi! a! soul) a! withi! it a way to rea'h the most Supreme %orm o% e*iste!'e) a! the way to =!io! with 9rahma!$ =! ersta! i!g) a! purely lo#i!g the esse!'e o% the 0ayatri Ma!tra is see! &y ma!y) to &e o!e) i% !ot the most power%ul ways to attai! 0o $ Grigi!ally the perso!i%i'atio! o% the ma!tra) the go ess 0ayatri is 'o!si ere the #e a mata) the mother o% all Ve as a! the 'o!sort o% the 0o 9rahma a! also the perso!i%i'atio! o% the all(per#a i!g .

ast) .s parti'ular message) is k!ow! as the guru parampara or is'ipli' su''essio!$ The guru is the o!e who gui es his or her is'iple to &e'ome ji#a!mukta) the li&erate soul a&le to a'hie#e sal#atio! i! his or her li%etime through 0o (realiHatio!$ The &iography o% the spiritual pre'eptor 5orship o% spiritual 7!stru'tor as a! em&o ime!t o% 0o 7! this 'o!te*t it is the 9iography o% <or 4attatreya A gi%t to a 0uru) the spiritual pre'eptor o! the 'ompletio! o% a 'ourse o% i!stru'tio! 5orship o% pre'eptor o! the %irst ay o% lu!ar %ort!ight A! as'eti' o% the highest or er Ara&i' physi'ia! Turmeri' pow er a! re pow er$ Co!si ere auspi'ious a! are use i! sa're a! religious 'eremo!ies$ Turmeri' G!e o% the %ourtee! ki! s o% as'eti's o% high or er$ Mo!key 0o as per /i! u religio! a! sym&oliHes e*treme a! pure e#otio! to <or 1ama A perso! pra'tisi!g /atha Ioga 0uru Charitra 0uru .re'eptor$ The importa!'e o% %i! i!g a guru who 'a! impart tra!s'e! e!tal k!owle ge 2#i ya3 is o!e o% the te!ets o% /i! uism$ G!e o% the mai! /i! u te*ts) the 9haga#a 0ita) is a ialogue &etwee! 0o i! the %orm o% Jrish!a a! Arju!a a !o&lema!$ Not o!ly oes their ialogue outli!es ma!y o% the i eals o% /i! uism) &ut the is'ussio! a! relatio!ship &etwee! the two 'o!si ere to &e a! e*pressio! o% the i eal 0uru.is'iple relatio!ship$ 7! the 0ita itsel%) Jrish!a speaks o% the importa!'e o% %i! i!g a guru to Arju!a" A'?uire the tra!s'e! e!tal k!owle ge %rom a Sel%(realiHe master &y hum&le re#ere!'e) &y si!'ere i!?uiry) a! &y ser#i'e$ The wise o!es who ha#e realiHe the Truth will impart the J!owle ge to you$ 29haga#a 0ita) '6 s>63 7! the se!se me!tio!e a&o#e) guru is use more or less i!ter'ha!gea&ly with PsatguruP 2literally" true tea'her3 a! satpurusha$ The is'iple o% a guru is 'alle a sishya or 'hela$ G%te!) a guru li#es i! a! ashram or i! a gurukula 2the guru. may &e e%i!e as a 'o!'ept o% patrili!eal 'lassi%i'atio! a! i e!ti%i'atio! o% #arious %amilies o% a 'aste$ A Sa're &ook .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 231 _________________________________________________________________________________________ that lies &ehi! all phe!ome!a$ 0ayatri Ve a Mata is see! &y ma!y /i! us to &e !ot just a 0o ess) &ut a portrayal o% 9rahma! himsel%) i! the %emi!i!e %orm$ Esse!tially) the 0o ess is see! to 'om&i!e all the phe!ome!al attri&utes o% 9rahma!) i!'lu i!g .ar#ati$ <or Shi#a8s i#i!e 'o!sort$ ess o% 5ealth ess .armeshwari 0o 0o ess Jaga am&a ess <a*mi i$e$ Vowe $ A Mou!tai! i! 0ujarath$ Temple o% 0o 0o 0o 0o ess !ear 0ul&arga i! Jar!atak State ess . i! the ha! s o% ea'h 0o o% the Trimurti) sym&olisi!g the 4i#i!e 'reatio!) preser#atio! a! estru'tio! as o!e om!ipote!t %or'e 0ir e up his loi!s 0ir!ar Mou!tai! 0o ess Cha! ala .o&je'ts.ooja 0uruCharitra 0uru akshi!a 0urupratipa a 0ururaj /akim /ala i(Jumkum /al i /a!s /a!uma! /athayogi Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .0otra.rese!t a! Future T9huh 9/u#ah SwahU as well as the > realms o% e*iste!'e$ 0o ess 0ayatri is also worshippe as the /i! u Trimurti 'om&i!e as o!e TVish!u) 9rahma a! Shi#aU) a! the image o% her portrays her 'arryi!g all the .s househol 3 together with his is'iples$ The li!eage o% a guru) sprea &y worthy is'iples who 'arry o! that guru.ar#ati$ <or Shi#a8s 'o!sort$ 0o ess 9ha#a!i 0okar! Maha&aleshwer 0otra 0ra!th 0uru A holy pla'e i! Jar!atak State <i!eage$ .

assio! a! lust will &e the o!ly attra'tio! &etwee! the se*es$ 5ome! will &e the o&je'ts o% se!sual pleasure$ 4isho!est will &e the &ottom li!e o% su&siste!'e$ <ear!e people will &e ri i'ule a! put to shameF the wor o% the wealthy perso! will &e the o!ly law$P A!other !ame o% <or Shi#a$ A kalpa is a le!gth o% time i! /i! u 'osmology$ 7t is e?ual to 6)>20 millio! years) a P ay o% 9rahmaP or o!e thousa! Iugas) measuri!g the uratio! o% the worl F a Pmo!th o% 9rahmaP is suppose to 'o!tai! thirty su'h Jalpas) or :2D$6 &illio! years$ A''or i!g to the Maha&harata) :2 mo!ths o% 9rahma 'o!stitute his year) a! :00 su'h years$ Fi%ty years o% 9rahma.oor!ima Jartikeya Jashi Jashi Jashi 9e!aras) Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .ot Full Moo! ay i! the mo!th o% Jartik as per /i! u 'ale! ar a! No#em&er or 4e'em&er mo!th o% E!glish Cale! ar$ Full moo! ay o% Jartik mo!th) the +th /i! u mo!th a! the mo!th o% No#em&er or 4e'em&er as per E!glish 'ale! ar So! o% <or Shi#a A holy pla'e i! Vara!asi) =ttar .ra esh State) i! 7! ia$ Ja ali#a! Ja%a!i Jali Mata Jali Iug Jalleshwar Jalpa Jama! alu Jartik .oli'e 'o!sta&le$ G!e who is mo#i!g$ Cha!ti!g$ Naamsmara!$ <o!g Matte /air Jyotirli!ga is o!e o% twel#e %amous <i!gas o% the /i! u 0o Shi#aF <i!gam is the em&lamati' represe!tatio! o% <or Shi#a$ The <i!gam 2also) <i!gaF Sa!skrit mea!i!g PmarkP or Psig!P3 is use as a sym&ol %or the worship o% go Shi#a$ The use o% this sym&ol as a! o&je't o% worship is a timeless tra itio! i! 7! ia$ <i!gam is usually %ou! with Io!i) the pe estal$ As su'h) <i!gam represe!te the male e!tity o% the u!i#erse) while Io!i represe!te the %emaleF it was !atural together!ess o% the male 2Shi#a3 a! %emale 2Shakti3 2<i!gam a! Io!i3 as the poi!t o% e!ergy) poi!t o% 'reatio!) a! poi!t o% e!lighte!me!t$ Jar ali %orest$ 9a!a!a 0ro#e TVa!( ForestU A lo!g ro&e wor! &y me! i'a!ts 0o ess .iety a! goo !ature will wi! le slowly$$$ .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 232 _________________________________________________________________________________________ /ukka /ur a 7! this 'o!te*t Jaga guru Jagrut 4ai#at Jahagir ar Jalasama hi Jama ar Ja!gam Japa JattaA Jyotirli!ga A smoki!g pipe$ 0e!erally &igger tha! Chillim$ See Foot!ote %or Chillim$ .ra esh$ 7! Vara!asi) =ttar .s are suppose to ha#e elapse ) a! we are !ow i! the sh#eta#araha(kalpa o% the %i%ty(%irstF at the e! o% a Jalpa the worl is a!!ihilate $ /oly .ra esh state o% 7! ia$ /oly pla'es i! =ttar .ura!a) %or e*ample) the Jali yuga is es'ri&e thus( P7! the Jali Iuga) there will &e !umerous rulers #yi!g with ea'h other$ They will ha#e !o 'hara'ter$ Viole!'e) %alsehoo ) a! wi'ke !ess will &e the or er o% the ay$ .ar#ati$ <or Shi#a8s 'o!sort$ Jali IugaVV 2lit$ Age o% Jali) also k!ow! as 7ro! Age3) is o!e o% the %our stages o% e#elopme!t that the worl goes through as part o% the 'y'le o% Iugas) as es'ri&e i! /i! u s'riptures$ The other Iugas are 4wapara Iuga) Treta Iuga) a! Satya Iuga$ 7! the Vish!u .oor!ima Jartik .ar'he 'or! o% te! er po s A 'oper 'oi! i! 'ir'ulatio! uri!g those time e?ual to the si*ty (%ourth part o% a rupee$ The pre'eptor o% the worl $ The most awake!e 4eity$ The o!e who %ul%ils the re?uests o% his e#otees$ G!e who hol s the la! gi%te &y the go#er!me!t!ormally re%erre to as Jahagir$ 0e!erally 'o!si ere to &e #ery ri'h as a result o% the la! ow!ership$ Sel%(immolatio! &y row!i!g o!esel% i! the water Chie% .

2 i#i!e #isio!3) a! is . 2&lue !e'ke )ha#i!g 'o!sume the poiso! /alahala to sa#e the worl %rom estru'tio!3$ Shi#a as Nataraja is the 4i#i!e Cosmi' 4a!'er$ Shi#a as Ar h !arish#ara is &oth ma! a! woma!$ /e is &oth stati' a! y!ami'F &oth 'reator a! estroyer$ /e is the ol est a! the you!gestF he is the eter!al youth as well as the i!%a!t$ /e is the sour'e o% %ertility i! all li#i!g &ei!gs$ /e has ge!tle as well as %ier'e %orms$ Shi#a is the greatest o% re!ou!'ers as well as the i eal lo#er$ /e estroys e#il a! prote'ts goo $ /e &estows prosperity o! worshipers although he is austere$ /e is om!iprese!t a! resi es i! e#eryo!e as pure 'o!s'ious!ess$ Shi#a is i!separa&le %rom .rakrti 2matter3 !amely Sat#a) 1ajas) a! Tamas$ Shi#a is o!e o% the Trimurti 2i$e tri!ityP3$ 7! the Trimurti) Shi#a is the estroyer) while 9rahma is the 'reator a! Vish!u is the preser#er$ E#e! though he represe!ts estru'tio!) Shi#a is #iewe as a positi#e %or'e 2The 4estroyer o% E#il3) si!'e 'reatio! %ollows estru'tio!$ /owe#er) a''or i!g to Shai#ism) Shi#a is !ot merely a estroyer &ut per%orms %i#e %u!'tio!s" :$ Creator) 2$ .tri !etra.reser#er) >$ 4estroyer) 6$ /i i!g the si!s) a! most importa!tly) B$ 9lessi!g$ Shi#a also assumes ma!y other roles) i!'lu i!g the <or o% As'eti's 2Maha e#a3) the <or o% 9oo!s 21u ra3) a! also the =!i#ersal 4i#i!ity 2Mahes#ara3$Shai#aites) the worshippers o% Shi#a 'o!si er as the =ltimate 1eality$ Shi#a is usually represe!te &y the Shi#a li!ga 2or li!gam3) usually epi'te as a 'lay mou! with three horiHo!tal stripes o! it$ 7! a!thropomorphise images) he is ge!erally represe!te as immerse i! eep me itatio! o! Mou!t Jailash) his tra itio!al a&o e$ Shi#a is re%erre to as the goo o!e or the auspi'ious o!e$ Shi#a as 1u ra is 'o!si ere to &e the estroyer o% e#il a! sorrow$ Shi#a as Sha!kara is the oer o% goo $ Shi#a is .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 233 _________________________________________________________________________________________ 9a rike ar Jashi Vish#eshwar Jha! o&a Jheer Jhi'h i Ji!g Ja!aka Jirta! Jirta!kar Joka!ya Jotikoop Joupee! Ju! a Flower <a!goti <or Mahesh <or Narsi!ha <or .!eela ka!tha.a! ura!g <or Shi#a A!other !ame o% <or Shi#a$ a!other !ame o% <or Shi#a$ Sweet ish prepare o% milk a! #ermi'elli A mi*e preparatio! o% ri'e a! pulse Ji!g o% Mithila) %ather o% 0o ess Sita) the e#ote wi%e o% <or 1ama Narratio! o% a topi') ge!erally spiritual i! !ature) pu!'tuate &y musi'$ G!e who per%orms Jirta!$ G!e who !arrates a spiritual topi' pu!'tuate &y musi'$ 7! this 'o!te*t( A perso! li#i!g i! Jo!ka!) Maharashtra$ 5ater ta!k A loi! 'loth just 'o#eri!g pri#ate parts A ki! o% Jasmi!e %lower A strip o% 'loth just 'o#eri!g the pri#ate parts A!other !ame o% <or Shi#a <io!(/ea e Ma! ( The Fourth i!'ar!atio! o% <or Vish!u A!other !ame o% <or Vithal$ Shi#a is a %orm o% 7sh#ara or 0o $ Shi#a is the supreme 0o i! Shai#ism) o!e o% the major &ra!'hes o% /i! uism$ A i Sa!kara i!terprets the !ame Shi#a mea!i!g PG!e who puri%ies e#eryo!e &y the uttera!'e o% /is !ameP or the .ure G!e$ That is) Shi#a is u!a%%e'te &y the three gu!as 2'hara'teristi's3 o% .oor!ima Maha pooja Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .ar#ati 2also re%erre to as Shakti3)the aughter o% /ima#aa! a! /aima#ati$ There is !o Shi#a without Shakti a! !o Shakti without Shi#aFthe two are o!e) the a&solute state o% &ei!g ( 'o!s'ious!ess a! &liss$ The !ame o% a power%ul hero 'reate &y <or Shi#a) whom he or ere to estroy the 4akshaya !ya a!other !ame o% <or Shi#a$ Full moo! ay i! the mo!th o% Magha as per /i! u 'ale! ar a! Ja!uary or Fe&ruary as per E!glish 'ale! ar Solem! worship o! great o''asio!s$ <or Veer 9ha ra <or Vishwa!ath Maghi .

s &rother /ira!yakashipu) greatly a!gere &y this) starts to a&hor <or Vish!u a! /is %ollowers$ Further) he e'i es to put a! e! to Vish!u &y gai!i!g magi'al powers &y per%ormi!g a pe!a!'e %or 9rahma$ 9rahma) please with his tough pe!a!'e) appears &e%ore him a! agrees to gra!t a &oo!$ /ira!yakashipu asks %or a tri'ky &oo! %rom 9rahma" that he woul !ot ie o! earth or i! spa'e) !or i! %ire or water) !either uri!g the ay !or at resse to Mahasama hi Mahashi#ratri Mala Mal&ar Mallikarju! Mamlat ar Ma!galwe ha Ma!trashastra Maratha Margasheersh .is'es sig! o% Ho ia' /e!!a The the! /y era&a The ay o% 7mam /ussai!8s martyr am) whi'h is hel sa're &y Mohamme a!s a! 'ele&rate as a ay o% mour!i!g 7 am the eter!al Supreme 9rahma! with a &a'kgrou! o% &a!ya! tree a! origi!ate %rom the i!'ar!atio! o% <or 4attatrey Muslim .oor!ima Maruti Ma! ir Mather'ho Maya Maya Mee! 1ashi Meha! i Mogalai Moharram Mool .urush) Vat Ja Vriksha) 4atta!agar Moul#is Mou!i 9a&a Mou!t A&u Muth Nai#e ya Namsmara! Narasimha Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .riests G!e who has take! a #ow o% sile!'e a Mou!tai! i! 1ajastha!$ Temple(Shri!e$ Muth a! Temple ( Shri!e ha#e &ee! use i!ter'ha!gea&ly i! this &ook$ Foo o%%ere to the 4eity$ A! importa!t eleme!t i! puja$ Also see Foot!ote +C$ The 'o!ti!uous repetitio! o% 0o 8s !ame 2or Sa guru8s !ame3$ /al% Ma!(/al% <io! A#atar o% <or Vish!u$ 7! a pre#ious a#atar) 2Varaha3) Vish!u kille the rakshasa /ira!yaksha$ /ira!yaksha.A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 234 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Maha&hoja! Mahaprasa Mahama!tra Mahar Commu!ity Fee i!g e#otees %or se#e! ays i! the Muth The great Ma!tra) a sa're hym! o% the eities 4epresse 'lass o% people$ 0e!erally per%ormi!g low jo&s a! use to li#e o! the outskirts o% a #illage uri!g those times$ Mahar8s woul !ormally &e see! as u!tou'ha&les uri!g those times$ <ast 'o!s'ious 'ommu!io! with 0o $ Fully a''omplishe yogis ha#e &ee! sai to 'o!s'iously lea#e their &o ies at their 57<< a! merge e%%ortlessly i!to the tra!s'e! e!tal 4i#i!e 9liss or the Supreme spirit$ Mahashi#aratri is a great religious %esti#al e i'ate to <or Shi#a) hel o! the :6th ay o% the se'o! hal% o% the mo!th o% Magh as per /i! u 'ale! ar a! Fe&ruary mo!th as per E!glish Cale! ar$ 1ossary A regio! i! south o% 7! ia$ A!other !ame o% <or Shi#a$ Taluka Magistrate A tow! i! Solapur 4istri't) Maharashtra A sa're s'ie!'e whi'h tea'hes the prayers a! hym!s to &e a parti'ular eities No!(9rahmi!$ 5arrior 'ommu!ity Full moo! ay o% the !i!th /i! u mo!th a! the mo!th o% 4e'em&er as per E!glish Cale! ar$ 2Maruti( <or /a!uma!) Ma! ir( Temple3$ Temple o% <or /a!uma! 1as'al$ A #ery o%%e!si#e a&usi#e wor use o!ly i! #ery erogatory way$ 7llusio!$ 7llusio!$ Maya must &e see! through i! or er to a'hie#e moksha 2li&eratio! o% the soul %rom the 'y'le o% eath a! re&irth3 ( ahamkar 2ego('o!s'ious!ess3 a! karma are see! as part o% the &i! i!g %or'es o% Maya$ .

a ukas Nirgu!(Nirakar NiHam Nrusi!hawa i 4attakshetra Gmkar Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .rahla a a!swers) P/e was) /e is a! /e will &eP$ /ira!yakashipu) u!a&le to 'o!trol his a!ger) smashes the pillar) a! Vish!u i! the %orm o% Narasimha 'omes %rom it$ 7! or er to kill /ira!yakashipu) who 'a!!ot &e kille &y huma!) go or a!imal) Narasimha is partly all three" a go i!'ar!ate as a part(huma!) part(a!imal$ /e 'omes upo! /ira!yakashipu at twilight 2whe! it is !either ay !or !ight3 o! the threshol o% a 'ourtyar 2!either i! oors !or out3) a! puts the emo! o! his lap 2!either earth !or spa'e3$ =si!g his !ails 2!either a!imate !or i!a!imate3 as weapo!s) he isem&owels a! kills the emo!$ Naraya! Teerth Nath Se't /oly water A mem&er o% the me ie#al religious se't 'alle the Nathpa!th$ The Nath Sampra aya) a e#elopme!t o% the earlier Si ha or A#a hut Sampra aya is a! a!'ie!t li!eage o% spiritual masters$ 7ts %ou! i!g is tra itio!ally as'ri&e to Shri 9haga#a! 4attatreya) 'o!si ere &y some to ha#e &ee! a! i!'ar!atio! o% <or Shi#a$ /owe#er) the esta&lishme!t o% the Naths as a isti!'t histori'al se't &ega! arou! the +th or Dth 'e!tury with a simple %isherma!) Matsye! ra!ath 2sometimes 'alle Mi!a!ath) who may &e i e!ti%ie with or 'alle the %ather o% Matsye! ra!ath i! some sour'es3$ G!e story o% the origi! o% the Nath tea'hi!gs is that Matsye! ra!ath was swallowe &y a %ish a! while i!si e the %ish o#erhear the tea'hi!gs gi#e! &y <or Shi#a to his wi%e .s !ame to /ira!yakashipu.rahla a) while he is still i! his mother.s two most importa!t is'iples were Caura!gi a! 0oraksha!ath$ The latter 'ame to e'lipse his Master i! importa!'e i! ma!y o% the &ra!'hes a! su&(se'ts o% the Nath Sampra aya$ E#e! to ay) 0oraksha!ath is 'o!si ere &y ma!y to ha#e &ee! the most i!%lue!tial o% the a!'ie!t Naths$ /e is repute to ha#e writte! the %irst &ooks eali!g with <aya yoga a! the raisi!g o% the ku! ali!i(shakti$ /e is also repute to ha#e &ee! the origi!al i!#e!tor o% /atha yoga$ The Nath Sampra aya oes !ot re'og!iHe 'aste &arriers) a! their tea'hi!gs were a opte &y out'asts a! ki!gs alike$ The hetero o* Nath tra itio! has ma!y su&(se'ts) &ut all ho!or Matsye! ra!ath a! 0oraksha!ath as the %ou! ers o% the tra itio!$ Margosa tree Attri&uteless %oot impressio!s o! a sto!e worshippe as the tra'e o% 0o or Sa 0uru Attri&uteless ( Formless$ Virtueless a! %ormless 0o The ruler o% the the! /y era&a state A holy pla'e o% <or 4attatreya The 'o!ti!ous #i&ratory sou! o% Gm or Aum" Gm 2also Aum) 3 is the most sa're sylla&le i! /i! uism) sym&oliHi!g the i!%i!ite 9rahma! a! the e!tire =!i#erse$ This sylla&le is sometimes 'alle the P= githaP or Ppra!a#a ma!traP 2primor ial ma!tra3) &e'ause it is 'o!si ere to &e the primal sou! ) a! &e'ause most ma!tras &egi! with it$ 7! /i! u metaphysi's) it is propose that the ma!i%este 'osmos 2%rom 9rahma!3 has !ame a! %orm 2!ama(rupa3) a! that the 'losest appro*imatio! to the !ame a! %orm o% the u!i#erse is Gm) si!'e all e*iste!'e is %u! ame!tally 'ompose o% #i&ratio!$ 2This 'o!'ept o% es'ri&i!g reality as #i&ratio!s) or rhythmi' Neem Tree Nirgu! .ar#ati) who ha take! her to the &ottom o% the o'ea! i! or er to a#oi &ei!g o#erhear $ A%ter &ei!g res'ue %rom the %ish &y a!other %isherma!) Matsye! ra!ath took i!itiatio! as a sa!!yasi! %rom Si ha Carpati$ 7t was Matsye! ra!ath who &e'ame k!ow! as the %ou! er o% the Nath Sampra aya$ Matyse! ra!ath.rahla a is &or! a #ery e#ote %ollower o% Vish!u) the you!gest ar e!t e#otee o% Vish!u$ /ira!yakashipu %ails i! 'o!#i!'i!g his so! to joi! him agai!st Vish!u) a! there%ore tries to kill him i! ma!y ways) &ut ea'h time .s so!) .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 235 _________________________________________________________________________________________ !ight) !either i!si e a &uil i!g !or outsi e) !ot &y the ha! o% a huma!) go ) a!imal) !or &y a!y a!imate or i!a!imate &ei!g$ This #irtually !o( eath &oo! to /ira!yakashipu makes him arroga!t e!ough to 'o!?uer the e!tire worl ) !ot 'ari!g that it mea!s se#ere trou&le a! torture %or 'ommo! people) mu!is a! %ollowers o% Vish!u$ Mea!while) while /ira!yakashipu is away %or the pe!a!'e) i#i!e sage Nara a prea'hes a&out the sweet!ess o% re'iti!g Vish!u.rahla a re%uses to a'k!owle ge his %ather as the supreme lor o% the u!i#erse a! 'laims that Vish!u is om!iprese!t$ G!'e /ira!yakashipu poi!ts to a parti'ular pillar a! asks i% Vish!u is i! itF .rahla a is prote'te &y Vish!u himsel%$ 5he! aske ) .s wom&$ Thus) .

a! hai!ath <or Vitho&a .ra!a .a! hari or Vitthala$ .ratistha! .aram /a!s .arikrama .ra osh .rasa Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .aush Shukla 4witiya .e!joys.ra!a pratistha is a rite or 'eremo!y 2Samskara i! Sa!skrit3 &y whi'h the spirit or &ei!g o% a eity is i!%use or &rought to i!ha&it a murti or 'ult image o% that eity$ G!'e .a! harpur hosts the %amous Vitho&a temple) o! the &a!ks o% the ri#er$ Vitho&a is 'o!si ere to &e Jrish!a) a! i!'ar!atio! o% Vish!uF Vitthala is sai to ha#e &ee! eri#e %rom the wor Vish!u i! Ja!!a a$ Vitho&a.a!'hapatra .eepal Tree .e has .a! harpur$ .arja!yasookta .prasa P) a! is re'ei#e &y the e#otee to &e i!geste ) wor!) et'$ 7t may &e the same material that was origi!ally o%%ere ) .s &lessi!g resi es withi! it$ 7! 'o!temporary /i! u religious pra'ti'e i! 7! ia) the esire to get prasa a! ha#e arsha! are the two major moti#atio!s o% pilgrimage L temple #isits$ 7! its material se!se) prasa a is 'reate &y a pro'ess o% gi#i!g a! re'ei#i!g &etwee! a huma! e#otee a! the i#i!e go $ For e*ample) a e#otee makes a! o%%eri!g o% a material su&sta!'e su'h as %lowers) %ruits) or sweets (( whi'h is 'alle .a! harpur is o!e o% the most respe'te pilgrimage sites i! Maharashtra$ 7t is lo'ate o! the &a!ks o% the 9hima ri#er) whi'h is also k!ow! as Cha! ra&haga$ .s 'o!sort is 1akhumai or 1ukmi!i$ The worship o% Vish!u ( Vitthala at .e has are a !ormal way to 'ele&rate %esti#ities a! o%%eri!gs to a 4eity$ The /oly Fig Tree$ Tree &elo!gs to the Sa're Figs 2Fi'us religiosa3$ A muslim sai!t Shi#opasa!a) a! o&ser#a!'e i! the worship o% <or Shi#a o! the e#e!i!g o% thirtee!th lu!ar ay .eersahe& .ra!a .a! harpur is a tow! i! state o% Maharashtra i! 5ester! 7! ia$ .a uka .atalga!ga .ratistha! is per%orme ) the 7 ol is 'o!si ere to &e i#i!ely 'harge a! a represe!tatio! o% the 4i#i!e supreme spirit$ A mo e o% regulate &reathi!g$ .$ The eity the! .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 236 _________________________________________________________________________________________ wa#es) 'a! also &e %ou! i! ?ua!tum physi's a! superstri!g theory) whi'h es'ri&e the u!i#erse i! terms o% #i&rati!g %iel s or stri!gs$3 .a! ura!ga) .a yapooja is a 'eremo!y o% ho!ouri!g a perso! worthy o% re#ere!'e) &y 'lea!i!g the holy(%eet o% that perso! a! the! worshippi!g him A small 'yli! eri'al #essel G!e who o&ser#es the %i#e stages o% li%e o% a 9rahma! A ma!i%este %orm o% <or Vish!u a! <or Shi#a i! a si!gle eity$ /oly pla'e o% <or Vitho&a the i!'ar!atio! o% <or Vish!u$ .a! harpur hosts 6 PIatrasP i! a year ( o% whi'h PAasha hi IatraP is the o!e whi'h attra'ts most 2arou! 0$6 millio!3 piligrims to .atil .a yapooja .a! harpur The impressio!s o% the lotus %eet o% a true 0uru) either o! sto!e or woo e! or metal 2usually sil#er3 sa! als$ .a!'hashramee .!ai#e ya.iligrims take holy &ath i! ri#er 9hima a! usually sta! i! ?ueues >km lo!g i! or er to take P4arsha!aP o% lor Vitthala$ A! as'eti' o% the highest or er Cir'umam&ulatio! 1epeati!g Ve i' hym!s regar i!g rai! The sour'e o% ri#er 0a!ga i! the /imalayas /ea o% a Village Mo!th o% Ja!uary as per E!glish Cale! ar Sweet Meat$ A sweet prepare %rom Milk i!gre ie!t$ 0e!erally .ra!ayam . or tastes a &it o% the o%%eri!g$ This !ow( i#i!ely i!#este su&sta!'e is 'alle .rasa is &oth a me!tal 'o! itio! o% ge!erosity) as well as a material su&sta!'e that is %irst o%%ere to a eity a! the! 'o!sume with the %aith that the eity.a! harpur is eri#e mai!ly %rom the pura!as a! has &ee! augme!te &y the 'o!tri&utio! o% the great Vaish!a#a sai!ts o% Maharashtra %rom the :>th through the :Cth 'e!turies 24!ya!eshwar) Nam e#) ) Sa!t Ek!ath) Tukaram3$ This temple) 'o#eri!g a #ast area) has a total o% si* gates$ The easter! e!tra!'e to this temple is k!ow! as the Nam e# gate$ The sa!'tum e!shri!es a sta! i!g image o% Vitho&a also k!ow! as .

rote'tor o% <i%e a! /uma!ityF a! Shi#a) the 4estroyer$ 9rahma .ura!a$ Shi#a .rayag .ura! .arasara) Vasishtha) 4e#i(9haga#ata) 0a!esa a! /amsa$ A! e*pert i! .ura!a) Ska! a .ura!a) 9ha#ishya .ura!as were &asi'ally mea!t !ot %or the s'holars &ut %or the or i!ary ma!$ They &ri!g %orth the Ve i' k!owle ge a! tea'hi!gs &y way o% para&les) allegories) stories) lege! s) li%e stories o% ki!gs a! other promi!e!t perso!s) a! 'hro!ologies o% histori'al e#e!ts$ The .ura!as New !ame ( Alaha&a i! =ttar .arashara$A''or i!g to tra itio! the .ura!a) Marka! eya .ura!as 2Sa!skrit) pura!W Pa!'ie!tP) si!'e they %o'us o! a!'ie!t history o% the u!i#erse3 are part o% /i! u SmritiF these religious s'riptures is'uss #arie topi's like e#otio! to 0o i! his #arious aspe'ts) tra itio!al s'ie!'es like Ayur#e a) Jyotish) 'osmology) 'o!'epts like harma) karma) rei!'ar!atio! a! ma!y others$ The sage Vyasa is 're ite with 'ompilatio! o% .s ol est religious te*ts$ 7t was preser#e o#er the 'e!turies &y oral tra itio!$ A %ollower o% 1ig#e a) the %irst o% the %our Ve as) /i! u /oly S'riptures$ Also see Foot!ote ::$ A 9rahmi! who is a! e*pert i! 1ig#e a ( /i! u /oly S'ripture$ Also see Foot!ote o! EVe a8 A 'eremo!ial a&lutio! o% <or Shi#a 1u raksha has its etymologi'al origi! i! the Sa!skrit wor s) E1u ra8 a! EAksha8$ E1u ra8 is a!other !ame %or <or Shi#a) a! Eaksha8 mea!s tear rop$ Mythologi'al tales ha#e it that the 1u raksha pla!t was &or! out o% <or Shi#a8s tear rops$ A!'ie!t s'riptures) su'h as EShi#a .uroshattam .ura!as) there are a! e?ual !um&er o% su&si iary .ura!a) 9rahma! a .le%to#er su&sta!'e.ura!a$ Vish!u .ura!as) 'alle =papura!as$ They are" Sa!atkumara) Narasimha) 9riha!!ara iya) Si#arahasya) 4ur#asa) Japila) Vama!a) 9harga#a) Varu!a) Jalika) Sam&a) Na! i) Surya) .ura!a) Matsya .) prasa a is spe'ial &e'ause it is u! erstoo as &ei!g i!#este with i#i!e gra'e or &lessi!g$ .a ma .ura!as %rom age 2yuga3 to age) a! %or the 'urre!t age he has &ee! i e!ti%ie a! !ame Jrish!a 4#aipaya!a) the so! o% the sage .ura!a) Vayu pura!a) <i!ga .ura!a) 9haga#ata .ura!a) Varaha .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 237 _________________________________________________________________________________________ or material o%%ere &y others a! the! re( istri&ute to other e#otees$ As a .ura!ik .a ma .ura!poli 1ajas 1ameshwar 1ameshwar 1am!a#mi 1a!gapa!'hami 1ig#e a 1ig#e i 9rahmi! 1ig#e i 9rahmi! 1u ra&hishek 1u raksha Sa guru Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .ura!as was to make a#aila&le the esse!'e o% the Ve as to the 'ommo! ma!) a! the .ura!a) 0aru a .ura!as are !ame a%ter the three mai! %orms o% 9rahma!" 9rahma) the CreatorF Vish!u) the .ura!as$ Also see Foot!ote o! ( .ura!as$ A sweet stu%%e pa!'ake ge!erally prepare o! importa!t 'eremo!ies a! %esti#als$ The mo e o% passio! A holy pla'e i! Tamil Na u) South 7! ia A!other !ame o% <or Shi#a$ The &irth ay o% <or 1ama 'ele&rate o! !i!th ay o% the %irst hal% o% Chaitra mo!th as per /i! u 'ale! ar a! Mar'h or April mo!th as per E!glish 'ale! ar Festi#al o% Colors$ This %esti#al %alls o! Bth ay o% the latter hal% o% the mo!th Falgu! as per /i! u Cale! ar a! Mar'h mo!th as per E!glish Cale! ar$ The holiest /i! u S'ripture$ There are %our Ve as(1ig#e a) Iajur#e a) Sama#e a a! Athar#a#e a$ 7t is o!e o% the worl .ra esh A!'ie!t a! Eter!al Supreme 9ei!g The .ura!as u!%ol the pri!'iples o% /i! uism i! a simple way$ .ura!a8) E.ura!a) Jurma pura!a$ Apart %rom the a&o#e me!tio!e eightee! major .ura!as (( Shi#a .ura!a8 a! ESrima 9haga#a 8 me!tio! the great!ess a! wo! er%ul powers o% the 1u raksha$ For thousa! s o% years) they ha#e a or!e the &o ies o% sages a! sai!ts lea i!g a %earless li%e i! %ar(%lu!g %ro!tiers seeki!g e!lighte!me!t a! li&eratio!$ Sa guru mea!s true guru 2Sa!skrit( satRtrue3) literally( true tea'her$ The title mea!s that his stu e!ts ha#e %aith that the guru 'a! &e truste a! will lea them .ura!as (( 9rahma .ura!a) Ag!i .ura!a) Vama!a .ura!a) Nara eya .ura!as were writte! &y Vyasa at the e! o% 4#apara Iuga$ G!e o% the mai! o&je'ti#es o% the .ura!a) 9rahma Vai#arta .ura!as (( 2/ari#a!sh3 Vish!u .ura!a) .

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 238 _________________________________________________________________________________________ to moksha) e!lighte!me!t or i!!er pea'e$ 7t is &ase o! a lo!g li!e o% /i! u philosophi'al u! ersta! i!gs o% the importa!'e o% k!owle ge a! that the tea'her) guru) is the sa're 'o! uit to sel%(realiHatio!$ Sa guru Atmaram Sa guru Mauli Sa hak Sage Nara a The pre'epto) who has &ee! istra'te %rom se!se o&je'ts a! 'o!templetio! o% o!e8s ow! soul elighte i! the The pre'eptor a mother ( 1ama!a! with a%%e'tio! looke upo! his pre'eptor Sri Swami Samarth) as his mother G!e who a''omplishes &y e!gagi!g o!esel% i! a 'ourse o% rites) o&ser#a!'es a'ts a! su%%eri!gs i! or er to o&tai! Moksha or ema!'ipatio!$ A i#i!e sage) who is a! e! uri!g 'ha!ter o% the !ames /ari a! Naraya!a whi'h are other !ames %or Vish!u) 'o!si ere to &e the supreme 0o &y /i! us$ /e is regar e the Ma!asputra 2so! &or! o% o!e.a!'hga!ga$ Typi'ally Sriguru was k!ow! to well u! er a Au um&ar Tree at the Sa!gam$ /e!'e%orth this welli!g pla'e is 'ommo!ly re%erre to as the Sa!gam$ Chie%tai!s$ 0e!erally 'o!si ere #ery royal$ Mo e o% 0oo !ess The %irst Iuga or age) the gol e! age) 'omprisi!g o% o!e millio! se#e! hu! re twe!tyeight thousa! years$ 7! /i! u tra itio!) the worl goes through a 'o!ti!uous 'y'le o% these epo'hs$ Ea'h as'e! i!g phase o% the 'y'le %rom Jali Iuga to Satya Iuga is %ollowe &y a es'e! i!g phase &a'k to Jali Iuga) the! a!other as'e! i!g phase a! so o!$ Alter!ati#ely) it is sometimes suppose that at the e! o% the es'e! i!g Jali Iuga) the worl will retur! to the Satya Iuga) a! &egi! a !ew e'li!e$ The es'e!t %rom Satya to Jali is asso'iate with progressi#ely eterioratio! o% 4harma 2righteous!ess3 ma!i%este as e'rease i! le!gth o% huma! li%e a! ?uality o% huma! moral sta! ar s$ The tra itio!al #irtues a''or e highest #alue i! the %our epo'hs are" Satya Iuga or Jrita Iuga ( hya!a 2me itatio!3) Treta Iuga ( yaj!a 2sa'ri%i'e3) 4#apara Iuga ( ar'ha!a 2worship3) Jali Iuga ( aa!a 2gi%ts3 7! the highest yuga) the great majority o% the people 'a! e*perie!'e spirituality &y ire't i!tuiti#e realiHatio! o% truth$ The #eil &etwee! the material a! the tra!s'e! e!t realms &e'omes almost tra!spare!t$ A''or i!g to Natya Shastra) there is !o Natya per%orma!'es i! the Jrita Iuga &e'ause it is a perio %ree %rom a!y ki! o% u!happi!ess or misery$ Satya Iuga is also 'alle the 0ol e! Age$ Treta Iuga is the me!tal age) me!tal power is har!esse ) me! are i! power) a! i!#e!tio!s issol#e the illusio! o% time$ 27!#e!tio!s are 'hara'teristi' o% &oth 4#apara a! Treta yugas$3 7! 4wapara Iuga) s'ie!'e %lourishes) people e*perie!'e the spiritual i! terms o% su&tle e!ergies a! ratio!al 'hoi'es) i!#e!tio!s are a&u! a!t) parti'ularly those that issol#e the illusio! o% ista!'e 2&etwee! people a! &etwee! thi!gs3) a! power is mostly i! the ha! s o% wome!$ The e! o% this age is asso'iate with the eath o% Jrish!a) a! the e#e!ts es'ri&e i! the Maha&harata$ 7! the lowest phase) Jali Iuga) most people are aware o!ly o% the physi'al aspe't o% e*iste!'e) the pre omi!a!t emphasis o% li#i!g is material sur#i#al) a! power is mostly i! the ha! s o% me!$ .atalloka 2!ether( worl 3$ /e oes this to %i! out a&out the li%e a! wel%are o% people$ /e was the %irst to pra'tise Natya Ioga$ /e is also k!ow! as Jalahapriya as he play%ully 'auses ?uarrels amo!gst 0o s 2 e#as3) 0o esses a! people$ 5ith attri&utes a! %orm$ All(#irtuous perso!i%ie %orm o% 0o Co!templati!g the highest state o% me itatio! a! attai! u!ity with the A&solute Sama hi is a term that es'ri&es a !o!( ualisti' state o% 'o!s'ious!ess i! whi'h the 'o!s'ious!ess o% the e*perie!'i!g su&je't &e'omes o!e with the e*perie!'e o&je't) a! i! whi'h the mi! &e'omes still 2o!e(poi!te or 'o!'e!trate 3&ut the perso! remai!s 'o!s'ious$ A tom& is !ormally 'o!stru'te at the pla'e where a Sa guru takes ESama hi8$ 7! su'h 'ases the Tom& is re%erre to as ESama hi8$ A Temple Shri!e e i'ate to a Sai!t a%ter he lea#es his &o y Co!%lue!'e o% the 1i#ers 0a!ga a! .eople.s relatio!ship with the spiritual is go#er!e pre omi!a!tly &y superstitio! a! &y authority$ Temples) Sagu!(Sakar Sahaj(sama hi Sama hi Sama hi Ma! ir Sa!gam Sar ars Sat#a Satya yuga Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .s mi! 3 o% 9rahma as he was &or! o% his thoughts$ /e is regar e as the Triloka sa!'haari) the ultimate !oma who roams the three lokas o% Swargaloka 2hea#e!3) Mrityuloka 2earth3 a! .

a ya) Arghya) A'hama!a) S!a!a) Vastra) Ia !ayopaweet) 0a! ha) .ur#am!aya matha or easter! matha) the 0o#ar ha!a matha) at .ushpa) 4hoop) 4eepa) Nai#e ya) 4akshi!a) .ra akshi!a) Ma!tra) .eetham) the souther! matha) at Shri!geri) the .$ As the %irst histori'ally re'og!iHe tea'her i! the li!eage) Sa!kara is also 'alle A i Sa!kara$ 2The Sa!skrit wor A i mea!s origi!al-%irst$3 The %our i!stitutio!s tra itio!ally sai to ha#e &ee! esta&lishe &y A i Sa!kara areF the =ttaram!aya matha) or !orther! matha at Joshimath) the .uri) the 4akshi!am!aya matha) or the Sri!geri Shara a .as'himam!aya matha) or the 4waraka .lear!e tea'her.itha) the wester! matha) at 4warka$ The hea s o% these %our i!stitutio!s are 'o!si ere the pri!'ipal Sha!kara'harya(s i! 7! ia to ay$ Shastra is a Sa!skrit wor use to e!ote e u'atio!-k!owle ge i! a ge!eral se!se$ The wor is ge!erally use as a su%%i* i! the 'o!te*t o% te'h!i'al or spe'ialise k!owle ge i! a e%i!e area o% pra'ti'e$ For e*ample) Astra shastra mea!s) k!owle ge a&out P/a! li!g o% weapo!sP) Astra mea!s weapo!s) a! Shastra is their k!owle ge$ The shastra is 'ommo!ly use to mea! a treatise or te*t writte! i! e*pla!atio! o% some i ea-topi'$ There are se#eral types o% shastras i! the /i! u religio!$ G!e who has stu ie the shastras G!e who has stu ie the /i! u s'riptures Shastras$ Also see Foot!ote %or Shastras$ Ceremo!ial a&lutio! regar i!g <or Shi#a Sa!skrit #erse Very Ela&orate way o% worshippi!g a eity$ 7t i!'orporates :6 i%%ere!t 'o!stitue!ts i! worshippi!g a eity) they areS( Awaha!a) Asa!a) .ushpa$ G%%eri!gs i! the memory o% the ma!es o% the e'ease a!'estors ( eath a!!i#ersary o% o!e o% the %amily mem&ers Seers Shaktipat Shaligram Sha!kara'harya Shastras Shastri Shastries Shi#a&hishek Shloka Sho ashopa'har Shra ha Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 233 _________________________________________________________________________________________ wars) a! writi!g are hallmarks o% 4#apara a! Jali yugas$ 7! the higher ages 2Treta a! Satya3) writi!g is u!!e'essary &e'ause people 'ommu!i'ate ire'tly &y thoughtF temples are u!!e'essary &e'ause people %eel the om!iprese!'e o% 0o F wars are rare &ut they o o''urF o!e su'h war is es'ri&e i! the 1amaya!a$ The tra itio!al times'ale o% the yugas is as %ollows( Satya Iuga or Jrita Iuga ( :)C2+)000 years ( Treta Iuga ( :)2D6)000 years ( 4#apara Iuga ( +66)000 years ( Jali Iuga ( 6>2)000 years =po! 'o!'lusio! o% se#e!ty(o!e 2or sometimes se#e!3 'ir'uits o% this 'y'le) there is a perio e?ually lo!g uri!g whi'h the worl is i!u! ate F the! the 'y'le &egi!s agai!$ Satya Iuga The Satya Iuga) also 'alle Sat Iuga) Jrta Iuga a! Jrita Iuga is the PIuga 2Age or Era3 o% TruthP) whe! huma!ki! is go#er!e &y go s) a! e#ery ma!i%estatio! or work is 'lose to the purest i eal a! ma!ki! will allow i!tri!si' goo !ess to rule supreme$ 7t is sometimes re%erre to as the P0ol e! Age$PThe yugas are sai to su''ee ea'h other almost e! lessly$ A%ter the per%e't Satya Iuga) a e'li!e marks the Treta Iuga$ Further e'li!e &ri!gs a&out the 4wapara Iuga) a! a%ter it 'omes the %i!al a! ark Jali Iuga) a time o% wi'ke !ess) whe! ma! kills ma!$ At the e! o% the 'y'le a 4i#i!e 9ei!g is sai to take &irth a! reesta&lish righteous!ess) thus &egi!!i!g a !ew Satya Iuga$ Amo!gst the %our eras) the Satya Iuga is the %irst a! the most sig!i%i'a!t o!e$ This era e*te! s up to :)C2+)000 years$ J!owle ge) me itatio!) a! pe!a!'e hol spe'ial importa!'e i! this era$ All the pillars o% religio! are prese!t i! totality$ 4uri!g Satya Iuga) all people e!gage o!ly i! goo ) su&lime ee s$ 7! ia! measure o% weight$ G!e Seer R Two pou! s$ The a!'ie!t metho o% awake!i!g a! a'ti#ati!g the Ju! ali!i e!ergy i! the shortest possi&le time$ Ju! ali!i e!ergy is the e!ergy orma!t at the &ase o% the spi!e o% e#ery huma! &ei!g A &la'k sto!e worshippe as 0o Vish!u Sha!kara'harya) 2Sa!kara'harya i! sta! ar tra!sliteratio!3 is a 'ommo!ly use title o% hea s o% mathas 2mo!asteries3 i! the A #aita tra itio!$ The title eri#es %rom Sa!kara o% Jala i) a! i!%lue!tial theologia! o% /i! uism) who %irst esta&lishe %our mathas i! the %our regio!s o% 7! ia$ /e was gi#e! the !ame Sa!kara at &irth) a! a'harya is a title) mea!i!g .

ra esh where o!e o% the twel#e %amous E<i!gas8 o% the /i! u 0o Shi#a is lo'ate $ G%%i'er 9reathi!g out air out o% the right !ostril$ A woma! with the hus&a! still ali#e$ <or 4attatrey The treatise whi'h i!terprets the i! i'atio!s a! premo!itio!s o% the air as it pro'ee s through the !ostrils The &ier 'arrie &y Mohamme a!s i! Moharram A! o%%i'er i! 'harge o% a su&( i#isio! o% a istri't The mo e o% ig!ora!'e A roll o% &etal lea#es ge!erally 'hewe &y people %or its jui'e$ E!'ha!tme!t a! Sa're /ym!s /oly water 2or mi*ture o% water a! milk3 gi#e! &y a Sa guru or 4eity$ This water is 'o!si ere to ha#e i#i!e e!ergy o% the Sa guru a! is a''epte as a &lessi!g a! is 'o!sume &y e#otees$ A perso! who is i! the &usi!ess o% selli!g Gil$ 0e!erally re%erre to as EGil Ma!8$ E=pa!aya!am8 perhaps &etter k!ow! outsi e 7! ia &y the !ame PSa're threa 'eremo!yP) is a /i! u rite(o%(passage ritual$ Tra itio!ally) the 'eremo!y was per%orme to mark the poi!t at whi'h male 'hil re! &ega! their %ormal e u'atio!$ The 'eremo!y is per%orme to you!g &oys o% CY years o% age 2a! girls i! some se'ts3 %rom the three #ar!as o% &rahmi!) kshatriya) #aishya$ The you!gster is taught uri!g the 'eremo!y the se'ret o% li%e through 9rahmopa esam 2re#eali!g the !ature o% 9rahma!) the =ltimate 1eality3 or the 0ayatri ma!tra$ /e the! &e'omes ?uali%ie %or li%e as a stu e!t or 9rahma'harya) as pres'ri&e i! the Ma!usmriti$ The Sa!skrit wor =pa!aya!am is &elie#e to &e eri#e %rom the wor !aya!am mea!i!g PeyeP) pre%i*e with upa( 2Pau*iliaryP3) maki!g %or the i!terpretati#e mea!i!g" &ri!gi!g 2the ultimate truth !earer i! sight3 A po! o% /oly water$ Also see Foot!ote Shra#a! Si Si heshwar hi So!aree! Sou&hagya Sri Swami Samarth Sriguru Srima 9haga#atam Srishail .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 245 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Shra ha Ceremo!y per%orme perio i'ally i! the ho!our o% a ea relati#e a! o%%er %oo ) water et' to 9rahmi! i! the ho!our o% ma!es Fi%th mo!th i! the /i! u Cale! ar) July-August as per E!glish Cale! ar A!other !ame o% <or Shi#a$ Spiritual A''omplishme!t$ .ruti3 with the ma!tras %or the rituals) the wis om a! the hym!s a! wrote the Maha&harata) the greatest epi' poem i! the worl es'ri&i!g the history 2itihXsa3 o% the great %all that the Ve i' 'ulture o!'e ma e$ The 9haga#a 0ita is a part o% it$ VyXsa also wrote the rest o% the eightee! great 9i&les 2the pura!as3 o% 7! ia as well as the 9rahma(sutra) his masterpie'e o! the A&solute Truth$ Srishail Mou!tai!$ Srishail Mou!tai! is a holy pla'e o% <or Mallikarju! 2<or Shi#a3 i! A! hra .ura!a$ The writer o% this &ook is !ame Jrish!a 4#aipaya!a Vyasa e#a) also 'alle 9a araya!a$ /e is the <or ) the &haga#a!) amo!gst the philosophers) who i! 7! ia assem&le all the holy te*ts$ /e arra!ge the Ve as) the &asi' &ooks 2s.ower ema!ati!g %rom the state o% awake!i!g o% the 'harkas$ Ea'h 'harka ope!s up a spate o% mysti'al powers$ A perso! who has all the se#e! 'e!ters-'harkas awake!e is sai to &e o!e with the u!i#ersal spirit-0o $ 5oma! %rom 0ol smith 'aste Auspi'ious state o% wi%ehoo Sriguru .ar#at Su&e ar Surya(Swar Su#asi!ee Swami 4attaguru Swar Shastra Ta&oota Tahsil ar Tamas Tam&ul Ta!tra(Ma!tra Teerth Teli Threa Ceremo!y Tirth Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .Sri Narsi!ha Saraswati$ /e!'e%orth re%erre to as Sri Swami Samarth$ 2<or 3 Sri Narasi!ha Saraswati G!e o% the most importa!t 'lassi's o% 7! ia es'ri&i!g the li%e a! times o% <or Jrish!a$ 7t is #erily the /i! u 9i&le$ Also 'alle 9hag#at .

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 241 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Tola To!ga Tri!ity Trishul Tulsi Measure o% weight ge!erally use %or pre'ious metals$ :0 0m is : Tola$ /orse 'arriage$ Tra itio!ally use %or tra!sportati!g people o#er lo!g ista!'es$ A u!io! o% <or 9rahma) <or Vish!u a! <or Shi#a Tri e!t$ This is the weapo! wiel e &y /i! u 0o ) <or Shi#a$ The three poi!ts are sai to represe!t Shi#a.hilosophi'al treatises that appear withi! Ve as$ The =pa!isha s are part o% the /i! u Shruti s'riptures whi'h primarily is'uss me itatio! a! philosophy a! are see! as religious i!stru'tio!s &y most %orms o% /i! uism$ The #ery e i%i'e o% 7! ia! religio!s 2/i! uism)Jai!ism)a! 9u hism3 is &uilt o! the stro!g %ou! atio! o% the =pa!isha s$ The =pa!isha s are mysti' or spiritual i!terpretatio!s o! the Ve as) their putati#e e! a! esse!'e) a! thus k!ow! as Ve a!ta 2Pthe e! o% the Ve asP3$ A superhuma! power that tur!s e#erythi!g a perso! says i!to truth or reality Frie 'ake ma e o% le!tils a! other grams$ New !ame( E9i ar8) !ow i! Jar!atak State Ayur#e i' physi'ia!$ Ayur#e a or ayur#e i' me i'i!e is a %rom o% a!'hie!t tra itio!al me i'i!e i! use primarily i! the 7! ia! su&'o!ti!e!t$ The wor PAyur#e aP is a tatpurusha 'ompou! o% ayus Pli%eP a! #e a Pk!owle geP) a! woul roughly tra!slate as the PS'ie!'e o% <i%eP$ Ayur#e a eals with the measures o% healthy li#i!g) alo!g with therapeuti' measures that relate to physi'al) me!tal) so'ial a! spiritual harmo!y$ Ayur#e a is also o!e amo!g the %ew tra itio!al systems to me i'i!e i!#ol#i!g surgery$ Ayur#e i' physi'ia! The para ise o% the <or Vish!u Complete eta'hme!t %rom worl ly pleasures$ A #ery high state o% realiHatio!$ 4e#otee o% <or Vish!u Followers a! 7! ia! Fig tree CraHy Ma!" <u!ati' The theologi'al part o% the Ve as) i$e$ =pa!isha $ Ve a!ta mea!s the a!ta or 'ulmi!atio! or esse!'e o% the Ve as$ 7t is a pri!'ipal &ra!'h o% /i! u philosophy$ <iterally) the e! o% the Ve as is 'o!stitute &y the series o% literature terme as the Ara!yakas 2the %orest s'riptures3) o% whi'h the =pa!isha s %orm the 'hie% 'o!stitue!t$ The primary philosophy 'apture i! the =pa!isha s) that o% o!e a&solute reality terme as 9rahma! is the mai! pri!'iple o% Ve a!ta$ The sage 9a araya!a is suppose to &e o!e o% the major propo!e!ts o% this philosophy a! author o% the 9rahma Sutras &ase o! the =pa!isha s$ The 'o!'ept o% 9rahma! ( the Supreme Spirit or the eter!al) sel% e*iste!t) imma!e!t a! tra!s'e e!t e#otees o% <or Vish!u Tutelary 4eity =pa!isha Vaaksi Va a hi Vai ur Nagar Vai ya Vai ya Vaiku!th Vairagya Vaish!a# Vaish!a#as Vata#riksha Ve a 9ua Ve a!ta Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .s three aspe'ts ( 'reator) estroyer a! prote'tor$ The Tulsi 2also k!ow! as Tulasi3 pla!t or /oly 9asil 2G'imum te!ui%lorum3 is a! importa!t sym&ol i! ma!y /i! u religious tra itio!s$ The !ame PtulsiP mea!s Pthe i!'ompara&le o!eP$ Tulsi is a #e!erate pla!t a! e#otees worship it i! the mor!i!g a! e#e!i!g$ Tulsi grows wil i! the tropi's a! warm regio!s$ 4ark or Shyama 2Jrish!a3 Tulsi a! light or 1ama Tulsi are the two mai! #arieties o% &asil$ The %ormer possesses greater me i'i!al #alue a! is 'ommo!ly use %or worship$ Tulsi has also &ee! re'og!iHe &y the rishis %or thousa! s o% years as a prime her& i! Ayur#e i' treatme!t$ 7t has &ee! tra itio!ally use &y /i! us) a! !ow others) %or its i#erse heali!g properties$ Tulsi is me!tio!e &y A'harya Charak) i! the Charak Samhita) the 'e!tral tea'hi!g o% Ayur#e i' me i'i!e writte! at least two thousa! years ago) a! i! the 1ig#e a$ Tulsi is 'o!si ere to &e a! a aptoge!) &ala!'i!g i%%ere!t pro'esses i! the &o y) a! help%ul %or a apti!g to stress$ Marke &y its stro!g aroma a! astri!ge!t taste) Tulsi is regar e as a ki! o% Peli*ir o% li%eP a! &elie#e to promote lo!ge#ity$ A tutelary spirit is a go ) who ser#es as the guar ia! or wat'her o#er a parti'ular site) perso!) or !atio!$ :0+ .

s %o'us o! the 4i#i!e Truth$ Fi#e eities ( Shi#a) Vish!u) Su!) 0a!apati a! 4e#ee A list o% G!e thousa! !ames o% <or Vish!u The lotus %oot o% <or Vish!u .a! harpur 7sraeli A 9rahmi! who o&ser#es the rites a! 'eremo!ies as pres'ri&e i! the Iajur#e a) the se'o! o% the %our Ve as( /i! u s'riptures$ Also see Foot!ote %or Ve as$ Muslim A '''omplishe a! i#i!e as'eti' o% the greatest or er$ Vi&huti Vish!u .reeti) Ayushma!) Sou&hagya) Sho&ha!) Atiga! ) Sukarma) 4hruti) Shoola) 0a! ) Vru hi) 4hru#) Vyaghat) /arsha!a) Vajra) Si hi) Vyatipat) Variya!) .ilgrim( e#otees o% <or Vitho&a) .a!'hayata! Vish!u Sahasra!aam Vish!upa 5arkaris Iahoo i Iajur#e i 9rahmi! Ia#a! Iogeshwar Si hapurush Iogi!is 7ts literal mea!i!g is a emo!ess or a sor'eress$ The wor is use to re%er to a #a!'e %emale yoga pra'titio!ers$ 7! a wi er a! ge!eral 'o!te*t) a yogi!i is &elie#e to &e wome! who possess super!atural powers$ 4uri!g 4urga8s &attles with the emo!s 2asurs3 eight yogi!is are es'ri&e who ema!ate %rom the &o y o% 4urga) a! they assiste her i! the &attle) <ater) the !um&er o% Iogi!is i!'rease to si*ty(%our$ All these yogi!is represe!te %or'es o% #egetatio! a! %ertility) ill!ess a! eath) Ioga a! magi'$ All yogi!s are worshippe 'olle'ti#ely a! together) ea'h o!e is e!shri!e i! a! i! i#i ual positio! i! a 'ir'ular temple ope! to the sky$ G!e o% the most impressi#e yogi!i temples is the Dth 'e!tury Chau!sath yogi!i 2si*ty(%our yogi!i3 temple is lo'ate at /irapur) 9hu&a!esh#ar istri't) Grissa$ Gther two importa!t yogi!i temples are the :0th 'e!tury mo!ume!ts at Jhajuraho) !ear Chhattarpur a! 9heraghat) !ear Ja&alpur) &oth i! Ma hya .la'e o! the %orehea o% e#otees) it 'o#ers the mark o% the spiritual thir eye o% /i! u &elie% that sees e#elopme!t o% mysti' i!sight as the primary path to Sel%(realiHatio!$ 7t is a remi! er o% o!e.ra esh$ S'ie!'e o% spiritual is'ipli!e There are twe!ty(se#e! yoga8sF they are Vishkam&h) .arigha) Shi#a) Si hi) Sa hya) Shu&ha) Shukla) 9rahma) Aai! ra) a! Vaighruti$ The astrologers e!umerate twe!ty(eight yoga8s$ Iog(Vi ya 2C Ioga8s Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 242 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Supreme a! =ltimate 1eality whi'h is the i#i!e grou! o% all 9ei!g ( is 'e!tral to Ve a!ta$ Ve as The Ve as are the most a!'ie!t &ooks i! the 5orl ) a! they are the Fou! atio! o% /i! uism$ Ve a mea!s k!owle ge$ Ve as ha#e !o &egi!!i!g or e! $ 5hile it might surprise people how a &ook 'a! ha#e !o &egi!!i!g or e! ) the a!'ie!t 1ishis who wrote these a''epte that the 'omplete k!owle ge o% the =!i#erse 'oul !e#er %it i! a!y &ook) so there woul always &e !ew thi!gs to is'o#er$ This philosophy makes /i! uism a #ery tolera!t religo!) always rea y to a''ept !ew i eas %rom other 'ultures$ Vi&huti) a wor o% Sa!skrit a! se#eral other la!guages o% 7! ia$ <iterally) it has se#eral mea!i!g i!'lu i!g all per#a i!gF superhuma! powerF a! wealth$ Vi&huti is also the !ame %or sa're ash use i! religious worship i! /i! uism) espe'ially 'o!!e'te with <or Shi#a$ The ash has se#eral sym&oli' mea!i!gs$ .s mortality si!'e &o ies are 'remate &ei!g o!ly temporary #essels o% the soul$ 7t 'alls to the goo o% ri i!g o!esel% o% sel%ish a! &ase worl ly esires that wrap the sel% i! Maya 2illusio!3 just as Shi#a &ur!e the go o% esire) Jama) to ashes whe! he attempte to &reak Shi#a.

A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth 243 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Anantakoti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj Ki Jai CThere are many !ho 'all themselves as leaders& but one !ho 'onDuers the si4 enemies o5 mankind viE lust& anger& greed& (ride& tem(tation and +ealousy 'an only be regarded as the true leader o5 this nation36 -Shree%Sadguru%.a*aMahara#%Sahasra*uddhe C7n this !orld& a number o5 living beings 'ome together in one 5amily based on their good or bad (ast deeds6 As long as their resolves are even they all behave !ith love& ha((iness and 5riendshi(6 ut i5& as (er the deeds o5 one’s 5ate& one 'omes there to endure the uneven resolves then the same loving lives de(ending u(on their uneven resolves& be'ome 5irm mutual enemies and start troubling ea'h other !ith all hostility3 -Shree%Sadguru%Digam*ardas%Mahara# Copyright © 2006 Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust .

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