Slandering a rabbi to stop a fight

Rema [#7}: [we rave a s|lual|or lral |l lre (epulal|or ol ore d|sl|rdu|sred ard |rrocerl
To(ar scro|a( |s desl(oved lrar a ro((|l|c d|spule W||| oe erded. . 0u( 3ades le|| us ol lre
|rpo(larce ol peace - ever a||oW|rd ||es lo oe sa|d lo p(ese(ve peaceì 3o We car deve|op a |od|ca|
p(ool l(or lr|s corce(r|rd ou( ralle(. Jusl as We see lral lre p(or|o|l|or ol e(as|rd 0-d's rare |s
pe(r|lled lo( lre sa|e ol peace [oelWeer rusoard ard W|leì oul |l |s rol a||oWed lo s|arde( a
decerl pe(sor. so lre(elo(e lre c(eal|or ol peace Wr|cr pe(r|ls lre s|r ol e(as|rd 0-d's rare
Wou|d a|so pe(r|l s|arde(|rd. ll lre o(|rd|rd ol peace oelWeer rar ard r|s W|le car oe
accorp||sred |r lr|s Wav so su(e|v |l |s pe(r|lled lo o(|rd peace oelWeer lar||v. v|||ades ard
loWrs. ll |s c|ea( |r ra|acra lral |l |s oelle( lo cause a dele(|o(al|or |r lre prvs|ca| We||-oe|rd |r ou(
courl(v (alre( lrar lo d|ve ore JeW lo oe deoased ard (|d|cu|ed ard s|arde(ed lo( sorelr|rd re
d|dr'l do. Ard su(e|v We reed lo sulle( l|rarc|a||v so as lo rol cause lre sac(|l|ce rurd(eds ol
d|sl|rdu|sred corrur|lv |eade(s lo( deoasererl - Wr|cr |s Wral |s rapper|rd |r lre cu((erl
s|lual|or. Neve(lre|ess |l appea(s lo re lral ever |r ou( cu((erl s|lual|or We srou|d rol dev|ale
(|drl o( |ell l(or lre palr ard do a prsv|ca| acl|or. loWeve( We reed lo d|sl|rdu|sr oelWeer
rard|rd ar |rrocerl pe(sor d|(ecl|v lo oe ||||ed o( ded(aded lo save olre(s Wr|cr |s p(or|o|led ard
lre re(e use ol Wo(ds Wr|cr |r lr|s s|lual|or |s rolr|rd ard Wou|d oe pe(r|lled.. Trus We rave
o(oudrl corc|us|ve p(ools lral |l |s pe(r|lled lo spea| |asror ra(ar ard s|arde( soreore lo( lre
sa|e ol peace |r lre corrur|lv. loWeve( pe(raps lr|s d|ves pe(r|ss|or or|v lo( spea||rd
s|arde(ous|v ada|rsl soreore oul roW do We |roW lral |l |s pe(r|lled lo pul lre s|arde( |rlo
W(|l|rd ard lo pos|er |||e lr|s?. Nevelre|ess |l Wou|d seer lral We dor'l ra|e a d|sl|rcl|or
oelWeer spea||rd ard W(|l|rd. 3|rce spea||rd s|arde( |s pe(r|lled lrar s|arde(|rd soreore |r
W(|l|rd |s a|so pe(r|lled.

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