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Care and Protection of Children Act 2007

Care and Protection of Children Act 2007

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Published by: jigy-jig on Oct 28, 2009
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(1) The application may be made to the Court in any way the Court
considers reasonable in the circumstances (including, for example,
telephone, fax or other electronic means).

(2) The CEO must specify in the application:

(a) why the CEO considers the proposed order is necessary; and

(b) the proposed arrangement for the care and protection of the
child under the order.

(3) Any information in support of the application must be in the form of
a sworn statement.

(4) However, if the application is made by telephone, fax or other
electronic means:

(a) the Court may allow the application to be made before the
statement is sworn; but

(b) the CEO must send the sworn statement to the Court not later
than the day after the day of the application.

(5) For subsection (4), the Court may give any directions about the
application as the Court considers appropriate in the

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