How to Make Tomato Concasse

Cut an "X" on the Bottom of the Tomato

Place Tomato in Boiling Water, This process of briefly immersing the tomato in boiling water is called blanching, and it helps loosen the skin. You could also blanch tomatoes in hot fat in a deep fryer — just a few seconds in the hot fat would do the trick

Remove the Tomato After About 30 Seconds, After about 30 seconds (give or take, depending on how fresh the tomato is )

Plunge Tomato Into Ice Water Bath, The ice water stops the tomato from cooking. This step in the blanching process is sometimes called "shocking" the tomato (or whatever vegetable is being blanched).

Transfer Cooled Tomato to Your Cutting Board, After it cools, remove the tomato from the ice water and transfer it to your cutting board. Don't leave it in the water too long or it can become waterlogged. You can see how loose the skin is

The Tomato Skin Peels Off Easily, By the way, you can use this same procedure to get the skin off other foods.

Cut the Tomato in Half and Squeeze Out the Seeds, Make sure to slice the tomato horizontally (i.e., along the equator), not through the stem. Now you can either squeeze the seeds out or scoop them out with your finger

The Finished Tomato Concassé, Now just give the peeled, seedless tomato a rough chop and you're done.

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