Health Through Food “Health is not mere absence of disease Health is being established in the self. Health is the dynamic expression of life.”
‘Ayu’ is life and ‘Veda’ means knowledge. “ Knowledge of Life ” is Ayurveda.
Ayurveda is the most enduring time tested healing modality availa le in the !orld today" It is a system that hel#s maintain health y using the inherent #rin$i#les o% nature there y& ringing the individual a$' to one(s true sel%" )he !hole universe is made o% %ive elements& ea$h one o% theem& $ontains the other %our and they %lo! into one another"

Ayurveda has three main focuses :
*ealing & +revention and *ealth Care" )his medi$al s$ien$e is a method o% #ersonali,ing %ood %or individuals healing #ro$ess" Ayurvedi$ Style is a rational !ay to #re#are %ood 'ee#ing in mind the dietary need o% an individual ased on di%%erent ody ty#es" -ost o% the health #ro lems are $aused due to inta'e o% im#ro#er diet" Also& Ayurveda $ategori,es %ood into three $ategories . Sattvi'& Ra/asi$ and )amasi$" )hese ty#es o% %ood have di%%erent e%%e$ts on the ody and mind"

ourse ontents :
• • • • • In%ormation a out Ayurveda *o! to deal !ith *ealth #ro lems through %ood" +ra$ti$al demonstration o% $orre$t %ood #re#aration te$hni0ues diet +lan a$$ording to ody $onstitution su stitutes %or re%ined #rodu$ts Re$i#e oo' 1 *ome remedies Duration . 2 Days 3 4 hours ea$h day 5

78922:. 789>9>8?8>9& al'a'umar4<gmail"$om .2728& savitamahanti<yahoo"$o"in A=KA KU-AR& +*ONE.E6mail ID : ayurvedicooking!vvmv".ayurvedic#cooking.org Visit us at www.com Conta$t. SAVI)A -A*AN)I& +*ONE.

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