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April 1, 2014 Unit 2 Revision Club Letter

Dear Sam, I would like to first say that your introduction did a great job of educating me about cryptocurrencies, their use, and how they function. You did a good job informing me what your paper is going to be about so I knew what to expect. I liked the way you structured your paper talking about the basic concepts of computer security as a way to preface how they are incorporated into cryptocurrencies. Although, I would suggest you take a look at each of the sections (TLS, SHA-256, and Scrypt) and revise them to make it easier for a reader who isnt so well-versed in computer security to understand. I found myself getting lost pretty easily in the SHA-256 and Scrypt sections. I liked how you broke down TLS into steps. This made it easier for me to follow along. Perhaps try to do the same for the others. I understand they get very technical, but do your best to keep the novice reader in mind. Im not sure if this is necessarily the case as Im not using Word to view your paper, however I would suggest you make your headers and sub-headers more clear and easy to pick out. If you take a look at this screenshot of your paper, it is very hard to tell when section 3 (Basic Concepts of Computer Security) begins:

Perhaps increase the font and/or bold the sub-header. Last, I notice you introduced new information in your conclusion. Place this information in one of the body sections above and include a summary of everything in your conclusion and

tie up any loose ends. I felt like there was something more to the paper after finishing your conclusion. All in all, I think you did a great job explaining the current state of security and cryptocurrencies. Please take my suggestions to heart and incorporate them into your final draft. I believe your finished paper will be great if you do so.

Regards, Jake Ascher