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America in Flames after Nuclear Attack

Michael Williams 09/12/15

The Attacks
(Above left) At 8:47 EST, a stolen Russian tactical nuclear device was detonated near the Capitol building during President Obamas speech.

At 8:47 and 9:11 yesterday, September 11th, 2015, Al Qaeda terrorists detonated two nuclear bombs; the first was detonated in Washington D.C. at the Capitol building and the second one detonated in New York City in Times Square. This happened just as President Obama began delivering a speech about continued efforts in the war on terror with the new isolationist policy of the MAAJ Treaty of International Warfare. The President, his

executives, the Congress, Justice Department, and more than 3.5 million (and rising) civilians have been killed from the blast. This was a deliberate attack on the American political and economic system with the intention of crippling the nation from within. With this attack, the attacks of September 11th from 14 years ago have now been outdone more than 1,000 fold, as the projected death toll continues to rise.

(Above right) Photograph from wreckage of Manhattan after mushroom cloud dissipates. Taken at 15:11 EST. The bomb of unknown origin struck the citys core of Times Square at 9:11 EST.

The attack will no doubt create the worst panic, civil unrest, rioting, political calamity and economic crisis that this nation has ever seen in her history.
programs in the last seven months and have made continuous threats against the United States. New York

I just cant believe it, our worst fears have been realized.
At 8:30, the President arrived at the Capitol building and began his speech in defense of the and recently signed of The

City suffered an estimated 3-4 million Capitol from a parked U-Haul Truck. The entire Congress, Executive Branch, Justice Department, tens of thousands of peace supporters and thousands of protestors against the treaty had dead so far, with immense numbers of individuals unaccounted for. At 9:58, Al Qaeda broadcasted a video with a masked individual who took responsibility for the attacks. He reiterated Osama bin Ladens call for a global Jihad and the murder of Americans. He also

gathered in the area, creating an optimal target for the attack. The

Capitol was vaporized, the rest of government buildings and




attributes the attack in part to revenge for the assassination of Osama bin Laden. Now that the

troops from all foreign territories.

infrastructure in an immense area were destroyed, and an estimated 1-2

treaty, signed by the president in March of this year, states that no US military force abroad is to be used unless an organized military attack is carried out against the United States first. He

million were killed in the explosion. Only 24 minutes later, New York City suffered a nuclear attack of its own, at 9:11. The nuclear bomb, as shown by satellite imagery, was likely detonated from a parked truck in Times Square. The specifics of the explosion however, do not match the same Russian

federal government of the United States has fallen, US generals have sworn, to bring the perpetrators to justice. In the aftermath of the explosion, the LA Times sought the advice of experts to determine what this effect will have on America. One of the disaster experts that we spoke to, who chose to have his name withheld, stated that, The attack will no doubt create the worst panic, civil unrest, rioting, political calamity and economic crisis that

intended to respond to critics in the Congress and nation who claimed that this policy was the cause of the rise of organized terror in the world. About fifteen minutes into the speech, televisions around the nation seized to broadcast the speech as what is

suitcase nuke ones that were seen in the D.C. bombing, and so experts have begun to speculate as to where the bomb came from. Most experts

believed to have been a stolen Russian tactical nuclear device, or suitcase nuke, was detonated just 100 yards from the US

have already agreed that the bomb came from either Iran or North Korea, who have ramped up their nuclear

While most of the crowds fled cities, some small groups gathered in city centers to stand their ground, only to eventually attempt to flee themselves.
this nation has ever seen in her history. Reports of exoduses from therefore not working. Many economic already fleeing been citizens clashes and between military buildings in the city of New York were also destroyed, including the New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street, the New World Trade Center, and many others. In the absence of a federal government, several prominent military generals have declared that the authority of restoring order in the chaos falls to them, and rumors have spread that martial law may be instituted in the near future. There have

most major cities are already in just this morning, as citizens fear for their lives and flee for the country. Most people said that they did not have time to answer our questions, but one eye-witness account expresses the American opinion on the matter the best, I just cant believe it, our worst fears have been realizedall of those peoplejust goneand what are we going to do about it? Citizens from around the country have already begun to flee, due to the combination of massive

personnel. However, for now the military is primarily helping those fleeing the wreckage and trying to establish a provisional government, according to the generals

themselves who contributed to some of the information in this report. They say, We are hopeful that a stronger nation will rise out of the ashes, and that America will prevail over this calamity.

President Obama addressing the Congress and nation just moments before the nuclear bomb detonated in Washington D.C.

casualties from the explosions and the destruction of the government. They are fleeing for less populated areas further inland, and refugees near the detonation zones have rallied at makeshift camps that the army has set up. Meanwhile, the

American economy has already started to slow down as large

amounts of people flee, and are