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~ ely dan ANY MAJOR DUDE WiLL TELL YOU ANY WORLD (That I'm Welcome To) BAD SNEAKERS BARRY TOWN BLACK COW BLACK FRIDAY BODHISATTVA . (The) BOSTON RAG......... BROOKLYN (Owes The Charmer Under Me) (The) CAVES OF ALTAMIRA CHAIN LIGHTNING CHANGE OF THE GUARD CHARLIE FREAK DADDY DON'T LIVE IN THAT NEW YORK CITY NO MORE, DEACON BLUES . DIRTY WORK DO IT AGAIN DOCTOR WU DON'T TAKE ME ALIVE EAST ST. LOUIS TOODLE-OO. EVERYONE'S GONE TO THE MOVIES EVERYTHING YOU DID. (The) FEZ FIRE IN THE HOLE GREEN EARRINGS HAITIAN DIVORCE HOME AT LAST... | GOT THE NEWS .. JOSIE....... KID CHARLEMAGNE. KING OF THE WORLD... KINGS, : MIDNIGHT CRUISER MONKEY IN YOUR SOUL. MY OLD SCHOOL. NIGHT BY NIGHT... ONLY A FOOL WOULD SAY THAT PARKER'S BAND... PEARL OF THE QUARTER PEG . PRETZEL LOGIC RAZOR BOY REELIN’ IN THE YEARS. RIKKI DON'T LOSE THAT NUMBER ROSE DARLING (The) ROYAL SCAM SHOW BIZ KIDS SIGN IN STRANGER. THROUGH WITH BUZZ. THROW BACK THE LITTLE ONES |... TURN THAT HEART BEAT OVER AGAIN WITH A GUN . YOUR GOLD TEETH.” YOUR GOLD TEETH Ii 78 fog: +189 142 110 14 2127 76. =. 162 64 eevee 1a: ee eee : 2145 28 106 122 2184 170 ae: 179 102 21136 1173 1187 aod 139 1178 2176 eee oT Pwo mr urge a4 Moderately (Jd = 4 y ‘Tacet pet. yun Words and Music by WALTER BECKER and DONALD FAGEN Bm7 aS = > ev - er = las spent @ = aia tea ues gu be ape see it fad-in' fast, you were sev-en- teen; spent a lot of gine; and 1 grab a piece of some-thin’ that you think is gon -na last ‘all the time I've known you 1 still dont know what you mean, trip we made to Hol - ly-wood is etched up - on my mind, Copyright © 1973 by MCA Musi, a division of MCA Ine., New York, N.Y. and Red Giant Music, Inc. (ASCAP) Tihs arranges Unternational Copysigh nt Copyright © 1975 by MCA Music, a division of MCA inc. and Red Giant Mo Made in USA. Tne (ASCAP) ‘Al Rights Reserved held it in your hand; a dia-mond if you out like you planned; the the col= lege did- n't turn all ‘the things we've done and seen you find an - oth- er man; gut fo pr LE a things you think are pre - cious T things hat pass for Know- ledge cant un der = stand. things you think — are use - less 1 un - -8 cc \@He = >= eS = ep EF Gay 3 HHS __ ee —— Sa Ee = ‘Are you geth-er-int up the tears, 3