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Code P0171 Code P0171 means the vehicle computer is showing the air fuel mixture is lean, either

too much air, or not enough fuel. So, it is adding fuel to try and correct it. There are many things that can cause this code and some of them can e difficult to diagnose and expensive to repair. !owever, sometimes it can e a simply pro lem, with a simple repair. "f your a do#it#yourselfer, try this first. "t$s a common pro lem and you might %ust e a le to save yourself some money. http&''www.youtu'watch(v) *xmoy+,+-g

Generic OBD Error Code Details for P0171 System Too Lean
What does this mean?
+./ Code P0171refers to .asically this means that an oxygen sensor in an0 1 detected a lean condition 1too much oxygen in the exhaust2. +n 34'35'310 engines, .an0 1 is the side of the engine that has cylinder 61. 7ote& This /TC is very similar to P0178, and in fact your vehicle may show oth codes at the same time.

Sym toms
Possi le sumptoms of +./ code P0171 9ou will more than li0ely not notice any driva ility pro lems, although there may e symptoms such as a lac0 of power, detonation 1spar0 0noc02, and'or a hesitation'surge on acceleration.

Possi le causes of +./ code P0171 : code P0171 may mean that one or more of the following has happened& ;The <:* 1<ass :ir *low2 Sensor is dirty or faulty. 7ote& The use of =oiled= air filters may cause the <:* to ecome dirty if the filter is over#oiled. There is also an issue with some vehicles where the <:* sensors lea0 the silicone potting material used to protect the circuitry. ;There could e a vacuum lea0 downstream of the <:* sensor.

Possi"le Sol!tions
Possi le solutions include& ;"n the vast ma%ority of cases, simply cleaning the <:* sensor does the tric0. Consult your service manual for it$s location if you need help. " find it$s est to ta0e it off and spray it with electronics cleaner or ra0e cleaner. <a0e sure you are careful not to damage the <:* sensor, and ma0e sure it$s dry efore reinstalling ;"nspect all vacuum and PC3 hoses, replace if necessary ;Chec0 for a dirty fuel filter and proper fuel pressure