Actuality Obama Selfie: Samsung at it Again

Samsung at it Again Morrisa Stevens 3/11/2014 Obama Selfie Actuality TRT 1:43

Host Intro: Say cheese? Or cha-ching? Another selfie went controversial last week when Red Sox David “Big Papi” Ortiz took a smiling selfie with Obama during their White House visit last week. Although the event was in honor of the 2013 championship, it was in commemoration of the Boston bombing tragedy last year. Ortiz snapped the selfie in the middle of the televised event, and tweeted it several minutes later. Samsung retweeted the photo not long after, along with a tweet that said the photo was taken on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. A day prior to this event, Samsung struck a deal with Ortiz, as their “social media insider.” Many took to Twitter in response to the selfie, questioning Samsung’s ethics. Kyle Bowers, a NJ freelance makeup artist, found the PR stunt tactless.

Kyle Bowers In-Cue: “I think it’s very insensitive of Samsung ……” Kyle Bowers Out-Cue: “… so I just think it was very insensitive for them to do so.” Host Transition: Others found the idea harmless. Rather than downing the company, Aaron Avery, a technician at Newark Airport, found the stunt reasonable, and strictly business. Aaron Avery In-Cue: “ I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with Samsung …” Aaron Avery Out-Cue: “… Samsung is still a business, and they have to make their money.” 1

Host Close: The country holds their breath to wait for the verdict of a potential ban on presidential selfies. In the meantime, many hold true to their views on whether Samsung’s motives are pure or profitable.

For WKNJ-FM, 90.3, Union, New Jersey … the NEW sound of Kean University, I’m Morrisa Stevens.

Sound Bites:

Kyle Bowers “I think it’s very insensitive of Samsung trying to use the photo to profit off of, just because Obama and him were at a charity event, and he’s making profits at it. So, I just think it was very insensitive for them to do so.” Aaron Avery “I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with Samsung requesting someone to take a selfie with the president, because they might use that photo for a charitable event … so you never know the motives of Samsung. You have to understand that Samsung is still a business, and they have to make their money.”

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