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Published by: shanelle7 on Apr 11, 2014
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Mountain Top Inn & Suites 3200 University D rive Miami, FL 96231

February 17, 2013 Ms. Robin Jones University of Miami 2600 College Blvd. Miami, FL 96231

555-1105 MountainTopInn@mail.com

Dear Ms. Jones: Yes, our banquet room is open on your requested date of April 15, 2013. 1. Our Hilltop room is available from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. on April 15, 2013. The Hilltop room sits up to 300 people. This room provides a stunning view of the University. 2. The audiovisual equipment is available, but there will be a charge for the use of the projector. The screen is free. We normally charge $150 for the projector, but because you are a first time guest it will be $75. For set up, you may contact Ron Reynolds who is the Guest Services Manager. His phone number is 555-1101. Ron Reynolds would also help with any other services. 3. The meal choices include tax and gratitude. We have two meal choices that are within your price range of $15-$18.  The First Option: The first choice is a hot/cold entrée option. This would include Soup, a House Salad and a roll. Drink options would include Iced Tea, Coffee, Water and Lemonade. We would offer two different types of soup: Tomato Basil and Chicken Noodle. For the Salads, we have a different variety of dressings. This choice would cost $15. The Second Option: The second choice is a hot entrée option. This would include a Seasoned Baked Ravioli. We would include one side dish of your guest’s choice of either corn, mashed potatoes or green beans. A Dinner Roll is also included, along with Iced Tea, Coffee, Water and Lemonade. This choice would cost $18 For $20 (two dollars extra, except for option 1), we would offer Cheese Cake with the second meal option.

We are number one for events like this in this area. Mountain Top Inn & Suites do these events all the time. These rooms fill up quick, especially the Hilltop room. In order to confirm this event and room, please reserve your event by March 15, 2013. Sincerely, Shanelle Kudera Sales/Event Coordinator Mountain Top Inn & Suites

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