"You did what?" I asked in disbelief.

Jeff laughed loudly and accelerated the car as we went around a turn. My shock apparently energized him. "Gloria told her mom she was staying at her friends house, and we rented a room at a hotel Friday night," he said as if it were no big deal. Though he hardly seemed old enough to be driving, my sixteen-year-old friend was acting as my chauffeur during the summer weeks I spent at my grandmothers home in Ohio. Our parents had known each other since the couples were newlyweds; we had pictures playing together as preschoolers. Jeff and his girlfriend, Gloria, had been going out for a while. If you didn't count the numerous times they had broken up then reconciled, they had dated for almost a year. Jeff had always remained vague about their level of physical involvement, but now they had obviously fully consummated their relationship. "We got a room at the Holiday Inn in Dayton," he explained as he put his hand out the window into the cool night air. Turning to me he grinned, winked mischievously, and said, "Man, oh, man." "I can't believe you," I said, letting the tone of my voice convey my disapproval. "You mean you and Gloria had...you had.. .I mean you slept together?" Jeff could tell I wasn't pleased. He wanted me to be impressed, to slap him on the back like one of his football teammates in the locker room and praise him for his "exploit." I wanted to slap him all right, but not on the back. "Look, Josh," he said defensively, "we've waited a long time for this. It was really special. Maybe it doesn't meet your morals, but we felt that it was the right time to sh

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