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science fair timeline

science fair timeline

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Published by: romeyer81 on Oct 29, 2009
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Science Fair Timeline 2009-2010

OCTOBER 27- October 30 Come up with testable questions. Research the internet for ideas. November 2-9 Teacher Approval/ Forms/ Parent Signature www.nefrsef.org print and sign forms (in blue ink): Form 1, 1A November 9-13 QUESTION: HYPOTHESIS: I Think… MATERIALS: • • PROCEDURE: •

NOVEMBER 16- DECEMBER 4 Perform experiment(s) Make sure all variables are accounted for. (Change variables/controls if needed) Record and analyze data Take pictures of your experiment Retest/repeat (Remember you must complete the experiment a number of times and average the results together). Average Results (trial 1 + trial 2 + trail 3 + trial 4 + trail 5) Develop pictures!! Graph Data Start work on Display (Poster Board) Start work on Portfolio (binder) 9Portfolio includes sources, outside research, graphs/chart) The Abstract should include the following: a) Purpose of the experiment b) Procedure c) Data d) Conclusions DECEMBER 7- DECEMBER 15 Final touches on project. DUE DEC. 16, 2009 DISPLAY BOARD MUST INCLUDE: Title, Question, Hypothesis, Materials, Procedure, Graphs, Pictures (Visuals), Conclusions (SEE BOARD LAYOUT DIAGRAM) PORTFOLIO MUST INCLUDE: Question, Hypothesis, Materials, Procedure, Graphs, Pictures (Visuals), Conclusions Please make the poster boards colorful, creative, neat, easy to read, and MUST be typed

DECEMBER 16 Project Due!!!!!!

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