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I could not conduct peer observation because I am doing this first phase of practicum alone. As such, I did my usual lesson reflection. On 2 nd March 2014 (Wednesday) I conducted a writing lesson with my SJKC Pooi Ming Year 4 class. It was a 60 minutes lesson so I got to implement the lesson plan I intended to do. I found that applying task analysis was extremely helpful for my group of students and that was a technique from the procedures course. I learned that it is important to take the personalities and needs of each student into account and create balance in which students can do things differently but ultimately arrive at the same destination. The students got into the discussion, the excerpts, and the concept of being safe. With handouts and discussion, the lesson ended up lasting one whole hour. It was to make sure students understood what the safety precautions they should practice in making decision. I was concerned that I would have to lead most of the discussion. I wanted to use the excerpt for the students to discover the safety guidelines rather than me just tell them what it is about. One thing I would liked to change, was that I wish I would had a video to show the situation. The time of day I taught this lesson was difficult also. I really felt I had to struggle to keep their minds focused on the lesson instead of socializing. Overall, I was pleased with the lesson and how well the students reflected and participated in discussion.

Reflection .