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Title of Experience/Artifact: 8th Grade Fitness Unit Plan Fitness Day One Lesson Plan Fitness Day Two

Lesson Plan Fitness Day Three Lesson Plan Fitness Day Four Lesson Plan Fitness Day Five Lesson Plan Fitness Day Six Lesson Plan Fitness Day Seven Lesson Plan Fitness Day Eight Lesson Plan Fitness Day Nine Lesson Plan Date Experience Completed: Student Teaching Experience 3rd Quarter Spring 2014 Artifact Description: This unit plan and corresponding lessons were created and implemented throughout my third quarter teaching experience at Onalaska Middle School in Onalaska, WI. The ordering of the lessons taught throughout this unit plan clearly demonstrates my ability, as an instructor, to plan activities in a strategic order allowing proper intellectual growth within my students to take place. The unit plan, with corresponding lessons, contains various supporting materials, such as task cards and visual diagrams, allowing students with a broad range of abilities to succeed within my classroom at the same level. Wisconsin Teacher Standard Alignment: I believe these artifacts align best with Standard Two: Development; Teachers know how children grow. The teacher understands how children with broad ranges of ability learn and provides instruction that supports their intellectual, social and personal development. These artifacts align with this standard because they demonstrate that I can plan lessons in sequential order, allowing intellectual growth to develop consecutively. The unit plan and corresponding lesson plans contain various instructional methods, activities and supports that target all learners, providing a meaningful experience throughout each lesson. UW-Platteville School of Education Knowledge, Skills, Dispositions Alignment: I believe these artifacts align with KSD1.b. Demonstrates Knowledge of Students; The candidate displays knowledge of the typical developmental characteristics, learning styles, skills, interests, developmental backgrounds, and cultural heritages of students and is always aware of the broad ranges and variety present for each of these student characteristics and lifestyles. These artifacts align best with this KSD because the lesson plans for the entire fitness unit were created based upon student development, while still targeting student interests and backgrounds. Throughout this fitness unit, students not only learned about exercises performed within the fitness (weight) room, but also about non-weighted exercises that can be performed anywhere with minimal to no equipment. Providing a variety of exercises that can be performed anywhere targeted my students backgrounds because not all of them have access to a weight room facility. These artifacts also demonstrate my understanding of student development based upon the order of which activities and information was presented. Students first learned about the fitness components. Next, they were introduced to heart rate; not only did students learn about

heart rate but they related activities from each fitness component to high and low heart rate outcomes. Students were then introduced to the fitness room and at the end of the unit, studs created a 2-day workout plan: One day consisting of fitness room exercises and the other of non-weighted exercises. Secondary KSD alignments include: KSD1.e. Designs Coherent Instruction KSD1.c. Selects Instructional Goals What I learned about teaching/learning from this experience: From this experience, I learned that the order at which information is taught to students is crucial to their development. Proper learning cannot take place within a student unless instruction and lessons are planned according to their development. Not only is it important to understand development patterns of students, but it is equally important to incorporate activities that target all aspects of a student, such as intellectual, social and personal affiliations. I exemplified this by incorporating fitness room and non-fitness room (non-weighted) exercises. Doing so ensured that students could perform these exercises on their own time; depending on what is available to them/what they have access to. What I learned about myself as a prospective educator as a result of this experience/artifact: From this experience I learned that as a prospective educator I am able to create lesson and unit plans that encourage development and success from all students. I learned that I am able to plan, construct and teach a lesson using a variety of teaching techniques and supporting materials. Using these materials and techniques has allowed my students to continue their development throughout the entire unit.