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Title: Letters All Around Us: Letter Recognition

Grade Level: Pre-K and K
Introduction: Begin the day with a review of the letters that are in their names with a name cheer (large group activity)

Prior Knowledge: Students have been introduced to the letters of their name. Students have been introduced to the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.

Objective: Students will become familiar with the letters of the alphabet

Materials: • Computer, LC pro!ector, and screen to view "odcast# Sesame Street$ "atti Labelle sings the %lphabet ( • Computer to complete the "ro"rofs !igsaw pu&&le game (Brain 'ames) ◦ http://www.propro !.com/game!/"#g!aw/$etter!/ (( piece pu&&le) ◦ http://www.propro !.com/game!/"#g!aw/$etter!-%/ () piece pu&&le) • "aper and pencil to write letters • Chicka Chicka Boom Boom book by Bill *artin +r and +ohn %rchambault

Time: ,hroughout the day )$--#.$--pm

Process: - Begin the lesson with a review of the letters that are in their names with a name cheer (large group activity) # Children will be allowed to go to centers for free play. • /n the computer center the children will use "ro"rofs to enhance their letter recognition (complete a pu&&le with the alphabet). • /n the writing center the children will write letters on a piece of paper as the teacher recites them. • /n the literacy center the children will independently read the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom # %s an end of the day recall session, children will view the Sesame Street %lphabet video starring "atti Labelle and sing along as a class. tandards: Head Start Performance Standards CFR 1304.3(a)(5)): (i) Supports each child0s individual pattern of development and learning1 (ii) "rovides for the development of cognitive skills by encouraging each child to organi&e his or her e2periences, to understand concepts, and to develop age appropriate literacy, numeracy, reasoning, problem solving and decision#making skills which form a foundation for school readiness and later school success1
Letter Lesson "lan 3 %pril 4, 5-6(

Creative Curriculum: evelo!mental "rea Science # $ec%nolo&' ()*ective +,- .ses tools and ot%er tec%nolo&' to !erform tas/ Creative Curriculum: evelo!mental "rea 0iterac' ()*ective +11a 2dentifies and names letters evelo!ment

Creative Curriculum: P%'sical ()*ective +3) emonstrates fine4motor stren&t% and coordination: .ses 5ritin& and dra5in& tools. Assessment:

&h#$dren w#$$ wr#te $etter! on a p#ece o paper a! the teacher rec#te! them.
Accommodations: ,his lesson includes several differentiation possibilities for students needing modifications.

'a!ed on deve$opmenta$ $eve$( ch#$dren w#$$ comp$ete e#ther a !#x p#ece pu))$e or * p#ece pu))$e on ProPro !. 'a!ed on deve$opmenta$ $eve$( ch#$dren w#$$ have d# erent !#)e wr#t#ng too$!. &h#$dren w#$$ be pa#red w#th a ch#$d w#th pr#or +now$edge o u!#ng a computer and #t! acce!!or#e! ,#.e. mou!e-.

Letter Lesson "lan 3 %pril 4, 5-6(